Review by The Purple Pantywaist

Reviewed: 05/29/07

No innovation can be tolerated, but not those unnecessary mistakes

DD is a RPG, isometric view, no party, battle oriented. Think Arcanum with the real-time battles. Or, if you do not know Arcanum, Fallout + Diablo. Spacebar pauses the game, so you can choose a new spell, weapon or potion. Sounds good? It ain't bad on the first look. I suppose, you can tolerate the fact, that the story and setting have been (re-)used hundreds of times: You are the chosen one, have to unite 7 sage- like- guys from the seven peoples (human, elves, dwarfs, reptile, orcs etc) to defeat some evil demon, who tries to resurrect some evil god. So, you wake up without memory in a little village of healers, get your first quests and start to figure out what it's all about. You can choose between 3 classes (Fighter, Rouge, Magician, but it does not have much influence), do quest, get experience level up. There are a lot of funny quests, some are just delivering things, some are to battle a horde of enemies, some are to search the whole game and take forever. So you gain experience and can get a ton of different abilities, all of which have been seen before: Bonus damage, enchant your weapon, alchemy, regeneration, chain lighting, summon skeleton, better arching skill, + X % on experience, blacksmith, lock picking, pickpocketing, resistance and so on. Some of them are completely useless (like "loose less stamina when running"). We have all seen it before, but hey, why not do it again? And yes, Elves live in woods and speak with high voices, dwarfs drink beer and live in the mountain, Orcs are stupid and warmongering (and can not speak properly)...

So far, I would give that game a flat 8 and recommend it happily to everyone, who likes a classic RPG with a pinch of humour. But now comes the bad parts (beside the total lack of new ideas): The game is very repetitive, most of the time you will be battling either skeletons, orcs or trolls ore some of the other ~5 types of enemies. Some abilities and functions are not very user- friendly to execute. Some quests are unsolvable without a FAQ. You can make flags an the map to help you find places and persons, but on the HUD- map, those flags and those for quests do not show. You have teleporters to help you move around faster, but they are often far away from the places to which they should lead. By a wrong click you can kill pets and farm animals. Quest items are not marked, sometimes not even especially named and can be sold or lost easily, without a chance to get them back (sheer luck aside) etc. I admit, those are little things. But they are many and annoying, and as this game is copying copies, I just do not understand why such mistakes are necessary.

The second point is lost for the final part of the game. When you have completed the first, big task, and answered with "Yeah, I'm done", the game so far is over. Without warning, all other quests are failed, all items you are not carrying with you are gone and so on. And this last part is to battle yourself through an endless, empty desert and a huge subterranean... place. Thousands of enemies and nothing else. It was so boring and took so long.

In a nutshell: An RPG, which copies from everything since Diablo I and does not manage to be anything more than mediocre.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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