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Save Game Hacking Guide by Shockproof_Jamo

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/10/09

                 ~ Shockproof JAMO presents ~

    -=* A guide to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis hex editing *=-

         Target platform: Resident Evil 3 for PC CD-ROM
             (running under Microsoft Windows 9$/98)

              Version: Public release 1.1
                     August 11th 2009

        Copyright 2005-2009, "Shockproof" Jamo Koivisto.
        All imaginable and UNimaginable rights reserved.

          Commercial use or unauthorized modification 
                 of this document is forbidden
                      without exceptions.

    Verbatim copies of this work may be distributed freely
      in electronic form, provided that the distribution/
     publishing method is not in violation against the 
    "no modifying or commercial usage" rule stated above,
     and provided that I'm given due credit for this work.
     Public distribution in printed form (ie. on pages of
          a PC games magazine) is not allowed, sorry.

      If you're a fellow FAQ author who wishes to borrow
     something from this document, tell me about it first,
       and credit me for all the stuff you take from here.

     Failure to comply with these rules can be considered
       grounds for me to start legal action against the
                       offending party.

       Some elements of this document were borrowed from
         3rd party sources. These sources retain their
          copyrights to their work and they have been 
            credited in section 8. of this document.

      Resident Evil is a copyrighted trademark of Capcom. 
        Capcom retains all rights to the Resident Evil
      trademark, including the right to demand that this
      document to be removed from circulation if they find
    the contents of this document offending their copyrights.
       No copyright infringement is intented or implied.

       Capcom has also not given me technical or any other
    support for this guide. Don't send them questions about it.

(Whew, I think this is the first time I've ever written this much
legal text, let's hope it's enough to clear all legal matters :) ).

As of this version, 1.1, of this guide, there will be no more 
updates unless something earth-shattering gets discovered, which I
very much doubt, so consider this version of the guide to be final.
Don't send me any suggestion or discoveries of your own in the 
hopes of seeing me using them, because I WILL NOT UPDATE ANYMORE.

Also, if you had plans of e-mailing me to ask about how to hex
edit and use this guide... don't. Try using Google and Youtube first,
try to search using "hex editing guide" as the keyword. The sources
you'll find this way often explain these things far better than I do.

Also, don't e-mail me asking why RE3 for PC doesn't work under your
Win XP/Vista environment. I really don't know much about handling
that problem because I've kept my own, older Windows 98 rig in store
just for this, and generally always play RE3 for PC with that,
instead of my newer machine to avoid problems like this, so I really
can't help you with the Win XP/Vista incompatibility problem, seeing
as how I don't have to suffer from it myself.

Contact info:

                @         .

(If you don't know how to turn that into a valid e-mail address,
you shouldn't be anywhere near computers, let alone try hex
editing a binary data file. Doesn't spam make life difficult
or what?)

Developement history: 

April 4th-18th of 2005.
First draft, an in-house developement prototype. Never released 
to public. This was 2 weeks of rigorous byte patching, saving and
loading, and doing binary compares with the FC.EXE-command of the
DOS-prompt. I do wonder how many people even know what FC.EXE does?

April 19th of 2005.
Public release 1.0 finalized. I did the final formatting to make it
look pretty (yeah, right) and finalized the legal text.

August 11th of 2009.
Wow, it's been over 4 years already, but I still managed to find
something new to justify an update. How the time flies... Guide was
updated to version 1.1 with the following improvements:

- The recommended hex editing program is now Maël Hörz's HxD
  instead of Raihan Kibria's FrHed. I feel that FrHed has become
  outdated, and HxD is somewhat easier to use and more powerful
  anyway, not to mention, frequently updated, so switching to HxD
  was an easy decision. Also, the fact that HxD is still Windows
  98/Me compatible definately had something to do with it...
- The 31st item in the File-menu, Jill's Diary, can now be unlocked
  with a gamesave hack. This piece of info was provided to me by 
  Chris The Champion, so thanks goes to him.
- Expanded section 7 (EXE-editing) to include new cheats. It's 
  now possible to give Jill, Carlos, and the Mercenaries minigame
  characters true invincibility by patching the game's executable.
  It's also now possible to have infinite time on Mercenaries.
- Player character's poison status can now be enabled/disabled on
  demand (main game only).
- Other minor improvements to the text you're reading.

