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Guide and Walkthrough by Briareos_Kerensky

Version: 3.X | Updated: 11/15/2003

by Briareos Kerensky (briareos_hf@tiscali.it), ver 3.X, 11/08/2002

Table of Contents
1-Update History
2-History Briefing
3-Game Introduction
4-Units Briefing
5-Buildings Briefing
6-General Tactics
7-Multiplayer Tactics
10-Does Briareos know...
11-Credits and misc


11/08/2002-version 3.X. After a year I recieved some mails complaining about
the game unstability and what can be done to solve this. Read section 10 "Does
Briareos know..." for more infos on that.

19/09/2001-version 3.0. Bonus mission completed. As long as Bitmap Brothers
will not release a new patch with new missions and/or extra missions, this
release will be the last.

18/09/2001-version 2.5. Act IV ended. Corrections throughout the document.
Added "Does Briareos know..." section. Next update will be the last.

10/08/2001-version 2.2. Act V ended. Some updates.

06/08/2001-version 2.0. Act IV finished. Vehicle and unit sections completed
too. Started Act V. Have you noticed that we passed the 100 Kbs? I just did :)

02/08/2001-version 1.8a. I changed my GeForce 2 MX video card with a blazing
Radeon 64 DDR Vivo. Initially it gave me some problems, but now my system is
running smoothly. So I decided to reinstall Z: Steel Soldiers and see if the
problems I had were still present...but I decided not to install the patch, so
I had to redo all missions from 5 to 16, until I discovered a funny thing...see
it in the new Cheat section. For anyone with continue crash problems I can
suggest that the patch or a card based on a GF2MX create problems, so try to
play without the patch if you aren't planning a video update until the GeForce
3 prices drop. Mission 16 concluded, plus the usual update to all sections
needing it. I'd like to thank Robert Chou for all level names.

18/07/2001-version 1.8. Unfortunately I have to tell you that this document
will stop here, at mission 16. The game is too unstable to be played (when I
issue attack orders to vehicles the game bombs to desktop), and Eon support was
not able to help me. Probably it is video card issue, and when I'll change my
current GeForce 2 MX I'll retry and see if the game is stable or if Bitmap
Brothers release a new patch...

07/07/2001-version 1.7. Act III completed, plus the usual update to the
vehicle/building descriptions. I apologize for the delay, but I was "occupied"
by Emperor: Battle for Dune, and I still have to decide if the game was an
opportunity thrown to thorns or a great opportunity thrown to thorns; I suspect
that this is the last Westwood game I'll buy. Sad, but it's reality. However,
this doesn't matter too much here.

02/07/2001-version 1.6. Act III first mission, plus other vehicles and
buildings. General Tactics updated. One side info: all other version will be
uploaded only when a full Act or a difficult mission will be completed. Redrawn
the first maps.

30/06/2001-version 1.5. Kris Saw helped me a lot with buildings' original
names. Thanks! Campaign continues (Act II completed), plus General Tactics
updated, as well as units/buildings description.

25/06/2001-version 1.4. Technology Levels completed. Description of buildings
and units continues, as well as the Tactic section. Campaing continues. Act One
concluded, first mission of Act Two.
In addition, Bitmap Brothers released a first patch, which fixes some glitches,
but there is no adjstment in game balance...in fact, I've never experienced any
of the problems resolved. I'm lucky :). Patch is available in different
languages, so choose the right one.

23/06/2001-version 1.2. Corrected some errors (for example the wrong v 1.0
date) and other sections are online or started. I partially redesigned the
missions' maps but the campaign walkthrough won't continue for now...

19/06/2001-version 1.0. Back online! My last document was...eerrr...Cyberbots?
Uhm, doesn't matter at all. My first document was a non-standard RTS, and Z:
Steel Soldiers is an other one! BTW, let's end this useless paragraph...first
sections available, but the document is long way from be completed...


After 509 years of continuos war, Transglobal and MegaCom forces sealed a
treaty of peace. On planet Rigal, the planet were the most undisciplined
soldiers are sent, the local MegaCom commander, Captain Zod, took the news with
extreme sadness, as the end of all hostilities means that he and his men will
have no longer a work.
During a patrol, two of Zod's men, Brad and Clarke noticed that someone built
an airfield in the demilitararized zone; though Zod second-in-commnad, Lassar,
tries to persuade Zod that an armed patrol should no enter a demilitarized
zone, Brad and Clarke engage and unknown Dropship; after the ship is downed by
the two soldiers (with machineguns ?!?!?!?!?), all contacts are lost.


Who remember the original Z? I do, though I do not own the game. In sharp
contrast with all other RTS, the first Z was contrentaed on immediate action,
with little or no controls over resources; the map was divided into sectors
that gave the players a certain amount of resources (depending on the "value"
of the sector) and installations.
Z: Steel Soldiers keeps the same concept but enhaces the raphic engine and
available units, both in number and in type. In Z: Steel Soldiers, the only
thing you have to care about resources is to build stores to increase the
maximum amount of resources you can keep and to know that resources are given
to you preiodically and that the amount is decided by how many sectors (and
their quality) you own: so no Harvesters at all, you have only to care about
producing units (which is a semi-automated action), conquering sectors and
finally destroying the enemy command center.


First: please forgive me for wrong names. I own the italian copy of the game
which is fully translated (strange enough, voices are not so bad). I'd like any
help in this way.
Robert Chou helped me with them. Thanks!


Infantry are the only units capable of conquering a sector (place your cursor
over a flag and when the red hand shows up, issue the order) and do specific
tasks. As they are ground-bound, water and steep slopes block them.

Firepower: none
Armor: averae/heavy
Speed: average/low
Technology Level: 1
Cost: 2000
Production Time: 0.30

The Construction Robot is your only infatryman not...trained? Built? In the
Robot Factory. Only the Command Center can produce such...men? Robots? and the
Construction Robots are the only units capable of building new structures and
repairing damaged allies or structures. They have no weapons at all and are
slow, but they have enough armor to withstand light/medium weapons.

Firepower: low
Armor: low
Speed: average
Technology Level: 1
Cost: 1500
Production Time: 0.22

Your basic soldier. Lightly armed and armored, but has a good speed. As large
groups of Psychos can be deadly against light ground vehicles or aircrafts, a
Barrack should always produce them; during assaults Psychos are useful to
suppress faster units and protect rear and sides of the main strike force. Like
Starcraft's marines, Psychos are tactically superior to most units, as they are
cheap, fast to produce and can fire against any target within their action

Type: PYRO
Firepower: low/average
Armor: low/average
Speed: low
Technology Level: 2
Cost: 2000
Production Time: 0.30

Pyro's real problem is its slowness. It has a decent armor (slightly better
than the Psycho's one) and its flamer is a very effective weapon: the flamer
spits a continuos rain of flames that ends only when the target moves out of
range, out of firing arc or when it's destroyed; plus, if the target escapes,
the flames will continue to burn (and to cause damage) for few seconds. However
Pyros need few seconds to aim, so if the target is moving (not too fast nor too
slow, as vehicles like Heavy Tanks will be a nice target) there are few chances
that the Pyro will score.

Firepower: average
Armor: low/average
Speed: low
Technology Level: 3
Cost: 2500
Production Time: 0.37

Take a Pyro, strenghten its armor and give him a rocket launcher. What do you
get? A Tough, of course! Slow but heavily armored (for an infantrymen) and
armed. Its rocket launcher can cause great amounts of damage to any kind of
unit, especially to (relatively) slow-moving targets like Toughs, Pyros and
most vehicles; it is the same weakness of the Pyro, as the rockets describe an
arched trajectory and are not guided. They will be your main strike force since
you'll get them, but always keep some Psychos to engage fast targets.

Firepower: average
Armor: low/average
Speed: low
Technology Level: 5
Cost: 4000
Production Time: 1.00

Lasers are basiclly Toughs with a gatling laser rifle. They can fire to
everything within their range (equal to the Tough's one) and destroy it within
seconds. A single laser burst is not powerful enough to compete with a single
Tough rocket, but the rifle has a rate of fire equal to a machine gun. They are
expensive, but a small group of Lasers can support a group of slower vehicles
and spread havoc throughout the map.

Firepower: none
Armor: low
Speed: average
Technology Level: 2
Cost: 4500
Production Time: 0.45

They can be considered Psychos without rifles. However, the rifle has been
replaced by a nano-molecular-something-else, useful to convert enemy units and
buildings. Whatever kind and type of building and unit. Conversion takes a
variable amount of time, depending on what kind of stuff you are trying to
convert. Multiple Technicians will divide by their number the time required for
conversion, just like Construction Units.

Firepower: average/high
Armor: low
Speed: average
Technology Level: 4
Cost: 4000
Production Time: 1.00

I personally love Snipers: their rifle is quite powerful and instead of
destroying a vehicle (a ground one or a grounded chopper) they disable it;
disabled vehicles can be used by anyone fast enough to put whatever infantryman
inside it. Flying vehicles cannot be disabled, but their rifles are effective
as Agressors' rockets (maybe slightly better), though they are faster than
them. Their armor protection, though classified as low is equal to the Psycho's
one. Ideal to build elite-strike teams and to form a very effective line of
defense around your Command Center.

Type: SPY
Firepower: none
Armor: low/average
Speed: high
Technology Level: 7
Cost: 5000
Production Time: 1.15

A very particular unit. Spies have no firepower, but are fast as a Jeep and
slightly more armored. Then, they are equipped with a camouflage shield that
makes them invisible to radars when not moving. Only units or buildings like
Radar Stations or Mobile Radars will reveal them.
They spy has no firepower, as mentioned above, but when near to enemy
structures, a Spy can active its virus gun, which can have different effects,
depending on the targeted unit: defensive guns will fire at random, Command
Centers and various Factories (Air Hangars, Robot and Vehicle Factories) will
stop production; Research Facilities will suppress any reasearch in progress;
Radar Stations (ALL) will stop to function, just like Refineries.

Firepower: average
Armor: low/average
Speed: average
Technology Level: 6
Cost: 4500
Production Time: 1.07

A particular unit. The Explosive Expert is armed wit three kinds of bombs: the
first, the grenades are similar to Toughs' missiles though they cannot be
thrown at air targets and if they miss their target, they will bounce two or
three times before exploding.
The second type of bomb are mines; I think this categoryy is self expliantory.
The third type is structural mines, used to detonate enemy structures. To lay
down mines or structural mines, open the construction menu, select the type you
want and press CRTL+left click to place one. Here is written and I WON'T answer
to mails requesting how to lay down mines.
Artificers need to recharge their mines at a Robot Factory after 5 or 6 mines.


Ground vehicles represent the largest part of your army; here you'll find
everything you want, from light scout vehicles to mobile ECM
(electronic-counter measure) tanks. As with Infantry water and steep slopes
block them.

Type: JEEP
Firepower: low
Armor: low
Speed: high
Technology Level: 2
Cost: 2000
Production Time: 0.30

Basically it's a Psycho with slightly better armor and weapons; speed is almost
doubled. Jeeps can be more useful than Psychos, as you can harrass enemies
while larger (and slower) units reach their targets.

Type: APC
Firepower: none itself
Armor: average/light
Speed: average/high
Technology Level: 3
Cost: 3500
Production Time: 0.52

The APC, as its name suggests, is used to carry infantrymen (up to four) and
move them on the battleground more protected and with an higher speed that a
normal assault will give. The APC has no weapons, but the four infantrymen in
it can use their own weapons to defend the vehicle from other attacks; however,
they have to rely on the APC line of sight, so Toughs and Snipers will be
penalized while being carried.
The APC is also the only ground vehicle capable of passing rivers and sea, a
particulary useful feature to capture sectors with flags on an island.

Firepower: average/low
Armor: average/low
Speed: average
Technology Level: 3
Cost: 2500
Production Time: 0.37

The lightest and first tank you'll get. It is nothing special, though it
carries twin machine Guns, each comparable to the Jeep's one. In fact, the
Light Tank is a Jeep with less speed but higher firepower and armor. They can
fire at air targets and are ideal against infantry, Jeeps, other Light Tanks,
Mortar Tanks and Missile Tanks, where their speed will allow them to evade
incoming missiles.

Firepower: average
Armor: average
Speed: average
Technology Level: 5
Cost: 4500
Production Time: 1.07

The first alternative to Toughs as spearhead for assault forces; though the
Medium Tank is not fast as the Light Tank, it has a longer range a far more
powerful gun. Unfortunately it cannot fire against air targets, but Toughs are
there for this.

Firepower: high
Armor: average/high
Speed: low
Technology Level: 6
Cost: 6000
Production Time: 1.30

Slow, but not too much. Powerful, that's it. Should be used as a Medium Tank,
though it can suffer Mortar and Missile fire as it is slow. An Heavy Tank alone
can spearhead a diversionary assault.

Firepower: average/high
Armor: average/low
Speed: average/low
Technology Level: 4
Cost: 4500
Production Time: 1.07

Mobile fire-support unit. In fact, quite useful to support attacking units. It
can fire while moving, and the grenades used by this tank describe an arched
trajectory capable of passing low hills and ridges; plus, they are quite
destructive. The best way to use them is to place them at the edges of an
assault, where Tanks and other units attack your enemy's units, and the Mortar
Tanks pummel the enemy structure or slower units. The Mortar Tank will become
less accurate as the range between it and the target increases, and even at
minimum ranges, it is not so accurate: long range shots are optimal for
suppression fire on large groups.

Firepower: high/average
Armor: average
Speed: average/low
Technology Level: 6
Cost: 7000
Production Time: 1.45

It is basically a Mortar Tank with more firepower, better line of sight and
precision. Highly recomended.

Firepower: none
Armor: average/light
Speed: average
Technology Level: 4
Cost: 3000
Production Time: 0.45

It carries no weapons, but it can detect cloacked units (spies) within
short/medium ranges, indicated by the green circle on the minimap when a Mobile
Radar is selected. Always keep one near your Command Center and where the enemy
is most likely to attack.

Firepower: high/average
Armor: average/high
Speed: very low
Technology Level: 7
Cost: 10000
Production Time: 2.30

Mhmm...I'm somewhat disappointed by the Disrupter...it is basically an Heavy
Tank with a special weapon fixed on its hull, so no turrets. The weapon
produces a mini earthquake which damage all units within its range, Disgregator
included. The earthquake is quite powerful, though, but when you issue the
attack order the Disgregator will move to the best firing position (and it is
not fast), starts charging its weapon (20 full seconds) and then "releases" the
earthquake. Most fast units can exit the earthquake's range, so the disgregator
is useful to destroy buildings.

Firepower: high
Armor: average
Speed: very low
Technology Level: 7
Cost: 12000
Production Time: 3.00

Shock Wave tanks are the best that military technology can produce. A single
projectile fired by a single Shock Wave is enough to level buildings and most
units in a wide area. However, to prepare this projectile (a plasma-like bomb)
the Shock Wave needs 40 seconds where the tank can only rotate. The overall
speed is low, but its range compensates for this weakness. Basically it is a
Mortar/Missile Tank with tons of firepower, and it should be used as them,
supporting the main strike force from afar. However, the Shock Wave attack
should ANTICIPATE the main strike, or your units will be destroyed by friendly
fire. Not bad as the Disgregator, be needs to be used cleverly.


Air units have no terrain restrictions but are relatively lightly armored and
not so powerful. Note that you can only build and have a direct control over
Choppers and VTOLs (like the Wasp), as the Fighter/Bomber and the Stealth
Bomber are used "only" to deliver bombs on a designated target.

Firepower: average/low
Armor: average/low
Speed: high/average
Technology Level: 3
Cost: 3000
Production Time: 0.45

Armed with twin machine guns. Nothing special, but useful if used in conjuction
of Toughs and other ground units. Ideal for reconaissance, but not for all out

Firepower: average
Armor: average
Speed: average/low
Technology Level: 4
Cost: 4500
Production Time: 1.07

The biggest problem of this Chopper is that it needs to be rearmed once the
yellow bar under the health one is empty, so the Attack Chopper has to go the
nearest Air Hangar.

Firepower: none
Armor: average/high
Speed: average
Technology Level: 5
Cost: 5000
Production Time: 1.15

The Cargo Chopper can move up to eight infantrymen, or two light vehicles
(Jeeps, APCs, Light Tanks), or one light vehicle and two infantrymen, or a
single medium vehicle (Medium Tank, Mortar Tank, Mobile Radar) without the
restictions of an APC. If the Chopper is destroyed, all units in it are

Type: WASP
Firepower: average/high
Armor: average
Speed: average
Technology Level: 6
Cost: 6500
Production Time: 1.37

The Wasp is not a helicopter, but a VTOL, Vertical Take Off (and) Landin
vehicle, just like the Harrier and Freestyle airplanes used by some countries
in real world (at least the Harrier). However, this isn't related to Z: Steel
Soldiers, so forget it.
As Wasps are armed with lasers, they won't need to dock with Air Hangars to
replenish their warheads, but will need 10 seconds to cool down their weapons
after 15 seconds of continuos fire. They're also more vulnerable than Attack
Helicopters, but are faster and their lasers are more effective against
fast-moving targets. Where the Attack Choppers destroy, the Wasps can hold the
line until the Choppers return.

