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FAQ/Walkthrough by M.Walsh

Version: 2.4 | Updated: 07/10/01

         _____                  _           _   _____        _
        |_   _|                (_)         | | |  __ \      | |     _
          | |  ___ _____      ___ _ __   __| | | |  | | __ _| | ___(_)
          | | / __/ _ \ \ /\ / / | '_ \ / _` | | |  | |/ _` | |/ _ \
         _| || (_|  __/\ V  V /| | | | | (_| | | |__| | (_| | |  __/_
        |_____\___\___| \_/\_/ |_|_| |_|\__,_| |_____/ \__,_|_|\___(_)
         _  _              _          __  __      ___     _
        | || |___ __ _ _ _| |_   ___ / _| \ \    / (_)_ _| |_ ___ _ _
        | __ / -_) _` | '_|  _| / _ \  _|  \ \/\/ /| | ' \  _/ -_) '_|
        |_||_\___\__,_|_|  \__| \___/_|     \_/\_/ |_|_||_\__\___|_|

                     | This document also includes a    |
                     | walkthrough for the "Trials of   |
                     | the Luremaster" add-on.  See the |
                     | Table of Contents for more info. |

                               by Michael Walsh
                                   Ver 2.4
                                July 10, 2001

                            Questions?  Additions?
                       E-mail me at: cumw7@pen.eiu.edu
                  Put "Heart of Winter" in the Subject Line

                              TABLE OF CONTENTS:
                          i. Things You Should Know
                         ii. Thanks To... Section
                        iii. Walkthrough - Party Makeup
                         iv. Game Strategy and Tactics
                               HEART OF WINTER
                           1. Lonelywood
                           2. The Barbarian Camp
                           3. Burial Isle
                           4. Gloomfrost
                           5. Sea of Moving Ice
                           TRIALS OF THE LUREMASTER
                           1. Castle Maluradek
                           2. The Crypt
                           3. The Dungeon
                           4. Cave of the Jackal
                           5. The Throne Room
                          v. Why Play Heart of Fury
                         vi. Experience Point Charts
                        vii. Cheat Codes
                          x. Other Works
                          y. Previous Updates List
                          z. Legal Information

                            Things You Should Know

   For the people who are used to reading FAQ's, and especially for the people
who are familiar with the Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale games, this section is
most likely unnecessary.  Briefly I will explain some of the more commonly
occurring things you are likely to encounter in this FAQ that you may not

  KEY TERMS:  There are certain terms and abbreviations that are very common 
              to this style of game.  The following are used frequently
              throughout this FAQ.

                     xp - experience points
                     gp - gold pieces
                    IWD - Icewind Dale
                    HoW - Heart of Winter
                    HoF - Heart of Fury (game mode)
                   TotL - Trials of the Luremaster

COORDINATES:  Just like the Baldur's Gate games, in Icewind Dale you can find
              your exact coordinates on the map.  I will use coordinates
              frequently throughout the walkthrough.  It is not necessary to
              use them or to understand them, but they can be a great help in
              assuring yourself that you are in the right location or going
              the right direction.To do this in Icewind Dale, press X.  In the
              dialog screen will appear something like this:

                   x=#### y=####  AR####

              What does it all mean?  Well, first of all, the # sign
              represents a number.  The x and y are relatively unimportant,
              but the numbers next to them give you your exact location on the
              map.  The AR#### is also important.  Every map is an area.  For
              example, Lonelywood is one area.  The first floor of the inn in
              Lonelywood is another area.  Essentially, anytime your computer
              has to load up a new map, you have entered a new area.  The AR
              numbers also appear throughout this FAQ, to help the reader know
              that they have (or should have!) moved to the next area.
              Knowing that your coordinates are x=456 y=789 is irrelevant if
              you don't know whether you are in AR9600 or AR9100.

       EVIL:  There are several possible actions detailed throughout this
              walkthrough with this header.  These events are NOT necessary to
              do.  Sometimes they are worth it, sometimes not.  Repeat, you do
              NOT have to do any of these acts, even if you have an
              evil-aligned party.

 PATCH INFO:  The Trials of the Luremaster downloadable add-on is, in itself,
              a patch.  Therefore, Patch version 1.41 is outdated.  The new 
              patch addresses a number of glitches and problems.  The 
              downloadable dungeon is approximately 71.3Mb.  You can find this
              latest patch at:


 PATCH 1.41:  As of Patch 1.41, there have been some changes made to the
              gameplay.  The most significant is that the Mage's Spell
              Progression table has been fixed.  This will affect Mages of
              Level 21 and higher.  I obtained this information from the 
              README file after downloading the Patch myself.  Consult the 
              game manual to see the original chart.  The updated spell chart
              is as follows:

           Mage Spell Progression Chart: Level 21 - 30 (Patch 1.41)
      |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |
      |   21    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  2  |
      |   22    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  4  |  4  |  3  |
      |   23    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  3  |
      |   24    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  4  |
      |   25    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |
      |   26    |  6  |  6  |  6  |  6  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |
      |   27    |  6  |  6  |  6  |  6  |  6  |  6  |  6  |  5  |  5  |
      |   28    |  6  |  6  |  6  |  6  |  6  |  6  |  6  |  6  |  6  |
      |   29    |  7  |  7  |  7  |  7  |  6  |  6  |  6  |  6  |  6  |
      |   30    |  7  |  7  |  7  |  7  |  7  |  7  |  7  |  6  |  6  |

                                 Thanks To...

   This walkthrough is only intended to cover the Expansion Pack, and will
almost certainly never cover the main game.  For an excellent FAQ of the main
game, download Dan Simpson's "Icewind Dale" FAQ, also found at
(free advertising, and thanks to Dan Simpson for his excellent FAQ's, which
have provided me, in part, with the inspiration to write my own.)  
   I never imagined that, after having written a 53k walkthrough of the
expansion pack from start to finish, it would grow to almost 200k in size!  
That goes to show you how you can play it once, and miss half of the quests.

Thanks to...
   Dan Simpson for the excellent layout of his FAQ's, which I borrowed some
ideas from.  Imitation (but not Plagiarism) is supposedly the best form of
flattery... so consider yourself flattered.

   WinterMute for pointing out the location of Ogien's Scale armor in the
Barbarian Camp.

   Heng Lok for pointing out some errors through the FAQ, as well as providing 
an alternate suggestion for Fighter-Cleric Weapon Grand Mastery.

   Interplay/Black Isle Studios for one of the most efficient and exciting
ways to kill free time.

   The Figlet Server at  http://www.surfplaza.com/figlet/  for
providing their free online Text to ASCII converter.

And now, on with the show...er, FAQ!

                          Walkthrough - Party Makeup

Below is the party that I used when I created this walkthrough.  Also given is
the reason I chose each character.

   Paladin            Male     Human          Leader of the party; high CHR
   Fighter            Male     Human          Specialized in the halberd!
   Fighter/Cleric     Male     Human          Dual-Classed to Cleric at Lvl 9
   Fighter/Druid      Male     Human          Dual-Classed to Druid at Lvl 9
   Fighter/Thief      Male     Halfling       A thief with lots of HP!
   Wizard - Mage      Male     Half-Elf       Uses virtually every spell. Wow!

This class has virtually no problems in the beginning stages of the game, with
the exception of the lack of healing abilities.  Each character is specialized
in a different weapon for maximum effectiveness.  The Paladin uses Long
Swords, the Fighter uses halberds, the Cleric uses hammers, etc.


Having finished the expansion pack for the first time, I will now attempt to
discover some of the smaller details, as well as to explore the possible
tactics of other classes  (most notably the Bard).  This is the party that I
will be using for my second time through, to further supplement this

   Fighter/Wizard     Male     Human          Dual-Classed to Mage at Lvl 9
   Fighter            Male     Halfling       To use the Trusted Defender Helm
   Fighter/Cleric     Male     Dwarf          Multi-Classed Evil Cleric!!
   Bard               Male     Human          Has a number of new useful songs
   Fit/Mag/Thi        Female   Elf            Eventual powerhouse; see below.

I later decided to add a Dwarven Fighter to the mix.  He is one BAD boy!


Note:  It is highly recommended that you do not travel to Lonelywood (and the
expansion area) until you are adequately prepared.  Having started the game
from the beginning, I did not enter the new areas until just after killing
Yxunomei.  In any case, you can not enter the expansion pack area until your
characters are Level 9. (or the equivalent of Level 9 for Multi-Class and
Dual-Class characters)  It is also not recommended that you attempt to play in
"Heart of Fury" mode until your party is around Level 13 or 14.

                          Game Strategy and Tactics

   This section is a combination of strategy and tactics dealing with several
aspects.  Below you will find ideas for character creation, spell selection,
and what the most ideal party makeup might be given the changes in the
expansion pack.  If you have a strategy or idea not represented here, feel
free to send it to me at:  cumw7@pen.eiu.edu   Full credit will be given to
you within the body of the FAQ.

                |          Contents of this Section          |
                |  1. General Character Creation Strategies  |
                |  2. Racial Pro's and Con's                 |
                |  3. Character Pro's and Con's:             |
                |      a. The Triple-Class                   |
                |      b. The Mage-Cleric                    |
                |      c. The Bard                           |
                |      d. The Druid                          |
                |      e. The Ranger                         |
                |  4. Miscellaneous                          |

Character Creation Strategies

   Naturally, you will want to create at least a couple of characters with
which to play the game.  They do tend to make it more interesting.  Whatever
type of character you choose to create, they all have some common factors.
Below I have compiled some useful information that you can easily have at your
fingertips when creating a character.  This information applies to "Icewind
Dale: Heart of Winter", and may not be fully applicable to other games.

Race:  Maximum and Minimum Stats

   Looking to create the most effective thief?  The strongest fighter?  The
most cunning mage?  Well, different classes excel in different areas.  Below
is a chart showing what the minimum and maximum possible stats are when
creating a character.  Note:  A character can end up with a higher score in
one or more of these attributes due to magical items which may temporarily or
permanently raise a score.  This chart only shows the minimum and maximum
possible while  _creating_  a character.  Also note that a STR of 18/00 is
stronger than a STR of 18.

                      Minimum and Maximum Stats by Race:

   | Race/Skill |    STR    |  DEX   |  CON   |  INT   |  WIS   |  CHA   |
   |  Human     |  3-18/00  |  3-18  |  3-18  |  3-18  |  3-18  |  3-18  |
   |  Dwarf     |  9-18/00  |  3-17  | 12-19  |  3-18  |  3-18  |  2-16  |
   |  Elf       |  9-18/00  |  7-19  |  6-17  |  8-18  |  3-18  |  8-18  |
   |  Half-Elf  |  9-18/00  |  6-18  |  6-18  |  4-18  |  3-18  |  3-18  |
   |  Gnome     |  6-18     |  3-18  |  8-18  |  7-19  | 10-17  |  3-18  |
   |  Halfling  |  6-17     |  8-19  | 10-18  |  6-18  |  3-17  |  3-18  |

   Using this chart, you should be able to get a decent idea of which races
make the best fighters, mages, etc.  For races with maximum possible scores of
19, be sure to try and get the maximum of 19.  These super-exceptional scores
can make a big difference. Example:  A mage with INT of 18 has an 85% chance
of successfully putting a spell in his spellbook.  With an INT of 19, the
chance is increased to a whopping 95%!

Class:  Minimum Stats

   Once you have chosen a race, you will need to make what is probably the
most important pre-game decision: what class will your character be?  Below is
a table showing the minimum possible stat for each ability.  In addition, if
you choose to create a mage, you can elect to make a Specialist Mage, who can
cast more spells per level.  However, each Specialist area has a stat (in
addition to Intelligence) that must also be met.  They are also listed below.
Finally, some of the Opposition Schools for Specialist Mages (the types of
spells that they can not cast) have changed some since Icewind Dale.  Below I
will also include the Opposition Schools from Icewind Dale, and show how they
have changed in Heart of Winter.

                           Minimum Stats by Class:

             | Class/Skill | STR | DEX | CON | INT | WIS | CHA |
             |   Fighter   |  9  |  3  |  3  |  3  |  3  |  3  |
             |   Cleric    |  3  |  3  |  3  |  3  |  9  |  3  |
             |   Thief     |  3  |  9  |  3  |  3  |  3  |  3  |
             |   Mage      |  3  |  3  |  3  |  9  |  3  |  3  |
             |   Paladin   | 12  |  3  |  9  |  3  | 13  | 17  |
             |   Ranger    | 13  | 13  | 14  |  3  | 14  |  3  |
             |   Druid     |  3  |  3  |  3  |  3  | 12  | 15  |
             |   Bard      |  3  | 12  |  3  | 13  |  3  | 15  |

   For Specialist Mages, see the stats above for a regular mage, and in
addition, you will need the following:

                    Additional Stats for Specialist Mages:

             | Class/Skill | STR | DEX | CON | INT | WIS | CHA |
             | Abjurer     |  3  |  3  |  3  |  9  | 15  |  3  |
             | Conjurer    |  3  |  3  | 15  |  9  |  3  |  3  |
             | Diviner     |  3  |  3  |  3  |  9  | 16  |  3  |
             | Enchanter   |  3  |  3  |  3  |  9  |  3  | 16  |
             | Illusionist |  3  | 16  |  3  |  9  |  3  |  3  |
             | Invoker     |  3  |  3  | 16  |  9  |  3  |  3  |
             | Necromancer |  3  |  3  |  3  |  9  | 16  |  3  |
             | Transmuter  |  3  | 15  |  3  |  9  |  3  |  3  |

               Changes to Opposition Schools in Heart of Winter

   |   School    |  Opposition School(s)  |     With Heart of Winter     |
   | Abjurer     | Alteration             | Alteration, Illusion         |
   | Conjurer    | Divination             | Invocation                   |
   | Diviner     | Conjuration/Summoning  | Conjuration/Summoning        |
   | Enchanter   | Invocation             | Invocation                   |
   | Illusionist | Necromancy             | Necromancy, Abjuration       |
   | Invoker     | Enchantment/Charm      | Divination,                  |
   |             | Conjuration/Summoning  | Conjuration/Summoning        |
   | Necromancer | Illusion               | Illusion, Enchantment/Charm  |
   | Transmuter  | Abjuration, Necromancy | Abjuration, Necromancy       |

Racial Pro's and Con's

   The second choice that a player must make when creating a new character is
that character's race.  Unlike gender, not all the races are the *same* in
this game.  Each race has advantages and disadvantages that make it unique.
Often, these inherent advantages make that race particularly suited for one
class or another (class being the next, and probably most important character
choice).  An 18 is the highest natural score that you can make for any one
particular attribute at the beginning of the game, with one exception.  Some
races will allow a maximum of 19 in an attribute, which is super wonderful!
Here are the races that allow it, and with what stats:

                    |  Dwarf     | 19 in: Constitution  |
                    |  Elf       | 19 in: Dexterity     |
                    |  Gnome     | 19 in: Intelligence  |
                    |  Halfling  | 19 in: Dexterity     |

   So, keeping this in mind, it appears that Gnomes would make the best Mages,
while Dwarves would make the best front-line fighters, with Elves and
Halflings making good thieves, fighters, or mages.  But each race also has
disadvantages as well, such as:

|  Human     |  No maximum scores of 19, can't multi-class; dual-class only  |
|  Dwarf     |  Maximum of 17 for Dexterity and 16 for Charisma              |
|  Elf       |  Maximum of 17 for Constitution                               |
|  Half-Elf  |  No maximum scores of 19                                      |
|  Gnome     |  Maximum of 17 Wisdom                                         |
|  Halfling  |  Maximum of 17 Strength and 17 Wisdom                         |

   These are some tips to keep in mind when creating a character.  In
addition, there are some other random benefits to consider, like:

   Halflings can use the Helm of Unfailing Endurance.  Besides granting a
tremendous AC bonus, it makes the wearer immune to fatigue.  Fatigue is a
downside of the wonderful spell, Haste.  So therefore, a Halfling would make a
pretty good front-line Fighter.  You can get around the maximum of 17 Strength
handicap if you are patient.  Near the end of Heart of Winter are 3 Gauntlets
of Ogre Power, which set the wearer's Strength to 18/00.

   Gnomes are dumb, dumb, dumb.  At least, I think they are.  But you can't
argue with an INT of 19.

   Half-Elves have virtually the same disadvantages as humans, but have the
benefit of infravision and partial immunity to sleep and charm.

   Dwarves with a Constitution of 19 will have a lot of hit points.  Remember
that Fighters get a further bonus to Constitution:  Every other class gets a
maximum bonus of 2 hp/level with a CON of 16, but a Fighter's bonus keeps
climbing to an astounding +7 hp/level at a CON of 24. (which is pretty much
impossible to achieve without cheating)

   Several magical items, weapons, and armor give a +1 or even +2 benefit to
virtually any attribute.  So give them to those races with a maximum score
under 18, and you won't even notice their weaknesses!

Character Class Pro's and Con's

The Triple Class Character

   Now that the experience cap in Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter has been
raised to 8,000,000 points, there is a type of character which can really come
into power:  The Triple Class Character.  There are two different types of
Triple Class combinations in Icewind Dale:  The Fighter/Mage/Cleric combo, and
the Fighter/Mage/Thief combo.  To earn the maximum 8,000,000 experience points
that a character can gain could take a LONG time.  But also added with the
expansion pack is the "Heart of Fury" option, which can greatly increase the
speed at which you earn experience.  (Note: Don't even think of turning it on
until you have beaten, or nearly beaten the game)  A Triple Class character
will never reach Level 30 in any one class.  However, take a look at what they
can accomplish:

           Fighter/Mage/Cleric                  Fighter/Mage/Thief
           -------------------                  ------------------
   Levels:   18    17    19                        18   17    22

   This may not mean much on the surface, but let's take a more in-depth look
at what these character levels mean:

     NOTE: The Spell Progression table for Mages has been fixed in Patch 1.41.
           See the Things You Should Know section at the beginning of this
           document to learn what has been changed.  This will affect all
           mages Level 21 and higher.

      Level 18 Fighter:  A Fighter starts with 4 proficiency slots, and gains
      -----------------  an additional one every 3 levels.  This means that at
                         Level 18, the fighter will have a total of 9
                         Proficiency points.  This is enough to reach Grand
                         Mastery in one weapon, and almost reach it in
                         another.  His THAC0 also goes down by 1 per level,
                         which not only makes it easier to hit with weapons,
                         but also aids TREMENDOUSLY when it comes to spells
                         which require touch.

         Level 17 Mage:  Unfortunately, a Level 17 Mage is unable to use the
         --------------  Level 9 Spells.  However, there are only a couple of
                         them, so you are not going to miss much.  You come
                         with a large array of possible spells.  Assuming
                         (once again) that the spell chart in the manual is
                         correct, you will have the following number of spells
                         at Level 17:

             |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |
             |   16    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  3  |  2  |  1  |  -  |
             |   17    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  3  |  3  |  2  |  -  |
             |   18    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  3  |  3  |  2  |  1  |

                         Having said that, there two spells in particular
                         that make any combination of a Fighter/Mage very
                         potent: Iron Body and Tenser's Transformation.  Below
                         are the benefits and drawbacks to each of the
                         two spells.

                         Iron Body
                            100% resistance to electricity.
                             50% resistance to fire.
                             25% resistance to crushing damage.
                             Strength raised to 25.
                             Can attack 2/round with iron fists (2d4)

                         And the spell lasts for 2 full turns!  Now for the

                            Movement rate reduced to 25% of normal.
                            Can't cast other spells during Iron Skin.

                         Tenser's Transformation
                            Double's the hit points of the caster.
                            Gives the THAC0 of a Fighter of the same level.
                            +4 bonus to AC.
                            +2 bonus to all saving throws.

                         So as you can see, those are tremendous benefits for
                         two little spells.  An even more potent combination
                         is all of the above, plus equipping your character
                         with a set of Elven Chainmail (found in Severed Hand
                         Area).  In case you don't know, Elven Chainmail,
                         while not possessing the best AC of an armor in the
                         game, DOES allow a Mage to still cast spells and
                         ALSO allows a Thief to use their thieving skills.  As
                         you can see, this armor is VITAL to the
                         Fighter/Mage/Thief combination if you want to fully
                         employ all three classes.

       Level 19 Cleric:  A Level 19 Cleric is, simply put, awesome!  Add to
       ----------------  that the fact that with the Triple Class characters,
                         it is only one of three talents. and you are a
                         virtual one-man party!  A Cleric of this level will
                         easily be able to use every spell that is available
                         to them.  Below is the Clerics spell table:

                         |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |
                         |   18    |  8  |  8  |  8  |  8  |  6  |  4  |  2  |
                         |   19    |  9  |  9  |  8  |  8  |  6  |  4  |  2  |
                         |   20    |  9  |  9  |  9  |  8  |  7  |  5  |  2  |
                         |   NOTE: You must have a WIS of 17 to use Lvl 6    |
                         |         spells and a WIS of 18 to use Lvl 7.      |

        Level 22 Thief:  In Icewind Dale, the Thief character class is not too
        ---------------  amazing on its own, but when paired with one or more
                         other classes, becomes much more formidable.  Besides
                         having earned a LOT of thief skill points by Level 22
                         (30 at Level 1, and 20 each additional level for a
                         total of 450 points!)  This amount of skill points is
                         enough to raise each of your skills to 112% easily -
                         and that is not counting your race's initial skill
                         level!  Beyond that, having any combination of a
                         Thief/Mage means that you have a Mage who can attack
                         with spells AND arrows from the back row!

   These are just some of the potential reasons why the Triple Class
characters are now a viable option, if one is willing to overlook their one
drawback:  They go up in level three times slower than a normal character.

The Mage-Cleric

   Mages excel at decimating the enemy forces with terrible magics.  Clerics
prove to be valuable support companions, healing members of otherwise mortal 
wounds - and resurrecting those who do die.  Why not have the best of BOTH 
worlds - A Mage-Cleric!

