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FAQ/Walkthrough by Mysticcat

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 09/13/01

  This FAQs is Copyright 2001 by Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan


RELEASED DATE : 1999-2000

CONTACT : kthoa@hcm.vnn.vn


                   T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S


 19. FILES



1/   I N T R O D U C T I O N


  Hello everyone ! I meet you again, at least at this guide : Resident 
Evil 3 Nemesis for PC. 
  My favourite guides are the FAQs/Walkthroughs for Resident Evil series 
because I understand them and I have made them more perfect than any 
other games. I have made Biohazard 3 Last Escape (Japanese name of 
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis) for Dreamcast and now I make one for PC. Reason 
: There are so much Resident Evil 3 FAQs for Playstation when the 
versions for PC and Dreamcast are rarely paid attention to. They also 
have some more difference from PSX version. Although PSX version is the 
most popular, it doesn't mean all of players play it. This is a great 
adventure game that fans of this category can't miss it. Most of my 
friends say Resident Evil 2 is the best in series. But I don't think it 
can be greater than Resident Evil 3 Nemesis. So why don't we begin now ?   


2/  L E G A L  S T U F F








3/ U P D A T E / R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y


- Version 1.0 (September 10th 2001)
  FAQs started...
  I have already had the base from Biohazard 3 Last Escape guide for 
Dreamcast so now it's not hard for me to make this one for PC. Dreamcast 
and PC versions are different from Playstation, especally about secrets. 
But Dreamcast version and PC version are almost the same except the 
control and costumes.   

- Version 1.5 (September 13th 2001)
  FAQ completed. Some new parts are added.

- Version 2.0 (September 15th 2001)
  Repair mistakes and info. 


4/  B A S I C  T E R M S  


  SYSTEM REQUIREMENT    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

!       OS         ! Windows 95/98/98 Second Edition or greater       !
!      RAM         ! 64MB or more recommended                         !
! Hard Drive Space ! 50MB (420MB recommended)                         !
!   CD-ROM Drive   ! 4X CD-ROM Drive (8X CD-ROM drive or greater      ! 
!                  ! recommended)                                     !
!     Monitor      ! 640 x 480, High Color (16 bit) recommended       !
!  Input Devices   ! Keyboard - Joypad (Microsoft Side Winder         !
!                  ! recommended                                      !
!   Sound Card     ! DirectSound compatible sound card (Compatible    !
!                  ! with DirectX6.1 or greater)                      !
!   Video Card     ! DirectDraw compatible video card (Compatible with!
!                  ! DirectX6.1 or greater)                           !

  LAUNCHING THE GAME    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  When you have entered the disc into CD-Rom Drive, there is a screen 
automatically appearing on the PC monitor. Let me explain what it says:

  Start to play the main game Resident Evil 3. 

  Play the mini-game Mercenaries. In PC version, this is not a secret 
game as the one for Playstation. 

  Reset all the settings you have arranged in Option to the default one 
of the game itself. 

  Install oe unistall the files in Resident Evil 3. 

  Specifies the directory and the folder to save the save game files in. 
The specified directory is displayed under this heading. 

  Install DirectX 6.1. No matter you want or not, you must install this 
onto your PC to play the game. 

  Install DirectX Media. 

  Launches the desktop utility that displays the characters from 
Resident Evil 3 on the desktop who would walking around your PC screen. 

  Displays the online manual for Resident Evil 3. 

  Links to Capcom website (A connection to Internet is needed.)
  Links to Eidos website (A connection to Internet is needed.)

  Quit this launching menu board and Resident Evil 3.    

  ORIGINAL CONTROL    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  The control in PC version is free. You can play by keyboard or control 
pad. Here I mainly tell you the keyboard. You can re-arrange it freely 
by pressing F5 to open the game option which not only contains controls. 
Here is the original control arranged by the game itself :

  Up/Number 8    : Go Forward
  Down/Number 2  : Go Backward
  Left/Number 4  : Rotate Left
  Right/Number 6 : Rotate Right  

  Z Letter : Open Status screen 
  C Letter : OK/Attack 
  V Letter : Run/Cancel
  X Letter : Draw weapon toward targetable objects (including items) 
  S Letter : Draw weapon toward enemies only
  B Letter : Change target 
  M Letter : View Map/Skip movies

  Space Bar : OK/Attack
  Enter     : OK/Attack

  F4 : Open Status screen
  F5 : Open Option 
  F6 : View Map 
  F9 : Quit game

  NOTES : Before playing the game, please read readme.txt because this 
file could contain something necessary for you to play the game. PC 
games are always troubled with system requirements and a lot other other 
things, it's better to be careful.      


5/  H I S T O R Y / S T O R Y L I N E


  First, let me tell you about the birth of Resident Evil story...
  This series was first released by creator Shinji Mikami of Capcom in
1996 with the great Resident Evil which is considered to be the best
game at that time. The first kind of Adventure game(which used First-
person Mode) was executed with the technological advent of Sony
Playstation. Then Resident Evil series put a label on a kind of
gameplay called survival horror with 3rd Person Mode and made a big
explosion. After that, a lot of horror adventure games or series were
released following the first step of Capcom such as Parasite Eve of
Squaresoft, Silent Hill of Konami, etc.
  RESIDENT EVIL 1 takes place in a forest at outskirt area of Raccoon
City where happened a lot of unknown murders. Special Tactics and
Rescue Squad of Raccoon - S.T.A.R.S. was sent to investigation the
horrible places. They didn't find anything unusual... until a comrade of
them-Joseph Frost-a member of Bravo Team was killed miserably by
something. The incident began. Brad Vickers - that "Chickenheart" pilot
of Alpha Team was afraid of the terror, driving the helicopter away,
abandoned his partners : Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton,
Albert Wesker and some other lost survivors in the forest. These police
must try to find a mansion in the forest to stay in-where they thought
to be yet. But here, they must fight a lot of hints about the
mysterious corporation named Umbrella making T-virus to create strange
creatures. The characters fought them and found out that Albert Wesker-
their leader was really a chain in the mystery of Umbrella. He created
the T002-Tyrant by T-virus and wanted to sell it for someone. But he
got killed by very his product, Chris destroyed that creature and
escaped with his partners : Jill, Barry and Rebecca.
  RESIDENT EVIL 2 tells us about another place of Raccoon : RPD Police
Station-also the office of S.T.A.R.S. Something had happened in the
city. It becomes silent and dreadful terribly. Leon Scott Kennedy-a
rookie cop of RPD-began his first day of duty in this city. He hadn't
known anything...until coming to the city. Claire Redfield-the younger
sister of Chris Redfield-came to Raccoon to find her lost brother. Both
Leon and Claire met each other and were attacked by the strange
creatures in the city. Leon told her to go to the Police Station as a
safe place. But here they found out more about that Umbrella Inc, saw a
lot of important characters and information. Claire found out about her
brother Chris : He had gone to Umbrella HQ to know the truth. He didn't
let her know for her safety. In addition to this, William Birkin-the
creator of G-virus and also a talented researcher-didn't let Umbrella
to claim his work. They instructed Hunk and a salvage team with a bio-
weapon named Mr.X (a type of Tyrant) to take it out from him. To get
back the G-virus, William infected himself his virus and became a
dangerous monster. Leon and Claire met Ada Wong-a mysterious spy and
Sherry Birkin- William's daughter. They both escaped out of the tragedy
and continue to another nightmare...
  RESIDENT EVIL 3 returns to Jill Valentine - the heroine with Chris
Redfield in the incident of Resident Evil 1. While Leon and Claire was
wandering in the city, Jill was trying to escape from the city at the
mean time. In her adventure, with the help of Carlos Oliveira - a
member of Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (UBCS), Jill also
discovered some more hints about the secret experiments of Umbrella in
this city. Carlos Oliveira has other comrades : Nicholai and Mikhail
who seem to take mysterious roles in this incident...


6/  C H A R A C T E R  B I O S


  Age : 23
  Sex : Female
  Occupation : S.T.A.R.S. members
  Now she is the only main character in Biohazard 3. Jill is different
from the original Resident Evil : tougher and faster. She seems to be
good at any situation, unlike Chris Redfield. She has a big self-
confidence. Yes, but sometimes it's too big that pushes her into
danger. In this game, she doesn't follow the other STARS members
because there is something she has to do here. But anyway, Jill knows
that she can't stay in this city any longer.

  Age : 21
  Sex : Male
  Occupation : Member of Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service
  An Indian who is a mercenary of Umbrella. He has a mission to find the 
survivors in Raccoon City. Carlos seems to be good at using weapons and 
dodging. He is brave and funny, but sometimes in necessary situation he 
also becomes tremendous. In some part of the game you would really need 
his help.

  Age : Unknown
  Sex : Male
  Occupation : Member of UBCS
  He is a Russian who seems to be with Carlos in the mission. But the
truth is not like that. He works mysteriously in shadow and might be
keeping trace of Jill. He always appears before a trouble happening.
What does he really want to do in this city ?

  Age : unknown
  Sex : Male
  Occupation : UBCS Commander
  He is a Russian, too. He is wounded when Jill sees him. Mikhail is a
brave soldier who has big duty on his mission. He's willing to
sacrifice his life to save his comrades. You would need his help to
survive either.


  Also a member of UBCS, he is killed by Nicholai when you first meet
him who seems to be a very persistent guy. He might know something
about Nicholai that he gets killed.

  The "Chicken heart" of STARS members. He works as a pilot in Bravo
Team. He was the very guy who left his comrades in the Raccoon Forest
and then returned to save them in the end. But anyway I don't like him.
But now his fate is decided to go to the end. Nemesis killed him
miserably before Jill's eyes. And the guy still lives as a dispirited
zombie. Of course he might got killed by one of Claire and Leon after

  The first idiot guy you meet in the game. He lost his daughter from
the raid and stays in the city. He blames Jill about having destroyed
his door. Although Jill tries to persuade to him escape with her, he
doesn't. What would happen to him ?


7/ N O T E S  B E F O R E  P L A Y I N G


  Now you have entered the world of Biohazard 3 Last Escape. I have
some notes before you play the game. You can read or not. This isn't

  The difference between Hard Mode  and Easy Mode  is that the enemies
are stronger, the ammo is less, the items you have in the beginning of
the game. Besides, Hard Mode  has rare weapons, ammo and secret
costumes that you couldn't have in Easy Mode . And the ammo in Heavy
Mode is just half Easy Mode .

  Hard Mode  :
- Jill's beginning Items :
  + Beretta M92F 9mm with 15 Handgun Bullets
  + Game Instructions A (file)
  + Game Instructions B (file)

- Beginning Items in Jill's Item Box :
  + Combat Knife

- Beginning Items in Carlos's Item Box :
  + Combat Knife

- Jill begins with 8 item slots in Inventory.

- Nemesis gives you a gift each time you defeat him.

- There are ranks/grades after finishing the game.

- Receive epilogue files


  Easy Mode  :
- Jill's beginning items :
  + M4A1 Assault Rifle with 100% ammo
  + 3 First Aid Sprays
  + Game Instructions A (file)
  + Game Instruction B (file)

 - Beginning Items in Jill's Item Box :
  + Combat Knife
  + Infinite Ink Ribbons
  + 200% ammo for Assault Rifle
  + Beretta M92F 9mm with 15 bullets
  + 250 Handgun Bullets
  + Benelli M39 Shotgun with 7 shells
  + 56 Shotgun Shells
  + S&W.44 Magnum with 6 rounds
  + 24 Magnum Rounds

- Beginning Items in Carlos's Item Box :
  + Infinite Ink Ribbon
  + Combat Knife
  + 100% ammo for Assault Rifle

- Jill begins with 10 item slots in Inventory.

- There's no Nemesis's gift.

- There's no rank/grade

- Not receive epilogue files

  * In this game, three First Aid Sprays can be combined into one
item called "First Aid Box".

  Resident Evil 3 Nemesis has a remarkable point that other Biohazard
games don't have. It is that you can change some parts of story by
choosing decisions. Sometimes in necessary situations, you are required
to choose one of the two decisions to find your way out. There is a
limited time to choose. If you don't choose one when the time has
ended, the game would decide for you and I assure it's not good for you
to continue. So make sure of your decision and be always active in your
game. Some of the episodes could change the whole game of yours,
especially your most enemy Nemesis. The place where he chases you
sometimes depends on your choice.

  The characters in this game can avoid from enemy attacks. Yes, they
can. If you press the right buttons at the right time, sometimes your
character can dodge the hits of enemies and doesn't receive damage. But
it's rather hard to do because you have to be a bit fast when observing
and attacking. You can know more details from "Game Instruction" in
"Files" menu.


8/ M A I N  W A L K T H R O U G H


- I write this walkthrough mainly for Hard Mode . The Easy Mode  is too
easy that I think everyone could pass it. Hard Mode  sometimes has new
items so I would write carefully here.
- I have written the changeable episodes in "~~~~~" frames. This
reminds you about the changes you could face in the game following how
you play.
- I divide the areas by "=====" frames.
- I write "Item Location Changed" in "---" frames. This lets you know
some common items that could sometimes change their locations.
  Okay, choose your costume, then begin the game...

                           UPTOWN AREA

  After seeing the opening film, shoot the first zombie, climb the box
and pass over. A lot of zombies surround you. Then Jill tries to
destroy the door behind her and gets inside. This is a warehouse. You
have a debate with Dario. Then he hides in the cabinet and you just
hear a curse "I told you ! Never !". What an idiot guy !

  Pick up the First Aid Spray behind the stairs. Then try to find a
small cabinet with a red light. You would receive a Handgun Bullets
(Easy Mode doesn't have this).

  Go upstairs, head to the north first. You'll be taken to the Save
Room. Grab Gun Powders and Warehouse Key (Backdoor Key). Then get out,
go down and run the south. Use Warehouse Key to open the locked door,
you are out.

  Get down the stairs and go through the door. You are in the street.
There are some zombies here. Just try to avoid them or bursting the
bomb to take them out. There are 3 doors. One of them is locked. Both
other doors take you to a same place. Once you try to open the gray
door, you would see the door is opened quickly, then someone runs out
from it and there are a lot of zombies get out. Take wipe of them and
go down the stairs inside the door. Be careful with the wandering
zombie downstairs. You can't see it from upstairs and you would attack
him in close distance. After that, get Lighter Oil and the Shotgun from
the corpse. Get up and head to the new way forward the gray door, grab
two Green Herbs and go to the door.

  Another street. Try to avoid the zombies if you can. The door under
stairs (restaurant) is locked inside. Beside there is a boutique that
is locked. You just get inside when you have the Special Key. Run until
you see the turning road where two zombies are eating somebody. Climb
the wooden box. Get the map on the wall and go upstairs to take two
Green Herbs. Then get down and go to the next door at the end of the

  The door takes you to a fork road with a stairs. Go down the stairs
first. You meet the guy who was running from the gray door again. He is
shooting a zombie and goes away to the small path when you come. Avoid
these guys and chase after him. You have come in the restaurant. He is
bitten by a zombie. Help him if you want. Or you can just try to reach
the Lighter Fluid and let him handle it (I hate him !). Then you would
know he is the Chicken Heart guy - Brad Vickers. While Jill is very
confident at herself, this guy just worries about his own life. Then he
goes away. But remember to get the Lighter Fluid. There are Handgun
Bullets and a file here. The door Brad went is just the old door you
saw in the previous street. Now return to the fork road and get to the
next nearest door from the stairs. The far left door just lets you
return to old area.

  Here you see a group of zombies trying to destroy a blocking fence.
Just ignore them. Combine the Lighter Fluid and Lighter Oil to create
the Lighter. Then use it to burn the rope which is locking the right
gate. Then the blocked zombies could destroy the fence and run to you.
Sometimes they could do this before you burn the rope. It depends on
your time. Shoot the bomb to kill most of them, then finish the
remains. You'll get two Red Herbs and a file inside. Open the right
gate to a burning place.

  Here you meet two dogs. Just kill them by yourself. There is a Save
Room here. And I remind you to save because you have been entering the
real battle with the new bio-weapon. Then get out of the place, pass
surging water until you reach the gate of RPD Station.


   Here you witness the terrible death of Brad - who is requesting for
your help. He is wounded awfully and calls you. But then, a huge fierce
guy jumps from somewhere to split you and him. Then he uses his hand to
bring up Brad in the air. The other hand of his rising something lke
tentacles which casts through Brad's throat. AAAAARRRGH !!!!

  Now this is your choice :

- Fight with the monster
- Run into the Police Station

  Okay, and I suggest you to run inside. In Hard Mode  I assure you
don't have enough ammo to kill him frequently. If Nemesis beats you be
bare-handed, only one hit can kill you 100%.

  CHANGEABLE - FIGHTING NEMESIS  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  If you choose to fight Nemesis, prepare your Shotgun with at least 14
shells. Remember to shoot him correctly. Run and fight at the same
time. Just don't let him touch you. Try to use any weapon you have,
even the damn Knife. Good tactic is not worst as you think.
  When you have fought Nemesis, you could get Brad's Card from his
corpse. Check it to get the S.T.A.R.S. Card only.
  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Enter the RPD Station. If you don't fight Nemesis, he would try to
destroy the entrance. But don't worry, he couldn't.

  Grab the three Green Herbs in the right. Then use the card you get
from Brad's corpse to access the computer. You would receive a code.
These codes are random. So remember to write it down. Then go to the
only free door in the left. There are some zombies here. Try to avoid
as much as you can. Grab the Shotgun Shells in Marvin's room and go to
the next door. This is Locker Room. Check the first sparkling you see
to get Blue Gem (Sapphire). Then go to a small path in the row of
lockers and find a chest with red light. You need a combination to open
it. Just use the code you get from the computer and receive Emblem Key
(S.T.A.R.S. Key).

  Then go to the next room to another hall, enter the Dark Room just
under the stairs to get Gun Powder A.

  CHANGEABLE - POLICE STATION   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  If you don't have Brad's card to find the code (you chose 2nd
decision), go to the nearest door you see. It's a corridor which takes
you to the Meeting Room (the place where in Resident Evil 2 you get
Virgin Heart). Here you find Jill's Card. Then return to the computer
and use it to know the code.
  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Once you have the Emblem Key, go upstairs, avoid the "lovely" guys
and head to the corridor of STARS office. Enter the room to get
Lockpick. Try to open the cabinet, you get Grenade Launcher (sometimes
it could be the Magnum ). Okay, now there's nothing else for you to do.
Let's follow the way to get out of Police Station.

  When you are going down, you hear a sound of broken glass. Once you
get down the 1st floor, Nemesis "visits" you again by jumping through
the window. Be careful, he is holding a rocket launcher. If you want to
fight him, try to avoid the shots by running around and use Shotgun or
Grenade Launcher to shoot. If not, run like hell out of the room. Once
you are in the Locker Room, he can't chase. Use Lockpick to open one of
the nearest chest to get Gun Powder B. Then run to Marvin's place.
Nemesis appears again. But try to run until you get out of the Police
Station, Nemesis won't pursue you anymore. (Now you see Brad's corpse
is lost right ? Perhaps he is playing with Leon).

  When you are in the street, toward the fire beside the police station
until you find a locked door in the right. Use Lockpick to open that
door. You are in a small path with a bomb. When you turn, you would see
a Brain Sucker climb up from a window. But now it doesn't attack you.
Check the corpse to get Handgun bullets and a diary. Then go to the
next door. You are in another area. Your left is a Fire Hose. Now you
can't do anything with it. So toward the right side until you see a
gate. Get out.

  Here you always see two Blue Herbs. But sometimes there can be 3
Green Herbs beside them. This doesn't happens frequently.

                            DOWNTOWN AREA

  You are at down town area. Fight the three zombie dogs. Check the
corpse to get Gun Powder A. Then get to the Parking Lot for more dogs.
Do you see something strange in the car boot ? It's the Power Cable.
Get it and head to the Save Room (beside the Blue Herb bush). Prepare
yourself here.

