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FAQ/Walkthrough by Editor10

Version: 3.1 | Updated: 09/04/10


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EE    MM          MM  PP           II      RR RR     EE
EE    MM          MM  PP           II      RR  RR    EE
EEEE  MM          MM  PP       IIIIIIIIII  RR   RR   EEEE
EEEE  MM          MM  PP       IIIIIIIIII  RR    RR  EEEE
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EE     AA    AA   RR    RR       TT       HH    HH
EE     AA    AA   RR RR          TT       HH    HH
EE     AA    AA   RR  RR         TT       HH    HH
EEEE   AA    AA   RR   RR        TT       HH    HH
EEEE   AA    AA   RR    RR       TT       HH    HH
by Editor10

|                     0.        Table of Contents                             |

0. Table of Contents
1. Version History
2. Controls
3. Walkthrough
>3.1 Greek Campaign 
>>3.1.1 Early Heliactic Peoples: 10,000-2,000 BC
>>3.1.2 Warriors From the Sea: 2,000-1,500 BC
>>3.1.3 The Trojan War: 1,300-1,100 BC
>>3.1.4 The Rise of Athens: 1,000-500 BC
>>3.1.5 The Peloponnesian War: 427-404 BC
>>3.1.6 Young Alexander: 336-334 BC
>>3.1.7 A Conqueror is Born 334-332 BC
>>3.1.8 And Alexander Wept 332-330 BC
>3.2 English Campaign
>>3.2.1 The Return of Young William: 1040 AD
>>3.2.2 William, Duke of Normandy: 1047 AD
>>3.2.3 The Battle of Hastings: 1066 AD
>>3.2.4 The Hundred Years War Begins: 1340-1346 AD
>>3.2.5 The Black Prince: 1356 AD
>>3.2.6 We Band of Brothers: 1414-1415 AD
>>3.2.7 The War Against Napoleon: 1808-1815 AD
>>3.2.8 The Battle of Waterloo: 1815 AD
>3.3 German Campaign
>>3.3.1 Cavalry of the Sky: 1915 AD
>>3.3.2 Supply and Demand: Winter 1915-1916 AD
>>3.3.3 The Red Baron: Spring 1916 AD
>>3.3.4 The Somme: 1918 AD
>>3.3.5 Lightning Warfare: 1939 AD
>>3.3.6 Preparations for Invasion: 1940 AD
>>3.3.7 Operation "Sea Lion": 1941 AD
4. Contact Info
5. Legal

|                     1.        Version History                               |

Version 1.0 (Not Submitted)
     -Greek Campaign
Version 1.1 5/23/2010
     -fixed width problems
     -added missing essentials (legal & contact info sections)
Version 1.2 6/30/2010
     -Alternate strategy for "The Peloponessian War"
     -Redid scenario ratings
Version 2.0 7/1/2010
     -English Campaign (other two coming soon)
Version 3.0 (Not Submitted)
     -German Campaign
Version 3.1
     -Campaign Info
     -Campaign Ratings

|                     2.           Controls                                   |

Left Click:             Select unit
Left Click+Drag:        Select all units in box
Double Left Click:      Select all visible units of that type
Right Click:            Move to spot/attack unit/repair building/etc.
F3:                     Pause
F4:                     Quick Save

|                     3.          Walkthrough                                 |

-------------------------------3.1 Greek Campaign------------------------------

The first campaign in this game is the Greek campaign.  This campaign features
two scenarios about the founding of various greek cities such as Argos
(Warriors from the sea).  It then moves on to the Trojan War, the much debated
story by Homer.  It then continues to the rise of Athens, the most famous greek
city in history, and future capitol of the nation.  After Athens, you follow
the successes of Alexander the Great, a military strategist whose tactics are
still used today.

Campaign Ranking: 2nd

Favorite Scenario: "And Alexander Wept" (8)

>>3.1.1 Early Heliactic Peoples: 10,000-2,000 BC

Difficulty: 5/10
Length: 5/10
Fun: 6/10

Blue-   Anatolians
Green-  Dorians
Orange- Troas

Leaders/Important People:
Herikles- Warrior Hero, leader of your people.
Kalkas-   Your prophet.

When you start off you are in this wierd little town.  Take all of
your people down the road to the bend with the gold and iron put a settlement
in the middle and divide your citizens amongst gold, iron, wood, and food.
When you have resources advance to the stone age and build a barracks.  Start
making spearmen (15-20 should cut it).  When you have your army gather up your
people (except the citizens in wood and food) and send them along the road
until you see the town of Troas.  Head off the road and up the hill on your
right and proceed south until you reach the sea then proceed south along the
coast until you find a small sheltered cove have herikles stay there  with your
citezens and half your spearmen then send kalkas and the other macemen up the
coast until you come across the dock the Troas soldiers will attack you, just
distract them with the spearmen and have kalkas proceed directly to their dock
when he reaches it turn tail and flee.  Only a few will follow you have your
other force of spearmen come up and slaughter them.  Now that you have
dock technology, build one in your sheltered cove.  when it finishes build
two war rafts and transports for the people you brought.

Load up and set sail across the very small Agean sea.  if the Troas
war rafts attack you leave your war rafts behind to cover you.  When you land
in thessaly quickly proceed west to the plateau.  If the horse annoyances
attack you use your spearmen (which you should have given attack and health
upgrades) to annihilate them.  When you reach the plateau send your spearmen
to the north end as the horse people's base is in that direction.  Set your
citizens about building a settlement and barracks.  When you are done Kalkas
will require you to build a temple.  While you're doing this the horse people
will attack once or twice, just kill them with your spearmen.  Should they
kill some citizens and make you understand why I call them horse annoyances
you can exact revenge by sending Kalkas to cast firestorm on their outpost
north west of you.  Get in the sprit and raze the whole thing to the ground.
When the temple finishes building you win.

>>3.1.2 Warriors from the Sea: 2,000-1,500 BC

Difficulty: 7/10
Length: 6/10
Fun: 6/10

Blue-   Danaans
Red-    Messenians
Purple- Minoans
Yellow- Achaians

Leaders/Important People:
King Pelops-    Warrior Hero, your King (must survive)
Sons of Pelops- 3 swordsmen (one must survive)

You start on the island of Crete with 6 citizens.  Have them quickly
build a capitol and immediately go build a dock.  When that's done put them
in wood and begin building transports and war rafts.  The objective here is
to leave the island as quickly as possible (AQAP :) ).  If you stick around
a huge minoan army comes to kick your ass.  don't think you stand a chance,
they come from off the map and continuously regenerate.  When your little
fleet is ready, load up and get out of there.  A couple minutes after you
land in Greece the army comes and razes your capitol and dock.

Sail north toward the illuminated area when the minoan battleships
attack you leave your war rafts behind to cover your escape.  When you
reach land unload and take your people north to build a capitol on the Argos
plateau.  Hunt for food until you have 750 then advance into the copper age.
Now have your citizens build a granary and farms.  When you have more food
build more citizens and put them in gold, iron, and food.  Then make more
and build a barracks.  Get the civ-buildings, walls, and towers cost
reduction upgrade, and start walling in your city. When you run out of stone
build up a force of macemen, spearmen, and sampsons and head south to the
stone mine you should have passed on your way in (bring 5 citizens also).
when you reach it have your citizens build and populate a settlement into a
town center.  Build four to six more citizens and put them to work in stone.
Meanwhile send your troops south to the coast (leave a couple macemen and
spearmen to gaurd).  proceed west and find the Achaian archery range use
your sampsons to destroy it.  Then return to your stone outpost.  Use your
stone to finish fortifying your city, build towers and an archery range to
attack your attackers form inside your walls.  Also build a hospital to heal
and temple for priests.