   There exist three possible combinations of a Mage and a Cleric
In Heart of Winter.  The first way is to Multi-Class a character.  The last 
two ways both involve Dual-Classing a character, but there IS are several
differences between beginning the game with a Cleric and Dual-Classing to a 
Mage, and beginning the game as a Mage, and later Dual-Classing to a Cleric.
In my opinion, the most effective combination is that of a Mage-Cleric, that
is, a character who begins the game as a Mage, then becomes a Cleric later.  
Reasons for this include:

      1. The maximum levels for a Mage-Cleric are the most advantageous, at 23 
         for the Cleric, and 22 for the Mage.  Taking the Cleric-Mage route 
         will only yield a Level 21 Cleric and a Level 22 Mage, while the
         Multi-Class method will yield a Level 25 Cleric, but only a Level 20
      2. The Mage-Cleric combination will receive the same number of Mage
         spells per level, (assuming INT scores are equal) but the Mage-Cleric
         will receive extra upper-level spells due to the extra level of
      3. Clerics gain levels faster than Mages do.  Thus, it is more
         advantageous to have the class that levels up be the second class, 
         because the second class must be one experience level higher than the
         first class in order to once again gain access to both classes.
      4. When Dual-Classing a character, the second class is initially VERY 
         weak.  Having the Cleric as the second class allows you to give him 
         great armor and weapons to somewhat offset the weakness.  Also 
         remember that Clerics can cast spells while wearing any armor, while
         Mages can not.
      5. Both the Mage-Cleric and the Cleric-Mage are restricted to Cleric 
         weapons, which is more advantageous than being restricted to Mage
         weapons.  This is not exactly an advantage for choosing a 
         Mage-Cleric, but rather shows that there is no advantage to choosing
         the Cleric first.

   What is probably the most important factor in choosing one of these
combinations over the other is the amount of spells each combination will have
access to.  In all three character combinations, the Cleric will have access
to Level 7 spells, while all three Mage combinations will have access to Level
9 spells.  Below are the Spell Progression charts for each of the three
combinations at their maximum levels:

                               The Mage-Cleric:

                            Mage Spell Progression

      |                Level 22 Mage - 4,500,000 exp.                 |
      |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |
      |   22    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  4  |  4  |  3  |

                           Cleric Spell Progression

            |          Level 23 Cleric - 3,375,000 exp.         |
            |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |
            |   23    |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  7  |  3  |

                               The Cleric-Mage:

                           Cleric Spell Progression

            |          Level 21 Cleric - 2,925,000 exp.         |
            |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |
            |   21    |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  8  |  6  |  2  |

                            Mage Spell Progression

      |                Level 22 Mage - 4,500,000 exp.                 |
      |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |
      |   22    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  4  |  4  |  3  |

                               The Multi-Class:

                           Cleric Spell Progression

            |          Level 25 Cleric - 3,825,000 exp.         |
            |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |
            |   25    |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  8  |  4  |

                            Mage Spell Progression

      |                Level 20 Mage - 3,750,000 exp.                 |
      |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |
      |   22    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  4  |  3  |  3  |  2  |

The Bard

   The Bard.  Not just another pretty face in Heart of Winter.  This character
class has undergone some serious renovations since Icewind Dale.  Most
notably, he had gained a total of SIX different bard songs that can all be
learned by Level 11, which only requires 220,000 experience points.  All of
these songs have their uses, but in my opinion, one of them is far more useful
than the rest: "War Chant of Sith"  The song will grant the following bonuses
to any party member within range:

   1. +2 AC bonus.
   2. +10% resistance to the following: Crushing, Slashing, Piercing, and
      Missile attacks.
   3. Regenerate 2 hit points each round. (every 6 seconds)

   This is somewhat equivalent to a free Potion of Regeneration, an extra
Ring of Protection +2, and more - all for one song.

   In addition to this, the Bard has another advantage: extended spell
abilities.  In Icewind Dale, the maximum level for Bards was 18, allowing them
to cast spells between Levels 1 and 6.  In Heart of Winter, they will be able
to cast Level 7 and 8 spells as well!!  Below is the spell progression chart,
taken from the manual.  It begins with Level 18, the last possible level for
Bards in Icewind Dale:

                                 Bard Spells

         |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |
         |   18    |  4  |  4  |  4  |  3  |  3  |  2  |  -  |  -  |
         |   19    |  4  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  3  |  2  |  -  |  -  |
         |   20    |  4  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  3  |  -  |  -  |
         |   21    |  5  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  3  |  -  |  -  |
         |   22    |  5  |  5  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  3  |  -  |  -  |
         |   23    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  -  |  -  |
         |   24    |  4  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  -  |
         |   25    |  5  |  5  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  -  |
         |   26    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  -  |
         |   27    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  4  |  -  |
         |   27    |  6  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  -  |
         |   27    |  6  |  6  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  1  |
         |   30    |  6  |  6  |  6  |  6  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  1  |
         |   Though it looks like an error, the number of spells   |
         |   shown for Level 24 is correct.                        |

   The Heart of Winter expansion pack makes the Bard a formidable spellcaster,
in addition to his already powerful skills.  Let's compare how a Bard rates
against a mage (not a Specialist) in the area of number of spells per level:

         |              Level 18 Bard - 1,760,000 exp.             |
         |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |
         |   18    |  4  |  4  |  4  |  3  |  3  |  2  |  -  |  -  |

         |              Level 14 Mage - 1,760,000 exp.             |
         |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |
         |   14    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  4  |  4  |  2  |  1  |  -  |

   Not a lot of difference, is there?  Let's look at one more example:

         |              Level 30 Bard - 4,400,000 exp.             |
         |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |
         |   30    |  6  |  6  |  6  |  6  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  1  |

      |                 Level 21 Mage - 4,400,000 exp.                |
      |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |
      |   21    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  2  |

     NOTE: The Spell Progression table for Mages has been fixed in Patch 1.41.
           See the Things You Should Know section at the beginning of this
           document to learn what has been changed.  This will affect all
           mages Level 21 and higher.

   Again, there isn't a great deal of difference here between the Bard and the
Mage, with respect to spellcasting.  However, the above Mage still has nine
levels in which he will gain more spells per level, while the Bard will remain
maxed out at 30.  Also note that the Bard will never be able to cast Level 9
spells, while the Mage will eventually be able to cast 4 Level 9 spells
before having to rest.  Despite these drawbacks, the Bard makes an excellent
backup Mage for ANY party.  And don't forget some of the Bard's other

   1. Bards can gain a proficiency point in ANY type of weapon, although he
      can't place more than one point in each slot.
   2. Bards have the highest Lore score of any class.  Even by Level 11, the
      Bard's Lore score is incredibly high.  The Lore score, in case you don't
      know, is used to determine if the character can identify a magic item
      without the aid of magic.  You Bard, by Level 11, should be able to
      Identify almost any magic item without casting Identify.  Not needing to
      cast Identify means more room for two other great Level 1 spells: Magic
      Missile and Chromatic Orb!
   3. Bards can pickpocket.  This ability will increase with every level.
      What this means is that, if you have a Thief in your party, you will not
      put any points in Pickpocketing, allowing you to place the points
      in other skills.
   4. There is an item in the game called the Unstrung Harp.  It can only be
      used by Bards.  What it does is casts Heal once per day.  What this
      means is, if you also have a higher level cleric in your party, you can
      potentially bring two of your characters who are injured back up to full
      hit points.  VERY valuable item!
   5. Finally, Bards will have several opportunities during the course of the
      game to earn experience that can only be obtained with a Bard.

The Druid

   The Druid has always been, in my opinion, a very interesting character
class.  Almost, but not quite a Fighter.  Almost, but not quite a Cleric.
However, unlike the Ranger, who will be discussed later, the Druid is a
POWERFUL combination of Fighter and Druid - and that is without Dual- or
Multi-Classing him.

   In previous Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale games, the Druid could not go beyond
Level 14.  This is, presumably, because the game designers were not sure how
to properly implement the Druid's natural "super" abilities.  What this would
result in is a character who is somewhat weaker than the other classes due to
the fact that he gains fewer levels of experience.  Well, that has been
changed in the Heart of Winter expansion pack.  Your Druid, should you choose
to accept him, will be able to achieve Level 30 just like the other
characters.  In order to do this, the game designers pretty much changed a
normal Druid's abilities, and gave him new ones instead.  Unlike some of the
other new abilities that the characters have received, these are pretty
useful.  In my opinion, they are not as good as the Bardic songs, but are
better than any of the other new abilities.

   The following is a list of the special abilities the Druid gains through
leveling up, until he reaches Level 15:

   1. The Druid can now shapechange as early as Level 5.  At every other level
      of experience until Level 15, he will gain a new transformation.
   2. The Druid receives immunity to poison at Level 9.
   3. They can transform into Elementals beginning at Level 11.
   4. At Level 15, the Druid achieves the Timeless Body.  This makes him
      immune to ALL types of fatigue.

   The Druid's shapechanging ability is still not the most powerful ability in
the game.  However, there is a new addition to shapechanging that proves to be
VERY useful.  When a Druid changes form (from human to creature, or the
reverse) he is healed of some of his injuries.  This essentially is equivalent
to 6 free curing spells.  By changing into one of the 6 possible
transformations, you will change some of your stats.  Below are the changes
you will undergo by morphing into a given form.  Your character's level of
experience, armor and weapons, and AC are not taken into consideration when
changing form.

                       Stats for Shapechange Creatures

        |  Stats/Form  | Boring Beetle |   Polar Bear  | Winter Wolf |
        | Strength     |     18/51     |     18/00     |      18     |
        | Dexterity    |       7       |      10       |      13     |
        | Constitution |      16       |      19       |      16     |
        | Armor Class  |      -3       |       4       |       2     |
        | Atk/round    |     2.5       |       5       |     3.5     |

   The stats for the Elemental shapechanges are as follows:

   |  Stats/Form  | Fire Elemental |   Earth Elemental  | Water Elemental |
   | Strength     |       19       |          23        |        18       |
   | Dexterity    |        9       |           5        |        14       |
   | Constitution |        8       |          19        |        18       |
   | Armor Class  |        2       |           0        |        -2       |
   | Atk/round    |      2.5       |         2.5        |       2.5       |

   Since the Druid's experience table has been extended to Level 30, naturally
his spell progression table has been likewise lengthened.  The Druid casts
Priest Spells.  One benefit of this is that he can cast spells while wearing,
oh, say Full Plate Mail +1.  This makes him a valuable commodity to the party
- a front line warrior who can also cast spells.  The Priest can not cast
every spell that a Cleric can, but he CAN cast spells that a Cleric can not.
In this game, Clerics and Priests can only learn spells up through Level 7,
but have the ability to be able to cast an obscene amount of them at later
levels.  Below I have reproduced the Priest spell chart from Level 15 on, as
provided in the Heart of Winter game manual:

                                 Druid Spells

            |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |
            |   15    |  6  |  6  |  6  |  6  |  4  |  2  |  1  |
            |   16    |  7  |  7  |  7  |  6  |  4  |  3  |  1  |
            |   17    |  7  |  7  |  7  |  7  |  5  |  3  |  2  |
            |   18    |  8  |  8  |  8  |  8  |  6  |  4  |  2  |
            |   19    |  9  |  9  |  8  |  8  |  6  |  4  |  2  |
            |   20    |  9  |  9  |  9  |  8  |  7  |  5  |  2  |
            |   21    |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  8  |  6  |  2  |
            |   22    |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  6  |  3  |
            |   23    |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  7  |  3  |
            |   24    |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  8  |  3  |
            |   25    |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  8  |  4  |
            |   26    |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  4  |
            |   27    |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  5  |
            |   28    |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  6  |
            |   29    |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  7  |
            |   30    |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  9  |  8  |
            |  Druids need a WIS of 17 to cast Level 6 spells.  |
            |  Druids need a WIS of 18 to cast Level 7 spells.  |

   Finally, there is one final point I wish to address.  In case you aren't
aware of it, dual-classing (only available to humans) from one class to
another is a very effective way of creating very powerful characters.  The
Druid is no exception.  Not surprisingly, the Fighter is the best class to
dual a Druid with.  Why?  Well, for starters, you will be able to gain Weapon
Mastery with a Fighter.  Then when you switch over to Druid and regain access
to both of your classes, you will have Grand Mastery for a Druid, making him a
powerful offensive character.  Secondly, if you are both a Druid and a
Fighter, your Druid will be able to use a Fighter's armor as well as that of a
Druid - which means you can wear the heavy metal.  This also makes turns the
Druid into a front-line Fighter.  There are a few things to consider before
trying this:

   1. You must start with a Fighter, then Dual-Class to a Druid.
   2. Remember that your starting class must have a 17 in the prime score of
      the Druid.  Their score is Charisma.
   3. Druids are always True Neutral.  You do not want to prepare to
      Dual-Class to a Druid, only to find out that you can't because of your
   4. Druids are one of the most restrictive character class, with regards to
      minimum required stats.  To become a Druid, you must have a minimum of
      12 in WIS and 15 in CHA.
   5. It is also possible to Multi-Class a Fighter/Druid.

   Having said that, here are a few final tips to keep in mind when creating
your Fighter, and Dual-Classing him over to a Druid.  They are:

   1. When: When to Dual-Class is an important question.  As a general rule,
            I will Dual-Class at Level 9.  At Level 9, a character has
            received his maximum hit dice; after this level, the character
            will only gain a few hit points per level.
   2.  How: How will you develop your Fighter while waiting to Dual-Class.
            For starters, it is of utmost importance to choose a DRUID weapon
            and put your skill points into it.  There are a number of weapons
            that Druids can not use, and if you put ANY skill points into
            them, they will be lost upon gaining access to both classes.  My
            personal recommendations are the Spear and the Scimitar (Long
            Sword Proficiency).  Scimitar is my favorite because you can equip 
            a shield as well.
   3.  Why: A Level 9 Fighter Dual-Classed to a Druid would have (not
            including CON bonuses) 18 more hit points than a Level 9 Druid.
            The Druid will have an increased selection of weapons.  Only
            250,000 exp. is needed for a Fighter to reach Level 9; this will
            not affect the Druid's ability to reach Level 30.  Finally, having
            a Fighter/Druid whose Druid class is at Level 15 is immune to
            fatigue, including that induced by the Haste spell.  For those of
            you who like the Haste spell, imagine - a Fighter that is not
            tired afterwards!

The Ranger

   The Ranger is a pretty cool idea for a character class.  Having said that,
I hope to show why it is just that - a good IDEA.  In actual game terms, the
Ranger is really not a great choice.  In Heart of Winter, many of the
character classes received some improvements and changes, including the
Ranger.  However, these additions are still not that great.  What follows
below is my take on Rangers, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

            Advantages                              Disadvantages
            ----------                              -------------
  1. Can cast spells and wear armor.       1. Spells aren't all that great.
  2. Has the new Tracking ability.         2. Tracking ability not too useful.
  3. Can forego a shield for an extra      3. Has to forego a shield for an
     attack per round.                        extra attack.
  4. Receives spells 3 levels earlier      4. Progresses slower through the
     in Heart of Winter.                      spell chart. (more below)
  5. Longer spell progression lets         5. Must be Level 29 to cast Level 6
     Rangers learn Level 6 spells.            spells.
                                           6. Can not put more than 2 skill
                                              points in a weapon skill.
                                           7. Has a slower experience table
                                              than some classes.

   I will not go into detail on all of the above pro's and con's, but I wish
to address a few.  These are: Tracking Ability, Spell Progression, Extra
Attacks, and Dual-Classing.

      Tracking Ability:  The tracking ability is a new ability of the Ranger
      -----------------  in Heart of Winter.  It will allow you to discern the
                         types of creatures in whatever area you are in, as
                         well as a general idea of where they are.  While the
                         ability can only be used once per day, it has a good
                         chance of success.  The drawback to this ability is
                         that once you have played the game once, you will
                         probably already know what creatures are in what
                         area.  Also, the game sometimes gives you hints on
                         what creatures you might encounter.  For example, if
                         you start finding a number of Flaming Oil items,
                         chances are real good that there are Trolls nearby.

     Spell Progression:  The Ranger is what I consider a novelty spellcaster.
     ------------------  Basically, this means that the spells are not vital
                         to defining the usefulness of the character.
                         Obviously, Clerics and Mages would be useless without
                         spells, but Rangers don't really need them.  If you
                         are using a Ranger as your chief healing character,
                         you are in for trouble.  In Heart of Winter, your
                         Ranger can learn spells starting at Level 6 instead
                         of Level 9.  However, the Ranger actually gets fewer
                         spells per level.  Notice the following:

   -----------------------------------       -----------------------------
   |         Level 14 Ranger         |       |    With Heart of Winter   |
   -----------------------------------       -----------------------------
   |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |       |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |
   -----------------------------------       -----------------------------
   |   14    |  7  |  3  |  2  |  2  |       |   14    |  2  |  1  |  1  |
   -----------------------------------       -----------------------------

   Now, it IS true that Rangers will be able to gain higher levels spells in
Heart of Winter, but to cast Level 6 spells, the Ranger has to be at Level 29.
The most notable Level 6 spell (not mage spells) that I can recall is Heal.
With this spell, you can instantly cure all the damage one character has
received.  Near the end of the game, you can have several characters with hit
points near or over 100.  So Heal is very useful.  But why wait for a Ranger
to reach Level 29 when you can get Heal for your Cleric at Level 11?

          Extra Attack:  In Baldur's Gate 2, I think that Rangers are one of
          -------------  the best character classes.  This is because they
                         start with the ability to dual-wield two weapons at
                         once.  Why this awesome ability is NOT in Icewind
                         Dale is beyond me.  Instead, what they have given the
                         Ranger is the opportunity for more attacks per round
                         if his other hand is empty.  The most significant
                         consequence of this is that a Ranger can not use a
                         shield if he wants the bonus.  Near the end of both
                         Icewind Dale and Heart of Winter are shields that can
                         give a character a +4 bonus to their armor class.  I
                         find this to be much more valuable than one extra
                         attack per round.  Furthermore, there are several
                         weapons that give a character an extra attack per
                         round.  Still, I consider this a Ranger's greatest

         Dual-Classing:  One of the possible ways to boost a character who may
         --------------  be lacking (most notably Rangers and Thieves) is to
                         either Dual- or Multi-Class them.  There is an
                         excellent class to Dual or Multi a Ranger with: a
                         Cleric.  This way, the Ranger's rather feeble
                         spellcasting skills are boosted by the Cleric's.
                         This was a fairly popular strategy before the
                         expansion pack.  However, one of the Ranger's other
                         stunning disadvantages comes to light here:  Can not
                         put more than 2 skill points in a weapon skill.  This
                         does not hinder the Cleric, even though they can only 
                         put one point in a weapon also, but I think there
                         is a better combination:  The Fighter-Cleric.  There
                         are two good reasons for dualing a Fighter to a
                         Cleric instead of from a Ranger.  The first is the
                         experience table.  Remember that, when dual-classing,
                         you have to surpass the level of your old class
                         before you can use both of them.  If you wanted to
                         switch from a Ranger to a Cleric at Level 9, you
                         would need to earn 300,000 exp.  A Level 9 Fighter
                         only needs 250,000. (Level 9 is an ideal level at
                         which to change over to the second class, because you
                         will get the maximum hit points for the first class.
                         Note that if your first class is a Thief, and you are
                         dual-classing to something else, switch at Level 10
                         The second reason is that Fighters can put more than
                         two skill points in a weapon skill.  So what you do
                         is this:  Decide which weapon you will want your
                         Cleric to excel with.  When you start the game as a
                         Fighter, put every skill point you can in that
                         weapon.  By Level 9, you should have either 4 or 5
                         points in that weapon.  Strive to put the full five
                         points in.  Now, when you dual-class over to a
                         Cleric, you will receive some starting skill points
                         (two, I think).  If you did not reach the maximum of
                         5 in the weapon of choice BEFORE the class change, DO
                         NOT put any points in the weapon until AFTER you gain
                         access to both classes; these points will be lost. By
                         doing this, you will have a Cleric with Grand Mastery
                         in a weapon!! (my weapon of choice is the Hammer,
                         mainly because of Conlan's Hammer)

     NOTE: It was previously stated in this section that the Cleric gets a
           maximum of 2 skill points in any given weapon.  This is not true.
           The Cleric is only allowed ONE point per weapon.  It was also
           stated that, upon dual-classing to a second character, you could
           continue to place points into a weapon, and they would merge
           together once you gained access to both classes.  This is also NOT
           TRUE.  When you switch over to the second class, DO NOT put ANY
           points in any weapon specialization that had ANY points before the
           switch.  These points will be lost!  (contributed by Heng Lok)

     EXTRA: Heng Lok has a different idea on which weapon merits Grand
            Mastery status for your Cleric:

       "In HoW you can buy the Three White Doves, a mace weapon which has a
        good chance of disrupting Undead and Outer Planar creatures. Put Grand
        Mastery in Maces and combine it with Haste, and you will mow through
        undead like crazy."

   Remember that this is just my opinion on Rangers.  By no means would I
discourage anyone from taking a Ranger if they want to.  But hopefully this
section will have shown you the pro's and con's of the Ranger.  Better to know
beforehand than when you reach Level 15 and realize you won't get exactly what
you wanted.


Spell Memorization:  Some Thoughts

   There is not much strategy involved when you only have one mage in your
party.  Just find every scroll that you can and memorize them!  But...what if
you have more than one mage?  Well, one suggestion is to put some thought into
each mage before you actually start the game.  Since some spells, particularly
the more powerful ones, have a limit to how many appear in the game, you
should decide before you get them which mage will learn them.  Below are some
tips, some common sense, others more useful, on doing this.

     1. Remember that you need an INT of 18 to learn Level 9 Spells.
     2. Consider having an "Offensive Mage" or a "Support Mage" or perhaps a
        "Defensive Mage".  By doing this, you are more likely to remember
        which of your 2 or 3 mages has that Acid Storm spell.  Some spells,
        like Magic Missile, Haste, Chromatic Orb, and Fireball should be
        learned by all mages that can learn them.
     3. You could also divide spells by the type of attack.  For instance, you
        could have an "Ice Offense Mage" or a "Fire Offense Mage", while
        giving both of them similar defense and support spells.  Since Icewind
        Dale is a very element-based game, you can use your Fire Mage through
        the ice sections while using the other one for support.  This option,
        and the one preceding it, offer variety and coordination of
        party members.