  Get out, you are in the street again. Avoid the three dogs and get in
the next door. Take the map on the wall. Then come to the corpse. Jill
would check it for a while. Then a Brain Sucker suddenly attacks her.
You can kill it or avoid. I remind you to run to the south and get
through the door. The north side has an elevator couldn't be activated
without a battery.

  You see someone shooting a zombie a run away. When you check the
place, you would find a Bronze Compass (Future Compass) put in a hole a
the wall. Beside it there is a hole whose shape is a book. But if you
take out the Bronze Compass, the water beside you falls to the sewer
bringing the electricity from the platform underground that you can't
go out. So just leave it as it is. Then head to the restaurant where
the strange ran to.

  Sometimes there are 3 Gun Powder A here.

  There is a locked chest here. You can use Lockpick to open it. But
before doing this, please check this passage.

  CHANGEABLE - RESTAURANT  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  You get the Manhole Opener. Use it to open a lid in the restaurant.
Then you meet that guy. His name is Carlos - a member of UBCS. But the
Nemesis comes to attack you again. Now you have your choice :

- Run into basement
- Hide in the kitchen

 * If you choose the first decision, Jill would take Carlos into the
basement she has just opened. But the water pipe is broken by Nemesis
that the water is slowly filling the basement. Both characters must
climb up again. Nemesis is waiting for you here. I think now you should
defeat here when you have Carlos with you. But you can run if you like.

 * If you choose the 2nd decision, Jill takes Carlos to the front area.
Then she throws an electric light to Nemesis that makes an explosion.
Nemesis faints. And you can get out of here.

  Nothing happens. You could meet Carlos in the Newspaper Office.

  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  After getting out of Restaurant, you are in an arcade shop. The way
forward you just takes to the old place where you see the Bronze
Compass. So go to the Save Room to get Rusty Crank and Shotgun Shells.
Remember to bring the Blue Gem with you. Get out and go to the new
path. You are facing the gate to Raccoon City Hall. Put the Blue Gem on
the table beside the gate. Another gem is missing. Now turn to the
Newspaper Office and enjoy this changeable episodes :

  CHANGEABLE - NEWSPAPER OFFICE   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  You would get the Green Gem (Emerald). Get it to put on the table.


  You would see him fainting here. Then Nemesis appears again. There
are two decisions :

- Jump out the window
- Hide in the pack

  * If you choose the first decision, Carlos and Jill would jump out
the window to the dump area and get out.

  There can be two Red Herbs here.

  * If you choose the 2nd decision, Carlos and Jill would hide
somewhere. Nemesis is suddenly affected by some fire explosion and
faints. If you get out, he could chase after in the arcade shop area.


  He would appear here and only you fight him. He beats you be bare-


  He would appear just as the above episode.

  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  So if you meet Carlos in the Newspaper Office, you don't find the
Green Gem. Now return to the Restaurant, use the Manhole Opener to open
the basement. The Green Gem is here. Use it to open the gate to Raccoon
City Hall.

  Now you are at a fork road . First, head to the right path to the Gas
Station. Use the Rusty Crank to open the shutter. But Jill would fail
to do this.

  If you don't jump out the window with Carlos in the Newspaper Office
to the dump area, now you may see two Red Herbs here.

 Return the fork road  and head to the left path. Shoot the zombies,
pass another road until you come to the Trolley. Get on it, read the
file on the shelf and you meet Nicholai. Then talk to Mikhail, go to
the front and talk to Carlos. He would give you the Side Pack to
increase your Item Slots. Now you have 10 item slots.

  Get the Wrench on the seat and get down the Trolley. There would be a
dog attack you. Try to avoid it and return to the Gas Station. When you
enter the zombie path, there would be a new zombie who dashes out from
the spoiled car to attack you. Kill him and get the Gun Powder A in the
car. Head to the Gas Station. Use the Wrench to open the shutter, then
get in. Get the First Aid Spray if you like. Then solve a puzzle beside
it. There are 4 green letters A, B, C and D. Each letter is displayed
by a red light. If one of the letters is lit, you must arrange the red
lights which finally there is only a red light under the green letter.
You must do it correctly for three times to open the shelf. Then you
get Machine Oil.

  If you didn't see the three Gun Powder A in the restaurant, you might
see them here.

  CHANGEABLE - GAS STATION   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Now Carlos would be here with you and pay attention to the zombies
outside for you. But the zombies become more crowded, Carlos would get
out to play with them while you are trying to solve the puzzle. After
finishing, you see something explode in the inside room. Jill is lucky
to escape and get out with Carlos who is wounded by the zombies. The
Gas Station is exploded completely.

  The guy who comes here would be Nicholai. After talking to you, he
would go to the next room to do something and you solve the puzzle at
the same time. When you have finished, Nicholai finishes his work
either. And the consequence that an explosion is happened. Jill escapes
but she doesn't see Nicholai.

  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Now you have the Wrench, your next work is using this item to unlock
the Fire Hose. Do you remember where it is ? But when returning, a
group of zombies get out to block you from a courtyard in the fork road
. Finish them all and get inside the yard.

  If you didn't see 3 Green Herbs in the Fire Hose area, you could see
them here.

  Come to the statue, push the switch and grab the Bronze Book from his
hand. Then return to the place where you see the Bronze Compass, put
the book in the empty hole. Then you can get the Bronze Compass.

  CHANGEABLE - FIGHTING NEMESIS  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  If you don't fight him completely in the Newspaper Office, he could
wander here to wait for you. Just beat him as usual and try to avoid
his approaching. There is a good strategy here. Try to be faster than
him. When you haven't put the Bronze Book yet, you could run very fast
to there and grab out the compass, the electric water would fall and
Nemesis can't touch you. Then defeat him freely.
  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Put the Bronze Compass on the Statue's hand. It turns its back to you
that you get the Battery from there. Return to the Brain Sucker area
and get to the north stairs. Put the Battery to activate the elevator.
Then use it to get down the Sub Station.

  You would be welcomed by tons of zombies. Aim at the bomb or use
Shotgun with them. Then get into the Sub Station by the deeper door.
The front door is locked inside.

  If you didn't see two Red Herbs in the Newspaper Office or Gas
Station, you could see them here.
  Sometimes you might see three Gun Powder B on the desk.

  First, put the switch to supply electric power. You see two shutters
and a control panel beside them. This control panel is used to estimate
the electric power supplying to the shutter to open. The left shutter
needs 15V-25V , the second needs 115V-125V. There are many ways to open
it. Red means increasing. Blue means reducing. For the left shutter, I
do it :
  Red - Blue - Blue - Blue = 20V
  The shutter is opened, you get the Fuse.
  But it's not over yet. The zombies outside is trying to destroy to
door to "meet" you.

  CHANGEABLE - SUB STATION   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  This is your choice :

- Head to emergency exit
- Increase electricity output

* If you choose the first decision, Jill would try to destroy the exit
and get out by the front door. You can't get the item in the second
shutter except you must return and kill the zombies by yourself.

* If you choose the 2nd decision, Jill would come to the electricity
machine and move the level. The electricity is too high that it goes by
the iron door and kill the zombies at once.

  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Anyway, let me tell you the solution for the second shutter :
  Red - Red - Red - Blue = 120V

  If you get Grenade Launcher in STARS office, you would have Magnum
  If you get Magnum in STARS office, here you have Grenade Launcher.

  Now there's nothing else for you to do here. Get out of this place,
go up the elevator and return to the area where you saw the Fire Hose.
Once you pass the bus near Parking Lot, sometimes the crows can appear
suddenly. But don't worry about them.

                         REVISITING UPTOWN

  Use the Wrench to unlock the Fire Hose. Do you remember the burn
ground where you meet the first two dogs. It's near the Police Station.
Just pass that place to return there. Then put the Fire Hose in the
hole on the left wall to put out the fire. You have a new area.

  Straight the two paths. There might be two Brain Suckers here.
Collect the Crank on the ground if you like. Then enter the Sales

  CHANGEABLE - SALES OFFICE      \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  Here you could meet Nicholai or Carlos.
  If you met Carlos in Gas Station, you meet Nicholai here.
  If you met Nicholai in Gas Station, here you see Carlos.
  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  First, check the projector on the desk to find the password accessing
the Medical Storage Room. It's random but only one of these :




  Then enter the password in the computer beside. The storage is
unlocked. Go in and find the Oil Additive. Combine it with the Machine
Oil to create Mixed Oil.

  If you didn't the three Gun Powder A at Gas Station or Restaurant,
you can find them here.
  If you didn't see three Gun Powder B at Sub Station, you can see them

  But when you are intend to get out, you hear a cry and then... a lot 
zombies outside go here in groups. Now you are in the storage. Do you
see some valves on the wall ? Shoot the valve to ventilate the gas air.
This air can kill tons of zombies for a limited time. Then you must
defeat the others by yourself. Get out of this place.

  When you are returning, certainly Nemesis visits you again. Now he is
holding the Rocket Launcher to fight you. Now you can fight or not. But
I remind you to run if you are in Hard Mode .

  Do you know what is the new Crank used for ? Return to the house
where you first met Brad. In the back yard, you see a shutter with a
hollow beside. Use the Crank to open. You get 18 Grenade Rounds. Now
you really get out of Uptown area.

                         GET OUT OF TOWN

  Now what you need are Power Cable, Fuse and Mixed Oil to operate the
Trolley to get out of town. But remember to bring your Shotgun, Grenade
Launcher and at least one Mixed Herb . You can have Magnum if you have
empty slots.

  Once you are passing the Parking Lot, a small earthquake could
happen. Then Jill is suddenly trapped to a broken hole on the ground.
When she is trying to climb up, two giant packages in the vehicle in
front of her suddenly slides toward her.

  CHANGEABLE - PARKING LOT       \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  This is your choice :

- Climb up
- Jump down

  * If you choose the first decision, Jill would climb up and she is
completely safe. Just continue on your way.
  * If you choose the 2nd decision, she would jump to the sewer at
once. Then you must control her to get out of here by climb up the
nearest ladder. There are worms here. I think this is not a good
    The ladder would take to a nearest place just before the Parking

  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  When you have come to the fork road  in City Hall, you meet your "old
friend" Nemesis again. Now he attacks you by bare-hands. It's really
dangerous when this place is so narrow. Use Freeze Rounds or Magnum to
defeat him once. When he faints, if you want to save ammo, you should
run at once before he wakes up. Or if you want more challenge and a
rare item, just beat him until he is bleeding.

  Now straight to the trolley. But on going, another earthquake would
happen and Jill is trapped again. It's not all. Another quest wants to
meet you - a Grave Digger.

  You don't need to beat it. Your work now is getting out of here. But
try to avoid it from the holes. It causes very big damage. First, turn
to your right and push the first switch there. Then go to the south to
find another switch. Push it and a ladder is lowered for you. If you
want to waste your ammo, just defeat the worm. If not, climb up at
once. But whatever you do, it doesn't die yet.

  The ladder directly takes you to the trolley area. Now get on the
vehicle and put the three items Power Cable, Fuse and Mixed Oil to into
the machine. Then Carlos would come with you. Jill tells him about
Nicholai. Carlos says he would solve this problem and give you 6 Flame
Rounds. Prepare your weapons carefully. Then head to the front to
activate the trolley to run...

  But then, something wrong happens in the back where Mikhail is. Jill
goes in to check. Oh no, our "good boy" Nemesis is here to visit her
again. Mikhail is being troubled by him. I think you should use Grenade
Launcher with Flame Rounds or Magnum. Have at least 6 rounds. Nemesis
now is bare-handed. So try avoid his catching or you would die like
Brad did. Just suffer until you shoot him 6 or 7 rounds. He is weak and
then Mikhail would handle the rest for you.

  Mikhail sacrifices his life to save Jill and Carlos and to kill
Nemesis. His machine gun is empty and his last weapon is a grenade. It
makes a big explosion on the trolley. Nemesis is thrown to the street
and Mikhail is dead.

  The explosion spoils the trolley. Carlos can't control it anymore.

                            CLOCK TOWER

  CHANGEABLE - TROLLEY           \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  This is your choice :

- Jump out the window
- Use emergency brake


  ...Jill says that everything is useless and jumps out of the window.
After the crash, she would continue her journey at a right room of
Clock Tower. Search that room.

  Sometimes you could see two Gun Powder A and two Gun Powder B here.
  When going, the zombies outside suddenly go to the room by the crash.
Check the picture on the wall quickly to get Winder Key. Then get out
soon. You are in the right Save Room of Clock Tower. Prepare yourself
  In the next room, you would see Carlos. Take 6 Freeze Rounds from him
and grab the Grenade Rounds on the table. In this room, you would see a
green door locked. Remember it. Then go to the main hall of the
mansion. Check the corpse to get a new weapon - Mine Thrower (In Light
Mode it is a box Shotgun Shells). Check the table to get Clock Tower
Map and First Aid Spray. You can go to the courtyard by the main
entrance. In the back of the hall you can hear some melody from the two
Music Boxes. Here you can meet Dogs or Crows. There are two Blue Herbs
and three Green Herbs here. But you can't open the small door beside
the main entrance. Just return to the hall and go to the left to the
Dining Room. You can meet zombies or Brain Suckers. Then open the next
door. Here you can unlock the small door beside the main hall but it's
not necessary. Go to the left Save Room by using Winder Key. Find the
Bezel Key on the shelf. Then head to the main hall. When going out,
you'll be attacked suddenly by some zombies. Use Shotgun with them...

  If you didn't see the Gun Powder A and B at the first room you come,
you can find them here.


  ...Jill would break emergency brake to stop the trolley as soon as
possible. After the crash, she would continue at the courtyard of Clock
Tower. The main entrance is locked. You must enter the mansion by the
small door beside. Go to the left Save Room first to get Winder Key
(Read the above item location for the Gun Powders here). Then get out.
Talk to Carlos in the Dining Room. Pass the hall to the right Save
Room, then find the Bezel Key behind the picture. Let's return to the
main hall.

  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Now you are in the main hall. Go upstairs to the 2nd floor. Try to
avoid the Black Widows. Then head to the balcony. Grab the two Red
Herbs, put the Bezel Key into the hole to lower the ladder. Then climb
up the 3rd floor.

  Get two Gun Powder A. Grab the Silver Gear beside. Then find a big
music box. Turn the switch to hear the melody. You would recognize this
is the melody you heard from the music box on 1st floor. Now your
puzzle commands you to repeat the melody by choosing the switch for A,
B, C, D, E and F position. There are two switches each position that
you must choose the one which appreciates the tune. Each position is a
part of it. The orders are random.

  If you finish the tune well, you receive Chronos Chain. Combine it
with the Winder Key to create Chronos Key. Before climbing up, you
should search the room to find the Item Box. Beside it there is a
system which a gear is missing. It's unfortunate that the Silver Gear
can't be fixed with it. Now get down.

  Do you guess what happens ? Our good boy visits you again.

  CHANGEABLE - FIGHTING NEMESIS  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  Choices :

- Use the Light
- Use the Cord

  * If you choose the first decision, Jill would turn on the light to
petrify Nemesis. Then she pushes him off the balcony. You can't get the
rare item from him.

  * If you choose the 2nd decision, Jill would take the cord and do all
the ways to electrocute Nemesis. He faints. You can get a rare item
from him. But he would pursue you just after you get into the mansion.
He attacks you by bare-hands.

  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Now you have got the Chronos Key. Unlock the green door and pass the
Black Widows corridor until you reach a room with three weird pictures
and three women statues. If you check the back area, you get the ammo
for Mine Thrower (Shotgun Shells in Easy Mode ). You also see a huge
bell that blocks a door to get out of the mansion. But if you try to
let Jill push it, she doesn't have enough strength to do that. Okay now
check the three statues and get Crystal, Amber and Obsidian stones.

  You would use these to solve a puzzle of the three pictures with
three clocks on it. Now the left and right clocks show 12 o'clock. The
middle shows a random time. You must put the stones on the three
pictures that make the middle clock show 12 o'clock. The order is
random, too. But this is the rule to put the stones :

  Crystal  = -1 hours
  Obsidian = -2 hours
  Amber    = -3 hours

  Crystal  = +1 hours
  Obsidian = +2 hours
  Amber    = +3 hours

  Crystal  = +2 hours
  Obsidian = +4 hours
  Amber    = +6 hours

  You would get the Gold Gear. Combine it with the Silver Gear to make
a complete gear. Then get back to the 3rd floor, put the gear in the
missing place to operate the clock. Jill does this to inform that she
is a survivor in this city.

  After that, a helicopter comes to save her. When she is eagerly to
get out of this place, Nemesis destroys everything.

  CHANGEABLE - FIGHTING NEMESIS  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 * In the trolley crash, if you chose the first decision to jump out
the window, now Nemesis would attack you with the Rocket Launcher.
After the fight, Carlos would come to save you.
 * In the trolley crash, if you chose the 2nd decision to break the
emergency brake, Nemesis would fight you by bare-hands. But before he
poisons you, Carlos comes to shoot him. But he strikes Carlos to the
wall and he faints. Then Nemesis plays with you.
  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  This fight is rather tough, especially Hard Mode . Use Freeze Rounds
or Magnum Rounds to play with Nemesis because he is afraid of these. If
he beats you by bare-hands, try to avoid when he wants to catch you or
you can be killed. If you are attacked by Rocket Launcher, try to run
around to avoid. Nemesis isn't patient enough to aim you long.

  If you defeat him this time, he would be wounded seriously and run
away in the burning fire. Jill was infected the virus by Nemesis and
she faints. Carlos comes to save her...

                    HOSPITAL - CARLOS'S ROLE

  Now Jill loses her self-confidence. She would be turned into a
monster for time. But Carlos decides to save her. Now you take control
of Carlos to find the vaccine for her.

  Do you remember the bell blocking the back door that Jill couldn't
push ? Let Carlos go there and push it. He is a man who has enough
strength to do this (hehehe...). Kill the zombies in the street and 
the hospital in the north.

  In the first sight, you would meet a Hunter slicing a zombie's head.
There are two Hunters here. Shoot them to get the two Red Herbs inside
if you want. Go to the Save Room to save if you want. Then head to the
next room.

  Find Handgun Bullets and grab the Tape Recorder. Access it in the
button beside the elevator. Then you can use it to move. Your limit is
the 4th floor and 3rd Basement. You can go either floors first. But the
order you go can decide what monsters you would face. Read this
changeable walkthrough passage :

  CHANGEABLE - HOSPITAL          \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  Here you can meet either zombies or nothing.
  You must go to the Data Room first to get the key to sickroom. Here
you would see Nicholai talking to Tyrell Patrick. It seems that
Nicholai wants to kill him. Carlos comes to stop him. But Tyrell opens
a grenade and makes it explode suddenly. Nicholai prompts to escape by
the window. Carlos is all right. Tyrell is dead.
  Go inside to find a file and Sickroom Key. Then get out.
  There are two sickrooms on this floor. You go to the first sickroom
first. There is a doctor's corpse beside the door. Check the corpse to
find a code containing three digits. These codes are random. But try to
remember them. (Here you can meet either zombies or worms or nothing).

  If you meet zombies here, there are two green herbs in this room.

  Now get out, use the Sickroom Key to unlock the second sickroom. Here
you see a cart beside the bed. There are four strange squares at the
four corners of the room. Try to push the cart into one of the squares
until you aren't shocked anymore. If you fail, get out and go in to try
  When you do well, the cart appreciates the square. The picture on the
wall drops revealing a freezer. You must enter the code you got from
the dead doctor to open it. If you do correctly, you get Vaccine Base.
  Get out and reach B3 area by the elevator. Go along the corridor and
enter the only room here. You can meet two Hunters here. Kill them.

  If you didn't see two Green Herbs in the sickroom on 4th floor, you
can see them here.

  Go to the next room. This is an experiment. There are two Giant Frogs
in the capsules. First, grab the Medium Base on the shelf. Then find a
machine beside the capsules. Put the light switch to drain the water in
the capsules. Then put the Medium Base in the machine. You have to
solve a puzzle again that makes the two light columns are equal at half
whole columns. In the first row, push the I and III switches. In the
second row, push the A switch. Then you get Vaccine Medium. Combine it
with the Vaccine Base to create Vaccine which used to cure T-virus for
  When going out, the Giant Frogs would break the capsules to get out.
Try to avoid them to save ammo and go out of the room as soon as
possible. You can meet either Hunters or nothing in the corridors...