Firepower: high
Armor: average/low
Speed: high
Technology Level: 7
Cost: 15000
Production Time: 3.45

If only you can produce Stealth Bombers and used them where and whenever you
want...aah, what a dream. Airplanes like the Stealth Bomber and the
Fighter/Bomber cannot be physically produced, and the time and the resources
you spend for them represent the time needed to get them armed and ready.
Attacks are launched by right-clicking on a Hangar and selecting the single
bomb (Fighter/Bomber) or the three bombs (Stealth Bomber) icons; targets must
be structures or units and within a friendly unit visual range.
As the name suggest, the Stealth Bomber is invisible on the enemy's radar
screens but when within visual range of enemy troops or fixed installations,
can be attacked (and therefore damaged and destroyed).
The bomb delivered by this plane (a more futuristic version of the B-1B plane)
has enough explosive to reduce by half the health of a Command Center.

Firepower: none
Armor: average/low
Speed: high
Technology Level: 5
Cost: 10000
Production Time: 2.30

The Fighter/Bomber is used in the same way as the Stealth Bomber, though the
bomb carried by this plane does not allocate damage but deliver a virus
(identical to the spy's own) in a large area. It may be useful to support
attacks, but I prefer the destructive power of the Bomber's ordance. De
gustibus (wow, a latin phrase...).
Unlike the Stealth Bomber, the Fighter/Bomber is visible on the enemy's radar.
This plane looks like a mixture of a F-15 and a MiG-25/31.


As the name suggest, these units can be only be produced by the Ship Yard and
can travel only on water. They are relatively powerful, though clearly limited
in their movements.

Firepower: average/low
Armor: average/low
Speed: average/high
Technology Level: 4
Cost: 3000
Production Time: 0.45

Gunboats' greatest asset is it versability, as they can fire to anything within
they weapon range. Gunboats use twin machine guns, just like Light Tanks and
are quite fast. Essentially a patrol vessel.

Firepower: high/average
Armor: average/high
Speed: average
Technology Level: 5
Cost: 5000
Production Time: 1.15

The Destroyer lives up to its name: it is armed with with turrets, each with
two artillery versions of an Anti-Tank Gun (so it has arched trajectory). Tough
it has not a great line of sight, the firepower is enough to level most
buildings and units before they can seriously damage this vessel. It has no
sea-to-air capabilities, and must be accompained by a Cruiser or a Gunboat.

Firepower: average/high
Armor: average/high
Speed: average
Technology Level: 5
Cost: 4500
Production Time: 1.07

The Cruiser is a dedicated anti-aircraft vessel; its missiles are more powerful
than a single Anti-Aircraft Site and it also sports a small radar antenna
similar the the one carried by Mobile Radars, but with less range. It is
slightly faster than a Destroyer.
Cruisers' main job is to defend groups of slower and without sea-to-air
capabilities: one Cruiser is enough to defend 3 or 4 Destroyers.
Cruisers can also lay down mines, in the same way as Artificers do (read the
Artificer paragrap to know how lay down mines). A Cruiser carries 10 mines;
after having layed them it needs to recharge at a Ship Yard (it won't return
automatically, just like an Artificer).

Firepower: very high
Armor: average/low
Speed: low
Technology Level: 7
Cost: 14000
Production Time: 3.30

There's nothing like the Missile Boat for sea-to-ground/sea-to-sea attacks.
Extremely slow and not-so-well armored, the Missile Boat features two huge
missile launchers with two MIRV missiles each. What does MIRV mean? Oh well, it
means Multi Indipendently-targeted Reentry Vehicle, so the missile will deploy
multiple warheads which will damage anything within their range. Well, maybe
the "durandal" definition is better...Do not expect that the Missile Boat will
fire all four missiles in one salvo: one missile is capable of reducing most
buildings to 1/10 of their energy, and the Missile Boat will employ 45 seconds
to reload. When the Missile Boat has fired four times, it will return to the
nearest Ship Yard for reloading, just like an Attack Chopper. Note that the
Missile Boat can fire to whatever ground unit or building (it cannot fire
against airborne targets) on the map, from wherever it is, though the target
must be visible to one of your units. Spies or Wasps are the best unit for
spotting. Just do not leave the Spy near the target. Deadly.
Additional note: Missile Boats do have a maximum range. In fact, on a 175x175
map, the Missile Boat range is about 1/4 of the lenght of the map.

Firepower: high
Armor: average
Speed: low
Technology Level: 6
Cost: 10000
Production Time: 3.30

An other sea-to-ground/sea-to-sea attack boat. The BattleCruiser features four
turrets, each with a Mortar Tank-like gun, though all turrets fire following a
straight trajectory. Ideal to escort missile boats and support ground units as
its line of sight and range are greater than the Missile Boat's ones. Plus it
doesn't need to recharge; rate of fire is similar (maybe a little faster) to a
Mortar Tank. Need to be escorted by Cruisers.


You'll find hero units in the single player campaign, where they have to be
defended at all costs. Note that Z's heroes do not have particular statistics,
nor special actions, so BE CAREFUL when issuing orders.

Name: BRAD
Type: Psycho
Firepower: low
Armor: low
Speed: average

Type: Psycho
Firepower: low
Armor: low
Speed: average

Type: Technician
Firepower: none
Armor: low
Speed: average

Name: ZOD
Type: Psycho with cowboy hat
Firepower: low
Armor: average
Speed: average/high

Type: Psycho with baseball hat
Firepower: low
Armor: average
Speed: average


As with Units, please forgive me for wrong names. I own the italian copy of the
game which is fully translated (strange enough, voices are not so bad). I'd
like any help in this way.
And I'd like to thank Kris Saw (kris@mgon.com) for this help.
Then remember that buildings can be built only by Construction Units. The time
reported here describes how many seconds/minutes a single Construction Unit
will need to complete the building; if you assign more than one Unit to build
something, the time will be divided by the actual number of Construction Units
doing the job.

Firepower: from none to average
Armor: average/high
Technology level: 1
Cost: none
Production Time: none

Self expliantory. During the single-mission campaign losing the Command Center
will mean immediate defeat, but during some kinds of multi-player games you can
survive withouth it. However, not having a Command Center means that you cannot
build Construction Units, and withouh any of them, no other buildings.
Depending on the technology level, Command Centers can be defended by two
couples of Anti-Tank Guns/Gun Platforms and Anti-Aircraft Sites, which gives
you limited freedom in placing units away from it.

Firepower: none
Armor: light/average
Technology Level: 1
Cost: 3000
Production Time: 0.45

The Radar gives you a bird-eye view of the battlefield, showing units and who
controls the sectors. Semi-vital structure. Mobile Radar vehicles can partially
substitute a Radar Station.

Firepower: none
Armor: average
Technology Level: 1
Cost: 4000
Production Time: 1.00

Needed to train infantrymen. Nothing more, nothing less.

Firepower: none
Armor: light/average
Technology Level: 2
Cost: 3000
Production Time: 0.45

When I saw the name "negozio" (shop, market, in Italian) I was really curious
about this building. Then I was surprised that is Z's equivalent for C&C's
tiberium storage tanks...the only purpose of the Store is to increase your
maximum credit capacity of 1000 units. Additional Stores will give you more

Firepower: none
Armor: average
Technology Level: 2
Cost: 5000
Production Time: 1.15

Self expliantory, I think.

Firepower: none
Armor: average/light
Technology Level: 3
Cost: 7000
Production Time: 1.45

It's where you build choppers and order air strikes. Orders for your Stealth
Bombers and Fighter/Bombers have to be issued from there.

Firepower: none itself (can contain up to four infantrymen)
Armor: average
Technology Level: 2
Cost: 4500
Production Time: 1.07

Similar to the Starcraft original. The bunker can hold four infantrymen; the
bunker will take damage instead of the infantrymen, but when it will be
destroyed, your infatrymen inside will say bye-bye. I personally suggest one or
two Snipers and two Toughs (and one Psycho/Laser if you placed a single Sniper).

Firepower: average
Armor: average
Technology Level: 2
Cost: 3000
Production Time: 0.45

Basic fixed-gun. Effective against any kind of light/medium armored ground
target. Cannot fire at air targets.

Firepower: average
Armor: average/light
Technology Level: 3
Cost: 4500
Production Time: 1.00

The name is self expliatory, I think. Cannot fire against ground targets;
weaker than an Anti-Tank Gun.

Firepower: high/average
Armor: average
Technology Level: 5
Cost: 8000
Production Time: 2.00

Long range gun, with more firepower than an Anti-Tank Gun. Cannot fire against
flying targets. It fires projectiles along an arched trajectory, so it useful
if natural obstacles are present. Small explosion when the projectile impacts,
but powerful as the projectile itself.

Firepower: average/high
Armor: average/light
Technology Level: 5
Cost: 12000
Production Time: 3.00

This building is essentially a more sofisticated, larger and more powerful
version of the Anti-Aircraft Site. The Anti-Missile Station is armed with a
single high-powered laser which inflicts larger amounts of damage than a single
Anti-Aircraft Site salvo (a single shot can destroy a Scout Chopper) at a
longer range. A single Anti-Missile Station is enough to replace two or even
three Anti-Aircraft Stations, but remember that after some shots the Station
must recharge (about 20 seconds) and it targets missile volleys too, so it is
better to build Anti-Aircraft Sites near the Station. In fact, as the Station
costs a lot, requires more space and costs more than a Site, I still prefer

Firepower: none
Armor: average/light
Technology Level: 4
Cost: 12000
Production Time: 3.00

The Research Facility will allow you to improve your units' speed, armor and
damage, and buildings armor. Each research will need 37 seconds and 2500
credits. Note that you can increase these stats only three times, and all
levels will always take 37 seconds and 2500 credits.

Firepower: none
Armor: average/light
Technology Level: 4
Cost: 12000
Production Time: 3.00

A single Refinery can hold additional 5000 credits and increase the production
of credits of all sectors by 20%. I do not think that a second Refinery will
increase the total credits by an other 20%. For more infos about how getting
credits, read the "General Tactics" briefing.

Firepower: none
Armor: average/light
Technology Level: 6
Cost: 14000
Production Time: 3.30

The Shield Generator will generate an energy shield as long it has energy,
measured by a blue bar under the building health one. A fully charged Shield
Generator will maintain it shield for about 40 seconds, and will employ 40
seconds to recharge. It needs to be charged when built. The shield will absorb
all shots.

Firepower: very high
Armor: average/light
Technology Level: 6
Cost: 15000
Production Time: 3.45

The ultimate defense structure. The Environmental Control can unleash three
types of attack, all of area effective, destructive and will damage even your
units and buildings (Environmental Control included), so be careful; the
attacks can be used only within the building's line of sight. The first attack
(Chain Lighting) will launch a series of thunders; this attack is relatively
slow but it is the most accurate. The Meteor Shower will summon a meteor
strike; very powerful but inaccurate. The last one, the Sonic Shock will
unleash an EM pulse that will slightly damage all units and buildings within
the Environmental Control's line of sight and will stop their functions for
about 30 seconds. Very effective to stop attacks and to wait reinforcments from
Every time you use an attack, the Environmental Control must be recharged
(roughly 4 minutes).

Firepower: none
Armor: average/light
Technology Level: 7
Cost: 20000
Production Time: 5.00

When charged the Teleport will move a maximum of four units from its position
to anywhere on the map; however the sector must belong to you, or the Teleport
will refuse to move the unit. It requires 2,30 minutes to be charged.

Firepower: none itself (can contain up to four infantrymen)
Armor: average
Technology Level: 6
Cost: 6500
Production Time: 1.37

A bunker with a better line of sight.

Firepower: average
Armor: average
Technology Level: 7
Cost: 10000
Production Time: 2.30

It is basically an Anti-Tank Gun placed on a tower, which increases its line of
sight. The projectiles have a more arched trajectory, so aiming at small
targets will be difficult for this defense position. Can fire at air-targets.

Firepower: none
Armor: average
Technology Level: 4
Cost: about 2000
Production Time: about 0.30

Ship Yards build ships (really?). You cannot build Ship Yards wherever you
want, but only were there is a scaffold. Send your Construction Units and issue
a Repair order.


Z: Steel Soldiers is classified as RTS (Real-Time Strategic), but it is
different from most of the other games. In fact, it is not a radical departure
like MechCommander or Ground Control, but its gameplay is rather original. To
gain resources you have to conquer (and hold) new territories (sectors) that
form the actual map. Every sectory has a value which ranges from 1 to 5, where
1 is the sector with less resources and 5 the richest. Note that 5-rated
sectors will be more difficult to conquer and hold, and the defense of such
territories may absorb most resources you gain.
For the facts cited above, Z:SS is faster than most games, and playing on the
defensive (wait until you have a large army to destroy your enemy) is, in most
cases, a losing tactic, as the enemy (speaking about AI) will always try to
send small groups of forces to regain lost territories or to steal new ones; in
fact, the AI is quite advanced, as I have seen some diversional tactics, with
fast air or ground vehicles passing near your forces to distract you/them from
infantrymen trying to capture a sector or larger vehicles trying to attack your
buildings. However, let's speak about territories first.
Each sector produces a certain amount of credits (resources), depending on two
factors: bigness and sector value. For the first factor, bigger is the sector,
more resouces you'll get. I mentioned the second factor above: the sector is
valued from 1 to 5, a number shown on the small flag at the center of the
sector. No matter how many units you have in the sector, the secotr is under
control of the player controlling the flag. When there are no enemy units in a
hostile or neutral sector, it will be awarded to the player with the largest
force in it. The number on the flag is a multiplier: if a sector is valued a
"3" and produces 1000 credits, you'll get 3000 credits because (flag
number)*(sector basic value)=(total credits). Credits are awarded all togheter,
meaning that every minute all terrains will produce credits, which will be
stored in your "bank". The "bank" initial maximum load is of 10000 credits, but
each Refinery increase the storage of 5000 units while each Store of 1000
units. Note that a single Refinery can increase the production of credits by
the 20% for ALL territories you own (so you need only one; the 20% is applied
to the (total credits) value, so that
(flag number)*(sector basic value)=(total credits)*20%=(real total credits).
Great, isn't it ?:)
Okay let's speak about conquering sectors; you'll need any kind of infantry
unit, as they are the only units with hands capable of physically capturing a
flag. This is an other good reason to always keep some Psychos or Snipers with
your tanks. What about defending them? I suggest to build at least one
Anti-Aircraft Site at position a small group of 5 infantrymen (nominally a
Sniper, 2 Psychos and 2 Toughs) NEAR THE FLAG. Additional buildings like
factories will be protected by produced units and (semi)vital structures like
Radar Stations should be always built near your Command Center. This
composition of a defensive force is enough to stop non-massed attacks by ground
vehicles (in fact the Sniper will disable them...free vehicles!) and most air
vehicles, and is enough to fend off almost any attack made by other
infantrymen. And, if they conquer the sector, it will be easy to regain control
of it.
A last note about resources: the two bars in the upper-left (by default) corner
shows how many resources you have (green) and the how  many resources you are
going to spend (red): if the red passes the green one, production of ALL units
in ALL factories will stop before being ended.
Now, let's speak about defending the Command Center: two Snipers, two
additional Anti-Aircraft Guns at the corners not covered by the two guns on the
Center itself and two Anti-Tank Guns/Heavy Guns at the other two. With such
defense you'll have very few problems. (Gun Platforms should be place around
your whole base).
Now let's speak about attack tactics.
My favourite one is to build a large groups of Wasps or Attack Choppers (about
10), and order a Stealth Bomber attack, while concentrating on infatry for
defense. The Wasps should be enough to level the enemy Command Center
themselves, but the Bomber attacks is a warranty. This type of attack can be
fended off by a fast attack to the enemy's sectors, aimed to drastically lower
his/her capability to store credits; building Anti-Aircraft Sites all around
your Command Center, as well having some units with ground-to-air weapons will
be useful. You may be also able to destroy the Bomber before it reaches the
Command Center.
The longest tactic, considering time as primary resource, is to slowly control
all sectors; you'll need a strong defensive force, as the AI will always attack
you. I personally dislike this tactic in Z: Steel Soldiers, as the game should
be fluid and with few dead moments. However, if you are going to use this
tactic, it is better to use large groups of infantry mixed with fast and
averagely fast vehicles; fixed defenses are not so good. Heavier vehicles will
be built to stage the final attack.
About units' range and line of sight. Line of sight is obstructed by trees,
hills and other terrain features; it is an imaginary line of sight between the
unit and its target. If the unit has no direct sight on its target (yellow
sight cursor), it will move to obtain a new one, with exception of units with
arched-trajectory projectiles (like Toughs, Mortar and Missile Tanks, Shock
Waves, most vessels) and air units, as they'll be able to see everything in
their action range.
"Action range" is the maximum range of an unit sight, delimited by a blue
circle around the unit. Within this arc the unit will see enemies and will act
as setted (see below), but it won't be able to fire; to fire the enemy must be
within the red circle, the weapon's maximum range. Note that units with
arched-trajectory weapons can attack any unit in their red/blue circle (except
air units if they can't), even if the enemies are behind an hill; note that if
they cannot see the target by themselves or with the help of an ally (let's
call it "spotter unit"), they will have to move. For this reason Mortar and
Missile Tanks, Shock Waves and vessels (Gunboat excluded) are better used from
afar, where they won't be damaged, but can hit the enemy thanks to the spotter
unit. Around a unit could be present a third circle, a green one, which
represents the weapon's minimum range, a zone where it cannot fire. Any unit
with an arched-trajectory weapon has one, so be careful and keep Psychos/Lasers
or vehicles with machine guns near them.
A last note about line of sight: units (and weapons) placed higher will have
less restrictions than unit placed on normal grounds or in canyons, so always
try to position your units on hills and avoid terrain depressions. For the same
reason, Gun Platforms and Defense Towers are better than Anti-Tank Guns and
Bunkers, respectively. Air units have no restrictions on LOS (line of sight.
Thanks BattleTech for existing.), but are seen by anything on the battlefield,
so Anti-Aircraft Sites and units placed in canyons will have no maluses if they
they have to fire to such units.