  This is the last version of this guide, available from

Table of contents:
1. Introduction
2. Tools of the trade + a side note
3. What am I supposed to edit?
   The structure of BU00.SAV
4. Item Id values in hexadecimal
5. Item attributes
6. The structure of a single savegame

   6.01 Time
   6.02 Difficulty
   6.03 XY-coordinates
   6.04 Health
   6.05 Epilogues
   6.06 Saves
   6.07 Savegame names
   6.08 Play area
   6.09 Room/event
   6.10 Player character
   6.11 Maps
   6.12 Files
   6.13 Jill's inventory
   6.14 Jill's itembox
   6.15 Jill's weapon
   6.16 Jill's sidepack
   6.17 Carlos' inventory
   6.18 Carlos' itembox
   6.19 Carlos' weapon
   6.20 Carlos' sidepack
   6.21 Jill's outfits
   6.22 Poison status

7. EXE-editing
8. Acknowledgements

1. Introduction
Hi, and welcome to my 1st ever gameguide that I've written. The
purpose of this document is to teach people how to cheat in Resident
Evil 3 by Capcom, by showing them how to patch savegame files with a
tool that is commonly known as the hex editor.

This guide is mostly intented to be used with the PC CD-ROM version
(running under MS Windows) of the Resident Evil 3 game, however, you
might be interested to know that the PC and the Sony Playstation
versions of RE3 share an identical gamesave file format, so at least
theoratically, most information (excluding section 7, EXE-editing)
shown here in this guide is also valid for the PSX version of RE3.
But because of the considerable difficulty involved in transferring
PSX gamesaves between a PC and a Playstation (here's a hint, the
names Dexdrive and/or uLaunchElf should at least ring a bell),
Playstation gamesave editing will not be discussed here. I only
mentioned this in the event that those PSX emulator users who know
what they're doing might find it interesting to try these cheats out.
Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo GameCube versions are still completely
beyond the scope of this guide, so cheating in those versions will
not be discussed here.

Everything in this guide was found, tested and verified with the
english language European release of Resident Evil 3 for PC,
distributed in Europe by Eidos Interactive. I have no reason to
believe that there are any differences in the gamesave format between
different language versions.

Why write a guide like this?:

Well, Resident Evil 3 for PC has been out since late 2000 and it's
savegames are pretty easy to dig into, so I was kinda surprised to
see that no one has written a decent hex editing guide for it. I've
only seen some simple "how to get all weapons" type of guides 
floating around the Internet, and one good savegame editor, but 
real "do it yourself" types don't use ready-made editors, unless
they offer some real advantages over the process of editing by hand
with a hex editor, like checksum fixing. So that's one reason why
I wrote this. Also, ever since I discovered Gamefaqs in the year
2000, I've wanted to contribute them something, just as a reward
for being nothing short of the greatest in their field. As for this
guide, will it turn out to be a horrible piece of wannabe work, or 
a great and appreciated masterpiece on at least some level, only
time will tell, but if you read these words now, then that means 
something went right and Gamefaqs accepted my donation.

2. Tools of the trade:
Any hex editor that can do jumping to a specific address, overwrite
bytes via keyboard input... basic stuff like that, is more than 
capable of handling the edits shown in this document. Hell, even the
DEBUG.EXE-command of the MS-DOS prompt will do if you have the mental 
insanity and, more importantly, the skills to use it. The choice is
yours my friend, but I personally highly recommend the HxD hex editor
by Maël Hörz from Germany, available for free from WWW.MH-NEXUS.DE. A
kind word of warning though: Hxd contains many advanced editing
features, such as a disc sector editor that, when improperly used,
could really damage the file system of your data storage unit, be it
a hard drive or a USB thumb drive for example, so just leave those
RAM editing features and the disk sector editor alone and stick to
using file editing features only, because nothing in this guide
requires anything more really.