Transferring Spells from Scroll to Spellbook

   It is very likely that any mage you create will have an INT score of 17 or
18.  As mentioned elsewhere, with an Intelligence of 18, you have an 85%
chance of successful writing the spell in your spellbook, IF you are able to
cast spells of that level.  However, if you try and transfer a Level 5 spell
into your book, but you can only cast spells Level 1-4, you will incur a
penalty (I forget how much, but I believe it is either 10% or 20% less per
level of difference).  This can drastically reduce your chances of success.

   If you have an Intelligence of 19, you have a 95% chance of successfully
learning a spell.  That one INT point can mean the difference between success
and a lot of reloading.  There are two fairly easy ways of getting an INT
score of 19 (or higher) that I will discuss now:

     1. Use a Potion of Genius:  This potion, and similar potions, will raise
        your character's INT score temporarily.  This one will increase your
        INT +4.  The drawback is that the effects wear off, and you have to
        get more potions.
     2. Use a Magic Item:  Some Items (and Armor, Weapons, etc.) will increase
        you INT score for as long as the item is increased.  So, equip the
        item when you are about to transfer spells to your spellbook, and
        remove it (if you wish) when you are done.  The usual item bonus is
        only +1 to INT, but you can re-use it!  In particular, I recall the
        Large Sword "Turodahal" which gives the wielder +1 INT.

Easy Experience Anyone? (cheat)

   Earning enough experience points to advance to the next level can be one of
the more tedious parts of the game, especially as the levels get higher.  One
solution to this is to play the game in "Heart of Fury" mode. (see the "Why
Play Heart of Fury" section of this FAQ near the end of the document for more
information regarding this new difficulty mode)  However, the "Heart of Fury"
mode can be extremely challenging, even with Level 30 characters.  There is
another solution to this, but it is considered cheating...by some.

   In the game are two types of experience:  Quest Experience and Fighting
Experience. (once again, see the section on Experience near the end of this
FAQ for more information regarding the two types of experience)  When you
receive a Quest, you normally receive the experience reward for it when you
complete the task and return to talk with the person who gave you the quest.
If you would like to..."cheat" a little, save the game right before you talk
to a person to receive your Quest Experience.  Then, exit the game, and enter
the Game Configuration program. (you must exit completely from the game)
Select "Heart of Fury" difficulty mode.  Next, start up Heart of Winter, and
load your save game.  Now, talk to the person to receive your experience
reward.  The amount will be doubled; "Heart of Fury" mode doubles all
experience gained from completing Quests.  This will come in especially useful
for two quests in particular, which normally yield over 600,000 experience
each.  Think of it - over 1,000,000 experience points using this method!

Good Equipment at the Beginning (cheat)

   Good equipment is hard to find at the beginning of the game.  And what you
CAN find is almost impossible to afford.  To perform this "cheat" you need to
know how to import and export characters into your party.

   First, begin your game.  Go to the Records screen and export each of your
characters.  Now, select the Modify Characters option.  You should see a
screen with your characters on it.  Click on one of the Modify Character
buttons under a character's portrait.  Then choose to delete him.  Next,
choose to Create a Character in the void that your old character left.  Choose
to Import a character.  Look at the list of characters you can import.  Notice
how some of them have a  +  next to them?  These are sample characters that
the game programmers included.  They are very well equipped.  Import one (or
more) of them into your party.  Return to the game.  Now look at the new
character's inventory.  See anything you like?  Sure you do!  Take any of the
items that are of interest to you, and more them to another character's
inventory.  Now you can once again return to the Modify a Character screen and
delete the new character, and re-import your old character.  You can also
repeat the process, gaining even MORE free items.

   There are other uses for this procedure of importing and exporting
characters in the middle of the game, but I will not detail them in this
document.  After all, I do not want to turn this into a "cheat" document!

                         HEART OF WINTER: WALKTHROUGH

   In order to get to Lonelywood, you must have first gotten to Kuldahar in
the original game.  Just east of the center of town is a house that was
previously locked.  If you go inside, you will find a barbarian named Hjollder
there.  It seems that your coming has been foretold to him for a while now.
It appears that there is another town in trouble.  He requests your aid in the
north.  The town of Lonelywood is in the path of a major barbarian invasion,
which is being led by the great barbarian leader Wylfdene, who has recently
returned from the dead.  Prepare yourselves, and when you are ready, accept
his request and journey with him to another of the Ten Towns - Lonelywood.

1.   Lonelywood

The Well (x 1772 y 2210  AR 9100)

   You have just arrived in the town of Lonelywood.  Upon your arrival, you
will encounter a girl named Hailee Dunn.  She says that her brother is trapped
in the well, and would like for you to go and tell her dad.  Her dad is
located in the Cooper's House.  (x 2784 y 436)

     EVIL:  If you want, try to kill Hailee Dunn.  May party of Level 14
            characters couldn't even touch her!  Also, be forewarned that
            attacking townspeople will make you the enemy of everyone in town.
            Also, if certain people are killed, you may or may not be
            prevented from completing the game.

Shrine of Waukeen  (x 2302 y 1883  AR 9103)

   NE of the well is the local house of healing.  It is run by Quinn
Silverfinger, a halfling missionary.  He sure runs an opulent place!  He also
sells some truly magnificent items.  In addition to the traditional healing
services, you can also enter behind the curtain on the north door.  It leads
to his room.  There is a hidden door at (x 791 y 192) which you can find if
your Thief is searching for traps.  There is a chest behind the door which

      3 Diamonds
      2 Emeralds
      Sling +5: Quinn's Fancy Sling (+3 damage)

     EVIL:  If you want, you can try and kill Quinn.  This will yield:

               Sling +1
               Force Bullets
               Morning Star +4: Defender

The Whistling Gallows Inn  (x 2260 y 1187  AR 9101, 9102)

Floor 1:  (AR 9101)

   There is a lot to do here.  The dwarf at the table can tell you some
information about the impending barbarian attack.  The woman wandering around
in the bar is Ambere Dunn, Hailee's mother.  Talk to her about her daughter
and the barbarians.  You might get the impression that she frequents this
place often...

     EVIL:  Killing Ambere Dunn gives you nothing...except a reputation loss!

   Seated near the entrance to the Inn is a dwarf named Roald Tunnelfist, who
will relate his tale of having been part of an expeditionary force to the
barbarian camp.  He tells of having encountered Wylfdene and barely escaping
to tell the tale.  He can point you in the direction of the barbarian camp.

     EVIL:  If you want to pound the dwarf to dust, you will receive:

               Chainmail +2
               Battle Axe +2: Defender

   Seated at the bar (x 739 y 417) is the Norm of Lonelywood, a sloshingly
drunk elf named Murdaugh.   Not only is he a drunken, unemployed elf, but he
is also...*surprise* a bard!  Ask about his rather articulate vocabulary and he
will reveal himself as a bard from Auckney.  You then can offer either 1, 5,
or 10gp for him to tell his tale.  Whichever option you choose, you get the
same story.  He tells you of his forbidden love and of his impossible quest:
(not to find the Holy Grail) ...to find the Glacier Rose

     EVIL:  You can dispatch the Bard Murdaugh, if you wish.  Be careful
            though - the innkeeper will attack you, and he is a a practiced 
            wizard.  Killing Murdaugh will get you:

               Long Sword of Action +2 (adds +1 to dexterity)

   The bartender, Kieran Nye, is your one stop for nearly anything you could
want.  Talk to him in order to get information and to rest.  In addition, once
you discover his secret, return and talk to him about it.  He will tell you 
that he is a fugitive wizard from the Hosttower of the Arcane.  In return for
your secrecy, he will offer to sell you magical items and spells!  (In another
FAQ I give a listing of all the items in the expansion pack's shops, and their
prices.  Refer to that list for the shop items available. That file should
also be located at: http://www.gamefaqs.com)

     EXTRA:  You can pickpocket Kieran, if you wish.  Doing so yields: Ring
             of Greater Action  (+2 AC, +25% crushing resistance, +3 save vs.

     EVIL:  Kieran is a practiced mage.  If you want to be evil and kill him,
            you will receive:

               1 Potion of Extra Healing
               Mage Dagger +4 (AC +1, +1 Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 spell)

   In a room in the back of the inn is a chest (x 285 y 598).  Inside is:

      Robe of the Neutral Archmagi (AC 5, magic resistance +5%)

   Also in this room, behind the mirror at (x 361 y 592) is a hidden door that
leads to a hidden study.  On the shelf, at (x 449 y 481) is:

      Seven Eyes (scroll - mage)

   After discovering this, mention the room the Kieran Nye to gain access to
his magical wares.  Otherwise, go on upstairs.

Floor 2:  (AR 9102)

   There is not a lot to do upstairs.  However, if you would like to help
yourself to some free items, there is a chest in the first room on the left
(x 1089 y 563) which contains:

      Rogue Stone
      Translocution Arrows

   Further on down the hall, in the last room on the right, is a cabinet
(x 341 y 556) which contains:

      Potion - Oil of Speed

That is just about all there is to do at the inn for the moment.

Bowyer's Cabin  (x 2975 y 2273  AR 9104)

   Emmerich Hawk is the local Ranger.  He will update your map for you so you
can travel to the barbarian camp.  He can also sell you some weapons.

     EVIL:  If you want to strike it rich by means of assassination, take out 
            the local ranger.  Killing Emmerich yields:

               3 Potions of Extra Healing
               100 gp
               Finest Long Sword
               Shadowed Cloak (+15% to Hide in Shadows)
               Confusion Arrows +3
               Bracers of Archery (+2 THAC0 - missile weapons only)
               Arrows of Piercing
               Inferno Arrows +2
               Long Bow +4: Hammer (+1 AC, 4 attacks per round)

The Cooper  (x 2784 y 436  AR 9105)

   The Cooper in Lonelywood is Tybald Dunn.  Where has that last name been
seen before, hmmm?  This is the father of the girl at the well, and the
husband of the drunk woman at the inn.  Mention his daughter, and he will ask
you to send her home.  This family sure has problems.  In addition to these
problems, business is going very poorly for Tybald.  He must rely on Baldemar
for all of his business contacts.  Perhaps we should keep an ear open for some
ideas.  Some of the richer people in town might have some ideas.  Perhaps
Quinn the Priest can help.

   Before you leave, there is a cabinet at (x 759 y 259) that contains:

      Boots of the North (+50% cold resistance)

     EVIL:  Killing Tybald Dunn isn't even worth the effort. You get: 5gp

Return to the Shrine of Waukeen

   After talking to the Cooper, return here and talk to Quinn.  He will shed
light on some trade opportunities to the south.  With this information, you
should return to the Cooper and see what he thinks.

The Cooper

   Return to the Cooper's house and inform him of what you learned from Quinn
Silverfinger.  He will be very grateful for the information, and you will
receive 20,000 exp.  Now what can be done about his wife and daughter?  Let's
try to get his daughter to go home.

Return to The Whistling Gallows Inn

   Once you return to the Inn, begin a conversation with Ambere Dunn, the
drunk woman.  Mention her husband and she will strike up a conversation about
how she hates it in the north.  With the earlier advice you gave to her
husband, the family may be moving south soon.  Convince her to return to her
husband's house for a cool 15,000 exp.  Two down, one to go.  Let's return to
the well and talk to Hailee.

Return to the Well

   When you return and attempt to send Hailee back to her father's house, she
refuses to go.  If you have previously talked with her mother and father about
Hailee, you will reveal that her story is a lie and will receive 15,000 exp.
When she tells you that she has a secret, you can offer to pay her (1gp) for
it.  Upon learning the secret you will gain another 15,000 exp.

     EXTRA:  If you have a Bard, ask Hailee about secrets.  She will be
             stubborn and refuse to share hers, but you can make up a
             children's story for her.  This will get you an additional 15,000
             exp.  But to do this, you have to talk to Hailee with your Bard.

   Once you have done the above, you should tell her that life at home will be
different from now on.  You will convince her to return home, and will receive
another 15,000 exp to boot!

The Cartwright  (x 1550 y 719  AR 9106, 9107)

Floor 1:  (AR 9106)

   Finally, the home of the rather infamous Baldemar Thurlow.  You can talk to
his wife, who is downstairs, but the man you want to see is upstairs.  But
while you are downstairs, you should search the cabinet at (x 520 y 211) for:

      4 Elixers of Health

   And now, upstairs!

     EVIL:  Killing Baldemar's wife will net you:  54gp

Floor 2:  (AR 9107)

   You will find Baldemar in his study (x 775 y 452).  Boy, he sure is
suspicious!  He will give you more information about the one-eyed man who came
to see him a short time ago.  You should also be sure to check the cabinet
farther back at (x 396 y 274) to find a note that will prove to be
enlightening.  There is nothing more to do at the moment.  We will return,

     EVIL:  Killing Baldemar Thurlow will get you: 47gp

Brothers Cabin  (x 326 y 392  AR: 9108)

   This is the home of Lonelywood's premier scholars.  Their conversation
proves to be mildly entertaining, but they are of no other use, at least for

     EVIL:  Killing Doogal will get you:

               1400 exp.
               Charged Battle Axe +2
               Studded Leather Armor +1

The Boathouse  (x 1088 y 1592  AR 9109)

   Thom Farold is the town boatmaker.  He isn't really very useful at the
moment, but there is a chest at: (x 483 y 186) with:

      Light Crossbow
      Bolt +2 (x20)

   and another chest at (x 400 y 274) with:

      Bottle of wine

   He has a helper, Young Ned, who can be found just outside and a bit to the
west of the house entrance.  He will become useful later when you have a need
to travel on the seas.

     EVIL:  Killing Thom Farold, the boatmaker, will get you: 100gp
            It is uncertain whether it is possible to kill Young Ned.

Purvis' Shack  (x 3358 y 1331  AR 9110)

   Purvis isn't terribly helpful, or personable.  After all, he does bury dead
people for a living.  He will be of more use later.

     EXTRA: If you aren't in to grave robbing, you could just pickpocket
            Purvis instead.  Doing this yields a Ring of Free Action.  (these
            rings are wonderful; get as many as possible!)  Interestingly
            enough, after you return from the Barbarian Camp, you can 
            pickpocket him AGAIN for more items!

     EVIL:  Don't like the gravedigger's mannerisms?  Kill him and you will

               Potion of Extra Healing
               Short Sword of Backstabbing
               Boots of Stealth (+35% to Stealth)
               Cloak of Non-Detection

Merchant Warehouse  (x 2141 y 2696  AR 9100)

   Rawleigh Gallaway is upset that trade has been disrupted.  When asked about
barbarians, he can show you the location of their camp on your map.  That's
about all for now.  He also has two assistants roaming nearby named Karrl and

     EVIL:  If you want, you can kill the merchants.  From Karrl you will get:

               Leather Armor
               Short Sword

            Jemeliah will net you:

               Leather Armor

            Finally, their boss, Rawleigh Gallaway, will drop:

               Chainmail Armor
               Potion of Healing
               Short Sword +2

Well, now that you have explored the town, it is time to pay these barbarians
a visit.

                      |     Did You Remember To...     |
                      | * Pickpocket Kiernan and       |
                      |   Purvis?                      |
                      | * Talk to Murdaugh in the Inn? |
                      | * Find the Boots of the North  |
                      |   in the Cooper's House?       |
                      | * Find Kiernan's secret        |
                      |   chamber?                     |

2.   The Barbarian Camp

   Leave the town from the east, and you will come across the outskirts of the
barbarian camp.  You will be confronted by a company of barbarians led by
Angaar.  A cut scene begins.  You will eventually find yourself in front of
the newly-risen barbarian chief, the infamous Wylfdene!

   When you first greet Wylfdene, you can either tell him you come on behalf
of the Ten-Towns, or you can ask him what he meant about Jerrod's spirit.
Choose the second option for 84,000 exp. (you won't get another opportunity to
choose this option, so take it now!) You can then attempt to forge a peace
treaty on behalf of Lonelywood, but it will fail.  However, you will receive
84,000 exp for the effort.

     NOTE: During the conversation with Wylfdene, you will receive an 
           additional 84,000 exp. if you choose the "I know of no assassin"
           option instead of "I am no assassin." (contributed by Heng Lok)

   Wylfdene thinks you are another assassin sent to kill him.  Hjollder will
come to your defense, but is banished to Burial Isle.  You are to be taken
outside the camp and executed.  If your lead character has a high enough INT 
score, you can ask Angaar why you are to die, and ask what will happen to 
Hjollder to receive 42,000 exp.  If you can convince Angaar to let you go, you
will receive another 42,000 exp.

   Don't stop there!  Ask him about Wylfdene and receive ANOTHER 42,000 exp!

   If your lead character does NOT have a sufficient INT score, you will have
to fight a small group of barbarian warriors.  Under no circumstance should
you allow Angaar (who will not fight) to be hit with any of the party's
attacks.  If you do, and Angaar dies, your game is more or less over.  So 
don't let Angaar die!

     NOTE:  I find it... amusing that Angaar has a brother named Raag.  Now,
            either I am so sleep-deprived that I am seeing things, or the name
            Angaar looks a whole lot like Anger, while Raag looks like Rage.
            Very creative!

   You are done here for the time being.  You should return to Lonelywood.

Return to Lonelywood

   Go and meet Purvis (x 3538 y 1705), who is outside working.  Apparently,
someone has died since you left.  Ask him about it.

     EXTRA:  Oddly, you can pickpocket Purvis again after returning from the
             Barbarian Camp.  This time you will receive:

                Ring of Free Action
                Oil of Speed

   You will need to pickpocket 2 separate times to get both.   Where did
Purvis get the extra items anyway?  Perhaps from Digby, the deceased brother?
Who knows.  Take them and move on.

Emmerich Hawk

   He can fill you in on more information regarding the recent death.

   At any time after the death of the first brother, you may encounter a
Greater Werewolf out on the streets of Lonelywood at night.  You can either
kill it, or you can ran away and spare it.  Either way is acceptable, but it
is better to run than to kill it.  After all, some men can turn into
werewolves, right?  Later, you will be able to identify who the werewolf is,
and you will receive a greater experience reward for not killing the wolf.  If
you do encounter it on the streets, it is best to just duck into a building
and wait it out.  The inn is preferable because you can rest until dawn.

Confront Baldemar Thurlow

   Return to the Cartwright's house.  You should go up to Baldemar's study and
confront him with the information Wylfdene told you regarding the attempted
assassination of the chief.  He will reveal his role in the plan, but say that
there are higher powers at work.  For getting him to confess and to come clean
with the other council members nets you a whopping 420,000 exp!

Young Ned

   Hjollder may have been banished to Burial Isle, but he left a lot of
unanswered questions.  Remember the boatmaker?  He will be able to get you to
the Isle.  Talk to his assistant, Young Ned  (x 499 y 1818) and he will
reluctantly offer to sail you to the Isle.  When you are ready, and adequately
equipped, you should travel to the Isle in search of Hjollder.

3.   Burial Isle

Young Ned:  (AR 9300)

   He will wait here (x 2833 y 2445) to take you back to Lonelywood.

     NOTE: It is possible to kill Young Ned once you are on Burial Isle.  Why 
           you would want to however, is a mystery.

                       There are a series of caves on
                       Burial Isle that all lead to the
                       same general area.  What I have
                       done is labeled each of the
                       caves with a letter A through D.
                       The walkthrough for that section
                       begins at Cave Entrance A.

Burial Caves

   There are two ways of rescuing Hjollder, the exiled shaman.  One way is to
traverse through the Burial Caves.  The other one is to hop directly to his
island. You still need to explore the caves for an item, but you can gain the
280,000 exp. bonus for locating Hjollder, in case you need an experience
boost.  For full details, look under the section "Rescue Hjollder" below
(after the Caves Walkthrough).

Cave Entrance A  (x 3022 y 1916)

NOTE: The underground walkthrough assumes you entered through Cave Entrance A.

   The entrance to this cave is located more or less due north of where you
land on the island.  Immediately upon entering the cave, you will be greeted
by an entourage of Barrow Wights and Wailing Virgins.  The latter are
especially difficult, and can paralyze and damage your party severely.

Vexing Thoughts  (x 3066 y 1151  AR 9400)

   Head north from the entrance, and you will encounter a creature that
appears to be a floating set of armor.  That's essentially what it is.  If you
talk with it, it reveals its name as Vexing Thoughts.  Its true name was once
known to its master, but the master forgot it, and Vexing Thoughts disposed of
him.  At this point, you have four choices.

   1.) Just leave. You don't *have* to do anything here.
   2.) Ask it how you can gain control over it.  It will ask you to go and
       kill an innocent.  Upon doing this, it then wants you to dedicate the
       kill to its dark master.  I suppose this is a good option for an evil-
       aligned party.  But my Paladin wouldn't stomach it.
   3.) The third option is to tell it that you will control it.
   4.) The final (and best) choice is to discover its true name.

   In response to 3, the spirit armor puts itself in your inventory.
Identifying it reveals it to be a Plate Mail of AC 1, giving the wearer 100%
cold resistance, and promises other benefits upon donning the armor.  If you
do equip it, the armor will kill the wearer.  But that's not all.  It will
also reveal its true form - it's a Chilmandren - and attack the party!  He's
really tough, but not impossible to kill.  My party took him down after
inflicting 125 points of damage, so his limit is around there.

     EXTRA:  Have your weakest attacker who can wear the armor equip it.  No
             sense losing your most powerful fighter!

   If you would like to gain mastery over it without destroying it, thus
bending its will to serve you, you must discover its true name.  However, its
previous master, as you may recall, met an untimely end.  If only you could
speak with the dead.  If only there was some way to _Contact Other Plane_ and
discover the answer in the beyond.  If that hint wasn't obvious enough, you
must need to either *update* or *review* your supply of _magic_ ...  If you
discover its true name, not only do you get the armor, which is a WONDERFUL
piece of equipment for this climate, but you can also call on the Chilmandren
_ONE TIME_ to help you out.  Save this for a REALLY tough battle...like at the
end of the game.  You should also be aware that once you summon the
Chilmandren to battle, the Vexed Armor will be destroyed.  This will leave its
wearer without armor!!  Be ready!

     EVIL:  You can also select to kill an innocent person in order to gain
            the Vexed Armor.  After you kill an innocent, come back and
            you will gain the Vexed Armor, but if you try to summon the
            Chilmandren...watch out!