With every game featuring a multiplayer section I promise myself that I will
play some matches on the net, but I usually wait to end the single-player
campaign or that the game is stable. In fact, Z: Steel Soldiers is in the
unfortunate "Games Unstable On My Computer" category, a category that contains,
for example, MechWarrior 4 (though in MW4 case the unstability is thousand
times above Z:Steel Soldiers).
I thought that Z: Steel Soldiers was a good game to be multi-played, a game
that will enter in the "Games Which I Played OnLine" category, with Starcraft,
HomeWorld (classic and Cataclysm) and MechWarrior 3, but the game is unstable
(I thought it was the V-Sync, the situation went better a bit, but there are
still crashes), nor I have the time to do it.


Z: Steel Soldiers has the usual fixed campaign, meaning that there is no way to
alterate mission structures (goals, enemies, your units, resources), in sharp
contrast with the future RTS and, in part, Emperor: Battle for Dune (though Red
Alert, Tiberian Sun and Dune 2000 were only a mere commercial product IMO
-especially TS, as it came out at the same time of HomeWorld and after
Starcraft-, this title looks good...I'm looking forward to it, just let me put
my hands on it, and...decide that it is a potentially great game. however
Westwood preferred to keep the same structure but to develop a useless 3d
engine and Emperor is just like other WW games. Maybe slighty better.). All
mission names are translated from Italian, and may be wrong. If someone knows
the "real" names, any help in this way will be appreciated.
So far the game has been played in normal mode.
Lukas Pruppacher (lpruppacher@balcab.ch) helped me with the first 14 mission
names, while Robert Chou sent me the whole mission list.
Thanks a lot.



Map Type: desertic

Number of Sectors: 8
|   1    |    2   |
|    |      |     |
|    |  4   |     |
| 3  +------+  5  |
|    |  6   |     |
|    |      |     |
|    7   |    8   |

Vital Sectors: 8 (your Command Center)
               2 (enemy Command Center)
               3 (mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Rescue Brad and Clarke
+ Bring Brad to your Command Center
+ Destroy Enemy Command Ceter

Initial Units: 3 Construction Robots
               9 Psychos
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Radar Station

While on patrol, Brad and Clarke spotted an unknown Dropship and opened fire
against it, eventually destroying it. As soon as this happened, communications
with the two soldiers were lost. Zod orders you to rescue the two soldiers and
to verify the Dropship identity.

Immediatelymove the Psychos to the sector on your left (n. 7) to find an
abandoned Robot Factory; capture it and begin productionof other Psycho; order
your three Construction Units to build a second Barrack near the Command Center
and assign a rally point so that the produced units will be able to defend the
Command Center. Now move the first nine Psychos to sector 3 and conquer it:
Brad will come out from his hiding place, telling you that Clarke has been
captured by the enemies. Now bring him to the Command Center and move the first
Psychos you produced to sector 5 while the Psychos produced by the captured
Barracks will occupy sectors 6 and 4.
By now Brad should be in the Command Center; anyway, the next mission objective
will be to destroy the enemy command center, located in sector n. 2. If you
followed my instructions, the enemy Command Center will be attacked from two
sides, eventually slicing in half the already weak defenses. Destroy your
target and get ready for the next mission.


Map Type: desertic

Number of Sectors: 11
|    1   |    2   |
|  3  |      4    |
|    5      |  6  |
|     |  8  |  9  |
| 7   +-----+-----+
|     |  10 |  11 |

Vital Sectors: 10 (your Command Center)
               2 (enemy Command Center)
               8 (mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Find and Destroy enemy Radar

Initial Units: 3 Construction Robots
               9 Psychos
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Robot Factory

As you engaged Transglobal troops, it is no wonder that they will strike back.
However, you have to find the Dropship before evacuating this location.
Destroying the enemy Radar should give you enough time to locate the crashed

Immediately move three of your Psychos to sector 7 to conquer it, and other
three to sector 11 to capture an abandoned Radar and Barracks. Your
Construction Units should build a Robot Factory near the Command Center and in
sector 7. Immediately begin to produce Psychos and place five of them to guard
your Command Center.
Before moving the Psychos to other sectors, be sure that all groups are formed
by at least five units.
Though your goal is to destroy the enemy Radar, located in sector 8, it is
better to conquer all sectors and destroy all other enemy buildins, including
the Command Center in sector 2. The computer will try to use the conquered
sectors to their maximum, so espect at least two Robot Factories producing
Psychos, plus a third near the Command Center; it wouldn't be a big problem,
Now that all essential structures are gone, gather all your units to sector 5,
near the accessible gate of the bridge that leads to the hill in sector 8
(where do you think the Radar is built?), cross it and destroy the small group
of enemy Psychos protecting the Radar; target the last enemy structure to end
the mission.


Map Type: desertic

Number of Sectors: 15
|        |     |        |
|    1   |  2  |    3   |
|        |     |   |    |
|    4   |  5  | 6 | 7  |
+----+---+-----+---+    |
|    |   |     |        |
|  8 | 9 | 10  |        |
|    +---+-----+--------+
|        |     |        |
|        | 11  |  12    |
|        |     |        |
|    13  |  14 |    15  |

Vital Sectors:  13 (your Command Center)
                5, 6, 7, 10 (mission objectives)

Mission Objectives:
+ Find and Destroy dropship derelicts
+ Salvage dropship's black box and take it to your Command Center

Initial Units: 2 Construction Robots
               4 Psychos
               4 Jeeps
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Robot Facotry
                   2 Anti-Tank Guns

Without a Radar, Transglobal troops won't be able to direct a large-scale
attack against you. It is now time to find the derelict and its black box to
understand what is going on.

Send your Psychos in sector 8; there you'll find a Vehicle Factory, so begin to
produce Jeeps; your initial Robot Factory will have to produce Psychos and
Pyros. Send the Jeeps you have in sector 14 and the Construction Units in
sector 14, where they'll build at least one Anti-Tank Gun (and eventually
conquer a Radar Station). When the Gun is complete, move them to sector 15:
conquer it and begin full production of Psychos and Pyros; the first units
should go to sector 11 to conquer it. Build a second Robot Factory and produce
the usual infantrymen. Then move the Construction Units to sector 8 to build
two Anti-Tank Guns and send your Psychos to conquer sector 9.
Now wait until you have at least 10 Psychos, 10 Pyros and some Jeeps. Send them
to the biggest derelict in sector 7 and destroy it: you'll find the black box.
Order to the soldier who picked it up to enter your Command Center while the
rest of your assault force destroys the derelicts in sector 7 and 6. To destroy
the remaining derelicts (sectors 5 and 10), head left trhough the pass (you'll
be at the Vehicle Factory you conquered) and be prepared to eliminate some
enemies, though I recomend to ignore them and head toward the last two


Map Type: desertic

Number of Sectors: 12
|    |    2   |  3   |
| 1  +-----+--+   +--+
|    |     |  |   |  |
|    |  4  |5 |   |6 |
+----+     +--+---+  |
|    |     |      |  |
| 7  |     |    8 |  |
|    |         |     |
|  9 |    10   | 11  |
|    +-----+---+     |
|          |   |     |
|          |12 |     |

Vital Sectors:  1 (your Command Center)
                9 (mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Bring Lassar to the Communication Tower

Initial Units: 3 Construction Robots
               3 Psychos
               3 Pyros
               4 Disabled Jeeps
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Radar Station

The only sign on the black box is the letter "omega". Lassar, Zod second in
command suggest to trasmit the black box to your headquarters to decode it.
However the Communication Tower is controlled by your enemies. The only way to
get to it is to penetrate enemy sectors.

Start by moving your units to sector 7, 4 and 2, to capture a Radar, a Barracks
and a Vehicle Factory respectively. Begin production of Jeeps, Pyros and
Psychos. Build one or two Technicians: bridges are vital for this mission, and
probably you (or your enemy) will destroy one or two, though you never wanted
to. Be careful if you find enemies firing at your units when they are on a
bridge, as all units on it will be destroyed.
Build Anti-Tank Guns near the Vehicle Factory and the Robot Factory, plus in
sector 5 and 8.
Once you have a group of about 20 Psychos and some Pyros and Jeeps for support,
move your units on the ridge in sector 8: you'll find two Anti-Tank Guns and
lots of enemies defending the other side of the ridge because the enemy Command
Center is there, but you don't need to destroy it, so just by pass them and
head for sector 10. Follow the "highland" and cross the two bridges, and wait
until all your units composing the attack force are there. Now cross the third
bridge and destroy all the Jeeps and the single Anti-Tank Guns defending the
other side of it, and move quickly to the bottom of sector 9, where the
Communication Tower is. Destroy the bunker and all units defending it, and
bring Lassar to it. Sending the message will require 20 seconds, and after that
Lassar must enter the Tower (just reselect him and place your cursor over the
Tower. The cursor with a moving green arrow, like the one of the missions
before, will show up). Then, nothing more. For now.


Map Type: desertic

Number of Sectors: 12
|     |   2   |    |    |
|  1  +-------+  3 |  4 |
|     |   5   |    |    |
|        |      |       |
|   6    |   7  |   8   |
|        |      |       |
|     |  10   |    |    |
|  9  +-------+ 11 | 12 |
|     |  13   |    |    |

Vital Sectors:  11 (your Command Center)
                3 (mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Destroy Rigal Command Center
+ Rendez-vous with the dropship
+ Board Lassar and Zod onto the dropship

Initial Units: 2 Construction Robots
               5 Psychos
               3 Pyros
               4 Jeeps
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Radar Station
                   2 Stores

Immediately build three Construction Robots, you Command Center will explode in
ten minutes! Now send your Pyros in sector 10 to discover an abandoned Vehicle
Factory; immediately begin production of Jeeps. The three Psychos near Lassar
and Zod can be sent in sector 12 to conquer a Robot Factory; you Construction
Units should build an other Robot Factory near the Command Center. Immediately
begin production of Psychos and Pyros, and, if you want, 4 or 5 Technicians if
you want to try to capture enemy buildings.
Sector 9 is rated "4", so conquer it at once. In sector 13 you'll find two
Psychos and two Jeeps: send the Jeeps in sector 9 and destroy the bridge; the
two Psychos will conquer sector 13 before helping the Jeeps in destroying the
bridge and then conquering the sector.
Now spend all the ten minutes in building forces. When the Command Center
blowns up, group all your forces and start by going in sector 8, then head in
sector 4 to destroy the enemy Command Center; this will be tough, so keep
building units to send as reinforcement.
When the sector is clear, move your main force in sector 3, near the concrete
pad. Once it is secured, escort Lassar and Zod to it. The Dropship "Cargo" (I
doubt it is the name of it, but it is funny to see "Cargo" of a Dropship :)
will arrive shortly. Board Zod and Lassar on it.


General Riman and all Transglobal personnels left just before signing the
armistice, saying that one of their Dropships, which was carrying medicinals,
was destroyed. However, investigations on the cause of the Dropship destruction
are on the way.
Just after the emergency evacution, Zod's troops were able to decrypt the black
box, discovering that it lifted off from an airport south of Turingal. Zod
immediately starts the Dropship engines to go there.


Map Type: forest

Number of Sectors: 11
|  1 | 2  | 3  | 4  |
|    |    |    |    |
|  5   |  6  |   7  |
| 8  |  9 | 10 | 11 |
|    |    |    |    |

Vital Sectors:  8 (your Command Center)
                4 (mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Conquer Transglobal outpost and build your base
+ Capture Transglobal main base

Initial Units: 4 Technicians
               6 Psychos
               5 Pyros
               3 Jeeps
Initial Buildings: none

Transglobal has a large base with full air support, so landing near it will be
a suicide. The best way to gain a bridgehead on this territory is to capture a
smaller base.

You'll land in sector 1. Split your forces in two groups, one composed of all
Pyros and Psychos you have and move it to the norther npass: you'll find two
Stores, a Robot Factory and the sector flag. Immediately begin production of
Toughs (about 20). The second group will go directly to the enemy outpost, in
secotr 8, passing by the southern pass, through sector 5 (you'll find a disable
Light Tank and APC, remeber to capture them after you've conquered the base).
Now leave the Technicians behind and let your infantry and vehicles take over
the base: you'll find one Anti-Tank Gun of the right and a Tough on the left,
there will be no problems for them, though the bunker is a threat. Oce all
defenses are destroyed, move you Technicians in and capture the Command Center,
then the three Anti-Aircraft Sites and the Radar Station.
Loit Hahoit asks how to complete the first objective:
How do I complete level 6? That is the level where you have to conquer the
enemy air unit. I did that but I don't know how to do the first objective.
It is quite simple. Technicians are there for this. Select your Technicians and
move your cursor over an enemy structure; the cursor will change in a spinning
red circle; left click and your Technicians will move to convert the building
(or unit; remember that Technicians can convert enemy units too). Rember that
you can destroy all structures in the first base except the Command Center,
though having the existing Anti-Aircraft Sites will help.
Fortify your new Command Center by placing two Anti-Tank Guns and one
Anti-Aircraft Gun near the Radar (you'll need to remove the circular scrap);
Build two Anti-Tank Guns and one other Anti-Aircraft Gun near the bridge on the
upper-right corner of the sector. Move all your remaining infantrymen in sector
5, to capture it. You'll find two abandoned Light Tanks and one APC. Keep them
near the flag; you may want to strenghten the defense in this sector by placing
some Anti-Tank and Anti-Aircraft Guns.
Build one Vehicle Factory and begin production of at least 10 Light Tanks.
Once you have 20 Toughs (do not leave the Robot Factory without defense,
though) and 10 Light Tanks move to sector 9 and capture the Hangar there and
produce 5 Scout Choppers.
Now it is better to build a second Robot and Vehicle Factories to have a
constant flux of troops.
Now rebuild your losses and move in sectors 10, 11, 7 and finally 4, where the
airbase is. Take the initial four Technicians with you, and let your main force
destroy all defensive structure and capture the Air Hangar with your
Technicians. All other buildings can be destroyed.


Map Type: forest

Number of Sectors: 10
|           |    |   |
|      1    | 2  | 3 |
+---+-------+----+   |
|   |    5       |   |
| 4 |            +---+
|   +------------+ 6 |
+---+      7     |   |
| 8 |            |   |
|   +----+-------+---+
|   |  9 |     10    |

Vital Sectors:  10 (your Command Center)
                1, 5  (mission objectives)

Mission Objectives:
+ Capture the Production Facility wihotu damaging it
+ Destroy enemy's Command Center

Initial Units: 3 Construction Robots
               6 Psychos
               6 Pyros
               4 Toughs
               2 Technicians
               2 Light Tanks
               3 APCs
               2 Scout Choppers
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Robot Factory
                   Radar Station
                   Anti-Aircraft Site

On the stores recovered from the enemy Air base there is a code, but it is
impossible to determine the production facility's exact locations. However
Lassar found a Chopper which can be used as scout to discover where it is.
After you have discovered where it is, steal all possible supplies from it.