As a side note, this guide assumes that you already have a working 
knowledge of the hexadecimal system and how to use hex editors. I 
don't feel like explaining the base-16 vs. base-10 numbering system
differences simply because I royally suck at explaining all this 
math stuff to people. There are many good hex editing for beginners-
type of guides floating around the I-net, use them for your 
advantage if you're a total beginner. Searching for a "hex editing 
guide" from places like Google or Youtube for example would be a good
start. Always try those first before you email me, whining that you
don't know what you're supposed to do.

All I can say about hex editing is that using a modern hex editor is
not that different from using a text editor. It's just that you'll be
entering numeric values into the editing field instead of text most
of the time. And you'll be using the overwrite mode more than the
insert mode with hex editors, since most binary data files don't like
it when you alter their size, executables and game saves being very
good examples. And always remember the golden rule of hex editing:
backup your files or face the consequenses of editing errors. If you
wreck something precious to you, don't blame me. I never forced your
hand into doing any of this.

3. What am I supposed to edit?
   The structure of BU00.SAV
Resident Evil 3 stores it's savegames into a file called BU00.SAV.
This file can be found from the folder where Resident Evil 3 was
installed to (see the save game directory path in the game's autorun
menu if you're unsure). Since ALL savegames are stored into this one
file, I'll need to explain how to separate the different savegames
from each other in order to prevent you from editing the wrong save.
The savegame slots are separated as follows:

Address in
hexadecimal                   Description

0000-1FFF: Table of contents (or something). No savedata here.
2000-3FFF: Slot 1. Savedata of the 1st slot will be stored here.
4000-5FFF: Slot 2. Savedata of the 2nd slot will be stored here.
6000-7FFF: Slot 3. Savedata of the 3rd slot will be stored here.
8000-9FFF: Slot 4. Savedata of the 4th slot will be stored here.
A000-BFFF: Slot 5. Savedata of the 5th slot will be stored here.
C000-DFFF: Slot 6. Savedata of the 6th slot will be stored here.
E000-FFFF: Slot 7. Savedata of the 7th slot will be stored here.
10000-11FFF: Slot 8. Savedata of the 8th slot will be stored here.
12000-13FFF: Slot 9. Savedata of the 9th slot will be stored here.
14000-15FFF: Slot 10. Savedata of the 10th slot will be stored here.
16000-17FFF: Slot 11. Savedata of the 11th slot will be stored here.
18000-19FFF: Slot 12. Savedata of the 12th slot will be stored here.
1A000-1BFFF: Slot 13. Savedata of the 13th slot will be stored here.
1C000-1DFFF: Slot 14. Savedata of the 14th slot will be stored here.
1E000-1FFFF: Slot 15. Savedata of the 15th slot will be stored here.

Address 1FFFF is also the end of the file, so there are 15 savegame-
slots in total. This guide assumes that you mostly edit the first
savegameslot (hex address 2000-3FFF), so henceforth all given
addresses will point to the data in slot 1 by default. However, if 
you must edit data in other slots, simply replace the first "2" from
the address with the beginning value of the other slot. An example:
If you wish to find Jill's 1st inventory slot in saveslot 6, that's
C40C instead of 240C. If you wish to edit Jill's health in saveslot
12, that's 18214 instead of 2214.

A question. What is the file called BU10.SAV?

The answer. I dont know. It appears to be similar in structure with
the BU00.SAV file, but as far as I can tell, it's never actually
used to hold saves. Renaming it to BU00.SAV seems to be the only way
to make it usable.

4. Item Id values in hexadecimal
All inventory slots each occupy 4 bytes of space. The first byte is
always the item's Id-value.

