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FAQ/Walkthrough by Misfit

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/10/02

Date: 29 August 2001 (29/8/01)

===Misfit's Operation Flashpoint===
=======Walkthrough and Tips========


1.0- FIrst guide written, first draft thing.
1.1- Added one new mission which is pretty rare for people to find.
1.2- Taken out my email address, hahahaha

Section 1- About This FAQ 
Section 2- Tips
Section 3- Walkthrough

<SECTION 1- About This FAQ>
I am Andy Vick, or as I call myself in online games and such 'Misfit'.
This is my quick and dirty Operation Flashpoint help guide, I understand that
Op Flash is not really a very long game and that most people will complete it
within a few days, but I know that some missions are absolute killers at 
first, so I have written this as a little help to anyone who has got stuck. 
If anyone has anything they think I should add to this walkthrough please email
me your suggestion at ************* and I may add it. If someone wishes 
to add this to their website if they could contact me first, and I will send 
them updates to it. Any updated versions can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com.
I am not containing any information about weapon strength etc. as I think that
Faceman's FAQ answers all of that kind of stuff. I used this to say how many LAW's 
it takes to destroy a Shilka and BMP, because I couldn't remember that stuff.
His FAG is also on GameFAQ's.

<SECTION 2- Tips>

-Don't reload all the time in this game. I did this at first, but you soon 
 realise that if you had any remaining bullets in the clip they are not 
 carried over to the next clip. For example: If I reload each clip when I still
 have 4 bullets left, then my character keeps hold of this clip- this means that 
 after a while i will think "Oh goody, I still have 3 clips left!" unfortunately 
 once i reload I realise that I actually only have 4 bullets left in that clip, 
 so i have to reload again very soon- reloading is bad; you can't move or protect 
 yourself, so try to only reload at the very end of each clip.

-Stay in formation. There is safety in numbers, your team-mates will cover your
 ass, and you can help cover theirs.

-Having said that, you don't have to stay right on the yellow square- just ignore 
 it as you will have to concentrate so hard on following it that you won't be 
 aware of enemies around you.

-If on an assault mission your team is being ripped to shreds then you might as 
 well try going a different way to the rest of your team. Try running into some
 nearby woods and getting around the back of the enemy, now be stealthy and 
 shoot all of the bad guys in the back while they look the opposite way (I know 
 this is contradictary to my last 2 points).

-When shooting distant enemies who are running across your field of view you need 
 to aim ahead of them to hit them. An easy way to do this is to just aim a little 
 bit ahead of them and fire off 4 or 5 bullets in quick succesion, chances are at 
 least one will have hit the mark.

-Use the right mouse button zoom! Sure it is pretty pathetic, but if you can't 
 tell if something in the distant is a bush or an enemy; use the zoom and it 
 could save your life.

-Use as much cover as possible: those little bushes dotted around are enough to 
 make you invisible to the enemy- just lie down slightly behind them, then crawl 
 forward just enough to see out of them and you are practically invisible.

-Don't be a wuss. It's tempting to find a hiding place and fire out the odd 
 potshot, but don't- your team needs you, those couple of Reds you take out could
 mean the difference between life and death for your comrades. So run forward with 
 your team- still take cover, just don't stay in it for so long.

-One shot does not always mean a dead body! In relatively close quarters combat, put 
 2 or 3 shots into the enemy- bang, bang, bang. This should assure that your enemy 
 won't be playing football with his children again... (Insert evil laugh).

-Keep moving. If you have been spotted and you are fairly close to cover just hold 
 shift and run like crazy, hopefully you will survive. Normally if you present a 
 hard target even if you are hit you won't die; I've soaked up 5 shots before and not 
 died- of course I got a medic to heal me whenever I could...

-Use the medic! Whenever you are hit get to your medic as soon as possible- if your 
 aim has been affected by being hit, get healed and this will be mostly sorted. Once
 you are in charge of a platoon you can get your pals healed by selecting your 
 injured buddy with an F-key then going into Action (7) and selecting the 'Go to 
 medic' option.