  Go along the corridor and enter the room. You don't see anything
here. When Carlos comes in, Tyrell Patrick suddenly appears and tells
you about Nicholai. He might know something about that guy. But
Nicholai put a bomb in a drawer beside Tyrell and it suddenly explodes
that kills him and all the clues about Nicholai. Get the Vaccine Medium
as I wrote above. Then reach 4th floor.
  Go to the Data Room to find Sickroom Key. Now you meet no one here.
Then go to the sickrooms and solve the puzzle to grab Vaccine Base and
create Vaccine. Return to 1st floor...

  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Have you all been at 1st floor ? You can meet either zombies or
Hunters here. Then pass the Save Room to the first room of the

  There is a bomb which was put to destroy this place. Maybe it was
Nicholai. You have 5 seconds to go out from this position (In Light
Mode it gives you 20 seconds)...

  When Carlos is safe, revisit the Clock Tower again. There is
something wrong on the roof. Here you can meet either female zombies or
worms. Pass the corridor until you reach the main hall. At that time,
Nemesis destroys the roof and lands on the ground. Now he is changed
into an awful mess of deadly tentacles.

  Carlos doesn't have enough ammo and strength to kill him. You can let
him shoot Nemesis some shots. But it's better to let him run to the
Dining Room. Then run to Jill's room, ignore Nemesis if he chases after
you in the piano hall.


  Now you take control of Jill. Prepare yourself carefully here and
remember to bring the Lockpick with you. When you get out, Nemesis
quickly comes to you. If you like, use powerful weapons to fight him
here. He was damaged a little by Carlos and now it's not hard to defeat
him. He can't use dangerous catch to fight you anymore because he lost
his hand. I think this form of him is easier to beat. If you have
beaten him in all the previous times and beat him this time, you would
collect the last gift : either an Assault Rifle or Infinite ammo.

  When he is defeated, go to the puzzle room and get out by the way
Carlos opened for you. Finish the zombies on the street. With Lockpick,
Jill could open the room beside the park. Here is a Save Room and you
can find a lot of ammo. In Easy Mode  there are Grenade Rounds. Hard
Mode has ammo for Mine Thrower here. Grab the Park Gate Key hung on one
of the key hooks. When you finish everything here. Get out and go to
the south stairs to reach Raccoon Park.

                           RACCOON PARK

  Open the gate by the key. Here you can face either Hunters or worms.
If you have had the Assault Rifle, equip it here. First, go to the
right path of the park. It's a stairs.

  In this path, you see either Zombies or nothing. If you see nothing,
the Giant Frogs can jump out from the lake suddenly to play with you.
Reach the next path.

  Here you fight either three Dogs or three Hunters. There is a bomb
here so be very careful when shooting. Check the first corpse you see
to get Second Park Key. If you search the area, you would collect
Magnum rounds from another corpse and a gate which was locked. Now
return to the main park and go to the opposite side, the left gate.

  Here you take the Park Map on the bulletin. There are two Blue Herbs
and three Green Herbs here. Then check the notice near the pool. It
shows you how to control the water from each fountain by the control
panel beside it. It works by 4 gears : two white and two black ones .
Those are all useless. Now jump to the water and go to the left side to
see another guide. It shows you the way to drain water in the lake.
Remember the order and access the control panel as it says. You have 6
times to arrange the gears. The original order is that the two white
ones on the above row, the two black are on the below row :

1. Move the left black gear to the above row
2. Move the left white gear to the below row
3. Move the below black gear to the above row
4. Move the above white gear to the below row
5. Move the right black gear to right
6. Move the left black gear to right

  Then the water is drained revealing a ladder in the pool. Get down it
to the sewer.

  Go along the path, then turn right and climb up the next ladder.
(Don't worry about the dropping worms, just climb quickly).

  You are in a graveyard. There are some zombies hidden underground.
They would wake up when you pass. Just avoid them. But if you like, let
me tell you that there are two Red Herbs in the right side of the

  Use Second Park Key to open the door to the house. Grab the Iron
Pipe. There are many Gun Powders here. Do you there is a fireplace ?
There is a Save Room here with Item Box. Go to it to get Lighter, then
burn the fireplace.

  After that, discard the Lighter. Use the Iron Pipe to destroy the
sticks to make a hole. Get through that hole. Grab the last Park Key
and ammo. This key is used to open the gate in the right area you have
checked. Then a signal in the machine sounds that Jill checks it...

  When she gets out, Nicholai comes again...

  After the talk, you can get out of this place. But your guest doesn't
want you to go : The Grave Digger. Now this is the last battle between
you and the monster. Use Grenade Launcher or Mine Thrower to beat it.
As the last time, just shoot when it rises from the ground. Don't run
too around to fast or you would lose it when it rises. If the battle
lasts too long, some lamp post could fall and electrocute the monster.
But if it doesn't die yet, just continue...

  Once you defeat the monster, a stairs fall near the escape hole for
you to climb. You have returned to the sewer. There might be some Black
Widows waiting for you here. Just pass them climb up to the ground.

  You are in the park and now get to the right area to unlock the gate.
The zombies invades the main park. Just avoid them as usual and go.

                   DISUSED PLANT - DEAD FACTORY

  When you get through that gate, you almost get out of the park. Now
prepare to enter another place. There is a bridge taking you to there.
But when you pass it, you must "talk" to Nemesis first :

  CHANGEABLE - FIGHTING NEMESIS  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  The Live Selection :

- Push him off
- Jump off

  Jill would avoid from Nemesis's tentacle and push him to the water.
Then she runs to the gate forward to Dead Factory . After that, she
begins at Dead Factory  2F area. In the corridor, there's only one can
be opened: The Save Room. Let Jill get inside and talk to Carlos.

  You can see three Gun Powder A and three Gun Powder B here.

 Then take the Facility Key on the shelf and go to the next room. Here
is a elevator which can't be activated now. But you have other work to
do here. There are some poison gas here, right ? What you have to do is
reaching the control panel through the poison gas to turn on the switch
that supplies electric power to unlock the dump area in the laboratory.
Let me draw a chart of the room :

            ! E   !                    !         !
            !     !    !P! ___   ___   !   CP    !
            !-----!    ! !! 4 ! ! 5 !  !         !
            /        !----!---!-!---!--!_________!
                     !                 ! ____    !
            !        !                 ! ____P   !
            !        !                 !--!      !
            !        !                 ! 3!      !
            !        !                 !--!      !
            ! B      !                 !--!      !
            ! B      !                 ! 2!      !
            !        !----------!---!--!--!      !
            !            ! !    !_1_!! !         !
            !            !P!         !P!         !
            !                                    !

  / : door
  E : Elevator
  P : Poison gas
  B : Blue Herb
  CP : Control Panel

  This is the rule :

1. Push the 1st switch
2. Push the 2nd and 3rd switches
3. Push the 1st switch
4. Push the 4th and 5th switches
5. Push the 1st switch

  You have reached the control panel. Put the switch to supply power to
the area...
  Return to the 2nd floor corridor to the laboratory. Grab the MO Disc
and the map. Here you can see the door which takes you to the dump
area. Although you have just supplied power to it, it isn't enough.
  Use the elevator to get down the 1st floor. You would meet either
Hunters or Brain Suckers or naked zombies here. Then get to the sewer
and go to the other area here. This place is your beginning in the 2nd
  There's also a Save Room here. First, take the Water Sample and head
to the next door. Go downstairs.

  If you didn't see the gun powders in the Save Room of 2nd floor, you
can find them here.

  First, access the Facility Key to the right machine. You will know
why I ask you to do this. Then put the Water Sample in the beside
machine. Now you must solve the puzzle I think to be the hardest in
this game.
  When the Water Sample is put, the first row of the machine shows the
level of water. What you have to is arranging the three below rows A, B
and C that can make a similar row to the first. The puzzle is random
and it's hard to explain. I think you would understand it and try to
arrange your brain. To do it is indeed a nightmare.
  When you have finished this puzzle, the door is completely unlocked.
Let's go there.
  There you face Nicholai again. Now you realize that he is not a good
type of people and he tries to kill you. But don't worry, he would pay
attention to what he has done by his death done by Nemesis... (What to 
next is written after this changeable part.)

  Jill would jump off the bridge herself to avoid Nemesis. She begins
at the sewer - Dead Factory  1F. When you are going, a lot of zombies
hidden in the water wake up surround you. But Carlos would save you.
  Go to the nearest door to the Save Room of 1st floor. Grab the Water
Sample and head to the below room, solve the water puzzle as I said in
the 1st decision. Try on !

  NOTES : The item location is similar to the above.

  Get out of that room to the sewer. Then go to the deeper door. Here
you meet either Hunters or Brain Suckers. Grab Shotgun Shells in the
right side. Then use the elevator to get to 2F area.
  Here you are in a laboratory with many researcher zombies. Just avoid
them if you can and grab the MO Disc. Take the map on the wall and open
the next door. You have been at the corridor where you would begin at
1st choice with Nemesis. You would meet Nicholai here. But he goes
before you. You must have the Card Key to open the shutter he has just
got through. Go to the Save Room here, prepare yourselves and get the
Facility Key. (Now you can bring it back to access into the machine if
you like).
  Go to the next room and solve the puzzle of poison gas as I said
above. Then let's go to the dump area. You won't meet Nicholai or
anyone here...

  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Now you all have been at the corridor before the dump area. Okay,
access the MO Disc into the machine with red light on the wall. Then
enter the room. A film happens and then Jill must fight Nemesis in this
dirty place. The door is locked and now you have no way to survive
except fighting this "boy".

  You have 4 minutes to fight him and escape. Now the boy is not very
strong. But it might take you more ammo than the previous times. He
attacks by tentacles (see "Monster List" for more details about
strategy). If you have seen the film, you would see that Jill avoids
his tentacle which breaks the pipe and the liquid inside is cast. Then
it damages him. Now if you don't to waste ammo, you can repeat that
tactic with other pipes in this room. But it's not easy if you are not
good at dodging. Use Magnum or Grenade Launcher to fight him. The best
ammo is Freeze Rounds.

  When Nemesis is defeated, you find a Card Key from a corpse. This
place is preparing to get rid of waste. Quickly access the Card Key in
the machine beside the door. Then you can get out of here.

  There is another warning that this place is gonna destroyed. Now you
have got the Card Key. Return to the poison gas room, use it to
activate the elevator. Here you can get Grenade Rounds. Use Facility
Key which is already accessed to open the cabinet, you get Rocket
Launcher with 4 rounds in it.

  Do you remember the red shutter where Nicholai was (if you chose the
2nd decision to jump off the bridge before Nemesis) ? Use the Card Key
to open it. You would be welcomed by three naked zombies. Grab the
herbs if you want. Then go to the next door.

  Grab the radar receive on the control panel. Then...


 * If you have chosen the 1st decision on the bridge with Nemesis,
there's nothing unusual here.
 * If you have chosen the 2nd decision on the bridge, Nicholai is still
alive. He controls the helicopter outside of the window and shoots to
Jill. The Live Selection appears :

- Negotiate with Nicholai
- Return fire to the chopper

  If you choose the 1st decision, Jill would try to talk to Nicholai.
Then he goes away. Carlos would come with you for a while.
  If you choose the 2nd decision, Jill does nothing. That means you use
your Rocket Launcher or anything to shoot the chopper. Nicholai
continues to shoot and you must try to avoid. But if you can't kill, he
would go away after some moments... Carlos would come to summon another

  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Get down ladder. There is an Item Box here. Prepare very carefully
because once you face the last boss, you can't return here again. Take
wipe of the annoying naked zombies and go outside. There is a photo on
the ground. You can pick it up. Then head to the next area. The door is
suddenly destroyed by some earthquake. Okay, no return !

  Check the machine beside the huge cannon. You would receive a note to
push the three box following its ordinal number 1, 2 and 3 to activate
the cannon. First, push the 1st box to its position. It's near the
entrance. After that, Jill sees something wrong from the ceiling... Oh 
no ! This is the remains of Nemesis. He's still alive and now he is
transforming. He transforms into a nasty monster with tentacles and
poison liquid. You must fight him this last battle.

  He is very slow. What you have to do now is activating the cannon to
kill him. The 2nd box is near the locked door. Push it and next to the
3rd box - near the machine beside the cannon. When you have finished,
the cannon is activated and it shoots the first shot. It's powerful
enough to destroy everything on its way creating a path. Now your work
is luring Nemesis to that path. But YOU CAN'T GO TO THAT PATH or the
cannon would kill you at one shot. Just use any strong weapons to shoot
Nemesis until he is weak. He is very slow. Then he could crawl to that
path himself and...

  Now Nemesis is just an awful useless mess. The escape door is
unlocked. You can go now. But... Nemesis doesn't want to give you up
although he is just a useless urchin.

  CHANGEABLE - KILLING NEMESIS   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  The Live Selection appears :

- Exterminate the Monster
- Ignore it and leave

  * If you choose the first decision, Jill would take a Magnum from a
corpse with full 6 rounds inside. Then she slowly kills the Monster
without remaining anything. She looks angry at it. But I like to see
that scene... hehehe...
  * If you choose the 2nd decision, Jill just escapes.

  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Get down the elevator and see your ending :

  CHANGEABLE - THE ENDINGS       \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  If you chose the first decision on the bridge, Nicholai is dead,
Carlos would call the helicopter and wait for you. Then he himself
drives it to take you get out of the exploding city.
  Ending screen : Jill and Carlos are seeing the sky.

  If you choose the 2nd decision on the bridge, Nicholai is alive or
dead by you, the person who drives the helicopter to save you and
Carlos is Barry Burton - a character of Resident Evil 1. Maybe you know
him right ? It seems this is the official ending.
  Ending screen : Jill and Carlos in a bar...

  END OF CHANGEABLE    /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  ... ... ...


9/  S P E E D  W A L K T H R O U G H


- In this walkthrough, I just write shortly with the fastest way to
finish the game, even avoiding Nemesis. This guide is mainly used for
Hard Mode . Of course, this guide is made for speed only, that means
you must sacrifice Nemesis's gifts although you want them. This is my
experience and I think it's really fast for you to make a record of
time. But it's not only fast but also safe. The safe is still the most
important, right ? The safe could make you fast.
- Here I don't remind you much about getting ammo or healing items
because you have known too much in the full walkthrough. You must have
your own strategy. I only write for you the fastest way to finish the
- Finally, remember to SKIP THE SCENES.

                            UPTOWN AREA

- Grab Backdoor Key in Dario's warehouse and get out.
- When you are in the street, go to the nearest door.
- Touch the gray door to meet Brad. Kill the group of zombies to grab
Shotgun and Lighter Oil. Then go to the way where Brad ran to (where
there are two green herbs).
- You are in another area. Avoid these zombies and go to the end of
this street. Get through the last door.
- You are in another fork road . Go downstairs and chase after Brad.
- After talking to him, grab the Lighter Fluid.
- Get out and go upstairs. Go to the nearest way to go to a new area.
- Combine the Lighter Oil and Lighter Fluid into the complete Lighter.
Use it to burn the rope which is tying the gate.
- Use the bomb to kill the zombies who have destroyed the blockades and
take the Red Herbs. Go through the door which has just been unlocked.
- Passing the fire and the dogs. Go to the Save Room to get ammo and
prepare yourselves.
- Straight to the RPD Police Station and see the FMV


- Fast Live Selection : Run into the Police Station
- Go through Marvin's place to the Locker Room.
- Find the Blue Gem and reach the Meeting Room.
- Grab Jill's Card Key and return to the main hall, access it to the
computer and find the pass code.
- In the Locker Room, find a hidden locker in the small path and open
it by the code to get Emblem Key.
- Go up to 2nd floor, use the Emblem Key to unlock the entrance of
S.T.A.R.S. office.
- Here you grab the Lockpick and Grenade Launcher or Magnum, then get
- Nemesis would appear on 1st floor. Run like hell !!!
- He pursues you until you get out of Police Station, except you get in
- Use Lockpick to open the further door from the Police Station.

                           DOWNTOWN AREA

- Get pass the path until you come to the Parking Lot
- Grab the Power Cable on the car boot
- In the Save Room, bring the Lockpick with you.
- Pass the Brain Sucker fork road and go to the Restaurant.
- Use the Lockpick to get Manhole Opener, open the basement soon. You
talk to Carlos.
- When Nemesis comes, the Live Selection is : Run into basement.
- Get out of the basement immediately, then fight Nemesis. Now it's
very convenient for you to have Carlos with you to fight him.
- Get out of the restaurant by the back door. Carlos would leave you.
- Go to the Save Room in the arcade shop to get the Rusty Crank. Head
to the gate of Raccoon City Hall.
- Put the Blue Gem onto the table next to the gate. Then turn right to
the Newspaper Office.
- Push the thing below the switch. Climb it and push the switch to open
the shutter.
- Go upstairs and find the Green Gem.
- Put the gem onto the table of the hall gate. Then you can get inside.
- First, go to the right path to the Gas Station. You would fail to use
the Rusty Crank to pull up the shutter.
- Return to the city hall and choose the left path to go. Pass the next
two paths until you reach the Trolley area.
- Use the bomb to kill the enemies here. Then get on the Trolley.
- Put the Power Cable into the machine.
- After talking to Nicholai and Carlos, grab the Wrench and get off the
- Return to the Gas Station. Use the Wrench to open the shutter.
- Get inside and solve the puzzle to get Machine Oil. Then get out soon
with Carlos.
- In the city hall, the zombies inside would destroy the door to meet
you. Take wipe of them and get inside the yard. Take the Bronze Book
(Book of Wisdom).
- Return to the Restaurant area, put the Bronze Book to get the Bronze
- Now put the Bronze Compass in the Item Box. I remind you to do
something else first. Let's return to uptown.

                         REVISITING UPTOWN

- You are in the Fire Hose area. Use the Wrench to unlock the Fire
Hose, then discard it.
- Pass the RPD Police Station to the burning area. Put the Fire Hose on
the wall to put out the fire. (Prepare yourselves first in the Save
- Before getting in Sales Office, fight the Brain Suckers outside and
collect the Crank on the ground (You don't need to pick it up if you
don't to waste time for getting ammo).
- In the Sales Office, solve the computer puzzle to unlock the Medical
Storage Room.
- There you get the Oil Additive. Combine it with Machine Oil to create
Mixed Oil. Then fight the zombies.
- Get out of this place. With the Crank, you can get ammo from the
shutter in the area where you met Brad.
- You meet Nemesis again with a Rocket Launcher. Run again !!!

                           GET OUT OF TOWN

- Now bring the Bronze Compass with you. Return to the city hall and
put it on the statue's hand to get the Battery.
- Return to the Brain Sucker fork road, go upstairs to the elevator.
- Put the Battery in the elevator to activate it. Then use it to get
down the Sub Station.
- After defeating the zombies, get into the building.
- Put the switch of the machine to supply power to the area. Then solve
the puzzle to open the two shutters.
- When the zombies want to get in, the Live Selection is : Increase
electricity output.
- After that, you have the Magnum (or Grenade Launcher) and Fuse.
- Get on the elevator and reach the Trolley
- On your way, you are trapped by the Grave Digger. Don't fight it now.
Just try to avoid and push the switches to lower the ladder.
- Climb it and you are in Trolley area.
- Get on the vehicle, using the Fuse and Mixed Oil to operate the
trolley, then go to the front with Carlos.
- Return to Mikhail and fight Nemesis again.