00 = Empty slot
01 = Combat Knife
02 = Sigpro SP 2009 handgun
03 = Beretta M92F handgun, custom S.T.A.R.S edition
04 = Shotgun Benelli M3S
05 = Smith & Wesson M629C .44-caliber magnum revolver
06 = Hk-p Grenade launcher with burst rounds
07 = Hk-p Grenade launcher with flame rounds
08 = Hk-p Grenade launcher with acid rounds
09 = Hk-p Grenade launcher with freeze rounds
0A = M66 Rocket launcher
0B = Gatling gun
     (The gatling gun is hardcoded to always have infinite ammo, 
     regardless of what it's attributes in the savegame are.)
0C = Mine thrower
0D = STI Eagle 6.0
0E = M4A1 Assault rifle set to manual mode
0F = M4A1 Assault rifle set to auto mode
10 = Western Custom M37 lever action shotgun
     (Terminator 2 - Judgement day, anyone?)
11 = Sigpro SP 2009 with enhanced ammo loaded
12 = Beretta M92F custom with enhanced ammo loaded
13 = Shotgun Benelli M3S with enhanced ammo loaded
14 = Mine thrower with enhanced ammo loaded
15 = Handgun bullets (9x19 parabellum)
16 = Magnum bullets (.44-caliber)
17 = Shotgun shells
18 = Grenade rounds
19 = Flame rounds
1A = Acid rounds
1B = Freeze rounds
1C = Minethrower rounds
1D = Assault rifle clip (5.56 NATO rounds)
1E = Enhanced handgun bullets
1F = Enhanced shotgun shells
20 = First aid spray
21 = Green herb
22 = Blue herb
23 = Red herb
24 = 2x Green herb mix
25 = Green + blue herb mix
26 = Green + red herb mix
27 = 3x Green herb mix
28 = 2x Green herb + blue herb mix
29 = Green + Red + Blue herb mix
2A = First aid spray box
     (This cannot be hacked to contain infinite sprays
2B = Square crank
2C = Unknown red medal
2D = Unknown blue medal
2E = Unknown golden medal
2F = Jill's S.T.A.R.S card
30 = Unknown oil can labeled "Giga Oil"
31 = Battery
32 = Fire hook
33 = Power cable
34 = Fuse
35 = Unknown broken fire hose
36 = Oil Additive
37 = Brad Vickers' card case
38 = Brad Vickers' S.T.A.R.S card
39 = Machine oil
3A = Mixed oil
3B = Unknown steel chain
3C = Wrench
3D = Iron pipe
3E = Unknown cylinder
3F = Fire hose
40 = Tape recorder
41 = Lighter oil
42 = Lighter (lid closed, no oil)
43 = Lighter (lid open, has oil)
44 = Green gem
45 = Blue gem
46 = Amber ball
47 = Obsidian ball
48 = Crystal ball
49 = Unknown remote control without batteries
4A = Unknown remote control with batteries
4B = Unknown AA-batteries
4C = Gold gear
4D = Silver gear
4E = Chronos gear
4F = Bronze book
50 = Bronze compass
51 = Vaccine medium
52 = Vaccine base
53 = Unknown Sigpro SP 2009 handgun
     (Cannot be used as a weapon, puzzle item perhaps?)
54 = Unknown Sigpro SP 2009 handgun
     (Cannot be used as a weapon, puzzle item perhaps?)
55 = Vaccine
56 = Unknown Sigpro SP 2009 handgun
     (Cannot be used as a weapon, puzzle item perhaps?)
57 = Unknown Sigpro SP 2009 handgun
     (Cannot be used as a weapon, puzzle item perhaps?)
58 = Medium base
59 = Eagle parts A
5A = Eagle parts B
5B = M37 parts A
5C = M37 parts B
5D = Unknown Sigpro SP 2009 handgun
     (Cannot be used as a weapon, puzzle item perhaps?)
5E = Chronos chain
5F = Rusted crank
60 = Card key
61 = Gun powder A
62 = Gun powder B
63 = Gun powder C
64 = Gun powder AA
65 = Gun powder BB
66 = Gun powder AC
67 = Gun powder BC
68 = Gun powder CC
69 = Gun powder AAA
6A = Gun powder AAB
6B = Gun powder BBA
6C = Gun powder BBB
6D = Gun powder CCC
6E = Infinite bullets
6F = Water sample
70 = System disk
71 = Dummy key
     (This is the spade shaped precint key from RE2)
72 = Lockpick
73 = Warehouse (backdoor) key
74 = Sickroom key (room 402)
75 = Emblem (S.T.A.R.S) key
76 = Unknown keyring with 4 unknown keys
77 = Clock tower (bezel) key
78 = Clock tower (winder) key
79 = Chronos key
7A = Unknown Sigpro SP 2009 handgun
     (Cannot be used as a weapon, puzzle item perhaps?)
7B = Park (main gate) key
7C = Park (graveyard) key
7D = Park (rear gate) key
7E = Facility key (no barcode)
7F = Facility key (with barcode)
80 = Boutique key
81 = Ink ribbon
82 = Reloading tool
83 = Game inst. A
84 = Game inst. B
85 = Game instructions A
     (Not a book exactly, but a glass vial with blue chemical
86-FF = Don't bother trying these values. Using them only results
        to a crash to the Windows desktop with an error message
        when you access the inventory.

