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    FAQ/Walkthrough by LM

    Updated: 02/04/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: January 2002
    Author: LM (bizonia@aol.com)
    Copyright info: This document may be freely copied and reproduced provided 
    that its author, LM, gets a mention.
    Reference. The author studied, appreciated, relied upon when playing the game 
    and writing this walkthrough, but went to some lengths not to copy, the 
    following sources, to which he is eternally grateful:
    1. Sin: Official Strategy Guide, by Craig Wessel, 1998, Brady Publishing 
    (written for Ritual Entertainment, Activision, and Brady Games)
    2. Sin Guide, by Sexual Chocolate (ritualistic.com/articles/guide1.html)
    3. Sin Walkthrough, by Baytor (www.geocities.com/baytor/sin1.html)
    4. Sin FAQ, by Steve Rusher (db.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/file/sin_a.txt)
    5. Sin Walkthrough, by Unknown (cheatsearch.com/PC/unp10_cheats_10471.HTML)
    6. Sin Entities, by Eutectic (www.ritualistic.com/node/entframe.htm)
    1. PATCHES. Before you start playing, make sure you've installed the most 
    recent patch. At the time of this writing, it was patch 1.11. Check the game 
    developer's site (www.ritualistic.com/games/sin) or go directly to the patch 
    provider (www.3ddownloads.com). Even with the patch, you may encounter 
    problems with loading and quick-loading, especially in some sections of 
    levels 9 and 27.
    2. MANUAL. The player's manual is provided with the game as Colonel Blade's 
    Hardcorps manual. If you don't have a printed copy, you can access the manual 
    on the CD (setup\data\help). It also installs on your hard drive (sin\help). 
    Double-click on the file named chapters.html. The section entitled 'Blade's 
    Journal' provides storyline information, 'Hardcorps Training Facility Manual' 
    contains instructions on how to pass the training level, etc. You may also 
    want to read the file named Manual Addendum.doc, which can be found either on 
    the CD (as a separate file or in the setup\data folder) or the hard drive 
    (same folder).
    3. BACKGROUND STORY. If you read the manual, you'll learn that the main 
    character, Colonel John R. Blade, heads some kind of police or security force 
    called Hardcorps (HC) in the city of Freeport. He has a sidekick, former 
    hacker called JC. Lately, the HC have had their hands full with a new 
    narcotic drug called U4. A gangster Antonio Mancini is mentioned, as are 
    rumors of monsters being sighted around the city. Blade also seems fascinated 
    with a company called SinTek (or SinTEK), famous for introducing an anti-
    ageing drug called Vanity. However, there was some controversy surrounding 
    its side effects, and the SinTek CEO, Dr. Thrall Sinclaire, allegedly retired 
    because of that. His daughter, biochemist Elexis Sinclaire, took over. SinTek 
    is big enough to have its own security force.
    4. MOVEMENTS & CONTROLS. Most of these are covered in the manual, so check 
    there first. Some additional comments:
    4.A. Ammo that you pick up gets added to your arsenal directly, and most 
    health/armor power-ups improve your health/armor status immediately. However, 
    some items that you pick up go into your inventory and are stored there. The 
    inventory is accessed with the F11 key, not the I key as stated in the manual 
    (the manual addendum corrects the mistake). As for the I key, it toggles the 
    1st/3rd-person view.
    4.B. The Tab key accesses your mission-status display, which shows your 
    primary and secondary objectives for the level you are currently in. Whenever 
    an objective is completed or failed, you get a message that your mission 
    status has been updated. Check the display to see what exactly happened. 
    Sometimes the display lists only some of the mission objectives at first, and 
    more are added as you advance.
    4.C. The manual says that when you loot your kill for health/armor/ammo, you 
    press the Use key, and when an item is not located on a dead body, you simply 
    walk over it (or get close enough) to absorb it. However, you may find items 
    that are a little out of reach or just plain obstinate. In such cases, you 
    may need to press the Use key to absorb the item. Remember, though, that the 
    Use key also controls doors, so you can get hurt by a closing door while 
    trying to get an item in that manner. Another thing: When firing away at an 
    enemy, don't overdo it, or there may be no dead body to frisk.
    4.D. Useful stuff can also be found in wooden crates that are breakable. 
    These crates can also contain nasty surprises, i.e., rats. Crates reinforced 
    with metal trimmings are unbreakable.
    4.E. If you press the F1 key, you'll get a list of the player's actions and 
    the keys these actions are assigned to. It may seem as though the 1 key is 
    assigned to both the spear gun and the fists and you can toggle between these 
    weapons. Not so. You can press the Next-Weapon key to find the spear gun in 
    your arsenal, but the easier way to ready it would be to assign a separate 
    key to it. To assign the S key to the spear gun, press the ~ key and type: 
    bind s use speargun. If you prefer a different key, substitute it for the S 
    in the command.
    4.F. You'll encounter security cameras throughout the game. You can check 
    their feed on security-camera monitors, which usually look like static-filled 
    screens. Approach and press the Use key to view; step away with the Backpedal 
    4.G. Even more important are numerous computer displays that act as consoles 
    that control machinery, gates, etc. They usually look like black-and-white 
    DOS screens. You also access them by pressing the Use key, but to step away, 
    you need to press the Escape key. After you access a console, you can usually 
    change something, like turning a machine on or off. Use your keyboard to 
    effect changes. Some consoles can only be viewed but not manipulated.
    4.H. In most cases when the crosshair turns green, you are aiming at 
    something shootable.
    4.I. Some areas in the game will require you to use a combination of the 
    Walk-Forward, Jump, and Crouch keys (or maybe just Jump and Crouch). It's not 
    as straightforward as the Jump/Crouch combo in, say, Half-Life. You'll have 
    to experiment a little before you get it right. It takes some piano work.
    4.J. Your weapon can be shot out of your hands by the enemy.
    4.K. Pictures of some weapons, items, game characters, etc. are available in 
    Blade's Journal (see para. 2 above) as well as in sin\help\images on the hard 
    drive or in setup\data\help\images on the CD. If you are willing to go 
    online, a very comprehensive picture gallery of most of the entities 
    appearing in the game can be found at www.ritualistic.com/node/entframe.htm. 
    You also get a clear idea of what a particular entity looks like when you 
    resort to 'spawn' cheats (see paras. 12.B to 12.H below).
    5. WEAPONS (in alphabetical order).
    5.A. Assault rifle. Uses 10-mm bullets, same as the Magnum pistol. Maximum 
    ammo capacity: 500 plus 45 in the clip. Needs to reload after 45 shots. You 
    can reload it manually, by pressing the Use key. However, it quickly reloads 
    automatically and you may as well ignore this, unless you anticipate a heavy 
    shootout and you are already low. Default key: 4.
    5.B. Chain gun/grenade launcher (a.k.a. high-velocity chain (HVC) gun). Two 
    firing modes: it uses 50-mm bullets in the chain-gun mode and grenades (they 
    double as rockets for the rocket launcher) in the grenade-launcher mode. If a 
    grenade doesn't hit something explodable, it just falls and its explosion is 
    delayed a bit. Max: 500/100. Default key: 5; pressing the key with the weapon 
    already selected will toggle between the two modes.
    5.C. Fists. Good for breaking breakable stuff, such as crates or windows. 
    Default key: 1.
    5.D. Heligun. Helicopter machine gun with unlimited ammo. Normally, you only 
    get to use this weapon in level 1, in the helicopter. However, you can 
    acquire it by using a cheat code (see para. 12.B.a below).
    5.E. Magnum pistol. Shares ammo with the assault rifle. Max.: 500 plus 15 in 
    the clip. Needs to reload after 15 shots (see the reloading notice in para. 
    5.A above). Default key: 2.
    5.F. Mutant hands. In levels where Blade becomes a Manumit, these are his 
    only weapon. Blade can also become a Manumit temporarily after using a U4 
    mutagen injector. Then he cannot choose a different weapon until the 
    mutagenic effect wears off. You may also get the mutant hands if you use the 
    'wuss' cheat (see para. 12.A.h below). Then you can switch to another weapon 
    at any time, and you don't turn into a Manumit when you use the mutant hands.
    5.G. Pulse rifle (a.k.a. plasma canon). Uses energy cells, same as the 
    quantum destabilizer. Two firing modes: in the primary mode, it fires plasma 
    balls; in the secondary mode, lightning bolts. Max.: 200. Default key: 8; 
    pressing the key with the weapon already selected will toggle between the two 
    5.H. Quantum destabilizer. Shares ammo with the plasma rifle. You can hold 
    down the Fire key for the weapon to charge; the longer you hold, the more 
    powerful the discharge. Don't overdo it, however; the weapon may explode in 
    your hands. Max.: 200. Default key: 9.
    5.I. Rocket launcher. Shares ammo with the grenade launcher (secondary firing 
    mode of the chain gun). Max: 100. Default key: 7.
    5.J. Shotgun. Uses shells. Max.: 50. Default key: 3.
    5.K. Sniper rifle. Uses sniper-rifle bullets. You can use the rifle as is or 
    (much more effective) in the telescopic mode. Max.: 20. Default key: 0; 
    pressing the key with the weapon already selected will toggle between the two 
    5.L. Spear gun. For underwater battles; uses spears. Max.: 60. No default key 
    assigned; see para. 4.E above for suggestions.
    5.M. Spider mines. Come in tin containers of 5. Can be attached to some 
    surfaces or just thrown, then detonated with a remote control. Max.: 10. 
    Default key: 6.
    6. SECRET WEAPON: Thrall gun. Technically, the weapon used by the endgame 
    boss, although what you get looks exactly like the assault rifle. You can 
    only acquire it by resorting to a cheat code (see para. 12.C below). Two 
    firing modes: in the primary mode, it fires red rockets with limited homing 
    capacity; in the secondary, orange-colored blobs.
    7. AMMUNITION. (Note: Whenever you pick up a weapon, you get it with some 
    ammo in it. The Heligun and the secret weapon do not require any outside 
    ammo; their inner supply is unlimited.)
    7.A. Bullets, 10 mm. For the assault rifle and the Magnum pistol. Come in 
    boxes marked 10, containing 40 rounds, and in thin, even-colored clips of 10 
    7.B. Bullets, 50 mm. For the chain gun. Found in boxes marked 50, containing 
    50 rounds.
    7.C. Bullets, sniper rifle. Come in thin clips with bullets clearly outlined 
    on the sides, containing 5 rounds.
    7.D. Energy cells. For the pulse rifle and the quantum destabilizer. Come in 
    blue-colored clips containing 40 charges and in cartridges that look like 
    old-fashioned hand grenades, containing 10 charges.
    7.E. Grenades/rockets (same ammo). For the grenade launcher and the rocket 
    launcher. Come in X-shaped packs containing 10 rounds.
    7.F. Shells. For the shotgun. Found in boxes where you can clearly see the 
    red-and-yellow shells, containing 10 rounds.
    7.G. Spears. For the spear gun. Mostly found on dead Seabonites and come in 
    yellow clips. However, at least once (when you first get the spear gun in 
    level 20, step 1), you'll get a pack of 5 spears that actually look like 
    7.H. Spider mines: see para. 5.M above.
    8. HEALTH & ARMOR. These are described fairly completely in the player's 
    manual ('Hardcorps Memo' section). Note: Your health may be boosted over 100 
    points, but anything over 100 will wear off gradually. Here's a list of 
    what's available (also check para. 9.R below):
    8.A. V-stim, i.e., 5-point health boost (green capsule).
    8.B. I-stim, i.e., 20-point health boost (yellow capsule).
    8.C. M-stim, i.e., 50-point health boost (pink capsule).
    8.D. FB-pack, i.e., 100-point health boost (set of two pink capsules). 
    Although it is listed in some reference sources, I haven't been able to find 
    this item in the game. Maybe it's for the multiplayer mode.
    8.E. Riot helmet, i.e., head armor.
    8.F. Flak jacket, i.e., upper-body armor.
    8.G. Flak pants, i.e., lower-body armor.
    8.H. Other health boosts (2-point) that you will find throughout the game are 
    food items: apple; banana; Cheezy Poofs; cookies (Chips A-Whore); ice cream; 
    milk; pizza slice; sandwich; sea ration; soda (Toke). I've only managed to 
    collect the ice cream as a health item once: in the secret area in level 4, 
    step 2. The other times, it's just a decorative item.
    8.I. In levels 29-30, your health will depend on finding and using U4 vials. 
    They add 10 points to your health as a Manumit.
    9. INVENTORY ITEMS. Not every item that you will collect during the game is 
    described in the player's manual ('Hardcorps Memo' section), so a more or 
    less complete list (in alphabetical order, except para. 9.Z) follows. To use 
    an inventory item, you should, normally, ready it by selecting it in the 
    inventory menu, close the menu, and then hit the Inventory-Use key. However, 
    some inventory items can only be used at certain locations; others are used 
    automatically when their time has come; and still others apparently just sit 
    there, unneeded. Also, some inventory items are carried over from one chapter 
    to the next, while others stay in the inventory menu for just one chapter or 
    even one level.
    9.A. Access cards. Come in four varieties: blue, green, orange, and yellow.
    9.B. Adrenaline (a.k.a. AB-stim). Lets you run faster and jump higher. The 
    effect wears off in 30 seconds.
    9.C. Biohazard suit. Yellow, SinTek-issue; you get it in level 6.
    9.D. Blue level access card: see Access cards.
    9.E. Candy bar (a.k.a. AllyBar). You can buy it for three quarters in level 6 
    and use it in level 18.
    9.F. Communications link (a.k.a. NT20 Communications Link). Serves as a 
    remote modem in level 9 and alerts you to hostage presence in level 12.
    9.G. Evidence envelope. You find two different-looking ones in the game. One 
    is a thin folder marked 'Evidence' (level 2); the other, a thick package 
    ready for mailing (level 9).
    9.H. FCB money bag (FCB stands for Freeport City Bank). You retrieve these in 
    levels 3 and 5.
    9.I. Glowstick (a.k.a. HC Light Rod). A tube to illuminate dark areas.
    9.J. Green level access card: see Access cards.
    9.K. Hand. A severed hand used for a palm scan in level 12.
    9.L. Identification card. A variation on the access-card theme; you get it 
    when you kill the scientist in level 7.
    9.M. Key. Required to unlock certain doors.
    9.N. Money. Dollar bills you can steal in level 2.
    9.O. Orange level access card: see Access cards.
    9.P. Password. A slip of paper with the password required to complete a 
    secondary objective in level 12.
    9.Q. Quarter. A 25-cent coin.
    9.R. Reactive shields (a.k.a. bioshield, biogenic shields). A tougher variety 
    of armor. Good for 30 seconds.
    9.S. Rebreather unit (a.k.a. scuba gear, ST Underwater Apparatus). For 
    underwater breathing.
    9.T. Silencer. Automatically attaches to the Magnum pistol and the assault 
    9.U. SinTek C.P. blueprints (C.P. stands for Chemical Plant). You get them 
    from the construction foreman in level 4.
    9.V. U4 mutagen injector (a.k.a. U4 injection). When you use it, you become a 
    Manumit. Unlike in levels 29-30, the effect only lasts for 30 seconds.
    9.W. U4 sample. You get it in level 7 for analysis.
    9.X. Weapon parts #1-3. Parts of a clandestine weapon (i.e., pulse rifle). As 
    soon as part #3 gets picked up, you are automatically equipped with a new 
    weapon. The game design provides for the weapon parts to be generated in at 
    least seven (according to my observations) different levels. It does not 
    allow you to collect the parts out of order. For example, the game provides 
    for a weapon part to be found in level 20. If, by the time you reach that 
    level, you haven't collected any weapon parts yet, that part will be #1; if 
    you already have one part, it will be #2; and if you already have two, it'll 
    be #3. Once you've collected all three, no more weapon parts will be 
    generated for the rest of the game. (One exception: for some reason, you can 
    collect two identical parts in level 24. So if you collect part #3 in step 4 
    of that level and thus have the weapon assembled, you are still going to find 
    part #3 in step 6.A - and 're-assemble' the weapon.) Therefore, if you have 
    already collected all the parts in the previous levels, you won't find a 
    weapon part in level 20 at all. This leads to the following observation: If 
    you collect the weapon parts in levels 6, 7 and 9, you'll only be able to use 
    the pulse rifle in three levels (you start level 12 with a new arsenal). To 
    maximize your use of the weapon, skip a weapon part in one of those levels 
    and wait until level 20 (or 24, since it'll make the secret there 
    meaningful). This will allow you to use the pulse rifle in as many as eight 
    levels, up to level 29. In any case, I don't find that weapon particularly 
    9.Y. Yellow level access card: see Access cards.
    9.Z. Some reference sources also mention a photon optic displacement device 
    (P.O.D.D.), which makes you invisible for 30 seconds. I haven't been able to 
    locate this item in the game. Maybe it's for the multiplayer mode. I don't 
    remember ever finding a device called HC computer decoder (a.k.a. R17 Code 
    Descrambler), either. See paras. 12.F.f and 12.F.g below for the cheat codes 
    to spawn these items.
    10. ENEMIES (in alphabetical order, except para. 10.LL).
    10.A. Bachrodai (a.k.a. Bacrodai). Mutant with one long, hideous arm.
    10.B. Dark Captain. Heavy guard armed with a stun-gun whip, encountered in 
    Chapter Six.
    10.C. Eon-and-Peon (E&P). Symbiotic mutant creature encountered once, at the 
    Freeport waterworks.
    10.D. Female, chemical. Secretary at the SinTek chemical plant.
    10.E. Foreman, construction (a.k.a. Mr. Brett Wier). Unique character 
    encountered in level 4. You are not supposed to shoot him, since he gives you 
    some evidence.
    10.F. Foreman, oilrig. Encountered only in a couple of cut-scenes.
    10.G. Foreman, warehouse (a.k.a. Mr. Campbell). Unique character encountered 
    in level 9. Unlike the construction foreman, you are supposed to kill him.
    10.H. Grunt. Your basic military-type goon, bald. His distinctive feature is 
    a red S on the uniform. Different grunts may carry different weapons.
    10.I. Grunt captain. Looks similar to the grunt, but has hair and is a little 
    tougher. Different grunt captains may carry different weapons.
    10.J. Guerilla. Looks similar to the grunt, but wears a safari-colored 
    uniform. Different guerillas may carry different weapons. One variety wears a 
    vision-enhancement visor.
    10.K. Male, civilian. Considered hostile as a butler at Estate Sinclaire; 
    elsewhere he's a friendly (see para. 11.E below).
    10.L. Mancini, Mr. Antonio 'The Worm'. Unique (and unshootable in his human 
    form) character encountered throughout Chapter One.
    10.M. Manumit. Mutated human with claws for weapons.
    10.N. Mini-Manumit. Miniature Manumit encountered once, in level 34.
    10.O. Nautic. Underwater monster.
    10.P. Peon. The tougher part of the Eon-and-Peon, which you will encounter a 
    couple of times as a creature distinct from the E&P.
    10.Q. Pinphat. Rotund mutant armed with a rocket launcher.
    10.R. Rat.
    10.S. Reconah. Gaunt resurrected creature first unleashed against Blade by 
    Elexis Sinclaire herself.
    10.T. Scientist. SinTek supervisor wearing a white smock.
    10.U. Seabonite. Blue diver.
    10.V. Seabonite captain. Red-and-blue diver, a little tougher than the 
    regular Seabonite.
    10.W. Securton. Spider-like security bot.
    10.X. Sergeant. Military-type goon in heavy armor and armed with a chain gun.
    10.Y. Sinclaire, Ms. Elexis. Unique (and unshootable) character encountered 
    throughout the game, mostly in cut-scenes.
    10.Z. Sniper. Female member of the SinTek security force.
    10.AA. Technician, chemical. Wears a yellow uniform.
    10.BB. Technician, SinTek. Wears a gray uniform. Not always considered 
    hostile in later levels (see para. 11.I below).
    10.CC. Thrall (a.k.a. Thrall Master). Endgame boss.
    10.DD. Thug. Ninja wannabe, masked or unmasked. The unmasked one looks 
    similar to the grunt, but wears a completely black uniform.
    10.EE. Vultorn. Animal mutant first encountered at the warehouse, where it 
    breaks out of a crate.
    10.FF. Vultorn, small. Encountered only in level 33.
    10.GG. Worker, chemical. Technician in a white-colored heavy protection suit, 
    working at the SinTek chemical plant.
    10.HH. Worker, construction. Redneck in a white undershirt, armed with a 
    10.II. Worker, lab. SinTek employee wearing a bloodied black cloak.
    10.JJ. Worker, metal. Redneck in a black T-shirt, armed with a wrench.
    10.KK. Worker, oilrig. Redneck in dungarees (with a small red S on the bib), 
    armed with a wrench.
    10.LL. According to some reference sources, Bachrodai are accompanied by 
    attacking bats. I haven't met any such bats in the game - only neutral ones, 
    which don't interact with the player (also see para. 12.G.a below). Some 
    sources also mention hovering security bots, Beecadrones, which allegedly 
    appear in later levels. I haven't met any of those either (also see para. 
    12.G.d below).
    11. FRIENDLIES OR NEUTRALS. Some characters that you encounter in the game 
    are friendlies and you are not supposed to shoot them. If you do, JC will 
    reprimand you. A list of friendlies follows (neutral animals, who don't 
    interact with Blade, are not listed):
    11.A. Bum. Homeless and usually incoherent person. Comes in many varieties 
    (standing, sleeping, etc.).
    11.B. Female, civilian. Hostage in chapter one. (An R-rated observation: One 
    careful, non-lethal shot in the breast will result in some nipple exposure.)
    11.C. HC Officer. Encountered near the Freeport City Bank and in some cut-
    11.D. JC. Your sidekick; encountered only in cut-scenes. He talks to you 
    frequently, though.
    11.E. Male, civilian. Male version of 11.B (thankfully, no nipple exposure 
    here). Also see para. 10.K above.
    11.F. Marine hostage (a.k.a. military). You have to find them at the missile 
    11.G. Technician, Freeport. Wears a brown uniform.
    11.H. Technician, marine. Wears a blue uniform.
    11.I. Technician, SinTek. Wears a gray uniform. Considered hostile in early 
    levels and in some later ones (see para. 10.BB above).
    12. CHEAT CODES. Bring up the console by pressing the ~ key. Then type any 
    listed cheat, press Enter, and exit the console. (Note: You can substitute 
    'give' for 'spawn' in cheat commands. The item then goes directly into your 
    system, whereas if you go with 'spawn,' items appear out of thin air in front 
    of you. I prefer 'spawn,' so most cheats are listed as 'spawn' commands 
    except when the 'spawn' formula is unworkable.) The cheats are listed by 
    category and in alphabetical order within categories, except the Maps section 
    (para. 12.I). Explanations are provided as necessary. Dots are not part of 
    cheat codes; they separate the code and the explanatory note.
    12.A. ABILITIES.
    12.A.a. god. God mode. Type 'god' again to undo the cheat.
    12.A.b. health N. Substitute any number from 0 to 999 for N, e.g.: health 50. 
    That number replaces whatever amount of health you had.
    12.A.c. noclip. No clipping, i.e., you can move through walls, floors, etc. 
    Type 'noclip' again to undo the cheat.
    12.A.d. nocollision. Same as 'noclip.'
    12.A.e. notarget. You won't be fired upon. Type 'notarget again to undo the 
    12.A.f. superfuzz. Same as 'god.'
    12.A.g. wallflower. Same as 'notarget.'
    12.A.h. wuss. Gives you all the weapons, except the Heligun, the spider mines 
    and the secret weapon. You get the mutant hands, though. Amazingly, when you 
    select those, you don't turn into a Manumit.
    12.B. WEAPONS.
    12.B.a. give heligun [don't leave console, press Enter] bind h use heligun. 
    The H key now readies it (you can choose a different key if you want).