                            CLOCK TOWER

- The Live Selection is : Jump out the window.
- Grab the Winder Key, then pass the right Save Room.
- After talking to Carlos, go to the main hall and grab the Mine
Thrower. You can go to the courtyard to get herbs.
- Pass the Dining Room and go to the left Save Room to take Bezel Key.
Then return to the main hall and go upstairs.
- In the balcony, put the Bezel Key into the hole to lower the ladder.
Then climb up to 3rd floor.
- Take the Silver Gear, solve the puzzle to get Chronos Chain.
- You would fight Nemesis when going down. The Live Selection is : Use
the Light.
- Combine Chronos Chain with Winder Key to create Chronos Key. Use it
to unlock the green door in the right area.
- Pass the Black Widows and get to the art room. Grab the Crystal,
Obsidian and Amber from the statues and solve the clock puzzle and get
Gold Gear. Then combine it with Silver Gear to create Chronos Gear.
- Return to 3rd floor, put the Chronos Gear into the hole of the
machine to operate the main clock. Then descend the ladder and get 
- Fight Nemesis by Freeze Rounds or Magnum Rounds...


- Go to the art room and push the huge bell aside. Then go to the open.
- Kill the zombies and enter the Hospital.
- Avoid the Hunters and get to the Save Room.
- In the next room after the Save Room, grab the Tape Recorder and put
on the control button of the elevator to activate it. Then get up to
either 4th floor or B3 area. Here I write the 4th floor first.
- Go to the Data Room first to see Nicholai and Tyrell. Then take the
Sickroom Key.
- Go to the first sickroom to get the code from the dead doctor.
- Unlock the 2nd sickroom by the Sickroom Key. Solve the puzzle and
grab Vaccine Base.
- Reach B3 area.
- Go to the experiment room and grab the Medium Base
- Solve the puzzle to get Vaccine Medium. Combine it with Vaccine Base
to create Vaccine.
- When you have been getting out, pay attention to the bomb and escape
before the hospital explodes.
- Return to Jill. Try to avoid Nemesis.


- Prepare yourself in the Save Room. Bring the Lockpick with you and
get out.
- Just avoid Nemesis and run like hell following the way that Carlos
has opened.
- Use the Lockpick to open the locked room. Grab ammo and Main Gate
Key. Use it to enter Raccoon Park.

                          RACCOON PARK

- Go to the right area to find Graveyard Key. Then get to the left.
- Take the map and solve the gear puzzle to get down the sewer.
- Climb to the Graveyard. Go to the house by Graveyard Key.
- Grab the Iron Pipe, go to the Save Room and bring the Lighter.
- Use the Lighter to burn the fireplace. Then make a hole with the Iron
- Get through it to find Park Key. Then get out and return to the right
- Use Park Key to unlock the door. You have got out of the park.

                    DISUSED PLANT - DEAD FACTORY

- Live Selection : Push him off.
- Go to the Save Room to talk to Carlos. Then grab the Facility Key and
go to the poison gas room.
- Solve the puzzle here to supply power to the area. Then get out.
- Use the Facility Key to open a door in the corridor and go to the
laboratory. Grab MO Disc and get down to 1st floor.
- Pass the sewer and go to the Save Room. Grab the Water Sample.
- In the next room, put the Water Sample on the machine and solve that
puzzle to unlock completely the door to dump area.
- Reach the dump area, talk to Nicholai and fight Nemesis.
- Grab the Card Key and use it to get out.
- Use the Card Key to unlock the red shutter in 2nd floor corridor. Go
to the Monitor Room and grab Radar Receiver.
- Live Selection : Negotiate with Nicholai.
- Get down the ladder and reach the final place.
- Try to push all the boxes while fighting the last form Nemesis.
- Final Live Selection : Ignore it and evacuate.



10/  M I N I  G A M E  :  M E R C E N A R I E S  M O D E


  This is a big mini-game of Biohazard 3 Last Escape which your
executing characters are the members of UBCS. It is almost similar the
Extreme Battle of Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock Edition. You are
instructed some mission to find something. Then you wander in the place
to finish it with some limited weapons and ammo.
  In this Mercenaries Mode, the UBCS has a mission to rescue the
survivors remaining in Raccoon city out of the place. There are a lot
of creatures and zombies on their way, even Nemesis. You play in the a
limited time and collect money to buy special weapons and ammunition.
You find money by killing much enemies and increase your time by saving
survivors. All of these decides your life and grades. (See the standard
for grades in "Ranking System" menu.)
  Here I don't have an in-depth walkthrough about this part. You can
find out in Gamefaqs.com. This is a treasure of good guides.

  A. CHARACTERS    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 POSSESSION : M4A1 Assault Rifle
              STI Eagle 9mm
              90 Handgun Bullets
              Mixed Herbs
              Mixed Herbs
              Mixed Herbs

  POSSESSION : Benelli M39 Shotgun
               S&W. 44 Magnum
               Rocket Launcher
               21 Shotgun Shells
               10 Magnum Rounds
               Mixed Herb

               Combat Knife
               Blue Herb
               3 First Aid Sprays

  B. THE SURVIVORS    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  These the people whom each character needs to save. Each characters
has different survivors :

! EXECUTER : CARLOS OLIVEIRA                                          !
!    SURVIVORS        !          WHERE          !     BONUS ITEM      !
! Marvin Branagh      ! Sub Station             ! 60 Handgun Bullets  !
! Nicholai            ! Sales Office            ! 60 Handgun bullets  !
! Mikhail             ! Bar                     ! First Aid Spray     !
! Fat Man             ! Gas Station             ! 60 Handgun Bullets  !
! The girl            ! Newspaper Office        ! First Aid Spray     !
! Brad Vickers        ! Restaurant's Basement   ! 60 Handgun Bullets  !

! EXECUTER : MIKHAIL VICTOR                                           !
!    SURVIVORS        !          WHERE          !     BONUS ITEM      !
! Marvin Branagh      ! Sub Station             ! First Aid Spray     !
! Nicholai            ! Sales Office            ! First Aid Spray     !
! Carlos              ! Bar                     ! 14 Shotgun Shells   !
! Fat Man             ! Gas Station             ! 14 Shotgun Shells   !
! The girl            ! Newspaper Office        ! 14 Shotgun Shells   !
! Brad Vickers        ! Restaurant's Basement   ! 12 Magnum Rounds    !

! EXECUTER : NICHOLAI GINOVAEF                                        !
!    SURVIVORS        !          WHERE          !     BONUS ITEM      !
! Marvin Branagh      ! Sub Station             ! 60 Handgun Bullets  !
! Carlos              ! Sales Office            ! 60 Handgun bullets  !
! Mikhail             ! Bar                     ! 60 Handgun Bullets  !
! Fat Man             ! Gas Station             ! 60 Handgun Bullets  !
! The girl            ! Newspaper Office        ! 60 Handgun Bullets  !
! Brad Vickers        ! Restaurant's Basement   ! 60 Handgun Bullets  !

  C. TIME BONUS    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

! EXECUTER : CARLOS OLIVEIRA                    !
!   CHARACTERS        !      TIME BONUS         !
! Marvin Branagh      !  20 seconds             !
! Nicholai            !  20 seconds             !
! Mikhail             !  20 seconds             !
! Fat Man             !  20 seconds             !
! The girl            !  20 seconds             !
! Brad Vickers        !  20 seconds             !
! Kill Nemesis        ! 120 seconds             !

! EXECUTER : MIKHAIL VICTOR                     !
!   CHARACTERS        !       TIME BONUS        !
! Marvin Branagh      !  20 seconds             !
! Nicholai            !  20 seconds             !
! Carlos              !  20 seconds             !
! Fat Man             !  20 seconds             !
! The girl            !  20 seconds             !
! Brad Vickers        !  20 seconds             !
! Kill Nemesis        ! 120 seconds             !

! EXECUTER : NICHOLAI GINOVAEF                  !
!   CHARACTERS        !      TIME BONUS         !
! Marvin Branagh      !  20 seconds             !
! Carlos              !  20 seconds             !
! Mikhail             !  20 seconds             !
! Fat Man             !  20 seconds             !
! The girl            !  20 seconds             !
! Brad Vickers        !  20 seconds             !
! Kill Nemesis        ! 120 seconds             !

  D. WEAPONS CAN BE BOUGHT   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

!    WEAPONS         =       COST       !
!  ASSAULT RIFLE     =       $2000      !
!  GATLING GUN       =       $3000      !
!  ROCKET LAUNCHER   =       $4000      !
!  INFINITE AMMO     =       $9999      !


11/  I T E M  L I S T


- The order of items is written following the alphabet.

  ITEM LOCATION   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

- Amber Stone                - Clock Tower 1F, Art Room

- Backdoor Key               - Dario's warehouse

- Battery                    - Downtown, City Hall

- Bezel Key                  - Clock Tower 1F

- Book of Wisdom             - Downtown, City Hall

- Brad's S.T.A.R.S. Card     - Brad's corpse

- Card Key                   - Dead Factory  2F

- Chronos Chain              - Clock Tower 3F

- Chronos Gear               - Gold Gear + Silver Gear

- Chronos Key                - Chronos Chain + Winder Key

- Crystal Stone              - Clock Tower 1F, Art Room

- Emerald (Green Gem)        - Restaurant, Downtown
                             - Newspaper Office, Downtown

- Facility Key               - Dead Factory  2F

- Fire Hose                  - Uptown

- Fuse                       - Sub Station, Downtown

- Future Compass             - Around Restaurant, Downtown

- Gold Gear                  - Art Room, Clock Tower 1F

- Graveyard Key              - Raccoon Park

- Iron Pipe                  - The house in Graveyard

- Jill's S.T.A.R.S. Card     - Meeting Room, RPD Station

- Lighter                    - Lighter Oil + Lighter Fluid

- Lighter Oil                - Uptown

- Lighter Fluid              - Uptown, house

- Lockpick                   - S.T.A.R.S. Office, RPD Station

- MO Disc                    - Dead Factory  2F

- Machine Oil                - Gas Station, Downtown

- Main Gate Key              - around Raccoon Park

- Manhole Opener             - Restaurant, Downtown

- Medium Base                - Experiment Room, Hospital B3

- Mixed Oil                  - Machine Oil + Oil Additive

- Obsidian Stone             - Clock Tower 1F, Art Room

- Oil Additive               - Sales Office, Uptown

- Power Cable                - Parking Lot, Downtown

- Radar Receiver             - Dead Factory  2F

- Rear Gate Key              - The house in Graveyard

- Rusted Hex. Crank          - Save Room, Downtown

- S.T.A.R.S. Key             - Locker Room, RPD Station

- Sapphire (Blue Gem)        - Locker Room, RPD Station

- Sickroom Key               - Hospital 4F, Data Room

- Silver Gear                - Clock Tower 3F

- Square Crank               - outside of Sales Office

- Tape Recorder              - Hospital 1F

- Vaccine Base               - Sickroom, Hospital 4F

- Vaccine Medium             - Experiment Room, Hospital B3

- Vaccine                    - Vaccine Medium + Vaccine Base

- Water Sample               - Dead Factory  1F

- Winder Key                 - Clock Tower 1F

- Wrench                     - Trolley, Downtown

  ITEM DESCRIPTION   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

- Amber Stone                - A ball made of amber

- Backdoor Key               - A small key with a tag attached to it.
                             It says "Backdoor" on the tag.

- Battery                    - An old style battery. It seems to be as
                             powerful as a modern one.

- Bezel Key                  - It's a key ornamented with a clock part.

- Book of Wisdom             - A bronze - made book - shaped object. It
                             says "Given Knowledge" on it.

- Brad's S.T.A.R.S. Card     - An ID Card for S.T.A.R.S. with Brad's
                             picture on it.

- Card Key                   - It is used for the card reader at the
                             disposal facility.

- Chronos Chain              - A chain made to adore a god of time.
                             There's a small screw hole near the

- Chronos Gear               - A gear designed after a god of time

- Chronos Key                - It's a key designed to adore a god of

- Crystal Stone              - A ball made of crystal

- Emerald (Green Gem)        - An emerald shining in green

- Facility Key               - A plastic card engraved with an ID is
                             attached to it. It seems to be coated with
                             some kind of special painting.

- Fire Hose                  - A hose to be connected to a fire hydrant

- Fuse                       - A fuse for the high power supply to be
                             used for large size machinery.

- Future Compass             - A bronze - made compass. It says "Future
                             in My Hand" on it.

- Gold Gear                  - A beautiful gear made of gold.

- Graveyard Key              - It's a key given from a mercenary. It
                             "Raccoon Park Graveyard".

- Iron Pipe                  - An iron pipe for gas piping, It's tough
                             and long enough to be used as a pry.

- Jill's S.T.A.R.S. Card     - An ID Card for S.T.A.R.S. with Jill's
                             picture on it.

- Lighter                    - Lighter Oil + Lighter Fluid

- Lighter Oil                - It's fuel for a lighter

- Lighter Fluid              - It has no oil left and cannot be used by

- Lockpick                   - I can unlock the simple locks with this.

- MO Disc                    - It seems to be a system disk used to
                             release the treatment room lock.

- Machine Oil                - Oil for small machines. It can't be used
                             for the large size machinery by itself.

- Main Gate Key              - It's a key for the main gate of the
                             Raccoon Park.

- Manhole Opener             - Its edge is in the shape of a hook. It
                             must be used to hook something.

- Medium Base                - Material used to create the cultivation
                             medium needed for the vaccine creation. It
                             creates the vaccine cultivation medium
                             combined with several chemicals.

- Mixed Oil                  - Oil mixed with the oil additive. It can
                             be used for the power source of the large
                             size machinery.

- Obsidian Stone             - A ball made of obsidian

- Oil Additive               - Adding this to the machine oil turns it
                             into the ideal oil for use with large size

- Power Cable                - A large capacity power cable for use
                             with large machinery.

- Radar Receiver             - N/A

- Rear Gate Key              - A small key with an iron ring attached
                             to it. It says "Rear Gate" on the ring.

- Rusted Hex. Crank          - A hex-edged crank. Its grip is heavily

- S.T.A.R.S. Key             - S.T.A.R.S. emblem is engraved on it.

- Sapphire (Blue Gem)        - Locker Room, RPD Station

- Sickroom Key               - It seems to be a key for the sickroom.
                             Its tag says "402".

- Silver Gear                - A beautiful gear made of silver

- Square Crank               - A square-edged crank

- Tape Recorder              - A portable tape recorder. A patient's
                             diagnosis is recorded onto here.

- Vaccine Base               - Core material used to create the
                             vaccine. It needs to be mixed with the
                             vaccine medium.

- Vaccine Medium             - Cultivation medium used to make vaccine.
                             It needs to be mixed with the vaccine base
                             to create the vaccine.

- Vaccine                    - Vaccine that is effective against the
                             virus infection

- Water Sample               - Sample from the treated drainage of this
                             factory. It shows it has passed the water
                             pollution test.

- Winder Key                 - It's a key ornamented with a clock part.
                             It has a screw shaped ornament to put
                             Around the shape object.

- Wrench                     - An instrumental to wrench hex-shaped
                             objects or bolts.

   ITEM FUNCTION     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

- Amber Stone                - used to get the Gold Gear

- Backdoor Key               - used to unlock the backdoor of Dario's

- Battery                    - activate the elevator to Sub Station

- Bezel Key                  - lower the ladder to Clock Tower 3F

- Book of Wisdom             - put in a hole beside the Future Compass

- Brad's S.T.A.R.S. Card     - access to the computer in police station

- Card Key                   - used to unlock some areas

- Chronos Chain              - Combine with Winder Key to create
                             Chronos Key.

- Chronos Gear               - operate a huge clock

- Chronos Key                - used to unlock a door in Clock Tower 1F

- Crystal Stone              - used to get Gold Gear

- Emerald (Green Gem)        - used to unlock Raccoon City Hall Gate

- Facility Key               - open doors in facility

- Fire Hose                  - put out the fire

- Fuse                       - used to activate the trolley

- Future Compass             - put on the statue to get Battery

- Gold Gear                  - Combine with Silver Gear to create
                             Chronos Gear.

- Graveyard Key              - unlock the house in Graveyard

- Iron Pipe                  - make a hole through another room

- Jill's S.T.A.R.S. Card     - access to the computer of police station

- Lighter                    - used to burn things

- Lighter Oil                - combine with Lighter Fluid to create

- Lighter Fluid              - combine with Lighter Oil to create

- Lockpick                   - used to open the simple locks

- MO Disc                    - used to open some treatment room lock

- Machine Oil                - combine with Oil Additive to create
                             Mixed Oil.

- Main Gate Key              - open the main gate of Raccoon Park

- Manhole Opener             - open the basement of restaurant

- Medium Base                - Used to contain Vaccine

- Mixed Oil                  - activate the trolley

- Obsidian Stone             - used to get Gold Gear

- Oil Additive               - combine with Machine Oil to create
                             Mixed Oil.

- Power Cable                - activate the trolley

- Radar Receiver             - N/A

- Rear Gate Key              - unlock the rear gate of Raccoon Park

- Rusted Hex. Crank          - used to open the shutter of Gas Station

- S.T.A.R.S. Key             - used to unlock S.T.A.R.S. office.

- Sapphire (Blue Gem)        - used to unlock Raccoon City Hall Gate

- Sickroom Key               - used to unlock sickroom 402

- Silver Gear                - combine with Gold Gear to create
                             Chronos Gear.

- Square Crank               - used to open a shutter

- Tape Recorder              - activate an elevator of Hospital

- Vaccine Base               - combine with Vaccine Medium to create

- Vaccine Medium             - combine with Vaccine Base to create

- Vaccine                    - cure Jill of T-virus

- Water Sample               - used to put on a machine

- Winder Key                 - unlock some doors of Clock Tower
                             - combine with Chronos Chain to create
                             Chronos Key.

- Wrench                     - open the shutter in Gas Station
                             - unlock the Fire Hose


12/ W E A P O N  L I S T


  WEAPON LOCATION   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

- Combat Knife                   - Standard weapon

- M4A1 Assault Rifle             - Jill's standard weapon in Easy Mode 
                                 - Carlos's standard weapon

- Beretta M92F 9mm               - Jill's standard weapon

- SIG Pro 9mm                    - Nicholai's standard weapon

- STI Eagle 9mm                  - Nemesis' gifts

- Benelli M39 Shotgun            - Uptown

- Western Custom M37             - Nemesis's gifts

- HK-p Grenade Launcher          - S.T.A.R.S. office cabinet
                                   or Sub Station locker

- S&W .44 Magnum                 - S.T.A.R.S. office cabinet
                                  or Sub Station locker

- Mine Thrower                   - Clock Tower 1F, Main Hall
                                   (Hard Mode  only)

- Gatling Gun                    - Mercenaries Mode

- M66 Rocket Launcher            - Mercenaries Mode
                                 - Dead Factory  1F

  WEAPON DESCRIPTION & FUNCTION    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Range : short
  Ammo using : N/A
  Capacity : N/A
  Description : The standard weapon of every character in every
Resident Evil games. Veteran players could use this weapon in necessary
situation. However, it's not a good weapon in every respect.

  Range : Very long
  Ammo using : Assault Rifle bullets
  Capacity : 100%
  Description : Carlos's standard weapon. It can shoot much bullets
continuously in Auto state - a mediocre weapon for groups of enemies.
But it is also easy to be wasted in Auto state because you would shoot
a lot and you can't stop immediately when the enemies already die.

  Range : Long
  Ammo using : Handgun Bullets & Enhanced Handgun Bullets
  Capacity : 15 bullets
  Description : Jill's standard weapon. This handgun is good for
ordinary enemies like zombies or dogs in a safe distance. Its speed is
fast enough to draw and fire.
  Enhance bullets are made when you create Handgun Bullets from Gun
Powder A 7 times. In the eighth time creating, you are asked if you
create Handgun Bullets or Enhanced Handgun bullets. Enhance Bullets are
shot more slowly than ordinary bullets but it can burst the enemies
like Mine Thrower that make bigger damage.

  Range : Long
  Ammo using : Handgun bullets
  Capacity : 15 bullets
  Description : Nicholai's standard weapon. It's almost like Beretta

  Range : Long
  Ammo using : Handgun Bullets
  Capacity : 15 bullets
  Description : This handgun is just like Beretta M92F about general
description and function.