A question. What are the unknown items?

The answer. The unknown items are most likely key puzzle items in
puzzles that got axed from the final game. These items have no 
names nor descriptions, there's just the word BOTU where the name
/description should be. These discarded items also cannot be used
anywhere, they're just there to be found by some hackers :). Well,
maybe not, but sometimes gamemakers simply forget to remove 
rejected stuff like this and leave it littering the game's database.

5. Item attributes
These values enable/disable the remaining ammo/uses display, or,
is the weapon/item infinite or not. All inventory slots each occupy
4 bytes of space. The third byte always indicates the item's 

00 = Use this for (puzzle) items that don't have the 
     ammo display.
01 = Ammo remaining display (Green)
02 = % (percentage) of ammo remaining display (Green)
03 = Infinite ammo (Green)
05 = Ammo remaining display (Red)
06 = % of ammo remaining display (Red)
07 = Infinite ammo (Red)
0D = Ammo remaining display (Blue)
0E = % of ammo remaining display (Blue)
0F = Infinite ammo (Blue)

6. The structure of a single savegame:

When entering 16/32-bit values, remember that the PC-version
of RE3 uses Little Endian (least signifigant byte first) byte
ordering. And remember, all addresses point to data in slot 1.
by default.

6.01 Time
0x2200 = Time elapsed since the beginning of the game. I haven't
         figured out how the time is calculated, but this definately
         works: set the bytes here to 00 00 00 00 to reset the clock
         to zero.

6.02 Difficulty
0x2208 = Switch between difficulties
         01 = Easy mode
         00 = Hard mode
This 1 is nice if you want to start the game with the Easy mode
inventory and have the sidepack enabled from the beginning, and
still be able to get the item Nemesis drops when you kill him
(or it, or maybe even her. Nah, not with that voice).

6.03 XY-coordinates
0x220E = Character X-coordinates, range 0000-FFFF
0x2212 = Character Y-coordinates, range 0000-FFFF
These 16-bit values represent Jill's/Carlos' location in the room 
they are in. They're mostly useful if you use the hacks further down
that allow you to select the place where the loaded game begins.