-Steal dead guys weapons. I always like to have a LAW or two, and when I am unable 
 to select them before the mission I keep an eye out for them on dead bodies. If
 you take a Russian RPG-75 then you can handily have more access to ammo because 
 hopefully more Russians die than your guys. Also in Russian territory there are ammo
 dumps where you can take RPG-75's, but obviously not LAW's.

-Get your team-mates to take enemy guns-once your a leader, use the 'Action' option 
 (select your man, then press 7) and choose what gun you want him to take. Bear in 
 mind that the little icon of your man won't change to show what weapon he has taken.

-Remeber that you have the speed up or down time buttons-if you are being carted around
 in a vehicle use these to cut down on boredom. Just remember to slow down time again 
 once you get out of the vehicle.

-Use vehicles whenever possible. On a couple of missions you may see an empty enemy tank
 lying around on the outskirts of enemy territory- dash over to it and get in the 
 gunners seat, now mow down the Reds at your leisure.

-I know it's nice to blow up enemy tanks with a LAW or two, but be prepared to give up. 
 Anything more than a BMP or Shilka however will take over one shot to kill. A T55 tank 
 takes 2 shots, which should be possible;bear in mind though that after you fire one 
 shot you will have given away your position, so get ready to run.

-Don't use automatic fire modes unless you are at very close range. Your first shot may 
 hit, but the recoil is so bad that it will just be a waste of ammo. For this reason I 
 never use the M60, as I can't handle the recoil and also it won't allow you to hold a 
 LAW at the same time.

-Don't worry about missions where it says you have failed to achieve one of your goals
as sometimes it is impossible to totally win a mission, just go with the flow and watch
the story unfold.

-Use your map! In forests, switch to the map, boost the game speed up and run to your 
 destination through the forest. Get out of map mode when not in forests though, as you 
 are more likely to encounter enemies.

<SECTION 3- Walkthrough>

This is only a walkthrough for missions I found difficult on my first run through, I will 
probably add the rest at some other date if I have some requests.


Runover the hill with your team-mates and once your team starts to move towards the 
villagerun with them, but don't just hit the dirt anywhere, immmediately ahead of you
is a clump of bushes, lie in these for a while- shooting the enemies who make a run for 
the forest on either side of the village. Once your team runs down go with them into 
the village- but still be careful as there may be some enemies in the village. Now run 
up into the woods on your right as you will soon get a radio message saying tanks are 
closing in, try to get a rocket launcher and a bunch of rockets, as you may want to take 
out a tank to boost your score, otherwise just run back the way you started to the end 
of your first 'failed' mission.


Don't relax for too long as you soon have to go try and save your commander, you can 
take an M60 from in a tent but I wouldn't bother. Get in the M113 and speed time up 
until you stop. Now instead of going where all your team mates go (to the right of 
the road), go to the right of the road as there is a little more cover in the few 
bushes. Watch out for the enemies to your left at the top of the hill, and slowly 
make your way forward while taking out the enemies in front of you. Run into the 
forest ahead of you, so you can get behind some of the enemies, and just hide in a 
bush until the support truck comes to pick you up, and help mop up any survivors.


This mission isn't really that hard, but when you retreat to Provins just take out 
a few enemies to boost your score then retreat back into the forest, as the chopper 
which comes to pick you up gets destroyed, and so you come to the next mission on your 
own. Also see "Alternative 7. STRANGE MEETING".