  Range : short and large
  Ammo using : Shotgun Shells & Enhanced Shotgun Shells
  Capacity : 7 shells
  Description : It's a rather strong weapon with large range that is
effective with a group of enemies in close distance. But the further
the distance is, the less powerful it is. In a suitable close distance
it can blast a zombie's head.
  To create Enhanced Shells, just do as creating Enhanced Bullets with 
Gun Powder B. 

  Range : short and large
  Ammo using : Shotgun Shells
  Capacity : 6 shells
  Description : A kind of shotgun just like Benelli M39.

  Range : short and large
  Ammo using : Grenade Rounds, Freeze Rounds, Flame Rounds, Acid Rounds
  Capacity : 1 round (reload each time shooting one)
  Description : Use grenade ammo with strong power following different
elements of round types. Although its range isn't so large as Shotgun,
they are very effective with any groups of enemies and stronger :
   + Grenade Rounds : Largest ranged of kind. Strong and very effective
with many enemies in groups and any types of enemies.
   + Freeze Rounds : Not very large-ranged. Effective with a group of
enemies. Strong against Nemesis.
   + Flame Rounds : Large-ranged. Burn the enemies and very effective
with many of them in groups. Strong against the monsters which like
water such as Giant Frogs or Black Widows.
   + Acid Rounds : Not very large-ranged but very effective with
Hunters or Brain Suckers.

  I. S&W .44 MAGNUM
  Range : Long
  Ammo using : Magnum Rounds
  Capacity : 6 rounds
  Description : A kind of handgun using rounds with very strong power.
Its speed is faster than Grenade Rounds and Shotgun. One round can go
through and kill any enemies on its way. This weapon is effective with
any enemies, especially when they stand in line. Try to use its
advantage in the game.

  Range : Long
  Ammo using : Mine Thrower Rounds
  Capacity : 6 rounds
  Description : A weapon using explosive arrows to attack. The
explosive arrow is shot to the enemy and it works like a slow bomb.
After some moments, it explodes making a rather big damage on anyone
standing around, even if that one is you. This is also a good weapon
for group of enemies because of its little explosion.

  Range : Long and large
  Ammo using : N/A
  Capacity : N/A
  Description : A powerful weapon used in auto shooting. Just like the
Assault Rifle, it can shoot much bullets continuously. But the
difference between Assault Rifle and Gatling Gun is thar Gatling Gun
shoots in large range which kill any enemies around. Assault Rifle just
shoots in a line.

  Range : Long
  Ammo using : N/A
  Capacity : N/A
  Description : Always the most powerful weapon in every Resident Evil
games, Rocket Launcher is the special item in the game. It has large
size and one shot can kill any enemies.


13/ G U N  P O W D E R  M I X I N G  C H A R T


  In Biohazard 3 Last Escape, you have ammo by mixing Gun Powders. This
is the list of ammo you can create from them :

!    GUN POWDERS            !          CREATED AMMO               !
!           A               !  HANDGUN BULLETS & ENHANCED BULLETS !
!       A + B = C           !  GRENADE ROUNDS                     !
!       A + A = AA          !  HANDGUN BULLETS & ENHANCED BULLETS !
!   A + A + B = AAB         !  SHOTGUN SHELLS  & ENHANCED SHELLS  !
!           B               !  SHOTGUN SHELLS & ENHANCED SHELLS   !
!       B + B = BB          !  SHOTGUN SHELLS & ENHANCED SHELLS   !
!       B + C = BC          !  ACID ROUNDS                        !
!   B + B + B = BBB         !  SHOTGUN SHELLS & ENHANCED SHELLS   !
!       A + B = C           !  GRENADE ROUNDS                     !
!       C + A = AC          !  FLAME ROUNDS                       !
!       C + C = CC          !  FREEZE GROUNDS                     !
!   C + C + C = CCC         !  MAGNUM ROUNDS                      !


14/ N E M E S I S ' G I F T S


  In Hard Mode , each time you defeat Nemesis, you receive a rare item
from his body. If you all beat him every time he faces you. You would
receive all of them.

!     TIME      !         RECEIVED ITEMS           !
!  1st time     !  Eagle Parts A                   !
!  2nd time     !  Eagle Parts B                   !
!  3rd time     !  First Aid Box                   !
!  4th time     !  M37 Parts A                     !
!  5th time     !  M37 Parts B                     !
!  6th time     !  First Aid Box                   !
!  7th time     !  Infinite Ammo                   !
!               !  or M4A1 Assault Rifle           !


15/  M O N S T E R  L I S T


- Monsters in this game are various. But how strong they are depends on
the difficulty you choose. Here I just estimate the damage you could
receive in both modes. The smallest percent is in Easy Mode , the
biggest percent is Hard Mode . Counting the ammo to kill is the same as
damage percentage.

- Location : Everywhere
- Difficulty : Easy
- Characteristics : your most popular enemies. You meet them everywhere
in the city or inside houses. There are various types of them. Some of
them pretend to lie on the floor. Poor anyone who pass them !
- Strategy : Attacking them by any weapons is all okay. Just keep a
safe distance between you and them. Be careful because sometimes they
go very fast. When they go close you, you can use the dodge button the
push them away.
- Attack :
  + Biting neck : 5-15%
  + Poison breath : 5-10%
  + Biting feet : 5-10%
 Ammo to kill :
  Handgun Bullets : 2-10 bullets
  Shotgun Shells : 1-3 shells
  Magnum Rounds : 1 round
  Grenade Rounds : 1 round
  Acid Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Freeze Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Flame Rounds : 1 round
  Assault Rifle : 3-7%
  Rocket Launcher : 1 shot

- Location : Raccoon City streets and Raccoon Park
- Difficulty : Easy
- Characteristics : the dogs which affected by the virus. They are
crazy dogs which like to eat corpses and attack people to eat them.
They like blood just as Zombies.
- Strategy : Handgun and Shotgun are good at these. But you can use
Knife when you are running out of ammo. Just keep a safe distance until
they die. Very safe !
- Attack :
  + Jump and scratch : 5-7%
- Ammo to kill :
  Handgun Bullets : 5-10 bullets
  Shotgun Shells : 1-5 shells
  Magnum Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Grenade Rounds : 1-2 rounds
  Acid Rounds : 1-2 rounds
  Freeze Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Flame Rounds : 1-2 rounds
  Assault Rifle : 3-7%
  Rocket Launcher : 1 shot

- Location : Raccoon City streets
- Difficulty : Medium
- Characteristics : Look like Lickers in Resident Evil 2. Has no eyes
and climb on the wall. When they see targets, they stand on their
behind feet and run to the target. Sometimes they can cause Poison.
- Strategy : Shoot them as soon as possible by Shotgun or Grenade
Launcher. Straight your aim, just aim down when they are very close
- Attack :
  + Cutting : 5-10% + Poison effect
  + Biting : 10-20%
- Ammo to kill :
  Handgun Bullets : 10-20 bullets
  Shotgun Shells : 1-4 shells
  Magnum Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Grenade Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Acid Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Freeze Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Flame Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Assault Rifle : 5-15%
  Rocket Launcher : 1 shot

- Location : the streets, Clock Tower
- Difficulty : Easy
- Characteristics : they are flying in the air and attack in multiple.
- Strategy : shoot them by Handgun or Shotgun. Try to dodging when it
flies near you. The best way is running.
- Attack :
  + Scratch : 3-5%
- Ammo to kill :
  Handgun Bullets : 1 bullet
  Shotgun Shell : 1 shell
  Magnum Round : 1 round
  Grenade Rounds : 1 round
  Acid Round : 1 round
  Freeze Round : 1 round
  Flame Round : 1 round
  Assault Rifle : 1%
  Rocket Launcher : 1 shot

- Location : Sewer, hospital, Clock Tower, Dead Factory
- Difficulty : Easy
- Characteristics : They are worms which like to live in wet places and
attack in multiple.
- Strategy : Running is the best way. Or you can shoot it by any
weapons if they are so annoying.
- Attack :
  + Drain health : 10-15%
- Ammo to kill :
  Handgun Bullets : 1 bullet
  Handgun Bullets : 1 bullet
  Shotgun Shell : 1 shell
  Magnum Round : 1 round
  Grenade Rounds : 1 round
  Acid Round : 1 round
  Freeze Round : 1 round
  Flame Round : 1 round
  Assault Rifle : 1%
  Rocket Launcher : N/A

- Location : Dead Factory, Hospital, Raccoon Park.
- Difficulty : Medium
- Characteristics : like the Hunters in other Resident Evil games. But
they are red. They are very fast in attacking with sharp claws. Their
jumping can make you startle that confuses you. Hunters are still your
most dangerous ordinary enemies as usual.
- Strategy : shoot them as fast as you can by powerful weapons. Assault
Rifle sometimes is good with them.
- Attack :
  + Jump and scratch : 5-10%
  + Cutting feet : 5-15%
  + Head slice : 20-40%
- Ammo to kill :
  Handgun Bullets : 10-15 bullets
  Shotgun Shells : 1-3 shells
  Magnum Rounds : 1-2 rounds
  Grenade Rounds : 1-2 rounds
  Acid Rounds : 1-2 rounds
  Freeze Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Flame Rounds : 1-2 rounds
  Assault Rifle : 3-10%
  Rocket Launcher : 1 shot

- Location : Sewer, Clock Tower
- Difficulty : Easy
- Characteristics : They still like to live in wet place such as sewer.
They are just the huge spiders like to climb all the space as other
Resident Evil games.
- Strategy : Use powerful weapons to shoot them fast. But Handgun is
also all right.
- Attack :
  + Striking : 5-10%
  + Poison liquid : 5-10% + Poison effect
- Ammo to kill :
  Handgun Bullets : 10-20 bullets
  Shotgun Shells : 2-3 shells
  Magnum Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Grenade Rounds : 2-3 rounds
  Acid Rounds : 2-3 rounds
  Freeze Rounds : 2-3 rounds
  Flame Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Assault Rifle : 3-10%
  Rocket Launcher : 1 shot

- Location : where there are Black Widows
- Difficulty : Easy
- Characteristics : born from dead Black Widows. They can't attack but
can make you lose health by jumping.
- Strategy : Running is the best way and step on them.
- Attack :
  + Jump : 1-5%
- Ammo to kill :
  Handgun Bullets : 1-3 bullets
  Shotgun Shells : 1 shell
  Magnum Rounds : 1-2 round
  Grenade Rounds : 1 round
  Acid Rounds : 1 round
  Freeze Rounds : 1 round
  Flame Rounds : 1 round
  Assault Rifle : 1-3%
  Rocket Launcher : N/A

- Location : Raccoon Park, Hospital
- Difficulty : Medium
- Characteristics : Maybe they are some types of Hunters. But they like
to live in water.
- Strategy : shoot them by Assault Rifle or powerful weapons.
- Attack :
  + Cutting : 5-10%
  + Biting : 15-25%
- Ammo to kill :
  Handgun Bullets : 10-15 bullets
  Shotgun Shells : 1-3 shells
  Magnum Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Grenade Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Acid Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Freeze Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Flame Rounds : 1-3 rounds
  Assault Rifle : 3-10%
  Rocket Launcher : 1 shot

- Location : underground
- Difficulty : Medium
- Characteristics : appear and disappear continuously by go through the
ground. It looks like a huge worm with a big mouth but very strong.
- Strategy : Shoot it by powerful weapons and always be careful with
its mouth. It causes big damage. But you don't need to kill it,
- Attack :
  + Biting : 10-25%
- Ammo to kill :
  Handgun Bullets : 30-40 bullets
  Shotgun Shells : 15-30 shells
  Magnum Rounds : 10-25 rounds
  Grenade Rounds : 10-25 rounds
  Acid Rounds : 10-25 rounds
  Freeze Rounds : 10-25 rounds
  Flame Rounds : 10-25 rounds
  Assault Rifle : 30+%
  Rocket Launcher : N/A

- Location : Raccoon Park
- Difficulty : Medium
- Characteristics : The same as Grave Digger 1
- Strategy : Shoot it by powerful weapons. Just attack when it rises
from the ground. If you can last so long, a lamp post would fall to the
water and kill the monster by electricity.
- Attack :
  + Biting : 10-25%
- Ammo to kill :
  Handgun Bullets : 30-60 bullets
  Shotgun Shells : 20-40 shells
  Magnum Rounds : 12-25 rounds
  Grenade Rounds : 12-25 rounds
  Acid Rounds : 12-25 rounds
  Freeze Rounds : 12-25 rounds
  Flame Rounds : 12-25 rounds
  Assault Rifle : 50+%
  Rocket Launcher : N/A

- Location : everywhere in the city, Clock Tower
- Difficulty : Hard
- Characteristics : He looks like Human with a mutated body. His body
contains tons of poisonous tentacles inside that are used to kill
enemies or cast virus. Sometimes he uses a Rocket Launcher to beat up
his target. He chases after Jill throughout the game every time. He
might be a bio-weapon of Umbrella who has high artificial intelligence.
His most dangerous hit is catching because you could be killed at once
like Brad was. He often throws you first, then catches. He is very
afraid of being frozen.
- Strategy : Just run around and fight at the same time to avoid his
hits. Use powerful weapons such as Shotgun, Magnum or Grenade Launcher.
You would be tired with these fights.
- Attack :
  + Beat and punch : 10-15%
  + Throw : 5-10%
  + Catch : 100% (except he suddenly forgives you)
  + Beat by Rocket Launcher : 10-15%
  + Shoot by Rocket Launcher : 25-30%
- Ammo to kill (each random battle) :
  Handgun Bullets : 30-50 bullets
  Shotgun Shells : 14-20 shells
  Magnum Rounds : 10-18 rounds
  Grenade Rounds : 12-20 rounds
  Acid Rounds : 12-20 rounds
  Freeze Rounds : 8-16 rounds
  Flame Rounds : 10-18 rounds
  Rocket Launcher : N/A

- Location : Clock Tower, Dead Factory 
- Difficulty : Medium
- Characteristics : Nemesis is wounded heavily that his tentacles are
revealed from the injuries that look terrible and awful. His body now
is full of fatal tentacles.
- Strategy : This form is not so dangerous as the original form because
he can't kill you at once. But you still run and shoot at the same time
because his tentacle can reach a very long distance to catch you. It's
heavier when he throws you as his toy. He is afraid of freeze rounds.
- Attack :
  + Pull : 5-10%
  + Strike : 5-10%
  + Continuous throwing : 25-30%

- Ammo to kill in first battle :
  Handgun Bullets : 30-50 bullets
  Shotgun Shells : 14-20 shells
  Magnum Rounds : 10-18 rounds
  Grenade Rounds : 12-20 rounds
  Acid Rounds : 12-20 rounds
  Freeze Rounds : 8-16 rounds
  Flame Rounds : 10-18 rounds
  Rocket Launcher : N/A

- Ammo to kill in second battle :
  Handgun Bullets : 50+ bullets
  Shotgun Shells : 14-25 shells
  Magnum Rounds : 10-15 rounds
  Grenade Rounds : 12-25 rounds
  Acid Rounds : 12-25 rounds
  Freeze Rounds : 8-23 rounds
  Flame Rounds : 10-25 rounds
  Rocket Launcher : N/A

- Location : Dead Factory 
- Difficulty : Easy
- Characteristics : Now he turns into a weird giant animal with deadly
tentacles and can make poison effect. He is very slow and almost quiet.
But no weapons could kill him easily.
- Strategy : After you push the three machine systems to activate the
rocket. This huge gun would shoot a very strong shot that make a way on
its flight. Shoot Nemesis and lure him into that way. But YOU CAN'T GO
THERE or THE GUN WOULD FINISH YOUR LIFE. Then the gun would kill him at
- Attack :
  + Strike : 5-15%
  + Poison liquid : 5-15% + Poison effect
- Ammo to kill :
  Handgun Bullets : ???
  Shotgun Shells : ???
  Magnum Rounds : ???
  Grenade Rounds : ???
  Acid Rounds : ???
  Freeze Rounds : ???
  Flame Rounds : ???
  Rocket Launcher : ???


16/  H E A L T H  G U I D E


  HEALTH GUIDE   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  Your health is showed on the Conditions board of Status Screen. You
view the color and the note to know how your current health is.

!   HEALTH        !        COLOUR       !        PERCENT       !
!    Fine         !         Green       !       100% -> 50%    !
!   Caution       !         Yellow      !        50% -> 25%    !
!   Caution       !         Orange      !        25% -> 10%    !
!   Danger        !          Red        !        under 10%     !
!   Poison        !         Purple      !       100% -> 0%     !
!                 !                     !                      !

  HEALING ITEMS   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

- Green Herb : Heal 25% health
- Red Herb : can't be used alone
- Blue Herb : cure Poison
- First Aid Spray : heal 100% + cure Poison
- First Aid Box : 3 First Aid Sprays

  HERB MIXING GUIDE   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

!     MIXED HERBS       !          FUNCTION                           !
! Green + Green         !     Heal 50% health                         !
! Green + Blue          !     Heal 25% health + cure Poison effect    !
! Green + Green + Blue  !     Heal 50% health + cure Poison effect    !
! Green + Green + Green !     Heal 100% health                        !
! Green + Red           !     Heal 100% health                        !
! Green + Red + Blue    !     Heal 100% health + cure Poison effect   !


17/  R A N K I N G  S Y S T E M


  GENERAL RULES    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  You only get Ranking System in Hard Mode  from A -> F in English
version and S -> E in Japanese Version. The ranks (grades) are marked
with a hidden score that you can't see in the game.
  The ranking system depends on :
- The number of used Ink Ribbons to save
- The percentage of healing
- The time to finish the game

   SCORES FOR GRADES    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


!                                                         !
!    USED INK RIBBONS                 RECEIVED SCORE      !
!          0              <->          100 points         !
!          1              <->           90 points         !
!          2              <->           80 points         !
!          3              <->           70 points         !
!       4 ->  5           <->           60 points         !
!       6 ->  8           <->           50 points         !
!       9 -> 12           <->           40 points         !
!      13 -> 17           <->           30 points         !
!      18 -> 23           <->           20 points         !
!      24 -> 30           <->           10 points         !
!     more than 31        <->            0 point          !
!                                                         !


!                                                         !
!           750%              <->      100 points         !
!           850%              <->       90 points         !
!           950%              <->       80 points         !
!          1050%              <->       70 points         !
!          1150%              <->       60 points         !
!          1250%              <->       50 points         !
!          1350%              <->       40 points         !
!          1450%              <->       30 points         !
!          1550%              <->       20 points         !
!          1650%              <->       10 points         !
!       more than 1650%       <->        0 point          !
!                                                         !


!                                                         !
!      PLAYING TIME                   RECEIVED SCORE      !
!      under 2:30          <->         100 points         !
!      2:30 ->  2:40       <->          90 points         !
!      2:40 ->  3:00       <->          80 points         !
!      3:00 ->  3:30       <->          70 points         !
!      3:30 ->  4:10       <->          60 points         !
!      4:10 ->  5:00       <->          50 points         !
!      5:00 ->  6:00       <->          40 points         !
!      6:00 ->  7:10       <->          30 points         !
!      7:10 ->  8:30       <->          20 points         !
!      8:30 -> 10:00       <->          10 points         !
!     more than 10:00      <->           0 point          !
!                                                         !



!     RANKS (GRADES)       !          TOTAL SCORE         !
!          A               !        270 -> 300 points     !
!          B               !        230 -> 260 points     !
!          C               !        180 -> 220 points     !
!          D               !        120 -> 170 points     !
!          E               !         50 -> 110 points     !
!          F               !         under 50 points      !
!                          !                              !


!     RANKS (GRADES)       !          TOTAL SCORE         !
!          S               !        270 -> 300 points     !
!          A               !        230 -> 260 points     !
!          B               !        180 -> 220 points     !
!          C               !        120 -> 170 points     !
!          D               !         50 -> 110 points     !
!          E               !         under 50 points      !
!                          !                              !

