• Campaign Level Select

    Choose single and bring up the mode selection screen. Type in ''drdeath'' and a Cavedog Entertainment bone symbol will appear in between ''Load Game'' and ''Previous Menu''. Click it, and you will be able to select any level in either the Arm or Core campaign.

    Contributed By: BrakZero.

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  • Cheat Codes

    In skirmish or multiplayer enter the following codes,

    All trees killed off+treedeath
    All units sing when selected.+sing
    An in-game clock recording your play time.+clock
    Control skirmish A.I.+control[0-3]
    Decrease energy.+noenergy
    Decrease metal.+nometal
    Full health+dr
    infinite radar coverage.+zipper
    Kill all enemy units+combustion
    Kill all units.+kill
    Lose instantly+ilose
    makes a large BMP format image of the screen.+makeposter
    Replace gray line of sight with dithering+dither
    Start CD music+cdstart
    Stop CD music+cdstop
    Toggle 3D sound+sound3d
    Toggle object shadowing+shadow
    Trace units/buildings in the order they were built.+bigbrother
    Win instantly+iwin
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  • Codes to be used in Skirmish Mode

    These codes can be used in Skirmish Mode, or if cheats are enabled, in Multiplayer mode;

    Press 'enter' to bring up the chat box. Then type the following for the given effect.

    +atm - this boosts your metal and energy each by 1000 units.

    +nowisee - this disables the Fog of War, letting you see everything.

    +meteor - a meteor shower occurs at a random place on the map.

    +doubleshot - all weapons do double damage.

    +halfshot - all shots do half the damage.

    +ilose - causes you to lose.

    +iwin - causes you to win

    The following codes are not cheats, but are useful in the game, and are activated in the same way. They can be used in multiplayer whether cheats are enabled or not.

    +shareall - in multiplayer games, this shares energy, radar, metal, and map info with all your allies.

    +shootall - if units equiped with weapons see an enemy unit, and they are set to fire at will, they will automatically fire at it, no matter what kind of unit it is.

    +noshake - stops the screen from shaking when something is killed.

    +bps - shows the transfer rate in a multiplayer game.

    In a Skirmish battle, if you want to play against up to 10 AI controlled opponents, type in '*' (asterisk) at the screen where you select options for the battle, and then the Roman Numeral of the number of players you wish to play against. e.g., if you wished to play against 10 computer controlled opponents, you would type '*,' then type 'x.'

    Contributed By: samdaman2001.

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  • Singing Units

    In Multi-Player or Skirmish modes, you can press ENTER then ''+sing'' and your units will sing instead of making sound effects!

    Contributed By: Amastacia.

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  • Unlimited Radar Range

    Type ''+radar'' to see the whole map on your radar in multi-player and skirmish modes.

    Contributed By: Jin-Roh.

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  • View other players energy and metals

    To see other players energy and metals(only in multiplayer and skirmish) hit enter and type in the code below and press enter. you should see your other players energy and metal levels where yours should be!( the (0-3) thing is to show which other players to present. and to get yours back type the code again and use 0 for the number.)

    see other players energy and metal levelsview (0-3)

    Contributed By: skellitor302.

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  • Have up to 10 players in Skirmish

    When you choose the settings for Skirmish mode (team color, alleigance symbol, etc.), Hold SHIFT and press 8. Then, press X. This should make the skirmish up to 10 players.

    This also works with other numbers. X is the number because it's the roman numeral. Other roman numerals can be used, but they can't be more than 10. For instance, pressing V instead of X will make it 5 players.

    Contributed By: BrakZero.

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  • Increase the maximum amount of units you can control.

    Create an empty text document with notepad, add the next two lines in to increase the maximum amount of units you can control (the default is 250) it and save it as "totala.ini" in your Total Annihilation directory:

    UnitLimit = 500;

    NOTE: This works only with Total Annihilation patched to version 3.1.

    Contributed By: Daedolon.

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