    12.B.b. give mutanthands [don't leave console, press Enter] bind m use 
    mutanthands. The M key now readies the mutant hands (you can choose a 
    different key if you want).
    12.B.c. spawn assaultrifle
    12.B.d. spawn chaingun
    12.B.e. spawn magnum
    12.B.f. spawn pulserifle
    12.B.g. spawn quantumdestabilizer
    12.B.h. spawn rocketlauncher
    12.B.i. spawn shotgun
    12.B.j. spawn sniperrifle
    12.B.k. spawn speargun
    12.B.l. spawn spidermines
    12.C. SECRET WEAPON. give thrallgun [don't leave console, press Enter] bind t 
    use thrallgun. The T key now readies it and toggles between its firing modes 
    (you can choose a different key if you want).
    12.D. AMMO. (Note: Since weapons come with some ammo in them, you are 
    probably better off spawning weapons rather than ammo.)
    12.D.a. spawn 10mm. Box of 40 rounds for the assault rifle and the Magnum 
    12.D.b. spawn bullet10mm. Clip of 10 rounds for the same.
    12.D.c. spawn bullet50mm. Box of 50 rounds for the chain gun.
    12.D.d. spawn bulletpulse. Clip of 40 charges for the pulse rifle and the 
    quantum destabilizer. 
    12.D.e. spawn bulletsniper. Clip of 5 rounds for the sniper rifle.
    12.D.f. spawn plasma. Cartridge of 10 charges for the pulse rifle and the 
    quantum destabilizer.
    12.D.g. spawn rockets. Pack of 10 grenades/rockets for the grenade and rocket 
    12.D.h. spawn shotgunclip. Box of 10 rounds for the shotgun.
    12.D.i. spawn spears. Pack of 5 spears for the spear gun.
    12.E. HEALTH & ARMOR.
    12.E.a. spawn apple
    12.E.b. spawn banana
    12.E.c. spawn cookies
    12.E.d. spawn flakjacket
    12.E.e. spawn flakpants
    12.E.f. spawn health. I-stim.
    12.E.g. spawn health_icecream
    12.E.h. spawn health_milk
    12.E.i. spawn health_pizza
    12.E.j. spawn health_poofs. Cheezy Poofs.
    12.E.k. spawn health_searation. As in 'sea ration.'
    12.E.l. spawn health_u4. Gives you 10 health points, even in your human form. 
    Don't confuse with 'spawn u4sample' (para. 12.F.cc below), which gives you an 
    inventory item, not a power-up.
    12.E.m. spawn largehealth. M-stim.
    12.E.n. spawn megahealth. FB-pack (see para. 8.D above).
    12.E.o. spawn riothelmet
    12.E.p. spawn sandwich
    12.E.q. spawn smallhealth. V-stim.
    12.E.r. spawn soda
    12.F.a. spawn adrenaline
    12.F.b. spawn bluecard. Blue level access card.
    12.F.c. spawn blueprints. SinTek C.P. blueprints.
    12.F.d. spawn candybar
    12.F.e. spawn chemsuit. Biohazard suit.
    12.F.f. spawn cloak. Photon optic displacement device (P.O.D.D.) (see para. 
    9.Z above).
    12.F.g. spawn code. HC computer decoder (see para. 9.Z above).
    12.F.h. spawn coin. Quarter.
    12.F.i. spawn comlink. Communications link.
    12.F.j. spawn decoder. Same as 'spawn code.'
    12.F.k. spawn dollar. Money.
    12.F.l. spawn envelope. Evidence envelope (thick package).
    12.F.m. spawn evidence. Evidence envelope (thin folder).
    12.F.n. spawn glowstick
    12.F.o. spawn greencard. Green level access card.
    12.F.p. spawn hand
    12.F.q. spawn identcard. Identification card.
    12.F.r. spawn keyring. Key.
    12.F.s. spawn moneybag. FCB money bag.
    12.F.t. spawn mutagen. U4 mutagen injector.
    12.F.u. spawn orangecard. Orange level access card.
    12.F.v. spawn passcode. Password.
    12.F.w. spawn pulsepart1. Weapon part #1.
    12.F.x. spawn pulsepart2. Weapon part #2.
    12.F.y. spawn pulsepart3. Weapon part #3.
    12.F.z. spawn reactiveshields
    12.F.aa. spawn scubagear. Rebreather unit.
    12.F.bb. spawn silencer
    12.F.cc. spawn u4sample
    12.F.dd. spawn u4vial. Same as 'spawn mutagen.'
    12.F.ee. spawn yellowcard. Yellow level access card.
    12.G. ENEMIES.
    12.G.a. actor bat. See para. 10.LL above. For comparison, spawn both this 
    kind of bat and the neutral kind (spawned with 'spawn bat').
    12.G.b. actor rat
    12.G.c. spawn bacrodai. Bachrodai.
    12.G.d. spawn bee. Beecadrone. See para. 10.LL above.
    12.G.e. spawn chem. Chemical worker.
    12.G.f. spawn chemfem. Chemical female.
    12.G.g. spawn cworker. Construction worker.
    12.G.h. spawn dark. Dark Captain.
    12.G.i. spawn eon. Eon (the upper part of the E&P).
    12.G.j. spawn eonandpeon
    12.G.k. spawn foreman. Construction foreman.
    12.G.l. spawn foreman_warehouse
    12.G.m. spawn foreman_oilrig
    12.G.n. spawn grunt. Grunt with a Magnum pistol.
    12.G.o. spawn grunt_none weapon N. Substitute a weapon name for N (e.g., 
    spawn grunt_none weapon assaultrifle) to get a grunt with the specified 
    12.G.p. spawn gruntcapt. Grunt captain with no weapon.
    12.G.q. spawn gruntcapt_none weapon N. Substitute a weapon name for N (e.g., 
    spawn gruntcapt_none weapon magnum) to get a grunt captain with the specified 
    12.G.r. spawn guerilla. Guerilla with an assault rifle.
    12.G.s. spawn guerilla_none weapon N. Substitute a weapon name for N (e.g., 
    spawn guerilla_none weapon rocketlauncher) to get a guerilla with the 
    specified weapon. The command 'spawn guerilla_none' will give you an unarmed 
    guerilla wearing a vision-enhancement visor.
    12.G.t. spawn lab. Lab worker.
    12.G.u. spawn mancini
    12.G.v. spawn manumit
    12.G.w. spawn mworker. Metal worker.
    12.G.x. spawn nautic
    12.G.y. spawn oworker. Oilrig worker.
    12.G.z. spawn peon
    12.G.aa. spawn pinphat
    12.G.bb. spawn pl_elexis. Ms. Sinclaire.
    12.G.cc. spawn reconah
    12.G.dd. spawn sarge. Sergeant.
    12.G.ee. spawn scientist
    12.G.ff. spawn sea. Seabonite.
    12.G.gg. spawn sea_capt. Seabonite captain.
    12.G.hh. spawn securton
    12.G.ii. spawn sniper
    12.G.jj. spawn tech_chem. Chemical technician.
    12.G.kk. spawn tech_sintek. SinTek technician.
    12.G.ll. spawn thrall
    12.G.mm. spawn thug. Thug with an assault rifle.
    12.G.nn. spawn thug_none weapon N. Substitute a weapon name for N (e.g., 
    spawn guerilla_none weapon chaingun) to get a guerilla with the specified 
    weapon. The command 'spawn thug_mag' will give you an unmasked thug armed 
    with a Magnum.
    12.G.oo. spawn vultorn
    12.G.pp. spawn vultorn_small
    12.H.a. spawn hcofficer1_none weapon N. Also 'hcofficer2' for a different-
    looking character. Substitute a weapon name for N (e.g., actor 
    hcofficer1_none weapon thrallgun) to get a Hardcorps officer armed with the 
    specified weapon. The command 'spawn hcofficer1_none' will give you an 
    unarmed HC officer.
    12.H.b. spawn bum. Also 'bum2' for a different-looking bum.
    12.H.c. spawn civfemale. Civilian female.
    12.H.d. spawn civmale. Civilian male.
    12.H.e. spawn military1. Also 'military2' (3, 4). One of marine hostages.
    12.H.f. spawn pl_blade. Col. Blade.
    12.H.g. spawn pl_jc. JC.
    12.H.h. spawn tech. Freeport technician.
    12.H.i. spawn tech_freeport. A taller version of the Freeport technician.
    12.H.j. spawn tech_marine. Marine technician.
    12.I. MAPS. Listed in their normal order in the game.
    12.I.a. LEVEL MAPS.
    map training. Headquarters (training level).
    map intro. Over Freeport City Bank (level 1).
    map bank. Freeport City Bank (level 2).
    map abandon. Abandoned Buildings (level 3).
    map csite. Construction Zone (level 4).
    map subway. Abandoned Subway (level 5).
    map chem1. SinTek Chemical Plant: Pt.1 (level 6).
    map chem2. SinTek Chemical Plant: Pt.2 (level 7).
    map whouse1. SinTek Warehouse: Pt.1 (level 8).
    map whouse2. SinTek Warehouse: Pt.2 (level 9).
    map biomecha. Biomech Factory: Pt.1 (level 10).
    map biomechb. Biomech Factory: Pt.2 (level 11).
    map silo. Missile Silo (level 12).
    map sewera. Freeport Sewers: Pt.1 (level 13).
    map aq1. Freeport Aqueducts (level 14).
    map sewerb. Freeport Sewers: Pt.2 (level 15).
    map dam. Freeport City Dam (level 16).
    map wworks1. Freeport Waterworks: Pt.1 (level 17).
    map wworks2. Freeport Waterworks: Pt.2 (level 18).
    map oilrig. SinTek Oilrig (level 19).
    map uwpass1. Underwater Passage: Pt.1 (level 20).
    map uwpass2. Underwater Passage: Pt.2 (level 21).
    map docks1. Hidden Docks: Pt.1 (level 22).
    map geo1. Geothermal Plant: Pt.1 (level 23).
    map geo2. Geothermal Plant: Pt.2 (level 24).
    map docks2. Hidden Docks: Pt.2 (level 25).
    map jungle. Jungle Pass: Pt.1 (level 26).
    map jungle2. Jungle Pass: Pt.2 (level 27).
    map gorge. Mountain Gorge (level 28).
    map area57. Containment Area 57 (level 29).
    map biomass. Biomass Reclamation Center (level 30).
    map xeno1. Xenomorphic Laboratory: Pt.1 (level 31).
    map xeno2. Xenomorphic Laboratory: Pt.2 (level 32).
    map mansion1. Estate Sinclaire: Pt.1 (level 33).
    map mansion2. Estate Sinclaire: Pt.2 (level 34).
    map phoenix. Munt Phoenix (level 35).
    map thrall. Thrall Master (level 36).
    map paradox. Paradox (bonus level; not covered in this walkthrough).
    12.I.b. CINEMATIC MAPS. ('Cinematics' are those cut-scenes that for some 
    reason were not made part of any level map and are stand-alone.)
    map intro_start. Introduction (cinematic 1).
    map csite_cinema. Construction Site (cinematic 2).
    map subway2_cinema. Subway 1 (cinematic 3). Yes, 'subway 2_cinema' precedes 
    map subway_cinema. Subway 2 (cinematic 4).
    map biomech_cinema. Biomech (cinematic 5).
    map silo_cinema. Silo (cinematic 6).
    map oilrig_intro. Oilrig 1 (cinematic 7).
    map oilrig_cinema. Oilrig 2 (cinematic 8).
    map docks_cinema. Docks (cinematic 9).
    map gorge_cinema. Gorge (cinematic 10).
    map ending. End (cinematic 11).
    12.I.c. MOVIE. To play the movie that follows the defeat of the endgame boss, 
    find the file named sinend.avi on the game CD, in setup\data\base\movies.
    12.J. OTHER STUFF. There are plenty more cheat codes for spawning less useful 
    stuff, from pigeons (actor pigeon) to urinals (spawn urinal) to vehicles (for 
    example, spawn atv). Sometimes you get interesting results. If you span a 
    helicopter (spawn lamprey), you can use its Heligun. However, you'll get 
    stuck inside the helicopter. The command 'spawn secrover' gives you a 
    security rover (I haven't been able to find an active one in the game, just 
    some inactive ones on a shelf in level 33, step 5). If you shoot it, JC will 
    reprimand you for shooting a friendly.
    13. LEVEL NAMES. Each level can have up to four different names. To avoid 
    confusion, all of them are given in the level titles below. Whenever a level 
    has more than one name, each one is given, followed either by a full name of 
    the source or by numbers that refer to: (1) the name that appears on the 
    loading screen before and after the level; (2) the one shown on the mission-
    status display (you access it in-game with the Tab key); (3) the one assigned 
    to the level in the Load/Save menu; (4) the one that appears when you bring 
    up the game console (accessed with the ~ key).
    14. FINAL NOTE. This walkthrough was written while playing the single-player 
    game in the Hardcorps difficulty setting. Different results in terms of enemy 
    presence, enemy strength, availability of items, etc. may be obtained when 
    playing in other settings. For the sake of readability and surprise, I don't 
    mention every single enemy you'll encounter, just those I find worth 
    mentioning. Interestingly enough, the patched version of the game not only 
    fixes some bugs but introduces some changes into the game contents. For 
    example, the following was observed in the unpatched version that I attempted 
    to play:
    (i) The sniper position in level 22, step 9, was actually manned by a sniper 
    rather than a grunt captain;
    (ii) There was a pulse rifle near the Manumit in level 23, step 6;
    (iii) There was a computer console on the third floor of the observation dome 
    in level 35. I was able to extend the telescope and change its angle using 
    the console. I was also able to use the telescope as a bridge to get to the 
    slit in the dome, jump down to the ledge circling the dome, and kill the 
    enemies who were waiting outside. However, I don't think that was a 
    legitimate procedure: they were just standing resignedly while I was firing 
    at them. Maybe at some stage in the game development the telescope was 
    designed to block the missile that appears later. But in my experience, as 
    soon as the silo door opened, the telescope retracted.
    (iv) In level 35, step 3, I had to fight a giant Securton rather than a 
    Training level. HEADQUARTERS (main menu of the game), HARDCORPS TRAINING 
    FACILITY (3, 4)
    This is a training level, and it is covered in the 'Hardcorps Training 
    Facility Manual' section of Blade's book (see Introduction, para. 2). One 
    Easter egg: When you enter the sniper-range section and find yourself in a 
    lounge preceding the range itself, a faulty light will go out. A repair bot 
    will roll out and repair it. Find a button on a side of the table with two 
    cans and press it. Watch the robot dance.
    Cinematic 1. INTRODUCTION
    The Hardcorps headquarters receives news of the Freeport City Bank being 
    robbed. You see JC and some HC officers. Blade boards a helicopter to take 
    Primary objectives:
    1. Destroy rocket turrets
    2. Eliminate all enemy forces
    3. Gain entry into the bank
    Secondary objectives:
    4. Minimize Hardcorps casualties
    Secrets: 1
    New enemies: thug
    New weapons: Heligun
    1. Cut-scene: A pigeon is shot by a thug on a roof; your helicopter is seen 
    approaching. The helicopter hovers near the roof with the thugs. You are 
    manning a Heligun. Shoot the thugs, and the chopper will turn about. You 
    receive your first 'Mission Status Updated' message. Press the Tab key to 
    access the mission-status display and learn what your objectives are. To 
    complete OBJECTIVE 4, shoot the stone roof structure at the bank entrance 
    below, causing it to collapse. Check the display again to see how the mission 
    status has changed.
    2. The other objectives are achieved by eliminating three rocket turrets set 
    up by the robbers on rooftops and safely landing the helicopter. As far as 
    the turrets are concerned, disregard the thugs manning them and just keep 
    shooting at the turrets. Inspect the surrounding area, too. There are four 
    billboards on the nearby buildings. Two are of interest. The Elexis Sinclaire 
    billboard can be shot down. However, it may crash through the skylight below, 
    shorting out bank ATMs in the next level and preventing you from finding an 
    Easter egg. The other meaningful billboard says, 'AllyBar: The Taste Should 
    Save You' - take note of that for later.
    3. SECRET: In between eliminating the turrets, destroy three trees in front 
    of the bank, and a guy on a motorcycle will jump out of an upper-story 
    window, crashing against the street pavement below.
    4.A. EXIT ONE. If you have taken out all the turrets (OBJECTIVES 1 and 2 are 
    completed), the helicopter will land on the roof, as JC urged you to. 
    OBJECTIVE 3 gets completed as the chopper lands.
    4.B. EXIT TWO. If the chopper is too badly damaged and provided that Blade 
    survives, it will land in the street. One way of doing that on purpose, while 
    achieving all the objectives and staying alive, would be to eliminate two of 
    the turrets and let one keep firing. When your pilot shouts, 'Controls are 
    not responding,' dispose of the remaining turret quickly (OBJECTIVES 1 and 2 
    will be completed; OBJECTIVE 3 will register as completed on the loading 
    screen of the next level).
    5. Cut-scene: Blade by the helicopter that has landed safely.
    Primary objectives:
    1. Disable hostile threat
    2. Locate security office key
    3. Gain access to security room
    4. Gain access to the vault
    5. Chase Mancini
    Secondary objectives:
    6. Unlock all security doors
    7. Minimize hostage casualties
    Secrets: 2
    New enemies: Mancini
    New friendlies: female (civilian), male (civilian), HC officer
    New weapons: fists, Magnum pistol, assault rifle, shotgun
    New inventory items: key, quarter, money, evidence envelope (folder)
    1. Cut-scene: July 17, 2037 (3:29 pm); Antonio Mancini, the guy behind the 
    bank robbery, barks orders to his goons. You start the level armed with your 
    fists and a Magnum pistol.
    2.A. ENTRY ONE: If you exited the previous level via step 4.A. You start next 
    to ATMs. If you didn't shoot down the Elexis billboard in step 2 of the 
    previous level, you can do it now; look up through the skylight. (I don't 
    think it can crash through the skylight here; bit if it does, it will short 
    out the ATMs and prevent you from finding an Easter egg later.) Proceed to 
    the next hall and go up the escalator.
    2.B. ENTRY TWO: If you exited the previous level via step 4.B. You start in 
    the outdoor area where your colleagues are ambushed, described in step 11 
    below. After you save them, don't enter the bank there; proceed to the other 
    bank entrance not far away. Kill the thugs there and pick up an assault 
    rifle. Exit through the double door on the first floor. Proceed until you 
    reach the escalator area.
    3. When fighting the thugs here, make sure two thugs have come in from behind 
    the door next to the directory display. (If they don't, they will kill a 
    hostage in the next step. I think they will only come out if you kill a thug 
    downstairs.) Go through that door.
    4. A civilian female held hostage will come running towards you. After you 
    kill the thug chasing her, approach the hostage and 'release' her by pressing 
    the Use key. Go through the next door, and you'll hear another hostage in the 
    next room, where you'll also find a riot helmet and a key (OBJECTIVE 2 is 
    completed). The key goes into your inventory, so press the F11 key to see 
    your first inventory item. Before releasing the hostage, you may try the sick 
    trick described in the Introduction, para. 11.B. Return to the hall with the 
    escalators. You should be able to procure an assault rifle from a masked thug 
    you'll kill.
    5. Don't go downstairs; cross the floor diagonally and exit through the 
    archway in the corner. In the hall with a fountain, you'll see Mancini on the 
    right, behind the teller counter. He'll drop a security screen and order his 
    troops to kill you. Don't bother shooting at Mancini: he cannot be killed 
    here. After you squelch the resistance, JC will be able to open the security 
    screen. Pick up a quarter in the fountain. Jump over the counter into the 
    teller area. Open the right drawer and pick up some loose dollars.
    6. Go through the unlocked door in the teller area. Straight ahead, you'll 
    see the vault area and Mancini, who'll disappear behind the vault door. Don't 
    go there: the area is guarded by gun turrets. Instead, go through the door on 
    your left, marked 'Employees Only' (that's the security office for which 
    you've found the key). Again, avoid shooting any hostages and be sure to 
    release them. Go upstairs. You don't have the key for the keypad lock, so 
    shoot the glass and jump onto the railing and through the window. Kill the 
    thug and take his shotgun. Note the sign on the board that says, 'Save your 
    quarters, it pays.'
    7. When you enter the next room, OBJECTIVE 3 will be completed. Check the 
    security-camera monitor opposite the entrance to observe some of the areas 
    you've covered or have yet to find. Approach the computer console. Select 
    'Security Doors' (press Enter), then 'Unlock Security Doors' (Enter again). 
    OBJECTIVE 6 is completed, which means that all keypad doors are unlocked. 
    Return to the main menu, select 'Vault Security,' then 'Set Low Vault 
    Security,' and press Enter. Read the note about entering an incorrect code. 
    Select 'Current Vault Security' and memorize the numbers for the vault-lock 
    settings, which are randomly generated by the game. Back in the main menu, 
    select 'Command Prompt' and type these DOS commands: dir (press Enter), cd 
    data (Enter), dir (Enter). A list of password files will appear. The long way 
    would be to write down all the account numbers and PINs (accessible by 
    typing: type fcbsec01.pwd (Enter), etc.; the sequence of numbers after $ is 
    an account number, and the one after @ is a PIN) and then try them at one of 
    the ATMs. However, the only two meaningful accounts are listed in the 
    fcbsec01.pwd file, and they are Elexis Sinclaire's (account # 010333, PIN 
    6969) and Colonel Blade's (account # 010345, PIN 2019). Blade the Bright 
    chose as his PIN the year when the bank was constructed, which is carved in 
    stone near one of the bank entrances.
    8. When you are through with the computer, check the cabinet in the corner 
    for a full set of armor, an M-stim, and another shotgun. Release the hostage 
    in the second room you'll visit after this one. SECRET: Press the portrait in 
    that room. Open the safe to discover two boxes of a Quake mission-pack.
    9. Return to the hall with the escalators and go to the ATM area. Wire money 
    from Sinclaire's account to Blade's, using their account numbers and PINs you 
    found in step 7. When you pass by the escalators again, you can turn them off 
    by pressing the button at their base on the first floor. You can also use one 
    of the phones there, now that you have a quarter. Better not to squander it, 
    though (remember the note in step 6?). Save the game first, make the call, 
    then return to the saved game. The messages you'll hear are different on each 
    phone, but since you have only one coin, you can only make one call at a 
    10. Open the door to the right of the phones, go through the hall with a 
    broken ceiling, and open another door. Go upstairs and through the door on 
    the second floor. Open the keypad door next, and release the hostages. 
    OBJECTIVE 7 will shortly register as completed unless you forgot to release 
    some previous hostages.
    11. Leave the room, go downstairs and outside. Find another entrance to the 
    bank. You'll discover your colleagues, HC officers, fighting with robbers 
    there. (If you got to this level via Entry Two, you've already covered this 
    area and it should be clear now.) Your goal should be to keep your two 
    Hardcorps buddies alive. Ever appreciative, they'll leave you on your own. Go 
    inside, upstairs, and back to the hall with the fountain. Open the keypad 
    door to the right of the teller counter. In the vault area, set (i.e., press 
    the Use key to turn) the locks to the combination you learned in step 7. If 
    you make a mistake, the gun turrets will re-activate. Open the vault door to 
    complete OBJECTIVE 4.
    12. When you enter, you catch a glimpse of Mancini (who then disappears at 
    some point into the hole in the floor). SECRET: With the first glass door 
    open into the security-deposit room, jump onto its handle, then the door 
    itself, then the top of the safety-deposit boxes. Pick up the M-stim. In the 
    second vault room, check one of the corners for a deposit box with a chipped 
    edge. Take the folder from the box, and it'll go into your inventory as 
    'Evidence envelope.' (After you exit, the screen introducing the next level 
    will now say that the empty folder bears the name 'Dr. Thrall Sinclaire' and 
    that Mancini was probably after it. If you don't take the folder, it won't be 
    mentioned on the screen.) At this point, you may decide to revisit some of 
    the earlier areas if you have left any useful stuff behind - a good idea for 
    most of the game levels. In any case, when you are done, jump into the hole 
    in the vault area. OBJECTIVES 1 and 5 will register as completed on the 
    loading screen.
