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Spy Guide by Delkin525 / nodforlife

Version: 3.1 | Updated: 08/05/2008



------------Team Fortress 2 – Spy Strategy Guide-----------------


 Version: 3.1
 Last Update: August 04, 2008

 This guide is subject to change, as it will continually be
 updated as seen fit.

 Authors: nodforlife & Delkin525 (aka sR+Orca)

 Email: (Delkin525)  -  delkin525@gmail.com
        (nodforlife) - nodforlife@yahoo.com

 We appreciate E-mails!!!

 Steam IDs: nodforlife, Delkin525

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-                      Version History                          -
 •Version 3.1 / 08-04-2008                                      -
  -Added Video Section: (A10) So now you can watch what I praise-
   in this guide! At the moment, I've only finished and posted  -
   Part#1. I assure you there are many parts in the making. I'm -
   going to dedicate an entire video to dealing specifically    -
   with Engineers. Enjoy! Feed back on the video would also be  -
   great. Thanks, Delkin525 (aka sR+Orca)                       -
  -Updated a ton of the "In-Depth outline Section"              -
  -Renamed the "General Outline" section to "In-Depth Outline," -
   as I realized it was far more than just a general look at the-
   Spy's Weapons, Statistics, and Strategies.                   -
 •Version 3.0 / 08-02-2008                                      -
  -A few changes to the General Outline section, specifically   -
   the Butterfly Knife Section.                                 -
  -Some other minor changes here and there...                   -
 •Version 2.9 / 07-02-2008                                      -
  -Huge Updates to the General Outline Section, incorporating   -
   Speed charts, and other such charts.                         -
  -Updated Disguise section: Added Intro and other info         -
   throughout                                                   -
  -Added Pat to the reader comments section.                    -
 •Version 2.8 / 06-19-2008                                      -
  Largest update since the launch of the guide!                 -
  The following have been updated:                              -
  -Fixed some major issues with the index. All of the sections  -
   and codes now correspond to one another accurately.          -
  -General Do's and Don'ts (#10, #18, and other various points) -
  -The 'How to handle Engineer' section (revised here and there)-
  -Quick Tips: #29 has been edited; a few others have been      -
   added or changed as well.                                    -
  -General Outline: Now more of a one-stop place, contains      -
   specific information regarding each of the Spy's weapons and -
   tools. I've incorporated some robust changes here.           -
  -New Section: Why Spy? (Section 0)                            -
  -Updated Accredited Suggestions to thank more people: AlcyOne,-
   johnie102, and Insolence.                                    -
  -Moved 'Version History' section to the top of the guide      -
  -In general, we've modified nearly every section of the guide -
   in one way or another...                                     -
  -Flipped the Disguise section. Moved the best disguises before-
   the bad ones.                                                -
  -Also added 'Reader Comments' to Closing section...           -
  -Added to the Map Strategy section namely: 2Fort strategies,  -
   and strats for the new map: CTF_Turbine                      -
 •Version 2.7 / 02-15-2008                                      -
  -Rectified some typos                                         -
  -Slight changes throughout                                    -
 •Version 2.6 / 01-15-2008                                      -
  -Added two more sections: Spy Checking / Quick Tips           -
  -Fixed typos                                                  -
  -Added information, and edited randomly throughout            -
 •Version 2.5 / 01-08-2008                                      -
  -Fixed typos                                                  -
  -Added a slew of content throughout the guide                 -
  -Added to map strategies, namely Hydro specific information   -
  -Revised information throughout                               -
 •Version 2.4 / 12-27-2007                                      -
  -Fixed some typos (I'll always find more)                     -
  -Other various changes                                        -
 •Version 2.3 / 12-18-2007                                      -
  -Again with the grammatical/spelling errors                   -
  -Map Specific Strategies updated: CP_Well update              -
  -Revised guide layout                                         -
  -Added updates throughout                                     -
 •Version 2.2 / 12-15-2007                                      -
  -Reformatted Entire Guide                                     -
  -Added New Sections                                           -
  -Many grammatical/spelling errors have been fixed             -
  -Refined initial work, added to sections                      -
  -Spy disguise officially deemed poor disguise                 -

   The spy is considered by many to be the most difficult of the
 classes, and for good reason; he is. Of all the classes he
 demands the most micro (or coordination that is acquired over
 time with experience). The Spy is unique in the fact that he's
 not your typical first-person-shooter experience. You're goal is
 not to out-gun the enemy, in fact it's the exact opposite;
 you're striving to out-smart them, which makes it all the more
 satisfying. The Spy is the weakest of the classes physically,
 yet he makes up for it with a slew of cunning tricks that can be
 essential for the victory of your team. A well timed sapper can
 provide just enough of a lull in the opponent’s defenses to
 allow your team to bust through and capture a point. Flanking
 the entire team’s rush and stabbing their medics can end their
 offensive before it’s even had time to reach your front lines.
 Pesky heavies and camping Snipers frequently fall victim to a
 capable Spy’s blade. And, really, there’s nothing more
 satisfying in TF2 than backstabbing a Medic/Heavy combo and
 taking down their 600 combined health with two deft mouse
 clicks. The Spy is our favorite class for these reasons, and
 despite his obvious deficiencies he can easily dominate the
 scoreboards and lead his team to victory. This guide will
 provide for you a vast understanding of the Spy, and how he
 works, through the eyes of two very Spy-obsessed individuals.
 We'll explain in detail in-game scenarios you'll face, how to
 deal with specific classes, how to think like a spy, how to move
 like a spy, and so much more. By the end of this guide, you'll
 be that much closer to turning yourself into a very capable Spy.
 The next step is taking what you learn here to heart, and thus
 executing your newly acquired knowledge in-game.

   Some of you are without doubt hardcore players, and pride
 yourselves on clan-related matches, and or league matches. Yet,
 I'm sure even a larger number of you will spend the majority of
 your time playing in public servers, which is fine. The true
 difference between the two isn't really a measure of skill. Just
 because you play in cal, or other such league events doesn't
 mean you can't be owned by someone in a pub. The difference lies
 in team coordination. Teamwork is immensely more coordinated in
 league and clan matches, and as such, the match is more
 difficult, much more difficult than the sparse coordination
 displayed in pub matches. In addition, being that league/clan
 players are experienced, playing with them means that you will
 have to utilize your Spy strategies to the utmost of precision.
 There can't be error, however, don't fret. There's a learning
 curve to the Spy and we're more than willing to start you on
 that curve. Essentially, league matches are void of noobs; the
 majority of players there have a fair degree of skill.  If you
 take part in league matches, then you're probably treating the
 game more as a sport than a simple instrument of fun. 

   What you'll find in public servers is a vast-array of skill,
 from very good players, to the most horrid. I've said that
 teamwork is sparse in public matches, this is because each team
 usually has a handful of people coordinating (usually via mic)
 to accomplish a task. The other players either go along with
 their direction, or wander around on their own one-man missions.
 With that said, in a pub match if your team isn't winning, or
 can't push through a chokepoint, please realize the fact that
 this is largely because your team isn't functioning as a single
 body; which is a key role to TF2 gameplay.

   In conclusion, this guide will provide for you details,
 hints, do's and don'ts, strategies, all formed around one of the
 most unique classes of any first-person-shooter out there; the
 Spy. It's truly a gaming experience like no other! The
 information within the premise of this guide will prove
 beneficial to any and all players, weather you're hardcore or
 just playing for the pure fun of it. 

 Good luck!

 This guide is divided into 12 sections. They are as follows:

 To skip directly to a section, click ctrl+F (the find command),
 then copy and paste the section code into the space provided,
 make sure to include the brackets []. Then hit search...

•Section 0) Why Spy?                                 (code: [A0])

 :A Pros/Cons list for the Spy, designed to help if you are 
  questioning whether or not to play Spy. 
•Section 1) In-Depth Outline                         (code: [A1])

 :An in-depth outline of the Spy’s weapons and statistics. This
  section also includes a speed chart, depicting the speed of
  each class with relations to the Spy. This comes in handy when
  chosing a disguise. Also home of advanced strategies.

•Section 2) Disguises                                (code: [A2])

 :An in-depth take on which disguises to use and which not to

•Section 3) General Do's and Don’ts                  (code: [A3])

 :A collection of random tips, strategies, and hints applicable
  to every map

•Section 4) Targets                                  (code: [A4])

 :A detailed list of the best classes to backstab and the worst 
  classes to stab; a class by class assessment.

•Section 5) How to Handle Engineers                  (code: [A5])

 :Detailed section telling everything a Spy needs to know, and
  master when dealing with Engineers. 

•Section 6) Map Specific Strategies                  (code: [A6])

 :Detailed write-up of how to handle each of the 6 original maps
  as a Spy. If the map has attack/defensive sides then each side
  is discussed with a fair degree of accuracy. 

•Section 7) Spy Checking                             (code: [A7])

 :Detailed section that states everything you need to know when 
  Spy checking. 

•Section 8) Quick Tips                               (code: [A8])

 :The "Sparknotes" of the guide. Contains many tips, facts, and
  tricks, in a very brief 1-2 sentence description. Ideal for
  those of you who don't want to read page after page of this
  guide-- though I highly recommend that you do

  Note: Much of this section is already revealed throughout the
        guide in great depth. As I've said it is for those of you
        that are daunted by the thought of reading... Hence the
        "sparknotes" reference. 

•Section 9) Closing                                  (code: [A9])
 :Closing comments, and a place where we thank those who
  contribute. In additon, this is a place where one can
  fine reader comments (comments that we've recieevd via
  E-mail regarding our guide).

  Please E-mail us if you've found this guide helpful! :D


•Section 10) Spy Guide: Video Edition!              (code: [A10])

 :Links to Delkin's (aka sR+Orca's) Spy Guide: Video Edition!
•Section 11) Copyright                              (code: [A11])

 :Standard copyright for our faq...

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-                                                               -
-                                                               -
-                         Enjoy the Guide!                      -
-                                                               -
-                                                               -
-                                                               -
-Section 0)                  Why Spy?                        [A0]

   This section is designed to reveal the pros and cons of the
 Spy. If you're pondering whether or not to play Spy, hopefully
 this section will be insightful, thus leading to a more
 concise decision. 

|                            Why Spy?                           |
|          Pros                ] [            Cons              |
|                              |-|                              |
|•Backstab is an instant kill  | |•Takes a wealth of experience |
|                              |-| to truly be successful, due  |
|•The revolver is effective at | | to Steeper learning curve.   |
| long ranges.                 |-|                              |
|                              | |•Extremely vulnerable to      |
|•Can cloak to bypass enemy    |-| fire.                        |
| lines.                       | |                              |
|                              |-|•Poor against scouts.         |
|•Far more versatile than most | |                              |
| classes.                     |-|•The knife when used to       |
|                              | | attack the front is weaker   |
|•Can disable Engineer         |-| than every other melee       |
| structures.                  | | weapon.                      |
|                              |-|                              |
|•Can use tele without the glow| |•Oftentimes get caught in     |
| at his feet when disguised as|-| enemy crossfire. Depending   |
| an enemy. No other class can | | on the scenario and map.     |
| avoid this.                  |-|                              |
|                              | |•Oftentimes forced to take    |
|•Fairly quick in movement,    |-| the roundabout way.          |
| faster than Demoman, Soldier,| |                              |
| and the Heavy. Tied with many|-|•Low health.                  |
| others for the same speed.   | |                              |
|                              |-|                              |
|•Only class that has the      | |                              |
| option of playing            |-|                              |
| independently from the team. | |                              |
|                              |-|                              |
|•Can gain health from enemy   | |                              |
| Medics, Dispensers, and mine |-|                              |
| carts.                       | |                              |
|                              |-|                              |
|•Looks amazing in a Tux!      | |                              |

-Section 1)             In-Depth Outline                     [A1]

   The Spy is tied with the Scout, Engineer, and the Sniper for
 the lowest health available in TF2; placing them at 125 health
 points each. However, don't let his low health fool you, he's a
 cunning fellow. Overhealed by a Medic, said classes rise to 185
 HP (health points). The Spy has a slew of weapons and gizmos at
 his disposal, five in all: the revolver, the sapper, the
 butterfly knife, the disguise kit, and the cloaking device. A
 competent Spy must utilize each of these tools effectively. As
 such, due to the importance of the tools new Spies must work to
 familiarize themselves with them. You've got to practice
 everything at hand, it's essential.

** Below is a write up of said weapons, gizmos, and tools.   


 The Revolver:

 Clip size: 6 | Reserved: 24 | Total Bullets: 30

 Damage Chart:

  ________                              ______
 |Distance|                            |Damage|
 |                                     |                        |
 | Close Range                         | 50-60 Damage           |
 |                                     |                        |
 |                                     |                        |
 | Medium Range                        | 35-45 Damage           |
 |                                     |                        |
 |                                     |                        |
 | Long Range                          | 20-25 Damage           |
 |                                     |                        |
 |                                     |                        |
 |*Critial Hit (Regardless of Range)   | *120  Damage           |
 |                                     |                        |

 • The above chart shows that the Revolver does experience damage
   drop-off as the range increases. This however does not apply
   to critical hits.

    The Spy’s primary weapon. It holds six bullets before reload,
 and the reload time is fairly quick, which comes in handy during
 the frequent battles you will be having with the shotgun-toting
 Engineers, who have a very slow reload time in comparison.
 Generally speaking, the Revolver is only good at taking out
 weaker classes such as Engineers, Scouts, Medics, and other
 Spies, and retreating wounded enemies. When engaged in a fire-
 fight with the pistol, it’s best to retreat as you fire, since
 the Spy’s bullets do the same damage from any range, while the
 shotgun toting classes have their damage limited by distance,
 and you will be out of range of the Pyro’s flamethrower.

    It's also worth noting that the revolver has a very
 distinctive sound, to the experienced ear, it's a dead give-
 away. For example anytime that I hear the revolver being fired
 off, I immediately recognize it, then hunt for and kill the
 enemy Spy. Usually he is fire fighting a teammate of mine, but
 now that I too am aware of him, I may as well kill him. 

    Lastly, the Revolver is a surprisingly accurate weapon. At a
 distance, it can be used to 'snipe' the enemy, as it really is
 nearly that accurate. You can fair well against classes such
 as Heavy, Soldier, and even Demoman from afar, due to the fact
 that their weapons decrease in effectiveness with distance. For
 example, a barrage of bullets from a trigger happy Heavy spread
 out with distance. They spread out enough where  at a distance,
 it is nearly a useless weapon. Though, even with this knowledge
 of the Revolver, it should still primarily be a last resort, as
 stabbing and sapping are far more crucial to the success of a
 Spy. This knowledge gives some basis to the idea that if you're
 caught, you should retreat whilst shooting the enemy with your
 Revolver. It's accurate, and moving away from the enemy makes
 them less accurate. 


 The Sapper:

 Ammo: Infinite 

 • Can be knocked off structure with two wrench hits

    For destroying buildings. If you have this selected and
 approach an enemy building, a white outline of the sapper will
 appear on top of the nearest one. Clicking applies the sapper,
 but does not blow your disguise. It does, however, tip off
 everyone nearby since they will see a supposed friendly unit
 and a sapped building. Planting and running is the best
 strategy, unless there’s a nosey Engineer around (we'll talk
 about how to deal with them in the next section.) Sappers will
 disable the operation of whatever they are applied to for the
 duration of the sap, eventually causing the building to blow
 up. The sappers slowly suck the life from their buildings and
 they kill teleports and dispensers fairly quickly. Fully powered
 up sentries take a while and the sappers will usually be
 destroyed by an Engineer, since most Engineers consider a Tier 3
 sentry too valuable a prize to leave undefended. In this case,
 just reapply the sapper until the sentry dies. The sapper takes
 health faster than the engineer can repair it, and even if he’s
 pounding on it with his wrench the whole time you’re sapping it,
 you’ll kill it eventually.

 Sapping Times:

    Below is a list of approximately how long it will take for
 the sapper to destroy the structure it's attached to. This 
 approximation only considers straight sapping, with no

    * Sentry Gun
          o Level 1: 6 seconds
          o Level 2: 7 seconds
          o Level 3: 9 seconds 

    * Dispenser / teleporter entrance and exit: 6 seconds  

    To destroy the structure more quickly, once sapped, you can
 can shoot it with your revolver. Though, typically, to finish
 off a tier three sentry it will take northward of six bullets.
 Originally, before more current patches, a Spy could easily
 destroy a tier three sentry by shooting it once sapped. Now
 they've made it a slight bit more resistant to revolver fire,
 particularly while it's sapped. 

 The Butterfly Knife:

 • Side stabs (nearer the back), stabs from above, below, and the
   back register as backstabs. Note that above and below are
   special cases. I actually had a Heavy jump over a stair
   railing and land ontop of me-- I quickly looked up, stabbed,
   and his body crashed to the ground in a thunderous heap!