   Whatever you decide, once you are done, it's time to move on.

Treasure Cove #1  (x 2550 y 765)

   Just north of where you meet Vexing Thoughts is a treasure cove.  Careful,
it's trapped!  In the jar at (x 2582 y 824) you will find:

      Broken Armor
      Elixir of Health
      Protection from Cold (scroll)

   In the center, at (x 2550 y 765) is:

      Svian's Club (+5 THAC0)

   And finally, in the jar at (x 2458 y 790) is:

      12 Horn Coral Gems

If you need to exit the cave, see below.  Otherwise, head west from here.

Exit to Cave Entrance D

   If you need to exit the cave, there is an exit due east of Treasure Cove #1
at (x 3640 y 733).   It will lead you to Cave Entrance D above ground.

Exit to Cave Entrance C

   If you need to exit the cave, take the stairs to the left of Treasure Cove
#1, at (x 2370 y 660).   It will lead you to Cave Entrance C above ground.

Treasure Cove #2

   West of Treasure Cove #1 (and the Exit to Cave Entrance C) is another
treasure cove (x 1720 y 760).  This one is also trapped.  In the jar at
(x 1680 y 840) is:

      Winter Wolf Pelt
      Cloak of Displacement (+4 AC versus Missile Weapons)

   In the jar at (x 1865 y 760) you will find:

      4 Water Opals
      Arrows +2
      Chain Mail +1
      Battle Axe +1

   And finally, in the center, at (x 1720 y 760) you will get:

      Short Sword +4: Blood Iron (Each hit heals 3hp)

   Time to move on.  Head down the stairs and go west if you need to exit the
cave for some reason.  Otherwise, return to Cave Entrance A.  (where we came

Exit to Cave Entrance B

   If you need to exit the cave, take the stairs down from Treasure Cove #2
and head west to (x 2370 y 660).  It will lead you to Cave Entrance B above

Return to Cave Entrance A

   Once you have returned to the cave entrance, head west and take the first
stairway down.  From here, fight your way west.  You will be attacked several
times by Drowned Corpses, Barrow Wights, and Wailing Virgins.  Just before the
stone bridge is a third treasure cove, located at (x 1600 y 1940).  Good thing
heroes like treasure!

Treasure Cove #3

   To the best of my recollection, this is the only treasure cove in this
level that is not trapped.  But don't take my word for it - check first!  In
the jar at (x 1530 y 1996) is:

      High Quality Bastard Sword

   And in the jar at (x 1735 y 1955) you will obtain:

      Jade Ring
      High Quality Battle Axe
      Small Shield +1

Now cross the bridge to the west.  Unbelievably, you will find... well, just
just say I hope you aren't sick of treasure!!

Treasure Cove #4

   Just on the other side of the stone bridge is the fourth treasure cove
(x 1240 y 1950).  This one is trapped.  At (x 1183 y 1918) is:

      Fire Darts +2
      Battle Axe +3: Fatigue (20% chance target is slowed)

   You will find the following at (x 1230 y 1950):

      Battle Axe +5: Young Blood (5% chance per hit user goes berserk)

   And (x 1270 y 2020) will treat you to:

      2 Heal (scroll - priest)
      Yeti Pelt
      Inferno Arrows +2

   From this treasure cove, head west and up the stairs.  Now things get

Mebdinga and Wylfdene's Tomb

   You have stumbled upon another clue to the mysterious Wylfdene - his empty
casket.  The guardian, Mebdinga, is the guardian of the casket.  And she is
not pleased to see your party at all!  She issues you a familiar ultimatum -
leave or die.  You should choose the hero's option of  C) Start a fight.  But
be warned - Mebdinga is not alone, as there are four other Wailing Virgins
with her.  Also, Mebdinga can quickly kill most or all of your party, so Haste
your warriors and take her out first!

     EXTRA:  Why fight fair?  Tell Mebdinga that you will leave.  That way,
             you can initiate the battle, if you want.  Doing so will not
             cause a reputation loss.  I guess it isn't dishonorable to
             pick a fight with the undead.

   After you deal with the guardians, search the casket at (x 440 y 1795).  In
it you will find:

      Wylfdene's Tribal Insignia

   Time to press on.  Rest up, then head west to the edge of the screen, and
follow the path to the north.

Treasure Cove #5

   Located at (x 175 y 1310) is what every hero wants - more treasure!!!  This
final treasure cove in the underground is, not surprisingly, trapped.  The jar
at (x 274 y 1362) contains:

      Blade Barrier (scroll - priest)
      Holy Smite (scroll - priest)
      5 Moonbar Gems

   The table at (x 220 y 1360) has:


Ready to finish this area up?

Exit to Exile Island

   From the fifth treasure cove, take the first stairway heading north
(x 500 y 1300).  This will lead you to a new exit (x 300 y 560) and to
the reason you came to this island in the first place!

Rescue Hjollder

   Once you surface, you will receive 280,000 exp. for locating Hjollder.  You
tell him what you have learned about Wylfdene, but he requires more proof in
order to confront the king.  Show him the Tribal Insignia that you found below
ground.  You will receive 420,000 for doing this.

   Hjollder is unable to discern the true nature of the spirit within
Wylfdede, but he knows of one who can.  He directs the party in the direction
of the Gloomfrost Seer.  He will mark the location of Gloomfrost on your map.
Backtrack through the cave and take some time to visit some of the other sites
on Burial Isle (detailed below).  When you are ready, return to Lonelywood.

     EXTRA:  As mentioned earlier, you can take a shortcut directly to
             Hjollder's Island to gain a quick 280,000 exp. before you even
             enter the caves.  This is very useful since your characters are
             most likely still fairly weak.  To get there, head to the bridge
             that leads to the Abandoned Lighthouse at (x 290 y 900).  Just
             before the bridge you will notice an island that you can not
             reach just to the north.  Have your Mage cast Dimension Door
             (make SURE he can cast it twice!)  Place the Spell Cursor on the
             island, and you are there.  You will get the 280,000 exp. for
             locating him, but you must still search the caves for Wylfdene's
             Tribal Insignia.

Tower  (x 565 y 2326  AR 9301)

   This tower is home to one Edion Caradoc, a necromancer of great power.  He
was put under a curse by his enemies, and can not be healed short of divine
intervention.  So he sits here, waiting to die.  He will, however, offer to
sell you magical items and scrolls.  And, of course, he will buy them off of
you as well.  (see my supplementary list of game items for shop inventory)

    EXTRA:  If you talk to him with a mage, you will have the additional
            conversation option of suggesting that he perform the ritual which
            would allow him to become a lich, and thus cheat his
            curse...somewhat.  This suggestion won't have any effect on his
            dismal outlook regarding his future, but it is noteworthy.

     EVIL:  You can attempt to kill the necromancer, if you wish.  However, he
            will only give you: 585gp

     NOTE:  One of the weapons that Edion sells is a Large Sword named
            Cynicism.  It is +4 to hit, but that is not what makes it worth
            mentioning.  Fans of Baldur's Gate 2 might remember Lilacor the
            talking two-handed sword.  Well, Cynicism is Icewind Dale's
            talking sword.  Unfortunately (maybe) you won't *hear* the sword
            speak, like in BG2,  but it will send up random text messages
            above your character's head.  Here is some of what it will ramble
            at random:

   "I'm tired.  Sleepy sword."
   "Hey halfwit, why don't you do us both a favor and put me back where you
    found me"
   "We're going to die.  Why don't you just put me down and go take up the
   "Could you please put me back in my sheath?  I'm scared.  Oooh! So scared!"
   "Why did I have to be in Icewind Dale?  Why?  I could be with a soldier in
    Evermeet right now..."
   "Why must you insist on carrying me exposed to the world?"
   "Oh, for Solomar's sake, you don't even know how to hold a sword properly."
   "Would you mind throwing me into a nearby lake?  I'd rather keep the fish
   "This scenery is depressing.  Too bad I'll have to look at it for a long
    time when you *die*."
   "I have a special purpose: To be dropped and left alone while you go off
    and die."
   "If we get into a fight, be sure to put the pointy end into the enemy.
    That get 'em every time!"
   "If my mother only saw me now...but if she saw you, she'd probably cry
    herself into oblivion."

Cave Entrance B (x 1556 y 1746  AR 9300)

   This is another possible entrance to the underground area, and is located
E of Edion Caradoc's Tower, and W of Young Neb.  This cave will place you at
(x 1500 y 980) in the underground.   For the complete underground walkthrough,
see entry under Cave Entrance A.

Polar Bear Spirit  (x 2780 y 850)

   East of Cave Entrance C, (located near the center of the map) your party
will be accosted by a Polar Bear Spirit.  It thinks you are upsetting the
balance on the island and demands that you leave.  Of course, you aren't going
to do that, are you?  Prepare to fight - this bear has some friends!

     EXTRA:  If you want a slight tactical advantage, agree to leave when
             talking to the Polar Bear Spirit.  Then attack it to gain the
             first strike.

Cave Entrance C  (x 1953 y 1079)

   This is a third possible entrance to the underground area, and is located
in front of a ruined wall near the center of the map.  This cave will
place you at (x 2370 y 660) in the underground.   For the complete underground
walkthrough, see entry under Cave Entrance A.

Cave Entrance D  (x 3240 y 431)

   This is a fourth possible entrance to the underground area, located NE of
the Polar Bear Spirit area.  This cave will place you at (x 3640 y 733) in
in the underground.  For the complete underground walkthrough, see entry
under Cave Entrance A.

Skaldar and the Ghost Shaman  (x 994 y 1173)

   The spirits of the dead shaman reside here.  A spirit named Skaldar will
direct your search for Hjollder elsewhere, and then demand that you leave the
Isle yourself.  You can choose to either leave or to fight.  If you choose to
fight them, be prepared for a difficult battle, for they are all experienced
shaman - and undead to boot!  Successfully killing all of them gives you
25,000 exp.

     EXTRA:  The same strategy used on the Polar Bear Spirit also works here 
             with the ghost shaman.  Simply tell them you are leaving, then 
             attack them.

Abandoned Lighthouse  (x 290 y 900)

   On the westernmost part of the island, behind the place where you met
Skaldar, is an abandoned lighthouse.

Lonelywood - after Burial Isle

   After completing the quests above, you should return to Lonelywood to rest
and supply yourself for the next journey, as well as to see what has happened
around town since you were last there.  There is quite a bit to do.  Let's
start with the center of any town's gossip - the Inn.

The Whistling Gallows Inn

   Upon entering the inn, you can ask around, or just watch the text lines
that appear above people's heads.  You will learn that there has been another
murder!  The gravedigger is as good a start as any to find out more


   Purvis is located outside again, in the graveyard (x 3538 y 1705).  He will
tell you that he just buried another of the three trapper brothers.  This one
looks to have been killed by a wolf also.  Maybe the remaining brother knows

Brother's Cabin

   The remaining brother, Doogal, can be found here.  He was at the scene of
the attack and says that the wolf was magical.  He also thinks that Emmerich
is behind it and vows revenge.  Better go and talk to Emmerich now.

Bowyer's House

   Inform Emmerich of your meeting with the remaining brother.  Emmerich
reveals that Doogal wanted to buy an enchanted weapon from Kieran at the Inn.
Off to the Inn.

The Whistling Gallows Inn

   Kieran will tell you that Doogal did indeed come in and try to buy an
enchanted weapon, but he told the brother that they don't sell those kinds of
weapons at the Inn.  (heh, heh)  Kieran thinks that the mystery wolf might
actually be a werewolf.  Uh, oh!  Better inform Emmerich about this.

Bowyer's House

   Return to Emmerich's cabin and mention the werewolf.  He is quite certain
that it isn't a werewolf.  Hmm.  Upon further questioning, Emmerich reveals
that he has been having nightmares as of late, about wolves in the forest.  It
is then revealed that when Emmerich was attacked earlier in the woods by a
wolf he must have been infected.  It turns out that Emmerich has unknowingly
been killing the brothers!  For discovering that Emmerich is the werewolf,
your party will receive 420,000 exp.  Now to search for a cure.  But where?
Kieran at the inn might know something more about werewolves - it was his idea
in the first place.

The Whistling Gallows Inn

   Inform Kieran of the situation with Emmerich.  He will give you an amulet
that will contain, but not cure, the lycanthrope.  Better take this back to
Emmerich quickly!

Bowyer's House

   Return and give Emmerich the amulet.  He will be extremely grateful to you.
And you will receive another 420,000 exp!

   Now that it appears that everyone in town is rather content for the moment,
let's head to Gloomfrost!

                      |     Did You Remember To...     |
                      | * Reunite the Dunn family?     |
                      | * Pickpocket Purvis AGAIN?     |
                      | * Find Edion Caradoc's Tower?  |
                      | * Obtain the Vexed Armor?      |
                      | * Confront Baldemar Thurlow?   |
                      | * Solve the mystery of the     |
                      |   murders?                     |

4.   Gloomfrost

Gloomfrost Mountain:  (AR 9500)

   You will encounter several new creatures lurking around these mountains,
including Snow Trolls.  Head north along the path.  There are two branches,
one at (x 3430 y 640) and another at (x 3490 y 420) that lead west.  They both
lead to the same point, so choose whichever one you want.

   In the area where the two paths meet are the remains of two dwarves and
their camp, at (x 2360 y 885).  Not a good omen.  Search their items
(x 2393 y 810) to find:

      3 Flaming Oils

   The path continues to the south.  As you head along the path, a floating
eye appears briefly, then disappears (x 2770 y 1560).  Continue along the path
south.  Soon the path will fork to the east and west.  Head to the east first,
where you will soon come across a shield located at (x 3207 y 1590).  It is:

      Tiernon's Sundered Shield (+2 AC vs. physical attacks except crushing)

Now head back and take the path that forks to the west.  It will eventually
head north again.  Along the way, you will cross an ice bridge (x 2475 y 2315)
that begins to crack, but nothing bad happens...yet.

   Trouble is waiting for you at (x 2380 y 1560) in the form of a Frost Giant.
Take him out, then continue north.  Once you reach (x 2200 y 1250) the path
once again winds to the west.  You can either head immediately south through
the ice valley, or you can continue a short ways west, to (x 1720 y 1350) and
continue south along the raised path.  Head south through the valley first.

   As you head south through the valley, you will encounter first some Winter
Wolves, and then a battle between Winter Wolves and a Frost Giant.  You can
either watch them fight, and attack the winner, or you can interrupt the fight
and try to kill them all.  This way will yield more experience.  Once you are
done here, backtrack to (x 1720 y 1350) and take the raised path south.

   At (x 1670 y 2000) the road forks off to the NE, but continue south.  The
road will eventually curve to the west.  Upon reaching (x 785 y 2500) the road
continues to the west, but also branches off to the north.  They both lead to
the same place, so head north.  The mysterious floating eye once again appears

   Continue to make your way north along the path.  When you get to
(x 260 y 1780) you will find 3 Snow Trolls feasting on a dead Polar Bear.
What's a hero to do?  Kill the trolls, then head north - but be prepared for a
large attack by some more trolls.

   The path will once again fork to the east after the massive troll encounter.
Follow it east until it doubles back to the northwest.  There is a party of
Glacier Yeti waiting for you here.  Greet them with some steel.

   Once you have dealt with the Yeti's, follow the path to its end.  At
(x 1280 y 350) you will find the entrance to a cave.  The search for the
Gloomfrost Seer continues inside!

Gloomfrost Mountain Cave:  (AR 9501)

   From the entrance, follow the path east.  It will curve south.  At
(x 1785 y 890) be ready for a fight - a group of Remorhazes will attack.  The
path will continue to the west.

     EXTRA: Ramon Brasser has a useful method for defeating these vile ice 

               1. Have a mage cast Monster Summoning (I is the best) when a
                  Remorhaz comes in.
               2. Cast Outilek's Resilient Sphere on one of the monsters. The
                  reason is that once the beast dies, the character under
                  influence of the spell gets no XP. You don't want that, 
                  hence the monster summoning.
               3. The Remorhaz will attack (hopefully, but almost certainly) 
                  the immune monster that is under the affect of the spell. A 
                  Cloudkill spell and raining down missiles on the Remorhaz 
                  should deal with it easily at no cose of HP for any party 

   Upon reaching the end of the path heading west, a spectral vision appears
briefly, then disappears (x 575 y 870).  Head south then east when the path

   At (x 160 y 1800) you will encounter a hole much too small for you.  Take
the path south.  The path will open into a Remorhaz nest with eggs in the
center (x 925 y 2535).  Dispatch the creatures and continue east.

   The path will wind its way north, east, north, and then west.  At
(x 3465 y 925) the mysterious spectral image makes another brief appearance.

   At (x 2750 y 800) you have the choice of continuing north or heading to the
northeast.  Go NE.  There is a Blind Dwarven Smith named Tiernon at
(x 3290 y 600).

     EXTRA:  If you have a Bard, use him to talk to the dwarf when you first
             encounter him.  You will recognize him as the lost dwarven smith
             Tiernon.  More importantly, you will receive 26,250 exp. points
             that you normally could not get without a Bard.

Tiernon the Dwarf

   Tiernon knows that you are searching for the Seer, but she doesn't want to
see you.  Convince the dwarf that you mean the Seer no harm, and he will help
you get to her.  After this, ask the dwarf why he is there, and he will tell
you he is trying to forge a great weapon.  Offer to help him.  Now you have a
choice in what he makes, depending on which option you choose.  Depending on
which number you choose, Tiernon will make the following:

        1. Great Sword +4: Hand of the Gloomfrost
           (Storm Shell 1/Day, +5% chance of suffocate on target)
        2. Long Sword +4: Kiss of the Gloomfrost
           (+5% chance of 2-12 cold damage)
        3. Mace +5: Fist of the Gloomfist
           (+5% chance of 1-10 additional bludgeoning damage)
        4. Dagger +4: Fang of the Gloomfrost
           (Anti-Magic Shell 1/Day)
        5. Halberd +4: Tongue of the Gloomfrost
           (+3% chance of Cone of Cold on the target)

     EXTRA:  There are two additional types of weapons that you can have
             Tiernon forge for you.  You can only get these two options if the
             required character types (dwarf or Druid) are not only IN your
             party, but also TALK to Tiernon.  The weapons are:

(dwarf) 6. Hammer +4: Blood of the Gloomfrost
           (Storm Shell 1/Day, +5% chance of healing 2-12 on wielder)

(Druid) 7. Scimitar +4: Talon of the Gloomfrost
           (Storm Shell 1/Day, +15% chance of Entangle on target)

   Each weapon also has the following: +10% cold, +10% fire resistance.
You will also receive 80,000 exp. for helping, and you get to keep the weapon!
You can only have him make one weapon.

   If your party has already played through Icewind Dale before starting Heart 
of Winter, they might have come across the Restored Blade of Aihonen (received
from Jhonen when you return to Easthaven near the end of the game).  If you
have this sword in your possession when you speak with Tiernon, he will refine 
it for you (whether you want him to or not).  Below are the stats for the 
sword before the refining, (Restored Blade of Aihonen) and afterwards (Singing
Blade of Aihonen).

       Restored Blade of Aihonen              Singing Blade of Aihonen
       -------------------------              ------------------------
        +5 damage                              +5 damage
        +5 THAC0                               +5 THAC0
        +5 to maximum hit points               +10 to maximum hit points
        +25% resistance to fire and cold       +30% resistance to fire & cold
                                               Cast Cure Critical Wounds 3/Day
                                               Gives wielder +3 STR  3/Day

   In addition to these weapons, you may remember having found Tiernon's
Sundered Shield aboveground, right?  Well, since Tiernon made the shield,
perhaps he will fix it for you.  Here is the difference between the two

      Before Repairs: Tiernon's Sundered Shield
      +2 AC vs. physical attacks except crushing
      +3% resistance to physical attacks except crushing

      After Repairs: Tiernon's Sundered Shield ("awoken")
      +3 AC
      +10% resistance to physical attacks
      Receive AC Bonus: +2 AC, +15 resistance to physical attack - 1/day
      Cast Unfailing Endurance - 1/day

   Remember Murdaugh, the inebriated Bard that you met at the Inn?  You can
tell him about Murdaugh and the Glacier Rose, and Tiernon will make you one!
Give Murdaugh the rose and you will receive the one of the two largest
experience point awards in the game - a cool 630,000 exp!

   Also, be sure and trade with him - his items are excellent!

     EXTRA:  You can pickpocket the dwarf for: Tiernon's Hearthstone

     EVIL:  If you are into killing innocents, take out the dwarf to get:

               Studded Leather Armor
               War Hammer +2
               Tiernon's Hearthstone

   When you are finished here, head back and take the path north.  The path
will lead to the exit from this area (x 2630 y 55).

               |      What You Can Do At Tiernon's Forge      |
               |  1. Obtain the Mirror of Black Ice           |
               |  2. Help forge a Gloomfrost weapon           |
               |  3. Repair Tiernon's Sundered Shield         |
               |  4. Obtain the Glacier Rose for Murdaugh     |
               |  5. Pickpocket Tiernon for his Hearthstone   |
               |  6. Return after talking with the Seer to    |
               |     obtain the Amulet of Mirrored Ice        |
               |  7. Transform the Restored Blade of Aihonen  |
               |     into the Singing Blade of Aihonen        |

Gloomfrost Mountain Cave 2:  (AR 9502)

   After going through the northern exit, you will find yourself in a new area
of the Gloomfrost Cave.  Take the path eastward.  Another spectral face
appears at (x 1615 y 550).  Head south from here.  The path will curve to the
west and you will be ambushed by Ice Golem Sentries.  Be careful of the trap
near (x 1340 y 1140).

   From here you can either go south, which is a dead end, or head west.  Go
west.  The path will wind to the south, then to the east.  Watch out for traps
here as well.  Once you are heading east, the first path that branches off
will head north.  This is also a dead end.  Continue traveling east.

   There will be two separate paths that both head north.  Take whichever one
you want; they both meet up at the top.  Where the two paths meet is a path
heading to the southeast.  Head this way.