    Primary objectives:
    1. Pursue Mancini
    2. Eliminate hostile forces
    Secondary objectives:
    3. Recover stolen money bags
    Secrets: 2
    New enemies: rat
    New friendlies: bum
    New inventory items: FCB money bag, glowstick
    1. Follow the tunnel. When you make your first left turn, one of the two 
    thugs around the corner will start shooting at a switch box to kill the 
    lights, sometimes getting himself killed by an exploding gas cylinder. You 
    may prevent him from doing that if you take care of him quickly. This is just 
    for exploration purposes; the rest of the game is not affected in either 
    2. In the next room, Mancini will drop a time bomb and barricade all the 
    exits. You can't disarm the bomb; you escape by pushing a loose block in the 
    damaged part of the wall and climbing out upstairs. (You can go back after 
    the explosion if you break the boards blocking the trapdoor. There's a can of 
    soda worth 2 health points in the basement, if you haven't picked it up 
    already.) It's time to start breaking wooden crates. There are some by the 
    staircase. Start collecting money bags, too: that's your objective 3, and 
    there are two of them in this very room.
    3. When you go up the staircase, you may catch a glimpse of Mancini and a 
    female hostage. A barricade will be created. Jump down to the ground. Don't 
    forget to shoot the rats (they gnaw). Proceed to the opposite side of the 
    ground level. Be a good Samaritan and alert the bum near the gas leak to the 
    danger (approach him and press the Use key). There's also a truck nearby with 
    some money bags.
    4. Walk back, make a right after the dumpster, and enter the building. Turn 
    left and, standing in the archway, shoot the damaged wooden support to 
    collapse the barricade and get rid of the annoying squeaking noise. Turn 
    around and walk up one staircase. Don't go up another staircase; walk past 
    it, make a right, and go down. SECRET: Crawl through the hole in the dark 
    corner to reach a bums' hideout. Collect some ammo, food, and glowsticks. You 
    can talk to the bums, by the way. Approach and hit the Use key to receive 
    some bum wisdom.
    5. Get out, find a large beam leading up to a hole in the roof. From the 
    rooftop, jump down into the dumpster to collect the money bags stashed there. 
    Return to the roof and drop through another hole onto the remains of the 
    wooden walkway. (You can reach the same walkway by using the passage cleared 
    by the gas explosion in step 3, but you'll take a lot of damage from the 
    fire.) Soon you'll see Mancini with the hostage again. The up staircase will 
    collapse. If you fall, use the beam to climb back up. Make a jump to the 
    other side.
    6. Crawl out the window and use the ladder to get to the ground. In one of 
    the corners on the street level, you'll see a hole in the wall and a bum 
    standing by the fire. Crawl in and shoot the damaged part of the wall. An 
    explosion will clear a passage into a small room. SECRET: Get in and turn the 
    valve by pressing the Use key. This will flood an elevator in the next level, 
    which will allow you to reach a secret area.
    7. Get out and back to the ladder, climb it, and jump onto the opposite 
    ledge. Follow it to an unboarded window. (There are thugs and rats lurking 
    inside, and some floors and beams are waiting to collapse, so be careful. If 
    you fall at any point, look around for a ladder or a beam to get back up.) 
    From the entry point, make several tricky jumps using the remains of the 
    beams to reach the opposite side. Walk over the intact beam, use the 
    protruding bricks to get as high up as you can, and jump onto what's left of 
    a ladder. Get up and proceed to the opposite side once again, until you see 
    another unboarded window.
    8. Follow the outside ledge to a third unboarded window, but don't go inside 
    yet. Use the board on your left to return to the building from which you 
    entered this area and collect the money bags. Resume your journey to the last 
    building, which you are entering on its fourth level.
    9. Kill the thug standing on the third level and jump down there. There are 
    two more thugs waiting below, on the second level. The only way to reach it 
    is through the collapsing floor and onto a small beam, and the thugs will be 
    able to shoot you point-blank. So it's a good idea to find a vantage point to 
    kill or at least damage them before you drop there. When you are done with 
    them and if you are still on the third level, move left. You'll see some 
    money bags on the second level. Get them (if you have 14 bags by now, this 
    should complete OBJECTIVE 3), then jump to the ground floor, use the ladder 
    to get back to the fourth level, and proceed to the spot where the last two 
    thugs were standing. The exit is next to that spot. OBJECTIVES 1 and 2 will 
    register as completed on the closing screen.
    Cinematic 2. CONSTRUCTION SITE
    Elexis Sinclaire berates Mancini for incompetence: he went for an all-out 
    robbery whereas his only task was to steal the folder in level 2, step 12. 
    Elexis strikes Mancini with something, and he starts writhing with pain.
    Primary objectives:
    1. Continue chasing Mancini
    2. Eliminate hostile forces
    Secondary objectives:
    3. Find incriminating evidence
    4. Rescue remaining hostages
    Secrets: 4
    New enemies: worker (construction), foreman (construction)
    New inventory items: SinTek C.P. blueprints
    1. When you turn left after the first dumpster, look for a quarter behind the 
    trash cans between the second dumpster and the bum. You can either jump over 
    a trashcan or destroy one to reach it. Get on the second dumpster, close its 
    lid, and climb the ladder. As soon as you reach the second level of the fire 
    escape, look at the dark building in front of you. There is a slightly 
    recessed window there, on a lower floor. SECRET: Get on the railing, do a 
    Save, and jump to that window. You may need several tries to succeed. You'll 
    get more damage than the goodies in the secret area are worth, but you'll 
    cover the secret and that, I think, is important.
    2. Return to the point where you jumped down. As soon as you start on the 
    ladder leading to the roof, Mancini will make a leap above you, escaping to 
    the opposite rooftop. Get up on the roof and release the hostage cowering in 
    the corner. Jump after Mancini (just do a Save first). SECRET: Destroy the 
    large ventilation unit and go down the ladder to reach a room with some soft 
    porn, food in the fridge and cupboards, as well as ammo and glowsticks on the 
    desk and under the sink.
    3. Return to the rooftop and continue until you see a construction site 
    below. You may want to try and kill as many enemies as you can from above. 
    You won't be able to use the portable toilet when you reach the street level: 
    it's permanently occupied. Enter the prefab through the door marked 'Keep 
    Out.' Don't kill the foreman, or you'll fail objective 3. Take the key from 
    the desk, then approach him, and start up a dialog by pressing the Use key. 
    Cut-scene: The foreman begs for his life and gives Blade some blueprints. 
    OBJECTIVE 3 gets completed.
    4. Step out, get up on the crane, and activate it by pressing the Use key. 
    The crane will turn, knocking down some girders. Use them to reach the fire 
    escape. SECRET: There is another slightly recessed window there through which 
    you can get inside. When you step out again, shoot the barrels in the fenced 
    area below, then either jump down there, or climb back down and open the door 
    in the chain-link fence (you have the key now). Enter the building through 
    the newly created hole. There's a generator downstairs, and you can push the 
    lever switch there to light a part of the path ahead. Jump over some boxes 
    and look for the next lit area.
    5. Open the doors, but don't jump down yet. Look up and shoot the girder 
    hanging above. It will fall and break a water pipe open. The area will be 
    flooded. There are two thugs outside. They will drown but, apparently, not 
    before they notice you, so you may need to reveal yourself and maybe shoot at 
    each of them once or twice for them to actually die. When they die (you 
    should hear them gurgling), you can swim towards the pipe on the other side 
    of the pit. Get inside the pipe and search for an exit, using glowsticks if 
    6. When you see the exit, don't go outside immediately. Mancini has prepared 
    a trap: a half-pipe will be dropped into the pit. Step out and back quickly. 
    The half-pipe will miss you and may kill one or both of the thugs waiting for 
    you on the left. You can also try to kill one of the construction workers 
    while you are still in the pipe. When you emerge from it, search for yet 
    another quarter in the unpaved section of the street.
    7. Note: There are two alternative exits from this level. In order not to 
    leave any areas uncovered, I suggest you find the primary exit, then find the 
    other one, then go back to the primary exit and use it. The reason for such a 
    diversion is to maximize the use of available health reserves while killing 
    as many enemies as possible.
    8. Shoot the gas cylinders through the hole in the fence. Go through the hole 
    and turn left. The door on the other end is locked, so go into the water and 
    swim. (If you didn't open the valve in step 6 of the previous level, this pit 
    won't be filled with water and you can crawl in and then walk.) When you 
    surface on the other side, there will be thugs waiting. Be prepared to loose 
    30-40 health points in the shootout. (If you don't have nearly enough health, 
    consider skipping steps 8-9 and using Exit Two.)
    9. Release the hostage, and OBJECTIVE 4 will shortly register as completed. 
    Go up the staircase. SECRET: There's an elevator shaft on your left, filled 
    with water. (Again, if you didn't open the valve in the previous level, there 
    will be no water in the shaft and you'll die if you jump there.) There are 
    two M-stims in an area below, and you can swim there to collect them - now or 
    later, just one at a time or both at once. Get out of the elevator shaft and 
    step out into the open. There is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) parked nearby. 
    Hop on (approach it and hit the Use key) and drive, using the board ramps. 
    Try to run over the thugs but avoid mutilating them too badly, or there will 
    be no bodies left to collect trophies from. Mancini will escape through a 
    subway entrance.
    10. Return to the area at the start of step 8. Get on the bulldozer. Smash a 
    hole in the brick wall ahead. Get off and go inside. Proceed across the 
    collapsing floor to another hole in the wall.
    11.A. EXIT ONE. You can get closer to the exit at the end of the wooden 
    platform for inspection (you should be able to climb back). However, for the 
    sake of covering more territory, I suggest you return to the subway entrance 
    at the end of step 9 and exit the level there.
    11.B. EXIT TWO. If you use the exit at the end of the wooden platform with 
    the collapsing floor, you'll avoid one of the encounters with a monster in 
    the next level. However, a section of the next level will be inaccessible. If 
    you skipped steps 8-9 and, therefore, did not rescue the hostage there, 
    OBJECTIVE 4 will be failed.
    12. OBJECTIVES 1 and 2 will register as completed on the closing screen.
    Cinematic 3. SUBWAY 1
    Mancini transforms into a monster mutant, Manumit, apparently as a result of 
    his encounter with Elexis Sinclaire in cinematic 2.
    Primary objectives:
    1. Pursue and capture Mancini
    2. Eliminate remaining enemy forces
    3. Stop mutant creature
    Secondary objectives:
    4. Minimize civilian casualties
    5. Recover stolen money
    Secrets: 1
    New enemies: Manumit
    1. Before you actually start, there are some things to keep in mind 
    throughout the level: don't accidentally kill any bums; look out for rats; 
    keep collecting money bags (not all of their locations are mentioned in the 
    following walkthrough); thugs are numerous and tough, so conserve your 
    health. Also, when you are not fighting the Manumit, stick to the assault 
    rifle. After this level, a new chapter starts and a new arsenal will be 
    issued to you. So there's no point in conserving your ammo here - except for 
    shotgun shells, which you need to fight the monster.
    2.A. ENTRY ONE: From step 11.A of the previous level.
    2.A.a. Go downstairs and proceed to a larger area, with subway signs. Grab 
    the money bag sitting at the top of the staircase next to the entrance. Keep 
    away from the area behind the staircase for now. There's a battle coming, so 
    clear the floor of as many barrels and rats as possible without killing the 
    bum. Then switch to the shotgun, the most powerful weapon you possess by now. 
    When you step into the area behind the staircase, a monster will break 
    through the ceiling and drop down. It's Mancini the Manumit. Fight him while 
    running up, down and between the staircases, keeping a safe distance between 
    yourself and the monster. After a while, he'll smash a hole in the boarding 
    and run away. Follow him.
    2.A.b. A piece of machinery falls from an upper level in the next hall when 
    Mancini jumps up through the ceiling. Open the door on your left. Explore the 
    area where you would have started if you had used Entry Two, then return to 
    this hall.
    2.B. ENTRY TWO: From step 11.B of the previous level. You start in the area 
    just mentioned in step 2.A.b. Proceed to the hall, where will be no hole in 
    the ceiling and no machine on the floor. The area described in step 2.A.a is 
    on your right, but it's boarded and unreachable.
    3. Proceed to the next hall, with turnstiles and escalators. Get to the lower 
    level. There will be a forceful entry from the other side of the boarding at 
    some point. Don't forget to check the restrooms for thugs and money bags. 
    Then go through the newly created hole and follow the corridor into a room 
    with no other exit.
    4. In a few seconds, you'll be trapped inside with the Manumit. Again, your 
    best tactic is to use your shotgun and keep moving; and again, you won't be 
    able to kill the creature. He'll run away after taking some damage.
    5. Go through the hole he's made in the wall and then through an open 
    trapdoor. Go deeper underground, and you'll discover abandoned subway tracks. 
    Exit through the door on the opposite end.
    6. You'll emerge at an abandoned subway station, where you'll find a subway 
    car (check the inside) and a second set of escalators. When you pick up the 
    money bags by the these escalators, OBJECTIVE 5 should be completed (if 
    you've picked up all the other money bags; there should be 24, counting the 
    ones from the previous level). Go up the escalator and head straight through 
    the corridor until you see a third set of escalators.
    7. Go upstairs again. Proceed to the wall behind the bum. SECRET: Break the 
    crack in the wall and get inside to observe a harmless monster. When you get 
    out, you can salvage a quarter from the broken phone behind the bum and waste 
    it (or do a Save first, if you are thrifty) on a call from the working phone 
    next to the broken one.
    8. Go down the escalator, turn right, and follow a fourth set of escalators 
    down. Ready the shotgun and get inside the subway car. OBJECTIVE 2 is 
    completed. The car will start moving. Soon, the persistent Manumit is going 
    to make his signature entrance again. Fight him employing the previous 
    tactic. This is, perhaps, the toughest battle of the game because you have 
    almost no room to maneuver. After taking some damage, the Manumit will jump 
    up and away. (The weirdest thing happened once when I was at this point in 
    the game. The Manumit hit me near the hole in the ceiling of the car, sending 
    me flying outside. I was able to see the moving car from the outside, and I 
    was being moved along with it. I couldn't shoot the Manumit because the car 
    windows are unbreakable, and the monster remained inside. The moving car was 
    not getting anywhere, so I was basically stuck.)
    9. The car will eventually stop, and you are going to have to fight the 
    Manumit one last time, on the platform and escalators. Normally, he would 
    chase you and throw things at you, but sometimes he would get stuck on the 
    subway tracks. Keep shooting until he's dead. OBJECTIVES 1, 3 and 4 register 
    as completed on the loading screen.
    Cinematic 4. SUBWAY 2
    Hardcorps personnel examine the body. At the Hardcorps headquarters, JC 
    reports to Blade that the Manumit is actually Mancini (we have known that 
    since cinematic 3), turned into a monster by a souped-up version of the drug 
    Level 6. SINTEK CHEMICAL PLANT (1/opening screen, 2), SINTEK CHEMICAL PLANT: 
    PART 1 (1/closing screen), SINTEK CHEMICAL LAB (3), SINTEK CHEMICAL 
    Primary objectives:
    1. Disable secretary watching the security cameras
    2. Steal a security access card
    3. Obtain entry to lower level
    Secondary objectives:
    4. Remain undetected
    Secrets: none (?)
    New enemies: female (chemical), technician (chemical), grunt
    New inventory items: communications link, silencer, candy bar, biohazard 
    suit, yellow level access card, weapon part (see Introduction, para. 9.X)
    1. Cut-scene: July 21, 2037 (4:57 pm); you observe different areas of the 
    chemical plant; JC implores you to use stealth. The thing is, if any employee 
    sees you, he/she will sound the alarm. Your mission will be terminated by 
    activated gun turrets and security bots. You arrive armed only with your 
    fists and a Magnum pistol. You will also have a communications link in your 
    2. In the cut-scene, a secretary was walking out of her office. If you head 
    straight inside the plant immediately upon arrival, she may not have returned 
    yet, so skip to step 3. If you prefer to look around and compose yourself 
    first, you can do that too. Walk along the wall from the starting point. Turn 
    right and crawl forward just enough for the sliding doors to open. If you 
    just peek inside, you should remain unnoticed. If you see anybody in the 
    office directly in front, retreat and wait until you hear the sound of 
    another door sliding open. A babe in white will emerge. That's the secretary 
    (chemical female, officially). It is possible to shoot her from where you 
    stand, without activating the alarm, but more often than not this trick won't 
    work. To be on the safe side, wait for her to disappear around the corner.
    3. Run towards the 'Elexis Sinclaire Speaks' poster. Wait there for the 
    secretary to return, and pacify her quickly with your fists. OBJECTIVE 1 is 
    completed. Check the security-camera monitor in the fallen secretary's office 
    and make sure you observe a grunt (new enemy) retreat to his station. 
    Alternatively, you may step into the corridor and move slowly until the grunt 
    (same one) on the opposite end walks away. From this point, you can follow 
    one of three approaches.
    4.A. APPROACH ONE: Kill-Them-All approach.
    4.A.a. Crawl up to the window on your right, stand up, and start shooting the 
    chemical technicians working for SinTek. The best tactic here and in the 
    other labs is to concentrate first on the one who'll dash towards the alarm 
    switch and kill the others next. Ignore the labs themselves, there's nothing 
    valuable in them.
    4.A.b. Continue straight until you reach the end of the corridor. Make a 
    right turn and enter the security office. You'll pick up a silencer (for your 
    Magnum and assault rifle) from one of the grunts you'll kill. When you are on 
    the second floor, break the glass window and jump onto the rotating fan. 
    Position yourself comfortably so that you are not rotating with the fan. 
    Shoot the air-duct grating and jump into the duct. It's hard but possible (I 
    am not sure, but maybe you have to crouch after jumping or use some variation 
    of the maneuver described in the Introduction, para. 4.I). If you get 
    frustrated, there's always the 'noclip' cheat. (The drawback of using that 
    cheat is that you can't undo the cheat once in tight areas or you'll be 
    stuck. You'll have to continue in the noclip mode until you find a place 
    where you can straighten up, and undo the cheat there - in this case, in the 
    fan area in the next step.)
    4.A.c. Once inside the duct, go straight, then make a right (there'll be a 
    grating on your left), two lefts, and two rights. On this last stretch of the 
    duct, listen for the sound of machinery. On the left side, there'll be a 
    branch of the duct that slopes up. (If you miss it, you'll hit the end of the 
    duct, with another covered opening into the building. Just make several steps 
    back.) Go there and break the grating. Get outside, open the fuse box and 
    shoot it. You'll see the fan below stop. Now you won't have to worry about it 
    in the next level.
    4.A.d. Go back into the duct and turn left. Break the grating at the end of 
    the duct and drop down. Turn so that you could see a window on your right, 
    with the structure housing the fan you've just shorted out. The lab where you 
    killed some lab personnel is straight ahead. Two more techs will come out 
    running. Kill them. Don't bother to run; they will stop at the security 
    office and remain there cowering.
    4.A.e. Return to the point where you dropped from the air duct. Turn right, 
    into an area with a vending machine. 'Use' the machine three times. (If you 
    bring up the inventory menu, select the quarters, and exit the menu, you'll 
    see three of the quarters disappear from wherever they are displayed on the 
    main screen.) A candy bar will be added to your inventory. It's the AllyBar 
    advertised in level 1, step 2.
    4.A.f. Open the door to the left of the vending machine, step inside, and go 
    right. Take the biohazard suit (basically, a yellow SinTek uniform) from one 
    of the lockers. It'll allow you to enter the next level unnoticed. Proceed to 
    the next door and open it. Kill the SinTek employee there and confiscate his 
    yellow access card. OBJECTIVE 2 is completed (sometimes - not always - an 
    extra yellow card can be found in the same locker as the biohazard suit). Go 
    across the room into the shower. Break the cracked part of the floor. If you 
    go down there, you'll see a security office below (you'll get there in the 
    next level). Some walkthroughs say that if you turn on the shower now, the 
    leak will short out the security computer there. I haven't been able to 
    achieve that effect. Everything would work the same with the shower on or 
    off. Anyway, this will only matter if you are sloppy enough to attract 
    unwanted attention at the start of the next level, making it necessary to 
    deactivate the alarm quickly.
    4.A.g. Return to the vending-machine area. Proceed to the corridor and go 
    left, towards the first lab. Make two lefts there and a right. You should see 
    an elevator, which will take you to the next level. You have the access card 
    for it, but don't leave yet. Crawl past the elevator towards another lab. Do 
    a Save. One way to clear this lab would be to position yourself just to the 
    left of the window divider closest to the point you've crawled from, 
    straighten up there, and start shooting. Again, first go for the employee who 
    will try to hit the alarm switch.
    4.A.h. Make a right turn after that lab, then go left. You should see an 
    alarm switch on the wall through the window ahead. Crawl around the corner. 
    Step inside undetected, block the alarm and kill the techs. No whistleblowers 
    are left. Leave the lab.
    4.A.i. There's one last room nearby. It's taped because it is filled with 
    some noxious substance that's quite lethal. There's an inventory item here, 
    described in the Introduction, para. 9.X. Two approaches are possible here:
    (i) Tear the tape and make a jump for the desk. You'll lose a lot of health 
    in the process. Carefully walk up to the edge of the desk towards the shelves 
    and press the Use key to pick up the object stored there. JC will tell you 
    it's a part of some weapon system.
    (ii) Instead of jumping, walk up to the window into the same room. After some 
    practice, you should be able to get inside (and outside again) by using the 
    maneuver described in the Introduction, para. 4.I. Getting out of the room in 
    the same manner is more difficult (I keep sliding off the desk), but if you 
    decide to make a jump for the door instead, be prepared to loose some health.
    4.A.j. When you are done, go back towards the lab you've just cleared. Make a 
    right, then left, two rights, and two lefts.
    4.B. APPROACH TWO: Stealth approach, recommended by JC.
    4.B.a. The basic difference from Approach One is that you don't shoot the 
    techs who are inside the labs. You crawl past the first lab and continue into 
    the security office. Follow steps 4.A.b and 4.A.c. Then return into the duct 
    and follow it back to the security office. Get out into the corridor, turn 
    right, left, crawl straight past the first lab, make a right opposite it and 
    then another right. Stand up and walk into the vending-machine area. Kill the 
    techs there, then follow step 4.A.e. Don't return to the vending machine - 
    use the other door.
    4.B.b. Make a left, two rights. You are at the window into the room described 
    in step 4.A.i. I think only option (ii) is viable here; with option (i) you 
    are too visible to the techs in the nearby lab. When you've retrieved the 
    weapon part, get out, go left, make two more left turns, start crawling, make 
    a right. Proceed past the lab on your left.
    4.C. APPROACH THREE: Minimal-Kill approach. (You don't get to collect the 
    candy bar or the silencer, and you don't turn off the fan for your next 
    level. And this approach is only possible if there is a yellow access card in 
    one of the lockers next to the shower. It's not always there, as I found out 
    after playing the game several times.) Crawl along the first lab and take the 
    first left turn. Crawl straight until you see the elevator door on your 
    right. Move towards it, turn left (you'll see the second lab), left again, 
    and open the recessed door on the left. You are in the locker room adjacent 
    to the shower (see step 4.A.f above). Take the yellow access card and the 
    biohazard suit from one of the lockers. Go out the same door through which 
    you came in. Make a left, two rights; you are at the weapon room from step 
    4.A.i. When you get out of that room, make two lefts and a right. Crawl past 
    the lab and turn left.
    5. Press the access-card slot that says 'Locked.' Step into the elevator that 
    will arrive, and press the button to exit the level. OBJECTIVES 3 and 4 will 
    register as completed on the closing screen.
