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Reviewed: 01/28/08

A great way to end a trilogy (of bad ports)

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is an Action Adventure\Survival Horror game developed by Capcom. I believe the Resident Evil games need no introduction, they are the reason why Survival Horror games became famous in the consoles, (PC folks had Alone In The Dark). After selling lots of copies Capcom decided to create PC ports for these great games. All Resident Evil PC ports have 3 things in common, same great gameplay, better graphics… and lots and lots of stability problems!

Story: 6.2/10

Resident Evil 3 doesn’t rely so much in its plot, instead it is more of an action game than an adventure. You follow the original RE heroine Jill Valentine in her quest to escape Raccoon City. Everything in the game takes place 24 hours before and after the events of Resident Evil 2 but you won’t really witness any of the events of the sequel. The main attraction in the game is Nemesis, a monster very similar to Mr. X from RE2. This guy has a mission and that is the wipeout of all S.T.A.R.S. members and of course Jill too. He is the driving force of the game, hunting you throughout your mission to escape Raccoon City and the only thing that really happens in the game. You’ll meet some Mercenaries whose real purpose is an unsolved mystery that doesn’t really affect the plot. There could be more in the game in terms of storyline to keep you interested but as I’ve said this game follows a totally different path.

Graphics: 8/10

Resident Evil 3 had great graphics to begin with and they get even better in the PC version. 3D models have improved textures, zero pixelation and generally have a smoother design making them look less polygonal from the PS version. The backgrounds though, which are pre-rendered images look bad since they retain the same resolution and just don’t mix well with the improved character models. Even so RE3 looks quite good, especially compared to the PS version.

Sound: 7/10

Nothing has really improved from the previous RE games. The music is there, is quite forgettable, but fortunately gives the right atmosphere to the game. I particularly liked the horror theme whenever Nemesis made an appearance. Also when Nemesis is near you hear him walk around, roar and generally make you feel anxious each time you open a door or move to the next area. Sound effects are ok I guess but very similar to the previous games, monsters sound good, guns sound good, overall everything’s good. Oh, I almost forgot… LAAAME voice acting!!! Once again all characters have bad voice acting and say totally irrelevant and stupid stuff that fortunately make you laugh since they’ve become some sort of tradition, there are even phrases that are equally lame to the ones of the first Resident Evil, (“…the master of lock picking!!!”).

Gameplay: 9.5/10

People who have played the first two games won’t find it difficult to play RE3 since it is pretty much the same. You turn by pressing left\right, go forth by pressing up and step backwards with back. Once again you view everything from a third person’s view, which is fixed since everything is 2D actually. That means that you run and when you get out of the camera’s view another camera shows what’s going on, making you sometimes make some mistakes when the screen suddenly changes making you fall into the arms of a zombie. At least you are know able to press a button in order to evade hits if done in the right time, (very useful when battling Nemesis). Once again you’ll have to go around and kill stuff, collect items like ammo, herbs, memos and quest items, like for example a lighter in order to burn some ropes that restrain you from opening a door. Something different from the previous RE games is that each time you play you may find items in different places, (something affected by the various choices you make in the game), making each play a bit different… for a while at least. A nice addition is the use of gunpowders. Throughout the game you’ll find two kinds of gunpowder that can be used in order to create the basic ammunition, (handgun and shotgun bullets), but can be also mixed in order to create ammo for the stronger toys like the magnum or the grenade launcher. Another nice addition is the Live Selection. A good example is the first time you encounter Nemesis, time stops and you must choose between two options, fight him or get into the building. Apart from sometimes following a different path you can also affect some stuff in the game, like the ending or the placement of objects. One thing that I’ve found very disappointing is the easiness of the “riddles” in the game. RE games where never like Myst of course, but RE3 is so easy that it looks like an insult to the series fans.

Fortunately what RE3 lacks in adventuring makes up in the action. You’ll have plenty things to shoot like the typical Zombies, dogs, crows and some new and older foes that although aren’t something special are faster and come in larger packs. Another good thing is the addition of interactive objects in the scene like exploding barrels and even more stuff that if used cleverly can save you lots of ammo. Of course, don’t forget about Nemesis! This guy is one persistent dude. He appears suddenly from nowhere smashing stuff and running towards you with unmatched speed, (he is probably the fastest RE enemy to date). You can fight him if you dare but if you want you can run away. Doing so doesn’t mean that Nemesis will be like, “Huh? Where Did Pretty Girl Go???”, instead he will continue to hunt you down by following you to the next room or jump in front of you from the least possible direction. Also Nemesis, while the game goes on, becomes more and more dangerous and may require a more strategic play with the use of objects in the scene.

Great replay value although RE3 is a VEEERY small game since, apart from being a very good game that can be played again and again, it has many additional stuff. There are two difficulties in the game easy and hard. Usually I prefer playing in Normal even if the game is extremely hard, in RE3 though I tried the easy mode even though it isn’t a hard game and you know what… I find it quite good and not because it was easier but because it was different than playing in the hard mode. The hard mode has the typical RE gameplay, save your ammo, avoid enemies if possible and keep the good weapons for the harder buddies. In easy mode you start with LOTS of ammo and an assault riffle, more inventory slots and infinite Ink Ribbons used for saving your game. The difference is that when playing in easy you can be more aggressive and shoot everything in sight without worrying about your ammo. There is only one available scenario in the game and in a certain part you’ll be able to play with a secondary characters that doesn’t really add anything great to the game. Another great thing is the Mercenary mode where your mission is to save people in Raccoon city and kill stuff while doing so before the time expires. Be careful though because there are versions of the game, (like the one published from Xplosiv I think), that don’t have the Mercenary Mode for some reason and finally be ready for many compatibility problems, (funny thing is the fact that the version that doesn’t have the extra mode doesn’t have any problem!)

-The use of gunpowder lets you decide what ammo you want to create
-More action
-Live Selection that lets you decide what to do while watching a cutscene
-A bit improved graphics
-Many Costumes, different endings and the Mercenary mode

-Not so good plot compared to the previous games.
-Laaame voice acting!!!
-Less adventuring
-Some versions don’t have the Mercenary mode
-Compatibility problems

Also Play:
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Overall: 7.7/10

An excellent game that although has many flaws made me play it 8 times in a row!!! A good addition to the series and a very good way to end the first trilogy in the PS and the PC.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (EU, 11/24/00)

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