Now that you have defended the flourishing city of Argos start
building your army.  You will need approx 20-25 spearmen and about 5 sampsons,
plus optional priest or two if you want your own horsemen.  Set out northwest
you should find a small gap in the trees making a path that heads up a hill
send in your spearmen and priest but have the sampsons stay back as they are
easily killed and can't fight people.  you emerge into a clearing that is part
of the first Achaian base kill or convert all the horsemen in the clearing
then make sure none are hiding in the town. When you have hunted them all
down send your spearmen to raze the stable so they can't make more horse
idiots. Meanwhile send your sampsons to destroy the town center.  When you
have destroyed that proceed to destroy the rest of the military buildings and
then the houses.  When the town has been razed head back to your city.  Start
making your homeland security forces (archers) as the Achaians come for
revenge with a horse army ~80% of the time.

After you fight off the counter attack, get down to healing and
rebuilding/adding to your army.  If you want to finish off the second Achaian
base in one shot you'll need approx. 30 spearmen and 10 sampsons, plus priests
(there are more horsemen gaurding the town).  When you are done, send you army
due north until you reach the trees, then head west.  Stop when you are just
northeast of the second Achaian villiage.  Cautiously enter the town, DO NOT
be lulled into a false sense of security by the sight of no horsemen.  They
are hiding just out of sight on the other side of town and will appear and
kill your sampsons if you just send them in to destroy the town center.
Instead send your spearmen and priests straight across the town to where the
horsemen are waiting.  Slaughter them.  Then send in your sampsons to destroy
the town center, it's the only thing you need to destroy so you can let your
spearmen do want  they want but keep them selected because more horsemen tend
to show up via the stable.  When the town center collapses you win.

>>3.1.3 The Trojan War: 1,300-1,100 BC

Difficulty:  7/10
Length: 8/10
Fun: 8/10

Blue-   Argos
Yellow- Achaea
Purple- Ithaca
Red-    Sparta
Green-  Dorians
Orange- Troy

Leaders/Important People:
Argos and allies:
Agamemnon-  King of Argos  (must survive)
Menelaus-   King of Sparta (must survive)
Achilies-   King of Achaea (must survive)
Odysseus-   King of Ithaca (must survive)
King Priam: King of Troy (must be killed)

You start out with 4 "Elite Warriors" and 10 citizens.  Put eight
citizens to work in a farm (Build it next to your town center (outside of
city)).  Build 13(:/) more citizens.  Send Agamemnon and his elites west out
of the city and up the hill to recruit Menelaus.  Then take your royal army
north through Sparta, and cross the road into Achaea.  After recruiting
Achillies just inside the town head west along the road to the Achaian dock.
Send just Agamemnon over to Ithaca  to recruit Odysseus.  Take Odyseus,
Agamemnon, and the Ithacan Warriors back to meet up with the rest of your army.
Meanwhile, send all the boats you have recruited to the Argive dock
(Argive-Argos, Spartan-Sparta if you were wondering).  Send your army back to
Argos to meet up with your extra citezens.

Now build a wall from the West corner of argos diagonally until you
reach either trees or the coast.  Then build a gate and send your army and five
of the citizens north up the road to the first gold mine.  Defend your citizens
from the Dorians as they completely wall in the gold mine.  ADD SPACE FOR A
SETTLEMENT!  (Also make sure one of the walls is at least 5 segments long).
Build a gate and put your citizens inside to build a settlement populate it
into a town center and lock the gate.  Now you have a pretty well secured base
that puts out gold build 4 more citizens and start the gold production.  Take
your army back to your side of the long wall down by the beach and load them
up on transports.  Put the Kings all on the Argive transport and the troops on
the Odyssean transports.  Now you only have one ship that would catastrophic
to lose as opposed to 4 (you also can tell it apart).  Send your other ten
citezens to work in stone and wood (located southwest of argos).  When you
have the resources make 20 Archers, and 5 sampsons to add to your force.  Also
make ten more citizens.  When all is ready load up the citizens, sampsons, and
archers and set sail!

Head due east until you reach the edge of the map, then head north.
Eventually you will reach a beach you can land on, unload the kings, archers,
and citizens.  Have your citizens build a fort on the beach.  Include: a dock,
a temple, an archery range, a hospital a settlement (populate into town
center), a space in the middle(the beach) to hold your troops, a gate to get
in and out, and at least four towers.  When you are done put the citizens back
on the boat to "store them".  Now the best way to defeat the seemingly endless
army the Trojans have is to use a lure tactic.  First, make 2 to 3 priests.
Then, unlock the gate out of your fort and have Menelaus ride forth and
attract a bunch of Trojans.  Then ride back to camp and lock the gate behind
you.  Kill or convert the Trojans who followed you with your archers and


When the army is finally gone send forth Agamemnon and the sampsons.
Have the sampsons bring down both of the towers out side the city in front of
the gate.  Have Agamemnon heal their injuries as they work.  Move on to the
gate to get the "this is folly dialogue".  But Odysseus has an idea, send your
citizens in their transport up north to the grotto.  Bring two battleships as
escourts.  unload and build the temple.  When it completes a Trojan horse pops
out of the ground (literally) back on the beach.  Gotta love 1990's graphics.
Anyway load the kings, the sampsons and as many elites as you can fit (if no
sampsons died it's about 11). Bring the horse to the gates of the city.  After
the cinematic unload your troops. Send the sampsons to raze the palace and
have everyone else gang up on King Priam and kill him.  If any stray troops
decide to attack the temples quickly send them to do something else like
burn down a house.  When the palace is razed and Priam is dead you win.

>> 3.1.4 The Rise of Athens: 1,000-500 BC

Difficulty: 4/10
Length: 5/10
Fun: 6.5/10

Blue-   Athens
Future Allies:
Orange- Aphidna
Green-  Eleusis
Purple- Pallene
Red-    Sparta
Yellow- Thebes

Leaders/Important People:
Theseus-           Your Leader (must survive)
Athenian Nobility- 5 swordsmen (two must survive)

You start with a priest, 5 Athenian Nobility, and 9 citizens.  In order
to beat the other towns you need an army.  Make 6 Spearmen and 10 Archers.
Then put your citizens to work by building a granary.  You will then run out
of wood, make four more citizens.  Send them and the extra 9th original
citizen to chop down trees.  When you have 100 make a settlement.  Meanwhile
take your army northwest along the road leaving the north side of Athens.
When you reach the junction continue forward into the town of Aphidna.  After
you kill the army, back in athens make 5 citizens.  Send them to Aphidna to
build a settlement in the middle of the resources.  Populate it into a town
center and make 15 citizens.  Put four in gold, iron, and 2 on each stone.
The other three should build a wall all around the resourses and town center.
Then build a hospital and heal your wounded army.

Now on to rebuilding your army.  Back in Athens make 10 spearmen, 10
macemen, 10 archers, 5 cavalry, and 5 sampsons.  By now 90% of the time Aphina
will have killed the Pallene army.  If so send Thesseus and two nobles to
recruit them.  Otherwise just send in your new army(don't bring sampsons).
Now for Eleusis,  This time send your army down the West road in the direction
of sparta but turn off into Eleusis.  Use your sampsons to bring down the gate.
Also use a flare to call in your allies to help.  When citezens come to repair
the gate or when it falls the gate will open.  Rush in and kill the army.

Now you must return to athens.  When you get there thesseus will get
"taken up".  Now you will be attacked by Sparta and Thebes.  bring the wood
citizens inside and lock all gates.  Now make 10 more archers.  Use your 30 or
so archers to kill the attacking Spartans and Thebans.  Also use your citizens
to repair gates.  Your allies will help you.  When all Spartans and Thebans in
Attica are dead you win.