    Primary objectives:
    1. Get into security area
    2. Find way into high security
    3. Find a sample of U4
    4. Find bioscanner
    5. Escape from chem plant
    Secondary objectives:
    6. Avoid security
    Secrets: none (?)
    New enemies: worker (chemical), scientist, grunt captain, Securton
    New inventory items: identification card, adrenaline, blue level access card, 
    U4 sample, weapon part (see Introduction, para. 9.X)
    1.A. ENTRY ONE: If didn't take the yellow biohazard suit in the previous 
    level or if you failed objective 4 of the previous level. The area where you 
    start is swarming with SinTekkers. OBJECTIVE 6 is failed right away. Your 
    goal is to deactivate the alarm quickly. Either follow step 1.B.b below, or 
    go for broke and head for the door to the left of the enclosed area opposite 
    the elevator. Go through the first door on the right and run downstairs.
    1.B. ENTRY TWO: If you did pick up the yellow suit.
    1.B.a. Cut-scene: Blade dressed as a chemical technician. When you arrive, 
    nobody will notice you right away. There should only be a grunt and a 
    secretary inside the enclosed area near the entrance. Wait for the grunt to 
    leave, and beat the secretary to death after she sits down. Kill the grunt 
    when he returns. You'll reacquire a shotgun. There is a computer terminal 
    here, but disregard it for now. Take the apple from the desk instead.
    1.B.b. Look for an air-duct grating inside the enclosed area. Break it and 
    get into the duct. Very soon, you'll come across an opening into the security 
    office mentioned in step 4.A.f of the previous level. Peeking through the 
    grating, check if there is a grunt on the upper level and wait for him to go 
    downstairs. Shoot the grating and kill the grunts, while preventing them from 
    reaching the alarm switch on the upper level.
    2. There is a computer console on the lower level. If the alarm has been 
    activated, you should deactivate it by selecting the appropriate option on 
    the computer screen. If not, ignore the computer. Pick up any stuff lying 
    around, including the I-stims in the first-aid cabinet and the glowsticks 
    reachable through a narrow passage under the staircase. Enter an adjacent 
    room through the double door. Kill the grunt. There is a passage with a 
    laser-beam barrier on your left. The hatch should be open, unless the alarm 
    has been activated at some point. Don't go inside, or the hatches on both 
    sides will close and the passage will fill with deadly gas. Return to the 
    security office, go upstairs, and open the double-door.
    3. There are three labs nearby. If the alarm has been activated, this area 
    should be clear by now. If not, kill the technicians working there, making 
    sure they don't trigger the alarm. The lab to the left of the alarm switch is 
    the only one with useful stuff in it: an I-stim and some glowsticks. Go 
    through the other double door in this corridor to return to the area with the 
    elevator you arrived in.
    4. Crawl into the air duct again. Don't crawl out the nearest opening this 
    time; proceed to the first left turn and take it. Go straight, then right. As 
    soon as you pass the second grating, turn around and shoot the grunts below. 
    Resume your quest, turn right, go straight, climb the ladder, and turn right. 
    Break the first grating on your right.
    5. Two options here:
    (i) If you destroyed the fuse box in step 4.A.c of the previous level, the 
    fan in the room behind the grating is not working and you can proceed.
    (ii) If you didn't, you'll need to return to the computer at the start of the 
    level, inside the enclosed area. Just go straight through the duct then. On 
    the computer, select 'Ventilation System' and read the 'Description' section. 
    Then go one step back, select 'Fan Test Sequence,' and press Enter. The fan 
    system will get powered down for 30 seconds. Quickly, get into the air duct 
    and go straight to the fan room. If you are not fast enough, the fan will 
    resume rotation and you'll have to return to the computer to run the test 
    sequence again.
    6. In the fan room, jump into the shaft. Crawl under the next fan to complete 
    OBJECTIVE 1. Proceed to another fan, on the left. Follow JC's advice and 
    shoot it. Get out, open the double door on your left, and kill the grunt. 
    Turn around and go back to the larger room, where you should find an alarm 
    switch and some pizza next to it. Open the double door opposite the alarm 
    switch and kill the grunts, thus reacquiring an assault rifle. You shouldn't 
    yet enter the gas chamber they were guarding, and the other double door 
    requires a blue access card. Return to the alarm switch and exit through the 
    double door to the left of it. There's an I-stim in one of the labs. Go down 
    the sloping passage and out the double door.
    7. Cross the bridge spanning a huge, two-level open area with a mixer and 
    some pipes. Proceed to the next hall, with a towering structure in the 
    center. Again, there's an alarm switch there - prevent anyone from using it. 
    Apart from overt resistance, check for possible enemy presence in the 
    adjacent labs, 1 and 2.
    8. Proceed through the corridor to the next hall. As soon as you enter the 
    hall, you'll see a SinTek scientist, in a white smock, on the upper level. JC 
    will say that the guy might have an ID necessary to get into a 'high-security 
    area.' Quickly, turn back and run to the first room you entered after you 
    emerged from the fan system. Try not to get stalled by the enemies you'll 
    encounter on the way. JC will yell that the scientist is somewhere above you. 
    Don't pay attention to that, just move on. At some point, the alarm will be 
    activated and OBJECTIVE 6 will register as failed. (Achieving objective 6 of 
    this level is probably impossible. You may see the scientist as early as at 
    the start of the level, but he can only be killed after JC identifies him as 
    ID carrier and at that point he's out of your reach.) When you reach your 
    destination, the scientist will appear, flanked by armed goons (one of them 
    should be a grunt captain, your new enemy), in the doorway opposite the alarm 
    switch and to the right of the glass-shielded room. Frisk the scientist's 
    body for the identification card, take it, and OBJECTIVE 2 is completed.
    9. Now you can go through the chamber with laser beams. Enter and 'use' the 
    access terminal on your left. The laser beams will disappear. Go through the 
    passage and repeat the procedure on the other end. Exit, and objective 2 will 
    sometimes re-register as completed. Proceed right, to the bridge in the open 
    area. Lab 3 contains V-stims, whereas lab 4 contains an adrenaline pack (it 
    goes into your inventory) and the blue access card.
    10. Open the door on the other side of the bridge, leading to another 
    security office. Use the computer console to deactivate the alarm. (You can 
    turn off the alarm sound by pressing any switch that has not been activated 
    yet. However, in my experience, it can mess things up: the sound does indeed 
    go away, but the computer will show the alarms as activated.) Take the ammo 
    from the desk and the I-stims packs from the first-aid cabinet.
    11. Leave the room through the other door. There's a working computer in lab 
    6, with a greeting for a Mr. Skander (I think he is the card-carrying 
    scientist). Go back to the security office and use the computer there to 
    search the password database. Mr. Skander's password will turn out to be: 
    wellofsouls. Return to lab 6 and enter the password. Select 'U4 Storage' and 
    'Open,' then select 'Lift Control' and 'Activate.'
    12. Go through the door directly opposite lab 6. Press the OK button. Enter 
    the cold-storage room and take the U4 vials. OBJECTIVE 3 is completed. JC 
    will inform you that you need to find a bioscanner so that he could retrieve 
    data on U4. Enter lab 6 again and go left into the elevator that you've 
    activated. When you reach the lower level, note the doorway located at 10 
    o'clock from you. There are I-stims in a first-aid cabinet in the area behind 
    it. Feel free to go there when you feel low on health. I think you will, 
    after your first encounter with your new enemy: Securtons.
    13. Proceed to lab 2 (mentioned in step 7). Open the bioscanner and press the 
    Use key. The U4 vial from your inventory will be placed there. OBJECTIVE 4 is 
    completed. Use the computer to the right of the scanner to start the bioscan. 
    You may step away from the computer now.
    14. Proceed to the room shielded with a glass screen, which was mentioned in 
    step 2 and which required the blue access card. There's a weapon part (see 
    Introduction, para. 9.X) on the desk and some supplies in the cabinets. 
    Return to the large open area with the bridge. There is a pipe going under 
    the central section, and there's a grating on one side. Break the grating and 
    get inside the pipe. Find a current (OBJECTIVE 5 is completed) and step in to 
    exit the level.
    Primary objectives:
    1. Sneak into the warehouse
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: none (?)
    New enemies: technician (SinTek)
    New weapons: chain gun
    1. You start the level in a sewer. Go straight, make two rights, and climb 
    the ladder. Take out the Magnum and shoot whomever you can - normally, just 
    one grunt captain. Return to the sewer, climb the ladder on the other end, 
    and push the lid aside. If you've been fast enough, you should be able to 
    collect a new weapon (chain gun) from the dead body. If not, you'll get it 
    from somebody else in this level. Quickly, get rid of the other grunts here 
    and hop into the trunk of the passing SinTek truck. Note that the truck is 
    heading towards a gate. The truck will stop at the gate, and the gate will 
    2. When it stops for the second time, note another gate and get off the truck 
    quickly. Turn around and go through the door to the left of the truck. 
    Inside, make a left and block the alarm switch on the wall. (Although it's 
    not among the level objectives, it's best to keep the enemy away from alarm 
    switches, because an activated alarm means more guards and, at certain 
    locations, activated gun turrets.) Kill the techs who will be running away 
    from you and the grunts who'll come after you. Grab the food from the desk on 
    your right and then go left, to the control room. Approach the computer 
    terminal. If an alarm has been activated, select 'Security,' then 'Stand 
    Down.' Then select 'Gate B' and open it. That's the gate you just saw 
    outside. Gate A was opened while you were in the SinTek truck. Gate C cannot 
    be opened from this terminal.
    3. Return to the truck. Go back to the area where you emerged from the sewer. 
    Check one of the bigger crates for ammo and armor, and break the smaller 
    crates for other useful items. Return to your previous location. Repeat the 
    procedure with the smaller crates there.
    4. Approach gate B (which is now open). Look up, and you'll notice a narrow 
    balcony near the top of the building on your right. There is a SinTek 
    technician there, and if he sees you, he'll sound the alarm. With that in 
    mind, enter the building through the first door on your right. Get inside, 
    make a right, and quickly kill both techs there. Then, just as quickly, back 
    up and run upstairs to kill the tech from the balcony. By the time you get 
    upstairs, he may have gotten inside, ready to activate the alarm. Don't let 
    him. If the alarm is activated despite your best efforts, use the computer on 
    the second floor to deactivate it. Go out the door to the balcony, look 
    right, and you'll see gate C. Get back inside and use the computer to open 
    5. Go downstairs and outside. Turn right and proceed to the area previously 
    blocked by gate C. Break the smaller crates in that area. When you are done, 
    go out the last remaining door to exit the level. OBJECTIVE 1 will register 
    as completed on the closing screen.
    Primary objectives:
    1. Eliminate warehouse foreman
    Secondary objectives:
    2. Destroy U4 stores
    3. Install remote modem
    Secrets: 2
    New enemies: Vultorn, worker (metal), foreman (warehouse)
    New weapons: sniper rifle, spider mines, pulse rifle
    New inventory items: weapon part (see Introduction, para. 9.X), orange level 
    access card, evidence envelope (package)
    1. Move forward slowly. As soon as you see a barrel on your left, shoot it 
    from a safe distance. The resulting explosion should take care of one of the 
    grunts around the corner. Proceed there; there is a crate in the corner, 
    which contains a new weapon: sniper rifle. Use the forklift parked nearby to 
    run over the grunts standing ahead, dismount, and frisk the bodies. Get on 
    the forklift again, back up, and accelerate forward to break the crates 
    blocking your progress. Make a right and repeat the procedure. Don't go 
    beyond the point where the second group of crates sat. Turn around, go back 
    to the last turn you've made, and you should see a breakable crate sitting 
    atop some unbreakable ones. It contains another new weapon: spider mines.
    2. On with your quest. You can try out your sniper rifle on the grunt captain 
    patrolling the upper platform in the big hall on your left. There are also 
    two grunts on your right, in the corridor leading back to the level entrance. 
    Enter the big hall. Start taking care of the grunts there. Remember to break 
    all breakable crates, but those marked with a stylized cross contain U4 and 
    will explode when broken. You are required to destroy all of them (that's 
    your objective 2), but you can only do that safely by shooting them from a 
    distance. When you make a turn near two wooden planks, you'll see a large 
    crate sitting in the middle of the hall. Move towards it, and a monster will 
    break out. That would be a Vultorn. It's not very tough; a shot or two from 
    your shotgun should do the job.
    3. When you are in the next section of this area, i.e., a little beyond the 
    point where the crate with the Vultorn used to be, turn left and go behind 
    the crates. You'll see a button with up/down arrows. If you press it, you'll 
    learn that you need an orange access card to activate it. A little further 
    on, there's another button next to a working elevator. There are two more 
    grunts in the area to the right of the elevator. You may go to the upper 
    level and kill them from above or kill them first and then go up. Just make 
    sure that you don't accidentally destroy the wooden planks connecting the 
    crate rows, or you'll miss a secret area. On the upper level (which you reach 
    by using the elevator just mentioned), there's another crate with a Vultorn. 
    After you kill the beast, get near the planks and jump onto them. SECRET: 
    Crawl into the niche, using a glowstick if you want, to retrieve a weapon 
    part (see Introduction, para. 9.X). Jump down and proceed towards the chain-
    link fence.
    4. Open the door. You'll see another door directly ahead (it leads back to 
    the areas already covered), but you should go upstairs to reach the platform 
    mentioned in step 2. Go through the door at the end of the platform and open 
    yet another door, but don't step in yet. That room is outfitted with gun 
    turrets, plus there are goons inside whom you may lure into the corridor 
    where you are standing. Then, mindful of the gun turrets, run downstairs and 
    step onto the conveyor belt at the bottom of the stairs.
    5. The conveyor will take you to a second turret room, where you should 
    immediately step off to the right, break the air-duct grating, and crawl into 
    the duct. Climb the ladder, turn left, and step out of the duct. Get your 
    sniper rifle and kill the tech that is typing away in an office on the left, 
    at some distance. Get back into the duct, go straight and then right. You'll 
    end up in the attic. Move through this section of the attic into the next 
    one, where you'll see two openings into the rooms below. Move to the second 
    one. Cut-scene: The warehouse foreman talks to a technician.
    6. Jump down the first opening, kill the foreman (OBJECTIVE 1 is completed) 
    and the tech. Take the orange access card from the foreman. Leave his office, 
    turn left, and (going in the same direction) pass through two rooms into a 
    third one. That room houses a computer terminal. Your objective 3 requires 
    you to install a remote modem. The modem jack (marked 'netlink') is located 
    on the wall opposite from the computer desk. Approach the jack and press it. 
    OBJECTIVE 3 is completed. Now, go back to the computer and use it to disable 
    turret group 1. Check the shipping schedule to learn that some weapons are 
    being shipped to an island. Finally, select 'Office Safe' and open the safe 
    (only possible after the modem installation). The safe is located on the wall 
    to the left of the computer desk. SECRET: Take the evidence envelope from the 
    7. Exit through the door to the left of the safe. You'll end up in the first 
    turret room. Now that the turrets have been deactivated, go downstairs to 
    destroy some crates. Go to the second conveyor belt (not the one you used in 
    step 4). It only moves when a crate is put on it, so wait if necessary and 
    then go through the hole. You'll emerge behind the chain-link fence you 
    passed at the end of step 3. Break the crates to collect some stuff. Go back 
    to the turret room and use the other conveyor belt to get to the second 
    turret room. In the corner with a U4 crate (destroy it, of course), you'll 
    find a computer console. Move closer and 'Use' it. Cut-scene: Blade 'adjusts' 
    a shipping manifest.
    8. Two paths are now possible:
    (i) You've obtained the orange access card, so you may head to the area 
    mentioned in step 3 and use the card on the button with up/down arrows.
    (ii) A more elegant approach would be to get back to the foreman's office, 
    break a window, kill the grunt captain and the metal worker from above, then 
    jump onto the furnace structure, and slide down safely. The rollup door (it's 
    the one that required the orange card) next to the furnace door leads back to 
    the area you've already covered.
    9. Press the button near the other rollup door in this area and move in. Be 
    prepared for falling crates: there are at least three grunts positioned atop 
    the stacks of crates at different points in this last section of the level. 
    Run straight through the first alley, ignoring any turret fire. You should 
    see a door between the crates in the center and the wall on the right. Open 
    it and go upstairs. Use the computer terminal to deactivate turret group 2 
    and to check the shipping schedule. You'll discover that 'the island' 
    (apparently, a SinTek base) will be getting cleaning supplies now instead of 
    weapons. You can also break the glass windows and shoot any grunts you can.
    10. Now you can return to your entry point in this section and start killing 
    the remaining grunts and breaking breakable crates, including the ones with 
    U4. If you have been thorough in your destruction of U4 crates, you should 
    see OBJECTIVE 2 get completed here. Don't forget to check the parked trailer. 
    Exit the level by pressing the down button inside the elevator.
    Cinematic 5. BIOMECH
    It's July 21, 2037 (9:00 pm). Elexis Sinclaire talks to one of her scientists 
    about a plan to capture some warheads and also about her more ambitious 
    designs for global domination. A creature called Reconah is mentioned. You 
    catch a glimpse of a map and a picture of a missile.
    Level 10. BIOMECH FACTORY: PART 1 (1), BIOMECH SECURITY (2, 3, 4)
    Primary objectives:
    1. Infiltrate biomech factory
    2. Shut down automated security
    3. Destroy biomech machinery
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: 1
    New enemies: sergeant
    1. When the elevator door opens, kill the sitting grunt with one shot before 
    he has a chance to get to the alarm switch located to his left. (But if he 
    does, no sweat. In this level, alarms are deactivated simply by pressing 
    alarm switches.) There's a crate in a corner here. Most if not all of the 
    crates contain useful stuff in this level, so don't miss a single one. You 
    don't have to pick up their contents immediately; save some for later.
    2. In the next room, you'll meet your new enemy (sergeant), as well as that 
    old nuisance, gun turrets. However, for once, at least some turrets in this 
    level are shootable. Destroy them quickly.
    3. The next room houses a security booth. Shoot the grunt through the glass, 
    preventing him from activating the alarm, and jump into the booth. Take the 
    blue access card from the table.
    4. The next room is a trap. As soon as you enter, both exits will be blocked 
    by force fields. Two Securtons are going to be released from the walls. After 
    you destroy them, crawl through the duct that has opened behind one of them. 
    OBJECTIVE 1 will be completed after you break the grating on the other side 
    and crawl out.
    5. You'll see a gun turret (left), a staircase (front), and a blocked exit 
    from the trap room and an elevator door (right). Destroy the turret, of 
    course. If you check the button by the elevator, you'll learn that you need a 
    yellow access card.
    6. Go upstairs. The first room there is a high-security area. The gun turrets 
    are protected by force fields and cannot be destroyed. The computer screen at 
    the entrance warns you not to cross the room. However, you'll remain 
    undetected if you crawl and don't stand up. Shoot the gas cylinders by the 
    central structure. OBJECTIVE 3 is completed after the resulting explosion. 
    SECRET: You can crawl inside one of the niches where the conveyor tracks 
    lead. There's a female inside, worshipping Ritual. Exit the high-security 
    7. The second room after the high-security one is another trap. After you 
    kill the Securton, you'll be able to proceed. In the next room a computer 
    console will be lowered from the ceiling, and you'll be instructed to produce 
    an 'access badge.' You don't have that, and the doors will remain locked. You 
    have 60 seconds to get out - through the grating to the right of the console. 
    Get in, climb the ladder, and crawl through the air duct until you get to 
    another grating with some goons below.
    8. Break the grating and try to kill them with grenades or spider mines. Jump 
    down. You can't get through the door in front of you (it leads back to the 
    room with the computer console). Proceed in the other direction.
    9. You'll have company in the next room. A Securton from another room may 
    also come if the alarm switch is triggered. The switch is located behind the 
    counter to the left of the entrance. You may kill the grunt who'll go for the 
    switch first and deal with the other goons later, or concentrate on the 
    turret first, or follow some other procedure. The alarm can be deactivated by 
    pressing the switch. Use the computer console next to the counter to disable 
    automated security (OBJECTIVE 2 is completed) and to unlock security doors - 
    in this order. You can also select 'Command Prompt' and press Enter. Type 
    'dir' at the prompt, then 'gloom', then press Enter. Your attempt to play 
    Gloom will fail: 'mouse not found.' Take the yellow access card from the dead 
    10. Proceed through the next door. Go upstairs. The alarm in the room there 
    will be activated no matter what. Turn it off when you get a chance. On the 
    other side of that area, you'll see a door in front and an elevator on the 
    right. The elevator is the one mentioned in step 5. Now that you have the 
    yellow access card, you can get back to the areas where there is useful stuff 
    you've left behind. You can do it either by using the elevator to get to the 
    lower levels or by retracing your steps through the room with the security 
    console (from step 7). If you are full, just continue.
    11. Fight your way through four doors. Finally, you'll get to a door locked 
    with rods. It'll open on approach. Don't go inside if you still have some 
    stuff lying around that you can use. Go back if you need, then return here to 
    exit the level.
    Level 11. BIOMECH FACTORY: PART 2 (1), BIOMECH FACTORY (2, 3, 4)
    Primary objectives:
    1. Upload virus to biomech matrix computer
    2. Shut down biomech security
    3. Destroy biomech creations
    4. Proceed to Freeport dam [changes to 'Proceed to missile silo' if you 
    succeed in what is described in step 3.A]
    Secondary objectives:
    5. Access SinTek database
    Secrets: none (?)
    New enemies: Sinclaire, Reconah
    New inventory items: green level access card
    1. At the start, JC will tell you that he needs an uplink terminal. When you 
    open the double door, you'll see arrows pointing to different areas. Go to 
    the room on your left, the computer center. That room can be done at any 
    time, but it is wise to go there before your encounter with Reconahs after 
    which your health may be dangerously low. Also, presumably after you get the 
    green access card, a couple of sergeants will appear in that room in addition 
    to other bad guys. If you dispose of whoever was in the room in the 
    beginning, you'll only have the sergeants to worry about later.
    2. First, kill the technician who will dash towards the alarm switch. 
    However, just like in the previous level, you'll be able to deactivate the 
    alarm by just pressing the switch again. If you try the access-card slot by 
    the door next to the switch, you'll learn that you need a green access card 
    to proceed. Kill the grunts and, possibly, Securtons.
    3.A. APPROACH ONE. Do not kill the tech that is down on his knees with his 
    hands up in the air. Approach him and press the Use key, and he'll get up and 
    punch into the SinTek database. You can kill him now. (If you stand close to 
    the tech when he is accessing the database, you'll notice that he's entering 
    a password: ash_housewares. If you accidentally kill him, you may enter this 
    password yourself. The console is in the bottom left corner of the big black 
    screen. There's a sub-screen there with the words 'SinTek Database' on it. 
    Use it as any other computer console in the game.) The map you saw in 
    cinematic 5 will appear on the screen, and you'll learn that it's a map of a 
    nuclear missile base. Apparently, SinTek is planning to steal some nukes. 
    OBJECTIVE 5 is completed, and objective 4 in your mission-status display 
    changes. When you finish this level, you are now going to level 12.
    3.B. APPROACH TWO. If you choose to kill the kneeling tech before he accesses 
    the database and not to access the database yourself, you will not find the 
    location of the missile base. In that case, you are going to skip level 12 
    and go to level 13 when you exit this level.
    4. Exit the computer center and turn left, to the matrix core. If you jump 
    down from the top of the staircase and bear right immediately upon entry, you 
    should be able to take out two techs before they escape. Deactivate the 
    alarm. At some point JC will say that the uplink computer that he needs is in 
    this room. Go to the computer console that says 'Up Link.' Select 'Matrix 
    Uplink.' JC will start uploading a virus, and OBJECTIVE 1 will be completed 
    soon. Select 'Security Doors' and unlock them.