    This is where most of your points will come from. The knife
 kills most classes in about four stabs from the front, but from
 the back, side, or even above in some cases it’s a one hit
 kill. You’re rewarded with two points for a backstab instead of
 the one for a front stab. Since most of your kills come from
 backstabs, this can lead to some pretty lofty scores, and a good
 Spy can dominate the scoreboards by double-digit points if he
 can knife properly. Obviously, the slower classes like Heavies
 and Soldiers are easier to stab since they don’t dart around
 and prevent you from a clear path to their backs, like Medics
 and Scouts tend to do.

    Much like the Revolver, backstabbing someone makes a noise
 that is easily identifiable. It makes the enemy scream in a way
 that they wouldn't typically do at any point during the game.
 When I'm a class other than Spy, and I recognize the scream as a
 teammate behind me gets a knife thrust through his back, I
 immediately recognize a Spy without thinking twice. As such I
 quickly turn, and kill said Spy. In general, paying attention to
 your surroundings helps immensely especially when dealing with
 enemy Spies.


    A good Spy must be aware of the different backstab
 animations, and how to trigger them, as some animations are
 faster than others.

   • True Backstab Animation:

    This animation is the animation that occurs when one backstabs
 the enemy when they are within a very close proximity of said
 enemy's back. Think of it as a deadly pat on the shoulder.
 Unfortunately, as cool as this animation is, it's a laggy one no
 doubt. This means that after executing the animation, you'll be
 unable to do anything until the animation ends. Sure the
 animation is fairly quick, about a second or so. But it's
 noticably more laggy than the "poking" animation. Due to the
 lag this animation exudes, you may find yourself missing the
 target that you intended to stab. 


   • Poking Animation:

    This animation is the basic stab. If you were to stab the air,
 you'd be executing the "pokeing" or "flicking" animation. This
 is the ideal animation to use when killing an enemy, as, it is
 easier to land on the enemy, and, it doesn't lag. 

 *Note: This hasn't been mentioned elsewhere in the guide, and
        I think some attention should be brought to this as it
        is important for the Spy enthusiast to be aware of and
        master. There are two animations when attempting a
        backstab, the more definitive one occurs when you are
        close to the enemy. In this animation the Spy brings his
        knife skyward, then thrusts it into his target. Sure it
        looks cool, though, the problem is, it's a laggy
        animation. This means that once executing the move, it
        takes a bit of time for the animation to end. The other
        animation however is known as the "poke" or "flick."


 ***Advanced Techniques involving the Knife***

   • Cutting Corners:

      This is essential to any Spy that wants to be really
   successful. In order to be effective at catching up with an
   enemy especially a faster one such as a Medic for a backstab.
   You must learn to move efficiently, and as such, cut corners
   whenever you can. Remember the shortest distance between to
   points is a straight line. In this case, let's say you and
   your target are the two points. You can move efficently behind
   said target moving in as straight a path as possible. If they
   were to round a corner, you'd round it in more tight a fashion
   (hugging the wall) to get ever closer to them. 

     Remember, the only classes faster than you are Scouts and
   Medics. Pyros, Engineers, Snipers, and other Spies, however;
   move at the same speed as you. This means that at a straight
   away you can't catch up to any of those classes as they will
   move at the same rate you are. However, once you move more
   efficiently you'll find that catching up is no problem at all.
   Surprisingly, you'll even be able to catch up to Medics. This
   is somehting every Spy should be good at.

   Note: Remember to consider your disguise when chasing after 
         someone as your disguise effects your speed. The fastest
         disguises are Medic, Scout, Pyro, Engineer, Sniper, and
         Pyro. Though, Idon't recommend Medic or Scout for
         various reasons that you can read about in the disguise
         section of the guide.


   • Aerial Stabs:

      Using the above animations, primarily the swift poking stab
   it is possible to execute a backstab in mid-air. This means,
   that from any position that situates you above your enemy, you
   can potentially perform a falling backstab, otherwise known as
   an "aerial stab." This takes a bit of practice to perfect, but
   to be honest it's well worth it. It is almost impossible for
   the target enemy to anticipate this, as you are more than
   likely perched outside of their visual range. In fact, when
   people Spy-Check, and spin around to watch their backs, they
   hardly ever think of looking up. As most Spies aren't 
   intelligent enough to pull off an aerial stab. This is quite
   possibly the most satisfying way to kill off a target. I've
   done this more times than I can count, and it's hilarious each
   time. In doing this, before I make my move, I've even seen my
   target spin around multiple times trying to anticipate Spies,
   thankfully, I'm more than just a few steps ahead of him, as by
   this point I've landed on him and stabbed in in the back.

      The timing takes the most practice, as it's a fancy
   technique. To aid you a bit, I can say this; try to time it so
   that when you drop or jump you land just at the enemy's back.
   This way, as you're falling you can stab, or just as you've
   landed you can stab.

      Another way the aerial stab can be put to use is on
   stairways or other such slanted plains. Basically, if an enemy
   was running towards you up a set of stairs, you being at the
   top, you could jump over them, spin, then stab just as you
   pass over their body. Sometimes it helps to crouch as you're
   moving over them. This is even more fancy, and well worth it.
   Though it's a slight bit more situational. 


   • Flick Stab: Also considered a "quick-stab"

      This is yet another fancy technique that requires a bit of
   practice. Whilst you are disguised and passing by an enemy
   position yourself in such a way that you'll walk right past
   them without colliding with them. If you bump into them, the
   gig's up, and you've been cought. Right as you pass by them
   flick your wrist towards them quickly, and stab. It's called
   "flick" stab do to the quick flicking motion your wrist makes
   to pull off the stab. This also one of the more gratifying
   ways to eliminate a target. It's also even more humiliating to
   to the enemy after the kill because they could have prevented
   it. They literally saw you approach them and didn't do
   anything about it; completely ignorant to the fact that you're
   a Spy.


   • Stalking / Tailing

      This is another very useful technique that a good Spy will
   have mastered. This technique ensures a kill, even against
   enemies as potent as a Pyro. Here's how it works.

      While cloaked, as an enemy runs past you, turn and follow
   very closely to his back, moving with almost "connected" to
   the enemy. Right as you engage the enemy like this, de-cloak.
   As soon as you're de-cloaked, backstab the enemy. This is 
   effective because it keeps you close to your taget's back with
   out giving them the oppertunity of making distance between you
   and your knife.

      For example, if you saw a target, ran let him run by you,
   then de-cloaked in a corner... you'd no longer be able to catch
   up to said target. At least, not until said target stops, or
   messes up his movement.

      This is called "stalking" because that's literally what
   you're doing. You're basically being the biggest creep ever,
   and the enemy has no idea. Yet, at the same time, it's called
   "tailing" because you're essentially becoming the enemy's tail
   because you're traveling so close to their back. 

      Why would you do this against Pyro's, along with every
   other class? Simple, one of the last things a Pyro expects is
   to be backstabbed, as he knows most Spies fear him. A Pyro
   may not watch his back as often as most other classes because
   he may not feel the need to do so. 

   Note: This technique can also be done by way of Aerial Stabs.
         You can drop to a stalk then knife the enemy. It comes
         in quite handy.



 The Cloak:

    This is key. Knowing when to cloak is the difference between
 a skilled Spy and an amateur. Right-clicking the mouse will
 begin the cloak. It takes a moment before you’re completely
 transparent and enemies can still bump into you. If they do, you
 will shimmer for a moment and your location will be revealed.
 This also happens if you take damage, so staying out of the path
 of the Heavy’s mini-gun or the Pyro’s flames is recommended. The
 cloak lasts 10 seconds before the meter is empty and it
 recharges to full as long as you’re not using it. When
 fully cloaked (after one second) it is safe to disguise without
 displaying the smoke like effect. Also, while cloaked, sentries
 will not shoot at you. Disguising whilst cloaked is recommended,
 as it is far more discrete than disguising in the open. I'd
 only disguise openly if I know I'm in a safe area, or with my
 team. It all depends on how you want to go about doing things.

 Q: How can I tell if I'm fully cloaked?

 A: Simple, You can tell if you're fully cloaked by looking to
    see if your disguised character icon in the lower left is
    fully transparent. That displays the status of both
    disguises and cloaking. As such, the same display will
    notify you whether or not you're fully disguised. 



    A good Spy is a master of deception...

    Remember, the cloaking device is the single most imporant
 device the Spy has at his disposal. Why you ask? Simple, it's
 the only tool that truly allows the Spy to be deceptive. Sure
 the disguise kit is all about deception, but it's still not as
 useful as the cloaking device. 
    Once you've mastered the cloaking device, you'll realize that
 it can be used for more than just bypassing enemy lines. It
 can be used to through off the enemy entirely. You can even
 purposely be caught just to trick the enemy. 

    Essentially, here's the idea. It takes one second to fully
 cloak and de-cloak. Take advantage of this one-second in between
 period to fake out your enemy. For example, while running in a
 direction that you don't actually intend to go; activate the
 the cloak. Once fully cloaked (after one second or.. after the
 icon of the disguise in the lower left is fully transparent)
 quickly change your path. This is made easier when you pretend
 to go somewhere that would make sense to go, or that provides
 the enemy with an understanding of where you're going. 

    For exmaple:

   Say you're caught, you could head into a hallway or tunnel,
 and begin your cloak as you enter, continue to run deeper into
 said tunnel/hall until you are full cloaked, then double
 back and change your direction. If you execute this techniqu
 properyly, your enemy will believe that you've actually
 traversed further into the area when in reality, you've tricked
 them into believe you have. Now, you can either stab them, or
 travel to where you actually intended to go before you sent them
 off on a hunt.


    This technique is all about mind games. You want to trick
 your enemy into traveling where you want them to. Given the
 scenario, you can intentially blow your cover to lore an enemy
 after you, just to deceptively have them run into an area you
 haven't actually traversed. With that said, you might find a
 scenario where you can lure an enemy Engineer from his Sentry,
 and Dispensor, and have him chase a ghost while you've actually
 just lured him away to sap his sentry and dispensor. This is 
 where quick thinking comes into play, as you truly have to
 quickly out smart your enemy.



 The Disguise Kit:

    Does what the name implies. You can disguise as either an
 enemy or friendly class and you will appear to the enemy as
 such. It takes a moment for a disguise to take effect and a
 small cloud will appear around you for the duration of the
 change. Once disguised, using the revolver or knife will take
 off the disguise, exposing you to sentries or other defenders,
 so only go for the kill if you a) are spotted and have to fight
 or b) have an easy backstab. Also, you will appear to the enemy
 as whichever class you’ve selected carrying its primary weapon
 (e.g. if you’re a Pyro you’ll have  the flamethrower, a Heavy
 you’ll have the mini-gun, etc). There are essentially a few
 primary disguises, ones that you will find more useful in more
 situations. Among these disguises is Pyro, Demoman, Engineer,
 and Sniper. If you play the part well, even Medic can work...
 though it's a risky disguise, especially for the inexperienced

    As a rule of thumb, anytime you are amongst your team, you
 should be in a friendly disguise. The point of the Spy is to
 sneak around unnoticed, it's hard to do this when you've given
 yourself away early. I suggest that you disguise yourself as a
 friendly Pyro to deter enemy Spies each time you spawn, then
 traverse the map as far as you can with a friendly disguise.
 Once you get to the point where you'll be nearing enemies,
 cloak, re-disguise as an enemy, then let the mayhem begin. 

    One might ask, why would you use a friendly disguise if the
 enemy will kill you when they find you, as you are still an 
 enemy to them? Well, it's simple really. If you use a friendly
 disguise while amongst your team, like a Pyro, when the enemy
 sees you, they will have intent to kill you, but at the same
 time, they must consider the risk of your teammates around
 you. They won't charge in to go after a Pyro because the Heavies
 and Medics are probably better targets. If however, you were
 wearing an enemy disguise, and they spotted you running with
 your team, they'd notify their team of your whereabouts, where
 you're headed, and what you're disguised as. You've already
 lessened your chances of success exponentially based on the
 fact that the enemy is aware of you. 

    Conversely if you had just stuck to the friendly disguise,
 you could have made a disappearing act, and once you reappeared
 you'd already be disguised as a new class, even the enemy.
 Another useful purpose in using friendly disguises is that the
 enemy won't suspect you as being a Spy, they will believe your
 disguise. If you're disguised as a friendly Pyro, enemy Spies
 will likely avoid you, given the threat that Pyros pose to
 Spies. On that same note, if the enemy was trying to kill you,
 and you were disguised as a friendly class, say a Pyro, you
 could round a corner, and cloak. If they didn't see you cloak,
 they will have no idea that you cloaked, and they will still be
 looking for a Pyro. This works because cloaking is not a
 property of a Pyro, so the enemy wouldn't expect one to do so.  
 Once they've realized that you may have cloaked, that you were
 actually a Spy, assuming they realized at all, it's too late
 for them, because you are either far from them, or have already
 backstabbed them.

    Seeing as how the golden rule of Spying is staying hidden
 from the enemy, setup-time is no exception. Some Spies will go
 to the enemy's gates during setup-time, and start taunting. I
 find this to be ridiculously foolish, because now the enemy is
 aware of said Spy. They will anticipate him, and could counter
 him. If the enemy is aware of the Spy, they will anticipate his
 antics. He may not prove as successful to a knowing enemy. For
 example, the enemy may attempt countering you with Pyro, waiting
 for you to make your move, then burning you alive. However, if
 you were disguised as a friendly Pyro, then you would be no
 different than the countless teammates around you who are
 waiting for the gates to open. Once the time nears zero, you
 can easily hide behind any number of things, cloak, re-disguise,
 then de-cloak in a more opportune position so that you're well
 placed for the opening doors. The underlying idea here is that
 you don't want the enemy to be aware of your presence at any
 point in time as a Spy.

    In the end, a Spy must master coordination between both his
 cloaking, and his disguises. Mastering these two tools truly
 sets the bar for an amateur Spy and a skilled Spy. Knowing when
 to cloak is as we've stated before "key." Furthering that,
 using disguises effectively out of cloak, is equally as

 Q: How can I tell if I'm fully disguised?

 A: Simple, You can tell if you're fully disguised by looking to
    see if your disguised character icon in the lower left is
    fully transformed. That displays the status of both
    disguises and cloaking. As such, the same display will
    notify you whether or not you're fully cloaked. 

**The following are unique properties regarding the Disguise Kit: 


 • Every single time a disguise is deployed, so to does the Spy's
   health change to the enemy. The health that the enemy can see
   is not his actual health. Typically, this random, fake health
   status is anywhere from half-health to full-health, it's not
   always half-health like many once believed. If you disguise as
   a Pyro, you may appear to have half-health to the enemy. In
   that same life, one could disguise as a Demoman, as such, your
   health shown would once again randomize. This time, you may
   have three quarters health to the enemy. Though a Spy never
   knows how much health he is displaying, it's important to know
   that it changes each time the disguise does. That way, people
   may be thrown off when chasing a Spy disguised as a Demoman
   with half-health, when they find the same Spy newly disguised
   as a Pyro with near full health. It's a subtlety but changing
   your disguise frequently, especially once spotted, is hugely 
   important to the success of a Spy. 


 • While in an enemy disguise, one can gain health from
   dispensers, mine carts, and potentially enemy Medics.


 • While in an enemy disguise, sentries will not target you. As
   they will recognize you as a member of their team.


 • It takes a few seconds for a new disguise to take effect,
   during this time, a cloud is visible around you. This "cloud"
   can easily give you away to the enemy, as it draws attention
   to the eye. It is best to disguise while cloaked, as it avoids
   the "cloud" like effect. Here's another subtley that will help
   one know when the disguise has taken full effect. When one
   deploys a disguise, a white outline of the Spy shrinks to the
   lower left hand corner of the screen, shrinking to the HUD. 
   Once this has happened, and the two pictures in the bottom are
   the Spy, and which ever class you disguised as; you're good to


 • Once disguised, bumping into the enemy is an immediate
   indication to them that you aren’t one of them. So avoid
   being "bumped" into at all costs. 


 • When taking on a disguise, the Spy's actual speed changes to
   reflect the class he's disguising as. This means, that if you
   disguised as a Heavy, not only would you look like one to the
   enemy, but you'd move as slowly as one too. However, if you 
   disguise yourself as a class that's faster than the Spy, such
   as a Scout, your speed won't increase. If one disguised as a
   Scout, to the enemy, they'd look like a really slow moving
   Scout, which is a dead give away.


 • Spies do not show pain. If an enemy was to shoot you, your
   health would not change to reflect that, at least, not from
   their point-of-view. If you continued with what you were
   doing, there is no way for them to tell if you've been
   injured. Sometimes pretending that you haven't been shot will
   make the enemy believe your disguise.


 • While disguised as a friendly class, one can still assist in
   capturing a point, without letting onto the enemies that 
   they're a Spy. 


 • If disguised as an enemy class while using a teleporter the
   glow is not visible at the Spy's feet. However, if you used
   a friendly disguise you could negate the "pixie" like effect
   when you initate your cloaking. It dissapears fully once
   you've become fully invisible. 