>>3.1.5 The Peloponessian War: 427-404 BC

Difficulty: 5/10
Length: 6/10
Fun: 4/10 (kinda annoying)

Blue-   Athens
Green-  Rhegium
Purple- Taras
Orange- Segesta
Red-    Sparta
Yellow- Corinth

Leaders/Important People:
Pericles- Strategic Hero

First off get everyone inside athens.  Once you do that put all
citizens in wood.  If a citizen or soldier gets plague send them to the
hospitals.  Send Pericles to the parthenon to find out that you need 10,000
food (!?!?).  To do this you need two diplomats but bring a thrid also.  Send
them to the docks to get diplomatic ships.  Now build an escourt of 4
battleships, 4 frigates, and 4 galleys.  When your fleet is ready set sail,
sail due south.  When you reach the edge of the map turn west and head for the
two ports in Magna Gracea (italy).  Send a diplomatic ship to each one to get a
total of 6 grain ships.  Then you will be told of a town called Segestia, send
the third diplomatic ship there to gain control of the city.  have the
citezens immdiately build a stable and archery range before going to work in
gold.  Build up an elephant army (Sparta will attack later).

Meanwhile, send your convoy back to athens to get 2,500 food for each 
grain boat that makes it, in other words, if more than two are sunk, you lose.
When they arrive back in athens the plague will end.  Now use the gold from
Segestia to make another elephant army (20 elephant archers, 10 war elephants).
Now watch them crush the Spartan army.  Then proceed to corinth along with
your phalanxes.  Use the phalanxes to destroy the baslitae (plural fo balista)
while the elephants annihilate everyoone else.  When all Spartans on your side
of corinth are dead, you win.

>Alternate strategy from Worm King:
When you have the diplomatic ships ready don't make war ships just run!!!!!!
the ships' hit points and speed are good for this tactic and do the same with
the the grain shipments.that saves you gold to make the elephant army.

>>3.1.6 Young Alexander: 336-334 BC

Difficulty: 6/10
Length: 4/10
Fun: 7/10

Turquiose- Macedon
Yellow-    Thebes
Blue-      Athens
Red-       Sparta
Purple-    Hill Tribes (dont appear after cinematics)
Orange-    Mytillene
Turquiose- Macedon (the buildings you don't control in your city)

Leaders/Important People:
Alexander- Strategic Hero (must survive)
Aristotle- Prophet (useful but not essential)

Yay! Alexander the Great!  At first just watch and follow the
cinematics, get horses, kill assassins, and send Alex to the town center.  Now
send Aristotle to Mytillene to get the herbs so he can learn milaria.  Watch
out for the two Hurricanes!  Put your citizens to work in the farm.  Now to
build your army, you need 3 more phalanxes, 5 chariot archers, and 5 companion
cavalry.  Now proceed to the yellow flags. Save, it takes a try or two.   Put
you companion cavalry off to the side.  Have aristotle run foward and cast
milaria.  this weakens the troops as well as lures them after him.  Retreat
behind your phalanxes and tear the Theabans to shreads after they rush past
your cavalry, swing the cavalry aroud and take out the balistae.  If Aristotle
died, Use the traditional stategy.  Put your Cavarly off to the side, then send
your Phalanxes foward until they reach the army.  Knock-out the Balistae from
the side with your cavalry, and watch the now pretty weak army get sluaghtered 
by your men.

After they are all dead Thebes allies with you.  Now rebuild your
army, make 10 more companion cavalry and phalanxes.  Advance down the road
and repeat with the Athenian army.  After they ally with you rush back to
Pella (your capitol) to defend against the Spartans.  Bring in your grain
citizens, and make as many more archers as you can and send your companion
cavalry to the northwest gate.  Lock the other two.  Use your archers to kill
off the bulk of the phalanx troops, and have the citizens repair the spots the
siege engines are attacking.  Now have your cavalry ride out and wipe out the
engines.  When the last Spartan falls you win.

>>3.1.7 A Conqueror is Born: 334-332 BC

Difficulty: 6/10
Length: 8/10
Fun: 8/10

Turqoise- Macedon
Blue-     Antioch
Yellow-   Persians
Orange-   Tyre
Red-      Issus

Leaders/Important People:
Alexander the Great- Strategic Hero, your leader (must survive)
General Philotas-    Warrior Hero, mounted (must survive)
General Craterus-    warrior Hero, foot (must survive)
General Meleger-     Strategic Hero, foot (must survive)
General Arsannes-    Warrior Hero (must be killed)
General Memnon-      Strategic Hero (must be killed)

You start with good sized army and two generals.  Move your army to
the cyan colored flags.  Set aside Alexander and Philotus.  Have Philotus run
across the river and attract  some enemy troops.  now have him run back past
your army.  The Persians, bent on his destruction will let the rest of your
army slaughter them without a fight.  When all who followed Philotus are dead,
have Agamemnon heal.  Lather rinse and repeat.  If you get a lot per run it's
over after two runs.  When the Persian army flees, you find out about two new
objectives.  Issus and Tyre.  March southeast to Issus!

When you arrive, set up your army facing south on the north side of
the town.  The Persians are on the other side of the river south of the town.
Repeat the tactic from before.  Make sure Agamemnon heals all troop between
runs.  When just the two generals, Arsannes and Memnon are left send your
whole army across the river.  And kill them.

Now march south to where General Meleger is waiting.  Send Philotus to
Enlist the town of Antioch.  You now need to establish naval supremacy.  Step
1: you need the bronze age equivelent of radar.  Send two citizens to where
your army is.  Find a large flat spot along the coast.  Build walls (6 to 7
segments long) facing northwest and southwest.  Now build four or so towers
on the outside along the coast.  GET THE RANGE UPDATE.  Or you will commit
suicide in frustration, when the Persians attack the towers from just outside
their range.  Anyway when done with your defenses build a "Pharos Lighthouse"
inside the arrow (<) shaped wall.

Now you can see pretty much the entire ocean, and the ships on it.
Back in  Antioch put have your citezens build a settlement between the stone
mine and the east gold and iron mines.  Now put 6 on gold, iron, and stone,
and 10 on wood.  If you dont want to get any upgrades (shame on you!) you'll
need at least: 2,500 gold, 4,500 wood, and 2,000 iron =0.  So instead of just
waiting, go take a week off to go to Europe and leave the game running while
you do (nah just go have lunch).

You will want 6 battleships, and 4 firgates, galleys, and catapult
ships.  First, build one of each type of warship, and get the following
upgrades.  2 attack, 2 health, and 1 speed, for each ship.  Finish your fleet
and set out for the southwest corner of the map.  Kill all boats in your path
and avoid the island (it's crap loaded with towers).  Sail around to the south
harbor of Tyre.  Burn it down and flee before you lose your whole fleet.  Now
build four more catapult ships back in Antioch.  Send them east to the coast,
and select the narrow arrow :) formation to minimize your formation's width.
hug the coast until you are due west or the Tyrean north harbor.  Sail over
and burn it down too.  Now kill off any remainig Persian vessels.  The Tyreans
don't have any citizens so they can't build new docks!

When you have total supremacy in the ocean start building another
fleet of 10 catapult ships.  Have them destroy any thing they can hit on the
island.  Starting with towers.  Meanwhile send your amry to meet Philotus in
Antioch.  When the all the Tyrean buildings that could be destroyed have been
destroyed, build 6 transports and load up.  Drop your troops of at the northern
tip of the island. and send them straight to the capitol killing all in their
path.  Have the siege engines take out the capitol while your army defends
them.  When the Capitol building on the island of Tyre collapses, you win.