6.04 Health
0x2214 = Jill's/Carlos' health, 16-bit, range 0000-FF7F
Jill's normal max. health is 200 (hex C800), but it can be set as
high as 32767 (hex FF7F), which is enough to make Jill almost 
invulnerable (you can even survive a dynamite/gas barrel explosion).
Beware, values higher than 32767 (hex 0080 and beyond) are treated
as signed values (negative, below 0). If Jill's health is a 
negative, less than zero value, Jill will be considered dead by the
game, and altough you can move around, you cannot manipulate your
environment, and thus cannot proceed in the game until you change the
value here to something acceptable. Please note that if you want the
player character to have true invincibility, you should look into 
using the invincibility patch in section 7 of this guide instead.

6.05 Epilogues
0x2216 = Epilogues unlocked so far. Set to 08 to unlock all,
         but you are still required to finish the game once.

6.06 Saves
0x2218 = Number of times you have saved, range 00-FF (0-255)

6.07 Savegame names
0x221B = Name of savegame (ie. Warehouse, Alley, Resting room, etc.)
I never bothered to figure out which value shows which name, since
manipulating this doesn't actually do anything useful and I also 
wanted to keep the size of this guide within acceptable limits, but
do experiment with this. This is an 8-bit (range 00-FF) value.

6.08 Play area
0x224E = The area you currently play.
         00 = Uptown (including the RPD-building)
         01 = Downtown
         02 = Clock tower/park before the hospital explosion
         03 = Clock tower/park after the hospital explosion
         04 = Dead factory
         05 = Shows first the Mercenaries-minigame ending, then the
              ending video of the main game (the one without Barry
              Burton, assuming 0x2250 has been set to 00. If not, 
              then it only crashes).
         06 = Downtown again. I have no idea what's different here.
              This may be after the scene where Jill falls trough
              the parking lot floor.

6.09 Room/event
0x2250 = The room/event being loaded.
This one determines the actual room/event that is loaded. Using this
together with address 0x224E, and also with the XY-coordinates
(0x220E and 0x2212) allows you to basically place Jill into any 
room/scene in the game you would like to go to. However, due to the
sheer number of rooms and events in this game, I'm not going to list
the room/event values, I will only include an example of how to jump
to specific places/scenes in the game.

The example: Visit the clothes boutique:

Once you have created a savegame, set the XY-coordinates (addresses
0x220E & 0x2212) to: 

Y: 29CD

Then set the value at address 0x224E to 00 (if it already isn't) and
then, at this address, 0x2250, give the byte a value of 0F. Once you
load the savegame with this modification done to it, you land 
smack-dab right in the middle of the clothes boutique. 

What values are accepted at 0x2250, and what they do, depends mostly
on the value at address 0x224E. Values 00-20 at 0x2250 generally 
mostly work, but you should still prepare to expect some whacky 
results, like game crashes or Jill being able to walk trough walls,
if you choose to mess with addresses 0x224E and 0x2250.

6.10 Player character
0x225E = The character you play as (Jill, Carlos, Nicholai...)
         00 = Jill normal clothes
         01 = Jill normal clothes + sidepack
         02 = Jill in biker leathers
         03 = Jill S.T.A.R.S uniform
         04 = Jill in disco inferno
         05 = Jill miniskirt cop
         06 = Jill as Regina from Dino Crisis
         07 = Jill normal clothes
         08 = Carlos
         09 = Mikhail
         0A = Nicholai
         0B = Brad Vickers
         0C = Dario 
         0F = Tofu
         Notice that when you play as Carlos, you use his inventory.
         Others use Jill's inventory. The address 28D4 is propably 
         more reliable in setting Jill's outfit, since the value
         at 28D4 appears to sometimes override values 00-06 here.
         If you're wondering about Tofu, yes it is THE Tofu from 
         that Resident Evil 2 minigame, only this time, hacking is
         the only way to make it playable.