         **More on disguise specifics in Section 2**


 Speed Comparisons:

    This section shows the speed of each class, with relations to
 the Spy. It's important to note that if a Spy was to disguise as
 one of the faster classes his speed doesn't increase. Conversely,
 if the Spy was to disguise as a slow class, a Heavy for example,
 his speed would lessen to match that of a
 real Heavy.

    This chart is arranged from fastest classes to slowest:

  _____                                 _____________________
 |Class|                               |Speed Relative to Spy|
 |                                     |                        |
 | Scout                               | 133%                   |
 |                                     |                        |
 |                                     |                        |
 | Medic                               | 107%                   |
 |                                     |                        |
 |                                     |                        |
 | Pyro, Engineer, Sniper, & Spy       | 100% (BASELINE)        |
 |                                     |                        |
 |                                     |                        |
 | Demoman                             | 90%                    |
 |                                     |                        |
 |                                     |                        |
 |                                     |                        |
 | Soldier                             | 80%                    |
 |                                     |                        |
 |                                     |                        |
 | Heavy                               | 76.6%                  |
 |                                     |                        |
 |                                     |                        |
 | Heavy (revved), Sniper (in zoom)    | 26.6%                  |
 |                                     |                        |

    This chart indicates that a Spy is slower than both the Scout
 (obviously) and the Medic. Conversely, he's tied with the Pyro,
 Enineer, and Sniper, for the same baseline speed. Yet he's
 faster than the Demoman, Soldier, and Heavy. Then as seen at the
 bottom the Heavy and Sniper are tied for the slowest when
 executing their secondary functions; revving, and zooming. 

 • All classes move 10% slower whilst moving backwards.

   -This does not include crouching, as it's a new fixed speed,
    which is the same in any direction.


-Section 2)                Disguises                         [A2]

    Disguises play an important role for the Spy. The correct
 disguise could very well be the difference between life and
 death. Generally speaking, no disguise, not even the best ones
 will truly trick the enemy, especially smart, alert ones. They
 are powerful at a glance, as at-a-glance, the enemy might not
 think anything of you. Thankfully, due to the fast paced nature
 of the game, there will be many times that the enemy fails to
 notice you at-a-glance. A disguise alone will not make the Spy,
 as, managing his cloak is the true key to a Spy's success.

    Acting is also important, as it is the next step in making
 your disguise believable. You should, while in disguise, appear
 to be concerned with your team, as if they were threatening to
 you. You could look in their direction, jump and "dodge" their
 fire, as if to fear being hit. Also, you may find scenarios
 where backing from said ally fire and calling an enemy Medic
 will benefit you, as even smart Medics mess up on occasion. 

    You can also use certain disguises to lure Medics, especially
 foolish ones. One way to do this is to take on the role of a
 more offensive class, such as a Heavy or Soldier, and head to
 your side of the map. I might do this if I see a lone Medic on
 the frontlines. Luring him to me via the Cry-for-help voice
 command, I'd then proceed towards my base, and he would more
 than likely follow within a safe distance behind. If you aren't
 able to take him out via your Revolver or stab, as in attempting
 may result in death, continue to lure him towards your team so
 that your team can kill him. He may very well stick by you
 thinking that he's helping you out, and you're going to protect
 him. This isn't the most concrete strategy, as it's incredibly
 risky, but if it works, it's hilarious. 

=========[Your best disguise options are as follows]============= 

 The Pyro is probably the single best disguise ever. Why?
 Simple… The Pyro is a trademark anti-Spy character, and is also
 short-ranged. Because Pyros hunt spies, they are known to
 randomly wander about, having no concrete order of gameplay. In
 addition, because they are short-ranged, they rarely attempt
 attacking enemies at a distance; which means there is little
 suspicion of you if you aren't shooting at an enemy that would
 otherwise normally by out of reach for a Pyro. Oftentimes you
 won't be noticed, being that it’s not so suspicious of a Pyro
 to be anywhere and everywhere. As stated above, the Pyro is
 short-ranged, and as such he won't attract as much attention
 for not shooting constantly. Conversely, if you imitate a Heavy
 or Soldier, it is likely that the enemy can tell that you’re a
 Spy based on the fact that you aren’t shooting. Also, you
 aren't slowed down at all in this disguise.

 Note: Posing as a friendly Pyro (a Pyro of your team color) is
 also an incredibly effective way of scaring off, and dealing
 with enemy Spies. This is so for a few reasons. One, as you'll
 see later in this guide Pyros are the worst target for a Spy,
 and should be avoided at all costs. With that said, the enemy
 Spy will more than likely try to avoid you, this is good because
 if you are looking for an enemy Spy, and you notice that one of
 your own is avoiding you, cough, Spy. Now you can have a
 revolver duel, alert others, or attempt stabbing him to death.
 If you are really daring you could attempt all three at once!

 The engineer is one of the best disguises to take out
 sentries, being that it is typical of an engineer to stick near
 his sentry and dispenser. Sap first then stab (sapping is
 explained in greater depth in the target section). Sadly, the
 engineer is a highly suspected disguise; this is thanks to the
 fact that too many spies are uncreative and think there's no
 other way to deal with sentries than to take on this disguise.
 Pyros will constantly check engineer's above all else. This
 disguise will not slow down the Spy's movement at all.

 Note: You can immediately determine whether or not an Engineer is
 an enemy Spy based on whether or not the Engineer is
 holding his wrench, or shotty. A Spy as an Engineer would be
 holding his primary weapon, the Shotty, where as most every 
 Engineer wields his wrench as his weapon of choice. At a glance,
 if the Engineer has a wrench or pistol in hand, you know for
 sure he's not a Spy. This is important because too many noobs
 spy-check everyone, pay attention to detail... 


 The Demoman is among the best in-between disguises. It's
 not highly expected, and it won't slow the movement of the spy.
 Still, if the Demoman is seen wandering in a fashion unlike a
 Demoman it's obvious to the enemy that you're a Spy so, be
 careful. This disguise will slow the Spy's movement by 10%,
 which isn't too noticeable. 


 The Sniper disguise is good when you are in the appropriate
 place. If you are in a particular part of a map in which Snipers
 dwell, then props to you. Stab them Snipers! Otherwise this
 class is suspicious.

 •This class also won't slow down the Spy's movement.

 Note: When posing as a Sniper, to avoid suspicion be aware of 
 your surroundings, have a target in mind, and act interested in
 your team. Act as though they (your team) are a dynamic worry to
 you, strafe back-and-forth looking in the direction of your
 team, especially when enemies are present. As soon as a target
 is within range, or when the moments right, break from the act
 and assassinate. 

 Note: When posing as a Sniper, you cannot bring the Sniper rifle
 to a zoomed state, holding it to your face, because that's a
 property that only the Sniping class has. Being that you aren't
 a Sniper, don't have a sniper rifle, you can't ever look to be
 looking in  the scope. As such, you can expect that a Spy
 disguised as a Sniper will be holding the sniper rifle lower. It
 doesn't make a huge difference, because a good Sniper isn't
 always behind his scope, as it narrows his vision. 

=========[Your worst disguise options are as follows]============

 You're a huge target. Most people realize whether or not
 their team has a Heavy, they are a class that demands attention,
 whether they mean to or not. Part of the reason that a Heavy is
 a dead give away is the fact that they are so huge. People pay
 attention to you more. Not to mention that a Heavy is always
 situated on the front line, and is always firing away. Seeing as
 how you can’t shoot, you'de like grow suspicious in the watchful
 eyes of the enemy. Also, it’s worth noting that disguising as a
 Heavy will not help in large when trying to kill Medics, being
 that you're slow moving now.

 This disguise could potentially be useful for advanced Spy
 strategies, like the one listed in the section intro, though
 only the most dastardly Spies should attempt it.

 Note: Most Medics know exactly how a Heavy (or anyone they are
 healing) should act, and deviating from that known way of
 acting only causes suspicion. To better act as a Heavy, always
 appear to be advancing towards your base which to the Medic
 healing you is his enemy's base.


 As a Scout your speed doesn't increase. It's obvious to the
 enemy that you're not a Scout, because you appear slow moving to
 them. In addition, Scouts are frantic bastards and double jump
 like there’s no tomorrow. Surely a Spy can't perform as such.

 • Worst disguise in my opinion, as it's blatanlty obvious that
   you're a fake because you can't move as fast as a Spy, or
   double Jump. This is probably the worst disguise ever.

 • The only way to even attempt this disguise is to move about 
   while crouched, though, how often do you see a friendly Scout
   crouched and moving along the ground? It's still an eye
   catcher to say the least.


 The Soldier is only a slight bit faster than a Heavy, which
 isn't saying much for the Soldier's speed. This class is an
 easy target for Snipers, thanks to his cumbersome movement. Also
 Soldiers are generally seen on the frontlines, as they are a
 highly offensive class. As such, this disguise will prove more
 effective when executed on the front lines. This disguise is
 ill-advised as it slows the Spy's movement a great deal, like
 the Heavy. It will make it difficult to catch up with classes,
 and at a straight away, it'll be impossible to catch up to most.

 This class should only be used for advanced Spy strategies, such
 as luring enemy Medics, even then it's quite risky. 


 Medics are the WORST possible disguise. Why you ask, because
 they are constantly being demanded upon by their team, and as
 such you will have the enemy following you around, all the
 while begging to be healed. Because a real medic is always
 healing, and the fact that you can't is a dead give-away. The
 point of being a Spy is to bring the least amount of attention
 your way, and unfortunately Medics receive an exorbitant

 Note: Another factor that contributes to the downfall of this
 disguise is the fact that when the enemy aims at you there is
 no ubercharge percentage. Typically, when you look at a medic
 that is on your team, you’d see an ubercharge percentage. 
 Yet another indication and dead give away that you're a spy.

 Note: An experienced player will know that a Spy's physical
 appearance when taking on this disguise includes that he is
 holding his primary weapon (which is the case for every
 disguise); the syringe-gun. Typically, Medics are seen wielding
 their medi-gun, and as such anytime a Medic is seen wandering
 about with his syringe-gun it's worth Spy-checking him.


 In the beginning, early in TF2's release, the Spy was a good
 disguise. At this point in time however, specific details point
 out the flaw of this disguise. 

 Firstly, when disguised as a Spy, you don't have a cardboard
 cut-out mask on your face. This means that from the enemy's
 point-of-view, they see you, an apparent ally Spy, who has for
 whatever reason decided to walk around without a disguise on.
 To the trained eye this is an immediate indication that you're
 an enemy spy.

 Secondly, wandering around the enemy's base, without the cover
 of a mask is an immediate suspicion as they'd expect to at least
 see you wandering the other teams base (your team), not their
 own. After all, how often do you as a Spy wander around your own
 base with no mask on? -- Good response, you never do. 

 Note: When disguised, a cardboard cut-out mask is on your face,
 Only visible to your teammates, the mask represents the class
 that you are disguised as. However, when you disguise as a spy
 the enemy sees you as a spy without the cut-out mask on. It can
 be a dead give away to the trained eye. 

-Section 3)        General Do's and Don’ts                    [A3]

 While each map has specific strategies that work best, there are
 some basic techniques that are applicable to all stages, both
 offense and defense. This section lists some Do's and Don'ts and


1) DON’T attempt to get into firefights unless absolutely
 necessary. You have too little health for that kind of exercise
 and most every other gun in the game is more powerful than yours.
 The only classes that you have a chance of killing consistently
 are Spies, Medics, Scouts (if you can hit them), Demomen (if you
 can avoid their splash damaging explosives)and Engineers. Though,
 Engineers they are usually guarded by their allies or sentries,
 since most Engineers camp nearby their teams spawn points;
 especially late game.

 Note: Surprisingly a good medic will often times out-gun you,
       based on the fact that their Syringe gun has a much better
       rate of fire than the Spy's revolver. Though, the revolver
       is stronger than the syringe-gun per shot. A Medic will
       especially have an advantage over you with the Blutsauger
       (the new syringe gun) equipped. It vamps 3 health from you
       and gives it to them each and every time you get hit.
       Trust me, this syringes come out very quickly, and if the
       Medic is good, he'll be able to aim them very well-- even
       at exceedingly long distances. Good Medics have been known
       to take out Sentries, and Dispensers from afar, even at
       angles a Soldier could never dream of, thanks to the arc
       of that the Syringe gun provides. 


2) DON’T run toward the enemy unless you’re cloaked. Even if
 you are disguised as them, the fact that a supposed teammate is
 running at them is a dead giveaway that you are a Spy and they
 will kill you. Cloak, get BEHIND their lines, then stab away.


3) As an addendum to Number 2, the disguise can be pretty much
 worthless for fooling the other team if you fail to act
 appropriately. All but beginners have learned to be suspicious
 of everyone, and will shoot every teammate enough times to kill
 a disguised Spy. Be especially weary of Pyros, since being set
 on fire does not disappear when cloaked. In fact, steering clear
 of Pyros altogether is a good idea, unless they are set up for
 the perfect stab.


4) You should always be in disguise! If you're spotted, you
 should act quickly to either start killing, or cloak/
 re-disguise, then scamper off, then return and continue to
 harass the enemy.


5) The best way to get backstabs is to cloak right before you
 get to the point in the map where the teams are clashing, then
 run back to a safe point behind their lines where you can
 de-cloak and ‘join’ their team for the fight. Often times this
 takes agility to avoid the firefight on the front lines, but if
 you can juke your way around the flying grenades, rockets, and
 Heavy bullets, there can often be bountiful rewards awaiting
 your knife-wielding hands. Be careful there are no Engineers
 around, since they like to hang out near the rear. Usually, if
 you see the Medics run by that means the whole line has passed,
 since Medics typically run behind everyone with their beam on a
 Heavy or Soldier.


6) DO stab their Medics first. They are crucial to any
 offensive push, especially if they can get their Ubercharge.
 Killing them makes a brief retreat/heal or Uber-rush for the
 other team impossible, effectively ending their rush and
 allowing your team to pick off the attackers. I list the order
 of priority to stab at 1) Medics 2) Heavies (since it’s really
 easy) 3) Soldiers 4) Demomen 5) Everyone else. Obviously,
 killing Engineers is important, too, but they are rarely on the
 front lines and can be dealt with separately.


7) Accept the fact that as a Spy, YOU WILL DIE A LOT. Spies are
 weak, sapping sentries is often a suicide mission, and sometimes
 their front line is so full of people and firepower that
 sneaking by is impossible. Just suck it up, re-spawn, and go
 back at them. There’s a reason you get twice as many points for
 a backstab, since you probably die twice as much as other
 classes just getting into the position to get one. But oh, how
 sweet they are.


8) Plan proactively. If you can see your team has a capture
 well in hand, try to sneak onto the next point for an easy
 capture before the enemy can get its defenses up. This works
 great on the final points on Granary and Well since they capture
 really fast and you can almost always get the point before they
 can stop you. Then you can rush into their spawn before your
 team can get there and steal all the juicy free kills.


9) Don’t get greedy with sapping. When you put a sapper on
 something, be sure you can get away cleanly unless you’re just
 trying to get a sentry and dying is expected. If there are four
 enemies with their backs to you and an enemy teleport nearby,
 LEAVE IT ALONE. If the Engineer is nearby, he’ll announce that
 he’s being sapped and his team will raise hell looking for you.
 Besides, killing the enemy troops is worth more points, and is
 usually better for your team, especially if there're Medics in
 the bunch. 
 More on Engineers and Sentries later...


10) Originally, Spies were unable to use teles due to the fact
 that it would leave a glow at their feet-- giving them away
 to the entire enemy team. This pixie dust like glow effect
 lasted long enough where if the Spy had just walked instead
 of using the tele, he'd probably get to the target destination 
 around the same time the pixie dust effects would have worn off.
 This means that it made sense for the Spy to ignore the tele,
 thus taking the roundabout path instead. 

    Thankfully however, Valve has changed tele and Spy properties
 in a more current update, changing the "glow" like attributes.
 Now a Spy can use a tele safely without the glow at his feet.
 The catch is, the Spy must be disguised as the enemy for this to
 take effect. If the Spy is disguised as anything aside for the
 enemy, he will still show the pixie glow at his feet. 


11) The true skill that comes into play while playing Spy is
 speed. The only time you should sit still, if ever, is to
 recharge your cloaking, and that's only if you are in a very
 secure spot. Otherwise, constantly change your disguise after
 being spotted, and while cloaked might I add. Spies are hunters;
 sometimes they let their prey come to them.


12) As a Spy, you have to avoid your own team when passing a
 choke point, no not because you are afraid to be seen with your
 team in an enemy disguise (giving away the fact that you're a
 Spy), as you can easily cloak and sneak away. The problem is
 that when you move with your team, even whilst invisible, you'll
 likely be shot in the crossfire and often times killed. For
 example, if your team goes to point A, go to point B. Or, if
 they go to point A go to point B and make your way to point A.
 Take the most convoluted way possible, and kill everyone
 along the way.