>>3.1.8 And Alexander Wept: 332-330 BC

Difficulty: 5/10
Length: 7/10
Fun: 10/10

Turqoise- Macedon
Blue-     Gaza
Green-    Babylon
Yellow-   Imperial Persian Army
Red-      Persepolis
Orange-   Hill Tribes
Pink-     Gaugamela
Neither seen nor heard but apparently there:
Gray-     Bedouins

Leaders/Important People:
Alexander the Great- Strategic Hero, your leader (must survive)
General Craterus-    Warrior Hero, foot (must survive)
General Philotas-    Warrior Hero, mounted (must survive)
Imperial Persian Army:
King Darius          Strategic Hero, mouted (must be killed)
General Bessus-      Warrior Hero, mounted (must be killed)

The most fun scenario in the game.  Anyway have your citezens build a
granary.  Also make five more for a town center near the trees.  Now make 3
more companion cavalry and 5 more archers and phalanxes.  When you are ready,
March north then south west(when you can) toward Gaugamela.  You discover the
hill tribes.  Slaughter the stone age idiots and raze every building.  You now
learn that even more plunder can be found in Babylon.

March south to Babylon you discover they have strange warriors...  Who
cares?!  Kill them all.  When the Babylonian army is all gone send Alexander
into the city to recieve its coffers.  Now back in Gaza you should have plenty
of money to make more troops for your army.  Make as many as you can but try
to make about the same amount for everything.  Regroup with your original army
where the hill tribes used to be.

March on to Gaugamela but stop on the west bank of the Tigris river.
Now use the tactic from the last senario in Palestine.  Make sure Alexander
gets a chance to heal your army's wounds as the Persians have War elephants.
And if you paid attention during the Peloponessian war, you know war elephants
slaughter phalanxes.  Don't pursue the Persians.  Instead, let Alexander heal,
THEN form up and march.

March west across the Euphrates river and on to the pass.  Kill Darius
and his men outside the wall, then quickly kill the towers.  Have your men
Bring down the gate while Alexander heals them.  When the gate falls rush in
and kill Bessus and his men.  When the Persians gaurding the pass are dead,
have Alexander heal, then march.

Go through the pass and kill the persian army outside Persopolis.
When the last annoying war elephant dies, Persopolis surrenders.  March into
the city and to the tomb.  Oh no assassins!  Kill them.  When the last
conspiritor dies, you win.  Now watch the final cinematic as Philotus
"dramaticly" dies and celebrate your victory as well as the completion of the
Greek campaign!

------------------------------3.2 English Campaign-----------------------------

The Second Campaign is the English campaign.  It starts of in France(?) with
the backstory for William Duke of Normandy (northern france).  For those of you
who don't know, William goes on to be king of England (scenario 3).  Anyway,
after covering William's rise to kingship, the campaign jumps to the Hundred
Years War, between England and France.  Featuring, the Black Prince.  After
that there's a kinda annoying scenario about Henry V (we band of brothers).
Finally, we get to the two good scenarios(in my opinion) about Sir Arthur
Welesley and the Napoleonic Wars.

Campaign Ranking: 4th

Favorite Scenario: "The Battle of Waterloo" (by a lot)

>>3.2.1 The Return of Young William: 1040 AD

Difficulty: 4/10
Length: 5/10
Fun: 5/10

Red-    William
Yellow- Lord Toustain
Orange- Bandits
Blue-   Normandy
Blue-   Siege Workshop

Leaders/Important People:
Young William- Strategic Hero (must survive)

	1370 years later...  In France.......  Never mind, take your small band
of men east along the road until you come across some archers,  kill them.
Continue east until you reach the junction, then head south.  Recruit the
village soldiers and head back north past the junction.  Kill the bandits and
continue north.  Recruit the second village and head back to the
bandit-attacked village.  Head southeast to the bridge.  Kill the gaurds and
cross the bridge.  follow the road to Falaise and kill the gaurds outside.
When you speak with the mayor the city is yours.

	Send 5 citezens through the southeast gate to build a town center next
to the forest along the city wall.  Make 2 more citezens to work in wood and 4
more inside the city.  When have sufficient wood have your spare citezens to
build a granary inside the town.  Now make another 5 citezens and send them
AND your army through the south east gate and head south along the road.
Take the east fork and get the siege weapon town.  Head back and take the west
fork.  Kill the soldiers who attack you and head southeast off the road.  Head
east when you reach the trees until you find and opening.  Make a town center
there and make four more citezens on the other side.  Send them to work in the
gold and iron mines on the edge of the bandit city (don't worry they wont be
attacked).  Send your army back to Falaise.  Make another 5 citezens and again
send them through the southeast gate.  Now go northeast, then east, then kill
some soldiers.  Proceed southeast into the Norman mining town to get 1,500
stone build a town center  near the mines and put four citezens to work in
stone.  Return to Falaise.

	Now round off your army you should have: 10 long swords, 5 knights, and
10 Archers.  When done march out of the northeast gate and head northeast to
the junction.  Wait until you 2,500 stone and build 5 trebuchets.  Also if you
have over 5,000 food (which you should) send them to work in stone.  Send your
trebuchets to the junction where your army is.  On the way get the attack,
health, and range upgrades (now you are ready to kick ass).  Send them north
and have them destroy all the towers outside the city.  Toustain's army then
rushes out and destroys them (:( boo hoo).  Make three more.  Meanwhile send
your army forth and decimate Toustain's army.  Rebuild and wait for the
trebuchets to show up.  Again send in the trebuchets but this time raze the
gate.  When it falls send in your army.  Kill all the soldiers, and then attack
the keep with your trebuchets.  Use William to heal them as the remaining
towers like to attack them.  When the Keep falls you win.

>>3.2.2 William, Duke of Normandy: 1047 AD

Difficulty: 7/10
Length: 6/10
Fun: 5.5/10 

Red-       William
Turquoise- King Henry
Yellow-    Rebels
Blue-      Normandy
Blue-      Bayeux

Leaders/Important People:
William, Duke of Normandy- Strategist Hero (must Survive)
Sir Tresson-              Warrior Hero, mounted
King Henry:
King Henry-               Warrior Hero (must survive)
Guy of Burgundy-          Warrior Hero (must be killed)

	You start in a city on the Norman coast with a joker (good odds huh?).
 Go west out of the city along the road until you are attacked by rebels run
back to town and the town gaurd slaughters them.  Continue west along the road.
If you were injured go "investigate" the sound.  Kill the wolf and get the
healing chest.  Continue west until you get the message saying you are near
Vallongnes, then go north throught a gap to the farm.  Now that you look like
a peasant, enter the city and go to the highlighted house.

	Go due east to find a gap in the wall continue southeast until you're
back on the road.  Now head west until ther's a gap in the cliffs then head
south.  Pass through the bandits and head east along the river.  When you reach
the reeds head south across it.  Turn and kill the bandits who followed you.
Proceed south to the  church and pray(send william inside).  Cross thee road
and hide in the bushes.  Continue south and get 3 knights from the town.  Now
head east when you reach the Rebels have the knights attack the south flank
while William and Gollet go around the north side of the battle.  Enter Falaise
and get some men.  Now head northeast out of Falaise.  When you reach the
junction head west and go into the village.  Kill their champion and recruit
the town's soldiers.  Go back east to the junction.  Continue along the road
to the marsh to get even more men.  Now go east along the road past the dark
dirt road (spooky).  Anyway continue along the road and go north east into the
city.  Recruit the soldiers and march back to the dark road.  This time go
north along it.  When you reach the junction, SAVE!  It takes a try or two.

