Someone please help me with eve online?

  1. I have downloaded the game and am ready to play it while searching the web for tactics, and strategy related matter. Right now, I am not buying a membership for that game and I guess I will never buy it. I have found that I can buy time codes(or something) from ISKs.

    So, I want anyone who plays on eve online to invite me for the the game. I will get 21 days' free trial for this(and I'll get 14 days free trial if I don't get it). In that 21 days' time I'll somehow manage to earn enough ISKs to buy a time code and would extend my account for another 30 days.
    And you too would get a month free on eve. So, its beneficial for both of us. Also, give me some tips to make those ISKs fast and send me the invite even faster(I am so damn eager to play this game). My email id is
    Please send your invite on it.
    Thank you in advance!

    User Info: fidowrestler

    fidowrestler - 10 years ago

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  1. Sent you an invite

    In terms of making money fast - i'd say ninja salvaging would be best. Basically train salvager skills, and proping skills - using a frig or destroyer go looking for other missioners and salvage their wrecks. Many people have easily made 300 mil in the space of a week. If you want a more indepth explanation about ninja salvaging just ask about it in Help Channel.

    A good place to Ninja salvage are systems where there are many mission runners, preferably level 4 mission runners as thats where the isk is. If you're in Amarr i'd advise Penigram system.

    Also join the channel "HelpMyMissions" and ask if you can salvage for anyone.

    Anyway invite sent hope that helps, if anyone else needs one just post your email here

    User Info: Cerebro81

    Cerebro81 - 10 years ago 1   0

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