6.11 Maps
0x23FF = FF    Have all
0x2403 = FF     maps

6.12 Files
0x2404 = FF     Files (diaries, notes, etc.) you have
0x2405 = FF     collected so far. Fill offsets 0x2404 - 0x2409
0x2406 = FF     with hex byte FF to unlock all.
0x2407 = FF     
0x2408 = FF
0x2409 = FF

0x2404 = FF     This is the special code from Chris The Champion
0x2405 = FF     that makes Jill's diary immediately readable. All
0x2406 = FF     files will become available, except Game
0x2407 = FF     Instruction A, which is now replaced with Jill's
0x2408 = 1E     Diary.
0x2409 = 00

6.13 Jill's inventory
0x240C = Jill Inventory slot 1
0x2410 = Jill Inventory slot 2
0x2414 = Jill Inventory slot 3
0x2418 = Jill Inventory slot 4
0x241C = Jill Inventory slot 5
0x2420 = Jill Inventory slot 6
0x2424 = Jill Inventory slot 7
0x2428 = Jill Inventory slot 8
0x242C = Jill Inventory slot 9 (must enable sidepack)
0x2430 = Jill Inventory slot 10 (must enable sidepack)

All inventory slots occupy 4 bytes each. This is the same with both
Jill and Carlos and also applies to the slots in the item box. A 
string of 4 zero bytes (00 00 00 00) would mean and empty slot. 
See the hex dump below to get a good understanding of what the
memory area for the inventory looks like.

?? = Item Id value, 00-85 (See section 4. Item Id-values)
## = Remaining ammo/uses for the item, 00-FF
!! = Item attribute (See section 5. Item attributes)
The 4th byte should always be 00.

        0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  A  B  C  D  E  F    ASCII field
2400h¦ 00 00 00 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF ?? ## !! 00 ¦             ¤a+
2410h¦ 0B FF 07 00 83 01 00 00 84 01 00 00 2A 03 01 00 ¦ é·  â  ä  *
2420h¦ 73 01 00 00 81 FA 0F 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ¦ s  ü·¤
2430h¦ 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ¦

As you can see on line 2400h, address 0x240C is the beginning of 
Jill's inventory. If you look at the beginning of line 2410h, you
see the hex string 0B FF 07 00. That means Jill has the infinite 
ammo gatling gun in slot 2 of her inventory.

6.14 Jill's itembox
0x2434 = Top end of Jill's item box inventory
The next slot is at 0x2438, the one after that is at 0x243C,
then 0x2440, and so on, all the way to 0x2530.

0x2530 = Bottom end of Jill's item box inventory

6.15 Jill's weapon
0x2535 = The weapon Jill has equipped
See section 5. Item Id values to select a weapon

6.16 Jill's sidepack
0x2536 = Have Jill's sidepack enabled, 0A
         Have Jill's sidepack disabled, 08

6.17 Carlos' inventory
0x254C = Carlos inventory slot 1
0x2550 = Carlos inventory slot 2
0x2554 = Carlos inventory slot 3
0x2558 = Carlos inventory slot 4
0x255c = Carlos inventory slot 5
0x2560 = Carlos inventory slot 6
0x2564 = Carlos inventory slot 7
0x2568 = Carlos inventory slot 8
0x256C = Carlos inventory slot 9 (must enable sidepack)
0x2570 = Carlos inventory slot 10 (must enable sidepack)

6.18 Carlos' itembox
0x2574 = Top end of Carlos' item box inventory
The next slot is at 0x2578, the one after that is at 0x257C,
then 0x2580, and so on, all the way to 0x2670.

0x2670 = Bottom end of Carlos' item box inventory

6.19 Carlos' weapon
0x2675 = The weapon Carlos has equipped

6.20 Carlos' sidepack
0x2676 = Have Carlos' sidepack enabled, 0A
         Have Carlos' sidepack disabled, 08

6.21 Jill's outfits
0x28D4 = Jill's outfits
      00 = Normal clothes
      01 = Biker leathers
      02 = S.T.A.R.S uniform
      03 = Disco inferno (ungh, disgusting)
      04 = Miniskirt cop
      05 = Jill as Regina from Dino Crisis
      06 = Blue miniskirt with black top and boots
      07 = Office worker (or something)

