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An awesome FPS multiplayer game. 12/18/02 ASX
Don't have time to go to the Firing Range? Buy this game instead. 09/29/02 Bio Dragoon
One of the greatest FPS games out there! 02/05/03 Carlos M.
I'm addicted! GIVE ME CS NOW! 09/22/02 Charagon
What's Quake3, Unreal? Never heard of those.. 07/21/01 Cs Freak
Everything is great. Almost 11/22/02 D r N o n e v i l
Fantastically addictive with many people, even in 2008 03/12/08 Deku_scrubby
It's Counter-Strike - The legendary LAN game! 10/19/02 Donald Love 87
Hey look! UT and Rainbow Six had a kid! 09/10/01 EgoMan
An absolutely stunning game, with few drawbacks. 03/03/01 FatPat
The Best MOD for Half-Life 08/26/02 Flamin Homer
Should I buy a MP5 or a.. AHH!!! enemy attacking!!! 03/06/03 freaky
It's worth it! 06/20/01 gigahertz
$10 for a 10 Year old game = Awesome gameplay for a very long time. 10/26/09 helltop12
No reasons for you to not have this game. 01/06/02 HitmanX
This game is cool, but calling it super-realistic is too much 08/07/01 Ice Wind
Nothing beats the intensity of CS.....for a long time. 09/18/01 MACHINA weapon
The Best Multiplayer Game Ever 09/03/02 maximus86
You can rethink it if you want to get this game or not... 05/21/02 Mystical Raider
Come one! Just five more minutes! 01/20/03 Payzmaykr
Best. FPS. Ever. 05/04/02 Punkguy856
Easily the best Half-Life Mod out there!!! 08/12/01 solid snake
Get this game NOW! 10/28/01 TDog
Best Half Life game since the original! 07/18/01 trev913
Wow... I payed $30 for this? 01/18/02 willis5225
This is the best online game out there... 08/13/02 Yoshi X

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Gaming History: Counter Strike "The definitive eSports FPS Game"
Gaming History: Counter Strike "The definitive eSports FPS Game" from GaminGHD

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