Sector 7 is in front of you, but it is very difficult to defend; you may want
it for now to start building up units, so send the units opposite of your first
Robot Factory, APC and Technicians excluded, to conquer it. Board the first two
Construction Robots on one APC and send it to sector 6, where there is an Air
Hangar. There build some Anti-Tank Guns and Anti-Aircraft Sites  to protect the
zone. Do not build helicopters for now.
Left to your Command Center there is a small group of units: place the
Construction Robot on the APC you'll find there and send it to sector 8:
conquer the sector and begin production of Light Tanks from the Vehicle Factory
you'll find there. All the remaining units will occupy sector 9; sell the
Bunker and build other Construction Robots, which will build some Anti-Aircraft
Sites around the Command Center and two Anti-Tank Guns at the bridge (where the
Bunker was) and where the Robot Factory is (you may want to remove the scraps).
Ah yes, immediately issue production of 10+ Toughs from this factory as soon
the mission begin.
When the first group of Toughs is completed, send them to sector 7, near sector
5, with two or three Construction Robots to build Anti-Tank Guns and
Anti-Aircraft Sites. When this defense line is complete, keep 5 Toughs there,
and send others to strenghten the defenses at the other sectors under your
Now build a large group of Toughs (about 20) and board the two Technicians you
have (they are provided at the start of the mission) on an APC. When the group
is complete, start traveling toward sector 5, by passing through sector 7:
destroy the walls you'll encounter until you get access to the now-revealed
Production Facility.
Bring the APC with the Technicians in , unload them and convert the Facility;
this will take 22 seconds.
Now it is time to destroy the enemy's Command Center, located in sector 1.
Place the five Toughs defending sector 7 near the Facility to protect it and
move your main strike force to sector 2, near the edge of the map, then turn
left and attack the enemy main base:
the first building to fall will be a Robot Factory, followed by its Vehicle
counterpart (it is not vital to destroy these buildings, but will deny
additional reinforcements to the enemy); no the Command Center is defenseless,
and it's time to destroy it. Have fun.


Map Type: forest

Number of Sectors: 17
|    |            |    |
| 1  |     2      |3   |
|    |   |    |   |    |
| 4  | 5 | 6  | 7 | 8  |
+----+---+    +---+----+
|        |    |        |
|    9   +----+   10   |
|        |    |        |
+----+---+    +---+----+
|    |   |    |   |    |
| 11 |12 |13  |14 | 15 |
+----+---+    +---+----+
|        |    |        |
|   16   |    |  17    |

Vital Sectors:  13 (your Command Center)
                6 (mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Capture the enemy's Research Facility

Initial Units: 3 Construction Robots
               2 Psychos
               4 Pyros
               2 Light Tanks
               2 APCs
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Robot Factory
                   2 Anti-Tank Guns
                   Anti-Aircraft Site

By capturing the Production Facility you discovered that two Cargos where sent
from this base, one to Zed (Zed, NOT Zod, your commander) on Rigal, the second
to a secret Research Center camouflaged as a hospital. It is now time to
capture the Research Center.

Start by sending all your units, with the exception of the Construction Robots
in sector 17 (behind the Command Center) to capture a Radar Station. Send you
Construction Robot at the Commad Center's left, near the bridge, and build two
Anti-Tank Guns and one Anti-Aircraft Site. Begin production of Toughs at once,
and for, now, keep them near the Command Center. Ignore sectors 9, 12 and 16,
as they are just too hard to defend right now. Concentrate on capturing and
securing all sectors on the same coast of your Command Center (13,17, 14, 15,
10, 8 and 3). As the Construction Robots have finished fortificating the
bridge, order them to build an Anti-Tank Gun near the coast and an
Anti-Aircraft Site near the Command Center.
Move your initial fighting units along all the sector I mentioned above,
securing sector 14 first (there is a Vehicle Factory; produce Light Tanks from
it), then sector 15 (Air Hangar. If you want, you can sell it). In front of the
Vehicle Factory in secotr 10 there is a bridge. Destroy it and keep some units
near it, until the Construction Robots have built two Anti-Tank and two
Anti-Aircrafts Sites. Now move your units in sector 8 and repeat the passage,
by destroying the bridge in sector 7 and fortificating it with Anti-Tank Guns
and Anti-Aircraft Sites. Your Robot Factory should have produced now some
Toughs: move five of them near all bridges you have destroyed (with the
exception of the one near the Command Center, as Anti-Tank Guns will be enough).
The last secotr you'll have to conquer is sector 3: repeat the passage and
begin to build some Toughs from the Robot Factory you'll find.
Now build at least 5 APC (include the initial APCs in this number): one four of
them board 4 Toughs each, and in the fifth two Technicians and two Toughs. Now
move them on the small island in the middle of the river. Unload the first four
APCs and destroy the two Anti-Tank Guns protecting the coast and the Bunker on
the other side. Move your Technicians in and capture the Reasearch Facility.
You can also attack the Command Center by land, starting from sector 3, but
there will be a more strong opposition. This is the fastest and safest way to
conquer ther Reasearch Center.


Map Type: forest

Number of Sectors: 10
|      |    2     |      |
|  1   +----------+  3   |
|      |          |      |
+------+    4     +------+
|      |          |      |
|  5   +----------+   6  |
|      |          |      |
+------+    7     +------+
|      |          |      |
|  8   +----------+  9   |
|      |    10    |      |

Vital Sectors:  1 (your Command Center)
                3, 8, 6 (mission objectives)

Mission Objectives:
+ Bring Zod and the briefcase to the extraction point
+ Secure the landig zone
+ Evacute Zod and the briefcase

Initial Units: -main base group-
               2 Construction Robots
               2 Psychos
               2 Pyros
               2 Light Tanks
               -briefcase group-
               3 Toughs
               2 Jeeps
               Light Tank
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Robot Factory
                   Radar Station
                   2 Anti-Tank Guns
                   5 Store

You succesfully recovered the second "omega" sample, but Zod is in serious
troubles, stranded in enemy territory with only few support units. It is
imperative that Zod and the second sample, closed in a bullet-proof briefcase
will escape by reaching the landiz zone at north-West.

This mission is simple. Conquer the first four sectors, plus the sector where
Zod is (number 8). Sector 3 will need only three Toughs (but not the ones with
Zod. Ignore the Zod's group for now) and the strongest defenses will be built
near your Command Center, at the edge with sector 5. Sector 5 has a Radar
Station and a Bunker, but there's no real need to conquer it now. The five
sector I told you to conquer will be enough to satisfy your credit needs. After
you have built defenses near ther Command Center, move the Construction Robots
in sector 4 to do the same.
Once you have at least 10 Toughs (vehicles will be useless, aside an optional
APC), move them in sector 5, near the flag, and do the same with Zod's group.
Now move the whole group to you Command Center, then to sector 3 by passing
through 2. Do not forget to pick up the briefcase: I reccomend to use Zod for
this task, as he will stay about of action and you won't spare troops for this
Place Zod on the landing pad in sector 3 and send your troops to destroy all
structures in sector 6, or the Cargo Chopper won't arrive. Once the Vehicle
Factory and the Robot Factory are gone, the Chopper will land. Board Zod on it
and the mission will be over.


Map Type: forest

Number of Sectors: 16
|  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |
+-----+     +-----+     |
|  5  +-----+  7  +-----+
|     |  6  |     |  8  |
+-----+     +-----+     |
|  9  +-----+ 11  +-----+
|     | 10  |     | 12  |
+-----+     +-----+     |
| 13  +-----+ 15  +-----+
|     | 14  |     | 16  |

Vital Sectors:  15 (your Command Center)
                1 (mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Bring Zod to the meeting with Horowitz

Initial Units: 2 Construction Robots
               2 APCs
               2 Light Tanks
               3 Toughs
               2 Snipers
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Robot Factory
                   Radar Station

Zod decided to meet Horowitz, High Commander of MegaCorp's army. Zod cannot
afford to open the briefcase by himself, so he's taking this decision.

Begin by sending the Toughs and the Construction Robots in sector 11. Build the
usual 2 Anti-Tank Guns/2 Anti-Aircraft Sites near the bridge and then redirect
the two Construction Robots to sector 8, where the four Psychos should be sent.
In sector 8 there is an abandoned Robot Factory: from there produce Snipers,
and from the Robot Factory near your Command Center, Toughs. Sector 12 has a
Refinery, so send Psychos to conquer it. Sector 16 has no buildings but conquer
it anyway.
Sector 14 has a Vehicle Factory: forget for now the Light Tanks and build some
Mortar Tanks to strenghten your defenses: most attacks will be done by Snipers
and Toughs, so it is better to counter them with Toughs, Snipers and Mortar
Tanks. Sector 10 has a Ship Yard scaffold, but its flag is on an isle, so it is
imperative to use an APC to bring an infantryman there. Later on, replace the
Psycho with a Tough and a Sniper. If you want, build the Ship Yard and few
vessels now, for defense. Conquer sector 13 and strenghten the defenses by
building the usual 2 Guns/2 Sites in sector 8 and near sector 13 flag.
Once you have a stable defense, you can build a Research Facility and an Air
Hangar. So far, the maximum research level will be the third, and the Attack
Choppers might be useful; however, as a main strike force, I reccomend 20+
Toughs, some Mortar Tanks (at least 5) and 10+ Light Tanks.
Once your strike group is completed, board Zod on an APC and travel to sector
9, cross the bridge and destroy all enemy units there. Keep your Mortar Tanks
on the friendly side of the bridge and send the Toughs as strike team, then
move the APC with Zod on the other side.
Sector 5 has a Refinery and an Anti-Tank Gun, so it won't be hard to conquer.
To enter sector 1 you'll have to pass through sector 2, where TransGlobal has
its local Command Center plus a Robot and a Vehicle Factory. There's no real
need to destroy them, but it will be safer for Zod.
Once the road is free from enemies, bring Zod in sector 1.


Horowitz and Zod met; Horowitz was reluctant to met Zod as he had not decided
if Zod was a stupid or a revolutionary yet. However, the meeting turned into a
trap: Horowitz escaped, but Zod was brought on Oberon to be interrogated by
Carver about his knowledges on the "omega" project. During the interrogation
Carver speaks with a mysterious man about other secret projects, unaware that
Zod is listening; however, its execution is scheduled for tomorrow morning.
Zod's men were informed by the television and planned an assault to free Zod
before it is executed.


Map Type: vulcanic

Number of Sectors: 17
| 1 |   2    | 3 |    4   | 5 |
|   |   +----+   +----+   |   |
|   |   |    |   |    |   |   |
|   |   | 6  |   |  7 |   |   |
| 8     | 9  |10 |  11    |12 |
|   +---+    |   |    +---+   |
|   |        |   |    |       |
|   |        |   |    |       |
|   |    |           |    |   |
|13 | 14 |    15     |16  |17 |
|   |    +---+   +---+    |   |
|   |        |   |        |   |

Vital Sectors: 15 (your Command Center)
               2, 6, 7, 4 (mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Destroy all boot camps and the Command Center

Initial Units: 3 Construction Robots
               2 APCs
               2 Mortar Tanks
               1 Toughs
               15 Psychos
               1 Mobile Radar
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Vehicle Factory
                   Anti-Aircraft Site

There are several boot camps around the main jail complex, and this is the
safest way to penetrate in the area.

Begin by taking control of sectors 14 (Radar Sation), 11 (Robot Factory), 16
(Air Hangar), 17 (Ship Yard) and 13 (Robot Factory). Begin to build some Mortar
Tanks that will strenghten your defenses and Toughs from the two Factories.
Build one Refinery and at least four Stores behind the Command Center. You'll
need the Stores there because the terrain is full of hills, and there isn't a
lot of buildable space.
Once all defenses are stable, build a Reasearch Center and max out all research
levels, build 30 Toughs and 10 Light Tanks plus 10 Attack Choppers.
The ground group (Toughs and Light Tanks) will attack the three objectives on
the left, by passing through sector 8. There are a Vehicle Factory, a Ship Yard
and the Command Center. It is better to destroy these structures with a single
attack, or the Command Center, if damaged, but not destroyed, will call
The Attack Choppers will attack the Air Hangar and the Robot Factory on the
right; there are only two Anti-Aircraft Sites there, so there will be only two
or three casualities.


Map Type: vulcanic

Number of Sectors: 17
|      1      |   2   |   3   |
|             |       |       |
|  4   |   5  |    6    |  7  |
|      |      |         |     |
+---+--+--+---+         +-----+
| 8 |  9  | 10|         | 11  |
|   |     |   |         |     |
+---+     +---+---+-----+-----+
|12 |     |   13  |     14    |
|   |     |       |           |
|   15   |   16  |      17    |
|        |       |            |
Vital Sectors: 16 (your Command Center)
               2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15 (mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Capture a Command Center
+ Locate interrogation center
+ Free Zod and destroy the interrogation center
+ Evacuate Zod with the Cargo Chopper at North-East
+ Capture or Destroy all enemy Factories

Initial Units: 3 Technicians
               3 APCs
               4 Light Tanks
               4 Toughs
               2 Psychos
               1 Mobile Radar
               4 Snipers
Initial Buildings: none

It is now time to locate the interrogation center and free Zod before they
execute him.

Begin to group the Snipers and board the Toughs on an APC. Make the Sniper
advance slowly, near the mountain on your left: near sector 17 flag there are
two Medium Tanks: you want them (note that you CANNOT build such tanks during
this mission) use the Snipers in two groups to disable them and use the Psychos
as pilots; if not, use the Toughs (the APC is useful to protect them) to
destroy them, then go to sector 16 and use your Toughs again to kill the enemy
Toughs protecting the Command Center, then use the Technicians to capture it
and structures in the sector; now board a single unit on an APC and capture
sector 15, where a Radar Station is. Then capture sectors 9 (Refinery and an
enemy Bunker) and 13 (Air Hangar plus two Anti-Tank Guns, one near your Command
Center; sell this turret at once); sector 13 isn't vital for now, and if it
comes under attack retreat your units in sector 9, destroy the bridge
connecting the two sectors and sell the Air Hangar. Sector 9 has a scaffold for
a Ship Yard too; two Gunships are useful to defend sector 15 flag.
Build a Vehicle Factory for producing some Mortar Tanks for defense and some
Anti-Aircraft Sites to defend against Attack Chopper's attacks (which are very
frequent); I built a second Refinery in case sector 13 was lost; remember, if
you lose a sector, sell all structures in it if you cannot defend or reconquer
them soon.
Once your defenses are strong, build a large group of Toughs (30) and start to
spread destruction over this map, by starting from sector 12 where a Robot
Factory is (though it is unlikely that the enemy never conquered them, if the
terrain is still neutral, it's easier to conquer it). In sector 5 there is an
Air Hangar; a second Air Hangar is located in sector 4. Sector 2 contains the
enemy Command Center plus an Air Hangar and a Vehicle Factory.
The interrogation center is in Sector 6; destroy the two Bunkers (with four
Toughs each) and the Anti-Tank Guns around it, then use your Technicians to
capture it: Zod will exit, destroying the center; now you have to escort him to
sector 3, where the landing pad awaits you, but it is protected by an Anti-Tank
Gun and an Anti-Aircraft Site. Destroy or capture them and wait until the Cargo
Chopper arrives and board Zod.
If the mission does not end, destroy all other enemy buildings aside Factories,
like the Radar Sations in sector 6 (there are two here) and 4, plus the
Refinery in sector 11.


