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A whole lot better than the original 06/22/03 A.K.A
A great game online, but not without its exceptions... 07/25/02 alexyip
A great expansion for a great game. 06/28/01 Aznboy16
A refreshing new look for Diablo II in LOD. 10/17/01 BCleaver
Great expansion for an already great game. 06/15/04 chickenKOD
Chasing demons has never been so much fun! 07/26/01 DaGame007
Play First! Find something else after... 06/22/02 Deltaflaze
Be very afraid if you don't play D2X! 07/07/01 Hezda
One of the greatest addictive online games of all time! 08/02/02 Homer Jay Simpson
Diablo II LOD doesn't just take your money, it takes your soul. 03/25/09 japanzaman
Making a best seller even better. 07/09/01 Jay19
After a long Reign of popularity Blizzard breaths new life into an already excellent game 09/13/01 JGosnell
I waited all year, and I got all that I wanted, even more 07/07/01 Krimson Hellkite
Another treasure in Blizzard's Battlechest 04/21/02 Lcyrille
A senseless but fun game 11/04/01 Mr Jupiter
Another marvel by Blizzard. 02/25/02 MrYowler
Stay awhile, and listen. And get even more loot! 12/26/08 neonreaper
The Devil is back 09/29/09 Ofisil
A great game! (Until you realize how pointless it is) 11/25/01 Outlaw4948
Adds some good things. 07/11/01 POOPERSCOOPER
D2 is good, but LOD make things better. 07/19/02 Ryurouden
This game again??? AW MAN!! 07/06/01 SabreLance
Diablo II: Fashionably Late 06/14/12 so_beast247
Diablo 2: LOD - Reviewed by a long time player 03/31/08 Surfingpikachao
More diablo 03/26/08 therater13
One Of The Best 01/20/05 Tyrael Odium
An awesome RPG with few, if any flaws. 10/10/02 ugen64
This game is incredibly addictive, but is that a good thing? 12/30/01 willis5225

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