	Now continue north!  To battle!  After the cinematic divide your
troops, 5 kinghts to gaurd William, and the rest under Sir Tresson.  Have
General Tresson's men charge the left flank of the Rebel army.  Fall back
when you see Guy of Burgandy (good with names Sierra is!).  Turn and kill the
men who gave chase.  Then go and kill the remaining disorganized clumps of men
that King Henry's men left behind.  When the Rebel army is almost gone have
William join what's left of your men and charge Guy of Burgandy.  When Guy dies
you win.

>>3.2.3 The Battle of Hastings: 1066 AD

Difficulty: 7/10
Length: 5/10
Fun: 6.5/10

Red-    William
Orange- Vikings
Yellow- England
Purple- Bandits
Blue-   Normandy
Yellow- London

Leaders/Important People:
William, Duke of Normandy- Strategist Hero (must survive)
Harold Godwinson-          Warrior Hero (must be killed)

	The Battle of Hastings.... The last time England was conquered.......
Anyway, you have an army to build so get cracking!  send 3 citezens and your
knights southwest to the gold mines and have another 4 go with 2 longswords to
the iron mines.  Now make 7 more.  Put four to wood and 5 to build a granary.
Build an army consisting of 5 pikemen, 15 longswords, 9 knights, and 15
archers.  DO NOT include the troops at your mines.  When you have enough
resouces to complete the army delete the gold miners and gaurd as well as the
farmers.  When you have 500 iron delete the iron miners and gaurd too.  When
your army is complete go to the docks and start building 5 transports, 2
galleys, and 2 frigates.  To help wood production make 6 more wood gathering
citezens.  When your fleet is ready, load up and set sail!

	Head northwest toward the highlighted beach use your frigates and
galleys to defend your transports.  When you arrive, Unload and head northeast,
ignore the archers when you reach the battle field your archers turn and kill
them anyway.  Charge the English army!  Oh no William died...  Naht! send him
up the hill.  When most of the army is gone, Rush Harold Godwinson.  When he
retreats regroup and heal with William.  Then send a knight forward and lure
the huskarls, and Harold after him run around but have your army fight Harold.
When he dies the huskarls lose so much morale they die in one or two hits.
Send William northwest to get a horse.  Then take your army into London.  When
William arrives you win.

>>3.2.4 The Hundred Years War Begins: 1340-1346 AD

Difficulty: 7/10
Length: 8/10	
Fun: 6/10

Red- The Black Prince
Red- English Fleet
Marroon- England
Yellow- French Fleet
Yellow- Caen
Purple- Calais
Green- French Rurals

Leaders/Important People:
English Fleet:
Demolition Ship-  Absolutely useless renamed bronze age galley
French Fleet:
Flagship-         Sink to kill french naval morale
The Black Prince:
The Black Prince- Strategist Hero (must survive)

	Now for your first real naval battle.  Anyway,  add to your fleet by
build two more of everything.  When your fleet finishes send your Demolition
ship along the coast of England toward the French fleet.  Turn and run when
you reach them.  The ship will be sunk (it's pretty useless anyway) but it
will drag out the french fleet along the English Coast.  Now, Send your fleet
southeast and have them work their way along the coast of France.  Slip past
south of them, and sink the flagship.  Now that the French Fleet has almost no
morale, you can sink them at 2 hits a piece.

	Cut to 6 years later (only 94 left...).  You now have a sizeable army
and a new hero exactly like Alexander and William.  March west along the road.
Destroy the gate and march on in to decimate the French army.  Raze the four
buildings and collect the stone.  Now have the citezens leave the city and get
one round of wood.  You should now have 125.  Send them north out of the west
gate and build a town center near the gold and iron mines.  Meanwhile make
more citezens and put them to work in the fields.  When you have enough food,
put 4 citezens to wood, and 2 to gold and iron.  Make 4 more citezens and put
them to stone when they have enough, rebuild the gate that you destroyed.  Now
have them build a barracks and a dock.

	Now to rebuild your army, you need at least: 10 archers, 10 longswords,
5 pikemen, and 5 knights.  When you are ready, build four transports at your
dock.  Load up and set sail north past the hurricane until you are due west
of Calais.  Head west and unload your transports behind the wall.
Rush in and destroy the town center.  Have the Black Prince heal the
trebuchets, also if you want send a couple men to go kill the annoying
priests.  When the town center falls run as hard as you can back to england.
Nah you win.

>>3.2.5 The Black Prince: 1356 AD

Difficulty: 5/10
Length: 6/10
Fun: 7.5/10

Red-    The Black Prince
Yellow- French
Blue-   Villages

Leaders/Important People:
The Black Prince:
The Black Prince- Your leader (Must Survive)
French King-      The King of France (appears breifly at the end)

Yay!  Pillaging!  I knew a pirate once, and we sailed the world and pill....
Never mind.  Anyway, Form up and head south east.  Destroy the stupid French
soldiers (btw I like the French, they make good pastries :) ) and take their
beautiful treasure.  Continue southeast until you reach the junction, then head
west to the shrine for treasure number 2.  Kill the soldiers and the priest and
try to avoid the volcano.  Now head back east past the junction and into the
next town.  Get the treasure and continue east across the river and through
the suspicious canyon.  Go north east and raid the final city.  Now head north
as the canyon is blocked.  Turn west and follow the road to the abandoned town.
Kill the ambushers and continue on your way.  Defeat the three
Musketeers/bandits and load up the ships.  Sail back to where you started.
Unload to find you have a army to fight.  Sail to the other side of the river
and wait for your magical teleporting army.

Form up and head east, then north east until you get a dialog telling you to
find a battle field.  Head up the hill to the northwest, and start razing the
village until the French army comes out stay on the hill and kill them as they
come up.  When the army is defeated, destroy the gate and march in and raze
the keep.  When it falls you win.

>>3.2.6 We Band of Brothers: 1414-1415 AD

Difficulty: 5/10
Length: 7/10
Fun: 5/10

Red-       English
Yellow-    Lollards
Turquoise- French
Maroon-    England
Blue-      France (civilians)

Leaders/Important People:
Henry V-             Warrior Hero, your leader (must survive)
Earl of Westmorland- Strategist hero (must survive)
Sir John Oldcastle-  Civilian, leader of lollards (must be killed)

After the hundred years war….  The British and French still hate each other
(no surprise).  Anyway you start off in Oxford England with a grand total of…
5 people.  Start off by making 8 citizens.  Put four to work in wood in the
nearby forest, and have the other four build a granary.  Now for your army,
you will need about 15 swordsmen, 10 archers, 5 pikemen, and 5 cavalry.  Make
5 more citizens and send your army southwest to Bristol.  Determine whether
they are loyal or not by simply walking up to them.  If they are then you will
gain control of the church.  If not, kill the soldiers and raze the church.
Once you have done this use your citizens to build a town center by the gold.
Then put four citizens to work in gold and make five more citizens.  Now
continue along the southwest road to Exeter.  Lather rinse and repeat the
process used in Bristol.  Once you have cleared the southwest of Lollards send
your five citizens to make a town center near the stone and iron.  Put 4 on
both iron and stone.  Enough of your troops should have died by now to make
room in your pop count for the miners, but if you’ve been a good general, and
not lost any men, you can reward yourself by executing them (select and press
the delete key on your keyboard).

Send your army back to the junction of the southwest and northwest roads.
Repeat this process with Wells and Carmarthen.  Leave out the citizen
colonizing as you now have 4 citizens on each resource.  Now return to Oxford
to heal and regroup.  If you’re a really bad general, and lost a lot of men,
then you can make some reinforcements while you’re at it.  When you are ready,
head northeast and secure Cambridge then take the due south road to
Portsmouth.  If you still haven’t found all the Lollards, take the road east
to Dover otherwise, head for London.  After A LOT of talking like Shakespeare,
you will be given a new objective, reach your pop count limit and then load
on to the ships bound for France.  Now you should stockpile masses of resources
because they’re a pain to get once you are in France.  If you are a really
patient person you should wait until you have ~5000 of each resource.  Or if
you’re like me you can go when you only have 2000 and promptly run out of gold
within two battles.  Once you have done this, kill off your citizens until you
have only 5 left, then make sure your army is as follows, 15 swordsmen, 10
cavalry, 9 archers, and 10 pikemen.  Now load everyone, citizens included onto
the ships by sending them to the docks.  Away to France we go!