Map Type: vulcanic

Number of Sectors: 22
|       1        |      2     |   3     |
|                |            |         |
|         |         |         |         |
|   4     |     5   |     6   |    7    |
+----+    +----+    +----+    +----+    |
|    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
| 8  +----+  9 +----+ 10 +----+ 11 +----+
|    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
+----+ 12 +----+ 13 +----+ 14 +----+ 15 |
|    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
|    +----+    +----+    +----+    +----+
|         |         |         |         |
|   16    |    17   |    18   |   19    |
|         |         |                   |
|   20    |    21   |       22          |

Vital Sectors: 17 (your Command Center)
               18, 7 (mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Ambush convoy escort and free the prisoners
+ Escort prisoners to the extraction point

Initial Units: 2 Construction Robots
               4 Toughs
               3 Light Tanks
               4 Snipers
               6 Psychos
               1 Mobile Radar
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Radar Station

Zod is free, but his army needs men; however Brad knows that a convoy escorting
prisoners is on its way to the local jail, and these prisoners should be
assault troops, the ideal kind of help you need to defeat the local TransGlobal

Start conquering sectors 21, 20, 16 and 18; in this last sector there is a
bunker, which is useful to defend it and to ambush the convoy with the
prisoners: put three Toughs and one Sniper in it and move all other Snipers and
Light Tanks (after they conquered the territories I cited above) on the small
hill just behind the Bunker; the convoy will arrive in about two minutes, where
you can fortify your defenses: start by building new Construction Robots and
order to the existing ones to build a Refinery in sector 16 and a Robot Factory
near the Command Center and begin to produce Toughs.
Send the new robots in sectors 8, 9, 12 and 13, followed by the Construction
Robots to fortify the position. In sector 12 there is a Robot Factory which you
can sell and in sector 8 an Air Hangar, an other structure you won't really
need. If you sell these structures, do not spend time (and resources) in
fortifying the sectors, but keep a small group of Toughs to defend it (air
attacks will be very frequent).
A voice should alert you that the convoy within range: it is formed by 5 Medium
Tanks (again: you cannot build them but you can try to disable them with
Snipers) and three soldiers, Baker, Clarke and Tyler. Once all tanks are
destroyed, the prisoners will pass under your control: move them near your
Command Center and build a Vehicle Factory and produce an APC (for the
prisoners) and Mortar Tanks for defense (place one near the Bunker in sector 18
and in sector 13, where the attacks will be more frequent, plus others near the
borders of your territory to be more defended against surprise attacks).
Now train a large group of Toughs (at least 30) and make your way to the
extraction point in sector 3, passing through sectors 22, 19, 15, and 7. This
way is the shortest and contains some factories and some defense stations,
including the jail in sector 22 with its Anti-Tank Guns and Defense Towers, but
they won't withstand the power of a massed Tough attack. Bring the APC on the
landing pad and wait the Cargo Chopper as usual.


Map Type: vulcanic

Number of Sectors: 15
| 1  |    2   |        3        |
|    |        +-----------------+
|    |        |    4   |    5   |
|    +----+---+----+---+----+---+
|    |    |        |   |    |   |
|    |  6 |   7    | 8 |  9 | 10|
|    |    |        |   |    |   |
+----+----+--------+---+    |   |
|         |    12      |    |   |
|   11    +-------+----+----+   |
|         |  13   |    14   |   |
+---------+-------+         |   |
|        15       |         |   |

Vital Sectors: 1 (your Command Center)
               5, 7 (mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Rescue all prisoners
+ Find the CCTV movie

Initial Units: 3 Construction Robots
               4 Toughs
               3 Light Tanks
               2 Pyros
               8 Psychos
               2 APCs
               1 Mobile Radar
               3 Technicians
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Robot Factory
                   Radar Station
                   Ship Yard Scaffold

Zod is quite surprised to find Clarke with the prisoners you rescued the
previous mission...however, he has some interesting informations about a jail
with real assault troops near your position, but it is heavily guarded; however
Clarke is good in infiltration jobs, so he will be able to contact the
prisoners if he's able to reach the jail.

Begin to board your Psychos on the two APCs and send them to sectors 2 and 6.
Issue immediately to build a Refinery to your Construction Robots and group
your remaing forces to attack sector 14, where the enemy has most of its
factories: it is better to occupy this sector now instead waiting later on:
you'll spare resources for defenses and men. Your Toughs will be your main
strike force: carefully approach the flag: there are two bunkers near the
barricades, and neither of them has enemy Toughs or Snipers inside, so it will
be an easy job. Now move all your forces near the two factories (a Robot and a
Vehicle one) and destroy all enemies near them to let your Technicians capture
them. In sector 9 there is a Ship Yard with two or three Gunboats defending it:
destroy the vessels and capture the yard and destroy all other units in the
Now fortify your defenses: near the first Robot Factory build some
Anti-Aircraft Sites, build a second Ship Yard on the scaffold near your Command
Center and some Heavy Guns near the newly acquired factories, plus some
Anti-Aircraft Sites; this will free you from stationing defending vessels near
the Yards and Toughs or other ground-to-air units near other valuable
buildings. Sector 10 is valued "4" and it won't fall under attack by enemy
troops, so send a Tough on an APC to capture it and bring it back.
The enemy will attack with everything it has, especially Destroyers and group
of Choppers, plus a Fighter/Bomber attack always on your Command Center.
Adeguate defenses won't stop the Fighter/Bomber but all other attacks will be
Now build all other buildings you need: a Research Center, an Air Hangar and
some Defense Towers if you want.
The Air Hangar will be especially useful with the newly provided Cargo Chopper:
build four or five of them and load them with Medium Tanks. Six APCs containing
3 groups of Toughs and 3 groups of Lasers will be enough to cover the tanks; if
you want, bring two or three construction units to repair these units or even
build a Robot Factory on the shores of the middle island (where the jail is).
Build some Destroyers and Cruisers, and send them to destroy any fixed position
or unit along the island shores, then send Attack Choppers to destroy all Heavy
Guns and Defense Towers you can, so that the job of your ground troops won't be
If you are going to attack prevalently with infantry or without the tank
support, the only way to do this is to reach to shores of sector 8, tough it is
reccomended to land your Choppers there too, if any, in order to be able to
organize your troops before attack.
When all jail defenses are gone, penetrate into the inner wall and free the
four men inside: board them on a Cargo Chopper and bring them to the extraction
point and follow the usual extraction tecnique.
Now you'll have to find a briefcase, in sector 5. Build a large group of Attack
Choppers and use the 3 groups of Toughs you previously built to finish defenses
after the Choppers have destroyed the Command Center. Bring a Technician too
and use him to capture the nearby communication tower. Then use an infantryman
to enter the tower and rescue the briefcase, then bring him to the extraction
point and wait for the usual Cargo Chopper.


Map Type: vulcanic

Number of Sectors: 16
|   1      |   2    |     3    |
+---+------+        +------+---+
|   |      |        |      |   |
| 4 |   5  +--------+   6  | 7 |
|   |      |        |      |   |
|   +------+   8    +------+   |
|   |      |        |      |   |
+---+  9   +--------+  10  +---+
|   |      |        |      |   |
|   +------+        +------+   |
|11 |  12  |   13   |  14  |15 |
|   |      +--------+      |   |
|   |      |   16   |      |   |

Vital Sectors: 16 (your Command Center)
                (mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Capture a Transglobal communication tower
+ Broadcast the CCTV movie to ZNN TV
+ Destroy all four communication towers.

Initial Units: 2 Construction Robots
               2 Toughs
               3 Light Tanks
               4 PSychos
               2 Laserss
               2 APCs
               1 Mobile Radar
               2 Mortar Tanks
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Robot Factory
                   2 Anti-Tank Guns
                   Heavy Gun
                   3 Stores

The briefcase contains movies with the execution of MegaCom's men. Transglobal
is attempting to fool everyone to destroy the whole MegaCom. In this sector
Transglobal has a network of communication towers that will be useful to
broadcast these documents, but Lassar is the only one able to do this, so
you'll have to escort him to a communication tower.

Begin to send your Lasers to sector 13, where a Radar Station and a Vehicle
Factory are. Begin to produce  five Medium Tanks and some Toughs.
Conquer sector 10 and ignore sectors 12 and 14, they are full of enemy forces,
and concentrate all forces you have to capture sector 8; in this sector there
is a communication tower, and it is defended by few units; destroy them and
bring Lassar and two Construction Robots near the tower. Build two
Anti-Aircraft Sites in the small pass north to the tower and around the tower,
and for ground-to-ground defense bring in two Mortar Tanks.
Now order Lassar to conquer the tower and send him in: broadcast will begin;
now you have to defend the tower until the timer has finished its countdown (5
minutes); however Lassar will report several jamming signal coming from the
other communication towers in the area, and will pause the broadcast unitl they
are down.
There are four communication towers in sectors 5, 6, 12 and 14.
Build at least 10 Medium Tanks and 20 Toughs, plus an Air Hangar and at least 5
Attack Choppers.
Send your ground units to sector 14: the tower itself is defended by 5 Light
Tanks and one Medium one, an easy task for your force.
Now send your units to sector 6, passing through sector 10 (you may have to
repair the bridge); this tower is more defended, with Mortar and Medium Tanks
plus some infatrymen. Once the tower is destroyed, retreat your units and
prepare your Choppers.
First send them to sector 12: the tower has no real defenses and should be
quite easy. The last tower has some ground-to-air defenses, but your Choppers
should be enough to level the tower before they will be wiped out; in fact,
with 6 Attack Choppers, I was able to destroy the Anti-Aircraft Sites and other
units before rearming.
After all four towers are gone, wait 4 minutes (there will be no real attack to
the tower where Lassar is).

--ACT IV--

Zod and his men were happily waiting for the broadcast of the execution of
MegaCom men by the hand of Transglobal troops, but the only thing they heard
was that MegaCom army was no longer an ally, but a new enemy, with the order to
shoot on Zod's army on sight.
The only way to broadcast the executions is to find TransGlobal Security Center
on Glish (I'm not sure about this spelling).


Map Type: ice plains

Number of Sectors: 21
|  1  |  2  | 3 |  4  |  5  |
|     |     |   |     |     |
+-----+-----+   +-----+-----+
|  6  |  7  |   |  8  |  9  |
|     |     |   |     |     |
|    10     | 11|    12     |
|  13 | 14  |15 | 16  | 17  |
|     |     |   |     |     |
+-----+-----+   +-----+-----+
| 18  | 19  |   | 20  |  21 |
|     |     |   |     |     |

Vital Sectors: 20 (your Command Center)
               1 (mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Infinltrate into the Security Center

Initial Units: 3 Construction Robots
               1 APC (with 3 Snipers inside)
               2 Mortar Tanks
               2 Light Tanks
               1 Jeep
               2 Toughs
               1 Pyro
               2 Medium Tanks
               5 Lasers
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Robot Factory
                   2 Anti-Tank Guns

This sector holds Transglobal Intelligence Service's fortress.

Begin to build two Anti-Aircraft Sites near your Command Center and sell the
two Anti-Tank Guns, then build a Refinery in front of the Robot Factory. Send
your APC (and the men inside) to capture sector 14, then the other three secotr
at the map lower left edge. Sector 18 has a Radar protected by an Anti-Aircraft
Site, and if you haven't built one yet, keep it or sell it if you already have
one. Train three Snipers and use the remaining troops to conquer sectors 15,
16, 17, 20 and 21. To protect sector 15 use the Jeep you have and if you want
build an Anti-Aircraft Site, but it won't be useful if you build up other
defenses. Sector 17 has a Vehicle Factory and sector 21 an Air Hangar.
Now build a group composed of one Heavy Gun and three Anti-Aircraft Sites near
the bridges in sectors 13 and 17, plus near the flag in sector 14 and near the
bridge in sector 20, though you can build only two Anti-Aircraft Sites and one
Anti-Tank Gun. Build two or three Anti-Aircraft Sites near the Heavy Gun in
sector 17 and send a Sniper near evey Heavy Gun. Five Toughs will be sent in
the small pass in sector 16 to prevent APC landings.
Now build 10 Attach Choppers and send them to destroy the enemy Command Center
in sector 2 and the nearby Vehicle Factory, all Mortar Tanks and Heavy Cannons
near the primary mission objective.
A group of ground troops (20 Toughs with 10 Medium Tanks as support) will cross
the bridges from sector 13 to sector 6 and will secure the zone for the
With him capture the Security Center and intriduce one of your infantrymen in
to complete the mission.


Map Type: ice plains

Number of Sectors: 20
|   1   | 2  |    3    | 4 |
+---+---+    +---------+---+
|   |   |    |    7    | 8 |
| 5 | 6 +----+-----+---+   |
|   |   |          |10 |   |
+---+---+    9     +---+   |
|   |   |          |   +---+
|   |12 |          | 13|   |
|11 +---+----+-----+   |14 |
|   |  15    |  16 |   |   |
+---+--------+     +---+---+
| 17|   18   | 19  |  20   |

Vital Sectors: 5 (your Command Center)
               20 (mission objective)
               14 (enemy Command Center)

Mission Objectives:
+ Kill Carver
+ Find the briefcase
+ Bring the briefcase to the extraction point

Initial Units: 2 Construction Robots
               2 Mortar Tanks
               2 Light Tanks
               3 Jeep
               3 Toughs
               3 Pyros
               2 Lasers
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Defense Tower (with 2 Toughs inside)

Carver left the Security Center before your attack and brought Omega with him.
However, Lassar was able to track him and the briefcase to a nearby Transglobal
base; not enough, Viper has reserved a place for Carver and Omega on the next
cargo flight.

Build two other Construction Units; the existing ones will build a Refinery
near the Command Center. Send the Toughs in sector 6 to conquer a Radar Station
and then place them at the bottom of sector 5 and destroy the bridge; keep them
there to prevent attacks for now. The Pyros will occupy sector 12 and will
guard it (and destroy the bridge) until you have built two Heavy Guns and some
Anti-Aircraft Sites. The bunker will be useful to store some Toughs to support
the Guns; begin to sell the Defense Tower and place the two Toughs inside in
the bunker. Lasers and other vehicles will occupy sector 2, 3, 4 and 7. Place
the Mortar Tanks near the bridge in sector 4 (blow it) and from the captured
Robot Factory in sector 3 produce 3 Snipers that will be placed near the
destroyed bridges to offer a better line of sight to the defending guns. Then
queue a large group of Toughs and Lasers (20+10). In sector 3 there is an
abandoned Missile Tank (you can't build them). Use a Pyro to capture it and to
the same with the Mortar Tank in sector 12; place the first tank in sector 4
and the latter in sector 12, near the bridges.
Now build a Vehicle Factory and produce two other Mortar Tanks: one will go to
supplement the Toughs in sector 5, while the second in sector 4 to supplement
the Missile Tank. Be sure to build one or two Anti-Missile Stations near the
Command Center, you will prevent landings of Cargo Choppers and Fighter/Bomber
attacks. Place an other Anti-Missile Station, as well as a single Heavy Gun in
sector 2; two Anti-Tank Guns and one Anti-Aircraft Site will go in sector 6,
between the Toughs and the pre-existing Heavy Gun to stop APC boardings. Now
build an Air Hangar and a Research Center somewhere and begin research and
production of 10 (or more) Attack Choppers and a single Cargo Chopper; this
helicopter will carry a single infantryman (whatever) to the mission objective.
Once the Toughs and the Choppers are ready, repair the bridge in sector 12 and
send the Choppers to destroy all vehicles near the landing pad in sector 5 and
place the infantrymen near it; then send your Choppers in sector 20: on a small
ridge, protected by some walls, one Heavy Gun and one Anti-Aircraft site,
Carver, the first mission objective is carrying the briefcase you have to
retrieve. Destroy the defense guns first and then kill Carver and his escort.
Now send your Cargo Chopper there and let your Attack Choppers in sector 14 to
destroy the Command Center first and, if you have enough ammos, the nearby
factories (Vehicle, Robot and Air Hangar). When an infantryman rescued the
briefcase, you'll have to wait 4 minutes before the Cargo Chopper will arrive
at the landing pad. I think if you didn't destroyed the Command Center and the
factories you'll have to repel several attacks; if you did, you'll have just to
wait for the Chopper; once it has arrived, board the robot with the briefcase
onto it and watch it take off.


Map Type: ice plains

Number of Sectors: 25
| 1 | 2 |  3| 4 | 5 | 6 |
|   +---+---+---+---+   |
|   | 7 |    8  |  9|   |
+---+   +---+---+---+---+
|10 |   |11 |  12   |13 |
|14 |   15      |16 | 17|
+---+---+-------+   +---+
|   |19 |  20   |   |21 |
|18 +---+---+---+---+   |
|   |22 |23 | 24| 25|   |

Vital Sectors: 11 (your Command Center)
               20 (mission objective)
               8 (enemy Command Center)

Mission Objectives:
+ Use Lassar to capture the enemy Tech Center to kidnap an enemy scientist
+ Bring the kidnapped scientist to your Command Center
+ Lassar must survive

Initial Units: Lots!
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   and all production facilities, including a Refinery,
                   lots of defense guns, towers and bunkers.

Following the assasination of a Transglobal high officer, Secretary Neal of
MegaCom senate decided to concact Zod to know what is going on. He orders to
Zod to steal and open the Omega briefcase.