    As stated before, while with your team, or on your side of
 the map, use a friendly disguise until you get close enough to
 the enemy where you cloak, re-disguise, and sneak off. 


13) Don't worry about what classes the enemy team has when it
 comes to deciding upon a disguise (unless it’s a very small
 game). The enemy is usually too busy running about and won’t
 notice what their entire team is comprised of.


14) Also, be on the lookout for enemy Spies, they are up to the
 same things that you are, so expect what they're up to before
 they even know what they're doing. There is nothing like out-
 spying a Spy. Keep track of enemy Spy movement especially after
 having breached the enemy’s side of the map. Oftentimes you’ll
 see an enemy Spy take on a disguise in plain site. Also, if you
 want to hunt enemy Spies who are plaguing your team, one good
 strategy is to disguise yourself as a Pyro of your own team.
 Spies usually fear Pyros, and don’t attempt stabbing them. This
 will usually give you an edge over enemy spies. Make sure to
 watch for typical de-cloaking areas that you would use as a Spy
 to catch their Spies in the act.


15) If you're chasing down an enemy, and can't catch up, gun them
 down. The revolver isn't the most powerful weapon, but if used
 correctly (and by all means this is correctly), there are many
 scenarios in which it can prove effective. Though, must I
 remind you that as a Spy your primary focus should be that of
 your knife.


16) Sometimes you’ll be caught in a scenario where you’ll have no
 choice but to pass straight by an enemy who will soon hopefully
 walk right by you without suspicion. A few tips will aid you in
 doing so with little suspicion. Firstly, don’t look straight at
 them, look straight ahead. Don’t act like you’re afraid of them,
 try to act natural, so in this case no backing off then
 proceeding forward again. At the very instant that you're about
 to pass by each other, turn to them very quickly and stab their
 side. If your stab lands on their side near enough their back, 
 it's a one-hit-wonder (which will usually be the case in this
 scenario). This is such a satisfying way of dealing with the


17) When cloaking/de-cloaking always do so out of enemy site,
 and give the cloaking/de-cloaking process time to complete
 before you run out of cover. Many Spies don’t realize that when
 they de-cloak, they appear differently to the enemy, it takes
 about two seconds to fully de-cloak for them to look like their
 disguise. Otherwise they will be half translucent for a few
 moments, and then their cover is blown. The same issue is
 involved with cloaking. If you cloak and immediately try to run
 by enemies they will see you for a second, shoot in the area
 that you were headed, causing you to become slightly visible,
 and continue to shoot you. Heavies will do this all the time,
 if they are shooting and clip a Spy, they will follow the
 invisible Spy based on the translucent figure they saw when they
 hit you. Usually a Heavy will finish you like this, which is
 very annoying.


18) Sometimes people like to rely on hard facts to consider how
 they might go about playing. For example, many people would say
 never get in a fire fight with a Spy because his revolver is
 among the weakest weapons in the game, and the Spy also has
 little health in comparison to other classes. Though, those
 people fail to take into consideration the obvious. Often times
 when you use the revolver, the enemy will not expect it. If the
 enemy isn’t aware of you to begin with you’ll easily land
 multiple hits, (usually enough to kill) before they even have
 time to react. So, stats aside, it’s still a handy weapon, when
 used accordingly.

 Note: When dealing with the Heavy, Soldier, and any other class
 with a considerable amount of health use the revolver as a last-
 ditch effort, seeing as how they won't go down easily. In fact,
 you're better off fleeing said classes rather than engaging in a
 fire-fight with them. 

 NOTE: Generally speaking, the Revolver should only be used when
 a backstab is not possible. Say for example you are chasing
 someone. Sometimes you simply can't catch up. As such, pulling
 out the revolver and landing a few slugs in their back could
 very well kill them, however, if you fail to land the hits,
 you've blown your cover. Oftentimes it's better to avoid making
 yourself known to the enemy. Simply put, don't blow your cover
 if you don't have to. 


19) Furthering #18, in some cases you’ll be forced to use your
 revolver because you’ve run out of cloak and the enemy has
 already fired a few shots at you. Just take your time, and
 strafe to avoid their fire. One strategy I’ve found to increase
 accuracy when the enemy is wildly moving about is actually to
 let strafing act as a sort of aiming. Once you’ve got your
 crosshair on the same level as the enemy, for example, on the
 same level as the body, strafe in whichever direction the enemy
 is moving, to line-up your shot on them. For example, an
 Engineer is running back and forth firing off shotty rounds at
 you, sometimes simply aiming can work great, but it’s also easy
 to miss, and you only have six shots. Move your crosshair so
 that when you strafe to the left or right it will fall upon the
 enemy; once you lineup with the enemy; fire. Sounds odd, but it
 works incredibly well. Why would you do this? Well, seeing as
 how you’re adding strafing as a way of lining up your shot,
 you’re increasing the difficulty for your enemy to hit you. Try
 it out, practice. 


20) Walking backwards towards your enemy ("retreating to them")
 can sometimes be one of the most discrete ways of sneaking
 amongst enemy ranks. Though, abusing your option of doing so
 could manifest a growing suspicion of you in the eyes of your
 enemy. Walking backwards is usually done when you are running
 out of cloak in, or amongst enemy ranks, and it's always done
 when your team is present so it appears as if you are concerned
 with them. For example, one time I was running out of cloak, so
 I quickly looked for a spot to de-cloak, which in this case was
 on the other side of some rather large crate. After de-cloaking
 I quickly left my position joining nearby-by enemy forces (which
 were within my relative vicinity). I decided to face where the
 choke point was (thus facing my team) and I evasively backed
 off. This is effective because moving like the enemy makes you
 appear more believable in their eyes.


 Sometimes backing up can be risky, here are a few tips:

  A. Try to avoid bumping into an enemy while backing-
     up. This is an immediate give away to most every

  B. It's also useful to appear as if you are fearful
     of your own team. For example, if they are
     launching rockets at near-by enemies, you should
     dodge your own teams rockets, and other such gun
     fire. Again, if the enemy sees you dodging
     rockets, and other firepower, they'll be more
     likely to believe that you're one of them.
  C. Don't walk backwards in areas where it wouldn't
     make sense to do so. For example, once you are far
     from a choke point you'd tend to assume that there
     aren't many enemies near-by, so walking backwards
     and darting around as if to be afraid of your own
     team that is across the map looks incredibly
     suspicious. I've seen some foolish Spies do this
     before. The outcome is death.


  D. Getting caught in crossfire is the leading cause
     of death. Which for whatever reason is usually a
     rocket to your face. Attempt avoiding crossfire
     to the best of your ability.


21) Once you're behind a bunch of enemies who are all facing away
 from you, there is a certain way that you should go about
 stabbing them. Try to stab each enemy in succession from closest
 to furthest enemy from you. That way each enemy that you kill
 will be taken out outside the visual scope of the enemies in
 front of them, granting you the option of stabbing them next.


22) This may be a bit obvious, but, generally speaking, it's a
 good idea to disguise as a class that you've just killed. For
 example, if you kill a Sniper, hide, disguise as a Sniper, then
 return the area in which you killed the Sniper. 


-Section 4)    Targets (Who and who not to stab)             [A4]
=======================[Best Targets]============================

  Despite the fact that every enemy is a target, there are
 certain classes that should be targeted more so than others,
 here is that list, allow me to explain…


 Due to the Heavies slow movement, large figure, and the
 fact that he is a huge threat to your team, Heavies are probably
 the most satisfying targets to take out with one swift stab to
 the back.

 Due to the nature of the Heavy, they are almost always firing
 their gun when on the front lines. Make sure to avoid being
 struck in the crossfire. If you managed to get shot, you're
 cloaking will shimmer to the enemy, giving away your position.


 Hunting Medics is often times critical in keeping the enemy from
 advancing. Anytime you kill a Medic you are shutting-out the
 enemy's opportunity of ubercharging and pushing. With that said,
 you can save your team quite a bit of trouble taking them out.
 Here’s the problem with hunting Medics… A good Medic knows
 enough to keep his ass in constant motion while healing, so,
 they move randomly, and often times spin around. If you can’t
 backstab the Medic easily or, you miss, forget it and hurry to
 whomever they are healing, which is usually either a Heavy or a
 Soldier, and backstab them instead.

 As I've stated, you'll oftentimes find a good Medic to be very
 difficult to take out, they are o'so aware of spies. Half the
 time you attempt to kill one, or, even much of the time that you
 manage to kill the person they were healing, they will hunt you
 down and slice you with their bonesaw. Talk about terrifying
 and if that's not bad, you can expect to die too many times to
 a bombardment of syringes. So despite the fact that Medics are
 crucial targets, a competent Medic is very difficult. 

 The verdict:
 You're goal should always be to kill enemy Medics, as they are
 hugely important to team support. Go for the stabbing if the
 opportunity arises. If you miss the Medic while stabbing, you
 should either A) Stealth, then retreat. or. B) Back-stab the
 next closest enemy, which will typically be the person the enemy
 Medic had been healing.  


 What better target than a Sniper? Snipers are usually a
 great distance from your team situated in some perch, or, at the
 very least, are looking through their scope somewhere far-off
 completely unaware of their surroundings. Often times if you
 find one Sniper, you find two or three more (which is often
 times the case if 2fort), Happy stabbings!


-Engineers (and all that they create):
    *** See the below section; "HOW TO HANDLE ENGINEERS" ***


 The Demoman can oftentimes be a great target because they
 typically play defensively, setting up sticky bombs and waiting
 for the helpless to pass by them. As such he'll be waiting
 nearby, carefully eyeing his stickies. Waiting comes in a few
 ways for a Demoman. Either he will be crouched somewhere eyeing
 his stickies, or he'll be frantically moving around an area
 within visual range of his stickies (The ladder half being the
 more difficult to take out). Because of this, they can be great
 targets. The only time they can be a pain is in the above case
 where they may move about in a frantic, erratic way.

 Also, if they do see you, they can on occasion be easy to deal
 with even if they are shooting at you from point-blank range,
 this is because they don't rely on sheer impact but explosions
 to kill their enemies. Up-close, a smart Demoman will resort to
 beating you with his bottle, in which case, good luck!


 The soldier is another great target, and can easily be
 backstabbed due to his cumbersome nature. You better make sure
 he doesn't see you coming, if he does, you may be greeted with
 a rocket; which Upon impact you will blow you to pieces. It's a
 risky class to deal with, because of the fact that their rockets
 are so lethal to the Spy. If you fail to backstab a soldier and
 thus reveal yourself to him, don't expect to make it away alive.
 That point can prove true to most classes, missing a backstab
 will usually result in death. Also, another almost comical
 situation that you may face when dealing with a Soldier is
 getting blown up when he is innocently rocket-jumping somewhere.
 It happens, the splash damage is enough to kill the Spy, watch


 Surprisingly, Spy vs. Spy can be quite effective. Though one
 must take a different approach in dealing with Spies. Don't go
 looking high and low for the enemy Spies, just keep your eyes
 open, and check your teammates by attempting to walk through
 them. Oftentimes once on the enemy's turf, you'll see their
 Spies leave spawn and take on a disguise. You can chase them and
 stab them, which can become really easy depending on the
 disguise they choose seeing as how some disguises hinder the
 Spy's overall speed. If you can't catch up, you may consider
 dueling the enemy Spy with your revolver, may the better Spy
 For the record, more typically Spies are a class that you kill
 when they happen to cross paths with you, you don't go looking
 for them. You might see a supposed teammate acting suspicious,
 good kill him, stab him in the back he's a spy. You may also
 witness that Spy break disguise and start backstabbing your
 teammates, again, stab him in the back.

 As far as your overall desired targets, enemy Spies should not
 be a primary focus, but rather a spur of the moment one. With
 that said, if while in the enemy's base you see a Spy take on a
 disguise, or if you see a disguised Spy (which is easy to spot
 seeing as how they are probably disguised as your team's color,
 and aren't getting shot at by your enemy around them) I'd
 usually recommend ignoring him, continuing on with bigger,
 better things.

 Note: It'll become pretty simple to spot enemy Spies once you
       learn what to look for. On occasion, your team may cry
       out that a particular Spy is giving them a great deal of
       trouble, also, said Spy may focus on the same area time
       and time again upon re-spawning. In said scenario, it's
       always nice to help out your team, this can be done in a
       multitude of ways. You could hideout waiting for the Spy
       to come to you. You could attempt deterring the enemy
       Spy by disguising as a friendly Pyro, as such they will
       be more timid upon approach. Also, being that you're goal
       is to take out an enemy Spy, think outside the box. Think
       about how you would play Spy if you were on the
       opposing team. If you know the map, you'll know specific
       routes that good Spies will use often, in addition, you'll
       be aware of many other map specific tactics that Spies
       have at their disposal. There is nothing better than out-
       smarting a rival Spy. 


 Stabbing aside, the following are also key targets that a Spy
 must consider...

 It is worth noting that the easiest target is a tele entrance,
 based on the fact that nothing is around to protect it but that
 of enemies who re-spawn near them.

-Sentry Gun: 
 The Spy is unique in that he is the only class in the game
 capable of disabling Engineer structures. He is oftentimes key
 in handling  enemy Sentries. A well placed Sentry, in
 combination with a pressuring enemy opposition  can more than
 cripple your team. Taking out these bad boys will definitely aid
 your team immensely. 

 Taking out dispensers is also very important because they
 provide Engineers with more metal with which to repair their
 things. In addition, they heal the enemy, and replenish their
 ammo supply. It's very important to take these out.

 Oftentimes these are located near an Engineer's dispenser and
 sentry. If this is not the case, then they are placed in a 
 discrete place that is really not to difficult to spot. These
 are fairly simple to take out, as the sapper finishes them off
 before most Engineers have time to save them. 

 *Make sure to check out the Engineer specific section later in
  the guide. 


=======================[Worst Targets]===========================

 Enemy Pyros are a Spy’s greatest fear, and will cause the
 most aggravation. This is because Pyros tend to spray their fire
 randomly, and all too often in that random spraying they will
 singe you and catch you ablaze. Once you are on fire, you are
 tagged to the entire enemy team. Now they can all see that
 you're a Spy. usually, If you walk into a Pyro, even for a
 second, they burn you to death, so avoid them above all else.
 Also, probably the most aggravating of all is the fact that they
 help baby-sit sentry guns and dispensers with the Engineers;
 making it very difficult for a Spy to do any real damage,
 though, on occasion, a Spy can still be successful in sapping
 and destroying things even in the presence of a Pyro. Messing
 with an enemy Pyro will almost always result in being burned to
 death. If you're on fire, can't escape for health (which stops
 you from burning), and can't jump into water, then don't go down
 without a fight. Sap stuff, stab people, go out and take the
 entire world with you.


 Sure Scouts are typically thought of as weak, and puny, this
 maybe so through the eyes of a hulking Heavy, or a psychotic
 rocket-wielding Soldier. However, from a Spy's point-of-view,
 Scouts can be devastating. Most Spies probably have nightmares
 of their rapidly swinging bat. The reason Scouts are so deadly
 to Spies is as follows. First of all they are so fast. When you
 turn corners while cloaked a Scout might come out of nowhere and
 run into you, in this case you are almost always dead. You've
 been discovered... They will run around shooting their scatter
 gun and pummeling the air with their bat, covering far more area
 than you at a much more quicker rate. If you run out of cloak,
 forget it, back stabbing, or at the very least, stabbing them to
 death is very difficult, and unless you are dead-on with the
 revolver, expect to see that bat finding its way to your face!


-Section 5)       HOW TO HANDLE ENGINEERS                    [A5]

 As a Spy, you'll spend a great deal of time taking out both
 Engineers, and their establishments. The following is a list of
 many of, if not all of the possible scenarios you'll experience
 in dealing with them.


 Before I begin, I decided to add a few general pointers when
 dealing with Engineers.

 • Generally speaking, in most scenarios, it's safer to stab the
   Engineer, then sap his establishment.

 • If you backstab the Engineer whilst he is behind a tier three
   Sentry, you'll actually be able to follow up with a sapper to
   the sentry if you move very quickly. However, speed isn't the
   only factor at hand. Typically, it's best to move around the
   sentry a slight bit, dodging the revolving turret before
   sapping. This works very well, you just have to follow the
   motion of the turret. You can actually move around the turret
   just as fast, if not faster, as it can turn to face you. Which
   means so long as you don't mess-up, you'll be able to sap it. 
   This is probably one of the flashiest things a Spy can do.
 • Another useful tip deals with enemy dispensers. Pay attention
   to enemy dispenser location, with relation to that particular
   Engineer's Sentry. More often than not, an Engineer will build
   both his dispenser and Sentry in close proximity to one
   another. You can actually use this to your advantage. In some
   scenarios you may stab the Engineer and not have time to deal
   with his tier three sentry. You can avoid the sentry entirely
   by hiding behind the dispenser. A sentry built by Engineer "A"
   can not shoot through a dispenser built by said Engineer. It
   acts as sort of barrier, the sentry can't even see you once
   you duck behind it. Use this to your advantage. Be careful
   though, if the dispenser you hide behind is made by a
   different Engineer than the one who made the sentry, the 
   sentry will target and shoot you through the dispenser. 