    5. Return to the corridor. The supply of grunts will be unending, so try to 
    be brisk. Go straight, then left. After you pass through the first double 
    door, there will be a locked access-card slot on the left wall, which also 
    requires a green access card. Proceed straight, and you should reach a 
    staircase. Go down to reach Fab 1 (for 'fabrication'). Find a big red button 
    on the wall and press it to start the shutdown. Go on to Fab 2 and press the 
    red button there, then do the same in Fab 3. OBJECTIVE 2 is completed.
    6. Proceed to the door locked with rods and approach for it to open. Get 
    inside. It's a trap; the door will close, and none other than Elexis 
    Sinclaire will appear in the observation booth above. Cut-scene: Elexis and 
    Blade trade insults. Then a hatch opens and two monsters come out. Those are 
    Reconahs. They will be harmless and disoriented at first. However, shooting 
    at them at this point is useless. Instead, choose a location to fight them 
    from (perhaps a corner so that you will have to deal with them one at a time) 
    and start shooting after JC shouts, 'Or not!'. I think the grenade launcher 
    is your best bet here. When the Reconahs are dead, OBJECTIVE 3 will be 
    completed. You'll pick up some ammo from their carcasses and will be able to 
    leave this area via an elevator door.
    7. The elevator will take you to the upper level. Walk into the booth from 
    which Ms. Sinclaire was speaking. Collect the green access card from the 
    desk. When you open the security door in the next room, you'll find yourself 
    in the area you passed in step 5.
    8. Turn right to return to the computer center. (Revisiting the areas that 
    you've cleared doesn't pay in this level because of the continuous grunt 
    respawning.) Kill another Reconah in the next corridor and two sergeants in 
    the computer center itself. Now you can unlock the double door, which is an 
    elevator entrance. Get in and press the up button.
    9. The elevator takes you to a helipad. You can't kill the helicopter gunner, 
    so concentrate on the other goons, one of whom has the yellow access card 
    that is needed to get into the helipad control room. Climb the stairs into 
    the control room. Use the computer to open the helipad doors. OBJECTIVE 4 is 
    completed. Cut-scene: A HardCorps helicopter picks up Blade, and he has a 
    conversation with JC. Depending on what approach you took in step 3, you are 
    going either to level 12 (via cinematic 6) or to level 13.
    Cinematic 6. SILO
    It's July 22, 2037 (7:00 am). Blade approaches the missile base in a 
    Level 12. MISSILE SILO
    Primary objectives:
    1. Gain entry to silo
    2. Disable security power grid
    3. Locate warhead #1
    4. Unlock silos #2 and #3
    5. Lock down warhead #2
    6. Redirect missile #3
    Secondary objectives:
    7. Rescue marine hostages
    Secrets: none (?)
    New enemies: Pinphat
    New friendlies: marine hostage
    New weapons: rocket launcher
    New inventory items: password, hand
    1. The chopper you've arrived in will be shot down by SinTek soldiers; you 
    can't save it. (Ironically enough, if you turn left at the drop-off point, 
    walk to the midpoint of this edge of the field, and stop there, Blade will be 
    killed by a blade.) You arrive armed with your fists, a Magnum, a shotgun, 
    and a chain gun. It's tempting to take out grunts from the entry point, but 
    you should really kill them at closer range. This way, you'll be able to 
    collect rocket launchers (new weapon) from two dead bodies. The structure 
    located at 11 o'clock from the entry point requires an orange access card to 
    get in. You'll get the card from a grunt captain. Along the way, you should 
    reacquire an assault rifle. You will also reacquire a sniper rifle if you get 
    up into the watchtower. (Check out the plate in the dust by the flagpole. 
    Well, by general consensus, it's Half-Life that left Sin in the dust, 
    but....) The crates in this outdoor area contain some useful stuff, including 
    M-stims. Don't take more than you need now. You'll be able to return here.
    2. When you are done exploring, enter the central structure and OBJECTIVE 1 
    gets completed. First, go to the right of the elevator door and up the 
    ladder. Take the communications link from the desk. You'll hear some marines 
    taken hostage by SinTek calling for help.
    3. Use the elevator to get to the lower level of the missile base. As soon as 
    you leave the elevator, you'll meet a deadly trio consisting of two Reconahs 
    and a new enemy: Pinphat. There'll be more of the same throughout the base. 
    Follow the catwalk and turn left. Straight ahead is a door requiring a palm 
    scan and currently inaccessible. Go left again. You should see a sign that 
    says, 'Power Station.' Proceed there.
    4. Use the ladders or jump down, just not into the box with live current. 
    There are generators in the left and right corners. You should shoot the gas 
    cylinders placed there, to complete OBJECTIVE 2. Be careful: debris from the 
    explosions can kill you. (If you can see where the generators are, you can 
    destroy them from above, without getting close to them.) When the second 
    generator is destroyed, the lights will go out. Wait for the emergency lights 
    and return to the palm-scan door. You can now get through.
    5. Make a left at the T-junction. You should see a sign that says, 'Fallout 
    Shelter.' You'll hear the hostages calling from the cellar. Go down, destroy 
    the crate blocking a trapdoor - and the other crates, for that matter. Open 
    the trapdoor and get into the cellar. Sergeant Murphy will give you a 
    password to lock down the missiles. OBJECTIVE 7 is now completed. Memorize 
    the password: lithium707 (a slip with the password is added to your 
    inventory, lest you forget it). Collect some spider mines here and go 
    upstairs. You may want to go back through the palm-scan door, to the 
    elevator, and back to the surface. This is your last chance to collect any 
    goodies that you've left there.
    6. Return to the T-junction where you were at the start of step 5, and turn 
    to the right. Kill the Reconahs. The emergency lights will go out, and the 
    normal lighting will be restored in a couple of seconds. The door with 
    another palm scan is inaccessible yet. Instead, go through the door behind 
    the sign that says, 'Danger: Flooded Area.' Dive into the round hole and then 
    wade through the pipework: straight, right, straight, right, left. Go up the 
    7. Try to kill the sergeants from under the catwalk. Use another ladder to 
    get onto the catwalk. There are four palm-scan doors in this area, three 
    numbered (1, 2, 3) and one unnumbered. Go to the unnumbered one and pick up 
    the severed hand of a poor marine who was guarding the missile base. Now you 
    can open door 1 (it leads to silo #1).
    8. As you are entering silo #1, JC will inform you that SinTek goons are 
    getting away with one of the warheads. If you are fast enough, you may catch 
    a glimpse of their helicopter taking off overhead. (Meanwhile, your OBJECTIVE 
    3 gets completed.) Use two ladders to get down to a manhole leading to the 
    control room, and then go all the way down the manhole. On the computer 
    console, select 'Silo Access,' then 'Open Silo #2.' Silo #3 remains locked 
    for now. Changing any other settings is unnecessary, but you can experiment 
    with them anyway; just don't close silo #1 - you are inside it right now.
    9. Get back to the four-door area and go to silo #2 through door 2. JC will 
    start yelling about another warhead being stolen. You should act fast here, 
    or you may fail the mission. Be prepared to lose some health. Kill the grunts 
    or disregard them for now, jump down to the manhole similar to the one in the 
    previous step, and then into it. You are in the control room of silo #2. On 
    the computer console, select: (i) 'Warhead Status,' then 'Lock Down Warhead;' 
    (ii) 'Silo Access,' then 'Open Silo #3.' This takes care of OBJECTIVES 4 and 
    5. Immediately, the launch sequence for warhead #3 starts. Don't waste time; 
    get out of the control room, kill the grunts on the ledges if you haven't 
    done that already, and head for silo #3 through door 3.
    10. As soon as you enter silo #3, you'll have 1 minute to abort the launch. 
    If you think you can do this on time, kill the grunts on the ledges in this 
    silo. There are two sergeants down in the control room; you may want to 
    dispatch them from above (using the grenade launcher) or go for broke. 
    Anyway, get downstairs through the manhole.
    11.A. EXIT ONE. On the computer console, select 'Launch Status,' then 'Abort 
    Launch.' After the prompt for a clearance code appears, enter the code 
    provided by the marine hostages. OBJECTIVE 6 gets completed.
    11.B. EXIT TWO. Suppose you didn't get the passcode from the marines in step 
    5 and, therefore, cannot abort the launch. You still get to complete the 
    mission, since your objective 6 is not to abort the launch but merely to 
    redirect the missile. On the console, select 'Launch Doors' then 'Open Launch 
    Doors.' The missile is fired, and if you go upstairs, you can watch it go. 
    OBJECTIVE 6 is completed and you proceed to the next level, but the Pacific 
    Northwest gets nuked.
    12. Note: If you neither abort the launch nor open the launch doors, the 
    missile explodes inside the silo. And if you select 'Launch Status' and then 
    'Abort Launch' on the console but enter an incorrect code, 'security 
    measures' are taken, meaning that the control room gets locked and a deadly 
    gas is released. Death ensues in either case.
    Level 13. FREEPORT SEWERS: PART 1 (1), FREEPORT SEWERS (2, 3, 4)
    Primary objectives:
    1. Locate entrance to sewers
    2. Eliminate enemy forces
    3. Proceed to Freeport dam
    Secondary objectives:
    4. Minimize civilian casualties
    5. Find fastest route to dam
    Secrets: none (?)
    New enemies: Nautic
    1. Cut-scene: July 23, 2037 (2:08 pm); Blade drives a buggy to the city 
    waterworks, only to see the passage blocked; decides to use the sewers to get 
    there (if you recall the conversation between the warehouse foreman and a 
    SinTek technician in the cut-scene in level 9, step 5, SinTek has shipped 
    chemicals to poison Freeport's water supply). You are starting the level with 
    your fists, a Magnum, a shotgun, and an assault rifle. When you are under the 
    bridge, try talking to the bums. One of them will tell you that a group of 
    goons went into the sewer. Try the trapdoor, and JC will advise you to just 
    shoot off the lock.
    2. When you get all the way down, break the crates to find stuff but take 
    only what you need. Turn right and open the grating. After killing the 
    sergeant you'll reacquire a chain gun. In the hall with valves, try the 
    watertight door. JC will advise you that the only way out is through a 
    drainage pipe. There's a red pipe in the corner on the lower level, which has 
    a hatch with a handle; apparently, that's the one. Turn the nearby valves 
    marked 1 and 2 (in this order) to unlock the hatch. (If you turn valve 2 
    first, a pipe will burst and the hall will be flooded. When you turn valve 1 
    after this, the water will be drained but the previous section of this level 
    - which may prove useful later - will become inaccessible.) Open the hatch 
    and jump down. OBJECTIVE 1 is completed.
    3. Swim across the current, towards the railing. Get out of the sewage onto 
    the passage. Shoot the grunts on the opposite side and the Reconah on yours. 
    Proceed through the watertight door at the end of the passage. (The doors 
    here close automatically, so don't get crushed.)
    4. There are two grunts in the next chamber, one on the left and the other on 
    the right, on the upper passage. If you climb the ladder here, you'll find 
    that the grating at the top is locked.
    5. In the next chamber, you'll again be greeted by two grunts and a Reconah. 
    Dispose of the Reconah quickly; not only is he shooting at you, he is also 
    destroying a pillar in the process. Two approaches are possible next.
    6.A.a. If the pillar just mentioned is still standing, shoot at it so that it 
    falls and provides a bridge to the upper passage. The bridge is going to 
    collapse soon, so don't linger. Cross it to the upper passage and proceed in 
    the direction you've been following. Clear the next two chambers of any 
    enemies, including the ones on the lower passage. Note the whirlpool in the 
    chamber with two Reconahs. When you reach the last chamber, you'll notice 
    that it has a ladder connecting the lower and upper passages. Check the lower 
    passage for any uncollected ammo and stims, then get back to the ladder and 
    return to the upper passage.
    6.A.b. Proceed until you reach an intersection with three doors. Open the 
    left one first. Kill the grunts on the catwalk but don't open the door on the 
    other end (level exit). You still have some areas uncovered. Get back to the 
    intersection and go through another left door. Open another door after that 
    and climb two ladders to find yet another door, which is blocked by pipe 
    cables. Shoot the cables. You can open the door now, getting access (or not, 
    if you turned the valves in step 2 out of order) to the area on the right, 
    where you entered the sewer complex. If you left any goodies uncollected, now 
    is the time to claim them.
    6.B. APPROACH TWO: If the pillar gets destroyed or if you get frustrated 
    trying to use the pillar bridge, keep following the lower passage. In the 
    chamber with two Reconahs, if the passage gets partly destroyed, get on the 
    railing and make a jump for the other side. Note the whirlpool on the left. 
    Open the door in front of you and climb the ladder. Follow step 6.A.b above.
    7.A. EXIT ONE. For the sake of covering an extra level, return to the chamber 
    with the whirlpool. Jump into the whirlpool. OBJECTIVE 5 is failed. 
    Underwater, you'll get to kill a Nautic, your new enemy. Shoot the ladder 
    that's attached to the ceiling. It'll extend to the water level, and you'll 
    be able to climb onto the platform. Collect whatever you can from the crates. 
    Open the door and kill the grunt. An explosion will destroy the rest of the 
    catwalk. Crawl into the hole in the broken pipe. OBJECTIVES 2 and 4 are 
    completed. OBJECTIVE 3 remains unchecked.
    7.B. EXIT TWO. You can exit the level through the normal exit mentioned in 
    step 6.A.b. OBJECTIVES 2, 4 and 5 will be completed; OBJECTIVE 3 will remain 
    unchecked. Skip to level 15.
    Primary objectives:
    1. Find way back to the sewers
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: 1
    1. You'll fall into water; surface and look around. It looks like you are 
    stuck inside a pipe, but don't worry. A hole will be blown up in the pipe in 
    a second; wait till you hear a bomb ticking, dive, then swim up and get out. 
    There's a crate here that you can reach via a ladder.
    2. In the next room, a grunt will accidentally kill himself while installing 
    a mine. You'll notice that the handle has been blown off the watertight door. 
    To get out of the room, blast up the machine to the left of the door. Crawl 
    inside the duct and break two gratings below.
    3. The current will take you to an area that will get closed off on each side 
    by a gate. (Don't fight the current here, or the first closing gate might 
    block your progress and you'll be stuck.) Swim to the ladder and get up on 
    the platform. The watertight door is locked. The sergeant in the control room 
    will taunt you, shoot the controls, and walk away. The glass becomes 
    shootable the moment he leaves. Shoot it and get inside. The computer is 
    accessible through the leftmost part of the console under the overhead 
    displays. Select 'Manual Override Information' and then 'Show Current 
    Combination' and memorize the settings. The X's show the levers that should 
    be pulled down; the unmarked spot shows the one that should be left as is (or 
    pushed up, if you accidentally pull it down). The gates will start to open.
    4. Quickly, get through the broken window into the current and swim to the 
    right, through the previously closed passage. Ideally, the water level should 
    still be high enough for you to grab the next ladder, which is broken and 
    otherwise unreachable, and get onto the platform. Kill the grunt there to 
    reacquire a rocket launcher. SECRET: Open the watertight door and get inside. 
    When you are done killing and looting, you may want to return to the control 
    room for an I-stim in the first-aid cabinet.
    5. Jump into the water again. Soon, you'll fall to a lower level of the 
    aqueducts. There are grunts on the platform to the left of your landing 
    point. They'll drop some booby-trapped boxes towards you. Kill the grunts 
    (the platform is inaccessible). Shortly after that, you'll see a ladder 
    ahead. Grab it and climb up. Go through the watertight door. Shooting any 
    machinery here is unnecessary vandalism, since the aqueduct/sewer system is 
    run by the City of Freeport, not by SinTek. It doesn't affect the game, 
    though. Find the water-flow computer, select 'Information' and read.
    6.A. APPROACH ONE. Return to the main menu and select 'Water Regulator.' 
    Check the current settings. It doesn't matter where the flow is coming from, 
    but since you are trying to return to the sewers, you should set the 
    destination to 'Freeport Sewers B.' (Otherwise, you'll either drown or be cut 
    by a rotating fan later.) Break the glass window, jump, dive, kill the 
    Nautics patrolling the area (just the ones immediately visible; their supply 
    here is unending), and swim into the central pipe. You'll be swept by the 
    current, which will slow down a bit near a ladder.
    6.B. APPROACH TWO. Theoretically, if you miss the ladder in step 5, you can 
    somehow avoid getting sucked into the fan and get to the water regulator 
    directly through the pipe. I haven't been able to do this, though. However, 
    the regulator is equipped with manually operated valves. To utilize them 
    somehow, after step 5 just break the glass window and jump. Kill the Nautics, 
    of course. Swim to the surface. Find the valve marked 'Freeport Sea/Pump 1' 
    and close it (meaning: press the Use key). Then go to the one marked 'Sewers 
    B/Pump 3' and open it (same). (Again, connecting the pipes in other 
    configurations will not produce any useful results.) As the pipes start to 
    turn, dive and get through the opening hole below the valve. The current will 
    bring you to the ladder mentioned at the end of step 6.A.
    7. Now matter how you get to the ladder, grab it and climb onto the platform. 
    Break some crates, open the watertight door, and proceed (OBJECTIVE 1 is 
    completed). Exit the level.
    Primary objectives:
    1. Find exit from sewers
    2. Eliminate enemy forces
    3. Proceed to Freeport dam
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: none (?)
    New enemies: sniper
    1.A. ENTRY ONE: From level 14, step 7.
    1.A.a. After you open the watertight door and deal with the enemy, climb the 
    ladder, and move the lid. When you get out of the hole, there will be two 
    more sergeants for you to kill. Get on the concrete blocks and peek into the 
    area behind the wall. Shoot the barrels near the truck. The explosion will 
    destroy it and kill some grunts. Jump down now and leave through the door. 
    OBJECTIVE 1 is completed.
    1.A.b. When opening the door, you might hear someone say, 'Scanning.' That's 
    a sure sign of your new enemy: snipers. There are two snipers on the roof of 
    the elevated structure on your immediate left and one more on a similar 
    structure ahead and slightly to the left. (For lack of your own sniper rifle, 
    you may resort to seeking out the snipers by moving the nozzle of your 
    weapon: the crosshair turns green when you are aiming at something 
    shootable.) There's also a sergeant to the left of the entrance and a 
    grunt/Reconah duo in the area behind the chain-link gate in front of you. 
    After you kill all the enemies, proceed through the gate (it will open on 
    approach), and try the trapdoor on the left (it'll remain locked). Go to the 
    checkpoint booth. The button above the desk controls the gate, so it's pretty 
    much useless.
    1.B. ENTRY TWO: From level 13, step 7.B.
    1.B.a. Open the watertight door, climb the ladder, open another door. Again, 
    there's some shootable machinery, but senseless destruction of municipal 
    property is beneath Blade. The watertight door has no handle, so crawl 
    through the hole to the left of the rotating parts. When you go through the 
    next door, there will be some grunts on the flooded level below. If you shoot 
    the pipe cable marked 'Danger: High Voltage,' the lower part of the cable 
    should touch the water and electrocute one or two grunts. Jump down or use 
    the ladder and then climb back up in the next hall. Break the crates and 
    climb a sequence of ladders to open a trapdoor that leads outside. OBJECTIVE 
    1 is completed.
    1.B.b. Even before you open the trapdoor, you may hear a sniper say, 
    'Scanning.' You'll emerge in the same area as described in step 1.A.b, only 
    in a different entry point (the trapdoor you've just opened is the one that 
    was locked in step 1.A.b). The enemies are the same, but you are more open to 
    sniper fire. Don't forget the sergeant, whom you can reach by pressing the 
    button inside the checkpoint booth - it opens the gate. The area in step 
    1.A.a is inaccessible.
    2. Exit the level through the checkpoint booth. OBJECTIVES 2 and 3 are 
    Level 16. FREEPORT CITY DAM (1), FREEPORT DAM (2), DAM (3, 4)
    Primary objectives:
    1. Gain access to tram system
    2. Proceed to waterworks
    3. Eliminate hostile threat
    4. Save Freeport employees taken hostage
    Secondary objectives:
    5. Locate and destroy all SinTek chemical drums
    Secrets: none (?)
    New friendlies: technician (Freeport)
    1. Right at the start: The platform above you is a sniper position, just as 
    the roof of the structure directly ahead, beyond the truck. Deal with the 
    snipers before you go any further. JC will tell you to look for a tram (your 
    objective 1) and then also to destroy any chemical containers you might see, 
    like those standing near the truck (objective 5). If you shoot the containers 
    from a certain angle, the truck will explode, too. The crates by the truck 
    contain M-stims. If you don't need a health boost now, remember to return 
    here to grab them later.
    2. Open the door to the left of the sign that says, 'Reserved Parking: 
    Paradox.' Break the crates and climb the ladder to reacquire a sniper rifle. 
    From this point, jump onto the railing and then onto the arched feature on 
    your left. Get down to the ledge and follow it to the next arched feature. 
    Jump onto it, then get on the edge of the playable area, and follow the 
    perimeter all the way to the roof of the checkpoint booth, recognizable by a 
    ventilation unit. There are two bananas there; jump down to consume them. Get 
    down finally, and proceed through the booth to a new area.
    3. Use the sniper rifle to kill the sniper who's on the roof of the dam 
    structure ahead and slightly to the right. Still using the rifle, check the 
    road for any other enemies. JC will warn you that a SinTek helicopter is 
    coming to get you. You still have time to reach the first door on your right; 
    change your weapon, kill whoever is behind that door, and break the crates 
    (the elevator is inoperable). Then get outside and shoot down the chopper 
    with your rocket launcher or chain gun, while dodging its homing rockets. 
    After taking some damage, the helicopter will crash into the reservoir.
    4. Proceed to the second door on the right side of the road, open it, and go 
    upstairs to the observation tower. Get on the observation deck. Use the 
    spyglass to observe two grunts playing cards below. Take note of the orange 
    access card lying on the desk. Get on the railing and shoot the players with 
    the sniper rifle. Heed JC's advice and don't jump. The area below is 
    unreachable for now. Use the elevator on the first floor to get to a lower 
    level. Try the door; you can't open it because you don't have the key (yet). 
    Return to the road level.
    5. The door on the right leads to an area you'll cover in a little while, the 
    double door in front of you is locked, and the door around the corner and 
    downstairs requires a blue access card. Take a dive into the reservoir and 
    kill the Nautics swimming in the water. Get out of the water and proceed to 
    the intake tower, i.e., the structure in the middle of the reservoir. Pick up 
    the blue access card and proceed to the door that required it.
    6. Inside, one door has a padlock while the other requires a green access 
    card. Shoot off the padlock. Don't kill the hostages; they will remain 
    cowered, but OBJECTIVE 4 will be completed. Pick up the green access card. 
    Proceed to the door that required that card.
    7. Climb to the third (not second) floor and shoot the grunts there and below 
    (some or all of them may come upstairs for a closer look at you). Open the 
    next door and go to the security office around the corner. Check the 
    security-camera monitor. One of the views will be that of a big hall with 
    turbines, which you may discover later. Use the computer terminal to unlock 
    security doors and to release the tram system. OBJECTIVE 1 is completed.
    8. Use the elevator to the left of the security office to get to the second 
    floor. Behind the single door in front of you is a bathroom. Kill the grunt 
    squatting there, then go to the office behind the double door for some 
    bananas and cookies. Now go through the door opposite the bathroom, and 
    through the double door in the next office. Open the last double door and get 
    9. Open the door on your left. There are several grunts and a sergeant in the 
    next area; you may fight them in the open or from the checkpoint booth you 
    are now in. Destroy all the chemical containers you see. Go up the stairs and 
    through the next door. Destroy the remaining containers. OBJECTIVE 5 should 
    register as completed here, if it hasn't already. Press the button inside the 
    tram to exit the level. OBJECTIVES 2 and 3 are completed.
    Level 17. FREEPORT WATERWORKS (1/opening screen, 2, 3), FREEPORT WATERWORKS: 
    PART 1 (1/closing screen, 4)
    Primary objectives:
    1. Turn off the clarifiers, and then drain them
    2. Drain the filter tanks
    3. Locate key to sewage intake
    4. Shut off the sewage intake pumps, and then close their valves
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: none (?)