Though you have lots of buildings and units, this mission could be difficult,
especially in the beginning. Immediately build four Construction Robots: As
soon as a Robot is available, send him to build an Heavy Gun in sector 16, near
the Robot Factory; this factory will produce two Snipers; these will be placed
near the two canyons near the factory itself. This area will be defended by two
Snipers, four Heavy Guns, an Anti-Missile Station  and the existing units. This
job will be done by two Construction Robots only, while the other two will
produce an Heavy Gun and an Anti-Missile Station near the Command Center.
The next step is building one Anti-Missile Station and a Heavy Gun in sector 19.
Now begin to produce troops and complete the various researches in the Research
Facility (placed in the right lower edge of the map); move the boats near the
Ship Yard near the Robot Facility and the other small group of boats (opposite
to the first) on the opposite side of the Command Center.
You should produce 10 (or more) Attack Choppers, one Cargo Chopper to board
Lassar and his escort and some ground troops: four APCs with some Toughs and
Lasers will do fine.
The enemy Tech Center is in sector 11, and just behind it there's the enemy
Command Center and other facilities. It is better to take out the Command
Center and ground unit-related facilities before attempting an attack to the
Tech Center, well defended by itself.
Use your Attack Choppers to take out the Command Center, the Heavy Guns
and the Anti-Tank Guns, then reload them and wait until this is done.
Send the Choppers to sector 11 again and this time keep them patrolling the
area: Transglobal Destroyers will come to kill any enemy ground troop
attempting to land.
Now move the APCs near the Tech Center and move the Cargo Chopper with Lassar
into the Tech Center's perimeter. Order Lassar to convert the structure (he's a
Technician, remember) and order him to enter the building, or the enemy
Technician won't exit. Then convert the enemy Technician with Lassar and board
both onto the Cargo Chopper, send it to your Command Center, unboard them and
be prepared for the next mission.


Map Type: ice plains

Number of Sectors: 18
| 1 | 2 |    3   | 4 | 5 |
|   |   +--------+   |   |
|   |   |   6    |   |   |
|   |   |        |   |   |
+---+   |        |   +---+
| 7 |   +--------+   | 8 |
|   |   |    9   |   |   |
|   |   +--------+   |   |
|   |   |   10   |   |   |
|11 |12 |  13    |14 |15 |
|   |   |        |   |   |
+---+   |        |   +---+
|16 |   |        |   |17 |
|   |   +--------+   |   |
|   |   |   18   |   |   |

Vital Sectors: 13 (your Command Center)
               5 (mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Bring the briefcase to the extraction point

Initial Units: 2 APCs
               2 Construction Robots
               2 Medium Tanks
               2 Psychos
               2 Snipers
               2 Toughs (one with the briefcase)
               4 Light Tanks
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Robot Factory

For Zod's men, the Omega briefcase contained only lights and wires, and the
captured Transglobal scientist revealed only that Omega was a special
developing team assembled by Rieman himself for informatic warfare and Viper is
a Transglobal spy working in Megacom.

This mission is quite simple. Send a Psycho to capture sector 12: it contains a
Vehicle Factory, and Anti-Tank Gun and a Ship Yard. Sell the first two
buildings and build two Gunboats, two or three Cruisers and two Destroyers.
These boats will protect the zone in front of your Command Center. Place an
Anti-Missile Station, and Heavy Gun and a Sniper on the other shore to fully
protect the Command Center. Note that most attacks will come from here.
The other units will conquer sector 18 (no structures there; build an Air
Hangar and a Research Center here; you won't need Vehicle Factories for this
mission), sector 14 (Refinery. Build a single Anti-Missile Station or two
Anti-Aircraft Sites and a Heavy Gun to protect this sector) and sector 17
(Radar Station and Heavy Gun; place a Sniper and build an Anti-Missile Station
From the Air Hangar produce 10 Attack and 1 Cargo Choppers and from the
existing Robot Factory 5 or 10 Toughs to place near the Command Center.
Remember to keep the Tough carrying the briefcase away from action; complete
all researches and when all it's done, send your Choppers in sector 17, then
let the Attack Choppers take away all Anti-Aircraft Sites in sector 15, 8 and
5, plus any Heavy Gun and vehicle in the latter sector. Then land the Cargo
Chopper near the landing pad, unboard the Tough with the briefcase and wait the
other Cargo Chopper, board the Tough again.


Map Type: ice plains

Number of Sectors: 18
|   1    |   2    |   3     |
|   +----+---+----+---------+
|   |    4   |  5 |     6   |
+---+--------+    +----+----+
|   |    8   |    | 9  | 10 |
| 7 +----+---+----+----+    |
|   | 11 |12 |   13    |    |
+---+----+   +---------+----+
|  14    |   |    15   | 16 |
+--------+---+----+----+    |
|   17   |   18   |         |

Vital Sectors: 14 (your Command Center)
               6 (mission objective)
               6 (enemy Command Center)

Mission Objectives:
+ Infiltrate into the archive with Clarke

Initial Units: Cargo Chopper
               4 Construction Robots
               2 Mortar Tanks
               3 Tougsh
               3 Snipers
               1 Heavy Tank
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Vehicle Factory
                   2 Stores
                   Anti-Aircraft Site
                   Heavy Cannon

Neal has returned to the Senate with Omega. He got the glory while Zod's army
has been declared rogue. However, the mysterious Viper is still active. Zod
wants to pay a visit to Transglobal's archives.

Begin to send a robot to capture sector 11, which has a Radar Station, and
sector 7, which has an Air Hangar. Send two Construction Robots at the top
right edge of sector 14 and build an Anti-Aircraft Site; the other two
Construction Robots will build a Refinery near your Command Center. Place one
Sniper near sectors 7 and 11 flags, and send the last to sector 17 and then 18.
Sector 18 has a Robot Factory and 17 a Research Facility. The Tough will be
sent to sector 18, while one Mortat Tank in sector 7; the other two vehicles
will be placed in sector 11. During the first minutes of this mission, you'll
find yourself low on money, so do not esitate to sell the two Stores, the
Vehicle Factory, the Anti-Aircraft Site and the Heavy Cannon to have more fund
(however, before selling the Heavy Cannon near the Vehicle Factory, be sure to
destroy the nearby bridge; do the same with your Toughs and the bridge in
sector 18).
Now build up your defenses: build other three Snipers and then begin Tough
production, but not too much: you'll need them to defend sector 18 until all
sectors are well defended. Sector 7 and 11 will be defended b 2 Heavy Cannons
and three Anti-Aircraft Sites (plus a Sniper and a Construction Robot) each;
where you built and Anti-Aircraft Site in sector 14 build an Heavy Cannon and
place a Construction Robot, Sniper and one Mortar Tank (about the Construction
Robots: of the initial four, place two of them near the defense turrets in
sector 7 and 11, build one for sector 14 and use the other two to build
defenses in sector 18 and 17, then keep one in sector 18 and use the last to
build other things if you need). Now build the defenses of sector 18:
place one Sniper near the destroyed bridge and build the usual Heavy Cannon; do
the same near the slope and finally build a single Anti-Missile Staion near the
Robot Factory; the Toughs will supplement both ground and air defenses.
It is now time to rebuild the Research Facility and build other defense
positions, to strenghten your position.
In the meantime, train one Technician and place him on the Cargo Chopper, with
Clarke; build five Wasps and ten Attack Choppers
And go to sector 6: destroy the Anti-Missile Station and the few Anti-Aircraft
Sites first, then call the Cargo Chopper and destroy all ground defenses. Keep
the Wasps in the area (and the Attack Choppers, if they have enough munitions)
to destroy all Mortar Tanks, Toughs, Missile Tanks and Snipers along the ridges
behind the Archives.
Land the Cargo Chopper, let the Technician convert it and order Clarke to enter.

--ACT V--

Lassar is going to start a matching between TransGlobal and MegaCom archives to
find who's Viper, a job the will require 5 or 6 hours; as it will take too
long, Zod orders Lassar to see if Horowitz is Viper, but no matches are found.
Suddently, Neal calls Zod, and asks if they arrived; Zod replies that they
stopped for investigatin on Viper, but Neal says that this is a job for his
team. So Zod enters Neal's name and finds that Viper is Neal's nickname...and
he sent Omega to him! In the meanwhile, Neal calls Horowitz to kill him...


Map Type: tundra

Number of Sectors: 21
|       |   |   | 4 |       |
|   1   | 2 | 3 +---+   5   |
|       |   |   |   |       |
+---+---+---+   |   +-------+
| 6 |   7   |   |    8      |
|     9     |10 |    11     |
|12 | 13| 14|  15   | 16    |
|   +---+---+-------+---+   |
|   |17 |18 |    19     |   |
|   |   |   |           |   |
+---+---+   |           +---+
|20 |       |           | 21|

Vital Sectors: 13 (your Command Center)
               1 (mission objectives)
               5 (enemy Command Center)

Mission Objectives:
+ Capture TransGlobal advanced Ship Yard
+ Capture TransGlobal advanced Air Hangar

Initial Units: (Command Center group)
               Mortar Tank
               2 Toughs
               2 APCs
               Cargo Chopper
               2 Technicians
               2 Spies
               (sector 19 group)
               4 Snipers
               4 Toughs
               3 Heavy Tanks
Initial Buildings: (Command Center group)
                   Command Center
                   Robot Factory
                   (sector 19 group)
                   Anti-Aircraft Site
                   Heavy Cannon
                   Anti-Tank Gun

To face TransGlobal troops Zod has ordered to capture two advanced TransGlobal
research facilities.

Begin to send troops in sector 18 to capture a Radar Staion, sector 21 to
capture a Robot Facility, sector 15 (you'll need the Cargo Chopper) to sell the
two stores and other nearby sectors that could be reached via ground troops.
Fortify all positions and begin to build some ships to defend yourself against
sea attacks.
Build all structures you need and begin to build Wasps (and Attack Choppers if
you are planning to attack the enemy Command Center) plus other Destroyers,
Battlecruisers, Gunboats (at least two for each) and Cruisers (three or four);
board the Technicians and the Spies on the Cargo Chopper and send them on the
shores of the island with the mission objectives.
Use your Spies to highlight the Heavy Cannon and the Anti-Tank Gun near the Air
Hangar and destroy them with your Destroyers; keep your Cruisers near the
Destroyers to eliminate all aerial threats. Once all threats are gone, use your
Technicians to capture it.
Send you Spy to highlight the two Heavy Cannons protecting the Ship Yard.
Destroy them with your Wasps and move your ships near the Yard and finally the
Technicians to complete the mission.


Map Type: tundra

Number of Sectors: 17
|1 |   2   |   3   |    4   |
|  |       |       +--------+
|  |       |       |    5   |
+--+----+--+----+--+        |
|   6   |   7   | 8|        |
|       |       |  +--------+
|       |       |  |    9   |
+--+----+--+----+--+        |
|10|   11  |   12  |        |
|  |       |       +--------+
|  |       |       |   13   |
+--+----+--+----+--+        |
|  14   |  15   |16|        |
|       |       |  +--------+
|       |       |  |   17   |

Vital Sectors: 14 (your Command Center)
               5, 9 (mission objectives)

Mission Objectives:
+ Free Horowitz
+ Let Horowitz escape

Initial Units: Cargo Chopper
               3 Psychos
               2 Construction Robots
               2 Toughs
               2 APCs
               2 Medium Tanks
               8 Pyros
Initial Buildings: Command Center

Neal is broadcasting on all frequencies that he captured Horowitz and installed
several bombs around him to kill him. It is imperative to save Horowitz even if
this is a trap.

Send your Construction Robots to build a Refinery and half the Pyros you have
to capture sector 15 (Radar Station and Ship Yard scaffold); the other half
will occupy sector 17; board the Toughs on the Cargo Chopper and capture sector
12, and keep the Psychos there to avoid invasions. Board the Toughs on an APC
and capture sector 11 (Robot Factory and 3 unmanned APCs); produce some Toughs
(10 Toughs to protect sector 12, 3 or 4 to protect sector 12 with the Psychos
and two to reinforce the 2 already existing Toughs that you'll send in sector
Immediately build two ships for each class (Gunboat, Cruiser, Destroyer and
Battlecruiser); they will act as defense force for sector 15, 16 and the Ship
Yard (sector 16 can be conquered with the Pyros you sent in sector 15); build
one Anti-Missile Station in sector 17, near the Ship Yard and the Command
Center and two Anti-Tank Guns near the Station you built in sector 14.
Now build the usual strike force of ten Attack Choppers and five Wasps, plus a
second strike team of one (or two) Gunboats, two Cruisers, one (or two)
BattleCruisers and, if you want, two Destroyers. Train an Explosive expert too,
and board him on a Cargo Chopper.
Send the Choppers in sector 5 (lower edge; your choppers should start from
sector 16 or they will be shooted down by an Anti-Missile Staion in sector 7)
to destroy the enemy Command Center, some units and a Vehicle Factory, then
redirect them to the higher edge of sector five to locate Horowitz, destroy the
near ground Guns, units, vehicles and nearby factories (Robot Factory and Air
Hangar). Now land the Cargo Chopper near the prison, unboard the Explosive
Expert and move it near the doors: they will be blown out: now move it in and
free Horowitz; board Horowitz on the Chopper and move it on the island in
sector 9; move at least a Wasp in that sector too, to destroy the Heavy Gun
near the landing pad.
Land the Cargo Chopper, unboard Horowitz and load him on the Cargo Chopper
coming from outside the map.


Map Type: tundra

Number of Sectors: 25
| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |
|   +---+   |   +---+---+
|   | 7 |   |   | 8 | 9 |
|  10   |  11   |12 |13 |
+-------+       +---+---+
|  14   |       |15 |16 |
|17 |18 |  19   | 20|21 |
+---+---+---+---+---+   |
|22 |23 |24 |   25  |   |

Vital Sectors: 17 (your Command Center)
               15, 5 (mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Escort Horowitz to the Communication Tower to communicate with Keeler
+ Protect Horowitz until the communication is over
+ Find and destroy the enemy Command Center

Initial Units: Technician
               2 Psychos
               4 Construction Robots
               4 Toughs
               2 Lasers
               2 Light Tanks
               Mortar Tank
               Heavy Tank
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Robot Factory
                   Defense Tower
                   3 Stores

Horowitz wants to communicate with Keeler and the Senate; the only way is to
capture an enemy Communication Tower.

Capture sectors 14, 18, 22 (Radar Station on it), 23, 24 and 25. Establish a
defense line on the ridges of sectors 18 and 24. Place some Toughs on the
central isle of sector 14 and something (even a Psycho is enough) to defend
sector 25; you will be attacked mostly in sector 24, so build two Heavy Cannons
and two Anti-Missile Station on the ridges (one group on each) plus two
Anti-Tank Guns in the lower valley; place one Sniper and one Construction Robot
near the Guns. In sector 18 do the same, but with two Anti-Aircraft Sites
instead of the Stations, because the ridge is too little to accept Anti-Missile
Now build a Caergo Chopper and the usual ten Attack Choppers; board Horowitz
and a Technician on the Chopper and let the Attack Choppers destroy anything
between your starting point and sector 15, where the Communication Tower is.
Land the Cargo Chopper, unboard the two robots, capture the Communication Tower
with the Technician and order Horowitz to enter, and wait until the call is
finished (few seconds); now you have to find and destroy the enemy Command
Center; order Horowitz to exit from the Tower, board him and the Technician on
the Cargo Chopper and move them within your base perimeter; do the same with
the Attack Choppers, reload them and replace any loss.
Build two or four Wasps, plus other six Attack Choppers: send the Wasps in
sector 11 and destroy anything that can arm flying units, then do the same with
sector 4, 5 and 8. Then call your Attack Choppers and destroy the enemy Command
Center, located in sector 5.


Map Type: tundra

Number of Sectors: 18
| 1|  2  |  3  |  4  | 5|
|  |     |     |     |  |
|  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |
|     |     |     |     |
|10| 11  |  12 | 13  |14|
|  |     |     |     |  |
| 15  | 16  | 17  | 18  |
|     |     |     |     |

Vital Sectors: 17 (your Command Center)
               3(mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Destroy the Command Center on the shores of Viper's island

Initial Units: 2 APCs
               4 Psychos
               2 Construction Robots
               2 Toughs
               4 Lasers
               4 Light Tanks
               2 Medium Tank
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Robot Factory
                   Vehicle Factory
                   Radar Station
                   Heavy Cannon

Keeler gave order to MegaCom troops to attack TransGlobal troops. You have to
kill Neal; however his base is too heavily defended for a frontal assault, so
Lassar suggests to attack the coastal defenses first.