1.) Sometimes you’ll find that an Engineer has left his
 establishment unattended, in which case sap everything in sight.
 Though, most Engineers are smart enough to baby-sit sit their
 sentry gun, dispenser, and usually a tele exit. So, it’s not
 always this simple.


2.) When they are camping their sentry gun and dispenser take
 note of a few things. Firstly, where is the dispenser in 
 relation to them? Usually they crouch with their sentry gun to
 their front and their dispenser to their rear. Secondly, where
 are you in relation to your target Engineer? If you come at the
 Engineer from the front, and he can see you, even in disguise,
 he will suspect that you’re a Spy, and will greet you with a
 few shotty rounds or a pleasant smack of the wrench to your
 face. So it’s imperative to cloak and get by the target
 Engineer, then de-cloak in a safe place. Now, coming from a
 natural place, approach the Engineer. Usually, approaching
 from behind yields the best results being that you have the
 element of surprise on your side. If this is the case, you have
 a few options.


  A. Sap everything near the Engineer and attempt to
     stab him.(Sometimes risky because he could repair
     the sentry just as you stab him and you’ll
     probably die. Though, sometimes you can get a
     clean stab at his back.)


  B. Backstab the unsuspecting Engineer then
     immediately sap the sentry followed by the
     dispenser.(which is the most risky thing to do
     with a tier 3 sentry as it could turn and kill you
     faster than you can sap it). To avoid being shot
     by the sentry, as stated above, you can move
     around it as it rotates towards you. If you dodge
     toe turret effectively enough, you'll be able to
     sap it with no problem. 


  C. Sap everything, then strafe like mad re-sapping as
     the Engineer knocks off your sappers. keeping the
     Engineer as busy as possible is key. During this
     sap-fest, if the moment presents itself, backstab
     the Engineer. If not, continue to re-sap, while
     attempting to kill the Engineer. Overwhelming the
     Engineer is always advised. (You might use C when
     an Engineer builds his things in such a way that
     his back is to a wall and he can’t be backstabbed.
     Which is often times the case for certain areas of
     many maps. Usually in said scenario the Engineer
     will be sitting on top of his dispenser, which is
     against the corner of a room.)
     Conversely, if he is atop his dispenser, and his
     back is to the wall you can use his Sentry gun as
     a step stool to get on top of the Engineer.
     Though, to do this, you must be cloaked, otherwise
     the Engineer will be aware of you. Once you get
     on top of the engineer, crouch, and stab downwards
     nearest his back, this should result in a


3.) The Engineer is building a sentry. Approach him from behind
 making sure that his sentry is facing AWAY from you, backstab
 him, and then IMMEDIATELY sap the sentry. It’s not worth making
 it known to the Engineer that you are there. So sometimes
 stabbing first is the way to go, and can save you the pain of
 being beat to death by an angry wrench-wielding yellow-helmeted
 Engineer... Ultimately, I ALWAYS recommend you stab them in the
 back first, so long as you are directly behind the sentry--
 it is key that the sentry is facing away from you, you'll be
 able to stab then sap before it can fully turn to you. This
 grows increasingly more risky as the sentry advances in tech
 level. Stab-sapping is generally made easier when you strafe
 around the turret, attempting to avoid the revolving sentry so
 to provide you the opportunity to sap it. You'll find this
 useful with tier three sentries, try it out, experiment...

 Note: This works on each level sentry, though the risk increases
 as the sentry advances. For example, if you backstab the
 Engineer then fail to sap his tier 3 sentry before it turns to
 shoot you; you're more than likely dead. Speed is everything

 Note: This becomes more difficult to pull off when an Engineer
 is sandwiched between a dispenser and his sentry, because in
 this case, usually you can't situate yourself directly behind
 the sentry unless you are sitting atop his dispenser, then
 stab, then sap. Try backstabbing the Engineer, then very 
 quickly back of seeking cover behind his dispenser. 

 Note: If a sentry turned fast enough to shoot you... you can
 take quite a few hits from a tier 1 sentry before you die. So
 you have time to approach it and sap, even from the front.
 A Tier 2 sentry is more deadly, but still if you get clipped 
 you'll survive plenty long enough to sap it. Finally, as I've
 mentioned, if a tier 3 sentry turns quickly enough to fire at
 you the rocket pods will kill you in one strike.

 Note: #3 is absolutely the way to go in handling Engineers in
 sudden-death mode. It's especially helpful in this scenario
 because so long as you backstab the Engineer so to do you
 destroy their establishment. So in this case you don't have to
 worry about which way the their sentry is facing, but rather
 you want to make sure that if you attempt striking them in the
 back, don't miss. 


4.) Sometimes you will find a sentry and dispenser off to the
 side, with no protection, but you know an Engineer is near
 enough that he can get there in time to halt your sapping. The
 best thing to do in such a scenario is to shoot whatever it is
 that you sapped with your revolver, thus blowing your cover.
 This is the smartest thing a Spy can do given the situation and
 scenario. While something is sapped it is loosing health
 rapidly, and sometimes not quickly enough for it to die before
 the aid of a near-by Engineer, so shooting the target, while
 sapped will surely get the job done. This strategy is usually
 done when no one is around to kill you when you come out of your
 disguise. Though, it is also sometimes a last-ditch effort to
 ensure that a sentry dies before you die.


5.) The last word of advice I have for you is how to deal with
 one of those smartass Engineers who figures out how to get to an
 area that is typically out of reach, thus making sapping
 impossible. Seeing as how you can get behind enemy lines fairly
 easily as a Spy, position yourself in or near the enemies base,
 the best place being a somewhat secluded area. Then, shoot the
 dispenser with your revolver, it may not seem so accurate, but
 you'll soon see the dispenser smoking, and catch ablaze. It 
 only takes a few shots from even quite a distance to take out a
 dispenser; taking out the sentry is next on the list. Fire
 away at the sentry, it will take a clip or two, so between 6
 and 12 bullets to kill a tier 3 sentry.

 Note: Always use #5 when dealing with an Engineer who is too
 difficult to take out, for whatever reason (it could be that he
 has Pyros protecting him). Make sure to position yourself
 outside the sentry's range. 

 Note: The last thing an Engineer expects from a Spy is that
 he'll attack his establishment by simply shooting at it. Most
 Engineers take so much care as to how they build their
 establishment as to hinder the Spy's chances of succeeding them,
 that they overlook the obvious. 

 Specific Map Examples of #5:
 Gravel Pit

 When on the offensive, you might notice that at point C, some 
 rather intelligent Engineer has built his stuff on the roof of
 the tower at C. Not that platform near the control point, but
 the slanted roof on the backend. That Engineer's sentry can do
 quite a bit of damage to your team because he is relatively safe
 and can easily repair without worry of spies and whatnot. Or is

 Position yourself in the far corner of the enemy base, where the
 Snipers hang out, more specifically, in the corner near the
 enemy's right spawn point door against the wall. From their, 
 you'll avoid a fair amount of enemies as they may spawn and run
 right past you, also you'll have a perfect line-up to that
 little roof and the Engineer. Take out the dispenser first,
 shooting it wildly. Then destroy as much as you can, I’d
 recommend taking out the sentry next.

 Also nearly every time this map is played an Engineer sets up on 
 the left side of C, on that ramp just beyond the spawn entrance.
 If that Engineer has been giving you trouble, I'd advise
 following the above steps in taking out his sentry as well. 


 In Well, I find it to be necessary on occasion to shoot an
 Engineer's set-up from the third floor area above the 2nd
 control point (this is the highest area in which there is a
 large rectangular gap in the floor).

 Assuming you're at the enemies base, and there is no threat up
 there with you. You may find that the best way to take out the
 Engineer's stuff is crouching, and making sure you are
 positioned in such a way that enemy sentry gun(s) can't hit
 you, then take out the dispenser, and sentry gun(s) with your
 trusty revolver. Sometimes this is more useful than sapping,
 because often times you die when sapping because another enemy
 intervenes you, like a Pyro or Soldier. If you're quick enough
 you can kill off one structure at a time without the Engineer
 knowing where you are, and how his stuff is dieing.


Section 6)        Map Specific Strategies                    [A6]

 Most of these strategies utilize the concept of "looping". The
 idea of looping, in short, is finding a path in a map that will
 easily take you behind the enemy, and in a congested area. Kill
 as many of said enemies as possible, then cloak and make your
 way to the path that brought you behind the enemy in the first
 place. Repeat the slaughter. Hence the "looping." This technique
 is usually a sure-fire success. Obviously, it will require some
 on-the-fly maneuvering to decrease your predictability to the
 enemy. They may catch onto you patterns. However, there are so
 many patterns, that your enemy can't possibly track each one.
 Just be smart, loop till it no longer works, than change the
 pattern, then go back to the original pattern that worked. 
 Confuse and dismay your enemy.

 The following examples are brought to you nearly entirely by
 nodforlife. Kudos to him as he has spent quite a bit of time
 going over many of the maps in considerable detail. Though don't
 worry, Delkin didn't slack here entirely. The only map specific
 strategy that he's responsible for is that of CP_Well. In
 addition he added to many of the sections, namely the Hydro
 additional information and tips, and a brief opening for 
 Gravel Pit.

 We hope this section illustrates the effectiveness of the above
 strategies, and ideas. 


 This is probably among the most difficult maps to play Spy on,
 since the distance between your base and theirs is usually large
 and takes up your entire cloak meter, often causing you to
 reveal yourself in the middle of their base and subsequently be
 shot. Don't worry, the key here is experience. With practice,
 you'll learn where best to cloak, and where best to de-cloak. In
 which case you'll find yourself lined up for tons of kills on
 this map. There are two ways to play Hydro as a Spy: rush-
 stopper or base-sapper. Most variations of Hydro have two paths
 to the enemy side, so bottlenecking occurs frequently. If you
 decide to be a rush-stopper, find a decent nook in the pathway
 between bases to cloak, wait for their rush to go by, then try
 to kill their Medics, Heavies, etc. For the Spy on Hydro, the
 best defense can really be a good offense, because you will stop
 their rushes cold before they can cause any damage to your side.
 Your ally Snipers may hate you for stealing their kills before
 they are in range, but hey, they should be less cowardly anyway.
 The other option is to try to destroy the opponent’s defenses.
 This takes more finesse, since killing a sentry on Hydro is less
 important than other maps. Because of the distance between
 control points, the Engineers often have time to repair their
 destroyed buildings before your team can bust through their
 lines and take advantage of the lull in defense. I'd only
 recommend trying to sap their defenses if you can time your saps
 with your team’s rushes, sapping them right before your team
 makes a big offensive push. Often, the opponents will become so
 preoccupied with trying to kill the Spy they will be caught
 off-guard by the rush and your allies can get the point.

•Additional Hydro Tips

 I've received e-mails from people still experiencing difficulty
 on this map, namely the fact that they don't have enough cloak
 to maneuver around safely, and as such de-cloak in sight of
 enemy forces and die. 

 As stated above, Hydro is a difficult map to play as Spy for a
 few reasons, primarily due-to-the-fact that the map is large,
 and rather wide-open. Your cloak meter is just barely enough to
 reach the enemy's side, let alone navigating it. Here are some
 furthering pointers that will hopefully aid you. Keep in mind
 that Hydro is one of the more difficult maps as Spy because you
 need to be at the peek of your game to truly do well, as it
 demands the utmost of Spy coordination. Sure a newer Spy can
 become lucky and do well, but if there are experienced players
 lurking, a new Spy can only get so far. 

 Here are some keynotes to aid in the success of Spying in this

 1. Cloak at the last possible second-- though always before
    entering enemy sights. (this ensures that you have the max
    amount of cloak available when sneaking around the enemy's

 2. Chose disguises quickly, and effectively. Pyro is one of the
    best disguises on any map. In addition, this map is a major
    Sniping map, and as such executing a Sniper disguise when
    in the appropriate area is immensely effective, namely when
    taking out snipers. Also, Engineers go nuts on this map,
    which again points to the fact that an Engineer disguise
    will often prove effective. Beyond said disguises, Demoman
    isn't bad either, as it doesn't decrease your speed much.

 3. When de-cloaking, obviously de-cloaking behind cover is
    essential to the success of a Spy. Though, sometimes things
    don't work out so smoothly, at the very least, de-cloak far
    out of enemy range or sight (e.g. if you're on the enemy's
    side, and are running out of cloak and can't reach cover in
    time, try to back as far from the enemy as you can and don't
    stop somewhere to replenish cloaking. Just pray that your
    sloppy de-cloaking was unseen by the enemy). Keep moving once
    on the enemy side. One great place to de-cloak on many
    versions of Hydro is under one of the many bridges. I
    recommend that you scurry to the furthest bridge in an enemy
    base when de-cloaking-- again don't wait under the bridge for
    your cloaking to replenish as enemy's will kill you on-
    sight, immediately suspecting that you're a Spy. For the
    record, once you know the map well, and where and when to 
    deploy your cloak, finding cover should be no problem. Though
    Hydro has some expansive open areas, there are always plenty
    of places to hide, I assure you. Be creative, and spontaneous.

 4. Always try using the back-way first (try to avoid moving with
    your team). Though, sometimes it's not quite that simple, you
    may find that every time you attempt to use a back-way, which
    tends to be a narrow path, you run into an enemy who also
    decided to play it sneaky, as such you could die in a heart-
    beat. Though, if you are able to bypass an entrance as such,
    it will be far more easy to slip through the enemy's base,
    and usually with more cloak at your disposal. If a back-way
    continually fails, the primary path(s) can be just as
    effective if not more so, it's just a matter of cloaking at
    the right moment which in this case, and all cases, is the
    last possible second, just before entering enemy sights. Also,
    another reason to avoid primary paths is the fact that there's
    far to much crossfire at times to avoid. 

 5. Hydro is a perfect map for "Looping," that is circling an
    area that typically repopulates with new targets, taking out
    as many enemies as possible with each pass. Use your cloak
    to get just beyond the midpoint of the map, crossing into
    enemy territory, then de-cloak somewhere rather close, then
    join enemy forces as they string together up ramps, stairs,
    into halls, whatever the case, make sure they are facing away
    from you which will usually be the case as typically they will
    be on the lookout for, or dealing with your team.

    For example, In one version of Hydro, on the far left side of
    Red's base there is a metal stairway that leads to a boulder
    cliff. This cliff brings you to a slope, and another path
    that lead to Blue's base. Say I'm a blue Spy, in looping, I
    might head to the boulder-ledge area (the area that overlooks
    the entire Red base--as such Red Snipers have a field day
    killing Blue on this cliff), cloak just before becoming
    visible to the enemy, and walk off the side of the cliff,
    landing in the shallow water of Red's base below. I'd quickly
    find a spot near-by to de-cloak, then I'd turn and head up
    Red's stairway (the one that heads to the boulder cliff that
    I just dropped from) Approaching this cliff from the enemy's 
    side grants access to a slew of unsuspecting enemies, as
    such, I'd backstab as many as possible, then cloak, and
    repeat the process. This is an example of "rush-stopping,"
    or what I also consider to be "looping."

 6. In this map especially it is ill-advised for a Spy in enemy
    territory to lay-low allowing the replenishment of cloaking,
    especially if you are standing still. If say you decided to 
    chill out under a bridge you can expect to be Spy-checked by
    any passing enemy, the result being death. This map demands
    that you keep in constant motion, especially on enemy turf. 
    Always formulate a plan quickly, and execute it. Once you
    become experienced with this map you'll learn your
    limitations. You'll learn that certain spots can actually
    serve as good rest points for a Spy to regain his cloak.
    Those spots will be discovered through experience. For
    example, you'll learn that certain bridges are checked more
    frequently than others, while the divit over there is hardly
    ever checked. Those things will be discovered through 

 7. Targets: This map is a Sniper's dream-- with that, so to is
    it a Sniper's nightmare, as an experienced Spy will gut him
    like a fish. Always take-out Snipers, as they are easy
    targets, and on this map there's a wealth of them. Also,
    Engineers go absolutely crazy on this map, they have a total
    and utter field day. Make sure to take out Engineers and their
    establishments to greatly aid your team's chances of breaking
    the enemy line, and thus dominating their base. In addition 
    to Snipers, and Engineers, pay special attention to Medics,
    as this map is all about uber-pushing. Attempt taking out
    any Medic combos, especially Medic/Heavy combos. 
 8. As with any map, experience is key. With it, you learn where
    to cloak, how to move, where to de-cloak, in addition to
    how the enemy works together, namely how they will move. This
    experience can only be grasped through playing the map, and
    running through trial and error. No matter how many times
    you read this guide that will remain the case. Though
    thankfully, it's a learned, passive ability that you'll
    acquire just from playing. Whether or not you do well, you'll
    still gain new knowledge of a map, and as such go about 
    things differently with your new found experience. Don't give

 Gravel Pit
 An excellent map for the Spy, as it's ample with Engineer
 establishments, and offers plenty of hiding places. In Gravel
 Pit, It is advised that you stray from moving in conjunction
 with your team, at least avoid moving to close to your team.
 This map offers a plethora of options, and paths, and as such
 you should execute them. Make on offense, be sure to take the
 more convoluted path  (e.g. take the long way in meeting up with
 your team, corrupt the enemy along the way). When defending,
 wait at A, even if your entire team is holding B (which is
 usually the case). Don't expect to hold A yourself, just aim to
 kill as many enemies as possible, slowing them down hopefully
 to some degree. Once you are done pestering the enemy at A, join
 in the effort of holding B.