    1. Cut-scene: July 23, 2037 (3:41 pm); JC explains once more that SinTek is 
    trying to contaminate Freeport's water supply. Exit the tram station. Keep in 
    mind that technicians are friendlies in this level. In the yard, open the 
    first double door on your right. Kill the grunt standing in the doorway of 
    the one of labs near the miniature model of the waterworks. If you are quick 
    enough, he won't be able to execute an innocent typist. Proceed through the 
    double door between the labs and kill the SinTek scientist in a white smock. 
    Open the second double door and kill one more. Take his key (OBJECTIVE 3 is 
    completed). There's a men's room in this area, with an I-stim.
    2. Go outside into the yard and enter the sewage-intake building. Turn right, 
    open the door, and enter. Proceed to the next room and go upstairs there. (If 
    a tech is blocking the doorway, there's a small bridge by the previous door, 
    which goes over the pipes. Use the bridge to reach the upper passage and go 
    to the next room.) Enter the red clarifier control station (CCS). There may 
    be several ways to complete your objectives; however, for the sake of 
    clarity, let's deal with them in the order they are listed on your mission-
    status display.
    3. At the entrance to the red CCS, JC will tell you that you need to power 
    down the clarifiers and only then to drain them. Find a computer terminal on 
    the second floor, select 'Power Off,' and press Enter. You've just powered 
    down the red clarifier. Proceed to the blue CCS on the same floor (same deal 
    there), and from there, to the yellow CCS (again, same deal). That takes care 
    of turning off the clarifiers.
    4. In the yellow CCS, get to the first floor and go out the door to the blue 
    clarifiers. Turn the valve on the blue tank. You've just drained the blue 
    clarifier. Get back inside through the same door and return to the red CCS. 
    On the first floor, go through the door marked 'Yellow/Red Clarifiers.' Turn 
    the valves on the yellow and red tanks. OBJECTIVE 1 is completed. (Had you 
    tried to turn these valves - or the one for the blue clarifier - before 
    powering down the clarifiers, the tanks would have exploded and the mission 
    would have been failed.)
    5. Return to the previous room and go through the door in front, which is 
    marked 'Filtration System.' Turn three valves to complete OBJECTIVE 2.
    6. Go back inside and get to the yellow CCS. On the second floor there, open 
    the door marked 'Intake Pumping Station' (what the scientist's key was for). 
    JC will advise you to shut down the pumps first and only then to turn down 
    the valves. That means: (i) go down the ladder and turn off three sewage 
    intake pumps at the opposite end of the pipes; (ii) return to the second 
    floor and turn three sewage intake valves. (Again, if you don't follow that 
    sequence, something will explode and the mission will be over.) There are two 
    Reconahs below (try to kill them from above) and a rat on one of the catwalks 
    or in a nearby gutter. OBJECTIVE 4 is completed. JC will inform you that 
    SinTek is going to plan B: they are trying to dump poison directly into the 
    outgoing water supply. Cut-scene: Blade running.
    Primary objectives:
    1. Stop yellow contamination
    2. Stop red contamination
    3. Stop blue contamination
    4. Dispose of Eon-and-Peon
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: none (?)
    New enemies: Eon-and-Peon
    1. Break the crates and stock up. Go straight through two doors and then 
    downstairs, into a big hall housing water locks (red, yellow, blue). JC will 
    explain that there are two valves per lock. There's a time limit (about 1 
    minute per lock) for stopping contamination, so don't waste time. Also, you 
    should stop it in the order that your objectives appear on your mission-
    status display: first yellow, then red, then blue (the valves become turnable 
    in that order). Go to the middle lane first, jump into the water, and turn 
    the valve below the yellow arc. Use the nearest ladder to climb up, and run 
    towards the yellow-pipe valve on the opposite side of the hall. Turn it, and 
    OBJECTIVE 1 gets completed.
    2. At this point, a new enemy (Eon-and-Peon) will make a forceful entry from 
    below. Your options for completing the remaining objectives:
    (i) You may concentrate on killing the symbiotic beast and worry about the 
    contamination later. Even after killing the E&P, sometimes you still have 
    time to turn off all the valves in order. After turning off both yellow 
    valves (first in the water, then on the pipe on the opposite side), I'd stay 
    between the pipes and shoot the monster from there. It might just stay in one 
    place at a distance and let you kill it, unable to reach you with its venom.
    (ii) Another approach would be to try and trick the E&P into falling down 
    into the water and shoot it from above.
    (iii) Still another one would be to turn off the remaining valves first, and 
    then do battle. This is riskier, with the E&P constantly on your tail.
    (iv) Lastly, you have a candy in your inventory. Press the F11 key and select 
    the candy bar. Approach the E&P and press the Use (not Inventory-Use) key. 
    The monster will start chewing the treat. Use your chain gun on it, from a 
    safe distance. It will be oblivious to the pain for a while, and you should 
    be able to finish it off without taking too much damage yourself.
    3.A. EXIT ONE. You kill the beast and turn off the remaining valves. 
    OBJECTIVES 2-4 are completed. You go to level 19.
    3.B. EXIT TWO. If you kill the E&P and fail to turn off even a single valve, 
    you don't fail the whole mission. Instead, you get a chance to cover some 
    additional territory, namely the 'unreachable-for-now' area mentioned in 
    level 16, step 4. What I would do is kill the E&P (OBJECTIVE 4 is completed) 
    and try to turn off all the valves except the last one (in the blue pair) - 
    just to prove that I could have made it - and then wait for the 'Failed' 
    message. OBJECTIVE 2 is completed, OBJECTIVE 3 is failed. You return to level 
    16, with one additional objective to complete.
    Level 16 (continued)
    Primary objectives:
    1. Shut down the turbines before chemicals mix
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: none (?)
    10. You return to the dam with a key to open the door mentioned in step 4. 
    You have 4 minutes to stop the chemicals from going into the water-supply 
    system. Since a new chapter begins after this level and you'll be issued a 
    new arsenal for it, don't bother conserving your ammo here. Exit the tram 
    station. When you step outside, keep in mind that two snipers have set up 
    shop on the roof directly above you. Go through the checkpoint booth. Open 
    the door on the left. Use the elevator to get to the lower level.
    11. Go through a sequence of double doors and eliminate all resistance. 
    You'll pass a security door on the left side at some point, which requires an 
    orange access card. Finally, you'll get out into the open. Grab the orange 
    card and return to the security door. Open it and go downstairs to press two 
    lit buttons. This stops the turbines and locks the chemicals in the 
    reservoir. OBJECTIVE 1 is completed. (If you don't make it on time, you'll 
    fail the mission.)
    Cinematic 7. OILRIG 1
    While driving a buggy, Blade learns that the warheads stolen by SinTek have 
    apparently been taken to a SinTek oilrig out in the ocean.
    Cinematic 8. OILRIG 2
    It's July 7, 2037 (3:05 am). Blade is on a motorboat. A chopper brings Elexis 
    Sinclaire to an oilrig, and she talks to the oilrig foreman.
    Level 19. SINTEK OILRIG
    Primary objectives:
    1. Clear off lower rig level
    2. Continue tracking warheads
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: none (?)
    New enemies: worker (oilrig)
    1. You start the level armed with your fists, a Magnum, a shotgun, and a 
    sniper rifle. The sniper rifle gets readied for you. You'll stop at some 
    distance from the oilrig. After you kill both grunts on one side, the 
    motorboat will take you to another side, until all four sides are cleared. 
    (When you are facing the last pair of grunts, kill the left one last. This 
    way, when you get on board, his rocket launcher may still be there for you to 
    collect.) OBJECTIVE 1 is completed, and the boat takes you to a platform with 
    a ladder. Get aboard the rig and go right. Open the nearby door and enter.
    2. You'll pass through a sequence of machine rooms, fighting grunts and 
    oilrig workers in different combinations. At some point, you should reacquire 
    an assault rifle. There will be some levers to push or pull, but they don't 
    do anything meaningful. Don't miss the locker in the first room with a 
    computer. Eventually, you'll end up in a room with a thumping machine and a 
    chain-link fence that seems to block your progress. You should get on the 
    edge of the machine when the cylinder part is down, wait for it to go up, and 
    then sneak onto the pipes behind it. From there, use the pipes to get inside 
    the fenced area. Get outside.
    3. Fight more enemies as you turn right and go almost all the way to the 
    opposite side of the rig. Get inside again through the door on your left. 
    Press the button and ride the elevator to the upper level. You'll find two M-
    stims on the desk. Go outside again.
    4. You are on the upper deck of the rig, next to the helipad where Elexis 
    arrived in cinematic 8. Turn around and go inside through the door on the 
    right. Use the escalator to exit the level. OBJECTIVE 2 will register as 
    completed on the loading screen, and you'll discover that the oilrig is 
    actually a part of an underground transportation system.
    PASSAGE (3, 4)
    Primary objectives:
    1. Find scuba gear
    2. Disable main security
    Secondary objectives:
    3. Render base inoperable
    Secrets: none (?)
    New enemies: Seabonite, Seabonite captain
    New weapons: spear gun
    New inventory items: weapon part (see Introduction, para. 9.X), rebreather 
    1. As you are riding the elevator, you'll notice that JC is out of range. 
    Select your sniper rifle to kill the Reconah and the sergeant waiting in the 
    first room. Hurry to the sergeant's dead body to grab his chain gun. Also, 
    you are getting a spear gun (new weapon; see Introduction, para. 4.E). It's 
    on one of the desks here. Go to the computer, select: (i) 'Cargo Bay Door 
    Controls,' then 'Open Cargo Bay Door;' (ii) 'Cargo System Controls,' then 
    'Ship Waiting Cargo.' The cargo-bay door in the middle of the floor will 
    open, and some SinTek cargo will start getting unloaded into the hole. Your 
    objective 3 basically means that you should blow stuff up. You can begin 
    right here by shooting the gas cylinders near the yellow machine.
    2. Find two watertight doors. The one on the right won't open yet. Go through 
    the other one to reach a room with a computer. Use the computer to disable 
    two water-circulation ports. If you haven't collected all of the weapon parts 
    yet, you'll find one on a shelf here (see Introduction, para. 9.X). If you 
    look out the window, you'll see enemy divers swimming. Get back to the room 
    with the elevator.
    3. Plunge into the open cargo bay. Remember that you don't have any scuba 
    gear yet. The underwater area here has two red-edged passages (inaccessible), 
    a circulation port (a shaft with a fan; on the bottom), and a blue-edged gate 
    (open). Go through the latter, but don't follow the sub through the next 
    blue-edged gate, which will open to let the sub in and then close. Instead, 
    go through the red-edged opening on your right. In the passage with a grate-
    covered ceiling, Blade should divine the purpose of the air bubbles. Just 
    swim to any pipe that lets out air bubbles, and you should get enough oxygen 
    till another resupply point.
    4. In the next, larger area with machinery, you'll meet a new enemy: 
    Seabonites (blue divers). You can kill Seabonites with your spear gun, but 
    your other weapons are also operable under water. Don't forget to search 
    their dead bodies for spears. Shoot the pipe attached to the big yellow tank 
    to destroy yet another part of the underwater base. If you swim up, you'll 
    see the control room that you visited in step 2.
    5. Go through another red-edged opening and another passage with a grate-
    covered ceiling. You'll end up in another large area with machinery. (The 
    port with a disabled fan provides a passage back to the area at the start of 
    step 3 - not that you need it.) Destroy the machine with moving parts. Open 
    the hatch with a green button, then another one, and surface in the next 
    6. Be prepared for a Reconah/sergeant duo. You should see (and pick up, as 
    necessary) some I-stims, another spear gun, a rebreather unit (OBJECTIVE 1 
    completed), some armor, some ammo, and a blue access card. Shoot the gas 
    cylinders under the pipe. Leave the room through the watertight door (press 
    the slot next to the door; the blue card opens it). Go up the stairs, open 
    another door, and you are back in the first room of this level. Swim down 
    through the cargo-bay door again.
    7. Below, you can wait for a cargo sub, or you can open blue-edged gates by 
    crouching next to their access-card slots and pressing the Use key. In the 
    next area, you'll encounter a new variation on the diver theme: a Seabonite 
    captain (red-and-blue diver). After some swimming, you'll reach a blue-edged 
    gate that is protected by laser beams. There's a control room overlooking it. 
    Exit this area through the red-edged opening. Follow another passage with a 
    grate-covered ceiling and open two green-button hatches.
    8. Surface and eliminate another duo. Available for pickup here: some health 
    and armor, plus a green access card. There is also a small chamber in this 
    room, with two Seabonites inside. If you check the computer next to the 
    chamber, you'll learn that they are being decompressed. Shoot the gas 
    cylinder above the chamber to help them. If you've been thorough in your 
    destruction of the base, OBJECTIVE 3 should now be completed.
    9. Exit through the watertight door and open another one. You should avoid 
    blowing up the gas cylinders in the new room (for now), so either be careful 
    or try to lure the Reconah away from them. After killing the Reconah, proceed 
    to the control room with a computer and an extra green access card. Use the 
    computer to disable the main sub security. OBJECTIVE 2 is completed. If you 
    look out the window, you should see the laser beams that blocked your 
    progress disappear.
    10. Return to the previous room and shoot the gas cylinders to complete the 
    destruction of the base. The room will start to flood, and you'll have 20 
    seconds to leave (only that particular room is affected). Had this happened 
    before you've disabled the sub security, your mission would have been failed.
    11. Back in the room from step 8, step back into the water and swim down. 
    Find the area with the blue-edged gate that was protected by laser beams 
    earlier. From there, you can return to the previously covered areas for any 
    supplies that you've left unclaimed. Otherwise, wait for a sub or open the 
    gate yourself, now that you have the green access card. Leave the underwater 
    station and swim to a drilling structure and then down from there. A current 
    will carry you, and you'll exit the level.
    Primary objectives:
    1. Locate cargo transit system
    2. Follow cargo subs to their destination
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: none (?)
    1. (This level is dull but quite confusing - perhaps more confusing because 
    it's dull, so I'll mention all the enemies in order not to add to the 
    confusion.) Follow the tunnel, and you'll see a clearing above you. There are 
    Nautics and a Seabonite there. Some rocks will fall. Swim towards the 
    surface, and watch for air bubbles coming out from inside a rock. There's a 
    tunnel nearby. The current there will carry you to a new area.
    2. Again, Nautics and a Seabonite. Swim to the bottom. Some rocks will fall. 
    Find another tunnel, and the current will carry you some more.
    3. There's a clearing above, with Nautics and a Seabonite. Some loose rocks 
    may fall; don't get crushed. In the upper section, look for a rather tight 
    entrance to a passage that leads down. Move there and kill the Seabonite 
    4. You'll see three pillars supporting the rock mass and some Nautics behind 
    them. Rocks, some of them stalactites, will be falling as you move forward 
    and into a trench. The current will carry you a short distance.
    5. Falling rocks again. You'll see lights above. When you find air bubbles 
    again, swim down and you'll see a blue-edged gate. There's a Seabonite near 
    the bottom and another gate further on. The current will move you away from 
    the gate, and you'll have to fight some Nautics. There's a clearing above and 
    two Seabonites by a broken sub below.
    6. Swimming near the bottom, move to an area with pillars. There are more 
    Nautics there and some falling rocks. More rocks will fall as the current 
    picks you up again and you fight some Seabonites. You'll see a sub moving 
    towards a blue-edge gate. OBJECTIVE 1 is completed.
    7. Wait for the gate to open for a sub and move in. Fight the Nautics and go 
    through another gate. You are back in the area described in step 5, with 
    submarine traffic resumed now. Swim down and through the blue-edged gate near 
    the bottom. You'll be swimming against the current, for a change.
    8. You'll see pipes marked 'Magma' on your left. Move towards yet another 
    blue-edged gate. This is the level exit. OBJECTIVE 2 is registered as 
    completed on the loading screen.
    Cinematic 9. DOCKS
    Elexis speaks to her staff about her plans for global domination. She gives 
    instructions to move the stolen nukes to a place called 'Munt Phoenix.'
    Level 22. HIDDEN DOCKS: PART 1 (1), HIDDEN DOCKS (2, 3, 4)
    Primary objectives:
    1. Subvert docks security
    2. Subvert facility security
    3. Access to docks facility
    Secondary objectives:
    4. Find dock substation
    5. Find sniper station
    6. Find geothermal plant
    Secrets: none (?)
    New friendlies: technician (marine)
    1. At the very start, grab the spear guns on the rack to the right of the 
    first gate. Hurry, because you have to follow the cargo subs closely. There 
    will be no more subs coming. If you fail to get through with them, you'll 
    have to press the oversized green buttons to open the gates. By pressing any 
    such button, you'll fail objective 1.
    2. Right after you get through the second gate, stop for a moment. The 
    connection with JC will be restored. Don't try to follow the subs through the 
    next gate. If you get too close to it, JC will warn you not to. (Inside is a 
    trap: a never-ending supply of Seabonites being dropped on you through a 
    sliding ceiling. You can get to this area later, as described in level 25, 
    step 2.) And if you get too close to the surface, you may draw fire from 
    enemies ashore, whom you can't yet see but who can see you just fine. Above 
    you is a platform where you need to go to proceed in the game, but there's an 
    indestructible gun turret there. Instead of surfacing, find an underwater 
    hatch to the right of the cargo-submarine gate. There's a rack with two M-
    stims by the hatch. You may use them now or save them for later.
    3. Go through the hatch. There's a rack with two I-stims to the left of the 
    entrance. Then, another hatch, and another rack of I-stims. Above you is a 
    platform where you need to go eventually; don't go there yet, if you want to 
    be thorough. To the right of the entrance, there are only rocks (with no 
    access to the surface) and a Nautic. In the upper layer to the left of the 
    hatch, there is a Seabonite. Kill him, move there, and more Seabonites will 
    drop into the water to get you. Dispose of them all, then dive all the way to 
    the bottom. Find a rectangular opening in the rocks and go there.
    4. The first area where you can surface is encased in rock. Go down from 
    there, then straight until you see another surfaceable area. Swim up. When 
    you see air bubbles coming from below, look down and kill the Seabonite 
    hiding near the bottom. Swim down to his position, and then look up to see 
    another one. Kill him too, swim up to the surface, and you should see land 
    finally. Get ashore to complete OBJECTIVE 4. There are some stim packs in the 
    5. With the locker and the log desk behind you, go into the puddle on your 
    left. Swim down, and you should see a platform foundation and a ladder above. 
    That's the platform from step 2. There may still be Seabonites underwater. 
    When you are done with them, there are also grunts and a worker on the 
    platform, with more grunts in the adjacent area. You may try to get them 
    while still in the water, or find a vantage point on the nearby rocks, or go 
    for broke and just climb the ladder. Once on the platform, you'll discover a 
    level-exit door (which requires a blue access card and is thus inaccessible 
    right now) and a security-camera monitor. Use the ladder to get onto the 
    elevated deck and find a yellow access card, thus completing OBJECTIVE 1. 
    There are some goodies in the lockers, including spider mines. Also, there's 
    some food on the ledge below, which you can slide down to. But more 
    importantly, you find a computer that you can use to deactivate GunCam #3 - a 
    security camera controlling the turret mentioned in step 2.
    6. With the GunCam deactivated, get down from the elevated deck and use the 
    nearby passage to get to the platform mentioned in step 3. Eliminate the 
    rocket-launcher-wielding resistance. Remember that the camera gets 
    deactivated for only 60 seconds, so you may want to return to the computer 
    and deactivate it again, to be able to clear the area from the enemy 
    infestation, collect all the supplies from the crates located there, and 
    possibly swim to the racks located next to the underwater hatches for any 
    previously uncollected health. Proceed to the watertight door on the other 
    side of the platform. If you stand with this newly found door on your right 
    and the gun turret behind you, you should be able to see a bright spot on the 
    rock wall ahead. That's a sniper station (objective 5) where you'll get 
    7. Go through the door (it required a yellow access card, which you now 
    have). Try not to shoot the gas cylinders: keeping the platform and the 
    attached ladder intact will make your job easier later. Deactivate GunCam #4 
    (good for 30 seconds only). Collect the goodies and deactivate the camera 
    again. Go through the next door. Kill the grunt, but spare the marine 
    technician. Get the blue access card plus a banana and a 'sea ration' tin 
    from the desk. OBJECTIVE 2 is completed. (The area you can see through the 
    glass is described in step 10 below.)
    8. Back on the platform with GunCam #4, go down the ladder through the 
    golden-edged hole. If the ladder has been destroyed, just dive. Swim all the 
    way down and search for an adjacent area with an underwater hatch, which is 
    hidden among the rocks overhead. When you find the hatch, you'll notice a 
    small surfaceable area to the right of it (don't go to that area yet).
    9. Open the hatch and climb the ladder through another golden-edged hole. 
    OBJECTIVE 5 is completed. Break the crates for some supplies. Through the 
    opening in the rock wall, you can see the platform you passed in step 5. If 
    there are still gas cylinders on that platform, shoot them (that won't make 
    any playable areas inaccessible). Kill any survivors you see.
    10. Go back to the underwater hatch. Once you get through the hatch, move to 
    the left and upwards, towards the clearing. Get on land and go through the 
    door. OBJECTIVE 6 is completed. Stock up on supplies from the crates the 
    Reconah was guarding. Obey the advice posted next to the valve on the bloated 
    pipe (another jab at Half-Life).
    11.A. EXIT ONE. Use the elevator to cover two extra levels. OBJECTIVE 3 will 
    register as failed - for now.
    11.B. EXIT TWO. If you feel tired and unwilling to go the extra mile, skip to 
    step 13 of this level (after levels 23, 24 and 23 (continued)).
    Level 23. GEOTHERMAL PLANT: PART 1 (1), GEOTHERMAL PLANT (2, 3, 4)
    Primary objectives:
    1. Breach security level 1
    2. Breach security level 2
    3. Breach security level 3
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: 2
    New inventory items: reactive shields
    1. Exit the elevator. Grab the supplies from the locker and the desk. Open 
    the rollup door. The double door on your left requires a blue access card, 
    which you don't have yet. Take the rocket launcher near that door, though. Go 
    into the new elevator (if it went up for some reason, call it with the green 
    button next to it) and ride it to the second floor.
    2. While in the elevator, look up. There are some steps on the wall above 
    you, leading to an opening. Exit the elevator when it reaches the second 
    floor, and press the green button next to the elevator entrance. The elevator 
    will go down. Press the button again. While the elevator is going up, crawl 
    under the safety bar, wait for the roof to come closer, and jump onto it. 
    SECRET: When the elevator stops, climb up into a room where you'll find a 
    metal worker and two I-stims. Destroy the colored display on the left.
    3. Jump down into the elevator and get out. There's a rollup door on the 
    right. Take the blue access card from the desk (OBJECTIVE 1 is completed), 
    along with other useful stuff nearby. Don't turn the valve yet, even though 
    JC would egg you on. Through the grating in the floor, kill the Reconahs 
    below. The heavy double door requires a green access card, which you don't 
    have yet. Return to the previous room.
    4. Climb down the ladder. Again, shoot the colored display. Keep doing the 
    same throughout the level to destroy the SinTek genocidal machine. (It's also 
    most effective against nearby enemies: instead of shooting at them, shoot at 
    the displays. Explosions should be powerful enough to kill most monsters.) 
    Pull down the lever on the wall (I don't know what that does, though).
    5. Pass through the rollup door. The double door required a blue card, but it 
    is open now since you have one. Open the rollup door; the heavy double door 
    requires a yellow card (you don't have it yet). Grab the green access card 
    (OBJECTIVE 2 is completed) and check the lockers. Open the rollup door, enter 
    the area called 'Temperature Control Room,' and check the locker there too. 
    Also, peek through the floor grating into the room below and kill whoever is 
    6. Behind the next rollup door is a large area with rocks, lava, and some 
    man-made structures. If you are sufficiently high on health, you may venture 
    across the lava into a dark area located at 2 o'clock from the entrance. 