  RANKING SYSTEM IN MERCENARY MODE    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

! RANKS (GRADES) !                  DESCRIPTION                       !
!      S         ! Complete the game with all survivors saved + kill  !
!                ! more enemies.                                      !
!      A         ! Complete the game with all survivors saved         !
!      B         ! Complete or die with at least 3 survivors saved    !
!      C         ! Complete or die with at least 1 survivors saved    !
!      D         ! Complete the game with no survivor saved           !
!      E         ! Die without saving any survivors                   !


18/  M A P S   I L L U S T R A T I O N



                                                !    !      ! !
                                                !    >______! !
                                                !   !       ! !
        !!                                      !   !       ! !
        !!                                      !   !       ! !
________!!______                           _____!   !_______! !
                \--\_________V_________/--/                   !
________   _____                          _______   ________  !
        ! !     \--\_____________    _/--/       !V!        ! !
        ! !              ___     !  !            ! !        ! !
  ___!--! !             !B 5!    !  !            ! !        ! !
 !      ! !_____________!S_V!____!  !            ! !        ! !
 !   4  ! >______>__     _____>__   !       _____! !        ! !
 !      ! !         !   /        !  !      !  ___> !        ! !
 !_     ! !         !  /         !  !      ! !   ! !        ! !
   !__  ! !         ! !          !  !______! !   ! !        ! !
______!V! !_________!V!__________!   ________!   !_!        ! !     _
_______________   _________ 6 ___   !             __________! !____! !_
               ! !         !V!   !  !            !  _______   _________
               ! !         ! !   !  !            ! !       ! !
               ! !         ! !   !   \           ! !       ! !
               ! !_________! !    \   \          ! !       / !
               !  >___     _ \    /    \_        ! !     _/  !
               ! !    !   ! \ \  / /\    !_______! !____/    /
               ! !  _ ! __!  \ \/ /  \_                   __/
               ! ! ! !/!      \V /     !_______         _/
_______________! !/  !V \     / /              \  _____/______
________________  \  /   \   /  \              ! !BS  <!      !
                \  \/     \ / /\V\             ! !____!!      !
                 \  \  3   / /  \ \            ! !  ___! 1    !
                  \  \    / /    \ \    /\     ! !H!__________!
                   \  \V /  \     \ \/\/ 2\    ! !___________V!
                    \   / /\V\    /    V  /   _! >____________!
                     \   /  \ \  / /\   \/___!_! !
                      / /    \ \/ /  \_________< !
                     / /      \  /             ! !
                    / /        \/              ! !

- Area 1 : Dario's warehouse
  + First Aid Spray
  + Handgun Bullets (Hard Mode )
  + Warehouse Key
  + Gun Powder A

- Area 2 :
  + Lighter Oil
  + Shotgun
  + Green Herbs (outside)

- Area 3 :
  + Lighter Fluid
  + Handgun Bullets
  + Green Herbs (outside)
  + Uptown Map (outside)

- Area 4 : Sale's Office
  + Oil Additive
  + Gun Powder A (optional)
  + Gun Powder B (optional)
  + Crank (outside)

- Area 5 : Save Room
  + Gun Powder A
  + Gun Powder B

- Area 6 : a street
  + Red Herb
  + Red Herb


  !   !          ! !
  !   !          ! !_________                  _________
  !   !          !     !     !            !   !        !!
  !   !          !     !_____!            !   !        !!
  !   !          !           !            !   !   5    >!
__!   !          !     7     !            !   !        !!
__     \_________!           !____________!   !________!!_____________
  !    !----!----!  __________   _________     _____________________  !
  !    !  6 >    ! !          ! !_    __  !   !       !SB!   !>! !  ! !
  !    !-V--!--V-! !          !   !__!____!   !_______!4V!___!!!_!  ! !
  !    !       __! !          !  _________>    _>____________ !     < !
  !    !     _/__> !____      / /         !   !              !!  3  ! !
  !    !____/ /  !  ___ \_   / /          !   !              !!_____! !
  !    >_____!   ! !   \_ \_/V/           !   !              !!     ! !
  !    !         ! !     \_  !____________!   !______________!V_____! !
  !    !         ! !       \______________     ________   ___   ____  !
  !    !         ! !                      !   !        ! !___!V!  __! !
  !    !         ! !                      !   !        ! >___  !__E ! !
  !    !         ! !                      !   !        ! !   !__HHH_! !
__!    !_________! !______________________!   !________! !

----!!------------------------------------!   !--!-!-V-! !--!-V---V-!--
    !!                                    !   !  ! > SB! !  !   2   !_
    !!                                    !   !  !_!---! !  !      ___!
    !!                                    !   !   !    ! !  !_____!
    !!                                    !   ! __!    ! !
    !!                                    !   !!     1 ! !
    !!                                    !   !!       ! !
    !!                                    ! O  !  O    ! !
    !!                                    !    >_______! !

- Area 1 : Parking Lot area
  + Power Cable
  + Handgun Bullets

- Area 2 : Sub Station
  + Handgun Bullets
  + Red Herb (optional)
  + Red Herb (optional)
  + Grenade Launcher (optional)
  + Magnum (optional)
  + Fuse
  + Gun Powder B (optional)

- Area 3 : Restaurant area
  + Manhole Opener
  + Green Gem (optional)
  + Gun Powder A (optional)

- Area 4 : Save Room
  + Rusty Crank
  + Shotgun Shells

- Area 5 : Newspaper Office
  + Green Gem (optional)
  + Handgun Bullets

- Area 6 : Trolley area
  + Wrench

- Area 7 : Gas Station
  + First Aid Spray
  + Machine Oil
  + Gun Powder A (optional)


        _____________    _______
       !  ___   ___  !  !  HHHHH!
       ! !   !V!   ! !  !      H!
       ! !         ! !__!  ____V!
       ! !         !    ! !     !_____________
       ! !   6     !____< !  5  !             !
       ! !_       _! 4  ! !S    !             !
       !  !      !      ! !    B!             !
       !__!      !__V___<_!_____!             !
          !______!              >      S      !
                 !    3         !             !
                 !              !             !
                 !      ________!     2       !
                 !     !       !              !
                 !     !       !              !
                 !_____!       !_     HHH     !_
                                !              !
                                    !     !
                                 ___!     !____
                                !              !
                                !      1       !
                                !              !

- Area 1 :
  + Brad's Card Key

- Area 2 : Main Hall
  + Handgun Bullets

- Area 3 : Marvin's place
  + Shotgun Shells

- Area 4 : Locker Room
  + Blue Gem
  + Emblem Key

- Area 5 : Dark Room
  + Gun Powder A

- Area 6 :
  + Jill's Card Key


                       ! HHHHH!
                       !     H!
                       !     H!
       ________________!      !
      !      _________________!
     _!     !
    ! <_____!
    ! !     !
    ! !     !
    ! !     !
    ! <     !
    ! !     !
    ! !     !
    ! !_____!

 + Lockpick
 + Grenade Launcher (optional)
 + Magnum (optional)
 + Handgun Bullets


                           !           !_
                    STREET >     7     < !
                           !           ! !
                           !___________! !
                         _____________ ! !
                        /             \! !___
                       !               !___ 6!
              _________!               !   ! !
             !         !       2       !___!V!_
             !         >               <       !
             !____   __!               !   5   !
                  ! !  !               !       !
                 _! !__!_______V_______! !-----!
                !      !               ! !
                !      !               !V!_____
                !      !               !      S!
                !      !               !      B!
                !__V___!       1       !__V____!
                !B    !!               !    !
                !S  3 !!               !    !
                !     !!               !    !
                !_____!!____________    \   !
                                    \    \   \
                                     \    \   \
                                      \    \ 4 \
                                       \    \   \
                                        \    \   \
                                         \    \


- Area 1 : Courtyard
  + Green Herb
  + Green Herb
  + Green Herb
  + Blue Herb
  + Blue Herb

- Area 2 : Main Hall
  + First Aid Spray
  + Mine Thrower (Hard Mode )
  + Shotgun Shells (Easy Mode )

- Area 3 : Left Save Room
  + Gun Powder A (optional)
  + Gun Powder B (optional)
  + Winder Key (optional)
  + Bezel Key (optional)

- Area 4 :
  + Gun Powder A (optional)
  + Gun Powder B (optional)
  + Winder Key (optional)
  + Bezel Key (optional)

- Area 5 :
  + Freeze Rounds (optional)
  + Grenade Rounds

- Area 6 :
  + Grenade Rounds

- Area 7 :
  + Crystal
  + Obsidian
  + Amber
  + Gold Gear
  + Ammo for Mine Thrower (Hard Mode )
  + Shotgun Shells (Easy Mode )


                          /              \
                         /  /--------HHH--\
                        !  !         HHH
                        !   !        HHH
                        !   !
                        !  !
                        !  !_
                        \                 /

  + Red Herb
  + Red Herb


                          ! B       !
                          !         !
                          !         !
                          !         !
                          !       S !

  + Gun Powder A
  + Silver Gear
  + Chronos Chain


           !                           !
           !  _________!--!            !
           ! !         <__!______      !
           ! !         !        B!     !
           ! !   3     !   2     !     !
           ! !         <    S    !     !
           ! !_________!         !     !
           !      !    !______V__!_    !
           !      !                !_  !
           !      !____            ! !_!
           !           !    1      >
           !           !           !  _
           !           !----___----!_! !
           !                           !
           !                           !
            \                          \
             \                          \
              \                          \
               \                          \
                \                        /
                 \                      /
                  \                    /
                   \                  /
                    \                /
                     \              /
                      \            /
                       \          /
                        \        /
                         \      /
                          \    /
                           \  /

   ITEMS :
- Area 1 :
  + Red Herb
  + Red Herb

- Area 2 : Save Room
  + First Aid Spray

- Area 3 :
  + Handgun Bullets
  + Blue Herb
  + Tape Recorder

          !        _!--!              !
          !_______! E__!              !
          !       ! !_________        !
          !       !  __V___V__!       !
          !       ! !    !    !       !
          !  3    ! !  1 !  2 !       !
          !       ! !    !    !       !
          !       ! !____!____!       !
          !_______<_!              _  !
          !                       ! !_!
          !                      !
          !                      !   _
          !                       !_! !
          !                           !
          !                           !
           \                          \
            \                          \
             \                          \
              \                          \
               \                        /
                \                      /
                 \                    /
                  \                  /
                   \                /
                    \              /
                     \            /
                      \          /
                       \        /
                        \      /
                         \    /
                          \  /


- Area 1 : Sickroom
  + Green Herb (optional)
  + Green Herb (optional)

- Area 2 : Sickroom
  + Vaccine Base

- Area 3 : Data Room
  + Sickroom Key
  + Handgun Bullets

       !     ! !_   _____          !
       !     ! E_!_!     !         !
       !     ! !     2   !         !
       !   __! !         !         !
       !  !  __!____V____!         !
       !  ! !        !             !
       !  ! !   1    !             !
       !  ! !        !             !
       !  !_<________!          _  !
       !                       ! !_!
       !                        !
       !                        ! _
       !                       !_! !
       !                           !
       !                           !
        \                          \
         \                          \
          \                          \
           \                          \
            \                        /
             \                      /
              \                    /
               \                  /
                \                /
                 \              /
                  \            /
                   \          /
                    \        /
                     \      /
                      \    /
                       \  /


- Area 1 :
  + Green Herb (optional)
  + Green Herb (optional)

- Area 2 :
  + Medium Base


             ______________ _____ ____________________
            !              !    _!_______             \
            !              ! 6 !      < 7!             \
            !              !   >  5   !SB!              \
            !              !___!      !                  \
            !                  !_V____!                   \
            !         _____________     4                  \
            !        !             !               __     _!  _      _
            !        ! O           !              !  !___! !_! !____! !
            !        !             !              !3 ____  <_   ____  <
            !        !             !              ! !    !_! !_!    !/
            !        !             !         _____! !      !
            !        !             !        !  _____!      !
            !        !_____________!        !V!            !
            ! _____ ____________            ! !            !
            !!O    !  _________ !           ! !            !
            !!     !_H        H !___________! !            !
            !!  2  <            HHH___________!            !
            !!     !     HHH    !                          !
 _________  !!_____!            !                          !
!         ! !      !            !                          !
!         ! !      !            !                          !
!         ! !      !____ V _____!                          !
!HOSPITAL ! !      _____! !                                !
!         ! !     !SB 1 !H!                                !
 \         \ \____!V____!H!________________________________!
  \         \___  ___________
   \       /    !!
    \     /     !!
     \   /      !> CLOCK TOWER
      \ /


- Area 1 : Save Room
  + Main Gate Key
  + Grenade Rounds (Easy Mode)
  + Ammo for Mine Thrower (Hard Mode)

- Area 2 :
  + Green Herb
  + Green Herb
  + Green Herb
  + Blue Herb
  + Blue Herb

- Area 3 :
  + Park Key
  + Magnum Rounds

- Area 4 :
  + Red Herb
  + Red Herb

- Area 5 :
  + Iron Pipe
  + Gun Powder A
  + Gun Powder B

- Area 6 :
  + Park Key
  + Grenade Rounds

- Area 7 :
  + First Aid Spray

                     !       !
                     !       !
                     !       !
                     !       !
                     !  _____!
               !       ______!
               !   3  !
               !      !
               !___V  !
       ___________! !_!    _________
      !__   __________!___!         !
         ! !BS      < HHHH     1    !
         ! !        !     !_________!
         ! !   2    !


- Area 1 :
  + First Aid Spray
  + Gun Powder A (optional)
  + Gun Powder B (optional)

- Area 2 : Save Room
  + Water Sample

- Area 3 :
  + Shotgun Shells


                  ________!E!     !
                 !        <       !
                 !   1    !   2   !
                 !  S B   !       !
                 !______V_!  _____!_________
                !  _V_____!_!E!_! <         !__
           _____! !               !__________  !
          !       !  5  !---------!       ___!V!___
          >______V!     !                !         !
                ! !     !                !         !
                ! !_____!                !         !
                ! !                      !   6     !
                !3!                      !         !
                ! !                      !         !
              __!V!__                    !_________!
             !       !
             !    4  !
             !   O   !
             !       !


- Area 1 : Save Room
  + Facility Key
  + First Aid Spray
  + Gun Powder A (optional)
  + Gun Powder B (optional)

- Area 2 :
  + Blue Herb
  + Blue Herb

- Area 3 :
  + Green Herb
  + Green Herb

- Area 4 :
  + Radar Receiver

- Area 5 :
  + Map
  + Green Herb
  + Green Herb
  + Green Herb
  + MO Disc

- Area 6 :
  + Card Key

    MAP LOCATION     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     MAPS                              LOCATION
- Uptown Map                 - Uptown, near the bar
- Downtown Map               - Downtown, Brain Sucker fork road
- Police Station Map         - Police Station, Main Hall
- Clock Tower Map            - Clock Tower, Main Hall
- Hospital Map               - Hospital, 1st floor near the elevator
- Raccoon Park Map           - Raccoon Park, left area
- Dead Factory Map           - Dead Factory 2F, Laboratory


19/  F I L E S


  GAME INSTRUCTION A   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  We hope to improve your chances to survive !

  Shooting Objects :

  You may get different reactions from shooting objects, such as oil
drums and bombs.
  * Press the R2 Button to aim directly at these objects.

  Quick Turn :

  You can perform quick 180 degrees turns.
  Press the Run button while retreating.

  Emergency Escape :

  When you're trapped by enemies, you can push then away to escape.
  Press the Directional buttons, Action Button, Cancel Button, Run
Button, R1, R2 and L1 buttons rapidly.

  Emergency Dodging :

  Just before an enemy attacks, you can perform a dodge move to evade
it !
  Press the R1 or R2 buttons.
  Press the Action Button while aiming.

  Getting on/off an Object :

  You can get on or off certain objects that appear in the game.
  Press the Action Button while you are moving forward to the edge of
an object that you wish to get on of off.

  Map :

  Press the L2 button to view the map.
  You can zoom in or out of the map by pressing the Action Button.
  While the map is zoomed in, use the Directional buttons to move the
  Press the Select button to switch between maps.

  Live Selection :

  At certain points in the game, the screen fades into B&W. At these
points, you will be prompted to choose between two different options.
  Use the Directional buttons to move between the options and use the
Action Button to make your decision.

  Event Cancel : It is possible to keep certain scenes.

  Press the Select button to skip these scenes.

  GAME INSTRUCTION B    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Ammunition Creation System :
  To create various ammunition, you need to use the "Reloading Tool"
and "Gun Powder."

  Reloading Tool :

  This is necessary item if you want to create different types of
ammunition. By combining the Gun Powder and Reloading Tool, various
types of ammunition will be created.

  Gun Powder :

  Mix materials to create various types of ammunition. There are three
types of basic Gun Powders : A, B and C. Please note that Gun Powder c
is created by mixing A and B types.

  How to Mix Gun Powders : You can creative various kinds of bullets by
mixing the different Gun Powders. There are 13 different kinds of Gun
Powders in all.

  Example :
A : Handgun Bullets
B : Shotgun Shells
C : Grenade Rounds
A + C : Grenade Flame Rounds
B + C : Grenade Acid Rounds
C + C : Grenade Freeze Rounds
C + C + C : Magnum Bullets

  Mixing Gun Powder with Grenade Rounds: If you combine a certain type
of Gun Powder with Grenade Rounds, special types of Grenade Rounds will
be created.

  Mixing Level Improvement :

  If you repeatedly create the same kind of ammunition, your skill will
be improved, and you will be able to create more powerful ammunition.

  CLOCK TOWER POSTCARD   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  A picture postcard of a clock tower.

  The following explanation is printed on the backside :

  "A landmark spot : Saint Michael Clock Tower."

  PHOTO A    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  The policemen are pressing forward. Picture dated September 27.

  MARVIN'S REPORT   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  September 24th

  There are reports of theft in the municipal building before dawn. A
jewel decorated clock at the main gate was damaged. Two of twelve gems
that are installed on the face of the clock are missing.

  Due to lack of available officers at this time, I have no choice but
to suspend the research of this case.


  Marvin Branagh


  September 26th

  Based upon the autopsy report of a 42 year old restaurant owner, I
have discovered that he has one of the missing gems. He apparently took
shelter in the police department at about 10a.m, where he was shot to
death within 10 minutes of having developed the symptoms.

  Since the city is currently under martial law, we are forced to
suspend this case. At this time, we'll keep the gem as evidence.


  Marvin Branagh

  DAVID'S MEMO    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  My insanity is at its end... I still can't believe this is happening.
We lost another man yesterday. Meyer: one of our marksmen. He saw me
panic once we were overrun by zombies but he came back to save me.

  But when the time to return the debt, I ran.

  I can still hear him calling out my name. I can still hear the
screams coming from behind. The sound of his flesh being stripped from
its bone. I was afraid... terrified...

  It's the 27th. The fight to stay alive continues. I took out several
zombies who managed to break through the barricades. Now I'm cutting
through the chill with whisky, unloading the Mossberg on anything
undead. That shotgun become a close friend of mine. I've blasted many a
zombie into fertilize with it.

  We've lost 13 men as yesterday. In 3 hours, we'll bicker over trivial
things in the meeting room. It's total waste of time. When I finish
this bottle, my old friend Moosberg will be turning one last body into

  Peace at last.

  I can hardly wait...

  FAX FROM KENDO GUNSHOP   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  To the boys of S.T.A.R.S.,

  I have some good news for you from my brother Joe. He has finalized
the new handgun for official use. It's the M92F S.T.A.R.S. Special, but
he calls it the "Samurai Edge". It's the most balanced of the Kendo
custom guns. Joe said if you miss the targets with this, you should
carry a teething ring instead of a gun in your holster.

  The goods will be delivered along with their proper documentation.
I'm sure you'll be surprised when you see what kind of excellent parts
are used for the M92F. I know that you'll want to thank the good people
who developed it.


  Robert Kendo

  Kendo Gun Shop

  MERCENARY DIARY   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  September 1st

  Following six months of intensive training, my body's edge had

  I was a good soldier, but they ordered my execution with no reason
given. I was tortured and forced to give a false confession.