   The path will quickly open up into a circular area at (x 3200 y 2435).
In the circular pit is a Remorhaz.  After you kill it, have a mage cast
Dimension Door in order to enter the pit (remember to have two memorized).
Inside the pit you will find the following item:

      Kossuth's Blood (casting time reduced by 2, +20% to all fire damage)

Now follow the path to the north.  You will reach a dead end wall at
(x 2685 y 230).  If you talked to Tiernon and got his assistance, a path will
automatically open up.  Take it and enter into the Seer's chamber.

   The Seer reveals much more of the mysteries that the party has encountered,
centering mainly around what has possessed Wylfdene.  You will learn
Wylfdene's weakness from her, which will net you 280,000 exp.

   If you try to reason with the Seer in attempt to convince her to resist her
fear, you will fail...but you will also gain another 280,000 exp!  When you
finish talking with her, she will offer to teleport you to the entrance of the
cave or to Tiernon the Dwarf.  Choose to return to Tiernon.

     EVIL:  The Seer is a major person in the plot of the story.  Killing her
            may affect your ability to save Lonelywood.  But, if you *must*
            kill her, you will receive:

               Wailing of Virgins (+4 AC vs crush and pierce, +2 AC vs slash)

   Once you have returned to Tiernon, ask him about the Seer and about the
mirror.  He will reveal more secrets regarding the mirror.  This will change
the mirror into:

      Mirror of Black Ice Amulet

   Now you are ready to leave the Gloomfrost Caves.  Return to Lonelywood if
you need to stock up or rest.  Otherwise, head to the Barbarian Camp and
confront Wylfdene!

Barbarian Camp:  (AR 9200)

   Speak with Angaar at the gate and he will take you to Wylfdene.

Wylfdene's Tent:  (AR 9201)

   Once you gain access to Wylfdene's, seek to expose him.  Give him the gift
of the mirror.  An argument ensues over the mirror, and when Wylfdene finally
looks into it, it exposes his true form - that of the Dragon Queen Icasaracht.
This will get you 84,000 exp.

   The Seer will appear at this point, and a fight between the two begins.
The Seer dies, but not before forcing Icasaracht to leave the body of Wylfdene.
Now a fight breaks out between the barbarian clan loyal to Icasaracht and
those who are not.  The latter are your allies in this battle.  Attack members
of the Wyrm Tribe.

   Be sure to search the Seer's body.  It yields:

      Wailing of Virgins (+4 AC vs crush and pierce, +2 AC vs slash)

   Be careful, however - the item is cursed.  If you want, you can talk to the
other barbarians, but they aren't much help.  Exit the tent through the last
door on the bottom right.

Inside the Camp:  (AR 9200)

   Right outside Wylfdene's tent is a barbarian named Beornen (x 6215 y 610).
He will inform you further about Icasaracht and her destination.  You will
receive 120,000 exp. for discovering Icasaracht's identity from Beornen.  He
will also offer to take you to the Sea of Moving Ice.  First, though, you
should help secure the camp.  Head a short ways west (you will need to
re-enter the tent and exit through a different door).  Just west of Wylfdene's
tent you will encounter Jorn, a healer (x 1895 y 540).  Rest here, then
continue west.  A little farther west, you will find Hjollder.

     NOTE:  Do NOT accidentally hit a friendly barbarian, either with a weapon
            or a spell.  Doing so will make them decidedly UNfriendly... and 
            there are a LOT of them.

   Eventually the battle will conclude on its own.  You will receive 300,000
exp. Hjollder will ask you to hunt down Icasaracht.  Take time to explore the
camp, to rest, resupply, and return to Lonelywood  before accepting Hjollder's

     EXTRA:  It is not necessary for your party to kill all the enemy
             barbarians.  I actually only killed a few myself, and the battle
             ends after the barbarians finish them all off.

   There are a number of containers in the camp that you can search.  Near the
camp entrance, at (x 420 y 815) is:

      Potion of Healing
      Elixir of Health

   Further south of the container, near a dead barbarian is another container
(x 320 y 1180) with:

      High Quality Long Sword
      Potion of Extra Healing
      Studded Leather Armor +2
      War Hammer +2

   Due south from here is another container next to a fallen barbarian
(x 365 y 1590).  This one has:

      Potion of Regeneration
      Ring of Protection +2

   Follow the circle of tents east and south.  The three barrels at
(x 700 y 2450) contain:

      Studded Leather Armor
      Reinforced Large Shield +1

   North of the center of the camp (the circular area) is a small group of
tents.  Off to the left side are 2 barrels.  The one at (x 1905 y 890) has:

      Potion of Strength

   While the one at (x 1940 y 885) has:

      Potion of Magic Shielding
      Potion of Fortitude

   From the two barrels, head south until you are just past the line of tents,
then head east.  You will reach a barrel at (x 3282 y 1292) which contains:

      One of the following items, given at random:
      Cloak of Invisibility (Invisibility 3/day)
      Ogien's Scale (AC 2, Animal Rage 3/day)

   And finally, there is a tent just to the north of the previous barrel at
(x 3390 y 1000), which has the following:

      Halberd of Sparks +1 (+15% chance of electrical damage to target)

   Now you have solved the mystery surrounding the barbarians, and are on the
hunt for Icasaracht.  But before you ask Hjollder to take you the the Sea of
Moving Ice, you should go back to Lonelywood and rest up, as well as buy
anything you still need.  The barbarians will not let you return until you
have hunted down and killed Icasaracht.

   Oh, and by the way...try to have everybody as healthy before returning back
to town.  No reason in particular...


   Once you have returned to Lonelywood, you should save your game.  Now head
to the inn.  There, you should rest and recover from your previous journey.
Upon leaving the inn, you will be met by two traveling mages:  Vaarglan, and
his apprentice Alpheus.  They have come from the Hosttower.  Remember where
you have heard about the Hosttower before?  That's right - it's part of
Kieran's past.  It just so happens that these two mages are here to remove
Kieran's heart and return home with it.  Of course, you aren't going to help
them, are you?  Tell them you won't help, and they will teleport in some
mercenaries and attack you!

   Vaarglan has:

      Ring of Free Action
      Robe of the Neutral Archmagi
      Ring of Protection +2
      Golden Girdle (+3 AC verses slashing)
      Wand of Paralyzation
      Barrier Amulet (casts Stoneskin and Globe of Minor Invulnerability 1/day)

   The body of Alpheus will yield:

      Potion of Magic Shielding
      2 Potions of Extra Healing
      Amulet of Metaphysical Influence (memorize one extra Level 2 spell)
      Bracers of Defense AC 6
      Mage Robe of Fire Resistance (+20% fire resistance)

   You will find the following on the Priestess of Shar:

      42 gp
      Plate Mail: Shadowed (AC 0, +3 AC versus missiles)
      Fast Flail +2 (+1 attack per round)

   On the body of mercenary fighter #1 there is:

      Gauntlets of Ogre Power (Strength raised to 18/00)
      Battle Axe +3: Fatigue (+20% chance that target is slowed)
      Full Plate Mail +1 (AC 0)

   While the other mercenary's corpse has:

      Full Plate Mail +1 (AC 0)
      Large Shield +1 (+2 AC, +1 AC versus missiles)
      Gauntlets of Weapon Experience (+1 THAC0, +2 damage)
      Long Sword of Action +4 (+1 atk/round, +15% slashing resistance, +1 AC)

   Finally, the body of the mercenary thief holds:

      Short Sword of Backstabbing +3
      Boots of Stealth (+35% to Stealth)
      Studded Leather Armor +4: Shadowed
      (+20% piercing, slashing, fire, electrical resistance, +30% to Stealth)

   Once you are done looting the bodies, return to the inn and inform Kieran
of the Hosttower mages.  You will receive 630,000 exp. for protecting him!
Now we should return to the mayor and update him on the barbarian situation.

     EXTRA:  If you have not yet given Murdaugh the Glacier Rose, now would be
             a good time to do so.

     EVIL:  When the mages question you about Kieran, you can choose to "sell
            him out" and tell them that he is at the inn.  However, you will
            still have to fight them.  What's more, Kieran will know about it,
            and you won't get any of the experience for protecting him!
            Sometimes evil is just a dumb choice... if you hate experience,
            that is.

The Cartwright

   When you get to the Baldemar's house, you immediately notice that something
is very wrong.  Where is Baldemar's wife?  A search of the downstairs will
turn up her body.  Uh, oh!  Head upstairs.  Once upstairs, you will find the
body of Baldemar Thurlow in his study.  While you are wondering who could have
done it, the guilty party steps out from the shadows.  It's...Purvis!  That's
right; everybody's favorite little gravedigger is really a cold-hearted
assassin.  He reveals to the party that he was the real assassin sent to kill
Wylfdene, but the one-eyed delegate from the Ten-Town Council was mistaken for
the awaited assassin instead.  To mask his failure at not having killed
Wylfdene, he decided to kill the Thurlows - and your party is next.  With
that, he drinks a potion and runs outside.  Follow him!

   Once you get outside, you will walk into Purvis' ambush.  Of course, there
isn't much that a lone assassin can do against an adventuring party.  After
you crush Purvis, you will find:

      Oil of Speed
      Ring of Free Action
      Short Sword of Backstabbing +3
      Cloak of Non-Detection
      Boots of Stealth (+35% to Stealth)

   Now you should get ready for your journey to the Sea of Moving Ice.  You
won't be able to come back and do any last minute shopping after this, so be
sure that you have completed all the town quests and have purchased whatever
items you wanted.  Don't forget about Tiernon in the Gloomfrost, and Edion out
on Burial Isle.  Once you are prepared, return to Hjollder and accept his
request.  On to the Sea of Moving Ice - and Icasaracht!

                      |     Did You Remember To...     |
                      | * Complete ALL the Tiernon     |
                      |   quests?                      |
                      | * Find all the items in the    |
                      |   barbarian camp?              |
                      | * Return to Lonelywood BEFORE  |
                      |   going to the Sea of Moving   |
                      |   Ice? (this is easy to miss!) |
                      | * Complete the final quests in |
                      |   Lonelywood?                  |
                      | * Do any last-minute shopping  |
                      |   with Kieran, Edion, Emmerich |
                      |   or Tiernon?                  |
                      | * Save your game?  (in case    |
                      |   you forgot something)        |

5.   Sea of Moving Ice

Landing Area:  (AR 9600)

   First, go west to the ship and search the two barrels.  The one
at (x 590 y 1940) contains:

      6 Flaming Oils

   And the one at (x 607 y 1890) yields:

      4 Flaming Oils

   Beornen (x 515 y 2230) can return you to the mainland if you need to return
for some reason.

   When you are ready to go, make your way north and follow the trail as it
curves east.  The path will soon open into a large open area where you will be
attacked by Greater Snow Trolls, Greater Ice Trolls, and Scrags.  Head east to
the ruined ship at (x 1815 y 1735) and search the front end for:

      One of the following items, given at random:
      Namji's Robe (AC 5, Regenerates 1 hit point per round)
      Robe of Armory 
      (AC 3, +10% crushing, piercing, slashing, missile resistance)

   Backtrack a bit to the left.  At (x 1200 y 1200) is another wrecked ship.
You can go north on either side of the ship.  Head north around the left side
of the ship.  You will soon encounter another pack of trolls.  Dispatch them.
You can go south if you like and beat on a few Bergclaws (polar bears).
When you are done, head northeast up the stairs.

   At (x 1120 y 425) you encounter the entrance to the Ice Palace.  It is
guarded by two Ice Golem Sentries.  If you try and open the door, you will
find that it is locked.  What's more, the Golems will attack you!  When you
kill them the door opens.  Enter into the Ice Palace.

Ice Palace:  (AR 9601)

   Once inside, you are immediately set upon by a large force of monsters.
When you are done fighting, head west.  The path will curve to the south and
then back to the east.  Keep going!

   The path will curve once again, this time to the south.  In the curve, at
(x 1370 y 915) is a corpse which has:

      One of the following items, given at random:
      Cloak of Invisibility (Invisibility 3/day)
      Ogien's Scale (AC 2, Animal Rage 3/day)

   Also found on the body is:

      7 Flaming Oils

   There is a bridge at (x 915 y 1100).  Cross over it and keep going west.
Just past the bridge, at (x 250 y 1160) is the exit to the next area.

Ice Palace 2:  (AR 9602)

   Once again you are ambushed immediately upon entering the area.  Beware the
Water Kin Elemental in the lake.  Your melee fighters won't be able to hit it.
Take it out with ranged attacks and spells.

   From here, head south.  At (x 735 y 1490) you will find another lake with
another Water Kin Elemental.  From here, head east from the lake.  At
(x 2020 y 1140) is a narrow ice ledge you can cross over.  Keep heading east.

   On the other side of the bridge you will be ambushed by a lot of skeletons.
After dispensing with them, search the skeletons.  The one at (x 2715 y 925)

      Wand of Lightning

   On the skeleton at (x 3135 y 725) you will find:

      Chainmail +2
      Amulet of Protection +1

   The skull on the far right (x 3400 y 1020) has:

      King's Tears

   And the skeleton at (x 3170 y 1080) has:


   From here, head a bit south for another encounter with the undead.  Also
located here are two more corpses.  On the one at (x 2870 y 1630) you will

      Potion of Magic Blocking
      Ring of Infravision
      Ring of Protection +2

   The corpse at (x 3251 y 1705) has the following:

      Potion of Hill Giant Strength
      Potion of Heroism
      Broken Armor

   Now continue south.  The path will turn to the west, but there is another
Water Kin Elemental at (x 3110 y 2210).  Head west after dealing with it.

   The corpse of a dragon splits your path in two at (x 1585 y 2350).  Head
north, around the right side of the corpse's head, and search the creature's
rib cage at (x 1640 y 1740) for some awesome treasure, including:

      Mithral Field Plate Armor +2 (AC 0)
      Gauntlets of Ogre Power (Strength set to 18/00)
      Large Shield +1
      Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs Shapeshifters
      Cloak of Protection +2

   Now backtrack to the dragon's head and go NW.  At (x 1075 y 2260) you will
encounter Xactile and some Boneguard Skeletons.  Xactile is a priestess of
Sekolah, and more importantly, she can heal you.  She will also tell you that
the dragon queen Icasaracht lies behind the door NW of there.

   You can search the alter at (x 1015 y 2220) for:

      Mourner's Armor (cursed - has some beneficial and some cursed stats)

     EVIL:  You don't have to attack the Xactile just because she is a
            monster.  But if you want to...you will receive:

               Coral Plate Armor (AC 3, +15% Fire and Acid resistance, -2 Dex)
               Mace +1

            The Boneguard Skeletons will drop some gems.

     EXTRA:  From here until the end of the game, you will be besieged by
             hordes of Sahuagin.  If you are high enough level, there is a
             VERY effective way to fight them.  Have your mage(s) cast
             Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, a Level 8 spell.  This spell will
             kill water-based creatures instantly if they fail to save.
             Neat, eh?

   Now, pass under the rib cage and exit the area (x 630 y 2081).

Ice Palace - Inner Court:  (AR 9603)

   Yet again you will be attacked immediately upon entry.  After dealing with
the onslaught, head north to the next room.  Beware - there are traps in
nearly every doorway in this area!

     NOTE:  If, for whatever reason, you attack the Ice Golem Sentries, even
            if by accident, they will charge you and most likely bring many
            monsters with them.  So...don't hit them until you have cleared
            out the first five rooms.

     NOTE:  You are unable to rest in this area.  If you need to rest to
            recover health and/or spells, you must go back to the previous
            area (AR 9602)to do so.  Leaving and returning will NOT reset the

   There is a Water Kin Elemental at (x 1920 y 1060).  Kill it, then progress
to the next room, located NW of where you are.

   In the room north of the Water Kin Elemental are three oil processors.
Search the one at (x 1700 y 630) for:

      Bolt of Sekolah's Fire (x2)

   Search the one at (x 1865 y 675) for:

      Bolt of Sekolah's Fire (x3)

   And finally, the one at (x 1980 y 720) contains:

      Bolt of Sekolah's Fire (x2)

   When you are done here, head back to the entrance to this area.  Now, head
to the last two rooms, located west of the start.  Once you have cleared both
of these rooms, go to the Golems at (x 1175 y 1125).

   How do you get the Golems to move?  Well, there may be more than one way,
but the way I did it was to force attack them (select more than one person,
and press F3).  However, you absolutely MUST be ready, for a large number of
monsters will accompany them.

   From the Golem area, head northeast.  There is a device at (x 1190 y 745) 
that you should smash.  This destroys the preservation ward on the dragon, 
allowing it to die.  Why this is important is because Icasaracht has managed 
to breed two dragons without souls.  If Icasaracht should die, her soul 
inhabits one of the dragons.  Notice that there is no dragon and no device on 
the opposite side of the chamber.  Perhaps Icasaracht has already possessed a 
new body... At any rate, smashing the orb will yield 10,000 exp.  It will also 
release a fairly weak snow attack on whoever is nearby, so make sure only one 
character goes to break it, and preferably a character with high resistance
to ice attacks (like the character wearing the Vexed Armor)

     NOTE:  After having won the expansion pack twice, I decided to go back
            to the final battle with Icasaracht and see if there was any
            consequence of not breaking the device outside her lair.  My
            theory was that if the party didn't break it, she might then
            possess the other dragon body.  To my disappointment, this wasn't
            the case.  She still dies.  So it appears that the only negative
            effect of not breaking the device is not receiving the 10,000
            exp. reward.  Of course, who would want to pass up easy

   Make your way NW and kill the Sahuagin creatures that abound.  Be
especially sure to kill the Sahuagin Prince.  Amongst other items, his corpse
will give up the Plain Key, which unlocks the door to the next area.  He also
carries some nice armor.

   On the far wall to the NW (where you fought the leagues of Sahuagin) are
several searchable containers.  From left to right, the one at (x 362 y 848)

      The Unstrung Harp (Heal 1/Day)

   At (x 472 y 668) is:

      Club +4: Scepter of Tyranny (wielder immune to fear, +1 CHA)

   Searching the pot at (x 632 y 580) will reveal:

      Mace +4: Pestilent Dawn (25% of all hits Cause Disease to target)

   Moving on to the jar at (x 718 y 583) you will find:

      Dagger +4: Lover (returns to the thrower)

   And finally, the jar at (x 814 y 534) will give you:

      Halberd +3: Icon of Power (Casts Symbol of Pain 3/Day)

   The final jar on the right, at (x 996 y 540) is empty.

   After you have rested and identified your new items, head to the locked
door NE of the device you smashed, located at (x 1370 y 470) and pass through
to the final area.

Icasaracht's Lair:  (AR 9604)

   Finally!  You have tracked down Icasaracht.  And what do you know - she
isn't called the dragon queen for nothing!  Feel free to question Icasaracht
as little or as much as you want, but all avenues will lead to one thing - the
final battle!  Get ready for quite a fight.  Oh, by the way...she is not alone
- she has brought the rest of the Royal Sahuagin household with her, including
the Sahuagin King.

     NOTE:  Now might be a good time to summon the Chilmandren Demon from the 
            Vexed Armor.  Just a thought...

   If you manage to slay the dragon, you will receive 50,000 exp.  After you
slay the dragon, its soul flees into Icasaracht's Soul Gem, located at
(x 937 y 834).

     NOTE:  It took 146 points of damage for me to kill Icasaracht the dragon,
            in case you want a general idea of how many hit points she has.

   Destroying Icasaracht's Soul Gem will get you another 50,000 exp.  But be
careful - it is far from defenseless!  It likes to cast the highest level
Priest and Mage spells, including spells like Finger of Death and Incendiary
Cloud.  The Soul Gem has somewhere around 140 hit points.

   Finally, after a fearsome and heroic battle, you have managed to kill
Icasaracht, destroy her soul, and save the north from impending disaster.  For
doing this, you receive 500,000 exp.

   Now enjoy the endgame sequence.  And don't forget that Kuldahar awaits you
once more!

                           _______   _       _
                          |__   __| (_)     | |
                             | |_ __ _  __ _| |___
                             | | '__| |/ _` | / __|
                             | | |  | | (_| | \__ \
                             |_|_|  |_|\__,_|_|___/
                                 __   _   _
                            ___ / _| | |_| |_  ___
                           / _ \  _| |  _| ' \/ -_)
            _              \___/_|    \__|_||_\___|  _
           | |                                      | |
           | |    _   _ _ __ ___ _ __ ___   __ _ ___| |_ ___ _ __
           | |   | | | | '__/ _ \ '_ ` _ \ / _` / __| __/ _ \ '__|
           | |___| |_| | | |  __/ | | | | | (_| \__ \ ||  __/ |
           |______\__,_|_|  \___|_| |_| |_|\__,_|___/\__\___|_|

                               by Michael Walsh
                                   Ver 2.4
                                July 10, 2001

                            Questions?  Additions?
                       E-mail me at: cumw7@pen.eiu.edu
              Put "Trials of the Luremaster" in the Subject Line

                           TRIALS OF THE LUREMASTER
                           1. Castle Maluradek
                           2. The Crypt
                           3. The Dungeon
                           4. Cave of the Jackal
                           5. The Throne Room


   "Trials of the Luremaster" is a free add-on series of dungeons and a
castle.  It was designed by a group of the original creators of Heart of
Winter.  The file download is about 72Mb, but it is definitely worth the time
it takes to download it!  There are no new spells or character classes 
included with this add-on, but there are quite a collection of new items, 
weapons, and armor.  There are also a total of six new portraits to adorn your 
character with.  And of course, there is a new story, a new setting, and new
places to explore!  If you would like to download this wonderful add-on, go 


And now, without any further ado... the walkthrough.

The Whistling Gallows Inn  (x 2260 y 1187  AR 9101, 9102)

Floor 1:  (AR 9101)

   If you have already played Heart of Winter, then you will notice something 
different when you enter the Inn; there is a new person at (x 832 y 426).  It 
is a halfling whose name is Hobart Stubbletoes.  If you talk to him, he will
attempt to get you to accompany him.  He offers the lure of treasure and 
adventure, but tells you little else.  If you agree to journey with him, he 
will Teleport Without Error your entire party to...