    Follow the tunnel, kill the Manumit dining there, and pick up some ammo. 
    Return to the main area. Go up the catwalk and turn right to pick up an item 
    called 'reactive shields.' There are three M-stims on the opposite end of the 
    catwalk you are on. You don't need all of them - leave some for later. Find a 
    safe spot to slide down to the lower level and go out the rollup door.
    7. Go through the 'RC-2057' room, visit the room on the left, then open the 
    heavy double door. You are back at the start of the level.
    8.A. EXIT ONE. You can use the elevator you first arrived in. However, you'll 
    miss some areas here as well as a whole new level. Skip to level 22 
    (continued) (it follows levels 24 and 23 (continued)).
    8.B. EXIT TWO. Call the elevator that goes to the second floor and ride it 
    upstairs. Go to the control room described in step 2 and turn the valve next 
    to the security-camera monitor. Step out and observe the collapsing 
    machinery. SECRET: Jump into the broken pipe (what ever for, I don't know). 
    Make a carefully orchestrated jump towards the ladder, climb out, and get 
    back to the control room. Open the double door (it required a green access 
    card, which you now have). Break the air-duct grating, and rats will come out 
    squeaking. Proceed through the rollup door. The lava-filled area you visited 
    in step 4 is visible through the windows on the left. The door ahead is an 
    exit. It leads directly to level 26, and you'll miss out on some good 
    shootin' if you take it.
    8.C. EXIT THREE. Instead of leaving through the door mentioned at the end of 
    step 8.B, return to the ratty air duct and crawl in (use the maneuver 
    described in the Introduction, para. 4.I). Using a glowstick if you need, get 
    to a drop in the duct and jump down. You are going to level 24.
    9. No matter what exit you take, OBJECTIVE 3 will register as failed.
    Level 24. GEOTHERMAL PLANT: PART 2 (1/closing screen only), GEOTHERMAL 
    SUBSTATION (2, 3, 4)
    Primary objectives:
    1. Locate siphon control room
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: 1
    New inventory items: weapon part (see Introduction, para. 9.X)
    1. Break the grating and jump down. Ignore JC's dare and don't shut off the 
    furnace (by flicking the temperature switch to the left of the furnace-status 
    display). That would make one of the game levels inaccessible. Open the 
    rollup door; apply the 'shoot-colored-displays-first' approach here and 
    throughout the level.
    2. Open the next rollup door, crawl to the valve just to the left of it, and 
    turn it. The resulting explosion might kill the enemies around the corner. 
    Also, there's a Reconah standing on a ledge overlooking the door through 
    which you've just entered. The rollup door to the right leads to a small room 
    called 'Thermal Transfer Station.' Visit that room, then go back, and proceed 
    through the third rollup door to the 'Siphoning Stations.'
    3. Opening that door will complete OBJECTIVE 1. If any of the pumps (marked 
    1, 2, 3) in the room are still intact after the shootout, go up the staircase 
    opposite pump 3 to observe a mixer-like structure behind the glass. If you 
    shoot all the pump displays, that mixer will be drained, which will allow you 
    to take Exit One in level 29.
    4. There is some useful stuff in a tight space between pump 3 and the wall. 
    Use the steps on the wall around the corner. Climb up and follow the catwalk 
    to a room with a yellow access card (take it). Open the door and use the 
    'shoot-the-display' trick again to destroy some machinery. SECRET: Jump onto 
    the pipe that's been exposed by the explosion and crawl under the floor. Get 
    to the ledge where the Reconah was stationed in step 2, in order to discover 
    a secret area where you may find a weapon part (see Introduction, para. 9.X).
    5. Jump down and return to the upper level via the steps on the wall. Proceed 
    now beyond the secret area, to an area with a double door (what the yellow 
    card was for) and a rollup door. Go through the latter first. You are now 
    above the furnace you saw in step 1.
    6.A. EXIT ONE. Go back and exit through the double door you just saw. Collect 
    all useful items. Mysteriously, another weapon part just like you discovered 
    in the secret area in step 4 may be found in one of the lockers. If it's part 
    #3, your weapon will be 're-assembled.' Use the elevator to return to the 
    upper section of the geothermal plant.
    6.B. EXIT TWO. If you shut off the furnace in step 1, there should be a hole 
    in the wall on your left as well as a Manumit on the platform. Kill him. You 
    can jump through the hole to exit this level.
    Level 23 (continued)
    10. Note that objectives 1 and 2 are shown as completed on the mission-status 
    display when you arrive. However, if you complete objective 3, they will 
    become unchecked; and when you leave the level, they will register as failed.
    11.A. ENTRY/EXIT ONE: From step 6.A of the previous level. The heavy double 
    door you see ahead is mentioned in step 3 of this level. Grab the yellow 
    access card and any supplies you see. OBJECTIVE 3 is completed. Open the 
    double door (it required the yellow card), then go through the rollup door on 
    the right and through yet another rollup door to get to the area with lava. 
    Go up the catwalk to collect any M-stims you might have left on the platform 
    in step 6. Then, slide down and exit this area through the rollup door. Open 
    another one, turn right, open the double door, then the rollup door, and use 
    the elevator to get back to level 22.
    11.B. ENTRY/EXIT TWO: From step 6.B of the previous level. You'll fall to the 
    area where you battled the Manumit in step 6. Get out to the lava-filled 
    area. You have two options here:
    (i) Proceed to the exit (follow the second half of step 11.A). OBJECTIVE 3 
    will register as failed.
    (ii) Return to level 24 via the air duct, exit that level as advised in its 
    step 6.A, and then follow step 11.A above. But that would be too much, 
    wouldn't it?
    Level 22 (continued)
    12. Note that you've arrived with objective 3 unchecked even though you 
    failed it in step 11.A. Exit the elevator.
    13. Go through the watertight door, jump into the water, and swim all the way 
    down. Keep right and make your way up to the platform you last visited in 
    step 8. If the platform was left intact, use the ladder; if not, use the 
    rocks. GunCam #3 is active again, so be careful. Blow up the gas cylinders 
    (if any) when you leave. Return to the level-exit door mentioned in step 5. 
    You may get there via surface, or you may use the water route, especially if 
    there are any stimpacks left near the underwater hatches. OBJECTIVE 3 will be 
    completed when you open the level-exit door (it required a blue access card, 
    which you now have) and go in.
    Primary Objective
    1. Locate control room
    2. Destroy navigation computer
    3. Locate jungle pass entrance
    Secondary Objective
    Secrets: 3
    New inventory items: weapon part (see Introduction, para. 9.X)
    1. Open the watertight door to discover two more. One requires a blue card, 
    which you don't have yet. Deactivate GunCam #1 (good for 30 seconds) and open 
    the other door.
    2. Kill the grunt on the upper ledge opposite the entrance, but spare the 
    (friendly) tech on the same level as you are. You might want to return to the 
    previous room to deactivate the turret again. Break the glass floor and jump 
    down. OBJECTIVE 1 is completed. (If you engage the cargo submarine from the 
    console in that room and follow it into the water, you'll turn up in the area 
    described in step 3 of level 22. Doing this isn't necessary, though.) There 
    are two exits from this room: a sliding door and a watertight door. Go 
    through the latter. There are some supplies on the desk.
    3. Go through the next door and grab the blue access card. Break the crates 
    and take note of the computer that deactivates GunCam #2. Clear the next area 
    and search the lockers. Open the sliding door (not the one leading back to 
    the area in step 2; the other one), but don't go in yet. Kill the workers 
    that will come out, and then go back to the GunCam computer. Deactivate the 
    gun turret (good for 30 seconds).
    4. Return to the turret room and kill whoever may be on the upper level. 
    (Careful, though: if you shoot a ceiling lamp, the lights will go out in that 
    room and in the next area.) There are some crates here; you may have to 
    deactivate the turret several times so that you could safely search them. 
    When you are done, ride the lift to the upper level (the button is to the 
    left of the lift).
    5. Open the watertight door and enter the room that has two more doors on the 
    lower level. Since this is SinTek property, shoot the fire extinguisher to 
    cause some damage. The door to the right of the entrance requires an orange 
    access card, and you don't have it yet. Approach it, though, to make 
    OBJECTIVE 3 register as completed. The remaining lower-level door (it 
    required a blue card, which you now have) leads back to the area in step 1. 
    So you are heading upstairs instead.
    6. Once you are in a room with a tech, go towards the watertight door, wait 
    until the tech comes closer to you, and shoot the gas cylinders. This way, 
    the civilian won't get killed in the explosion.
    7. Open the door, shoot the gas cylinders (sometimes the marine tech in this 
    room dies in the explosion, sometimes not), and kill the sergeant. Again, 
    there are two more doors in the room. Go to the one on the right, to observe 
    a missile at a launch facility. Then go out through the remaining door.
    8. You'll meet a talking tech. Steal the food from the console behind him. Go 
    through the watertight door to his left. Collect the orange access card. 
    There are two grunts, a sergeant, and two techs in the next room. There may 
    be a weapon part on the desk by the sergeant (see Introduction, para. 9.X). 
    When you've killed the goons, return to the first tech there. SECRET: Press 
    the panel where he is crouching. If he is blocking the panel, you may have to 
    shoot him once or twice with your Magnum (without killing him), to make him 
    move. The panel will slide and a secret area will be accessible.
    9. Go through the next watertight door. GunCam #1 will start shooting. Follow 
    the ledge to the right, out of its range. The structure attached to the 
    ceiling is evidently some kind of computer. Shoot it to complete OBJECTIVE 2. 
    (This objective can be completed as early as in step 2, by you or by the 
    shooting grunt. The computer hangs above the submarine-dock area.) The 
    explosion will reveal an area with a first-aid cabinet. Jump onto the remains 
    of the computer, and then towards the cabinet. Grab the M-stim. SECRET: Press 
    another secret panel to the right of the cabinet for some supplies. Jump back 
    to the ledge.
    10. Return to the starting point of step 8. Go downstairs. SECRET: Get under 
    the staircase and open the panel. Then grab the stuff from the worker's desk, 
    open the door, and get to the outdoor platform.
    11.A. EXIT ONE. To cover more territory, use this exit. Jump into the water. 
    Take JC's cue and follow the pipes. Eventually, you'll reach another 
    platform, with a door and a 'No Entry' sign. Use the door to exit the level.
    11.B. EXIT TWO. Return to the door that required the orange access card 
    (mentioned in step 5) and open it.
    Level 26. JUNGLE PASS: PART 1 (1), JUNGLE PASS (2, 3, 4)
    Primary objectives:
    1. Reach guard station Gamma
    2. Reach guard station Beta
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: none (?)
    New enemies: guerilla
    New inventory items: weapon part (see Introduction, para. 9.X)
    1.A. ENTRY ONE: From step 11.A of the previous level.
    1.A.a. Climb the ladder to get to a room with a waterfall and a watertight 
    door. Open the door to meet a guerilla (you new enemy) on the platform. There 
    is another platform across the water. A guerilla may appear there, try to 
    kill him too. Jump into the water. Don't get near the waterfall, or you will 
    be hurt or even killed.
    1.A.b. Get to the island with a ladder. Climb the ladder and open the nearby 
    door. You are in a room with a marine technician. Grab the supplies from the 
    desk. Leave this room, open the door again, and shoot the gas cylinders from 
    the outside. You'll see falling rocks partly destroy the platform you are on. 
    Don't worry, you'll be able to proceed.
    1.B. ENTRY TWO: From step 11.B of the previous level. You emerge in the room 
    with the tech (see step 1.A.b). The area in step 1.A.a is unreachable, but 
    you can kill the grunt there.
    1.C. ENTRY THREE: From step 11.B of level 23. You emerge at a door with a 
    sign 'Geothermal Power Plant' above it. Turn left to cover the same areas 
    that are accessible in step 1.B. The only difference is that the grunt from 
    step 1.A.a won't show up.
    2. For some reason, I keep arriving in this level without my scuba gear 
    (a.k.a. rebreather unit). However, you have to get underwater and kill some 
    Nautics. Just remember to resurface from time to time for some air. Search 
    for Nautics first, then find an area with a spear gun on the bottom, which is 
    blocked by rocks. Blast the rocks, proceed, and kill another Nautic. Swim up 
    and resurface in a new area, with an M-stim. Then return to the waterfall 
    area, where you'll have to deal with one more Nautic.
    3. Get back onto the platform and jump towards the remains of the staircase. 
    Climb it by hopping. Get to a folding door with an OK button. Press the 
    button and move in. At the intersection, there's a map of the island (it 
    moves up and down) on your left and the entrance from the geothermal plant on 
    your right (locked). Go straight, grab the supplies on the right side of the 
    corridor, and press the OK button next to the door there.
    4.A. EXIT ONE: If you didn't shut off the furnace in level 24, step 1.
    4.A.a. As soon as you venture outside, a Manumit will attack you. (JC's 
    surprise will be out of place, since you've encountered two or even three 
    Manumits already.) There's a booby trap on the left, which can be destroyed 
    before it pops up if you notice it in time. Note the Gamma station, which is 
    straight ahead, but don't enter it yet. There's a rock ledge on your left - 
    quickly follow it to the roof of the Gamma station. Kill the Manumit on a 
    similar ledge nearby, if he hasn't gone down already to attack you. Jump over 
    onto his ledge to collect some armor and, possibly, a weapon part (see 
    Introduction, para. 9.X). Get down and proceed through the next folding door. 
    A pop-up turret will open fire, and another Manumit will appear.
    4.A.b. Follow the rock ledge, find a stream below, and jump into it. Swim 
    until you bump into some rocks, which you'll have to jump over to exit the 
    level. OBJECTIVES 1 and 2 will register as failed (for now). You are going to 
    level 27.
    4.B. EXIT TWO: If you shut off the furnace in level 24, step 1.
    4.B.a. Copy step 4.A.a with this adjustment: Press the OK button at the Gamma 
    station to extend the staircase and climb it to complete OBJECTIVE 1.
    4.B.b. Follow the rock ledge. The lower area on your right is filled with 
    lava. You should see an extendable sniper post ahead. Kill all the enemies 
    you see, including the sniper on the second extendable post. Go to the first 
    sniper post on the left. If it's extended upwards, retract it by approaching 
    (not too close) and 'using' it. Step on and extend it by pressing the control 
    button there. From the post, you can jump to the rock ledge and follow it to 
    collect two M-stims stored on another ledge. Get to the lower passage and 
    proceed to a door with an OK button.
    4.B.c. Kill all the enemies, including the pop-up turret. Visit the Beta 
    station to complete OBJECTIVE 2. Exit through the door opposite the station. 
    Skip to level 28.
    Level 27. JUNGLE PASS: PART 2 (1, 2), JUNGLE PASS 2 (3, 4)
    Primary objectives:
    1. Return to guard station Beta
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: 3
    New enemies: Bachrodai
    1. You'll fall into another stream. Get ashore where you can, and kill the 
    guerilla. Jump onto the log that is tied to the bottom of the stream, then 
    onto the other bank. SECRET: Crawl through the hole on the right to collect 
    some stuff. Return to the first island and approach the palm tree. It'll fall 
    across the stream, creating a bridge.
    2. Cross over and go left. Fight your new enemy, Bachrodai, as well as some 
    Vultorns. When you pass the second palm tree on that side of the stream and 
    turn right, you'll get into a trap. Vultorns will attack you. Use the log to 
    get out.
    3. Continue. When you see two Vultorns up ahead, be careful: huge rocks are 
    going to fall behind you and roll towards where the creatures were standing. 
    Find a safe place to hide until the avalanche is over.
    4. The next, larger area has some palm trees and a hanging bridge. Tree 
    trunks may be hurled at you. Proceed; using the floating logs, make several 
    jumps to get across the water.
    5. Soon you'll fall into another trap. When you get out, tree trunks are 
    going to drop from a rock ledge and roll towards you. SECRET: Select the 
    adrenaline pack in your inventory, activate it, and jump to reach the ledge. 
    (It seems wasteful to trade adrenaline for bananas, so maybe there's another 
    way to reach the secret area. In step 9, when you walk over the palm-tree 
    bridge in a certain way, a piece of rock will fall off and crash near this 
    ledge, knocking over a light post. Maybe another light post is supposed to be 
    damaged as well, so that you could use it to get to the platform. I haven't 
    been able to produce that effect, though.)
    6. Get down from the ledge and continue. More Vultorns will attack. Proceed 
    until you see a lower rock ledge ahead. SECRET: Jump onto the ledge; the cave 
    contains some ammo.
    7.A. APPROACH ONE: If you visited the geothermal plant levels (23-24). There 
    is an opening in the rocks to the right of the ledge, and the passage behind 
    it is filled with lava. Move in and kill any Vultorns (some may attack you 
    from behind) and guerillas you can see above. Climb up. Destroy the gun 
    turret and jump onto the nearest platform with a door. Open the door, then 
    another one, and grab the supplies on the next platform. Destroy the gun 
    turret below and go back.
    7.B. APPROACH TWO: If you bypassed the geothermal plant levels (23-24). The 
    area described in step 7.A is not filled with lava. You can follow the 
    passage through and use a rope and a ladder to reach the platform mentioned 
    at the end of the previous step. Proceed through the door to the next 
    8. Cross over to the opposite platform. Collect the stuff lying there and 
    open the door, then another. Grab the stuff on your right and follow the 
    stone ledge. It will be collapsing right behind you, so be careful. (If you 
    fall at any time, it's possible to return here and proceed by jumping, now 
    that parts of the ledge have collapsed.)
    9. Go through the cave. A SinTek helicopter will drop two guerillas for you 
    to kill. If you haven't stepped on the palm tree to get across, take a look 
    at the area below and to the left. You should be able to see the platform you 
    wasted your adrenaline pack on in step 5.
    10. Cross the gap using the tree. Get to the hanging bridge. Cross it, then 
    use the rope to climb to the upper ledge. You'll see the Beta station sign. 
    Enter the cave and move forward to complete OBJECTIVE 1 and exit the level.
    Level 26 (continued)
    5. The cave you are in is located above the Beta station, near the level 
    exit. Kill all the enemies below. Slide down and visit the station to 
    complete OBJECTIVE 2. Press the OK button next to the turret position. Kill 
    the sniper in front of you, then the grunt, Manumit, and sniper on your left. 
    Go to the sniper post on the left. If it's extended upwards, retract it by 
    approaching (not too close) and 'using' it. Step on and extend it by pressing 
    the control button there. From the post, you can jump to the rock ledge and 
    follow it to collect two M-stims stored on another ledge.
    6. Revisit the Gamma station (step 4). Press the OK button to extend the 
    staircase. Climb it to complete OBJECTIVE 1. Return to the Beta station and 
    exit the level through the opposite door.
    Level 28. MOUNTAIN GORGE
    Primary objectives:
    1. Reach guard station Sigma
    2. Reach guard station Delta
    3. Reach supply station
    4. Subvert security station
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: none (?)
    1. As soon as you open the folding door, a guerilla from the Sigma station 
    (on your left) will fire rockets that will hit close to your location. Don't 
    worry about him; he'll be dead in a few seconds anyway. Note: There are 
    guerilla teams patrolling the road in this level; they will be sneaking up on 
    you until step 5.
    2.A.a. Hop on the ATV, and as you pass the station (OBJECTIVE 1 will be 
    completed), JC will say something about the canyon being unstable. The 
    station will be crushed by falling rocks, and lava will start advancing. 
    Don't worry about it either; it won't get further than the station. When you 
    see a guerilla next to a swing gate, get off the ATV. Kill him and take his 
    rocket launcher. You may as well kill his colleague on the other side of the 
    2.A.b. Get on the ATV again, accelerate, and jump over the gap to the second 
    half of the elevated road. Soon, you'll reach the Delta station (OBJECTIVE 2 
    is completed). Get off the ATV. Climb into the station to check the security-
    camera monitor. Then use the steps on the wall to get under the elevated 
    road. If you go back as far as the fissure (near the point where you made the 
    ATV jump), three Manumits will be spawned at different points behind you. 
    Kill them on your way back, climb back to the road, and ride on.
    2.B. APPROACH TWO. If you are not quick enough, the ATV will be destroyed by 
    encroaching lava. Without the ATV, you'll have to proceed on foot. When you 
    reach the broken bridge, you'll have to jump over to the other side, but you 
    won't be able to make it to the bridge. You'll land on the grass below and 
    proceed from there, fighting the Manumits along the way (see step 2.A.b). 
    Eventually, you'll reach the steps on the wall that lead to the Delta 
    3. Shortly after the station, you should see an extendable sniper position. 
    When you first see the supply station on your left, you'll be standing under 
    another sniper position: the sniper is hiding above you as you enter the 
    clearing. When you've taken her out, follow the ledge to the right of the 
    entry point to collect her rifle.
    4. As you move towards the supply station, OBJECTIVE 3 gets completed. 
    Collect anything you need from the crates. Ride the ATV (or walk) a little 
    further. When you encounter a team of guerillas here, get off and proceed on 
    5. Up ahead, you'll see a structure with a guerilla on the roof, and a moving 
    searchlight. That's the security station. Get your sniper rifle and take the 
    guerilla out. There should also be a sniper stationed a little above the 
    guerilla. Seek her out and kill her as well. Repeat the procedure on another 
    guerilla/sniper duo, positioned to the left of the first one.
    6. In order to have all the outside areas cleared, approach the point where 
    the left side of the road pavement meets the rocks. Turn around and go down 
    the slope - moving towards the supply station. There are two Vultorns to kill 
    under the elevated road and a gun turret to destroy.
    7. Return to the security station. Enter it through the door with a sign that 
    says, 'Restricted: GT Command.' Press the button on the sign to open the 
    door. Kill everyone. If the alarm is activated inside the station, you may 
    deactivate it by pressing a red button on some consoles.
    8. On the second floor, proceed to another door with the 'GT Command' sign. 
    Open it and kill the unarmed, visor-wearing guerilla. Move into the room. The 
    only possible outcome is your capture by Elexis' henchmen. OBJECTIVE 4 is 
    Cinematic 10. GORGE.
    Ms. Sinclaire instructs the guards to take you to a place called 'Area 57.' 
    Blade finds himself in a cell, realizing slowly that he has been turned into 
    a Manumit.
    Level 29. CONTAINMENT AREA 57
    Primary objectives:
    1. Finish Darwin chamber #1
    2. Finish Darwin chamber #2
    3. Finish Darwin chamber #3
    4. Transform to human
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: none (?)
    New enemies: Dark Captain, lab worker
    New weapons: mutant hands, quantum destabilizer
    1. Your cellmate will break free through the force field, only to be killed 
    by a Dark Captain (new enemy). You'll notice that your health keeps slowly 
    diminishing, so keep an eye on your health status. You'll find a plentiful 
    source of boosting it in U4 vials that you can find in lockers, on desks, and 
    on fighting arenas throughout this level. Your new weapon: mutant hands. They 
    are your only defense for as long as you remain in this form. Don't kill any 
    technicians or Dark Captains until further notice. If you try, gun turrets 
    will be activated.
    2. Get out of the cell and turn right. You can turn off the annoying alarm by 
    pressing the OK button on the left. Find a red-edged path. The technician 
    will open the door. Keep on that path. Eventually, you should stumble upon a 
    Dark Captain who will open a pipe tunnel (marked 1 on the floor) for you. Get 
    inside and move forward, to be dropped into Darwin chamber #1.
    3. Kill the Vultorns. Step into a maze whose sections keep opening and 
    closing. You may notice a bright spot near the entrance. It marks the place 
    where U4 vials are sometimes dropped by a SinTek technician (stationed 
    upstairs) through a hole in the ceiling. You have two options here:
    (i) Fight a tough but winnable battle. Kill the first Manumit, move towards 
    the wall in front of you, wait for the section on your left to open, then go 
    left. Kill another Manumit. Move to the corner with three U4 vials. Wait for 
    the next section (to the right of the shelf with the vials) to open, kill two 
    more Manumits, and exit through the door in the left corner of that area (2 
    o'clock from the entry point). OBJECTIVE 1 is completed.