  But on the morning of me execution, a miracle happened. The company
had helped me out, giving me a second lease on life.

  September 15th

  I ended my vacation short and returned to the HQ office. It looks
like my UBCS unit's been called into action.

  Umbrella maintains its own paramilitary unit to counter corporate
terrorism and V.I.P. abduction. In addition, they have nightmen who
specialize in handling problems cause by illegal products.

  I'm currently a member of the latter.

  September 28th

  Dawn's here, but we're still slogging through this nightmare. There
are no provisions of any kind here. The undead walk the streets feeding
upon the flesh of the living.

  Given the choice again, I would rather have been executed. Death row
was a heavenly asylum compared to this place.

  I've chosen to pull the trigger myself, in the hope that my dead body
won't come back to life.

      CITY GUIDE            \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  The Tracks of Our City

  Dear citizens,

  Thanks to kind and generous people of Umbrella Inc., this is a
peaceful and friendly city. The vast donations from Umbrella Inc., have
been used for welfare work, the construction of public utilities, and
to help maintain public peace.

  In 1992, it was my fifth year as mayor of our beautiful city. It was
then that through many donations and hard work our city was able to
rebuild the municipal building, create a state of the art hospital.

  In honor of these fine accomplishments, I was awarded with a grand
statue that same year. The statue rests in the municipal building.

  I came to this city as an engineer more than 35 years ago. I made
contributions to the electric systems, and to the installation of the
cable car. I pledge to follow the tradition of this fine city and will
devote my life to its prosperity.

  The mayor of the city

  Michael Warren

    PHOTO B       \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  A close-up shot of a zombie.

  It says, "SCOOP!" on the backside.

    PHOTO C      \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  The police have been destroyed.

   REPORTER'S MEMO     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  At last I have found the evidence I need to prove that the "Cannibal
Disease" is indeed happening in this city. One man actually ate people
to death. He was like a savage animal tearing away a new flesh. It was
completely disgusting. I have heard rumors that many people are also
suffering from this disease now. However, the cause of the disease is
not yet known. Is this another mystery of the present disease ? I will
have to check on it...

  They have placed Raccoon City under martial law because of the
cannibal disease. I have lost contact with the media outside of the
city, but I won't keep my eyes shut and walk away. I have a duty to the
people and my profession. I don't think the disease has spread
nationwide yet. I believe that this city holds the key to its creation
and cure. In fact, I'm sure of it.

  The military has setup blockades around the city to keep people from
escaping and spreading the disease. Most of the citizens have either
died or have come in contact with the disease. I know that it is right
decision to quarantine the city, but I can't help but pity myself. If I
am infected or eaten, it doesn't matter. My fate is already sealed. All
I have left is my journalism. I won't give up until I solve the mystery
of this deadly disease. I have just discovered that the disease is not
spread through the air, but by some other means.

   MECHANICS' MEMO    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  I know that you're intimidated by your new job Kevin, so let me tell
you how to make sure that you and your trains get along just fine. You
see, these carriages were made in 1968, and then imported from Europe.
Sometimes they get rickety, but they still work because they are
simple, stubborn, and strong. We can always depend on them. If they
have a bad day and are malfunctioning, you'll need to take a good look
at their circuits for any trouble. Once you discover what's wrong,
you'll be able to fix it easily.

  I'm sure that you'll be able to avoid those nasty little malfunctions
if you check the parts every day. These old trains will surely have
problem if you don't remember to check them out. Just remember that if
you need to replace anything, you have to choose a suitable part. When
I say suitable, I mean that even if you can't find another original
part, you'd better find something that works good enough. Even with
regard to oil, you must always prepare good quality oil for these
trains. Never forget Kevin that a man may betray others, but a machine

   MANAGER'S REPORT    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Before you begin your new position, please allow me to give you some

  Some of the medicines in the storage room are unstable and their
quality will deteriorate under changing temperatures or humidity.
Therefore, you must remember to keep the temperature the same in the
storage room at all times. You should personally check it everyday.
Although the computer checks it around the clock, a machine is not
perfect. Try and remember that a machine is no more than a tool to be
used by people.

  You must check all personnel coming and going to the storage room.
Many dangerous drugs are stored there, if any of them are missing you
have a serious problem on your hands. The door to the storage room is
always locked, but when you let personnel into it, you will need to
have them hand in their documents. And above all else, remember that if
you find anything suspicious, contact your boss immediately.

  If you forget the password to lock the door, try and remember that it
is a word that everyone is familiar with. Don't forget that once a new
product is shipped, the password will be updated again. You can always
enter the password from the terminal of the PC for administration.

   BUSINESS FAX     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  "Order Sheet"

  The liquid medicine named VT-J98 is suitable to cultivate the NE-T
type virus. Therefore, we will need to order additional quantities of

  U.E  Sixth Laboratory.

   DARIO'S MEMO     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  I can't help but wonder if anyone read these words, but writing them
will help me maintain my sanity if nothing else.

  After I've become a meal for those undead monsters, will the G.I.S
responsible for sealing off the town laugh upon discovering my corpse ?
So is this how it's supposed to end ? I don't want to die. I'm just not

  My wife, daughter, mother... My entire family has been killed. But 
of that matters anymore. Right now, my life is the only important
thing. That's all that matters.

  I never would have pictured my end to be like this. I had so much
left to do. Rather than becoming a salesman, I should have tried my
hand at being a novelist. It's what I've always wanted, but my mother
would only tell me you have a long way to go.

  Why did I ever listen to her ?

  Nut this looks like the end for the great Dario Rosso, novelist
extraordinary. Cut down before his prime...

   OPERATION INSTRUCTION     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Order for UBCS Echo Team :

  Wipe all the downtown area of the infestation and then evacuate the
remaining citizens to the clock tower. Among the civilians, remember to
give priority to the employees of Umbrella's affiliates. Remember to
stay alert because the infected have a high endurance rate will strike
without hesitation.

  Evacuation Procedure :

1. Once the mission is complete, or when it becomes too impossible to
accomplish, evacuate immediately.
2. We'll deploy a helicopter that is waiting in the suburbs, to the
yard in front of the clock tower.
3. When you are ready for the evacuation, ring the bell of the clock
tower to signal the helicopter.

   ART PICTURE POSTCARD    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  A picture of antique clocks.

  The following verse is printed. "Give your soul to the goddess. Put
your hands together to pray before her."

   MERCENARY POCKETBOOK    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  September 26th

  It's only been there hours since the mission started, but the team is
down to me and Campbell. The number of the zombies is far greater then
we expected. There is no hope left for this city. We have already
injected the antibody for the virus, but I'm not sure that it will
work. I don't know if I will survive...

  September 27th

  We managed to reach the clock tower. Out of the desperation we robbed
some wounded members of their weapons and used the surviving citizens
as decoys. We were taught to do this in order to survive in the
battlefield, but I never enjoyed it. However, a girl showed up at the
clock tower before me. She is one of the survivors. She looks just like
my sister before she starved to death...

  September 28th
  I wanted to evacuate as soon as possible, but the girl didn't. Her
father insisted that he wouldn't leave the city, where his beloved wife
rests in peace. I really wanted to save the girl, but Campbell said.
"All I care about is our lives." That's how I felt before, but now... 
clock tower has become a dangerous place and I don't want to make
anymore mistakes...

   DIRECTOR'S DIARY     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  September 10th

  These patients suffer from gangrene and congestion of their blood at
first. Then their mind slowly deteriorates. In the end, there is
nothing left on their mind. When that happens even mercy killing seems
pointless. After all, they are already dead... This disease is unlike
anything I have ever witnessed. Once the patient's mind is gone, they
become flesh hunger monsters and act like wild animals who are on some
type of bloodlust.

  September 18th

  Another patient has been admitted to the hospital. He is showing
symptoms of the first stages of the disease at this point, but... I
haven't been able to sleep at all these past few days. I refuse to let
these patients become "zombies". I am not just an ordinary citizen. I
am a doctor. Even if I die, my clinical charts will continue to finding
a cure.

  September 26th

  We lost most of the doctors and staff during the battle against the
"zombies" patients. It's impossible to maintain the hospital under
these conditions. And, I know that it's too late for me. I am beginning
to feel that same itchy and hungry desire that all of my patients felt.
It's too late for me...

    PHOTO D     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  The zombies are walking. It says, "The effects of the T-virus" on the

   MEDICAL INSTRUCTION MANUAL    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Umbrella Medical Service
  North America Division
  Douglas Rover

  In order to activate the synthesizer to cultivate the vaccine, please
follow the procedure as detailed below :

1. Supply enough energy to the system.
2. Set the medium vase to the device.

  When the device is ready, you can start mixing the vaccine medium. To
mix the vaccine, you will need to control the five levers. This will
cause the two gauges to increase or decrease. If you adjust the two
gauges so that they stop at the center, the vaccine medium will then be
produced automatically.

   PHOTO E    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  The zombies are attacking.

   WRITTEN ORDER TO SUPERVISORS    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Mission Requirements :

  Bravo 16

1. Obtain and secure sample of all the information pertaining to this
case. Observe and record combat data on the UBCS.
2. Destroy all the evidence including the medical facility that has the
medical treatment data.
3. Check the guinea pig's ability to accomplish the mission. Once your
mission in complete, evacuate the area.

  Remember that you must not help anyone who is not a supervisor, nor
bring anything back that might be traced to where it belongs.

   SUPERVISOR'S REPORT    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  The endurance ability of the contaminated guinea pigs is truly
incredible. Even when shot in a vital area, they can sometimes survive
for several days without taking care of the wound. However, after
prolonged exposure to the virus, the guinea pigs' intelligence level
decrease to that of an insect. Even though reviving the dead seems to
disgusting, the virus may still be of use. If we inject the virus into
our POWs and release them, they would return to their units and then
turn into zombies. This plan may work well for us in the future.

  In certain areas, the virus seems to have caused the mutation of
animals and plants. It may be difficult, but it'll make a good sample
for the bio weapon development. I've heard that there is a giant
alligator, but I have only encountered a giant creature moving
underground. I don't even want to imagine what creature spawned that

  I encountered "NEMESIS". If I didn't know about it, I'd have been
contaminated and would have become one of them by now. If it is still
walking around the city, its mission is not yet over. S.T.A.R.S.
members must be very tough, since they have survived until this point.
However, they cannot hold out forever...

   FAX FROM HEADQUARTERS    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Attention. The Raccoon City project has been abandoned. Our political
maneuvering in the senate to delay their plans are now futile. All
supervisors should evacuate immediately. The US army is going to
execute their plan tomorrow morning. The city will be obliterated at
daybreak for sure.

   MANAGER'S DIARY    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  April 25th

  Today is my 30th birthday. I was transferred to this facility today.
I am very happy because the work environment is very different from
life in the university.

  May 14th

  The disposal system has been completed. Using a special kind of gas,
it can decompose the cells of the guinea pigs. We have to try this out
before beginning practical usage of the system, since it is not 100%
stable yet.

  May 20th

  While I was checking the treatment room, the door shut, and I was
locked inside. I couldn't get out for one hour. I guess even if you
have the key card, it's useless when you are locked inside.

  June 7th

  The guinea pigs we have to dispose of are increasing. The system is
not working smoothly. The laboratory staff doesn't listen to my
opinions and I am getting extremely frustrated.

  July 16th

  We can't dispose of all the bodies and the quality of the liquid
medicine is not good enough, either...

  July 29th

  Though the function of the system decreases, the number of the bodies
we have to dispose doesn't. The infection level has increased and the
anti-bodies we are using is no match for the new mutation of the virus.
Some of the workers have been infected by the disease. I have continued
to work, but I always keep a gun with me. I must remember to save one
bullet for me. I want to weep. I don't want to die here. I swear that
I'll lose my mind if I imagine how painful the death will be...

   SECURITY MANUAL    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  "Security of the Plant"

 Since this plan is a facility under the disguise of a deserted
factory, civilians will sometimes enter. If this could occur, do not
hesitate to shoot them. If they chaos to surrender, arrest and then
transfer them to the laboratory as a guinea pigs. You will be rewarded.

  "Maintenance of the Device"

  This entire plant is controlled by an epidemic prevention system.
When contamination is detected in the treatment room or decomposed
specimen pool, the plant will automatically be locked down for
isolation. In that case, you must follow the manual to unlock it. If
the contamination is over the limit, the whole system will
automatically lockdown. Then, you must remain in the plant and wait for
subsequent orders. Those who leave the facility without permission will
suffer extreme consequences.

   INCINERATOR MANUAL    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  The incinerator plant is one of the facility that burns the
disposable items which are sent from the laboratory. The incinerator
burns the waste materials that cannot be decomposed at the treatment
room. It also supplies electricity to the facility by a thermal power
electricity generator. Part of the electricity is stored in the big
battery installed in the facility's underground area. The electricity
is used as an auxiliary power source.

  The auxiliary power circuit will be activated once the three
"auxiliary circuit units" are properly placed in their sockets. In case
the circuit are not connected automatically, a person can connect them
manually to activate the system.

   CLASSIFIED PHOTO FILE     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  In my opinion, I feel that it's too early to use this, "Paracelsus'
Sword" in actual fighting. However, in order to acquire the G-virus
that Umbrella has developed, it will be a great help to us.

  The power of the "Rail Cannon" is satisfactory, but please note that
it is still having a few remaining problem.

  Technology Division Colonel

  Franklin Hart

   SECRET FILE : JILL'S DIARY    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  ( See "Secrets" menu for how to find this file)

  August 7th

  Two weeks have passed since that day. My wounds have been healed, but
I just can't forget it. For most people, it's history now. But for me,
whenever I close my eyes, it all comes back clearly. Zombies eating
people's flesh and the screams of my teammates dying. No, the wounds in
my heart are not healed yet...

  August 13th

  Chris has been causing a lot of trouble recently. What's with him ?
He seldom talks to the other police members and is constantly
irritated. The other day, he punched Elran of the Boy's Crime
department just for accidentally splashing Chris' face with coffee. I
immediately stopped Chris, but when he saw me he just gave me a wink
and walk away. I wonder what happened to him...

  August 15th, Midnight

  Chris, who has been on a leave of absence for a "vacation", called me
so I visited his apartment. As soon as I walked into his room, he
showed me a couple of pieces of paper. They were part of a virus
research report entitled as simply as "G". Then Chris told me that "The
nightmare still continues". He went on to say that "It's not over yet."
Even since that day, he has been fighting all by himself without rest,
without even telling me.

  August 24th

  Chris left the town today to go to Europe. Barry told me that he
would send his family to Canada and then he would follow Chris. I
decided to remain in Raccoon City for a while because I know that the
research facility in this city will be very important to this entire
case. In a month or so, I'll be joining with them somewhere in Europe.
That's when my real battle begins...


20/  S E C R E T S


  This secret is originally of Playstation version, not Dreamcast
or PC version. But I also tell you that in PSX version, you can have all 
5 secret costumes by finish the game in Hard Mode . In Easy Mode, you 
just receive two. After complete the game, you are rewarded a Boutique 
Key which appears in your Item Box in the next game. Use it to open the 
locked boutique near the bar.
  PC version doesn't have this secret. In the beginning of the
game, you can choose your costume and play. There are seven new costumes 
of all, not five.

  Input Resident Evil 3 disc (after being installed) and choose "Run 

  In Hard Mode, play the game with all the files collected and read in
the right order. This file would appear in the first Item Box you open
of the next game.

  Finish the game in Hard Mode. Each time you would
finish one epilogue of a character.


  After escaping the city, Jill set out to join Chris Redfield.
However, all she found was an empty hideout of Chris's. On the floor
was Chris's knife. Jill left without hesitation because she firmly
believes that Chris is still alive. She will search for him until she
finds him. Then they can go and put an end to Umbrella...

  "Please forgive me Claire". Chris Redfield has just finished this
letter with his signature phrase. As he removes his sunglasses, a lady
walks by him with light steps. "She looks about the same age as
Claire," he thinks. A short time later, Chris discovered that his
sister was looking for him, but was caught...

  Barry Burton looks at his young daughter and says, "I'm sorry but my
comrades are waiting for me." Ho knows that he must repay his teammates
for forgiving his betrayal. Even if that means leaving his family for
now. His wife tries to hide her fear so she smiles and says, "Don't
worry. We'll be OK..."

  Leon Scott Kennedy in confronted with a man who claims to be a US
government agent. Leon says, "Leave Sherry alone. She is innocent".
"She knows too much," the man replies. He looks at Leon and says, "But
you have value. This is a good deal. Make your choice." Without regret
or hesitation, Leon closes his eyes and then sharply responds...

  "Leave us alone." Claire Redfield couldn't believe Leon's words. Leon
continued, "You're looking for your brother, right ? Just go !" Claire
knew that Leon and Sherry needed immediate medical attention, but she
could not waste anymore time. "I... I'll be back. I promise !" She said
as she disappeared into the wildness alone...

  "Do you have any relatives ?" When the army officer asked her, Sherry
Birkin did not respond for she has no immediate relatives. Her father
and mother died because of the G-virus. And so, this little girl holds
herself with her arms and bites her lip tight. She thinks, "I'm sure
she will come back. She won't forget about me..."

  A woman looks at herself in the mirror. She used be called Ada Wong.
But this morning she will say good-bye to the name. "I'm not Ada Wong
anymore." She feels her ab and thinks, "This is Ada's scar, not mine."
And as she says good-bye to Ada Wong, she can't stop her tears.
However, there isn't too much time left before her next mission...

  "Once again, only you survived, Mr. Death." The chopper pilot speaks
with a cold bitterness. "Always, only you survive. Mr. Death," the
pilot continues. But Hunk does not respond to the pilot. He doesn't
care. "The Death cannot die..." the survivor thinks to himself with warm 


21/  O T H E R  S T U F F S


  DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BH3 AND RE3   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  *NOTES : Only Major Difference !!!

!                                  !                                  !
! - Language : Kanji               ! - Language : English             !
!                                  !                                  !
! - Opening screen :               ! - Opening screen :               !
!         Biohazard 3 Last Escape  !         Resident Evil 3 Nemesis  !
!                                  !                                  !
! - Opening voice :                ! - Opening voice :                !
!         Biohazard                !         Resident Evil            !
!                                  !                                  !         
! - Difficulties :                 ! - Difficulties :                 !
!         Heavy & Light            !         Hard & Easy              !
!                                  !                                  !
! - Subtitle : Yes (Japanese)      ! - Subtitle : No                  !
!                                  !                                  !

  MY REVIEW ABOUT THIS GAME    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  I have written a review for Biohazard 3 Last Escape Dreamcast version 
in my guide and Resident Evil 3 Nemesis for PSX in Gamefaqs which are 
the same. Now as usual, I write one for PC version as my own opinion 
about it. As you know, I have given a very high score for both PSX and 
Dreamcast version : 9/10. But PC one is an exception. "7" - the highest 
score I can give to this. Why ? 
  Here I just mention the remarkable feature I see from PC version. This 
review wouldn't be specific as the ones for PSX Resident Evil 3. 

  Gameplay  9/10
  Nothing more from the PSX and Dreamcast versions. Just the thrilling 
episodes, the interesting puzzles and new styles that the game possesses 
itself. Now they are too familiar with me and I don't have any new 
feelings or opinions to criticize it. Okay, this is enough. 

  Graphic  10/10
  This mark is valuable if comparing Resident Evil 3 with other PC 
games, not other platforms. But I still see that it's better than the 
one in PSX version. Is this just an illusion ? Or because of my computer 
system ? I don't need to know, because anyway it's still the best 
graphic of adventure games in the era of 1999 and 2000. The game still 
deserves its high position in players or Resident Evil fans - a great 
game od series. 

  Sound  7/10
  Another similar question of mine - is this because of the game or the 
computer ? The sound of gun shots are sometimes changed suddenly into 
another sounds just like shaking toys that losing a little of current 
horror atmosphere of the game. What has happened ? 

  Speed  8/10
  The speed is irregular and freak. Sometimes it can be very fast. But 
when being attacked or pursued by enemies, the game stops some times to 
read datas that confuses me to control the characters. 