1.   Castle Maluradek

The Castle Courtyard  (AR 9700)

   Hobart Stubbletoes will tell you a bit more about what is to be done in the 
area.  He informs you that you are in the Desert of Anauroch; more
specifically, the Castle of Maluradek.  He will then head into a building.  
Suddenly, you are attacked by several new enemies - Harpies!

   The Harpies are rather tough enemies, especially to characters of lower
levels, or unexpecting players.  When you are successful, head north to the
door that Hobart entered, (x 1445 y 887) and go on in.

Hobart's House  (AR 9715)

   Hobart still reveals little when talked to, but he will offer to sell you 
items, weapons, and armor.  You might want to check out his inventory - some 
of his items may prove to be useful.  (I have added Hobart's inventory to my 
Heart of Winter - Store Items FAQ, which you can also find at: gamefaqs.com)
When you are done with Hobart, you should leave his house.  From the entrance 
to his place, head northeast.  There is a door on one of the buildings that 
line the eastern wall of the courtyard, located at (x 1752 y 560).  Enter
the building.

     EVIL: If you are feeling particularly evil, you can attack Hobart.  
           Killing him will yield the following:

              89 gp
              Leather Armor +2
              Short Sword +2
              Gauntlets of Dexterity
              Light Crossbow of Speed

Abandoned Temple of Helm  (AR 9713)

   When you first arrive in this run-down temple, you are attacked by vicious
spiders!  After you have defeated them, search the stack of books on the altar
(x 618 y 243) for:

      Manuscript of the High Watcher

   There is nothing in the bowl next to it, but it will become more useful
alter.  Once you are done, head outside once again to the courtyard.


   From the entrance to the Abandoned Temple, head west.  At (x 813 y 397) is
a spectral figure.  He is called the Luremaster, and he formally welcomes you
to Castle Maluradek.  He will then give you a riddle to solve:

      "North, east, south, and west,
      In towers four the purgatives rest.
      Feed them where the spirits rest,
      Or forever here remain, our guest."

      "The sun rises, the earth warms,
      Four men lie cold, yet no one mourns.
      'Leave them be!' the mad lord warns,
      And from my work their praise is shorn."

   This riddle contains clues with regard to the areas you are in now and will
soon be in as well.  This riddle might not make too much sense right now, but
it will become more useful as the game progresses a bit.

   There are a total of four towers that you can access from this courtyard.  
They are accessed by means of two staircases.  The left staircase is located 
at (x 754 y 1269), while the right staircase can be found at (x 1940 y 621).
It does not particularly matter in which order you visit the towers.  I will 
travel to the northwest tower first.  Take the stairs at (x 754 y 1269) and 
head north to the door at (x 73 y 127).

Harald the Cowardly Paladin  (AR 9704)

   You will meet Harald, who is quite possibly the most depressed (and
depressing) Paladin you will ever meet.  Apparently, his cowardice has lead to 
the death of people he cared for.  He now wants only to die, and begs for you 
to release him.  If you are trying to maintain a good reputation, however, it 
would be best not to kill him.

     EXTRA: You can pickpocket Harald, if you are in need of items.  You will
            get the following item:

               Ring of Free Action

     EVIL: You can also attack and kill the Paladin, if you wish.  Doing so 
           will cause your reputation to plummet.  You will receive 6,000
           experience and the following items, however:

              Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise
              Golden Girdle
              Morning Star +4: Defender
              Boots of Grounding
              Mithral Field Plate Armor +2

     NOTE: It sounds as if the Paladin is looking for some sort of item.  
           However, all he really seeks is death, so do not lose too much 
           sleep trying to figure out what he is looking for.

   There is a lever in this room at (x 587 y 310).  This lever will open up a
staircase in another one of the four towers.  Each tower has a lever, and each
lever opens up a staircase in a DIFFERENT tower. (so there is a staircase in
this tower that we can not access yet.  I guess you will have to come back

   Finally, you might have noticed that there is an item on the ground in the 
center of the room.  Head to (x 440 y 449) to find:

      Holy Symbol of Helm

   That is about all that there is to do in this tower for the moment.  Now 
leave this tower, and head back down the stairs to the courtyard.


   From the lower level of the courtyard, head to the east, and take the 
stairs (x 1940 y 621) to the upper level.  Once you are there, head north to 
the door at (x 76 y 123) and enter in.

The Harpy Queen  (AR 9706)

   If you can not get enough battles with Harpies, this should quench your
thirst.  You will be attacked by two different types of Harpies:  The regular
flavor of Harpy, as well as the Fiendish Harpy.  Take them all out, and slay
their queen.  When the Harpy Queen is slain, she will drop:

      Chautog's Thinker (+1 AC, +2 INT, -2 CHA, 17 STR required)
      Ring of Greater Resistance
      3 Potions of Extra Healing

   There is also a lever at (x 267 y 425) which you should pull.  Like the last
lever you found, this one will open a staircase in another tower.  Now head
outside and head south to the door at (x 746 y 914).

The Adventurer's Tower  (AR 9708)

   When you enter this tower, you will be greeted by another party of
adventurers.  No matter how you deal with them, however, they will become a
bit aggressive with you - prepare to fight!  Soon after the battle begins, the
mage in the enemy party will open a flask, releasing a Djinni into the fray!
If you defeat it, it will drop its sword, which is:

      Scimitar +4: West Wind (+4, +5 versus Elementals)

   The enemy adventurer Sheltai will leave behind:

      King's Tears
      Fire Opal Ring
      Ring of Free Action
      Charged Battle Axe +2
      Gauntlets of Ogre Power
      Full Plate Mail +1

   The mage Adran Runeshadow will be so kind as to leave you with:

      Staff of the Hanged Men's Glee
      The Genie's Flask
      Wand of Fire
      Ring of Fire Resistance
      Ring of Protection +2
      Boots of Grounding
      Cloak of Scintillating Colors (+3 AC, can wear with magic armor)
      Golden Girdle
      Robe of the Evil Archmagi

   On the body of the enemy party's leader, Criek of Bane, you will find:

      Fire Flail +3
      Ring of Greater Resistance
      Bag of Holding

   You should now take a look in the Bag of Holding, for it contains:

      Neutralize Poison (priest)
      Raise Dead (priest)
      Symbol of Pain (priest)
      Potion of Invulnerability
      2 Philters of Purification
      4 Mummy's Teas
      Wand of Fear
      Potion of Holy Transference
      Potion of Regeneration
      Potion of Explosions
      Flaming Oil

   There is another lever in this tower, located at (x 273 y 434).  Of
course, you should flip it.  After doing this, head back outside, and 
return to the lower courtyard.


   Return to the left staircase and head to the upper level.  From here, you 
should head south to the door at (x 737 y 937).

The Wyvern Matron  (AR 9708)

   As the name of this tower may indicate, you will be engaged in a deadly 
fight with many Wyverns, including the Wyvern Matron.  Truth be told, though,
this is probably the easiest battle of the three towers with enemies.  After
defeating them, head over to the lever at (x 570 y 328) and flip it.  While 
you are here, you may also notice that there is a staircase heading to the 
tower basement.  Take it downstairs.

               |                                              |
               | In case you simply MUST know which tower     |
               | staircase will be opened by what lever,      |
               | please note the following:                   |
               |                                              |
               | NW Tower   <- opens ->   Stairs SE in  Tower |
               | SW Tower   <- opens ->   Stairs NE in  Tower |
               | NE Tower   <- opens ->   Stairs SW in  Tower |
               | SE Tower   <- opens ->   Stairs NW in  Tower |
               |                                              |

The Wyvern Matron - Test of Wisdom (AR 9701)

   The Luremaster will appear once more. (x 598 y 202)  He will give you a
riddle to solve.  The riddle is as follows:

      "Of the elements I am born,
      My gift brings both love and scorn.
      My touch can feel either hot or cold,
      Yet I am not meant for a man to hold."

   You are then given a choice of several possible answers; each one has a
unique result.  Your choices, and their results, are:
(not necessarily in the order they appear)

      1. Earth - You are attacked by Earth Elementals.
      2. Ice   - You are attacked by Ice Golem Sentries.
      3. Fire  - You are attacked by Fire Elementals.
      4. Iron  - You are attacked by Iron Golems.
      5. Wind  - This is the correct answer.
      6. Water - You are attacked by Water Elementals.

   If you answer the riddle correctly, you will receive 120,000xp and The Tale
of Sir Giles.  Now you should leave this tower, and head to the northeast
tower. (where you fought the Harpy Queen)

The Harpy Queen - Test of Fortune (AR 9705)

   The Luremaster once again appears. (x 477 y 366)  This time, your fortune 
will be challenged.  You find yourself in a room with six treasure chests.  
Five of them are trapped, while the other one is safe to open.  You are unable 
to disarm the traps; do not even try.  You must "test your fortune" by trying 
to guess the correct chest.  Furthermore, the chest is chosen at random, so it 
will not be the same from one game to another!  In the correct chest, you will 

      The Tale of Sir Geddian

   Once you have managed to choose the correct chest, leave this tower, and 
head south to the tower in which you fought the adventurers.

     EXTRA: There is a safe way to determine which of the chests is safe.  
            First, before you go and open a chest, save the game.  (make sure 
            you save the game in the room with the chests)  Now, open chests 
            until you find the correct one.  Restore your game, and head 
            immediately to that same chest.  It will be the correct one.

The Adventurer's Tower - Test of Perseverence (AR 9707)

   The Luremaster will once again appear to you. (x 476 y 339)  He will 
proceed to test your perseverence by summing in an array of creatures, which 
you must defeat.  You will have to fight some Mustard Jellies, Shamblers, and
Red Myconids.  Defeat them all and you will receive 120,000xp, as well as The
Tale of Sir Zierkki.  Now that you are done here, return to the lower level of
the courtyard, and take the left staircase up.  From here, head north, and 
enter the tower. (the one in which you found the cowardly Paladin)

Harald the Cowardly Paladin - Test of Strength (AR 9703)

   Once again, you should enter the tower, and then head down the stairs into
the basement.  The Luremaster will be waiting for you.  You will now have to 
endure a test of your strength.  This test is very similar to the previous 
test.  You will be forced to fight several Animated Plates.  Once you have 
defeated them, you will receive 120,000xp, and The Tale of Sir Erris.
Furthermore, you will find the following items (total) on the "bodies" of the
Animated Plates:

      6 Plate Mail +1
      2 Long Sword +1
      2 Battle Axe +1
      2 Bastard Sword +1

   Now that you have all four of the Watchknight Tales, you should head back
outside.  Take the stairs down to the lower level of the courtyard, and enter 
the Abandoned Temple of Helm.  (x 1752 y 560)

Abandoned Temple of Helm

   Once you are back in the temple, return to the altar, located at 
(x 618 y 243).  If you read the Manuscript of the High Watcher earlier, you 
may remember the following passage:

      "As I stood before the offering bowl that holds the symbol of Helm and
      recited the evening prayers, the waters of the bowl turned dark and 
      cloudy.  I placed my hand in the waters to retrieve the symbol, but my 
      hands found nothing.  The symbol was gone."

   Remember the Symbol of Helm that you found on the ground in the tower with 
the cowardly Paladin?  Place the Symbol of Helm in the offering bowl.  This 
will open a set of stairs under the alter, which are found at (x 607 y 292).
These stairs will lead you into the Crypt.

2.   The Crypt

The Crypt  (AR 9714)

   From the start of this area, head east.  There is  trapped coffin at 
(x 655 y 1856) which contains:

      Broken Armor
      Broken Shield
      Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy
      Bolt +2

   From here, head into the southern room.  There are a total of 6 shelves on 
the wall, three on each side of the door.  On the left side of the door,
search the shelf at (x 613 y 2059) for:

      Static Darts +3

   The shelf below it, at (x 605 y 2113) holds:

      Boots of Avoidance

   Now head over to the shelves on the right side of the door.  One of the 
shelves is empty, while the shelf at (x 895 y 1946) contains:


   And the shelf at (x 898 y 1970) will yield:

      Ring of Holiness

   Now head north, back into the center room.  On the east wall  are three 
shelves.  Search the top one for:


   And do not forget to loot the bottom shelf, which has:

      2 Sunstone Gems

   Now continue north, into the northernmost of the three rooms.  On the north 
wall, at (x 337 y 1512) is a secret door.  Open it up and pass through to a 
small room.  There is a shelf at (x 355 y 1244) which will yield:

      Disintegrate (mage)

   The shelf at (x 357 y 1273) contains:


   And, finally, search the shelf at (x 353 y 1296) to find:

      3 Moonbar Gems

   Now return to the southernmost room.  On the eastern wall of the room, at 
(x 1117 y 2022) is a secret door.  Open it, and pass through.  There you will 
find another secret door on the east wall. (x 1304 y 1939)  You will be 
attacked by some Wights.  There are two more shelves for you to loot on the
northern wall.  Search at (x 1486 y 1766) for:

      Girdle of Bluntness

   There is ANOTHER secret door on the eastern wall, (x 1737 y 1837) but
before you open it and pass through, head south.  There is a huge pile of 
treasure sitting in the middle of the room, just waiting to be claimed.  Be 
careful, however, since there are also many dangerous traps around the
treasure, and they are all to eager to claim YOU!  The pile of treasure, when 
completely looted, will yield:

      Lynx Eye Gem
      3 Sunstone Gems
      4 Turquoise Gems
      3 Fire Agate Gems

   Now head north and take the secret door mentioned earlier to the east.  
After a short walk, you will find a door at (x 1957 y 1571).  It is locked, 
however.  Return to the three rooms that you had access to at the beginning of 
this area.  On the east wall of the center room, is a secret door. 
(x 906 y 1774)

   Just inside the door, on the northern wall, are three shelves.  The top one 

      Water Opal

   The middle one will give you:

      Morning Star of Lesser Phasing

   And, finally, you will find the following on the bottom shelf:

      Domination (mage)

   Just to the east of here are three more shelves.  Search the middle one to 
obtain the following:

      Pearl Necklace

   The bottom shelf will give you:

      Bullet +2

   Continue to the east.  You will enter a circular room with several doors 
(henceforth referred to as the Circular Room).  Each door has a plaque above 
it which has the door's name on it.  Each of the doors is named after a 
precious metal, all of which happen to be currencies in the Dungeons and
Dragons game.  Below is the name of each door, and where it is located in the 

-------------------------------------   -------------------------------------
| Upper Three Doors (left to right) |   | Lower Three Doors (left to right) |
-------------------------------------   -------------------------------------
|  Platinum Door - (x 1714 y 1248)  |   |  Bronze Door - (x 1960 y 1564)    |
|  Gold Door     - (x 1872 y 1111)  |   |  Copper Door - (x 2224 y 1529)    |
|  Electrum Door - (x 2136 y 1100)  |   |  Silver Door - (x 2390 y 1379)    |
-------------------------------------   -------------------------------------

   There is also a seventh door, on the east side of the wall.  There is no
plaque bearing a description on it.  You will be able to open this door once 
you have opened the other six.  

   Now you should head back to the start of the area, and go to the northern 
room of the three.  There is a secret door on the east wall, located at 
(x 660 y 1494).  Go through the door and follow the path to the north.  At the
end of the passage is a coffin (x 570 y 856) which contains:

      Copper Key

   Head to the west from this coffin.  Do not worry about the wall - you can 
walk right through it!  You will then continue north, only to find another 
coffin (x 372 y 433) with:

      Silver Key

   Now that you have some keys, it is time to return to the Circular Room.
Enter through the Copper Door at (x 2224 y 1529).

Copper Door

   Head south.  You will come to a room with Mummies and a Greater Mummy.  
Once you are done fighting with the mummies, you will find the following on
then corpse of the Greater Mummy:

      Wand of Trap Detection
   There is a coffin in the center of the room, at (x 2697 y 2199).  Inside, 
you will find the following:

      Gold Key

   From the coffin, head east then north.  At (x 2873 y 1502) you will be able 
to head to the west or to the east.  There is also another coffin here, this  
one at (x 2925 y 1390).  In this coffin is:

      Platinum Key

   From here, head east and then south.  At the end of the trail (x 3615 y 
1802) is a secret door.  Go through it.  Now continue to the south and west.
You will be attacked by many Skeleton Warriors along the way.  At the end of 
the path (x 1620 y 2650) is a secret door.  You will enter a room with some
ghosts.  At (x 1220 y 2625) is a coffin, which contains:

      Electrum Key

    Search the north wall at (x 1340 y 2410) for a secret door.  Open it and
head north.  You now find yourself in a long rectangular room.  Head west, and 
search the northern wall.  At (x 938 y 2240) you will find a hidden door.  
This door will take you back to the first three rooms that you had access to 
in this area.  Continue to the west only if you need to earn more experience 
by fighting.  Otherwise, take the hidden door path to the north, and return to 
the Circular Room.  Once you are there, unlock and enter through the Platinum
Door, which is on the upper row, farthest to the left (x 1714 y 1248).

Platinum Door

   On the north wall, at (x 1255 y 1010) is a secret door.  Open it and head
north.  There are several representatives of the undead waiting for your 
arrival.  Destroy then, and continue to the north.  Search the shelves along 
the way.  The shelf at (x 1004 y 910) contains:

      Static Darts +3

   Search the top shelf at (x 877 y 757) to find:


   The shelf underneath that one contains:

      Bastard Sword +3: Incinerator (50% chance 1d8 fire dmg, 10% chance
                                     target is stunned)

   Finally, to the north of here is another set of shelves.  Search the one at 
(x 769 y 623) to find:

      Sphene Gem

   The shelf under it contains:


   On the north wall, at (x 893 y 566) is a secret door.  Continue to the
north if you want to fight more undead.  Otherwise, return to the Circular 
Room and enter through the Electrum Door, which is on the top row, far left.
(x 2136 y 1100).

Electrum Door

   Open the door and head north.  You will come to a room filled with ghosts.  
On the eastern wall, at (x 2695 y 645) is a secret door.  GO east.  There are 
more undead here for your killing pleasure, as well as a coffin 
(x 3080 y 520).  Search it to find:

      Bronze Key

   On the north wall, at (x 2920 y 420) is a secret door.  Open it and head
north.  On the north wall of the next room, at (x 2620 y 290) is another
secret door.  Continue to the north if you simply MUST slay all undead.  
Otherwise, return to the Circular Room, unlocking the remaining doors. (do not
enter through any of them, though)  Once you have unlocked all of the doors, 
you will hear a sound.  You are now able to pass through the locked, 
non-descript door on the northeast wall (x 2355 y 1210).

Vault of the Watchknights

   You will enter a room that apparently houses the Undead Convention of 2001.
(lots of undead)  On the eastern wall, at (x 2907 y 990) is a secret door.
Open the door and enter through to reach the last chamber.

   This is the final resting place of the four Watchknights that you have read 
about in the four Tales.  In each tale, you may recall that each Watchknight 
fought the azure wyrm with a particular weapon.  If you take the time to 
search the four coffins in this room, you will notice that each one contains a 
weapon from one of the four tales.  This is how you determine which coffin 
belongs to which Watchknight.

   You need to place each tale in its respective coffin.  Use the 
above-mentioned hints if you would like to do this on your own.  If you are in
a hurry, however...

   1. Go to the west coffin, located at (x 3000 y 830).  Open the coffin. This
      is the tomb of Sir Erris.  Inside, you will find:

         Two-Handed Axe +2: Life Giver

      Place The Tale of Sir Erris in this coffin.  You will be thanked by his

   2. Go to the south coffin, located at (x 3150 y 1020).  Open the coffin.
      This is the tomb of Sir Giles.  Inside, you will find:

         Mace +1

      Place The Tale of Sir Giles in this coffin.  You will be thanked by his

   3. Go to the east coffin, located at (x 3570 y 855).  Open the coffin. This
      is the tomb of Sir Zierkki.  Inside, you will find:

         Spear +1

      Place The Tale of Sir Zierkki in this coffin.  You will be thanked by
      his spirit.

   4. Go to the final coffin, located at (x 3410 y 670).  Open the coffin.
      This is the tomb of Sir Geddian.  Inside, you will find:

          Long sword of Action +4
          Reinforced Large Shield +2

      Place The Tale of Sir Geddian in this coffin.  You will be thanked by
      his spirit.  
   Once you have laid all four of the Watchknights spirits' to rest, you will
receive 420,000xp.  You are now finished with the Crypt.  Head back upstairs
to the Abandoned Temple and go outside.  From here, head northwest until you 
reach (x 790 y 355).  This door leads to the Keep.  You will find that the 
door is now unlocked, so enter in.

The Keep - Ground Floor (AR 9711)

   You are once again greeted by the Luremaster.  He has come to give you
another riddle.  The riddle is:

      "To understand this shameful tale,
      Through princely guards you must prevail.
      'Neath unused arms and unstruck mail,
      Will you find the coffin's nail."

      "'Round and 'round the sun does fly,
      And one man left below will die.
      His crime?  To make the peasant's eye,
      Reflect his lord's ignoble lie."

   Now, wasn't that cheery?  Regardless, you have quite a task - and a fight
- ahead of you!

   To begin, head north.  You will see Spectral Guards posted at the doors on
the north wall, as well as on the two staircases on the east and west sides of
the room.  The guards will not attack you unless you try to pass between them.
They are formidable opponents, so do not fight them until you are ready, and
only fight them if you must. (you do not need to fight the two guarding the
door on the north wall)

   From the center of the room, head west.  You will come upon a staircase at
(x 215 y 1375).  This leads to the upper level, but you will have to fight the
guards before you will be able to pass.

The Keep - Floor 2  (AR 9712)

   Head north, then go east through the door.  You will find yourself in a 
small room with paths heading off to the north, south, and east.  For 
starters, head o the north and south.  Here you will find pairs of Water Kin 
Elementals.  Defeat them, then head through the door to the east.

   The next room appears to be a chapel of some sort, but that should not be 
what immediately grabs your attention.  There is a new enemy in this room, one 
that fans of the Baldur's Gate series should be familiar with - the dreaded
Beholder!!  Attack it fast and hard, because it has a number of attacks with 
which it can charm, stun, and kill you!