      You should select Jill's outfit here instead of address 0x225E.
      The value here might override Jill's appearance at address 

6.22 Poison status

0x221A = Jill's/Carlos' poison status
      8F = Poisoned
      00 = Normal health

7. EXE-editing
The following information was not found by me and I claim no rights
or credit for it. I never even thought it would be possible to cheat
RE3 this way, but I decided to include this information to this 
guide because it fits in superbly. I saw this at 
http://www.cheatchannel.com and it was submitted there by Ivan 
Solihin, so kudos to them. The text is copied verbatim from
Cheat Channel, so possible spelling/grammatical errors/typos here
are not my fault. And also, just to be sure, the information here
has nothing to do with cracking copy protections. This info is for
cheating purposes only.

---Beginning of borrowed stuff----

Cheat mercenary mode:
Edit the file "RE3_MERCE.exe", go to address 12A0E4 for Carlos's 
items, 12A100 for Nikolai's items and 12A11C for Mikael's items. 
Change it with weapon or item which you want.

Cheat Resident Evil 3:
Actually you can also cheat the items at the beginning of the 
game. You must edit the file "ResidentEvil3.exe" and go to 
address 12A08C for hard mode Jill's items, 12A0A0 for hard 
mode Carlos's items, 12A0B4 for easy mode Jill's items, and 
12A0CC for easy mode Carlos's items.

---End of borrowed stuff-----

The following however were discovered by me, trough the use of some
basic debugging of a game's program code:

Invincibility in Resident Evil 3, main game:
Hex edit ResidentEvil3.exe and from adress 0x63ACA, change 
hex bytes 66 2B C8 to 90 90 90. Save changes, and now you
have invincibility.

(Bonus trick: Jill the zombie:)
(Do this invincibility patch. Then edit Jill's health and give
her only 1 point. Now let Nemesis grab her, it'll try to stab
her trough the mouth with it's tentacle. Now, normally Jill
would die as a result, but, if you have this invincibility
enabled, she'll survive, but the game gives her a special skin
that makes her face all bloody and stuff, like a zombie.)

Invincibility in Resident Evil 3 Mercenaries:
Hex edit RE3_Merce.exe from adress 0x63B3A, change bytes
66 2B C8 to 90 90 90. Save changes, and now you have

Infinite time in Resident Evil 3 Mercenaries:
Hex edit RE3_Merce.exe from adress 0x55F24, change bytes
66 01 05 08 21 A6 00 to C6 05 09 21 A6 00 7F. Save changes,
and now you have infinite time. Do note that you also need to 
kill one zombie first to trigger it.

8. Acknowledgements

Well, that was it, people. I hope this gives you a whole new 
perspective on playing Resident Evil 3 on PC. All that is left now
is to credit certain individuals. A few people contributed to the 
birth of this document you see, but some did it without knowing it,
so I'll mention their names here, so that they would know they made a
difference in a place they probably quite weren't expecting to make a
difference, should they ever come across this humble guide of mine.


Capcom, for giving us the Resident Evil series.

WWW.CHEATCHANNEL.COM and Ivan Solihin (solihin@rhrk.uni-kl.de) for
the information about editing the executables of RE3.

Raihan Kibria, author of FRHed, the FRee Hex editor.
His editor was my tool of choice during the process of figuring out
the structure of RE3 savegames. Danke schön.

Maël Hörz, author of HxD, the hex editor that took over from FrHed.
My personal favourite these days with all those lovely, lovely

Tom Kostiainen, author of mdiNotepad (website: 
http://koti.mbnet.fi/~fidgety), the text editor that I used to type
this document which you, the reader, now read. This one's so good
I just had to mention it here. Suurkiitos.

Chris The Champion donated the information that now allows us to
unlock Jill's Diary for a much easier viewing.

WWW.GAMEFAQS.COM, for being there for the videogaming community.

Aaand we're done.

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