 First, your team should all rush the same site. Splitting up the
 rush is almost always doom, since sentries make defense easier
 to do with less men than offense. Assuming that, the best
 strategy is to kill the sentries first, then try to get their
 Medics and Heavies. Killing Pyros is difficult as a Spy, but do
 it if you can, since a Pyros flames can take out several of your
 allies at once, especially if they’re all standing on the
 control point. For Site A, I usually cloak as soon as I get
 within sight range of the area (e.g. right before you drop down
 onto the dirt) then make a mad dash for the point, where the
 sentries are usually located. Hopefully the Engineer is alone
 and killable, but even if he’s not, you can cause a distraction
 and allow your team to make it up the hill and take out their
 defenses. Also, since a sapped sentry doesn’t shoot at anyone,
 the jumping and re-sapping strategy is very effective, since the
 path up to A is fairly short and you can often survive long
 enough to allow your team to scramble up the hill without taking
 any turret fire. Most teams devote most of their resources to
 defending Site B, so A usually has only one sentry, if that.
 Capture, then move on to Site B.

 For B, I usually take the left
 entrance, since it gets you into the site faster. As before,
 cloak before you enter so as to avoid Snipers and
 entrance-camping Pyros and Demomen. Rush into the site and try to
 sap like crazy, or rush around to the other side and take out the
 troops guarding the other exit. You’ll die a lot doing this, but
 the combination of sapped sentries and an ubered-Soldier or Heavy
 should give your team enough of an edge and allow you to take the

 As for Point C, you could try sneaking up to the top
 before your team has fully captured A and B, but experienced
 players will set up preliminary defenses to prevent this. I
 usually take the path through A, then go out the right side
 which points straight toward the tower. Cloak before you exit,
 hop on the little shack, then run up to the top of C. There will
 usually be someone up there, so try to stab them. Hopefully they
 will be distracted by Soldiers firing from the place you just
 exited, and you can get some stabbing done. If there’s a sentry,
 sap it. Aside from this, Engineers are fond of placing sentries
 on the slanted ramps right outside their spawn, crouching down
 and hitting them with their wrenches, and being low enough that
 they are out of range for your team’s snipers and rockets. This
 is where you come in. Use the stab n’ sap like previously
 discussed, and run away quickly before their team spots you, but
 you’ll probably get burned by a Pyro.


 When defending A, I like to crouch down on top of the little
 shack on the lower right, near their exit. Most opponents won’t
 see you peaking down at them, giving you time to cloak, run
 behind their lines as they run up the hill, then get your stab
 on. As always, Medics first. Never forget there’s health
 directly under the capture point. You will need this frequently,
 mostly from Pyros.

 When defending B, I usually camp by the fence by their right
 exit. From here you can peak through the little crack in the
 fence to see the exit nearest you, but still see across the area
 to the other exit by the big boulder. Wait until there’s a rush,
 cloak, then stab. Be careful of Pyros, since the nearest health
 is too far away to grab, and it’s the small health at that.

 For C, you can try to cloak and sneak back toward A or B and
 flank them, which works sometimes. Most of the time, I creep
 around the right and left exits, leaving the center one for the
 solders on the top of C to deal with. Since the right and left
 entrances have two ways in and out, I cloak, go in one, then walk
 to the other. Hopefully, you’ll flank someone and can get some
 stabs. If there’s no one around, just wait a second until your
 cloak replenishes, then repeat. There’s only three ways in, so
 you’ll see someone eventually. Also, Engineers are fond of
 setting up buildings here, but they should be easy to sap since
 their team is in full offense mode and won’t spend time
 protecting their ally’s investments.


 This is by far the best map for stabbing. You can often dominate
 the scoreboards here, basically by running the same route over
 and over. People never learn. It’s amazing.


 For the first point on the first section, wait a few moments
 after the match starts to let all the spamming Soldiers and
 Demomen have to reload, then cloak and run out the exit to the
 railroad tracks. You have just enough cloak to get to the far
 shafts, where there is usually a sniper sitting. Stab him, the
 run back into their base and re-disguise yourself. Then, rush
 into the point and sap like mad. You’ll die a lot, but if you
 can get the sentry down long enough for your team to get in
 their and kill it, you’ll be solid. For the next point, take the
 shaft to the right, walk up the steps, cloak, then jump down off
 the bridge behind their lines. There’s usually a sentry on the
 right behind the corner. The sap n’ stab usually works here,
 since there’s not much roaming room for the Engineers. Also,
 Snipers usually camp the upper bridge, and are usually alone and
 out of eyeshot of the rest of their team. You know what to do
 there. If you can get the sentry on the right down, that’s
 usually enough to get your team to bust through to the point. If
 they don’t, just keep re-sapping the same sentry that the
 Engineer will probably keep putting in the same place. You’re
 team should eventually get through.

 On the first point of the next section, cloak as you walk down
 the little ditch before being exposed to their defenses. They
 will often have a sentry on top of the shack to the right. Rush
 up and sap it. If there’s smart they’ve got a Pyro up there to
 watch for Spies, so you’ll probably die a lot, but really all
 you need to do is get the gun down long enough to give your
 Demomen and Soldiers time to kill it. Aside from this, there are
 usually Snipers in the back, or in the window of the building.
 They are easy prey. I will often cloak, run behind the building,
 allow my bar to recharge a bit, then run back toward where they
 come out from, stabbing them as they get to the fight. You can
 also jump up the tires to the point and attempt to sap the
 sentry that’s usually in the doorway to the room by the point,
 but that’s usually best killed by coming in from the ground
 entrance. Often that room is deserted except for the Engineer,
 so you can usually kill the sentry no problem. Capture the
 point, then move on. Now, the next point is one of the hardest
 for a Spy, since there’s often multiple sentries along the
 right wall by their spawn. You’ve got two choices: try to sap
 the sentries, which almost never works because there’s tons of
 defenders and Engineers to repair the sentries after they’ve
 been wounded. I’d recommend sapping the guns only if your team
 is coordinating an attack and they will rush out right after
 you’ve sapped their guns and distracted their defense. The
 other choice is to rush out the main gait to this section
 while cloaked, run under the building, go left and up the steps
 to the railing. Often there are Demomen and Soldiers up here
 spamming all the exits. Stab them, since you are most often out
 of sentry range at this point. Sometimes Engineers will place a
 sentry on top of the exit you came out of, but there are
 basically defenseless up there and can be easily destroyed with
 a little persistence. Capturing this point definitely takes a
 lot of teamwork, but a Spy can be instrumental in getting the
 final push off the ground.

 For the first point on the last section, I like to exit from the
 right most doorway by the hallway, since you’re out of the line
 of most of the fire. Just be careful to avoid spamming Demomen
 and Soldiers. There’s often a sentry on the left behind the
 wooden steps. Cloak, get behind the Engineer and give him the
 stab n’ sap. There’s usually a sentry in the elevated doorway
 across from you on the left, but it’s out of the range of your
 sappers and should be avoided. Your teammates will have to take
 care of that one. For the last point, depending on how far up
 your line has pushed their defense, adjust your cloak
 accordingly. If their team is still clogging the hallway, it’s
 very difficult to sneak by, but if you do, run immediately to
 the little door directly to the right of the bridge. Grab the
 health if you’re weak, then hop down the upper door and flank
 their team, stabbing all who you can. This will hopefully allow
 your team to move up and establish an outpost with teleports by
 the bridge. Once they do that, keep cloaking as you run across
 the gap to the door you went in before, but this time wait a
 second in the upper room, out of the line of fire. Allow your
 meter to recharge, then cloak again and exit at the upper door
 that leads toward their spawn. Run back to the very rear of the
 level, behind the control point. Analyze where their sentries
 are and try to sap them. Getting this point is very difficult,
 and like the final point of part two of this map, it takes
 teamwork, but as before a Spy can be instrumental in getting a
 successful rush off the ground. Also, there’s usually Snipers
 in the back that you can stab if you want, but you’ll usually
 get killed by a sentry or a Pyro.


 For the first point of the first section, it’s very hard to get
 stabs since there’s no real good way to get behind the other
 team. The best way is to cloak, then run along the ridge on the
 left, watching the canyon below. If enemies rush out, jump
 behind them and stab. Once they get the first point, however,
 the fun begins. Rush out either the right or left exit back
 toward the first point, and retreat quickly if you see someone
 coming since there’s not enough room for you to go around him
 and you will be revealed. Sneak inside the shack where the first
 point is and walk up the steps. Watch where their team is going
 and get behind them. If they go in either one of the bottom
 entrances, follow and stab. Often they’ll try going to the right
 and up the steps to the bridge on your side, but you can usually
 stab them before they get there, and it’s such a small room 
 before the bridge that their Medics are usually stationary and
 easy targets. Often their team will attempt to set up an outpost
 in the top shaft to the right of the control point, since your
 team has no way to get in there except for running all the way
 around to the first point and up the steps. Hard for a Soldier
 or Heavy, easy for a Spy. Get in there and sap if you can,
 teleporter first if they’ve got one. Since you can only win by
 defending for a time limit, slowing their advance onto your soil
 is the best strategy besides outright killing. Often two or
 three enemies will become clogged in the doorway that leads down
 to your point. If you see this, smile largely, my friend,
 because you just got a couple backstabs. Be careful of sentries
 in this room, as well as suspicious Pyros. Often, trying to kill
 enemies in here is more trouble than it’s worth. At this point,
 I’d recommend sneaking back toward their spawn and sapping the
 teleporter entrance that’s usually right outside their exit on
 the right. The engineer is probably halfway across the map at
 this point, so you should get it easily, but you might get
 killed by the exiting troops.

 On the first point of the next section, cloak, run down into
 their spawn, wait for the rush to walk by, then stab. If you
 survive, run back toward the control point and recharge your
 cloak in the shack, grab the health, then cloak again. Rush
 toward the shack with the ladder beside it, run up the ladder,
 jump down and run back into their spawn. Stab again. Repeat this
 over and over. My record is 12 backstabs without dying. How can
 you do? On the next point, rush toward the middle-right exit of
 the four, cloak right before you round the corner and can be
 seen, then rush through the little alley in between the building
 and the fence. Grab the big health if needed, then camp in the
 corner between the first control point and the fence. Wait for
 their team to rush by, then walk out and join them. A lot of
 times they’ll set up a little outpost here with a sentry. I don’t
 usually try to kill this, since it’s usually more trouble than
 it’s worth. Just follow their team wherever they’re going and
 stab them if you don’t get killed by suspicious enemies. The
 other tactic on this section is to run up the ladder to the ramp
 above the two exits across the section from your spawn and wait
 for guys to come out. Often they will set up an outpost in the
 far left shaft, down toward the one-way gate. Don’t bother trying
 to kill this. The corridor is so small you’ll probably get killed
 by the time you can sap anything. You’ll have more luck stabbing
 the guys that flow out. If you want, you can try sneaking all the
 way back to their spawn and sapping the teleporter entrance,
 slowing their advance.
 On the first point of the last section, I usually take the far
 left entrance to their spawn, run down along the hallway, then
 loop up the steps behind their lines. Stab at will. If the
 hallway is clogged, just retreat. You’re invisible, so as long as
 they don’t bump into you or shoot you can get away cleanly. Just
 repeat this over and over, killing Medics first as always. On the
 final point of the map, rush down the path, turn right, head
 straight and go up the steps to the little room on top. Grab the
 health if you need to and recharge the cloak for a bit. Then, run
 along the railing while cloaked. Go out and to the left, then
 jump over their advancing lines and de-cloak by the first capture
 point. Approach their backs and stab. Often, they’ll set up a
 sentry here to prevent this, but you can get a sapper on it and
 kill a couple people before it gets repaired or you die, or you
 can use the stab n’ sap on the engineer, although it’s not really
 that important. You could just follow the lines around the bend
 and out of its path, or you could camp in the upper room on the
 right with the health and wait until their team walks by
 underneath you. Killing medics on this part is essential, since
 often the only way to win is with the ubercharge to take out your
 sentries. Don’t let them get it. 


 The key here is to know where the front lines are. Just cloak as
 your run through the room where the embattled control point is
 and dip behind their lines. For the center one, I find cloaking
 and climbing the ramps give you a good vantage point to see
 where the most stab-able enemies are. Be sure you’re disguised as
 a Sniper or Engineer here, since a Pyro would have no reason to
 be up that high. For the other points, just slip around their
 defenses and take out their Engineers before they can get
 sentries up, or if your team is on the defensive, their Medics
 and Heavies. Use the upper ramps that lead down the long
 corridor and cloak before dropping down the circle exit in the
 floor. You can usually flank an attacking team that way,
 exposing their Medics to the stab. For the last point, sneak
 onto it early if you can, since it captures fast enough you can
 usually take it before they can get to you. If that’s not the
 case, cloak right before you enter the last area, rush all the
 way back to the point, then don’t de-cloak until there’s no one
 standing on it. If there is, stab him. If there’s a sentry
 around, killing it should be your priority, since you’ll die
 from its bullets too quickly to get the capture (remember, you
 can’t capture while disguised or cloaked). Even if you don’t get
 the capture, hopefully you can move the capture meter far enough
 along before you die that your team can finish it off. 

 CP_Well : Among Delkin's favorite maps!!! Strats by Delkin :D

 First of all, when reading this, read it slowly, and carefully.
 I tried to write it as best I could and as simply as I could.
 Hopefully, you'll find that it's written well enough to
 visualize. So, please try to picture the map, and exactly what
 this strategy pertains. It's recommend that you have a basic
 understanding of the map before reading the below strategies.
 It's a step-by-step walkthrough of what I do on this map. What I
 believe all Spies should do.


 At the start of the match, exit your building, and head to the
 water nearest your base. At the waters edge, wait for the setup
 countdown, perched there carefully, all the while eyeing the
 submerged waterway which leads to the mid point area. If you
 dive into the water at exactly 3 seconds and go straight to the
 water entry at the mid point, the gates will open precisely when
 you arrive at them.

 Before exiting the submerged path to the floors of the middle
 point, make sure to apply cloaking as to avoid being seen. 
 While cloaked quickly cross the room diagonally (crossing both
 railroad tracks), then de-cloak once you’re in the tiny room
 that has the water entry that leads to the enemy base.

 Carefully swim along towards the enemy's base via their water-
 network until you reach one of the two bridges, I usually head
 to the left bridge (which from the enemy's point-of-view is the
 right bridge). Once you reach the bridge rise against the
 underside of it to get air (this way you don’t surface for air
 in-sight of the enemy). From beneath the bridge you will be
 able to see if there is an Engineer establishment in the area;
 in addition, you can track some enemy movement.

 Now cloak, jump from the water, and run to the nearest corner
 beside one of their big garage doors (the corners that are on
 the left and right side of the entrance doors when you leave
 their base structure) then de-cloak while standing in the
 corner. For the record, I typically de-cloak on the left side of
 the door, as there's more space to "hide" than the right side.
 Make sure the coast is clear before you continue onward, or wait
 for a few enemies to leave the doors (running by you) then
 follow them. I'd advise that you avoid joining the advancing
 enemies when the door is still open. It closes quickly, so let
 it close after they run out, then follow them. If you don't wait
 for the door to close and you join the enemy ranks, enemies
 further behind will see you come from nowhere to join their
 comrades, and will grow suspicious of you.

 At this point, follow the enemy over the bridge (the bridge that
 you once hid beneath), and head towards the side entrances of
 the mid point. You'll more than likely be surrounded by the
 enemy, as they will populate this area. As such, you'll be
 presented with a slew of options here. With a congestion of
 enemies around you, assess your best possible targets, and
 quickly execute your attack!

 When attacking, You may decide to sap like mad, get a few
 backstabs, and conclude with a stealthy retreat. Or, you could
 focus entirely on backstabs, remembering to attack those nearest
 you first, heading to further enemies next. Just be efficient
 in executing your plan.

 After the initial attack, I highly suggest you retreat to the
 nearest safe area while cloaked (this could be the water, or the
 mid-spawn-point area if your team has seized it). Now you have a
 few options at hand. First, you could repeat the above
 process, thus continually ambushing the enemy via their water
 path. *cough* looping *cough* I suggest however, that from time
 to time you mix things up; keep the enemy on their toes.