Secure sectors 12, 16, 13, 14 and 18; these sectors will give you enough
credits to support a long battle. Immediately build some Snipers and place
Heavy Cannons and Anti-Missile Stations on the shores on sector 12, or you'll
be an easy prey for TransGlobal ships and APCs. Sector 13 has a Ship Yard
scaffold: repair it and build two Cruisers and one BattleCruiser to place near
sector 12, plus two Gunboats to protect the yard itself. Other defenses should
be built on the shores of sector 14 and near the bridges in sectors 16.
Once all defenses are active, build a large group of Attack Choppers (14 or 16)
and send them to sector 3, where the enemy Command Center is. Take out the
Anti-Missile Station first, then go for the Center itself.


Map Type: tundra

Number of Sectors: 29
|     1         |    2    |    3  |   4   |
|         +-----+         |       |       |
|         |               |       |       |
|5  |  6  |        7      |   8   |   9   |
|   +--+--+----+------+---+-------+       |
|   |10|11| 12 | 13   | 14|  15   |       |
|   |  |  +----+      +---+       |       |
|   |  |  |  16|      |17 |       |       |
|   +--+--+----+------+---+---+---+       |
|   | 18  |       19      |20 | 21|       |
|   |     +----+------+---+   |   |       |
|   |     |  22|  23  | 24|   |   |       |
|   25    | 26 |  27  |       |28 |  29   |
|         |    +------+       |   |       |
|         |                   |   |       |

Vital Sectors: 26 (your Command Center)
               14 (mission objective)
               7 (enemy Command Center)

Mission Objectives:
+ Move Zod into Viper's HQ

Initial Units: 2 APCs (with three Toughs and one Construction Robots
               4 Pyros
               3 Construction Robots
               2 Toughs
               5 Lasers
               3 Spies
               Heavy Tank
               2 Scout Choppers
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Robot Factory
                   2 Bunkers

The object is simple: destroy Omega before Neal can penetrate with it into
MegaCom' Security Net and destroy it; without the Net, MegaCom will be easily
overrun by TransGlobal troops.

Previous missions were easy, but this one is though; however, you have full
access to all units in the game, which should be helpful; plus, the numerous
Construction Robots you have should be able to quickly build a strong defensive
chain. Immediately build a Refinery with the three Construction Robots outside
the APCs, then send the Pyros to conquer sector 25. The Lasers will conquer
sectors 22, 23 and 24 (respectively a Vehicle Factory, a Gun Platform plus one
Teleport, a Radar Station). Sector 28 will be conquered by Zod and the light
vehicles will guard it. Move the Shockwave and the Disruptor near the Teleport
and the Heavy Tank in sector 27.
 Unboard all robots from the APCs and send them to sector 24; the two
Construction Robots found in the APCs will build two Heavy Cannons and one
Anti-Missile Station in sector 24; now the Refinery should be completed: move
the three Construction Robots in sector 22 and build three Heavy Cannons and
two Anti-Missile Stations. Move one Spy on each APC and send them top conquer
the lateral sectors (the ones with the flags on small islands); Scout Choppers
will defend them; sector 29 has a Ship Yard: produce one or two Gunboats to
fully protect the sector (the opposite sector will be defended by the two Scout
Choppers or two Wasps, your choice).
Send a Sniper near each Heavy Cannon.
Sector 20 has a Robot Factory, but it will be easier to destroy it: wait until
sector 24 defenses are up and then send the third Spy to locate the factory:
the Heavy Cannons should be enough to take it out, along with the vehicles and
infantrymen there.
Now build the usual Research Center and two or three Air Hangars: from each one
order a Stealth Bomber and send one Spy in sector 7 to locate the Command
Center and the nearby factories (Ship Yard, Robot and Vehicle Factory, Air
Hangar). Once the Command Center is located, use the Stealth Bombers to destroy
it: two attacks won't be enough to destroy it, and by the time a third strike
will be ready, the structure will be repaired: so, if you have two Air Hangars
build the usual 10 Attack Choppers, if three just order three attacks (note
about the Attack Choppers: they will be destroyed at once. Too many Toughs, Gun
Platforms and Anti-Missile Stations; they might be succesful in destroying the
Center but no one will return).
Now continue to order Stealth Bombers and to destroy the nearby structures, and
in the meantime train a Technician that will reach Zod onto the Cargo Chopper
and one other Spy, plus some Toughs: once they are ready, use the Spy to
highlight all enemy structures from your starting point to sector 7 and use the
ShockWave to destroy them; the Toughs and/or the Light-Medium-Heavy Tanks will
be useful to destroy the buildings and units near the HQ, in sector 14: the
Shockwave will surely destroy it if you aim to one building near the HQ.
Once the sector is clear, call in the Cargo Chopper, let the Technician capture
the HQ and order Zod to enter.

--ACT VI--

Unfortunately Neal was able to active Omega, and this software is going to
destroy MegaCom' Security Net; Zod arrived just few seconds after, and Neal was
going to kill him, but Horowitz arrived and distracted Neal. The false MegaCom
secretary also engaged the autodestruction sequence, and the escape pod has
only one seat. Horowitz sacrifices himself and lets Zod escape.


Map Type: ruins

Number of Sectors: 18
|    1    |    2    |   3     |    4    |
+---------+         +---------+         |
|         |         |         |         |
|         +---------+         +---------+
|    5    |    6    |     7   |    8    |
+---------+         +---------+         |
|         |         |         |         |
|         +---------+         +---------+
|    9    |   10    |   11    |    12   |
+---------+         +---------+         |
|         |         |         |         |
|         +---------+         +---------+
|   13    |   14    |   15    |   16    |
+---------+         +---------+         |
|   17    |         |   18    |         |

Vital Sectors: 13 (your Command Center)
               11 (mission objective)
               11 (enemy Command Center)

Mission Objectives:
+ Reach the enemy Intelligence HQ and recover the battleplans for this region
+ Bring the battleplans to your Command Center

Initial Units: 2 APCs
               3 Medium Tanks
               2 Construction Robots
               3 Toughs
               4 Psychos
               2 Snipers
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Robot Factory
                   Vehicle Factory
                   Radar Station
                   2 Anti Tank Guns

Omega is circulating throughout the net. In order to prepare a good defense for
this region, you have to steal the battleplans from the enemy Intelligence HQ.

Send your Construction Units to sector 14: build the Ship Yard and produce two
Gunboats, then produce an Anti-Missile Station near the Ship Yard and move the
Construction Units to sector 18. Move the Psychos to sector 16, along with the
Medium Tanks; note that the sector will be under enemy control, but it won't
take too much to conquer it back. Move the Toughs to sector 18; the Heavy Tank
will guard (and destory) the bridge in in front of the Command Center along
with one Sniper; the other Sniper will be moved to sector 16. Train a
Technician, three other Snipers and two Construction Robots.
Near the Command Center build an Anti-Missile Station or two plus two Heavy
Cannons near the bridge in sector 13, and kee the Sniper near the Cannons.
Defenses here are up.
Near the Ship Yard build four Heavy Guns (two per side) and place one Sniper
near each couple. Place a second Anti-Missile Station near the couple of Heavy
Cannons farther from the first Station.
Sector 18 will be defended by a Sniper, an Anti-Missile Station and two Heavy
Cannons. Leave undefended sector 16 for now but be sure to capture the
Refinery. Move all your offensive units to sector 12: destroy the bridge and be
sure to keep the bridge down, or you won't be able to stop the enemies coming
from the central island. Build at least three Heavy Cannons and three or four
Anti-Aircraft Sites (the sector is too little for an Anti-Missile Station).
Move the Technician in and capture and then sell the Ship Yard. Place the usual
Sniper near the Cannons and KEEP THAT BRIDGE DOWN. Maybe you'll want to move
some other units like Toughs or Mortar/Missile/Medium Tanks in the sector.
Now you can build one Research Center and two Air Hangars, plus all structures
you feel necessary.
Prepare a Technician (if the one you trained in the begining died) and one
Cargo Chopper, plus a Spy or two, two Missile Boats, 10 Attack Choppers and if
you want Stealth Bombers.
Board the Spy on one APC and send it to sector 9. Unboard the Spy and let him
procede to the central island. You'll may want to control the to bridges in
sector 6 by placing two BattleCruisers and two Cruisers, in order to destroy
any enemy ship with a radar that can reveal the Spy.
With the Spy, pass the two Gun Platforms and head to sector 11. You'll notice
that sector 11 is protected by two mountains, which open valleys in the north,
south and east. First, locate the enemy Command Center by placing your Spy near
the north opening (there is a Radar there, but strangely won't reveal the
Spy...at least, it worked for me). Then go to the West and try to reveal the
two Anti-Missile Stations. Insert a virus in them (with the Spy) and order your
Missile Boats to destroy them. Then return to the north opening and order your
Attack Choppers to destroy the Command Center (note that you can do it with the
Stealth Bombers, but if you placed the Air Hangars in sector 18 the Bombers may
have problems in delivering their bombs; I use Attack Choppers, as Missile
Boats are better against light armored buildings). Now use whatever you want to
destroy all Vehicle Factories and Air Hangars. Board the Technician on the
Cargo Chopper and order it to reach sector 11. As soon the Cargo Chopper will
land, a countdown will begin: now you have 5 minutes to capture the
Intelligence HQ, stole the battleplans and return home (note: your Spy may
trigger the countdown if it enters from east or south. Remember that this is
the unpatched game).
Capture the Intelligence HQ with the Technician and in the meantime board the
Spy on the Cargo Chopper; order the Technician to enter the HQ when it's
captured and board him on the Chopper when he exits. Now move all your units
away from the main island and direct the Cargo Chopper to sector 11, and make
it land near the Command Center. Unboard the Technician and order him to enter
the Command Center. (I did this in the 5 minutes the countdown conceded me. I
don't know if the game ends if you do not have the Technician in your Command
Center when the countdown is over).


Map Type: ruins

Number of Sectors: 19
|     1    | 2  |  3 |
|  4  | 5  | 6  |  7 |
+-----+----+    +----+
|  8  |  9 |    | 10 |
|  11 | 12 |13  |14  |
+-----+    +----+----+
|  15 |    | 16 | 17 |
|     +----+----+----+
|     |18  |   19    |

Vital Sectors: 19 (your Command Center)
               1, 2, 4, 7 (mission objective)

Mission Objectives:
+ Destroy all TransGlobal factories

Initial Units: (Command Center group)
               2 Medium Tanks
               4 Construction Robots
               3 Toughs
               4 Lasers
               2 Light Tanks
               Heavy Tank
               (sector 10 group)
               Construction Robot
               3 Toughs
               2 Light Tanks
Initial Buildings: (Command Center group)
                   Command Center
                   Heavy Cannon
                   Ship Yard
                   Anti-Missile Station
                   (sector 10 group)

As the Omega device destroys one part of the Security Net, TransGlobal troops
destroy the inactive troops. It is imperative to destroy the main TransGlobal
manufacturing center.

Star by sending two Construction Robots and the Toughs to sector 16 (Radar
Station and a Heavy Cannon). Order the other two Construction Robots to build a
Refinery and build two Gunboats. The Lasers will occupy sector 17 (Robot
Factory and two Stores); begin construction of five Snipers. Now send the
Mediun and Heavy Tanks to sector 13 (Vehicle Factory, Armed Platform and Heavy
Cannon); send the Construction Robot in sector 10 in sector 14 and move three
Lasers to sector 13. Destroy the two bridges in sectors 16 and 13 and build the
usual Sniper/two Heavy Cannons/Anti-Missile Station near the fallen bridges,
plus near the teleport and ony other valley or passae from where the enemy can
attack. If you need money, be sure to sell the Teleport and the Stores.
Once all defenses are up, build the Research Center and two Air Hangars (you'll
may need to sell the Research Center after the researches are done to make room
for the second Air Hangar. If someone finds a place to build a third, or even a
fourth, though I think this would be impossible, build it, or them). Produce
lots of  Stealth Bombers and one Spy.
The enemy bases are six: two Air Hangars (sector 7), two Ship Yards (sectors 1
and 2), two Robot Factories (sectors 1 and 2) and two Vehicle Factories (sector
There is no real sequence to follow, so I started with the two factories on the
west. Move your Spy on the other isle by the bridge in sector 6 and highlight
the two factories. Be careful, all bases are heavily defended and you'll always
find one Mobile Radar Jammer near them; your Spy should be able to higlight
enemy factories without entering into the Jammer's line of sight, however.
The Vehicle Factories have one Anti-Missile Station; destroy it with one
Stealth attack or, if you built them, with Missile Boat attacks.
Two or three Stealth attacks should be enough to level the two factories: place
one shot between them, and the other two directly on the factories.
Now take care of the Robot Factory and then of the Ship Yard near the
now-destroyed factories, with the same method, though for both buildings a
direct strike should be enough; when I played this mission, I sent a Stealth
Bomber to destroy the rightmost Ship Yard (the one in sector 2) and the attack
started a chain reaction that destroyed both Ship Yards. I don't know if this
works by targeting the Ship Yard in sector 1 too or it was only a lucky strike,
but that's it, you can save one strike.
Now take care of the two Air Hangars: target the Hangars directly, not the
Dropships in from of them.
Complete the mission by destroying the last two (one, if you had the same luck
as me) factories.


Map Type: ruins

Number of Sectors: 22
| 1 |    2    | 3 | 4 |    5    |
|   +---------+   |   +---------+
|   |    6    |   |   |    7    |
|   |         |   |   |         |
+---+         +---+---+-----+---+
|   |         |   |   11    |12 |
|   +---------+   +---------+   |
| 8 |    9    |10 |   13    |   |
+---+-----+---+---+         +---+
|   14    |15 | 16|         |17 |
+---------+   |   +---------+   |
|   18    |   |   |   19    |   |
|   20    |    21     |   22    |

Vital Sectors: 20 (your Command Center)
               5, 6, 13 (mission objective)
               5 (enemy Command Center)

Mission Objectives:
+ Destroy all TransGlobal naval bases
+ Destroy all TransGlobal air bases
+ Destroy the enemy Command Center

Initial Units: 2 Construction Robots
               2 APCs
               Cargo Chopper
               2 Scout Choppers
               2 Heavy Tanks
               Mobile Missile Launcher
               Mortar Tank
               2 Light Tanks
               6 Toughs
               2 Explosive Experts
               5 Snipers
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Vehicle Factory
                   Robot Factory
                   Heavy Cannon
                   2 Stores
                   Air Hangar
                   Anti-Aircraft Site
                   Radar Station

TransGlobal troops are moving to defend their air and naval bases.

This mission requires an attention planning of the first minutes of battle. Be
quick and precise in your orders.
Board the two Construction Units on an APC and send them to sector 21: build
three Heavy Cannons and three Anti-Aircraft Sites and do not sell the Research
Center; instead, research one level of the damage value.
Order two new Construction Robots and send them in sector 10 (Refinery). Spread
your Snipers throughout sectors 10 and 16, starting from the tip of the
peninsula with the Refinery; two Toughs and two Explosive Experts will guard
sector 9 and will destroy the bridge connecting sector 9 with the north island.
Later, reinforce this group with other 3 or 4 Toughs; then send the Explosive
Experts to conquer sector 8, 14 and 15, and then move them back to sector 9.
Now you should have two Construction Robots ready; even if you don't, move one
to sector 16 and build an Heavy Cannon; build Heavy Cannons all along the coast
from sector 10 to sector 16, and place a Sniper near each Cannon. Anti-Missile
Stations and Anti-Aircraft Sites will protect them from air assaults; use the
Scout Choppers you have to protect the Construction Robots until all defenses
are up; note that these Robots will be used to repair damage to this defense
Build other two Snipers and board them on an APC and send them near the group
of Heavy Cannons in sector 21; move one Construction Robot onto the main island
and move it to sector 8, where it will build an Anti-Air Station and two
Anti-Tank Guns. If you want, build other two Construction Robots to help him;
build an Anti-Missile Station and two Heavy Cannons in sector 9; place a Sniper
there; sector 8 won't need a Sniper, the defense buildings you place will be
enough to repel any attack (the AI staged only one attack, with an APC with a
Laser on it throughout the whole mission).
Complete the researches, build a Spy and three, or even four, Air Hangars and
order Stealth Bombers.
Move your Spy to sector 5, by passing near the right map edge and highlight the
enemy Command Center. Three Stealth attacks will be enough to level the
Now move the Spy in sector 6: there are three Air Hangars sorrounded by a wall:
destroy a section of this wall with a Stealth attack and then issue direct
strikes against the three Air Hangar.
Move to sector 13, but pass from the south bridge: the east one has a Radar
Station that will reveal your Spy. If you can, higlight the Radar Station with
your Spy and attack it with a Stealth Bomber, or build six or more Attack
Choppers to destroy it; with the Attack Choppers you'll have to destroy an
Anti-Missile Station placed near the south bridge.
Once the Radar Station is gone, move your Spy on the island (be carueful, the
Ship Yards can produce Cruisers and it is already guarded by a Mobile Radar
Jammer), highlight the Ship Yards and destroy them with direct Stealth attacks.
Or you can use Attack Choppers to destroy the two Yards.