    (ii) You don't have to kill any Manumits here, just keep yourself alive until 
    you reach the exit. (One way would be for the first Manumit to catapult you 
    onto a maze partition; look around and follow it to the exit. You'll get a 
    chance to kill the Manumits here later.) When you do, OBJECTIVE 1 will be 
    4. Open another door, then a heavy double door. There's a Dark Captain here, 
    two lockers, and a message board. Move forward (the message board will be on 
    your left). You should see a darker section of the floor, which is an 
    elevator that will go up when you step on it. Prepare to jump off it in 
    midair onto the pipes located to the right of the elevator. Open the recessed 
    panel to get inside a room with regular health packs (they work on Manumits, 
    too). Get out and use the elevator again, now all the way up.
    5. Follow the red-edged path. It's the same deal as before, only now you 
    should go to a pipe marked 2. You'll be dropped into the area with the mixer 
    you saw through the glass in level 24, step 3.
    6.A. EXIT ONE. If you destroyed the pumps in level 24, step 3, there will be 
    no water in the mixer area. Jump down. At the bottom of the mixer, find a 
    recessed section of the left wall and open three doors. Wait for the grab to 
    pass over you, jump over to the next section, and then jump down to exit the 
    level. OBJECTIVES 2-4 are registered as failed.
    6.B. EXIT TWO. If you didn't destroy all the pumps in level 24, this area 
    will be covered with scalding water (or some other harmful liquid) and level 
    30 will be inaccessible. (Well, actually, it is accessible, but you will die 
    trying to reach it.) Swim to the first platform and make a series of jumps to 
    get to the other side, moving clockwise and avoiding the rotating sticks. 
    There are U4 vials here for your enjoyment. After you reach the other side, 
    you'll end up in the same area as in step 4. OBJECTIVE 2 is completed. Ride 
    the elevator upstairs. Skip to step 8 below (after level 30).
    Primary objectives:
    1. Navigate recycler
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: none (?)
    1. Jump off the conveyor belt. Kill the Dark Captain. There are U4 vials on 
    top of the lockers. Go through the door on the same floor into a room where 
    you'll have to kill a metal worker and two more Dark Captains. Return to the 
    main hall. There are some regular health packs on the desk. The conveyor was 
    going to drop you into a grinder. Go to the second floor and find a red 
    button to press. This will turn off the grinder. Kill the worker, go to the 
    drop-off end of the conveyor, and jump into the red goo below. Wait for the 
    grinders to disengage from each other, and swim through the tunnel, avoiding 
    the slicer.
    2. Jump out to the left and kill the worker. Kill another worker below. Crawl 
    under the pipe and press the recessed panel. Collect some regular health 
    packs. Move outside and exit through the door on your right. Kill the Dark 
    Captain. Go to the next room.
    3. Kill the worker. Press the red button to activate a transporter. The 
    transporter moves SinTek canisters to an elevator shaft (11 o'clock from the 
    entrance). Wait for it to grab the canisters, then jump onto them. Midway to 
    the elevator shaft, you can jump onto the pipes to the left of the elevator 
    shaft. Use the steps to climb up to a recessed panel on your left. Press it 
    and grab some U4 inside the room there. Get down to the button again and 
    repeat the transporter-activation procedure to get to the shaft. OBJECTIVE 1 
    is completed. You are moving back to level 29.
    Level 29 (continued)
    7. You emerge in a room with a Dark Captain and a technician. OBJECTIVE 2 is 
    completed. The double door will be opened for you. Proceed until you see 
    another tech. (Techs are technically (pardon the pun) friendlies here, but 
    since you have no contact with JC, no one will blame if you kill him. 
    Besides, there are no gun turrets nearby.) Press the OK button to deactivate 
    the force field. You are back in the cell area from step 1.
    8. Follow the red-edged path again and proceed to a pipe tunnel marked 3. 
    (Now, I haven't been able to get the Dark Captain responsible for this pipe 
    to activate it for me when I get here via level 30. He (it?) keeps directing 
    me to his pipe, but when I obey, he doesn't activate it. So I just use the 
    noclip cheat on pipe #3 and drop down from there.) You'll be dropped into a 
    pool where you are supposed to fight some Nautics (their supply is unending, 
    so don't expect to kill every one). Take the small tunnel on your right, then 
    proceed through another one, and surface in a room. Get out of the water to 
    complete OBJECTIVE 3.
    9. Go straight, make two lefts and one right, open the door, and go up the 
    stairs. Still out of contact with JC, you can kill the techs manning the 
    machine here. Step into the machine to receive an injection that will turn 
    you back to human (OBJECTIVE 4 is completed). Connection with JC will be 
    restored. Step out.
    10. Go down the stairs and try the door with the 'Danger' sign. It requires a 
    key. Go through the next door to acquire a Magnum and a key from the desk, a 
    shotgun from the rack. Go down the ramp and acquire an assault rifle from the 
    rack, a rocket launcher plus some ammo and armor from the locker.
    11. Head up the ramp and up the stairs, turn left, then right. Open the door. 
    (You are above the pool with the Nautics.) Go to the right of the 3 sign. 
    Enter the lab and kill the lab workers. Get out and make two rights. Open the 
    door on the left. Collect stuff from the corner. Go through the door near the 
    2 sign. You are above the mixer area.
    12. Make two rights and collect stuff. Proceed through another door. Open the 
    door near the 1 sign. (You are above the maze area. There is a hole in the 
    floor here, mentioned in step 3 above. If there are any surviving Manumits 
    below, you can kill them by luring them closer to the hole or inflicting 
    splatter damage with the rocket or grenade launcher. You can try other 
    weapons as well. The nearby tech, if he's still alive and you are not 
    blocking the hole, may drop a U4 vial or two through the hole.) Reacquire a 
    chain gun from one of the crates. On the other side of the room, you'll get a 
    new weapon: quantum destabilizer.
    13. When you go back, you'll have to deal with Dark Captains, which have 
    popped up in the rooms you've just covered. Kill them all and return to the 
    door with the 'Danger' sign from step 10. Open it and go in to exit the 
    Primary objectives:
    1. Locate organ extraction lab
    2. Locate surgery lab
    3. Locate adrenaline
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: 3
    New enemies: Peon
    1. You are in an organic-looking tunnel. Don't overlook the rat. Open the 
    iris door. You are facing a tall structure amidst green goo. There are some 
    Bachrodai wading in the goo. JC will suggest that you are in a bioengineering 
    facility. Climb to the top of the structure. Kill another Bachrodai there, 
    turn around, and go through the door.
    2. Check the security-camera monitor to see an area with a monster (that's a 
    Peon, not to be confused with an Eon-and-Peon). Get stuff from the lockers. 
    SECRET: Go under the staircase and press the panel. Get inside the tunnel, 
    turn right, and get the adrenaline vial. OBJECTIVE 3 is completed. If you 
    still have a vial from an earlier level, you won't be able to pick up this 
    3. Go upstairs. Open the membrane door. OBJECTIVE 1 is completed. Grab the 
    quantum destabilizer from the shelf. SECRET: Press the leftmost panel above 
    the shelf and crawl into the tunnel. When you've crawled back out, open the 
    door marked 'Gamma Capitation' and kill the lab worker (keep killing them 
    throughout the game). Talk to the bum lying under the glass lid. You can lift 
    the lid (thus saving the bum, I guess) by accessing the dark console to the 
    right of the table and playing with the arrow and Enter keys on your 
    keyboard. (The screen remains dark, though. The same applies to the console 
    in the Gamma Capitation room. You should press the Escape key to step away 
    from these consoles, just as with any other console in the game.) The bum 
    won't get up, though.
    4. Enter the elevator and go up. OBJECTIVE 2 is completed. Note the bright 
    section of the floor next to the security-camera monitor. Don't step on it, 
    at least unintentionally. There's another adrenaline vial by the dead body on 
    the table. OBJECTIVE 3 gets completed once more. Go to the door opposite the 
    table and peek inside. The large cell behind the door houses the Peon you saw 
    on the monitor earlier.
    5. You have several options to deal with the Peon:
    (i) You may just leave it be. It's in a cell and won't bother you.
    (ii) You may decide to step on the bright spot near the security monitor. 
    Like I said, it's a trap. You'll be dropped into the Peon's cell and will 
    have to battle it in close quarters. You may decide to shoot at it from a 
    vantage point: get on the sloping ledge that runs across one of the cell 
    walls, and climb to the window. The best weapon in this case would be the 
    quantum destabilizer.
    (iii) The safest way, however, might be shooting at the monster through the 
    cell entrance. You'll have to time your shots so that you wouldn't get hurt 
    by your own projectiles: the cell door closes automatically. You'll have to 
    reopen it a dozen or so times.
    6. When you've disposed of the creature, collect a riot helmet and a Magnum 
    in its cell. Outside the cell, climb the steps to the left of its entrance to 
    get into a tunnel. Press the partition inside the tunnel to make it slide 
    aside. The tunnel leads to the area with the Bachrodai (step 1). SECRET: Jump 
    down onto any container (not the transporter) that is being moved and stay on 
    it. When the container is placed in the upper position, wait for the 
    transporter to attach again (as it prepares to move the container to the 
    lower position), activate the adrenaline in your inventory, and jump towards 
    the tunnel from which you jumped onto the container. I am not sure what the 
    supreme goal is here, but I think the secret registers when you land on top 
    of the tunnel opening after at least touching one of the ledges hanging over 
    it. (If you get frustrated, just activate the 'noclip' cheat and get the 
    secret registered.) From the point where you landed, you can safely jump into 
    the tunnel itself and return to the area in step 4.
    7. The level exit is to the left of the operating table. Open the iris door 
    and leave through the tunnel.
    Primary objectives:
    1. Locate microsurgery lab
    2. Locate X-ray labs
    3. Locate mansion entrance
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: 2
    New inventory items: U4 mutagen injector
    1. Open the iris door and step out of the tunnel. OBJECTIVE 1 is completed. 
    Keep on killing the lab workers. Collect stuff under the sloping ledge at the 
    entrance, on the desk, in the first-aid cabinet, and on top of the glass 
    cabinet (use the door handle to get to a U4 mutagen injector). The consoles 
    don't do anything useful here or elsewhere in this level.
    2. Open the membrane door. Collect stuff from the lockers and on top of them. 
    Check the security-camera monitor. Important: Make sure you observe the 
    monsters inside the cell kill each other (in the best-case scenario, only one 
    Peon should survive). Otherwise, you'll have to deal with all of them 
    3. Open the next membrane door. The section in front of the monitor is a 
    trap. If you step on it, you'll be dropped into the cell you just saw. You 
    have the same options as described in step 5 of the previous level. 
    Hopefully, though, there'll be just one weakened Peon left there, and you can 
    deal with it inside the cell. When you are done with the beast(s), follow the 
    sloping ledge in either section of the cell to get on top of the structure 
    dividing the cell. SECRET: Find a bright panel on the wall there and open it. 
    Get inside (use the maneuver described in the Introduction, para. 4.I) for a 
    quantum destabilizer.
    4. Return to the room with the elevator. Step into the elevator and press the 
    button to go down. Step out to complete OBJECTIVE 2. Proceed through the 
    membrane door. You may shoot the gas cylinders, too. Repeat the same 
    procedure in the next couple of rooms. You may as well use the U4 mutagen 
    injector on yourself here and wreak havoc in the Manumit form.
    5. Eventually, you should reach a door marked 'Neonatal Chamber.' When you 
    enter the room, you should see an exotic-looking ladder on the right wall. 
    Climb it to reach a panel on the left. SECRET: Open the panel and get inside. 
    Jump down, open the door, and collect the M-stims and the adrenaline vial. 
    Return to the neonatal chamber.
    6. Open the next membrane door. Go inside to complete OBJECTIVE 3. Open the 
    glass door on your left, then another one, and proceed to exit the level.
    Level 33. ESTATE SINCLAIRE: PART 1 (1), ESTATE SINCLAIRE (2, 3, 4)
    Primary objectives:
    1. Subvert security #1
    2. Find bioshield
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: none (?)
    New enemies: Vultorn (small), male (civilian) (as a butler)
    1. When you enter the level, you'll see a chopper lifting off. Destroy the 
    gun turrets on the left. Break the crates to get stuff, including a sniper 
    rifle. Follow the passage on the left. After JC talks to you, look out for 
    snipers. There's one on the left, just above the staircase. When you get to 
    the clearing, look for another one up on the roof, also on the left.
    2. Upstairs, you'll find a door with laser beams. You can open it, but 
    entering will cause several Securtons to appear, as will ringing the bell to 
    the left of the door. Return to the spot where the first sniper was 
    stationed. Open the trapdoor behind the palm tree. Jump down to complete 
    3. Don't kill the SinTek tech. Use the hanging console to get some Securtons 
    and a stair trap offline. (Now you can open the chamber to the left of the 
    console and destroy the Securton inside.) You can find an M-stim and an 
    adrenaline vial in the first-aid cabinet as well as a glowstick in the crate 
    below it. Go through the low door on the left. Kill the rats and the Manumit, 
    then collect useful stuff from the crates. Return to the previous room.
    4. Go through the low door on the right. There is a small Vultorn on the 
    ledge above the entrance. Break the crates to collect some goodies, including 
    a silencer. Note the steps on the wall. Go through the hole to another area, 
    which you'll have to clear from some Vultorns. Then climb up the steps.
    5. Kill the tech as soon as you get out, or he'll sound the alarm, which will 
    activate the Securtons that are otherwise inactive. Destroy the targetable 
    Securtons. Take the I-stims from the desk, if needed. Check the security-
    camera monitor. Proceed to the main part of the mansion.
    6. The area with the sofa will be clear if you used the console in step 3, 
    and you can safely use the staircase to walk down (not that you need to, 
    now). Otherwise, you'll have a couple of Securtons below. On the second 
    floor, proceed through two doors. Directly ahead, you should see a sniper 
    behind the glass. Kill her, and when you reach the end of the passage, kill 
    the butler below (if he activates the alarm, a Securton will appear). Jump 
    down. Stand between the moving sculpture and the wall, and look up and left. 
    You should see another sniper outside, whom you can kill now. Press the 
    bottom left corner of the leftmost of the three window panels here. The 
    center panel will turn into a ramp. Use it to get outside. Climb the steps to 
    the sniper's position to collect her stuff and the bullets on a nearby rock, 
    then return to the platform below.
    7. There's a Manumit on the ground level, and you should be able to kill him 
    from where you stand. If not, get down there and fight him. You should go 
    there anyway, to complete OBJECTIVE 2 and find a key that is located just to 
    the right of the bioshield, in a dark corner. Use a glowstick if you need.
    8. Get back inside the mansion. Go down the stairs and through the door 
    straight ahead. In the next room, you'll see two bookcases on your right. 
    Approach the one under the portrait and press the leftmost book on the second 
    shelf from the top. The other bookcase will slide right, revealing an 
    9. Kill the grunts inside (the tech is harmless). Climb to the platform to 
    collect a dead grunt's stuff. Then use the steps on the wall to go all the 
    way down. Around the corner there is a door marked 'Janitor Bob' (the key you 
    found outside was for that door). Check the security-camera monitor for a 
    glimpse of Elexis Sinclaire in a jacuzzi. (You'll only reach the jacuzzi area 
    in the next level (sans Sinclaire), but you can reach it now for a closer 
    look if you use the 'noclip' cheat.)
    10. When you are done watching, get out and climb the wall steps all the way 
    up. Collect some ammo and go outside, to the roof. Collect two M-stims. Get 
    back inside and return to the room with the moving sculpture. Exit the level 
    through the door opposite the sculpture.
    Level 34. ESTATE SINCLAIRE: PART 2 (1), ESTATE SINCLAIRE (2, 3, 4)
    Primary objectives:
    1. Subvert security #2
    2. Find communications control
    Secondary Objective
    Secrets: none (?)
    New enemies: mini-Manumit
    1. Open the door. Don't step on the carpet yet: it's a trap. Kill the mini-
    Manumit in the terrarium on your right. You can also kill the snipers on the 
    roof near the skylight. One can be seen above the center section of the 
    skylight, on the right side; you can kill this one from your entry point. The 
    other one is stationed above the section farthest from the entrance, on the 
    left side; you can kill her when you get next to the bookshelves, past the 
    glass cage. You can get there - just make sure you don't step on the carpet.
    2. Press the fourth book from the right on the upper shelf of the bookshelf 
    near four ceiling lights. Crawl into the opening, kill the Manumit below, get 
    down, and check the crates for ammo. Open the switch box and turn the switch 
    to deactivate the carpet trap. Climb back up using the steps on the wall near 
    the switch box. Press the button and get out. Go up the staircase.
    3. Kill the butler on your right, or he'll activate the alarm. (If he does, 
    the sculpture to the left of the door will move and two Securtons will be 
    released from below.) There is a terrace on the left. Go there. Take out the 
    sniper on your left, just above the tent. Walk up to the end of the terrace 
    and kill another sniper, who is hiding among the leaves to the left of the 
    waterfall. Jump down there and collect her stuff, then climb the steps on the 
    wall and get to the other sniper's position to collect hers, too.
    4. Jump down onto the terrace and return to the place where you killed the 
    butler. Go through the door next to the alarm button. Get to the bookshelf 
    and press the fifth standing book from the right on the second shelf from the 
    top. An elevator will arrive and take you downstairs. Go up the stairs there. 
    The door straight ahead leads back to the sniper area from step 3. 
    (Basically, you could have just jumped from the terrace into the water and 
    used the door, but you would have missed out on the little niceties.) Your 
    job there is done, so don't use that door; turn right and exit through the 
    other one.
    5. You are in another area with water. Wade through to the shore. Open the 
    door and get inside. Use the computer on the left to get Securton #3 offline. 
    (I haven't been able to turn off Securton #4.) Open the Securton booth there 
    and destroy the spider bot. Then approach the door upstairs to complete 
    OBJECTIVE 1. The next room contains an entertainment center (which you can 
    send upstairs by pressing a button on the wall) and a tray with a wine bottle 
    and two glasses.
    6. Leave this area and return outdoors. Climb the steps on the wall on the 
    right (go all the way up). Be careful: there will be two snipers waiting for 
    you when you turn right around the corner. Kill them (I'd use the rocket 
    launcher) and break the glass roof to jump down. If you press the button next 
    to one of the pictures, the wine tray you saw in step 5 will arrive from 
    downstairs. The entertainment center can also be lifted from the cellar with 
    a button located near the first laser barrier.
    7. Crossing the first barrier summons one Securton from below if you 
    destroyed one in step 5, and two if you didn't. However, you may circumvent 
    this barrier by crawling under it. There are two more barriers (i.e., four 
    more Securtons), so you may activate the bioshield (a.k.a. reactive shields) 
    in your inventory. When you cross the second barrier, two Securtons, one by 
    one, will be dropped from the ceiling. When you open the double door 
    upstairs, you'll activate the third (and last) laser barrier. Two more 
    Securtons will be dropped from the ceiling one by one.
    8. After you open the draped screen, you'll find yourself in Ms. Sinclaire's 
    kinky boudoir. Feel free to look around. One of the adjacent areas is the 
    jacuzzi room you saw in step 9 of the previous level. If you use the 'noclip' 
    cheat and get outside through the window near the spyglass, you'll discover a 
    pyramid marked with an ankh. A message will appear across the screen, 'On 
    your feet, or on your knees'. Back inside the boudoir, go to Elexis' bed and 
    jump onto the nearby drawers, then the books, then the speaker, and finally 
    the canopy over the bed. Grab the reactive shields and jump down. The bed 
    will start rotating if you press a nearby button.
    9. What you are looking for next is an elevator. It is hidden behind the 
    bookshelf in the first room after the draped-screen door. Press the button on 
    the staircase railing, and the bookshelf will slide aside. OBJECTIVE 2 is 
    completed. Go inside the elevator that has been revealed, and press the green 
    button to exit the level.
    Level 35. MUNT PHOENIX
    Primary objectives:
    1. Locate Elexis Sinclaire
    2. Find the missile control room
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: none (?)
    1. Cut-scene: Sinclaire gives another one of her lectures to her employees. 
    When you arrive, go left to observe the two warheads that were stolen from 
    the missile silo in level 12. One is being mounted on a missile. Nothing to 
    do here, other than watch. (You may shoot some gas cylinders to destroy 
    machinery, but it won't affect the course of events.)
    2. Head in the other direction. The elevator you arrived in has disappeared 
    into the floor. Open the door next to the interlocking cogwheels (shootable 
    gas cylinders above). Go upstairs and through the door marked 'Observation 
    3. When you reach a certain point inside the dome, a section of the wall 
    under the telescope slit will be broken by a Manumit making his way inside 
    (sometimes he will wait for you outside). The door leading back to the 
    staircase will be locked at this point. You may want to activate the reactive 
    shields and ready your chain gun - it's your best bet now. Kill the Manumit, 
    as well as the sergeants who will either follow him or wait for you outside. 
    When you've killed them all, a section of the floor inside the dome will move 
    aside and the missile that you saw in step 1 will be lifted into the launch 
    4. Get a green access card from one of the dead sergeants. Go around the 
    dome. Unlock the door marked 'Planearium' (sic) by pressing the access-card 
    slot and enter. You are in the main office. Stock up on supplies and get the 
    yellow access card from one of the desks. One of the doors leads to the dome; 
    you've been there and your job there is done. Go through the other door, to 
    the staircase.
    5. Get to the third floor and open the door marked 'Balcony' (it required the 
    yellow card) Get inside. Cut-scene: Elexis lectures about a new age she feels 
    coming. When she notices you and flees via an elevator, OBJECTIVE 1 will be 
    completed. (Whenever I check the mission-status display at this point, 
    there's an aberration: the name of the level changes to 'Underwater Passage' 
    - as in level 21.)
    6. Exit the balcony and get to the second floor to enter the conference room. 
    On the podium, press the button on the lectern. An elevator will arrive on 
    the right side. Ride the elevator downstairs. (Or, exit to the staircase from 
    which you entered the conference room, go downstairs, and open the door 
    marked 'Control Room'.) You are in the control room. You'll see Elexis behind 
    the reinforced-glass screen. She'll taunt you and say something about 
    'daddy.' On your way to the room she's in, you'll inevitably fall into a 
    trap. With OBJECTIVE 2 unfulfilled but gone from your mission-status display, 
    you'll exit the level falling.
    Level 36. THRALL MASTER (1), THRALL'S PIT (3, 4)
    Primary objectives:
    Secondary objectives: none
    Secrets: none (?)
    New enemies: Thrall
    1. The elevator/cage will eventually drop you into some goo. Swim up and get 
    out. Enter another elevator and ride it downstairs to get some supplies. Grab 
    everything, including the pulse rifle; you won't be able to return here.
    2. After you come out, note the platforms on both sides. There's one in each 
    corner of this outdoors area, and they store ammo and stims. There are also 
    ledges between some of the platforms, also storing useful stuff. You may also 
    come across some supplies just lying on the ground.
    3. It's time to fight the last boss, who happens to be Thrall Sinclaire, 
    Elexis' own father (the 'daddy' she mentioned in step 6 of the previous 
    level), mutated into a huge monster. You may fight him by backing away from 
    him around the central structure. Sometimes he may get stuck between one of 
    the platforms and a huge pillar, making your job easier.
    4. Thrall's attacks will come in three waves: first, he'll just use his claw 
    and circular saw; second, he'll add red rockets; third, he'll add red spits. 
    In between, he will play dead. And finally, he will be dead for real.
    Movie: Blade enters a room and discovers Elexis. She uses quantum-
    destabilizing technology to shoot herself into four different directions. 
    Blade pushes a button to abort the missile launch.
    Cinematic 11. END
    Blade types a report.

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