 Your next option, which is quite effective, is to head up to the
 Sniper battlement that overlooks the enemy's base. From there,
 hide in one of the corners of the room, avoiding both random
 enemy fire and pesky Snipers. Your goal now is to get a visual
 of enemy movement so you can plan a quick stab/sap run
 accordingly. Cloak yourself, and either jump out the window or
 exit to the roof via one of the two windows situated on the left
 and right sides of the room. Make sure to return inside quickly
 to de-cloak, thus using only a smidgen of your cloak meter. Now
 that you have an understanding of where your enemy is, quickly
 make your way down to them via any of the windows (I'd suggest
 the left and right ones again). Dart down there quickly,
 jumping evasively to avoid potential Sniper fire. Of course, if
 you wanted, after the initial sighting of enemies you could have
 stayed cloaked, then scurried to them and de-cloaked in a
 corner, but I've found jumping down with a disguise is usually
 enough to get the jump on them (quite literally). Snipers
 usually choke-up when deciding to shoot you, thinking you're
 one of them. Kill as many as you can, then once again attempt
 to vanish, only to soon after execute a re-appearing act,
 repeating the looping. 

 You'll notice that thus far we have only discussed dealing with
 the enemy whilst they charge for the mid point. Once your team
 pushes them back to their base, I suggest you do this. In the
 safety of a corner, or at the very least in a safe location,
 wait for the cloak meter to fully re-charge (standing in a
 corner is good because it gives you a chance to keep your eyes
 open for enemy Spies, which you may see readying to kill your
 allies). In this case, I would once again situate myself in one
 of the corners near their base's entrances. 

 Once fully charged, immediately cloak whilst running into the
 enemy's base, through one of the two doors. Nothing fancy here,
 kill any stray enemies you can, though I strongly advise you 
 just avoid everyone and quickly scurry to the stairs in the
 second control point room. Quickly run up whichever stair is
 closer, then head to the hall that leads to the Sniping
 battlements, and third floor. Your cloak will deplete precisely
 as you reach and enter this hall. That's assuming you haven't
 been slowed down anywhere, which does happen because you MUST
 avoid bumping into enemies. 

 Wait somewhere safe for your cloak to charge. You now have two
 options at hand. Which you'll have to decide upon quickly and
 on the fly. The first option is to take out the Sentries found
 on the ramp near the second control point on the second floor,
 not to be confused with Sentries on the third floor. You may
 have to loop around the sniper area to gain better access to the
 Engineer and his establishment. So, if that's the case, do so. I
 recommend you sneak your way into the control-point room, sap
 then back off to the safety of the hall, then shoot the sapped
 establishment with your revolver to quickly finish it. Of
 course, if you can stab the Engineer do so, but don't bother if
 doing so will put you in range of yet another sentry. 

 So yes, the enemy is now fully aware of you, at the very least
 we know the Engineer is. Retreat to the third floor via the
 hallway, stealth if you must. If there is anything on the third
 floor, take the respective measures in dealing with your
 findings. Once on the third floor, you can either pester the
 Engineers below by shooting and killing whatever they build even
 as soon as they place it. In which case they may run off towards
 the battlement hall with wrench swinging vigorously. In said
 scenario, you can either attempt to kill the quickly approaching
 Engineer, or after having saved a bit of cloaking charge, you
 could make your way to their final point, and hide in the room
 in an obscure spot.

 Now if you were lazy, you could wait for your team to capture
 the second to last point, thus granting you the option of
 capturing the last one. If you plan to do this you better be
 quick to the point, as to beat the mad rush of enemies to the
 point. Or, you can head off and apply the above strategies. 


 If your team is base-bound; that is, trapped in their own base.
 This can be one of the best positions for a Spy, because the
 work is done for you, the enemy is coming to you. Spies are
 actually quite effective at defensive play. So, being that
 your team is having a war at the entrances to your base, this
 maybe a good time in taking the emergency exit. Yes, the
 emergency exit, isn't that great? Every base should have one.
 Before leaving your base, between the two garage doors is a
 room with ammunition in it; head there. Also, you'll see that
 there's an escape hatch that drops you into the water below the

 Head down into the water. You can either cloak, and then emerge
 from the water, find a corner and then de-cloak. At this point
 you'd go on a stabbing/sapping rampage. Conversely however, you
 could swim all the way to the mid point, or further, then join
 their team as they make their way to your base, killing them
 along the way. Make sure to sap as you go, taking specific care
 of teles. It's also a good idea to pay the enemy's base a visit,
 even despite the fact that your own is under siege. 

 While at the enemy's base, sap their entry-teleporters which
 will be situated on the left side of their base. It may be to
 your advantage to use the right door as to avoid being seen
 by the enemy. You can, from within their base backstab the
 enemies as they spawn, but be sure to flee quickly, as they
 will be quick to hunt you down. Make them think that you left,
 perhaps hide in the third floor area. Wait a few moments then,
 when the moments right, and they have placed new tele-
 entrances, drop down and continue to sap and slaughter. 


 Note: Obviously this is not a seamless process, you will be
 caught and killed many times. Though, the above strategy is
 absolutely the way to go as spy, and learning the above 
 strategy will pave the road for your handlings on each and
 every map.

 Note: Yes, I know... If you go by this particular map strategy
 word for word-- well you can't. Though, I've stated nearly every
 scenario you can experience here. You'll have to apply the
 strategy on the fly. Though, it will come to you after having
 read this, so, fear not. I will tell you for a  fact that when
 the round starts you should absolutely follow my initial looping
 strategy, joining their forces, then repeating, as it works
 every time. 

 Note: I advise finding typical enemy paths in every map, then, 
 from a natural area join the flow of enemy movement. The reason
 this proves effective is because your enemy won't be suspicious
 if they see a pyro running behind a string of other allies as
 they near the front lines. It's the best way to blend in, hands

 *Essentially the idea to playing Spy well on any map is to out-
 smart your enemy. This we know. Did I fail to mention that often
 times the enemy is more dumb than you'd think? You can typically
 do a great deal of damage looping the enemy into submission. As
 I've said, and hopefully by now you realize, "looping" is
 finding an area in any map where the enemies congregate, and
 while facing away from you. Kill as many as you can by way of
 your trusty backstabbing powers, then vanish once more and once
 again find your way to the path that started you on your

 2fort: Has 2 strats, one by NodForLife, and the other, Delkin.
 NodForLife's Strat:

 Ah, 2fort. For me, spy is the only class worth playing on this
 stage, unless the intel is in the open and a Scout can grab it.
 As a Spy you'll usually get a bad score, but will be
 instrumental in the key first movement of the intel out of their
 intel room and (hopefully) away from most of their defenses.

 As for your plight, the best way to go is out the 'Battlements'
 exit, cloak as you round the corner so you don't get sniped.
 Then, check to see if anyone's coming across the bridge*. If
 not, just walk across un-cloaked (but disguised, I like Pyro
 since he's the fastest class that doesn't arouse suspicion).
 Once inside their base, turn right into that room adjacent to
 the courtyard and cloak. You should have enough cloak to get up
 the far steps and down the long staircase into their intel room.
 I usually de-cloak at the top of the staircase to the basement
 to conserve the meter. Walk toward the intel room, then use the
 last slice of your cloak meter right as you enter the intel
 room, allowing you to scope their defenses. If they've got a
 sentry or two, plan your attack accordingly. If there's an
 engineer around, I suggest sapping the sentry first, then
 shooting the engineer with the revolver. If he is hell-bent on
 repairing the sentry rather than shooting you, just keep sapping
 it and eventually it will blow up. Once it's dead, you can try
 and kill him but usually he's close enough to you (since he was
 repairing the sentry) that his shotgun is a one-hit kill. I just
 try to run and get the intel and dash for the exit, jumping and
 juking along the way. With any luck, you can make it out to the
 right and up the spiral ramp, where the turns will prevent the
 slightly slower engineer from following you and shooting you in
 the back. Then, just run like crazy back to your base. Hop in
 the water if you're getting shot as you exit their fort, usually
 the bridge will provide a few key seconds of cover so you can
 get around the corner in your sewer pipe and grab the health
 down there. From here it should be smooth sailing back to your
 intel room for the score, and even if you die, their intel is in
 your base so your team can grab it. You won't get any points for
 this adventure, since you probably won't get the capture, but if
 winning the map is more important, this is my best strategy. 

 *If there are enemies on the bridge, stay invisible and hop in
 the water. De-cloak as soon as you get under the bridge and walk
 through their sewer, up the sewer exit steps. In my experience,
 there are rarely people guarding the sewer, but if so just cloak
 and walk around them. After exiting the sewer, check to see if
 there's anyone in the front rooms of their base, then turn left
 into the 'L' shaped hallway leading to the courtyard. Cloak right
 before you make the right turn in the 'L' since there are often
 nosey engineers and pyros protecting the sentry guns that are
 always in that courtyard. DO NOT TRY TO SAP THEM. You will just
 blow your disguise and get killed. Once in the courtyard, hope
 up the steps on the right and head down into their intel room.
 See above instructions for what to do from here. 


 Delkin's Strat:

 Disclaimer: I've received E-mails from a few people regarding
             difficulty on this map. So, I E-mailed them back,
             but did so in a sort of in-depth way. I decided to
             copy and paste my E-mail response to them word-for-
             word. This was my advise to them... and now to you..

    2Fort is an interesting map as Spy. One can be very
 successful, but new strategies must be formed to do well here.
 What I recommend is this, when leaving the battlements, cloak a
 few seconds early so that once you walk off of the battlements,
 and onto the ground below, you'll be fully cloaked. Here it gets
 interesting. You could attempt crossing the bridge to the
 enemy's base, as such you should de-cloak in a corner just
 outside their fortress. Once de-cloaked, you could then join
 their forces as they cross the bridge to your base, and stab as
 many as you can. After stabbing, in attempt of avoiding death,
 you must scurry to safety, with cloak active. I usually jump
 into the water as it is a safer place to dwell.

    The water will usually be your primary path, seeing as how
 the bridge is often times too cluttered with enemies to pass.
 So, when using the water, here is what you'll face. Either the
 enemy Engineer's are building in your sewer system, their own,
 or the very middle of the map under water. It's easy enough to
 kill sentries that are being built in the water at the center
 of the map, just be sneaky, sap, and stab, do whatever necessary
 to kill middle establishments.

    As for your sewer. If they've claimed it, you will be forced
 to approach them from the central water path (the water at the
 center of the map where the bridge is). If you attempt heading
 to them base-side, then going down that long tunnel, no disguise
 will help here. As they will see you and assume you to be a Spy.
 In addition, you have to cloak so early to avoid being seen,
 that by the time you get to their establishment in your sewers
 you've run out of cloak. So, when approaching from the central
 water source, cloak just before rounding the first turn in the
 tunnel (To make sure no one is waiting for you, if the coast is
 clear, de-cloak, then wait a second for you cloak to replenish,
 then cloak once more, and enter their establishment. If you
 can stab the Engineer then sap, go for it. To be honest, this
 is rarely the case as most people here are antsy and are
 expecting a Spy. As such, they may be running around swinging
 bats, and wrenches, whatever. Here's what I recommend, get into
 the room, de-cloak amongst the enemy, then sap everything in
 site, then stab like mad. Try to stab the engineer, or even
 shoot them. This is a scenario that you may find using your gun
 necessary. Most of the enemies here will anticipate you and
 will be backed against a wall or something, in midst of trying
 to stab them, your gun may better finish the job.

    The good thing, about the enemy building in your sewer, is
 that you have ample backup. Whilst you are attempting to take
 out their establishment, you can call in allies for
 reinforcements. On the enemy's side you will have different
 options at your disposal. You could take the quickest route,
 which is throw the central water supply. Or, you could try
 tricking enemy's who may be down their by coming from their end.
 As such, you'd sneak into their base, chose a nice disguise of
 course, and make your way to their sewer room via their tunnel.
 This makes things less suspicious as they may think your one of
 them. Though, as you said, Pyros usually aid Engineers in the
 protection of their establishments. In this case, you could
 either hope to be lucky in stabbing the Pyro, you could shoot
 the Pyro, or you could ignore him and just attempt sapping and
 killing the Engineer. It is very important to sap here, you MUST
 kill their sentry, dispenser, and teles. As, it will slow down
 their teams effectiveness down there. You will likely die many
 times in attempts
 of clearing these areas, but someone has to do it.

 Note: One of the more aggravating things you will face when
       dealing with the tunnels is a Pyro who has a dispenser
       replenishing his ammo continuously, as such, is releasing
       a unyielding spray of fire across an access point (e.g.
       he's continuously spraying a flame barrier across an area
       that you, the spy, need to cross to get to the
       establishment. In this case, call in support for dealing
       with the Pyro...

 Map Strats:

 1. Cross bridge, de-cloak in safety and stab as many as you can 
    as they cross to your base.

 2. Kill enemy Snipers, usually crossing the bridge is the best
    path to take in reaching them. Also, a Sniper disguise
    usually works here. You can usually kill every sniper in the
    battlements in one sweep, then cloak and drop into the water
    or reenter the base.

 3. Hide in the central water area, with your back to the enemy's
    side, along the wall. Wait for enemies to drop into the
    water, and kill them. In addition, wait outside their tunnel
    in the middle of the map, and wait for enemies to come out,
    stab them.

 4. Once you've crossed the bridge, and de-cloaked in a corner, 
    you can be quite successful at taking out the enemy offense.
    You can stab enemies in the back as they leave their
    fortress. You could cloak, then go inside the fortress,
    then de-cloak in a corner, and continue the stabbing. You
    could sneak further into the base, while cloaked of course,
    and attempt to take out Engineers and their establishments.

 Note: Ultimately, a good strategy in general is to wait in the
       water for unsuspecting enemies to come your way, often-
       times you'll stop them from entering your tunnels.

 Note: Due to the narrowness of this map it can be quite
       difficult for a Spy to pass amongst the enemies without
       bumping into them... As such, oftentimes a Spy will be
       at his best in the open, taking out the enemy's offensive

    To be honest, going for the Intelligence is not the Spy's
 forte. It's a task better suited for the scouts. Sometimes
 you'll make it away successful. Usually, the Spy's best purpose
 with the intel is moving it small increments at a time, dieing
 each time he picks it up (e.g. say the intel is dropped on the
 bridge, and the enemy is all around it now protecting it, while
 cloaked, pick it up and move as close to your side as possible.
 You'll die, but that will reset the time that it takes for the
 intel to reappear in the intel room.. in addition to bringing it
 closer to your allies...)

 Gold Rush

    If it's one thing that Valve's known for, it's treating their
 fan base, and customers well. They continuously update their
 games, making them the best that they can be. Then of course, 
 the release new maps on a relatively good basis. 

    Simply put, this map is amazing. It's great for every class,
 though, in my eyes, it's a Spy's dream come true. At first, the
 map may seem complicated, though, I assure you, in time you'll
 learn it, and understand it quite well. 

    I don't plan on going nuts here, like I did with the CP_Well
 guide. This one will still be informative, but it will be more
 general. Assuming you've read anything in this guide, you should
 have a general idea of the ins and outs of a Spy. You should be
 familiar with general Spy strategies, you should know how to
 cloak and disguise effectively. You should also know, in
 coordination with all of the above, how to use your surroundings
 to your advantage. 

    Gold Rush is great because it's a very detailed map, with
 multiple paths to take. Yet, at the same time, it's fairly
 balanced. For the following information, I'm just going to
 discuss the first section or stage of the map. Each stage is
 just as good as the first, but if you do well on the first
 stage, so to shall you on the ones to come. You've just got to
 improvise, and implement your knowledge of Spy effectively. 

    Firstly, as always, take on a friendly disguise, as I've said,
 I prefer Pyro. While waiting for the gates to open, run back and
 forth to each gate scoping enemy placement, they won't move much
 and will probably be in the same relative area when the gates
 open. Once the gates open, you can either cloak then run out
 right away, if you know that it's safe to do so, or you can wait
 a moment for you teammates to run out, as such, enemy Demomen
 will set off their stickies, then you can run out. 

    Once you've cloaked and run off, re-disguise, and de-cloak
 in a safe area (trust me, there are plenty in this map). If you
 use your surroundings effectively, de-cloaking in the best
 spots, you should be able to stab so many enemies. You may also
 find some Engineers to menace and sap. Another great spot is the
 house, usually enemies will be inside, especially upstairs. Make
 sure to kill them, as they will see your antics from afar and
 kill you. During your stab frenzy, your team will have pushed
 the Tiny Cart nearer the first checkpoint. At this point, the
 enemy will have a more difficult time getting to your side as
 your teammates should be defending the cart, moving it along.

    Out side the house, you can hide in the corner just before
 the hall that leads to the enemy base (the hall with the tracks
 that the mine cart follows). Hide here, keep an out out for
 enemy Spies, and also, wait for unsuspecting enemies to emerge
 from the tunnel, be sure to stab them in the back. Seriously, 
 this map is awesome... 