Map Type: ruins

Number of Sectors: 24
|     1     |     2     |     3     |
|  4  |   5 |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |
|     +-----+-----+-----+-----+     |
|     |  10 | 11  | 12  | 13  |     |
| 14  | 15  |     16    | 17  |  18 |
|    19     | 20  | 21  |    22     |
+-----------+     |     +-----------+
|    23     |     |     |    24     |

Vital Sectors: 16 (your Command Center)
               2 (mission objective)
               2 (enemy Command Center)

Mission Objectives:
+ Find and help the local garrison
+ Protect the Command Center and the Garrison Base
+ Survive until rienforcments arrive. ETA: 20 minutes
+ Destroy the enemy Command Center

Initial Units: 12 Light Tanks
Initial Buildings: none

It is time to plan the final attack to the TransGlobal stronghold; however,
there is a weak point in MegaCom defenses. This area is going to be hit by
Omega, so this position will be overrun soon. You have to defend the local
Garrison until the bulk of your forces arrive.
This mission's tough. You'll land in sector 4 with 12 Light Tanks, and nothing
else. Nor a Construction Unit or a Psycho. The Garrison Base is located at the
center of the map, in sector 16. Proceed through secto 14 and 15: you'll
encounter an Heavy Tank; you should be able to kill it with minimum losses (one
of your Tanks will always go down, however).
Once you have reached the Garrison Base (do it within 1:40, or the base will
without defenses) sell all the Anti-Tank Turrets around the Command Center
(three in total), all bunkers (and send the robots inside near the Command
Center) and the Vehicle Factory. Begin to produce Toughs and send one
Construction Unit to conquer sector 11 and 12, and then call them back. The
Garrison has some vehicles, namely four Medium Tanks and one Heavy Tank: place
them at the sides of the Command Center and keep only one Tough near the front
entrace to the base (most attacks will come from sector 20: this Tough will
allow you to see if someone is coming, draw fire and fend off any attack).
There is also a Radar Station, sell it only when its damage reaches high levels.
Omega will strike soon; from that point all automated defenses will be useless
(but you will be able to produce units ad buildings, but not Construction
Robots)and the Construction Robots placed behind the Command Center will be
your key to success: keep at least three of them active and have them repair
all fighting units.
During the twenty minutes you have to resist, TransGlobal will launch a Stealth
Bomber attack around the 15th minute and a Fighter Bomber one around the 17th.
Though the Fighter Bomber is pretty useless, the Stealth Bomber will strike the
Command Center and a small arear arounf the sides and the rear of the Center,
so keep you units away from the impact area (you'll hear the planes coming, so
be prepared).
Once the twenty minutes have passed, two DropShips (the italian version calls
them "insetto", or bug...any help on the name will be appreciated) will land
and will unload some units (Construction Robots, a Shock Wave, Mobile Missile
Lauchers, APCs with Toughs, Mortar Tanks and so on). It is now time for payback!
Immediately rebuild a Robot Factory (if you sold it before), produce two
Snipers and use one Mobile Missile Launcher and one Mortar Tank, plus two Heavy
Tanks to guard the front of your Command Center.
Send one Construction Robot to conquer sector 20 and 21 and build a Refinery
somewhere; now begin to produce a good number of Toughs. These units will be
used to defend your Command Center, as any automatd defenses WILL NOT work;
note also that you won't be able to build any other Construction Robot, so take
care of those you have.
Once the first batch of Toughs is gone, produce 10 other robots and conquer
sectors 14, 15, 19 and 23. These sectors contains some buildings that may be
useful to you, but I usually sell all of them (at every at once, but when I
need...of course you'll need a Technician to capture these buildings).
Produce two or three Spies, and place them in sectors 11 and 12 (the third will
go to sector 2 to spot for Stealth Bomber attacks): produce one other ShockWave
plus three or Four Defense Towers near the Command Center, and place (in each)
two Snipers and four Toughs. With all Shock Waves you have you'll have to
destroy the TransGlobal Shock Waves. In this mission the computer will use the
Shock Waves cleverly and without mercy: I recieved two or three attacks, made
by about 7 Shock Waves firing AT ONCE. Now you should have understood why you
have to keep Spies to spot enemy units.
Now build two or three Air Hangars and produce one or two attacks for each
Hangar. You'll need three strikes for this mission: the first will destroy the
Radar Station on the left of the enemy Command Center (or your Spy will be
detected and killed by the many units and defense guns around the Command
Center) while the other two directly on the Command Center. You can also try
with Attack Choppers, the Command Center is more defended against ground
attacks than air strikes.


Map Type: ruins

Number of Sectors: 33
|    1   |   2    |   3   |  4   |   5   |
|        |        |   +---+---+--+---+   |
|        |        |   |       |      |   |
+--------+--------+---+   6   |   7  +---+
|        |        |   |       |      |   |
|        |        |   +---+---+--+---+   |
|   8    |   9    |  10   |  11  |   12  |
|13 |   14    |15 |  16   |17 | 18   |19 |
|   +---------+   |       |   +------+   |
|   |    20   |   |       |   |  21  |   |
|  22    |    23  |  24   |  25   |  26  |
|   +----+----+---+---+   |       |      |
|   |         |       |   |       |      |
+---+   27    |  28   +---+-------+------+
|   |         |       |   |       |      |
|   +----+----+----+--+   |       |      |
|  29    |   30    |  31  |   32  |  33  |

Vital Sectors: 7 (your Command Center)
               27 (mission objective)
               29 (enemy Command Center)

Mission Objectives:
+ Destroy TransGlobal Senate before the Shield fails

Initial Units: (Command Center group)
               3 Construction Robots
               Heavy Tank
               Mobile Missile Launcher
               Mobile Radar Jammer
               2 Medium Tanks
               2 Toughs
               2 Psychos
               (sector 10 group)
               Mobile Missile Launcher
               2 Light Tanks
               Medium Tank
               2 Pyros
Initial Buildings: (Command Center group)
                   Command Center
                   Robot Factory
                   2 Anti-Aircraft Sites
                   2 Anti-Tank Guns
                   (sector 10 group)
                   Bunker (with 2 Toughs inside)

Allan intercepted a transmission on a radio frequency: Rieman set an ultimatum
for the MegaCom corporation: in short time, Omega will overrun MegaCom's main
base anti-missile devices and TransGlobal will launch a strong offensive to
destroy the remaining forces of MegaCom. As your forces are nearest to the
TransGlobal Senate than to the MegaCom main base, it is your duty to destroy
TransGlobal Senate.

Produce one Sniper and 10 or more Toughs. Send the already existing Toughs and
Medium Tanks to conquer sector 12 and then move them between sector 12 and 19;
the Vehicle Factory in this sector will be useful to collect extra funds during
the first minutes by selling it. Move the Psychos and the Heavy Tank between
the Command Center and sector 11. This pass will be constantly under attack, so
move one Construction Robot there and build a Defense Tower and three Heavy
Guns; place the Sniper and 5 Toughs in the Tower, then keep the Construction
Robot there. The units in sector 10 will be placed in sector 4; move one Pyro
to sector 3, however, to capture the two structures in it. Move an other
Construction Robot in sector 4 and build two Heavy Guns  and two Anti-Tank
Guns, plus an Anti-Missile Station and a Bunker, which will be filled by one
Sniper and 3 Toughs, but only when all main defenses are on-line. When you
credits are running low sell the Bunker in sector 10 and place the two Toughs
inside in sector 6; send the third Construction Robot you have there.
In the meanwhile, divide the Toughs produced between sector 12/19 and 7/11.
Move one of your Missile Mobile Launchers near the Defense Tower.
Continue to fortify your defenses: build an other Defense Tower in sector 12/19
and fill it with Sniper and Toughs, plus one Anti-Missile Station and one Heavy
Cannon. Keep the Medium Tanks there.
In the beginning, ignore structures like Refineries and Radar Station, and sell
everything you do not need now (the Vehicle Factory in sector 12, the Heavy
Cannon and the Robot Factory in sector 3 and some Anti-Tank Guns). Sector 6
will be guarded by two or three Heavy Cannons (place them near the ridge, so
that they will able to help the Heavy Cannons in sector 7/11; place a Sniper
near these guns too) plus two Anti-Tank Guns and other units that you don't
need elsewhere.
Now you can produce a Refinery and six Spies (about the Radar Station: I built
it only when I was ready with a strike force...if you are wondering why, I
noticed that without a Radar Station the attacks launched by the enemy are
weaker. Maybe it's only my impression, but...): place the Spies at the edges of
the Heavy Cannons' firing range, so that they will be able to notice any unit
before it can attack and if the enemy is placing Shock Waves somewhere.
Rebuild all you need: a Vehicle Factory will be useful to produce some Shock
Waves, but I spent most of my money on four Air Hangars, each with a Stealth
Bomber ready and a larger than normal force of Attack Choppers (20) and Wasps
(10). Of course, upgrade your units through the Research Facility and build
some Stores.
TransGlobal Senate is located in sector 27: send you Choppers and Wasps
directly to this sector, ignoring the enemy Command Center in sector 29 and all
other structures (or, you can destroy them with your Stealth Bombers, as
placing a Spy near the Senate is difficult as it is heavily protected against
ground attacks and has a full radar coverage): with your Wasps destroy the
Anti-Missile Station and the two Shield Generators (though they won't be
activated in case of air attacks) and the finish the Senate off with your
Attack Choppers.

Congratulations, you've finished Z: Steel Soldiers!


Accessible in the "single player" menu, under the "U"(that's for the italian
version, however, after the Act's numbers and before the menu with all levels)


Map Type: desert

Number of Sectors: 19

Vital Sectors: 18 (your Command Center)
               2, 6, 8, 9 (mission objectives)
               10 (enemy Command Center)

Mission Objectives:
+ Destroy TransGlobal manufacturing facilities

Initial Units: 6 Construction Robots
               4 Light Tanks
               5 Toughs
               2 Psychos
               2 Scout Choppers
               2 Mortar Tanks
Initial Buildings: Command Center
                   Robot Factory
                   Anti-Aircraft Site
                   Anti-Tank Gun

If you completed the campaing, this will mission will be quite easy. It doesn't
fit into the standard single player campaing so there is no briefing.
Begin to send one Mortar Tank to sector 19, plus two Toughs and one
Construction Robot. Send the Psychos to sector 17 and order to the remaining
units to capture sector 14 (Vahicle Factory) and 15 (Radar Station). Divide you
6 Construction Robots between these sectors and order one Technician, four
Snipers and some Toughs from the Robot Factory.
Send the Technician in sector 16, where an enemy Technology Center is: capture
it and you will be able to build Lasers, Medium Tanks, Destroyers, Cruisers,
Fighter/Bombers, Attack Choppers, Refineries, Anti-Missile Stations, Defense
Towers and Heavy Cannons, units and structures previously  unbuildable.
Build a Defense Tower (with a Sniper and 5 Toughs inside), an Heavy Cannon and
an Anti-Missile Station in sectors 17, 14, 15 and 19, though only sector 19
will be constantly under attack. You'll may want to place a Mortar Tank near
each Tower.
Now build the Refinery and the Research Facility, plus two Air Hangars; upgrade
your units and build 10/14 Attack Choppers, and send them where the enemy
manufacturing facilities are (note: they are custom buildings, not Ship Yards,
Air Hangars or other Facilites); I reccomend to follow this sequence, as you
won't have to deal with the enemy Command Center and relative defenses: 9, 8, 2
and 6.
Mission accomplished.


This is quite simple and gives you access to all levels in the single-player
Go to the folder where you installed Z: Steel Soldiers and enter the BIN one.
Locate all files with the .zcm extension; if you created two players, there
will be two files, each named with the name you gave to the players, if you
created only one player you'll have only one and so on.
Open it with Windows' Notepad and locate the "currentlevel" value: this
indicates at which level you arrived. Remove the number between the brackets
(but DO NOT remove them!) and insert the value 92880144 to have access to all
levels. This works perfectly with the unpatched version of the game, but I
suspect it will work with the patched version too.
Remember that I, the sites hosting this FAQ with my permission or everyone else
nominated in this document cannot be treated as responsible for data loss,
damage to your person, computer, house, parents, pets, eyes, limbs or body in
general, nuclear wars, assassinations, coup d'etat, USB 2.0 flop, bankruptcy or
anything else, success of the above operation excluded.


Yes I know them. And I'm not speaking about the italian ones or the
translations I've done, but I'm speaking about the real english names. In fact,
I used some wrong names throughout the document as I started with those names
and the correction was sent (thanks to anyone who did it) too late...just
understand that reading a whole document to change some names would have been a
reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally boring task. An example? I know that "Cargo Chopper" is
"Transport Helicopter". For example.
(Last minute note: before sending e-mails asking who is Briareos, read the very
second line of this document, which contains name of the author, his e-mail,
version of the document and date. I'm writing this 'cause I recieved one e-mail
asking "Sorry...but...who the hell is Briareos?". It may be a joke but I hate
SPAM. And the author of that e-mail will remain without name for mercy.)

Partially. I didn't programmed the game nor I am able to, I am a graphic
designer ;)
However, here's a few guidelines that worked out with me.
1) Do not use the patch. Repeat: D O  N O T. I've found that the game is almost
unplayable with the patch (crashes, freezes and/or incorrect video driver
initialization), while an out-of-the-box-game is relatively stable and let you
end the game.
2) If you experience problems with a patched game, the only way to circle it is
to unistall the game, reset the PC and reinstall the game.
3) If you followed point 2, all savegames registered with the patched version
won't be loaded by an unpatched game. So, you'll have to use a cheat. Read
Section 9 on how it works.
4) Contact your national dealer support hotline, if any, or contact the
publisher/coders of the game. Someone told me that Eon's website no longer
exists. If I recall correctly, Z: Steel Soldier's official website linked to
them for support. Bitmap Brothers are still alive, however (to search for
websites, DO NOT mail me. Use Google, Altavista, Yahoo or whatever search
engine, cut and paste the names and search; all requests about the above
websites will be IGNORED).


I think that the first credit goes to Bitmap Brothers for Z: Steel Soldiers
(and not only for this one!); the second goes to me for this document (eh eh)
and the third to all sites hosting this FAQ with my permission. All other misc
credits go to all the misc things/persons/musicians/games/etc etc etc; the list
is too long and I'm too tired to write it, maybe in the other releases of the
walktrhu, though I think this will not happen. However, if someone will conquer
the right to be mentioned in this document, I will thank him/her here.
Sites authorized to show this FAQ:
+ GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
+ The Clans Hall (http://www.geocities.com/khan_briareos/index.htm visit it,
it's my personal site ;)
+ DHL (http://dhl.net)
+ Action Trip (http://www.actiontrip.com)
+ The Internet Central Network (http://www.a2zweblinks.com)
+ Cheat Code Central (http://www.cheatcc.com)
+ Cheat Planet (http://www.cheatplanet.com)
+ Ivansky Kirill's website (translated in russian; unfortunately I don't have
the URL. Ivansky, if you are reading this, send me it)
+ MegaGames (http://www.megagames.com)
+ Game's Over (http://www.gamesover.com)
+ NeoSeeker (http://www.neoseeker.com)
Person who helped me:
+ Kris Saw (kris@mgon.com), for his help with buildings real names.
+ Lukas Pruppacher (lpruppacher@balcab.ch), for something I don't remember
(sorry ^_^;;;).
+ Robert Chou (he_wishes_to@stay.anonymous) for all level names and some
corrections about buildings and units names.
+ Mike Haddad (haddadml@maxi.net.au) for his insight of mission 29 (though he
sent me it when I was playing mission 24 ;).
+ Homer (homer@cix.co.uk ) for unit names (again :)
I'd also like to tell that violence is not the correct reply to violence, as it
will call more violence.

To ask permission to post this document, just send a mail writing down the URL.
To contact me, write at briareos_hf@tiscali.it; ICQ UIN is 40534369; Odigo ID
is 264286. Write only about this FAQ or if you have a cute
(female)friend/sister to introduce.

Copyright (c) Briareos Kerensky 2001/2002. Reproduction  and translation of
this document (as a whole or parts of its) in any mode without permission is
strictly forbidden.
All names and marks are proprieties of respective owners.

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