   After you manage to defeat the Beholder, head east down the hall.  There is 
a door which leads to a room at (x 1928 y 341).  In this room is a shelf with:

      Power Word: Stun (mage)

   Now return to the hallway and continue to the east, heading south when the 
hallway curves.  On the western wall is another door (x 2155 y 510).  There is 
a bookshelf in this room which you should search, for it holds:

      History of the Nether Scrolls

   It proves to be a short but interesting read.  Oh,  wait... no it doesn't.  
Your party is actually unable to read it.  Oh, well...  Continue south down 
the hallway, passing by the next two doorways on the left.  You will encounter 
more Beholders, so be prepared.  Continue to follow the path as it curves to 
the west.  

   At (x 2070 y 1350) you will find a path that leads south to a library.  
Head south and search the bookshelves.  The shelf on the left contains:

      Acid Storm (mage)
      Power Word: Kill (mage)
      Disintegrate (mage)

   The shelf on the right has an even more valuable treasure:

      Tome of Leadership and Influence (permanently increases CHA by 1)

   Now head west down the hall.  After passing through a door, head north.  
You will come face to face with the king of the castle, Lord Maluradek 
himself!  Prepare yourself for a fight!  This ruler has a formidable spell 
library - he can even cast Power Word: Kill, so make sure that your party 
members remain above 90 hit points. (assuming that they have that many to 
begin with)  When you finally defeat this rascally ruler, you can search his
body for the following:

      Dead God's Dreaming (+5 vs. Good, casts Emotion: Fear 3/day, Symbol of
                           Pain 1/day)

   Also be sure to search the shelf at (x 1310 y 1020) for:

      Maluradek's Journal

   This will show you how the king, who is the villain in the stories you have 
read thus far, views his actions.  Head east into the next room.  In this 
room, you will find a secret door on the eastern wall (x 1725 y 880).  It will 
lead you to a small room with some items scattered on the floor at
(x 1860 y 797).  Search here to find:

      Dungeon Key
      High Quality Bastard Sword
      Full Plate Mail +1
      Great Shield +3

   Now you should backtrack to the stairs that you came up on, and return to 
the lower level of the Keep.

The Keep - Ground Floor

   Once you are back on the first floor of the Keep, head to the right side of 
the room.  Take the stairs at (x 2200 y 740) up to the next level.  From here, 
head north.  There is a series of bookshelves which line the wall.  Most of
them only provide books which you have most likely read if you have played 
other games in the Icewind Dale series.  However, check out the bookshelf at
(x 1965 y 75) for a couple of spells:

      Monster Summoning IV (mage)
      Flesh to Stone (mage)
      Tenser's Transformation (mage)

   In front of the bookshelf at (x 2173 y 225) is your old "friend", Hobart 
Stubbletoes.  He seeks  key on the upper floor of the Keep, and would like you 
to go and retrieve it for him.  No matter what you say to him, however, he 
views you as uncooperative, and will attack you, but not before revealing his 
true nature - he is a Rakshasa!!  Furthermore, you will be attacked by several
Invisible Stalkers, but the Rakshasa is the primary threat.  When he is
killed, the Rakshasa will drop:

      Cloak of Non-Detection

   Now head back down the stairs to return to the previous level.  From the 
base of the stairs, head south.  There is a door at (x 2030 y 1272) which you 
can open only if you retrieved the Dungeon Key from upstairs.  Guess where it 
leads?  The dungeon, of course!  Take the set of stairs at (x 2447 y 1539)
down to the Dungeon.

3.   The Dungeon

The Holding Area  (AR 9716)

   Go through the door.  You will come to another door that is flanked by two 
levers.  Do not pull the levers yet - they do not open THIS door.  The door is 
locked, but you can open it with a Thief, the Knock spell, etc.  Open the door 
and pass through.  You will notice several doors on either side of the hall.  
These doors are opened by the levers that you found.  Pull one of the levers.  
The doors on one side of the hall will open, depending on which lever you 
pulled.  Out of these rooms will come a series of enemies, but none of them 
are as difficult as anything you have faced thus far.

     EXTRA: You can pull both levers BEFORE you open the door.  If you pull 
            the two levers and then wait, the monsters will begin to fight one 
            another.  This means that you will have to face fewer enemies, but 
            you will also receive less experience - the choice is yours.

   After you finish the last of the enemies, head north to the door at 
(x 500 y 227).  Unlock and open the door to proceed to the next area.

The Dungeon  (AR 9717)

   Head north a little, but do not enter the room itself.  There is barrel at 
(x 2235 y 955) which contains:

      Monster Summoning VII (mage)

   In the four corners of this room are four doors which will open when you 
approach them.  Behind each of them is a Beholder.  The best strategy for
dealing with this threat is to take them on ONE AT A TIME!!  In the north part 
of the room is another barrel that you can search (x 1757 y 487).  It has:

      Animals Are Your Friends (book)

   In addition to the four Beholder rooms in the corners, you may have also 
noticed two doors, one on either side of the room.  Take the left door at
(x 1635 y 897), and follow the corridor to the west.  You will be attacked by 
monsters who jump out at you from cells.  At (x 435 y 816) is a door that you 
should open and pass through.  Defeat the Spectral Guards that guard the cell, 
pick the lock to the cell, and enter inside.  Search the body at (x 379 y 250)


   Now return to the main room in this area, and enter through the door on the 
right side of the room, at (x 250 y 664).  This section is virtually a mirror 
image of the section you were just in.  You will find another body in a cell
at (x 3452 y 1256) that also has:


   Once again, return to the main room in this area, and this time head north 
to the end of the path.  At (x 1498 y 255) you will encounter a Magic Mouth.  
It will not let anything pass that does not have two heads and no eyes.
Well, you have two Skulls, which count as heads, and they do not have any 
eyes.  Therefore, you are allowed to pass.  You will also receive 420,000 for 
figuring out this puzzle.  Head north through the door to the next area.

The Bard's Cell  (AR 9718)

   You will come up against a gate, but the switch at (x 1203 y 1095) will 
open it.  Head north and you will once again encounter the Luremaster.  He 
tells you that there are no more riddles for you to solve; you must escape 
from this room on your own.  He will, however, say the following:

      "Your host was held unjustly while
      The lord so full of wrath and guile
      Demanded that this Bard should style
      A tale to make his people smile."

  (this rhyme scheme seems reminiscent of a poet from the land of Nevermore)

      "Suffer not your host's cruel doom,
      Use your time to flee this room.
      Shadowed dogs lurk in the gloom,
      And weave escape upon their loom"

   With that, the gate closes behind you, and you face a new threat - Olive
Slimes.  This particular enemy is not notable for its deadly attacks so much
as for its incredible resistance to your weapons.  Therefore, you should use 
fire and/or magical attacks on it.

   Once the threat has been diminished, you should search the barrel at
(x 1266 y 813) for:


   Also be sure to search the barrel at (x 841 y 443) for:

      Power Word: Stun (mage)

   Finally, the barrel at (x 318 y 663) contains:


   There are three doors: One to the west, one to the east, and one to the
north.  The ones to the west (x 323 y 1050) and to the east (x 1195 y 574)
lead to only a couple of enemies and no treasure.  The door to the north
(x 555 y 423) leads to an empty room.  However, on the eastern wall of the 
room, at (x 550 y 279) is a secret door that leads to the next area.

4.   Cave of the Jackal

Cave of the Jackal  (AR 9800)

   You are now in a cavernous area.  Head north, but beware, for there are 
several traps along the way.  You will also encounter a new type of creature - 
the Jackal Shaman.  This is a cave full of Jackal creatures.  They are 
formidable foes, but are not too dangerous.  Follow the path as it curves to 
the east.  At (x 1066 y 427), where the path splits to the south and the east, 
go south.

   Head south and fight the Jackal Warriors that you encounter.  To the left 
of where they attack you is a small alcove.  At (x 550 y 550) you will find:

      Spear +3: Backbiter (3 piercing damage to wielder per hit)
      Studded Leather +2: Missile Attractor
      Scimitar +3: Frostbrand

   Now head south a bit, then head east.  There is a chest at (x 1270 y 890) 
which contains:

      Elixir of Health
      Potion of Heroism

   Just to the north of this chest is a closet (x 1235 y 807).  In it, you 
will find:

      Hell's Bane (2d8+4 vs. Baatezu and Tanar'ri)

   Continue to the south.  There is a door at (x 1270 y 1263), but ignore it 
for now.  Further to the south, you will face more Jackal Shaman, as well as  
a Glabrezu.

   After defeating this group of enemies, continue to the south.  At the far 
south of the cave is a circle of stones that somewhat resembles Stonehenge.
Around the circle stand two Summoners.  These summoners will keep bringing in
enemies for you to fight unless you kill the mages quickly.  There is a path 
that wraps around the Summoning Circle.  At (x 338 y 2121) is a bed which 


   This scroll contains clues that pertain to your escape from this area, so 
hold on to it.  A bit further to the south, at (x  y ), is a chest which 

      Oil of Fiery Burning
      Potion of Absorption
      Potion of Magic Shielding

   To the south of the chest is a doorway.  Ignore this doorway for now.  
Now head north all the way to the top of the area.  From here, head east along 
the path.  You will find a door at (x 1562 y 337), but you should pass it by 
for now.  Follow the path as it curves to the south.  At a staircase heading 
east, you will be attacked by some Shamblers.  From here, you can either head 
southwest, or you can go east up the stairs.  The stairs lead only to more 
battles with Shamblers, so head southwest instead.

   While traveling to the southwest, you will come upon a Jackal Warrior at
(x 2169 y 880).  His name is Rikasha.  If you talk with him, he will offer to
tell you about several things, like the Luremaster and Hobart.  He will also 
offer you his services in healing, and if you need to rest, he will guard over 
you while you do so.  He will also mention something about a Portal that you 
might be able to use to escape the caves.

     EVIL: You can attack Rikasha if you want.  Doing so yields no items, but 
           you will gain 8,000xp, which is more than usual for a Jackal 

   From the Jackal Warrior, head south.  At (x 1880 y 2104), the path splits 
to the south and to the east.  Head to the south first, where you are attacked
by more of the Jackal populace.  At (x 2135 y 2350), search the crate for:

      Icelance (mage)
      Ice Storm (mage)
      Stoneskin (mage)
      Emotion: Hopelessness (mage)

   Continue south and cross over the stone bridge.  To the west is a door, but
ignore it for now.  To the east are two shelves.  Search the left shelf, 
located at (x 2518 y 2522) for:

      Potion of Hill Giant Strength
      Potion of Invulnerability
      Potion of Agility
      Violet Potion

   The shelf on the right (x 2580 y 2537) yields:

      Oil of Speed
      Potion of Absorption
      Potion of Genius

   Now head back to the north, and this time follow the path to the east.  You 
will face a group of Jackalmen and Glabrezu.  At (x 3311 y 2025) is the Temple
of the Lake, which Rikasha had mentioned to you.  In the center of the temple 
is a five point star.  This star will become much more useful later.  For now, 
head north from the temple.  The path will curve to the west, and you will 
face Sword Spiders.  At (x 2920 y 980) is a closet with:

      Long Bow of Marksmanship
      Fire Arrows x17

   Search the chest at (x 2812 y 1076) and you will find:

      Tranquil Bolt x6
      Ring of Animal Friendship

   To the southwest of the chest is a door at (x 2340 y 1389).  Enter in.

Cave of the Stones - Dire Bear Area  (AR 9801)

   When you enter this area, you will be attacked by a slowly increasing 
stream of Dire Bears.  They hit hard, so do not toy with them!  After you 
defeat them, head north to (x 2850 y 470).  There is an altar here - the Altar 
of Night - which is guarded by two Stone Nuisances.  There is nothing that you 
can do with the altar right now.

   From the entrance to this area, head south.  There is a chest at 
(x 2915 y 1775) which contains:

      Flawed Moonbar Gem

   You are done in here for now.  Head back outside.

Cave of the Jackal

   From here, make your way back to the south.  At the Temple of the Lake, 
head west.  When the path splits to the west and the south, head south.  At 
the end of the path, turn and go west.  There is a door here which leads back 
to the Cave of the Stones.  Enter through the door.

Cave of the Stones - Harpy Area  (AR 9801)

   As soon as you enter into this section of the cave, you are beset upon by 
quite an array of Harpies!  This is one of the most difficult battles in the 
game, but take heart!  Here you will encounter Harpies and Fiendish Harpies,
both of which you have already encountered.  However, there is a new type here 
as well:  the Infernal Harpy!  This one likes to attack you with fire, so

   After you have defeated the group of Harpies, head east.  At 
(x 3290 y 2468) you will find a chest with:

      Flawed Pearl

   To the west of the cave entrance is another altar guarded by two Stone 
Nuisances.  But nothing can be done with the altars right now, so head back 
outside of the cave.

Cave of the Jackal

   From the entrance of the cave, head north.  When the path splits to the 
east and the west, head west.  When you reach the Summoning Circle at
(x 850 y 2185), head to the southwest.  There is a door at (x 315 y 2610) 
which leads to another section of the Cave of the Stones.

Cave of the Stones - Jackal Area (AR 9801)

   What could be more exciting than entering a room and being surrounded by 
Jackals, Greater Jackals, Stone Nuisances, and Jackal Shaman?  If your answer
is "nothing", then welcome to paradise.  But the rest of us will prepare for a 
major battle!  At (x 793 y 2210) is a chest which holds:

      Flawed Fire Agate Gem

   The Day Altar can be found at (x 524 y 2407), but we shall return later to 
deal with that.  Now you should head back outside the cave.

Cave of the Jackal

   From the Summoning Circle, head north until you reach the door at
(x 1270 y 1270).  Take the door to enter another section of the Cave of the

Cave of the Stones - Minotaur Area  (AR 9801)

   Head west.  At (x 1800 y 1230) is a chest which holds:

      Flawed Skydrop Gem

   From the chest, continue to the west.  At (x 1445 y 1505), you will
encounter a Minotaur who pleads with you not to kill him.  He then runs off.
Follow him, but be careful - he is leading you into an ambush!  When the path
spills into a room, you will be attacked by a horde of Minotaurs, Minotaur
Elders, and the Minotaur Lord himself!  The Minotaur Lord, when defeated, will

      Ring of Free Action
      Cloak of Displacement
      Axe of the Minotaur Lord (25% chance stun for 1d4 rounds per hit)

   After mopping up with the Minotaurs, head north.  At (x 720 y 447), you
will find the Altar of Heaven.  Head back to the entrance, and exit the cave.

Cave of the Jackal

   From the cave you just left, head north until the path splits to the west
and the east.  Now head east.  There is a door at (x 1562 y 344).  Enter in to
arrive at the final section of the Cave of the Stones.

Cave of the Stones - Spider Area  (AR 9801)

   You will immediately be attacked by a variety of spiders.  After disposing 
of them, head south.  There is a chest at (x 2293 y 846) which yields:

      Flawed Emerald

   At (x 2267 y 1167) you will find the Earth Altar, but you can not do 
anything with it at the moment.  Therefore, head back to the cave entrance, 
and exit the cave.

Cave of the Jackal

   From the cave you just left, head west, and take the first path south that 
you come to.  Once again, enter the Minotaur Area cave, the door to which is 
at (x 1270 y 1270).

Cave of the Stones - Minotaur Area  (AR 9801)

   Head to the west, passing by the chest in which you found the gem.  
At (x 1400 y 1500), follow the path to the southwest.  You will find a chest 
at the end of the path (x 730 y 1470).  This is the Chest of Seasons.  There 
is an inscription on it that reads:

      "Seasons change all that we know."

   You may remember having seen this line before, if you had read the Scroll 
that you picked up earlier.  What you need to do is to place the 5 Flawed 
Stones that you have found in the chest.  One by one, they will all disappear!
Now, remember all of the alters that you found, but could do nothing with?  
Well, on each altar is a new Gem, which is a higher quality than the ones 
which you placed in the chest.  What you must do now is backtrack and enter 
all five caves again, head to the five altars, and collect the five stones.  
Fortunately, with the exception of the Stone Nuisances, which will also be 
there, even if you destroyed them earlier, you will not have to fight the 
other battles again.

   Below is a chart that shows what each Flawed Gem upgrades to, as well as 
what cave it can be found in.

|                      Guide to the Flawed/Flawless Gem                     |
|       FLAWED GEM         |        FLAWLESS GEM        |    WHERE FOUND    |
|  Flawed Pearl           -->  Flawless Waterstar Gem  -->  Harpy Area      |
|  Flawed Emerald         -->  Flawless Diamond        -->  Spider Area     |
|  Flawed Skydrop Gem     -->  Flawless Star Sapphire  -->  Minotaur Area   |
|  Flawed Fire Agate Gem  -->  Flawless Sunstone Gem   -->  Jackal Area     |
|  Flawed Moonbar Gem     -->  Flawless Moonstone Gem  -->  Dire Bear Area  |

   Once you have gathered all five of the gems from the altars, return to the 
Temple of the Lake, located at (x 3311 y 2025).  Once there, you will notice 
(especially if you hold down the ALT key) that at each point of the star is a 
place for you to put a gem.  Before you begin, you might want to study the 
Scroll that you found earlier.  If you put a gem in the wrong place, you will 
be attacked by Cornugons.  You do NOT want to fight these!

     NOTE:  Do NOT place all five gems in one location!  Doing this will 
            summon a LOT of COrnugons.  More importantly, this will cause the 
            game to crash.

      1. Head to (x 3252 y 1970).  This is the left point of the star.  Place 
         the Star Sapphire here.  ["Heaven above..."]
      2. Next, go south to (x 3315 y 2092).  This is the southernmost point of
         the star.  Place the Flawless Waterstar Gem here.
      3. From here, head to the northeast a few steps.  At (x 3399 y 2043) is
         another point on the star.  Place the Flawless Diamond here.
         ["...Earth and Sea below"]
      4. Nest, go a few steps to the northeast.  At (x 3365 y 1972) is the
         fourth point of the star.  Place the Flawless Sunstone Gem here.
         ["Sun's flight..."]
      5. Finally, head to the final point on the star, located at
         (x 3224 y 2046) and place the Flawless Moonstone Gem here.
         [..."Day turns to Night."]

   Upon completing these five steps, the portal will activate.  Place the 
cursor (should look like a spell casting cursor now) on the center of the 
portal, and click on it.  Your party will be teleported out of the caves.

5.   The Throne Room

The Keep - Throne Room  (AR 9711)

   When you come to your senses, you will find yourself back in the Keep.  You
have been teleported onto the other side of the locked door.  In other words,
you are in the throne room.  You will encounter the Luremaster here, and he is
impressed that you have been so successful.  He has but one request of you
now - put the souls of the castle citizenry to rest.  And with that, you are
thrown into the final battle!

   The Luremaster himself will attack you in this battle.  As if that were not
bad enough, the spirits of long dead heroes will also attack you.  The heroes
come from a variety of classes, including mage and warrior, so be prepared to
attack and defend appropriately.

   The Luremaster himself is not particularly deadly.  However, he is tied 
with the Crypt Thing, in my opinion. as being the most annoying adversary.  He 
will Dimension Door around the room frequently, making it very difficult to 
get many hits in on him at once.

   When (and if) you manage to put the troubled spirits of the Keep to rest, 
you should head north, and search the throne at (x 863 y 361).  Inside, you 
will find:

      Tarnished Ring

   Now, in order to successfully complete your quest, and to return to 
Lonelywood, have one of your characters equip the ring.  Then, find the Use
Item icon on the bottom bar of the screen, and click on the picture of the 
Ring that is shown there.  Your party will disappear in an impressive display 
of magic, and they will be back in Lonelywood, at the Whistling Gallows Inn.
Congratulations on having completed Icewind Dale: Trials of the Luremaster!

                         Why Play Heart of Fury Mode

What's So Good About Heart of Fury Mode?

   A new addition to Icewind Dale that can be enjoyed after installing the
Heart of Winter expansion pack is the "Heart of Fury" difficulty mode.
Normally, the addition of another difficulty level to a game is not seen as a
great improvement, nor is it usually able to extend the replayability of a
game.  However, the new "Heart of Fury" mode does exactly that.  The most
noticeable differences are that the monsters are MUCH more difficult to kill,
and the experience point rewards for killing them has gone up dramatically.
In addition, there are other changes that make the game much more enjoyable to
play.  Throughout the original Icewind Dale game are additional minor enemies
to fight.  For example, when you are raiding Dragon's Eye in Heart of Fury
mode and you are preparing to confront Presio and her undead hordes, you are
in for a surprise - this time she has hired out a fighter and also called in
her apprentice to help!  There are several instances of this occurring
throughout the game, serving to make the game exciting enough to play through
a second time.

   In order to enable these new changes to the original game, you must do one
or more of the following:

      1. You must have completed the expansion pack on any difficulty level.
         This will enable the extra enemies regardless of the difficulty level
         you are playing at.
      2. You can also start the game in "Heart of Fury" difficulty mode.  The
         changes are automatically enabled in this mode.

   Obviously, you can do both of these.  Doing this will also enable the

Game Changes in Heart of Fury Mode

   Below I have provided a list of some of the changes you will find while
playing through the original game in "Heart of Fury" mode.  Note that this is
only a partial list of the most notable changes.  There may be more subtle
additions as well.

      1. Larger experience point rewards: Double the amount for all Quest
         Experience, and several times more experience in battles.  (see the
         following section for detailed Fighting Experience information)

      2. More monsters in many areas.

      3. All monsters have MANY more hit points.  (this DOES include your
         Summoned Monsters, making the Ogre Belt and Monster Summoning spells
         VERY useful!)

      4. Several new minor enemies, some of which are:
          a. THREE ogres in the Orc Cave instead of just one!
          b. Additions of mercenary Warrior and Presio's Apprentice in
             Dragon's Eye.
          c. Four high-level Kraken Society Mages who appear after you meet
             with Marketh.  (no matter how you deal with Marketh)
          d. Two Priest-Mages of Vhaeraun accompany Maiden Ilmadia.
          e. After you deal with his simulacrum, you will face not only
             Malavon, but also his assistant, a high level wizard named Ilair.
          f. Belhifet is accompanied by two Cornugon demons who jump through
             the Stone of Jerrod portal at the end of the game.  This is in
             addition to the creatures he already had with him from before.