    Once the checkpoint has been reached, the two gates to the
 left of you open up (this is assuming you're still waiting where
 I told you to). Head down either path, you will find uses for
 both. If you take the longer tunnel, you'll eventually have to
 drop off into the low-lying area below the enemy's bridge. As
 such, before you drop from this area cloak, make sure to do so
 before the enemy sees you. There are so many options here, it's
 ridiculous. You can head up the slanted wooden ladder to you're
 left, which will take you closer to the cart, then stab the
 enemies who are holding off your team. You could instead
 run straight, right under the bridge, and head to the mining
 tunnel to the far right. You could run to the doorway that acts
 as a recess in the wall, which will be straight ahead of you when
 you pass under the bridge. Either way, their will be a slew of
 enemies to take out. Snipers, Demomen, Soldiers.. Medics,
 Heavies you'll run into everything in this area. 

    Once you stab a few people, cloak, then hide somewhere. The
 mining tunnel takes you to their spawn entrance, yet, if you
 run to the end of the tunnel, it's a nice little dead end, the
 perfect place for a Spy to recharge his cloaking.

    Once you reach the enemy spawn (I'm talking just outside the
 door), by any means that you use to reach it, you have a few
 options at your disposal. You could...
 A) Wait for a few enemies to come out of the spawn (most will
    run to the right side, nearer the cart) and stab them. Upon
    stabbing, cloak, hide, re-disguise, and then return.

 B) You could disguise as a Pyro or Engineer, and make your way
    to the stairs just beyond the enemy's spawn. From here, you
    can take out Engineers and their establishments, and let's
    not forget the Snipers. This is something that you should
    always strive to do each time you
    make it to the enemy's base.


    Generally speaking, the Spy shouldn't push the little cart,
 as he has more important matters to tend to. If you can stab
 three to four enemies each time you make a pass on them, that's
 three or more that your team doesn't have to deal with. As such,
 they can more easily focus on the cart. 

    Once again, use a friendly disguise and wait for the set-up
 time to come to its end. Just before the set-up time finishes,
 and the gates open, hide behind something, cloak, re-disguise,
 and head to a more opportune position. Usually, some spot right
 outside the enemy's spawn area, so that they run by you. 

    Keep backstabbing, then cloaking and retreating each time you
 make a sweep. Get health if need be, and continue the cycle, use
 your surroundings to your advantage, as always. Once they claim
 the checkpoint, you can cloak and run back past the first
 checkpoint and de-cloak in a safe area on their side of the map.
 Coming at the enemy from behind is key, so, coming at them from
 their side is also key. Also, as you should already know, it
 looks less suspicious if you take a path that the enemy
 normally takes. 

    Once you've de-cloaked, stab unsuspecting victims that may be
 running towards the frontlines, and make your way to one of the
 two paths just beyond the house (not the one that the cart goes
 through). Oftentimes, you'll get more kills when using the path
 that leads to that slight drop into the next 'house' (the drop
 that has the full health box sitting there). If you take this
 path, carefully weave around the corner, (cloaked or not, it's
 up to you, because you're in an area that you can do well both
 ways) and head up the stairs. From here stab as many of the
 enemy as possible. Usually, you'll be able to take out many, if
 not all of them yourself, because, they are so focused on your
 team. Make sure to deal with Engineers in this area
 accordingly. Again, as I said, cloaking or not is up to you,
 sometimes it's safer to cloak and get into the upstairs area, it
 depends on your enemy. 

    The best scenario for the Spy in general is to get as close
 to the enemy's spawn as possible, then to start back across the
 map from the enemy's side, taking out anyone along the way. This
 is a bit of general advice for any map. Oftentimes in Push the
 little cart maps, back-tracking just beyond the "little cart"
 then coming at the cart from behind will provide you with a


    This next tidbit is very helpful, and depending on the
 circumstances, it can save your life. While disguised as the
 enemy, you can gain health from their cart as they normally do.
 Say for example your team has killed off the enemy near the
 cart, you can take this time to gain health from the cart. It's
 great because, oftentimes there isn't health nearby, be it med
 packs, dispensers, or medics. It's just good to know that a Spy
 has another option for health. 


    With the Pyro achievement update, comes two new maps, one of
 which I'm already quite familiar with. It's great to know that
 Valve is making some custom maps official, as this is truly 
 great for the community. This will inspire mappers to take their
 maps to the next level, with hopes that their maps will one day
 be official.

    I've been playing on Turbine for months and months, it's such
 a great map, not to mention it's well balanced. I couldn't be
 more happy to see it become official, now others will have a
 chance to play it. 

    Unlike 2Fort, teams will actually be able to coordinate
 together and capture the intelligence. An uber is oftentimes
 enough to push through a majority of the enemy's defenses,
 which will usually lead to capturing the flag. In 2Fort, the
 flag is so deep in the enemy's base, that for one to actually
 capture the flag and make it back to their base successfully
 is an absolute joke. I can honestly say that this is not the
 case in Turbine, thank God. 

    For the record, this map is symmetrical, so if you know one
 side of the map, you know what the other side of the map is

    The following is a list of Spy specific strategies on this

 1) The middle of this map is up for grabs by either team.
    Whichever team holds the middle determines the way a Spy must
    play on this map. If your team has the middle, then you can
    move around the middle, in a friendly disguise, carefree.
    You can then cloak, disguise, and enter their base via one of
    three ways: the left entrance (nearest the intel) the right
    entrance (nearest their spawn) or the vent entrance (an upper
    entrance, which is accessed via a stairway on the left side
    of the middle. 

 2) If your team has the middle, you can hide in the corner near
    their right most entrance (this is the entrance that has the
    door--from the enemy's point-of-view it's their left door).
    When enemy's come out, you can backstab them to no end.
    Oftentimes, the enemy will push out of this door with an
    uber. This means they will be focused on the more obvious
    threat that is your team, such as Sentries for example. Once
    their Uber has ended, stab them in the back. 

 3) Cloak, then head into their base via the right most entrance,
    then de-cloak in either the vents or in the indented area on
    the right side at the top of the stairs. Stab anyone that you
    can, though I must warn you, this is their spawn, and as such
    a newly spawned enemy will likely halt your scheming, so be

 4) Head to the left entrance (the wide open one leading to the
    intel). Cloak, and make your way through the area. Take out
    Engineers and their establishments. They will almost always
    set up in this room, as it hinders scouts and other people
    from making away with the flag. 

 5) Most of your points will come from taking out people on the
    fronts, which is usually in the middle. Be quick, stab, cloak,
    re-disguise, then de-cloak in a safe area. Learn the map,
    make note of health locations. 

 6) If the enemy has the middle head to the middle via your vents
    (which could be risky as there's not enough room to maneuver
    around an enemy, as such, your bound to bump into one if
    there's one present), or you could more safely use the wider
    hallway of the intel area to head to the middle. 

    Once in the middle, get as close to the enemy's side as you
    can before running out of cloak, then do what you can. Sap,
    stab, keep moving. 

 7) Oftentimes, when the enemy has claimed the middle, an
    Engineer will set-up on the ramp outside of your vent exit.
    If this is the case, and you are unable to sap his things, 
    here's the perfect solution. 

    Cloak, disguise as an enemy Sniper, then head to the stairway
    leading to the enemy's ramp (the one that permits access to
    their ventilation system), and hide in that room with the 
    windows just outside their vent entrance. Typically, you will
    be safe from the enemy there, as they don't use the vent as
    much when they have claimed the middle. Many of the newly
    spawned enemies will take teles built by the Engineers, and
    will get to the middle faster that way.

    From here, take out your trusty Revolver and eye your teams
    vent area where the enemy Engineer(s) have set-up. Shoot at
    their dispensers. Then, once you've taken out said
    dispensers, take out their sentries. It works very well.
    Usually, you'll able to take out the Engineers this way as

 8) If you successfully clean out an enemy's intel room, or, if
    you get there just as your team is cleaning it out, grab the
    flag. In this map, you don't have to get the intel too far 
    from it's set position before it's much more accessible by
    your team. If sentries are disabled, you can approach the
    intel while cloaked, once you pick it up, you will lose your
    cloak, but you should have time to either make it back
    all the way, or at the very least, bring the enemy's intel
    closer to your team. 
    The enemy's vents can provide great access to their intel
    room, just make sure to cloak before you drop into the room.

-Section 7)                Spy Checking                      [A7]

 This section will depict many hints and things to look for when
 trying to decipher whether or not someone is friend or Spy


 1. Any "friendly" Spy you see that isn't wearing a mask is
    either a really dumb ally Spy, or an even more stupid enemy
    Spy, as enemy Spies don't even display a mask. It's usually
    safe to assume that if you see a Spy without a mask, holding
    his revolver, he's an enemy Spy.

 2. If you see a Medic with no uber-charge percentage, he's a Spy
    without question. In addition, if that's not obvious enough,
    he'll be holding his Syringe-gun. Then of course to further
    these point you could simply bump into him. Keep in mind
    that you can't pass through enemies. 

 3. All Spies, while in disguise, appear to be holding their
    primary weapon. As such, it's safe to assume that any class
    holding anything aside from their primary weapon is
    immediately not a Spy. For example, if an Engineer is holding
    his wrench, pistol, or tool box, you immediately know they
    aren't a Spy, because his Shotgun is his primary weapon. As
    such, a Spy as Engineer can only be seen holding a shotgun.
    So, no need for false checking, and wasting ammo. 

 4. If you bump into an ally and can't pass through them, you've
    found yourself a Spy.

 5. Many Spies take on the disguise of the Engineer, though, more
    often than not a real Engineer will be toting his wrench. If
    the suspected Engineer is holding his shotty, check him out.

 6. "Tab" anyone? It's there for a reason. Keep track of what
    classes you have on your team, in addition to who is what

 7. Look for an Ally who has your exact name. What a coincidence
    right? Wrong, it's just a Spy, no checking here, it's

 8. Posing as a friendly Pyro is helpful in that enemy Spies will
    more than likely avoid you, thus revealing that they are a

 9. With the above factors in mind, also consider the
    whereabouts of the target, and pay attention to suspicious
    movement and activity.

 10.On occasion, you will see yourself calling out for a Medic,
    even when you haven't issued the command. Don't worry, you're
    not going crazy. This simply means that when the enemy Spy
    took on his disguise, he was assigned your name. This makes
    it easier to find said Spy. As you can warn Medics, or kill
    him now that you are aware of his presence.  


-Section 8)                 Quick Tips                       [A8]

 This section contains brief tips, hints, and info, that are
 intended for those of you who don't want to read the entire
 guide. Though, even if you have read the entire guide, going
 over this section won't hurt. Essentially, this is the
 "sparknotes" of the guide-- you may even find something new! 

 Again, keep in mind that if you've read the entire guide then
 the majority of the information below has already been provided.
 We're just stressing the important stuff...


 • Never disguise as Medic: You don't display uber-percentage to


 • Never disguise as Scout: You can't move like them (e.g. double


 • When disguised as Spy, you don't have a mask on to the enemy.


 • Avoid Pyros at all costs, as they will burn you alive.


 • Don't bother with Scouts unless the scenario provides that
   they are an easy kill. They are fast-- and deadly to the Spy.


 • Cloaking/De-cloaking takes a few seconds to take full effect.


 • Once disguised, play the part. Use appropriate disguises in 
   appropriate areas. 


 • When shot whilst in disguise, the enemy can't tell that you've
   taken damage. If you don't react from being shot, you can
   trick the enemy.


 • The Butterfly knife is the best melee weapon in the game when
   in the form of a swift backstab, and conversely is the weakest
   in head on fights. Avoid using it face-to-face.


 • Stabbing from above, and from the side, usually register as
   a backstab.


 • Always assume a disguise, and change disguises once you've
   been discovered.


 • Always Stab the enemy nearest you first, then proceed to those
   further from you.


 • The Pyro is among your best disguises.


 • The Demoman is not far behind when it comes to disguises.


 • To the enemy, When your disguised, you appear to be holding
   the primary weapon of your disguised class.


 • When Spy checking, keep an eye on the target's name, class,
   whereabouts, and weapon. If the target is holding his
   secondary weapon, you know right off the bat he's one of your

 • You can call for enemy Medics while in disguise, though do so
   with caution, as it could bring unwanted attention. 


 • When disguised, you take the name of a member of the opposing
   team who is of the respective class of your disguise. If you
   chose Pyro, and the enemy has no Pyro, an enemy name will be
   assigned randomly.

   It becomes increasingly dangerous to disguise yourself as a
   class that only has one representative on the other team. For
   example, if there is only one Demoman on the enemy team, and
   you disguise as him, you'd best make sure to avoid him. If
   said Demoman spots you, he'll likely notice that you're name
   is his own, as such, he'll make sure to notify his team that
   you're a Spy. He's also likely to personally see to it that
   you're dealt with... careful; sticky bombs are quite potent.


 • Calling for the enemy Medic is risky because in doing so you
   may reveal yourself to the person who's name has been assigned
   as your cover (e.g. Dan sees that "Dan" is calling for a
   medic... cover blown).


 • "Retreating" to the enemy (running backwards, facing your own
   team) makes you appear far less suspicious to the enemy.


 • Your revolver loads fast, has 6 shots per round, and has 24
   bullets in reserve for a total of 30 shots. In addition, it
   makes for a good Sniper. As you can accurately pick of enemies
   and Engineer establishments from afar. 


 • If the Sentry is facing away from you, and the Engineer
   tending to it, stab the Engineer, then Sap immediately.


 • If you stab the Engineer first, and are dealing with a tier 3
   sentry, strafing around the sentry in a fashion to avoid the
   rotating barrels helps to avoid being shot while trying to Sap.


 • Find areas in maps where enemies seem to congregate (e.g.
   choke points), come from behind and stab them. Then repeat the
   cycle in a "looping" fashion.


 • Try to join enemy ranks from a natural place to avoid
   suspicion, this will also lead way to many backstabs.


 • While cloaked, disguise, or change your disguise, as to avoid
   the "cloud" effect from giving you away to the enemy. 


 • Always cloak at the last possible second, though always before
   entering enemy sights.


 • Disguising as a friendly Pyro is a great way for handling
   enemy Spies, as they will avoid you in an obvious fashion.
   It also deters Spies from targeting you. 


 • A Spy can now use a tele negating the glow effect so long as
   said Spy is disguised as an enemy when he uses the teleporter.


 • Hunt enemy medics, as they are critical to the enemy's


 • A Spy disguised as the enemy can gain health from the enemy's


 • Use the water to your advantage. While cloaked in the water,
   if clipped be enemy fire, thus shimmering to the enemy, the
   diffraction of the water can help to hide you.


 • Use the roundabout way to avoid crossfire.


 • Each time a disguise is changed, so to does the Spy's health
   that is visible to the enemy.


 • After stabbing an Engineer in the back, make sure to rotate
   around his sentry avoiding the barrels, then sap. 

-Section 9)               Closing                            [A9]

 We've spent a ton of time on this faq, and as such we hope it
 has proven helpful to you. The Spy is truly a one-of-a-kind
 class, an experience that you won't endure in any other game. We
 hope that through our efforts you guys are honing your Spy
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 Good luck on your quest of mastering the Spy!


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 Insolence: For pointing out how useful seeking refuge
 from a sentry behind a dispenser can be. In some scenarios,
 after stabbing an Engineer in the back, you can't revolve around
 the sentry to sap it, due to it's positioning. Instead, you can
 quickly back off seeking shelter behind the dispenser,
 re-disguise, then pop out sapping the sentry and the dispenser.

 johnie102: For informing me that in more current updates the
 Spy can now use teles safely due to the fact that the glow is
 no longer there. I would have realized this sooner myself,
 however, I stopped playing the game for quite a few months. As
 such, I was not aware of Valve's updates. He also wanted me to
 stress some obvious aspect of the Sniper disguise.

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 Dear Delkin525,

 Thank you for making this guide. The spy has always been my
 favorite class, I just love when you can take out two medic-
 heavy teams. Before this guide I was ok, but made many mistakes
 and couldn't usually take out sentries. Now I do good and can
 get mvp most rounds no problem.

 Btw I read your well guide also, and you really know what you
 are talking about. That strategy is flawless.  I love the  part
 where you take out the snipers and then go out the window, drop
 down the side, and take out a large group near the trains. I got
 7 back stabs each life like 3 or 4 lives in a row until somebody
 caught on.


 Hey guys,

 Thanks for writing the awesome Spy guide.  I was a long-time TFC
 player who just recently picked up TF2, and I must say that the
 changes to how the spy operated, specifically interacted with
 other classes rather confused me.  Your guide was awesome. I'm
 still not a pro at spy-ing but thanks to all the info you guys
 packed in your guide, I understand how to play the class to a
 greater degreee and I'm getting better.

 Once again, thanks for the guide, and I hope you guys decide to
 write guides for some of the other classes too.


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 TF2: Spy Guide Video Part#1: Links: 

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