• Cheat Codes

    In order to enter any of the following codes, first press the tilde (~) key, then type in the code you want for the desired effect.

    /health 999999 Health
    wussAll Weapons
    /superfuzzGod Mode
    give infinite ammoInfinite Ammo
    /nocollisionNo Clip Mode
    /wallflowerNo Target Mode
    sv_gravity # (where # is the gravity level to set)Set Gravity Level
    /spawn coinSpawn a Coin
    /spawn cookiesSpawn Cookies
    /spawn heligunSpawn Helicopter Gun

    Contributed By: ATadeo, Rage012, and jh51681.

  • Level Select

    Press "~" to bring up the console then type "map " and than the following to go to any map.

    jungle2ATV map
    area57Darwin evolution map
    jungleFirst jungle (mountain gorge)
    seweraFirst sewer level
    sewerbSecond sewer levels
    estateSinclaire estate
    oilrigThe oil rig
    thralThrall master
    lab1 or labXenomorphic lab
    lab2 or studyXenomorphic study

    Contributed By: freakunique.

  • Spawn List

    First press the tilde (~) key, then enter the code

    To get items type /spawn x where x is any of the following:

    moneybagGives you a bag of Money
    BlueCardGives you a Blue Security Card
    chaingunGives you a Chain Gun (Weapon #5)
    coinGives you a coin
    cookiesGives you a cookie
    DollarGives you a dollar
    GreenCardGives you a Green Security Card
    healthGives you a health pack
    keyringGives you a Small Silver Key
    thrallgunGives you a Thrall Gun
    YellowCardGives you a Yellow Security Card
    blueprintsGives you blueprints from construction site
    envelopeGives you envelope
    pulsepart1Gives you first part of the Pulse cannon
    orangecardGives you Orange Security Card
    EvidenceGives you Papers with Evidence
    chemsuitGives you protection suit
    reactiveshieldsGives you reactive shields
    rocketsGives you rockets
    u4 sampleGives you sample from chemical plant
    pulsepart2Gives you second part of the Pulse cannon
    assasultrifleGives you the Assault Rifle
    heligunGives you the Helicopter Gun
    MagnumGives you the Magnum
    rocketlauncherGives you the Rocket Launcher
    shotgunGives you the Shotgun
    SilencerGives you the Silencer for the Magnum
    sniperrifleGives you the Sniper Rifle
    pulsepart3Gives you third part of the Pulse cannon
    lensflareMakes a light-effect

    Contributed By: Shunie, freakunique, and th3l3fty.

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