Do you want to do this mission the hard way or the easy way? Hard way: spend almost 
the whole mission crawling through bushes which takes about 45 minutes and you will 
probably die and have to restart countless times.
Easy way- switch to map mode and turn around, now run towards Provins and exit the 
forest at Eb-53, run out to the road straight ahead of you and turn left to follow 
the road along- stay over on the right hand side of the road so that you don't get 
spotted by any enemies. You should see a UAZ ahead of you, don't worry about the 
tank, it shouldn't spot you, run to the UAZ and get in, now drive down along the 
road the way you came. Don't stop driving as you may have a tank on your tail, at
Figari there will be a small platoon or Reds walking along the road- I think we
both know what to do here...(Evil laugh auditions start here). Now you will come 
across a small track to your left which you must take, follow this until you come to
Ee-62 now get out and run into the forest on your right. If you are lucky you will 
have had the tanks from both Provins and Figari chasing you to liven up your journey,
so run through the forest to Eb-64 which is the new evac point. You are now captured 
and then rescued again, just stay in the tent so you don't get caught in the cross 

Alternative 7. STRANGE MEETING

I only just discovered this mission after replaying Montignac (6) and REALLY badly 
messing it up. I was seeing if I could kill all the enemies in Provins, when normally 
the Blackhawk comes to pick you up and gets destroyed my Leader told me to instead 
get in the truck which brought me there, I did and I got mission failed then I was 
on a new mission called Strange Meeting. At first you have to pick up some guys, 
then you branch off from the rest of the convoy to check out a disturbance- head 
straight up into the forest on the left to take out a sniper and MGunner. After you 
take the town follow your leader into the forest, being watchful for a few troops
then once out of the forest an entire platoon- I got a lucky shot with a grenade 
from my rifle and killed about 4 then mopped up the rest with my team. A little 
further on you will come to the old meeting place where you were meant to go- it's
overrun with tanks and enemy troops. Just go further up the forest to a more calm 
area and then try and sneak your way to the new rendezvous point.


This is easy, except that when you are in the machine gun post you present a pretty
easy to spot target, so for a couple of tries you may die. I ran towards the MG post
but before I reached it I helped shoot out the clump of enemies to the left- who 
you can't quite see from the MG post. Then I got in the MG, switched to gun sights view
(V-button) which I found made aiming a hell of a lot easier, and shot all the enemies
who appear where the small buildings are. Then you are told to retreat, so just follow 
the leader, watching out for the enemies who parachute in.


Watch where your buddy plants his mine, plant yours a bit further up the road from his
so that if the tanks miss his they will get yours. Now run to where your mate has gone
and take a LAW and a bunch of rockets, drop some of your M16 ammo as you won't really 
need much. Hope that your mines do most of the job, but if they don't then just LAW the 
remaining tanks, now run up to the M113. If you let any tanks through you drive up to 
the village and have to deal with them, so you may want to pick upsome more LAW's 
before getting in the M113.


Take whatever vehicles you want, I would recommend just piling everyone into your truck.
Wait for the other trucks to appear and drive on, remember to tell them to move as well.
At the first cross roads go to the right, tell the ammo trucks to go right as well. 
After a while you will see some infantry, just ignore them as they won't do anything- 
try running a couple over for fun. Now you come to a town with a T-junction, you need 
to go left to get to the airport, but here is where the trouble lies. I sometimes see 
a tank bombing down the hill, which crashes into the town, and this causes the ammo 
trucks to go mental, the first one turns right, then reverses, and traps the other two 
so you can either restart, or download the cheat to get you past this mission- email me
for it. On my first go through the game I had no trouble here, but every subsequent time 
the ammo trucks mess around! If you get past here you will have no more trouble, so just go
to the airport and wait for the trucks to join you.


Take out the Shilkas, then everything else, after a while you will suddenly lose fuel, so 
fly over land, then eject.


2 methods: 1.Get out of the chopper, walk a few metres then quickly run back to the 
chopper and take off, hoping that your captors don't shoot you before you can get in the
helicopter, now just fly to the evac, watch out for a Shilka.
2. Follow your captors, then at night run over to the nearby BMP, get in as driver 
and drive away very fast, but get out once the Reds tanks start to close in on you, and 
run the rest of the way.

The rest of the missions are very tough, and I'm not going to write walkthroughs for them 
unless I get some requests. The same applies for all the other missions I have missed out.
Requests and questions to *****************



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