             Experience Charts: Icewind Dale and Heart of Winter

                     |    Contents of this Section:    |
                     |  The following section of this  |
                     |  document is LONG.  What you    |
                     |  will find in this section is:  |
                     |                                 |
                     |   1. Explanation of experience  |
                     |      awards and difficulty      |
                     |      levels.                    |
                     |   2. List of experience points  |
                     |      for the main game in both  |
                     |      "Normal" and "Heart of     |
                     |      Fury" difficulty modes.    |
                     |   3. List of experience points  |
                     |      for expansion pack in      |
                     |      "Normal" and "Heart of     |
                     |      Fury" difficulty modes.    |

   In Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter, there are two types of experience: Quest
Experience, and Fighting Experience.  For purposes of understanding this
section, I have defined "Fighting Experience" as the experience points you
receive immediately upon killing a monster.  "Quest Experience" Is almost
always obtained by talking to someone after doing what they asked you to do.
Sometimes, completing a quest involves killing a monster.  Remember that the
"Fighting Experience" is received upon killing the creature, while the "Quest
Experience" is not.

   There is a new feature in Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter.  It is a new
difficulty mode called "Heart of Fury".  While placing another difficulty mode
in the game may not seem all that special, it is quite interesting for a few

      1. The monsters give you SEVERAL times the normal amount of experience.
      2. The monsters are all MUCH more difficult to kill.
      3. The quests give you more experience.
      4. It is quite possible to build your characters up to Level 30 quickly.

   When playing Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter in the "Heart of Fury"
difficulty mode, (accessible through the configuration options.  You can not
change to and from "Heart of Fury" mode while in the game!) you will gain
significantly more experience than normal.  Remember that this holds true for
the Heart of Fury expansion pack quests (in and around Lonelywood) as well as
the main game itself.

   All experience gained in all quests is DOUBLED when playing in "Heart of
Fury" mode.  It is possible to gain over 1,000,000 experience points from a
single quest!!!  I will not provide a list of experience points received from
quests.  Just go back through the walkthrough and double all of the amounts.

   Now for the monsters.  You will receive much more experience from killing
enemies while playing in the "Heart of Fury".  In the charts below, I have
listed every enemy character in Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter.  The first
chart contains enemies from the main game.  The second list contains enemies
from the Heart of Winter Expansion Pack.  These charts include both the
enemies from the main game as well as from the expansion pack.  To the right
of each name are two columns.  The first one is the experience point amount
for killing the creature in "Normal" difficulty mode. The second column is how
many experience points each enemy yields in the "Heart of Fury" difficulty
mode.  The enemies are listed in alphabetical order, and each major region has 
its own separate chart.  Note that any unique enemies appear at the end of 
each list in their own section, and are not listed alphabetically along with
the other monsters..

     NOTE:  There are some enemies on this list that are added to the main
            game when the Heart of Winter expansion pack is installed (for
            example, Presio's Apprentice).  You must have the expansion pack
            installed in order to encounter EVERY enemy on this list.

                     Experience Point Totals - Main Game


              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Beetle                     35           2,140
              Goblin                     15           2,060
              Goblin Elite               45           2,180
              Wolf                      120           2,480

                                  Orc Cave

              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Ogre                      270           3,480
              Orc                        15           2,060
              Orc Archer                 35           2,140
              Orc Elite                  35           2,140
              Orc Shaman                 35           2,140

                                Kuldahar Pass

              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Goblin Archer              25           2,100
              Goblin Archer Marshal      35           2,140
              Goblin Marshal             35           2,140


              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Neo Orog Avenger           270          3,080
              Neo Orog Marauder          420          3,680
              Tundra Yeti                420          3,680

                             The Vale of Shadows

              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Carrion Crawler            420          3,680
              Ghast                      650          4,600
              Ghoul                      175          2,600
              Lesser Shadow              350          3,400
              Skeleton                    65          2,260
              Yeti                       420          3,680
              Yeti Chieftain             600          4,400
              Zombie                      65          2,260
              Lysan                      700          4,800
              Therik                     500          4,000

                              Kreeselack's Tomb

              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Chosen Zombie              975          5,900
              Imbued Wight             1,400          7,600
              Mummy                    3,000         14,000
              Shadow                     420          3,680
              Skeletal Mage              500          4,000
              Skeleton Archer            125          2,500
              Spectral Guard             500          4,000
              Spectral Knight            100          2,400
              Tattered Skeleton           65          2,260
              Temple Guardian            100          2,400
              Wight                    1,400          7,600
              Myrkul's Sending           600          4,400
              Mytos                    1,000          6,000

                         Temple of the Forgotten God

              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Acolyte                    420          3,680
              Verbeeg                    420          3,680

                                 Dragon's Eye

              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Blast Skeleton           0/500        0/4,000
              Bombardier Beetle          420          3,680
              Cold Wight               1,400          7,600
              Eldathyn                 1,500          8,000
              Histachii                  120          2,480
              Ice Troll                  175          2,700
              Lizard Man                  65          2,260
              Lizard Man King            420          3,680
              Lizard Man Shaman        1,300          7,200
              Phase Spider             1,400          7,600
              Poison Zombie            1,100          6,400
              Sword Spider             2,000         10,000
              Talonite Priest          1,000          6,000
              Talonite Priestess       1,000          6,000
              Tough Lizard Man           310          3,240
              Troll                    1,400          7,600
              Undead Lieutenant        2,000         10,000
              Wraith Spider            1,400          7,600
              Yuan-ti                  1,400          7,600
              Yuan-ti Elite            1,400          7,600
              Yuan-ti Mage             2,500         12,000
              Yuan-ti Priest           1,400          7,600
              Albion                   3,000         14,000
              Geelo the Librarian      2,000         10,000
              High Ritualist           1,400          7,600
              High Summoner            1,400          7,600
              Presio                   4,000         18,000
              Presio's Apprentice      2,000         10,000
              Sharra the Healer          420          3,680
              Warrior                  2,500         12,000
              Yxunomei                46,000        186,000

                                 Severed Hand

                   Enemy Name         "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Armored Skeleton           900          5,600
              Bladed Skeleton          1,300          7,200
              Burning Skeleton         1,500          8,000
              Serrated Skeleton        2,000         10,000
              Severed Soul             1,400          7,600
              Shadowed Elven Acolyte   1,100          6,400
              Shadowed Elven Archer    1,350          7,400
              Shadowed Elven Cleric    1,400          7,600
              Shadowed Elven Officer   1,500          8,000
              Shadowed Elven Priest    1,500          8,000
              Shadowed Elven Swordsman 1,300          7,200
              Shadowed Elven Wizard    1,750          9,000
              Shadowed Goblin Archer     750          5,000
              Shadowed Goblin Grunt      800          5,200
              Shadowed Goblin Marksman   850          5,400
              Shadowed Goblin Trainer    950          5,800
              Shadowed Goblin Warrior    900          5,600
              Shadowed Ogre              175          2,700
              Shadowed Orc Archer        750          5,000
              Shadowed Orc Grunt         800          5,200
              Shadowed Orc Marksman      850          5,400
              Shadowed Orc Shaman      1,100          6,400
              Shadowed Worg              850          5,400
              Shadowed Soul            1,100          6,400
              Shattered Soul           1,200          6,800
              Kaylessa                 1,300          7,200

                                 Dorn's Deep

              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Blue Myconid               750          5,000
              Bronze Sentry            5,000         22,000
              Drow Sorcerer            3,000         14,000
              Drow Spellsword          3,000         14,000
              Drow Vanguard            3,000         14,000
              Ettin                    3,000         14,000
              Greater Mummy            8,000         34,000
              Neo Orog General         2,000         10,000
              Krilag                   3,000         14,000
              Terikan                 10,000         42,000

                                 Wyrm's Tooth

              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Black Ice Knight         7,000         30,000
              Frost Giant Guard        8,000         34,000
              Frost Salamander         4,000         18,000
              Glacier Yeti             1,000          6,000
              Greater Ice Troll        1,000          6,000
              Joril's Bodyguard        9,000         38,000
              Snow Troll               1,400          7,600
              White Wyrm               5,000         22,000
              Winter Wolf              1,000          6,000
              Frostbite                7,000         30,000
              Gorg                     8,000         34,000
              Kerish                   5,000         22,000
              Kontak                   8,000         34,000
              Joril Frostbeard         9,000         38,000

                              Lower Dorn's Deep

              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Blind Minotaur            3,000        14,000
              Boneguard Skeleton        4,000        18,000
              Creeping Doom               420         3,680
              Earth Elemental           6,000        26,000
              Fire Elemental            6,000        26,000
              Fire Giant                8,000        34,000
              Giant Spider                450         3,800
              Invisible Stalker         3,000        14,000
              Iron Golem               13,000        54,000
              Kraken Society Mage      11,000        46,000
              Minotaur                  3,000        14,000
              Priest-Mage of Vhaeraun  10,000        42,000
              Red Myconid               1,750         9,000
              Rhinoceros Beetle         4,000        18,000
              Salamander                2,000        10,000
              Shrieker                    120         2,480
              Tarnished Sentry          6,000        26,000
              Thief                     2,000        10,000
              Tower Archer              5,000        22,000
              Umber Hulk                4,000        18,000
              Water Elemental           6,000        26,000
              Zombie Lord               7,000        30,000
              Fleezum                   3,000        14,000
              Flozem                    3,000        14,000
              Ilair                     9,000        38,000
              Kelly                     8,000        34,000
              Maiden Ilmadia            7,000        30,000
              Malavon - Real           50,000       202,000
              Malavon - Simulacrum     11,000        46,000
              Marketh                   8,000        34,000
              Revered Brother Poquelin      0             0
              Seth                      7,000        34,000
              Shikata                   5,500        24,000
              The Idol                 10,000        42,000

                             Return to Easthaven

              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Cyclops                  4,000         18,000

                              The Cryshal Tower

              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Belhifet                 73,000       150,000
              Cryshal Sentry                0             0
              Cornugon                 12,000        50,000
              False Pomab                   0             0
              Pomab                    20,000        82,000

                  Experience Point Totals - Heart of Winter


              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Greater Werewolf          ???           ????
              Alpheus                  4,000         18,000
              Mercenary Thief          4,000         18,000
              Mercenary Warrior        3,000         14,000
              Priestess of Shar        3,000         14,000
              Purvis                  11,000         46,000
              Vaarglan                 8,000         34,000

                                 Burial Isle

              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Barrow Wight             3,750         17,000
              Black Bear Spirit        5,000         22,000
              Drowned Dead             4,000         18,000
              Ghost Shaman             4,500         20,000
              Wailing Virgin           3,750         17,000
              Wolf Spirit              4,500         20,000
              Mebdinga                 4,500         20,000
              Polar Bear Spirit       15,000         62,000
              Skaldar                  6,000         26,000


              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Frost Giant              7,000         30,000
              Frost Salamander         2,000         10,000
              Glacier Yeti             1,000          6,000
              Ice Golem Sentry        14,000         58,000
              Polar Bear               1,400          7,600
              Remorhaz                10,000         42,000
              Snow Troll               1,400          7,600
              Winter Wolf              1,000          6,000

                                Barbarian Camp

              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Wyrm Tribe Warrior       4,000         18,000

                              Sea of Moving Ice

              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Bergclaw                 3,000         14,000
              Greater Ice Troll        3,000         14,000
              Greater Snow Troll       3,000         14,000
              Scrag                    3,000         14,000

                                  Ice Palace

              Enemy Name              "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Berg Yeti                3,000         14,000
              Boneguard Skeleton       4,000         18,000
              Bone Scavenger           3,000         14,000
              Cold Bones               3,000         14,000
              Frozen Bones             4,000         18,000
              Iced Bones               3,000         14,000
              Water Elemental Kin      3,500         16,000
              Xactile                  6,000         26,000

                                 Inner Palace

               Enemy Name             "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
               Sahuagin                   500         4,000
               Sahuagin Elite Guard     2,000        10,000
               Sahuagin Royal Guard     3,000        14,000
               Vodyanoi                 3,000        14,000
               Icasaracht              50,000       202,000
               Icasaracht's Soul Gem   50,000       202,000
               Sahuagin King            3,000        14,000
               Sahuagin Prince          2,000        10,000
               Sahuagin High Priestess  3,000        14,000
               Sahuagin Underpriestess  2,000        10,000

              Experience Point Totals - Trials of the Luremaster

                   Maluradek Castle - Courtyard and Towers

               Enemy Name             "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
               Animated Plate          5,000         22,000
               Earth Elemental        10,000         42,000
               Fiendish Harpy          2,000         10,000
               Fire Elemental         10,000         42,000
               Harpy                   1,000          6,000
               Ice Golem Sentry       14,000         58,000
               Iron Golem             13,000         54,000
               Mustard Jelly           4,000         18,000
               Phase Spider            1,400          7,600
               Red Myconid             1,750          9,000
               Rhinoceros Beetle       4,000         18,000
               Shambler               12,000         50,000
               Sword Spider            2,000         10,000
               Water Elemental        10,000         42,000
               Wyvern                  1,400          7,600
               Adran Runeshadow        6,000         26,000
               Criek of Bane           7,000         30,000
               Djinni                 11,000         46,000
               Harpy Queen             7,000         30,000
               Shelhai                 7,000         30,000
               Wyvern Matron           2,000         10,000

                                  The Crypt

               Enemy Name             "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
               Blast Skeleton          0/500        0/4,000
               Boneguard Skeleton      4,000         18,000
               Crypt Thing               975          5,900
               Greater Mummy          14,000         58,000
               Ghost                   7,000         30,000
               Mummy                   3,000         14,000
               Ochre Jelly               270          3,480
               Revenant                3,000         14,000
               Skeleton Warrior        4,000         18,000
               Wight                   1,400          7,600

                         Maluradek Castle - The Keep

               Enemy Name             "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Beholder                14,000         58,000
              Invisible Stalker        3,000         14,000
              Spectral Guard           5,000         22,000
              Water Kin Elemental      3,500         16,000
              Lord Maluradek           6,000         26,000
              Rakshasa                 7,000         30,000

                                 The Dungeons

               Enemy Name             "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Beholder                14,000         58,000
              Minotaur                 2,000         10,000
              Neo-Orog Marauder        1,500          8,000
              Olive Slime                420          3,680
              Red Myconid              1,750          9,000
              Slime Zombie               420          3,680
              Spectral Guard           5,000         22,000
              Sword Spider             2,000         10,000
              Troll                    1,400          7,600
              Umber Hulk               4,000         18,000
              Wyvern                   1,400          7,600

                              Cave of the Jackal

               Enemy Name             "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Bat                         15          2,060
              Glabrezu                12,000         50,000
              Greater Jackal           4,000         18,000
              Jackal Shaman            3,000         14,000
              Jackal Warrior           3,000         14,000
              Phase Spider             1,400          7,600
              Shambler                12,000         50,000
              Summoner                 8,000         34,000

                              Cave of the Stones

               Enemy Name             "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Bombardier Beetle          420          3,680
              Cornugon                12,000         50,000
              Dire Bear                5,000         22,000
              Fiendish Harpy           2,000         10,000
              Greater Jackal           4,000         18,000
              Harpy                    1,000          6,000
              Infernal Harpy           3,000         14,000
              Jackal                   1,000          6,000
              Jackal Shaman            3,000         14,000
              Minotaur                 2,000         10,000
              Minotaur Elder           3,000         14,000
              Stone Nuisance           1,000          6,000
              Sword Spider             2,000         10,000
              Wraith Spider            1,400          7,600
              Jackal Pack Leader      12,000         50,000
              Minotaur Lord            6,000         26,000

                        Maluradek Castle - Throne Room

               Enemy Name             "Normal"   "Heart of Fury"
              Spectral Hero            5,000         22,000
              Spectral Hero            7,000         30,000
              Luremaster                   0              0

                                 Cheat Codes

   I currently have no cheat codes for the game Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter,
or Trials of the Luremaster.  If you have cheat codes that you would like to
share, e-mail them to me.  I will put them in this section, and you will be
fully credited for having provided them.

                                 Other Works

   This is a list of FAQ's written by me.  The latest versions of all of
these FAQ's can be found at:


   Unless otherwise noted, other sites might also carry this FAQ, but I will
always send new updates to gamefaqs.com first.

         |                      Works to Date                       |
         |                                                          |
         |  Icewind Dale - Store Items                              |
         |                                                          |
         |  Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter - Store Items             |
         |  Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter - Walkthrough             |
         |                                                          |
         |  Icewind Dale: Trials of the Luremaster - Walkthrough    |
         |               (included in Heart of Winter Walkthrough)  |
         |                                                          |
         |  Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus - Walkthrough        |
         |                                                          |
         |  Revenant - Walkthrough                                  |
         |                                                          |
         | *Sea Dogs - Walkthrough                                  |
         |                                                          |

           * Available ONLY at - http://www.gamefaqs.com

                               Version Updates

Version 2.4                  Added complete walkthrough for Trials of the
July 10, 2001                Luremaster dungeon add-on.  Changed the layout of
243k                         the Experience Charts.  Updated Other Works
                             section.  Added Experience Charts for Trials of
                             the Luremaster.  Added section for Cheat Codes.
                             (but no cheat codes as of yet - send them in!)

Version 2.3                  Updated the Other Works section.  Corrected some
July 2, 2001                 minor grammatical and spelling errors.

Version 2.2                  Added information about being able to kill Young
June 4, 2001                 Ned (contributed P BUTTER).  Added a strategy on
193k                         how to kill the Remorhaz (contributed Ramon
                             Brasser).  Added an ASCII test picture to the top
                             of the document.

Version 2.1                  Made a few minor corrections to information in
April 19, 2001               Game Strategies and Tactics Section.  Added a
191k                         missing experience point value in the Barbarian
                             camp during the first visit. (all contributed by
                             Heng Lok)

Version 2.0                  Added information about upgrading the Restored
April 17, 2001               Blade of Aihonen to the Tiernon section.  Added
190k                         location of Ogien's Scale armor in the barbarian
                             camp (contributed by WinterMute).  Added location
                             of Invisibility Cloak in the barbarian camp.
                             Added complete lists of experience gained from
                             enemies in both the main game as well as the
                             expansion pack, in both "Normal" and "Heart of
                             Fury" difficulty settings.  Added the Why Play
                             Heart of Fury section.  Added information about
                             Tenser's Transformation spell in the Game
                             Strategies and Tactics section, under the
                             Creating a Triple-Class Character.  Updated Legal
                             Information section.  Added updated Mage Spell
                             Progression chart for Patch 1.41.  Corrected
                             several minor spelling and grammar errors.

Version 1.9                  Added extra information regarding Edion Caradoc
March 31, 2001               on Burial Isle.  Added detailed information on
129k                         Druids in the Game Strategy and Tactics section.
                             Corrected several minor spelling errors.

Version 1.8                  Added to the section outside Icasaracht's lair.
March 26, 2001               Corrected several spelling, miscellaneous errors.
118k                         Added various minor notes in several areas.
                             Updated the first visit to the Barbarian Camp
                             after the audience with Wylfdene.

Version 1.7                  Updated treasure info in the Sea of Moving Ice
March 24, 2001               and the Ice Palace.  Added tip for fighting the
116k                         Sahuagin at the game's end.  Added information on
                             Rangers, Bards, and Races in the Game Strategy
                             and Tactics section.

Version 1.6                  This FAQ passes the 100k mark!  Updated parts of
March 23, 2001               the return to the Barbarian Camp near the end of
101k                         the game.  Added information about the mages from
                             Hosttower.  Added more info on Purvis.  Added
                             missing experience rewards.

Version 1.5                  Added info on obtaining the Kossuth's Blood item
March 22, 2001               in the second area of the Gloomfrost Caves.
94.4k                        Added info about the talking sword Cynicism.
                             Added detailed information on Bards in the
                             Game Strategy and Tactics section.

Version 1.4                  Added details about greater werewolf in town.
March 21, 2001               Added Tiernon's Shield quest.  Added the finale
85.7k                        of the Glacier Rose quest.  Added a couple of
                             extra actions for Bards.

Version 1.3                  Added children's story option for Bards when
March 20, 2001               talking with Hailee.  Updated Barbarian Camp
83.8k                        section.  Added interesting information on pick-
                             pocketing Purvis twice for 2 different Rings of
                             Free Action.  Added minor strategy for fighting
                             aboveground on Burial Isle.  Added information in
                             the Game Strategy and Tactics section on spell
                             memorization.  Added MAJOR shortcut to rescuing
                             Hjollder on Burial Isle.  Made some spelling and
                             grammar corrections, as well as a few stylistic

Version 1.2                  Added alternate solutions to Vexing Thoughts
March 19, 2001               encounter.  Added information on creating a
75.1k                        character (in Game Strategy and Tactics section)
                             Added more info in Tiernon Section on additional
                             Gloomfrost weapons for Druids and dwarves.

Version 1.1                  Added the Game Strategy and Tactics section.
March 13, 2001               Added the makeup of my second party going through
67.4k                        the game.  Added start of Murdaugh's tale of the
                             Glacier Rose.  Added evil options - loot gained
                             from killing townsfolk and such.

Version 1.0                  This FAQ is first published.  Created complete
March 9, 2001                walkthrough for the Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter
53.7k                        expansion pack.

                              Legal Information

I am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with Black Isle and/or Interplay
Entertainment Corp.  I had nothing to do with the creation of this game, nor
did I have anything to do with the people who made it.

This FAQ may be posted on any site provided an email is sent to me FIRST
stating where the FAQ is to be posted, and an existing URL is provided within
the same email.  NOTHING MAY BE CHANGED WITHIN THIS DOCUMENT.  This document
may not be translated into any other language or dialect.  Nothing may be
added, removed, or rearranged in any way, shape or form and then republished.
This FAQ MUST remain in its original form. (iwd_how.txt)  The author of this
FAQ reserves the right to recall this FAQ from any site, at any time, and for
any reason as he sees fit.  This document may NOT be sold for profit, nor may
it be included in any package or promotion receiving a profit.  By possessing
this document, you accept all the terms and conditions which accompany it,
both expressed and implied.  Violation of the United States Copyright Laws is
a crime.  Plagiarism is also a crime.

This document is Copyright 2001 by Michael Walsh.
Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter  (c) 2000-2001 Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Trials of the Liremaster  (c) 2001 Interplay Entertainment Corp.


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