  Controls 5/10 
  Aaargh ! It's suck ! If you have enjoyed all the attraction from the 
PSX or Dreamcast versons, you would be welcomed by a nightmare in PC. I 
can't control the characters well and gracefully as I have played 
Playstation. My hands aren't compatible with the keys and my characters 
have instantly died a lot just because I couldn't solve the situation in 
time of danger for the suck control. Maybe PC is not a good platform for 
this game category. 

  New design of Jill  8/10
  Capcom has made more costumes for Jill in this game. To tell you the 
truth, I don't like Jill in the sexy original costume which looks 
annoying and it makes her not like a brave police as her great imagine 
in Resident Evil 1. The costumes mostly make her look better, although 
they are not perfect. It's great when she can return to her old 
beautiful design : the costume of S.T.A.R.S. members and another police 
uniform which is also very cool. I play this game and I never let Jill 
bring her original design during the game just because it makes me 

  Replayability  10/10
  As my critic in PSX and Dreamcast version, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis is 
a great game. It always deserves to be a great game in your mind when 
you have entered its world. But I would have no idea what you think if 
you don't like Resident Evil's fame.  

  Buy or Rent !
  Buy, if you mainly play PC games. Rent, if you don't play this game 
yet and don't own a PSX or Dreamcast. Neither buy nor rent, if you have 
played it too much in other consoles. 

  Overall score : 7/10 (Do you know why the title is "Nightmare under 
control". It means the suck control of the game.)    

  RESIDENT EVIL GAMES    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 NAME :  Resident Evil
 RELEASED DATE : 1996 - 1997
 PLATFORM : Playstation, PC, Sega Saturn
   This was the first Resident Evil of series. Its content is about the
incident in a mansion belonging Raccoon Forest. This involves the
Trevor's Note I wrote above. You take the role of either Chris Redfield
and Jill Valentine - two members STARS to explore the mansion.

 NAME : Resident Evil Director's Cut
 RELEASED DATE : 1997-1998
 PLATFORM : Playstation
 It's almost the same as original Resident Evil with more modes and

 NAME : Resident Evil Director's Cut Dual Shock Edition
 RELEASED DATE : 1997-1998
 PLATFORM : Playstation
 It's almost the same as Resident Evil Director's Cut.

 NAME : Resident Evil 2
 PLATFORM : Playstation, Nintendo 64
 It's about the accidental adventure of the rookie cop Leon Scott
Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Leon begins his first day of duty and
enters the city. Claire Redfield - a strange young lady enters the city
to search for her brother Chris Redfield - one of the survivors of the
mansion incident and an important member of S.T.A.R.S. But both of them
didn't know something terrible happening in Raccoon...
  They have an appointment at RPD Police Station where they thought it
was safe...But...

 NAME : Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock Edition
 RELEASED DATE : 1998-1999
 PLATFORM : Playstation, Dreamcast, PC
 Its content is the same as Resident Evil 2. But it has a new mini-game
named Extreme Battle Mode which the two subordinate characters Chris
Redfield and Ada Wong can be played.

 NAME : Resident Evil Gun Survivor
 PLATFORM : Playstation
 You are a person who is injured by an accident. He forgets everything
about himself and tries to find the truth. In his journey, he is
watched by a guy of Umbrella named Vincent. Later the main character
realizes himself as Ark Thompson. He destroys an important facility of
Umbrella and escapes with Lott and Lily - the two children he meets on
his way.

 NAME : Resident Evil 0
 PLATFORM : GameCube
   This game was released first for Gameboy. But now it has been
redoing with this new console. This scenario lets us know more about
Rebecca Champer - the support character in Resident Evil who rarely
appears. You also have a chance to know more about STARS and Umbrella
in this game.

 NAME : Resident Evil Gaiden
 RELEASE DATE : Fall 2002
 PLATFORM : Gameboy Color
   This is a new scenario and also a chance for the Resident Evil fans
who like the character Barry Burton of the first Resident Evil. He
would be the main character of the game and start his adventure on a
ship. This is just a rumour.

 NAME : Resident Evil 4
 PLATFORM : GameCube
  Have you enjoyed enough Resident Evil Code Veronica ? And Resident
Evil 4 would give you the next answers of the Resident Evil story.
There are rumours that this game would be an impression of Capcom about
graphic and other systems. Capcom has suddenly left Sony and and given 
the whole current Resident Evil series for Nintendo just because 
"There's nothing to do with Sony at all !". In Capcom's plan, the 
GameCube would possess all the Resident Evil 1, 2, 3 and Code Veronica 
remade, then Resident Evil 0 and 4. What a pity for Playstation2 of Sony 
! Capcom claims that the Resident Evil doesn't have a compatibility with 
Sony Playstation 2, so they decide to make them for GameCube. I think 
they have made a major mistake. But anyway, let's wait for the future. 
This is not forever.    
  There are tons of stupid rumours about characters. But I can't tell 
which is right. No more information is received this time. I think this 
game is still so far.

  TREVOR'S LETTER   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  George Trevor was the architect who designed the mansion in Resident
Evil 1 as the command of a mysterious guy named Spencer. Once he was
invited to the house he built and then lost in it mysteriously. This is
a story part got from the book "The True Story Behind Biohazard" which
was published by Capcom in 1996 with Resident Evil for Sega Saturn. But
the company saw that they have revealed too much for the players. So it
was cancelled and most of us don't know about it. This Trevor's Note is
translated directly into English.

  There are a lot of players who have deception between George Trevor
and Ozwell E. Spencer. Remember, George Trevor is the architect who
designed the mansion, Ozwell E. Spencer is the guy who asked him to
build it.

  Raccoon City
  A city in the Western part of America. Within a deep forest on the
outskirts of this city there is a mansion, which seems strangely quiet.

  November 13th 1967
  A man was standing if front of the mansion. It was George Trevor, a
famous architect from New York, who had designed this place from
scratch. The owner of the mansion, Ozwell E. Spencer, had invited him
with all his family in order to thank him for the level of the
perfection in his work.
  Overflowed with work, Trevor initially sent his wife Jessica and her
14 year old daughter Lisa before joining them later. Unfortunately,
when Trevor arrived on the spot, he didn't find his wife nor the child.
Trevor too would mysteriously disappear upon entering the mansion.
  Where could they all have disappeared to then ?
  The following comes from a small diary written while Trevor was in
the mansion. Spencer paid a fortune for this mansion. The construction
alone took 5 years of Trevor's life. Why did he devote so much time to
it ? And did Trevor already know that thirty years later other strange
things would happen in this mansion ? Personally I feel that this small
diary will be the key to understand all these mysteries.

  November 13th 1967
  After having finished my work and leaving New York I finally arrived
at the Mansion around 6.00pm. The hall is very spacious. The central
stairs leading to the second floor are also impressive. All these
things make me nostalgic all over again.
  Designing the plans of this place is the work I'm most proud of.
  From the day I first showed the model to Ozwell E. Spencer in his
office, until the completion of the building, took me 5 years.
Spencer's orders were really difficulty and I had to call upon all of
my energy and ingenuity to realize it.
  At first sight no one would suspect anything to be out of the
ordinary. While turning to face me, Lord Spencer shakes the white hairs
from his shoulders.
  He has an impressive stature, and at the first glance, one can feel
that he has a high level of self-confidence. He initially announces me
that my wife Jessica and my daughter returned to visit their aunt Emma,
who is ill, and then we lift our glasses and toast. We are only ones to
know about the numerous secrets contained within this building. Deeply
satisfied with the complicity, we taste the wine.
  The dining room is amazing. There is an incredible variety of food
laid out hammoniously on a large table in mahogany wood. When someone
would raise their eyes, they could see a statue of a goddess, in
"Rodin" style, on the second floor which seems to observe is with
desire. But despite all this splendor, the banquet can only be enjoyed
by two guests (Spencer and I). We only hear the quiet clicking noise of
the clock needles. Ahhh, if only Jessica and Lisa were there.
  According to Spencer, they arrived three days before me and
appreciated the house well. Lisa in particular benefited from the
Spencer's kindness and was able to use the piano among others. She
reportedly played the "Moonlight Sonata" of Beethoven (her specialty).
In this evening of full moon where the melody seemed to surpass the
satellite floating above the forest which surrounds the house, Spencer
had congratulated my wife for this superb moment. I imagine proudly
that their two faces had to illuminated with pleasure.

  November 14th 1967
  Lord Spencer guided me around in the mansion. He opened the doors of
several rooms. Those rooms are decorated with the most marvelous at
pieces : painting of De Vinci, sculpture of Raphael...
  In one of the rooms the eye of a stuffed beast has strangely
sparkled, and in another room armors of Middle Age Knights were aligned
in good order close to their captain.
  All these art pieces were collected by Lord Spencer during past years
and he deserves well to be one of the richest man on earth.
  "Do you like that ? I wish to use this residence as a seaside resort,
for a new company. I foresaw that, not only for the employees, but also
for the guests could use it."
  His project is to design an international industrial medicine
company. He told me that its company would be called "Umbrella". But I
wonder why he hid as many things in his residence. He can say that he
wants to make a seaside resort but it's exaggerated. Even in the case
his actions had been led by his passion.

  November 18th 1967
  My family hasn't come back yet. "Is aunt Emma that sick ?". I doubt
it. The telephone is not installed, which is not very convenient. I
went out to second floor terrace to clear my mind. Crows, perched on a
rail, looked at me and pushed strange croaking.
  I had a dark intuition. I continuously have the strange impression of
being observed... I saw an astonishing thing, in a small court. It is a
ladder leading down into an underpass, which is masked by a
waterfall."It is not my work. When was this thing built then ?"

  November 20th 1967
  There is no trace of the shotgun my wife had offered Spencer for is
birthday. I'm smoking a cigarette in the room where a broken shotgun
can be found and estimate that it can fool people and pass for the
original. I wonder who exchanged Spencer's shotgun for this unusable
shotgun and why ?
  Neither my wife nor my daughter have reappeared and I getting very
concerned. My rich employer informed me that my family and I couldn't
remain at the mansion any longer and when I suggested that I could join
them tomorrow, he laughed and said that it was useless to worry myself
like that.

  November 21st 1967
  Luggage was gathered and somebody led me into a large room, without
openings, on the first floor reserved for the receptions. As the Lord
hadn't arrived yet, I was observing the painting in company of a man in
a white blouse. He was one of the three unknown men on the courtyard.
  "Life is rich and short". On the painting, which were exposed on the
wall, time was represented by the life of a man, from his birth to his
  "Your family died, now" - laughed the man while he was looking at me
styly. Time seemed to stop. What was he talking about ? At the same
moment I felt a terrible pain at the bottom of my neck, and I broke
down on the floor.

  November 24th 1967
  How could he have become this kind of man ? What happened here ? And
what is the objective of this company called "Umbrella" ?
  I was imprisoned in this room and time passed slowly. "The objective
is to keep all this as a secret, and since you are an unknown...". One
day, a man in a white blouse said this to me while bringing revolting
  What secret is more important than a human life ?
  Lord Spencer and me are the two only ones to know the secrets of this
manor, and if I die, he will be the only holder of this knowledge. Is
it for that reason we have these creatures which prowl around the
premises of the Manor ? I cannot remain here and be eaten of worse. It
is necessary that I escape from here.
  The question is to know if, since the beginning, I didn't quite
simply build my own prison. When I was creating this manor, and in
accordance with Lord Spencer's strange fascination for enigmas, I
conceived a way to escape for whoever would find himself imprisoned
  It would seem that Lord Spencer wants to test this mothod on me...
  At this moment, one of the countless creatures which infest the floor
and the ceiling, fell from the ceiling onto my body. For an unknown
reason, it seemed to attract them. I jumped instinctively backwards and
while getting upright I trampled a great number of them. What are these
creatures ? Ants ?

  November 27th 1967
  I finally succeeded to escape from this room. But nobody can exit
from the Manor on snap of a finger. You need the crests, the missing
eye from the Tiger's statue and the Gold Emblem. I can't occupy myself
find something else ! I have no time for this.

  November 28th 1967
  I can't find the words for it. A plant, absurdly gigantic, fills a
whole room. God could not have created such a thing.

  November 30th 1967
  It is impossible to get out. It is impossible to come out of the
room. A phantom laboratory, leading into a kind of underground cave
without visible exit. And finally, I found it :
  One of the high-heeled shoes and the memory, that behind all it I
will find a passage. Jessica. Were my wife and my daughter subjected to
the same destiny as me ? No, I will escape at all cost, as they did
before me.

  December 5th 1967
  My throat is dehydrated. I didn't eat for many days and I don't know
how much time I'll still resist. I am becoming insane.
  Why ? Because I am like a rat, hopeless trying to escape from a
laboratory labyrinth. Does my fascination for the abnormal architect of
this residence was no reprehensible ?

  December 7th 1967
  I am in a dark and wet underground secret conduit. And there,
suddenly, something monstrous opposite of me... I scrape my last match
with a trembling hand. A tombstone is here with my name engraved on it.
What kind of a psychopath would make a similar thing ?
  "George Trevor" isn't me ? Spencer calculated since the beginning,
that I would come up to here to take my breath, and prepared my tomb.
Realizing, with success, to direct my attention away from each useful
way to escape. Jessica, please forgive me. Little time... It's the time
that remains me before joining you in paradise.
                                George Trevor

  WESKER'S REPORT  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    "Wesker's report" is the bonus DVD disc that will be released with
Resident Evil Code Veronica X when it's sold. Some information said
that its original version was released for some months in Japan. And
the purpose which Capcom released this part might be to answer some
unknown questions about the game that the fans always wonder. I want to
write some parts of this report for you to know few about it :

  "My name is Albert Wesker.
   I aspired to become a leading researcher at Umbrella Inc. A
pharmaceutical enterprise who covertly conduction Bio Organic Weapons,
better known as B.O.W., for development. But at the leader development
training ground situated in Raccoon city, I met a brilliant and
talented researcher who decided to take a different path, William
   In time I shifted my position to S.T.A.R.S., a special force unit of
the Raccoon Police Department. Umbrella, for crisis management reasons
of their illegal Bio Organic Weapons development had many of its people
working in the police department.
   I became the leader of S.T.A.R.S. and conducted all sorts of
intelligence activities for Umbrella. As I continued to serve I devised
my own plans and waited for the right time moment to execute them.
   Then at last, opportunity knocked.

 - 1998 - July 24th -
   The freak murder incidents had occurred in the forest near the
mansion started it all. The mansion was Umbrella's secret BOW
laboratory and it was clear that the indevelopment T-virus was the
cause of the murder.
   Initially, Umbrella instructed me secretively to keep S.T.A.R.S. to
the mansion, dispose of them, then report the situation to headquarters
so that their combat with the B.O.W. could be used for data analysis
allowing Umbrella a comprehensive portrait of the B.O.W.'s combat
   From the two S.T.A.R.S. teams I first pitched in the Bravo Team. As
expected, the top elite of S.T.A.R.S. gave all they had and became
useful sample data. Then following, I geared up the Alpha Team to
"search and rescue" the lost Bravo Team. The members of Alpha Team also
proved theor worth and as expected many died.
   There was five survivors from the initial eleven S.T.A.R.S. members.
From the Alpha team were Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Barry
Burton. And from the Bravo Team were Rebecca Chambers and Enrico
   It was time to begin executing my plans. In the midst of the whole
affair I could take Umbrella's ultimate Bio-Organic Weapon, the Tyrant,
and join forces with an opposing corporation of Umbrella. To buy into
that opposing corporation I would need the actual combat data of the
   The surviving privileged members of S.T.A.R.S. were just the perfect
bait. I decided to have one of them play the Judas and draw them to the
   That Judas was Barry.
   Barry was the strong truth and justice kind and cherished his family
more than anything. His type is easy to manipulate. I just took that
most important thing away from him. My only miscalculation was the high
potential of Chris and Jill. But with the family man Barry playing
Judas the scheme went as planned.
   Then the winds turn unexpectedly.
   I had to eliminate Enrico who found out what was behind it all. I
used Barry to get to him. After I successfully got rid of that nuisance
I awaited the sample specimen that Barry would bring to me in the
Tyrant room.
   I injected the virus I obtained from Birkin in advance. If I made
Umbrella believe I was dead, it made it far more convenient to sell
myself to the opposing corporation. According to Birkin the virus had
profound effects. It would put my body in a state of temporary "death".
It would then bring me back to life with super human powers. Therefore
I unleashed an awesome Tyrant from its slumber and let it attack me.
  As my consciousness faded away I was certain that the whole scheme
would end in success.
  Never did I imagine that S.T.A.R.S. could slay the evil creation. I
lost the Tyrant and the plan I devised which cost me my humanity ended
in failure. Now anything and anyone who stood in my way would be
terminated. It's been that way for a long time and it always will be.At
all cost I had to make S.T.A.R.S. pay.

 - September -
   Two months had passed since the mansion incident. To regain
everything I had lost in my new organization I joined hands with Ada
Wong, a female agent who was also sent to spy on Umbrella.
   I knew in my bones that the key developer was William Birkin, but
what he didn't know was that Umbrella did not play games...with anyone.
Eventually, Birkin would be assassinated, and the G-virus would be in
the hands of Umbrella.
   But the salvage team led by Hunk was ahead of us. By the time they
got to Birkin, he'd already injected himself with the G-virus...he
his own creation, and decimated them.
   Soon after, the T-virus carried by rats spread throughout Raccoon
city, and Umbrella faced its worst scenario.

 - September 28th -
   The good citizens became zombies, and the city had headed for its
devastating fate. Humans were no match against zombies.
   In the chaos, Umbrella Europe applied a new type B.O.W., called
"Nemesis". The Nemesis would hunt down and destroy the surviving member
of S.T.A.R.S., Jill. It became imperative that our organization would
also obtain the Nemesis data.

 - September 29th -
   To cover up the whole affair, Umbrella jettisoned a Tyrant to take
care of Leon and Claire, who were trying to unveil their secrets.
   Then, a new revelation. Birkin used to hide the findings of his
studies in his daughter Sherry's pendant. It was very possible that the
G-virus was there. While Umbrella was busy with their cover up, we had
to capture Sherry before they did. I sent Ada undercover to seek the
location of Sherry. I, the "dead man" on the other hand, had to work in
the shadows.
   A spy's obligation and priority is in mission, to carry out the
mission like a machine without any emotional interference.
   But through her interaction and involvement with Leon Scott Kennedy,
there had been an affection growing insider her.
   My instincts sensed danger, something had to be done, quickly. My
instincts did not disappoint me. Even though Ada almost had her hands
on the G-virus, which Leon had acquired from Sherry, that affection of
her drove her to her death. But she was still of some use. I had to
save her life. My people hurried to retrieve the G-virus that Leon
threw away. But Hunk, the only survivor of Umbrella's salvage team, was
there before us.

 - September 30th -
   Our only option left was to bring back Birkin, the monster, as the
sample specimen and have him finish Leon and Claire in order to obtain
his combat data. Although Birkin lost the battle to Leon and Claire, we
succeeded in gathering samples of the G-virus from his dead body.

 - October 1st -
   In the morning the government bombed Raccoon city in an attempt to
stop for the viral outbreak. This was, of course, their feigned
   Later, Claire left to Europe to find her lost brother Chris, and
Leon joined forces with an underground anti-Umbrella organization.
   Sherry is safe in our hands. I would never underestimate Birkin.
   There's something about this little girl...

* Source : Biohazardextreme.


  But all of you know that it answers you some unknown questions that
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- The survivors of the mansion incident were Chris Redfield, Jill
Valentine, Barry Burton, Rebecca Champer and Brad Vickers.
- Chris is the character who directly killed Tyrant.
- Wesker was killed by Tyrant. But he had been infected the virus
before that makes him alive.
- Ada was saved by Wesker because he thought she's still useful for
him. She stole the G-virus for him.
- Sherry was caught by Wesker after Resident Evil 2 with the same
- The official story of Resident Evil 2 is Leon A / Claire B.


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