When you land have your citizens build a base which includes; a barracks, an
archery range, a siege factory, a stable, and finally, once you’ve done that a
town center.  Now that you have space for 5 in your pop cap, build two
trebuchets and make a 10th archer.  You should also get both range upgrades
for your trebuchets.  When you are ready, march northeast to Harfleur.  Have
your trebuchets knock down the gate and destroy the nearby towers.  Then, send
in your army and wreck havoc on the town, make sure you are using the Earl of
Westmorland to heal while you are doing this or you will lose a lot of men.
When the last building inside Harfleur falls, the town surrenders.  Follow the
cinematic until you get your army back.  Now, use your base to restore your
army to its original size.  When you are ready, assemble your army south of
the river.

Now for the battle of Agincourt.  First off, have your trebuchets take out the
bombard cannons on the hill from outside their range.  Now send the Earl of
Westmorland onto one of the hills to get him out of the way.  Sometimes the
best strategy, is simply charge.  You will lose men much slower than the
French if you are using the Earl of Westmorland.  If you drop below ten men,
retreat to the south bank of the river and make some reinforcements at your
base.  When the reinforcements arrive, head back into the fray(this is why you
need so much resources, as this tends to happen at least once).  When 90% of
the French army lies dead, you win.

>>3.2.7 The War Against Napoleon: 1815 AD

Difficulty: 7.5/10
Length: 6/10
Fun: 7.5/10

Red-    Sir Arthur Welesley
Orange- Spanish Rebels
Blue-   French
Blue-   French navy
Maroon- Portsmouth
Maroon- British flares
Maroon- Toledo
Pink-   Talavera
Green-  Lisbon
Yellow- Salamanca
Purple- Badajoz:

Leaders/Important People:
Sir Arthur Welesley:
sir Arthur Welesley- Warrior Hero, your general (must survive)
Gerneral Junot-      French General

400 years later….  A lot has changed since Henry V.  England is a
constitutional monarchy now, and soldiers carry guns, not swords to battle.
Anyway, tactics haven’t changed much so Wellington’s Iberian campaign should
be a synch.  You start off with just Sir Arthur Wellesley and order to get
your troops at Portsmouth.  Well, what are you waiting for, get on with it!
Receive your troops and load up.  Sail to the little green speck on the
minimap that is Lisbon.  Make sure that your frigates are in front, to ward
off any French Warships.  Upon landing at Lisbon have your frigates sail to
the docks and have them attack the French army standing nearby.  When you have
killed everyone in your reach, charge in with cuirassiers.  The French will
soon counter-attack with a platoon of cuirassiers.  Put your cuirassiers in
front to protect your infantry and cannon while they blast the enemy to bits.
You are now told to get rid of General Junot.

	March north of Lisbon to a field where you'll find Junot's army.
Kill the soldiers and Junot surrenders.  After some dialogue you gain control
of Lisbon.  First, build two or three bombard cannons and send them to siege
Badajoz.  You need to destroy a gate and four towers.  When you have done so,
the Spanish rebels will come out and start attacking the French at Talavera.
You can go help them or you can let them kill themselves.  Now rebuild your
army. You should have 3 bombards, 3 serpentines, 3 field guns, 15 infantry,
5 halberdiers, 5 dragoons, and 5 cuirassiers.  When you are ready, march to
Salamanca!  By now the Spanish rebels will have liberated Toledo (if you helped
them) so don’t bother with that town.  To defeat the army at Salamanca, park
your cannons inside the town where assault is harder and then charge with your
infantry.  When the army falls, you should get reinforcements, as you will
have lost some men.  Make sure you bring 4-5 citizens and a medic.  Have your
medic heal and then set out eastwards to the Pyrenees Mountains.  Kill the
four snipers and have your citizens build towers on the hill.  Put your units
in stand ground, so that you will just shoot down at the attacking French.
When most of them are dead, you win.

>>3.2.8 The Battle of Waterloo: 1815 AD

Difficulty: 8/10
Length: 4/10
Fun: 9/10

Red-    Duke of Wellington
Purple- Brussels
Green-  Prussians (former name of Germany)
Maroon- British
Blue-   French
Gray-   Marshal Ney's Corps
Blue-   Quatre Bras
Pink-   Belgium
Pink-   Waterloo
Black-  Lingy
Yellow- Wavre

Leaders/Important People:
Duke of Wellington:
Sir Arthur Welesley- Warrior Hero, your general (must survive)
Marshal Ney's Corps:
Field Marshal Ney-   French General

After the invasion of Iberia, Russia, Austria, Prussia (Germany), and Great
Britain formed an alliance and crushed the French Army, and expelled Napoleon
to the Island of Elba.  Within a few weeks, Napoleon escaped and returned to
France.  A battle between the forces of Europe is imemnent.  Buckle your seat
belt though, because this one is a clipper!  You start off in Brussels with
Sir Arthur Wellesley and a messenger.  Send the messenger to Wavre (yellow on
the minimap).  You will then be given control of Blucher’s Prussian army for 2
seconds.  During this time you should decimate the forces attacking him.

After a cinematic you will be back in Brussels with a small contingent of an
army.  Take your entire force (engineers included) to Monte St. Jean (the hill
directly southeast of Brussels).  At Monte St. Jean build 2 stables, 2
barracks, a siege factory and a hospital.  To get them out of the way, have
your citizens(engineers) go mine some stone.  Now build up your army you
should have a total of; 15 infantry, 10 halberdiers, 7 dragoons, 8
cuirassiers, 5 field cannon, and 2 bombard cannons.  When your army is ready,
March south along the road until you reach the junction.  Head southeast into
the town of Quatre Bras.  If by this time you have heard the “The French are
attacking Quatre Bras!” dialogue, you need to move your ass!

	Within a couple of minutes the French will arrive.  Kill most of them
and they will retreat to Lingy to meet up with the rest of their forces.  Send
your army back to Monte St. Jean.  Heal them at the hospital, replace the
dead, and have your citizens build towers around Monte St. Jean.  After
awhile, General Bucher will arrive with the Prussian Army.  Within two
seconds, you will be attacked by Napoleon’s army.  Just stay on the hill with
your hospital to heal while the Prussians take out about half of them.  Then
charge them.  When the last annoying serpentine cannon is destroyed, you win!
Congratulations on beating the English Campaign!

----------------------------3.3 German Campaign--------------------------------

>>3.3.1 Cavalry of the Sky: 1915 AD

Difficulty: 4/10
Length: 3/10
Fun: 5/10

Grey-   Germany
Gery-   Germany (German Camp)
Yellow- Poland
Brown-  Russia

Leaders/Important People:
Manfred von Richtofen- Future Red Baron (must survive)
Count Holock-          Strategist Hero (must survive)
Prince Freidrich-      Leader of German Army (doesn't fight)

A nice scenario about World War I on the easten front, with your favorite war
hero of the 20th century, that's right: The Red Baron.  Anywho, you start off 
in the middle of nowhere, with a pilot and a strategist Hero.  Start by going
east (it's the only way you can go) towards a small polish village.  Talk to
the villagers and then save one of thier wives from being raped by russian
soldiers.  Just go east and then north until you find the fort.  Then kill the
amazing force of two people.

Once you do this the three villagers will join you (temporarily).  Use then to
cut down a tree in your way near the wrecked plane.  Once you go through the
gap, the villager go back to thier lives.  Continue throught the woods west and
then north until you reach your first Russian depot.  Now you have to find and
Photograph 4 out of 6 sites (walk up next to one to photgraph it).  So go
around photographing stuff and avoiding russian patrols until you have four
sites photgraphed.

Now you will gain control of the German Army.  Continue going west with Manfred
and Holock until you reach Wicznice (wis-ni-chay).  At this point have Manfred
and Holock go straight to the german camp throught the russian lines.  At the
same time, send in your army to cover them.  When you reach the German Camp,
You win!

Oh, if you had trouble finding depots or anything else i mentioned, Heres a
map of the area:

   camp       #                           (*2)           (*1)
   ###       #                  ()  swamp  /             //
   ###      #   _____  Pilboxes ||        /    forest   //            Fort
            #   |    |==========||========\       /=====/                \
            #   |Wicznice       ||        \\     //    ()                 \
            #   |____| Pilboxes ()         \\   //    ^ |  Woods  Wrecked |
            #                       Woods   \===/ Cliffs\________ Plane   |
        Russian                             ()//     ^      Woods \________|
        Front                                        ^              Polish

__ or / or \ or | = path
= or // or \\ or || = road
|_| = town
*1 = Depot has "map" (shows where all depots are)
*2 = Depot has pistol for Holock, and Bullets for Manfred.

>>3.3.2 Supply and Demand: Winter 1915-1916 AD

Difficulty: 5/10
Length: 6/10
Fun: 4/10

Grey- Germany
Yellow- German Ports
Red- British fleet
Red- British flyers
Cyan- Denmark

Leaders/Important People:
Manfred von Richtofen- Red Baron (in a plane this time) (must survive)
Spy-                   Renamed diplomat

And now for possibly my least favorite scenario.  The only thing redeeming
about this is it's a naval battle, which i prefer to land battles (that's just
me).  You start off with four cities:

Wilhelmshaven (w)
Bremerhaven (b)
Kiel (k)
Rostock (r)

And they are arrayed in this fashion:

         |      K\
 _______/B    *   \______
/w      I G        R
|I G
         S     Forest
I = iron
G = gold
S = stone

To start this off you have some preparation to do.  Make 4 citizens in
Wilhelmshaven and 8 at all the other cities.  Put 4 citizens to the iron and
gold outside Bremerhaven, have 8 harvest wood at Rostock and have the other 8
from Kiel build a granary between Bremerhaven and Kiel.  Now you will need 3
docks (one at Wilhelmshaven, Bremerhaven, and Kiel) you will also need a Naval
yard at Bremerhaven and an areodrome at the (*) symbol on the map.  So have
your four citizens at Wilhelmshaven do this (you can use the shift key to give
citizens multiple construction orders).  Now just let the ships come in.
There's nothing more for you to do except slowly build fleets at Bremerhaven
and Rostock (~2 Dreadnoughts and 3 destroyers per fleet), and have some
citizens mine stone.

After a while you will recieve your next mission: send a sub to England.  You
may have noticed that England is currently bombing the crap out of you and
sinking 50+% of your supply ships, thats about to change.  At your navy yard in
Bremerhaven build and upgrade 4 u-boats.  Now send them to the western edge of
the map aka: England.  When you get close you will be swamped by destroyers
have 3 subs draw their fire while the fourth goes to the nearest dock.  Send
the spy to london to shut down the british airforce and make your life much

Now you should build a lighthouse in Wilhelmshaven (you should have the nessary
resources by now).  Now that you can see 3/4 of the sea, send out your fleets
from Bremerhaven and Kiel and have them destroy all british ships in lighthouse
range.  You can even have Jasta 11 (aka: "The Red Baron's Flying Circus") join
in if you built an areodrome like I told you to.  Now just let the ships come
in, and destroy all british ships within the lighthouse range.  When the 20th
one arrives, you win!

>>2.3.3 The Red Baron: Spring 1916 AD

Difficulty: 4/10 or 9/10
Length: 5/10 or 10/10
Fun: 5/10 or 1/10

Grey-   Germany
Blue-   French Forts
Blue-   French Army
Blue-   French Flyers
Yellow- French Towns

Leaders/Important People:
The Red Baron:  The only hero in a plane, this is first scenario you definitely
                get to use him (Optional for Supply and demand) (must survive)

You may have noticed that there are two sets of ratings for this scenario.
That is because there are two distinct ways to do this mission, the hard way
or the easy way.  You can use a massive army to overpower the equally massive
French defenses, or you can use strategic bombing to win without a single
soldier leaving your camp.  I will only be explaining the strategic bombing
method, as the kill-all-your-soldiers method is just stupid.  Before you do
anything you should get rid of the southwestern French base.  Send in your
artillery spotter balloon and click on the building that looks like a keep
from the English Campaign.  The fort will be obliterated.

Now, first things first, make 9 citizens at your capital.  Then have 8 build a
granary while the other 5(you start with four) go build a town center in the
hills to the north where the resources are.  When you have done this put 4
citizens in iron, gold, and stone (you already have tons of wood).  Now at your
aerodrome, build as many planes as you can fit in, and then put the rally spot
over your nearby troops (you will get attacked by annoying airplanes a lot).
Now to bolster your defenses.  Make a few tanks and a small contingent to guard
the northwest corner ~10 infantry, 3 anti-tank, 3 howitzers.  Now make 2 more
citizens at your capital and have them build an aerodrome in the southern
corner of your base.  Now build a gotha bomber and upgrade.  You should get
both area damage upgrades and one attack upgrade, the rest is up to you.  Now
build another one and send them to the spot on the river with the flower
looking things.  As soon as you get there, turn south into the French Fort.
If you do it right, you can fly through a gap in the French flak positions.
Now pick a building.  Two bombers worth is good for buildings, 1 for tents
(if a tent is next to a bombed building it will be destroyed due to the area
damage upgrade.  Now Lather, Rinse and Repeat until the fort is destroyed.  If
some French fighters harass you, you can send in your own fighters (which you
should have upgraded by now).

Now for the last base.  Have the citizens who made your second aerodrome make
two more in the northern (not northwestern) corner of your base.  Send any
left over bombers there when you finish.  Now at one aerodrome have 4 gotha
bombers and the other have 7 or so fighters.  Now send out your bombers.  Make
a bee-line for the fort, when you see the AA guns, bomb them (2 bombers each).
 After you get rid of the air defenses, replace any lost planes and send them
straight to the Fort.  Make sure you send the fighters two as there will be
plenty of enemy planes.  Once you have destroyed all the buildings, you win.

Just kidding, you have one last thing to do.  Eliminate all members of the
“Anti-Richtofen Squad”.  This should be a cake walk.  The easiest way to
accomplish this is to make them chase your fighters over AA gun placements.
When the last plane is shot down you win, honest.

>>3.3.4 The Somme: 1918 AD

Difficulty: 7/10
Length: 9/10 (takes forever, epescially if you suck at video games like me :))
Fun: 4.5/10

Grey-   Germany
Red-    Great Britain
Red-    British Flyers
Blue-   Roye Defenders
Blue-   Mondiddier Defenders
Yellow- French Towns

Leaders/Important People:
The Red Baron- You know who this guy is (must survive)

This scenario is like the hard way for the last one.  Anyway, for your army.
First, build a second aerodrome and make 8 gotha bombers.  Have your fighters
patrol the edge of your camp, to kill anyone who might discover you.  Then 
send some citizens south to build a dock, make 4 transports.  Now back at base,
make a massive army ~15 infantry, 10 machine gunners, 10 tanks, 3 artillery,
5 howitzers, 5 anti-tank guns.  Make sure you upgrade everything before you
reach your pop cap (you will lose all your resources when you do).  When your
army is ready march south to your dock and load up.  Destroy the defenses on
the south side of the river (AA guns included) and then march south to Perrone.
Destroy all enemy buildings.  Now send 5 citizens from your starting base.  At
the base put four citizens on each resource (wood included).

Back in Perrone, have your citizens build a lot of AA guns (you will be almost
constantly be attacked by planes).  When you can build and populate a
settlement into a town center and make 4 more citizens.  Off to the side build
a barracks (NOT ON THE BLUE SQUARE).  Also build a siege factory and a tank
factory.  Now make 2 aerodromes.  Transfer your gotha bombers from your main
base, but leave your fighters behind (you may be attacked later).  Now send
your bombers to the southeast corner of the map and attack the British
aerodromes.  If you don’t succeed in destroying them, rebuild your bomber
force and go in again.  When the Roye air support is gone send 2/3 of your
army there.

In Roye, like Perrone, destroy all enemy buildings.  Then, have your citizens
build three aerodromes as well as a barracks, tank, and siege factories. 
Again, do not build the barracks on the town center ruins.  If you do, the
British will start attacking you by land en masse.  When you have done this,
transfer the remains of your bombers to Roye, then add to that so that you have
12-18 bombers (4-6 at each aerodrome).  Also build a few fighters as scouts.
Find the British aerodromes at Montdidier (in the middle of the western side
of the map) and decimate them with your bombers.  Now that they have no air
force the British are sitting ducks, send your army from Roye with a couple
citizens to sieze Montdidier.  Build all three barracks to win.

-Note: Credit for the "wait to build barracks strategy" goes to Llama Guy

>>3.3.5 Lightning Warfare: 1939 AD

Difficulty: 5/10
Length: 4/10 (Ligthning warfare means keep it quick)
Fun: 9/10

Grey-   Germany
Red-    Great Britain
Blue-   France & the Benelux
Cyan-   Norway & Denmark
Yellow- Poland
Maroon- Soviet Union

Leaders/Important People:

Scenario Map:
    \        |Norway   x Oslo     /       |
     \        \    ____          /        /
      |        |__|Sea \  Sweden |       /
England\         *  of  \        |      /
       /        --- Skaggerak____/     /
------/        |   |     ---/      ___/
        _______/    \___________  /
       / Benelux               p\ \   USSR
------/                   Warsaw \ \  (In Soviet Russia...)
         #    Berlin          x   \ \
France  #                          \ \
        #      Germany        Poland\ \
Paris x #                            \ \
-: Coast line
#: Maginot Line
*: Landbridge allowing infantry access to Sweden/Norway
x: Site to build Town Center
p: Site to make port
Jahwol mien furher!  Hail Hitler! (...).  Anyway, an extremely fun scenario
awaits.  You start off with several citizens, have them build AA guns
around the riechtstag and your production buildings.  Build 5 bombers at your
airport, and use the rest of your pop limit on building your army (make
sure you upgrade).  Once you are ready send your army to the polish border,
then send the bombers to Warsaw, capitol of Poland.  Declare war on Poland and
bomb the capitol building.  Meanwhile send in your army and decimate the
buildings around Warsaw.  Finally send in 5 citizens and build a town center
to secure your victory over Poland.  Send your army home, and put citizens to
work in gold and iron.  Lastly, send about five citizens to the coast (in the
north) about halfway between Berlin and Warsaw.  Build two docks, two navy 
yards, and some AA guns.  Leave your citizens at your new port (you see why
in a bit)

Now Rebuild your army and repeat this process on France.  The only difference
is they have a much better army so don’t just rush in and get slaughtered.
Also make sure you avoid the Maginot line.  Now that Paris and Warsaw are
yours, it’s time to take on Denmark and Norway.  Remember the harbor in Poland
you built?  Time to use it.  Build 4-5 u-boats and send them to the sea of
Skagerrak (see map).  Now send in your bombers.  The bombers should take out
the capitol and surrounding towers, while your u-boats sink the Norwegian 
fleet.  When the battleships are gone, build a transport at your dock.  Put
the 5 citizens on it and sail to the Skagerrak sea (which you should have
supremacy in by now).  I recommend sending in an escort of at least 1
battleship, 2 destroyers, and 2 cruisers.  DO NOT unload your transport.
Now send in your army.  When they reach where Oslo was, unload your citizens
and build a settlement on the site of the Oslo capitol building.  Populate it
to win.

>>3.3.6 Preparations for Invasion: 1940 AD

Difficulty: 7/10
Length: 7/10
Fun: 7/10
(all 7's I should win something...)

Grey-   Germany
Red-    Great Britain
Red-    British Convoys
Red-    Home Gaurd
Maroon- Home Fleet
Yellow- Ireland
Yellow- Iceland

Leaders/Important People:
Bismark- A Bismark Class Battleship with supe-up attack and range.

Pretty simple, just win the battle of Britain… as Germany?  The re-writing
history part of this campaign starts here.  Send the fleet at Wilhelmshaven to
Stravanger, where the Bismark is being built.  Now make a fleet of 12 subs.
Meanwhile, make as many citizens as you can and put them to work in various
resources.  Then build an airport and make 4-5 bombers.  Assemble your u-boat
fleet on either side of England vertically, 6 boats guarding the northern tip,
and the other 6 blockading the channel.  Now, use your bombers to get rid of
the docks on the West coast.  Now build some AA guns and go have lunch,
serious.  German High Command gives you resources for every transport you
sink (250 of each resource). So not destroying all the docks means the ships
keep coming and you keep sinking.

After Lunch and some serious resource stockpiling, build a radar station.
Now have your bombers destroy all the docks and airports in England.  Now back
at Wilhelmshaven, make 3 Tirpitz class battleships, 2 cruisers, and 2
destroyers.  Send a transport with some citizens to build a lighthouse on the
northern coast of Ireland.  Now make as many more subs as you can.  Now that
the threat of England getting supplies is gone, rally your fleet of the coast
of Ireland.  Once you can see them, send your fleet to do battle with the
British Home Fleet.  By the way, if this had really happened, Jutland would not
be the largest sea battle of the 20th century.  Anyway, the trick to sinking
the home fleet is to destroy all enemy destroyers :).  Once you do that, you
subs are invincible.  When the last ship says hi to Davy Jones, you win.

>>3.3.7 Operation "Sea Lion": 1941 AD

Difficulty: 6/10
Length: 4/10
Fun: 7/10

Grey-   Germany
Red-    Great Britian
Red-    RAF
Green-  United States
Green-  8th Fleet
Blue-   Free French
Yellow- France

Leaders/Important People:

Another really fun scenario.  You continue to re-write history as you try to
pull off the scraped, operation Sea Lion.  First, at the center-east town,
make 9 or so transports, and make sure you have at least, 5 citizens.  Now
send your reconnaissance planes out in search of Buckingham palace.  Now send
in your bombers, destroy all the defenses you can between Buckingham and the
center-east town (airports included).

When you get your army, load up on the transports and set sail.  Make
your way to Buckingham.  When you arrive, tell your entire air force to fly
overhead.  When the palace falls, take refuge inside the walls.  If at least
5 citizens survived, build a town center anywhere within the walls.
Otherwise, make some more at the far-east town.  Now at your far-west town
have your bombers all attack the two US buildings.  If you find yourself
short on troops to guard your new capitol, have a spy go and requisition a 
tank factory and make some panzers.  When the two US buildings fall, you win.
No joke, it’s really that short.  Congratulations! You’ve won the Second
World War, and you’ve beaten the German Campaign!

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