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Additional CastingFronk
Additional CastingPemrick
Additional DesignChris Arretche
Additional DesignEric Sexton
Additional DesignBill Tubbs
Background ArtistBen Boos
Background ArtistDavid Glenn
Background ArtistMark Sutherland
Background ArtistMarc Tattersall
Background ArtistFred Vaught and Macintosh ProducerJohn Lagrave Network EngineerAdrian Luff ProgrammerJames Anhalt ProgrammerAndy Bond ProgrammerRobert Bridenbecker ProgrammerCarl Chimes ProgrammerMatt Versluys
Character ArtistAlan Ackerman
Character ArtistCheeming Boey
Character ArtistEvan Carroll
Character ArtistMike Dashow
Character ArtistKelly Johnson
Character ArtistJohn Kubasco
Character ArtistMichio Okamura
Character ArtistChris Root
Character ArtistPhil Shenk
Cinemaitc EditorJoeyray Hall
Cinematic ArtistNick Carpenter
Cinematic ArtistJeff Chamberlain
Cinematic ArtistJay Hathaway
Cinematic ArtistPaul Hormis
Cinematic ArtistJared Keller
Cinematic ArtistJon Lanz
Cinematic ArtistPaul Limon
Cinematic ArtistJames McCoy
Cinematic ArtistMatthew Mead
Cinematic ArtistDennis Price
Cinematic ArtistMatthew Samia
Cinematic ArtistPatrick Thomas
Cinematic DirectorMatthew Samia
Cinematic MusicDerek Duke
Cinematic MusicJason Hayes
Cinematic MusicGlen Stafford
Cinematic SoundTracy Bush
Cinematic SoundVictor Crews
Cinematic SoundTami Donner
Cinematic SoundDerek Duke
Cinematic SoundJason Hayes
Cinematic SoundGlenn Stafford
Cinematic Sound DesignDerek Duke
Cinematic Sound DesignGlenn Stafford
Cinematic StoryboardsTom Jung
Cinematic StoryboardsBritt Snyder
Cinematic Voice DirectionMatt Samia
Cinematic Voice DirectionGlenn Stafford
Cinematic WriterPaul Limon
Cinematic WriterDennis Price
Cinematic WriterMatthew Samia
Cinematic WriterPatrick Thomas
Design LeadPeter Brevik
Executive ProducerMike Morhaime
Executive ProducerMax Schaefer
Lead Background ArtistAlex Munn
Lead Character ArtistAnthony Rivero
Level DesignDerek McAuley
Level DesignStefan Scandizzo
Level DesignGrant Wilson
Macintosh ProgrammerBrian Fitzgerald
Macintosh ProgrammerDave Lawrence
Macintosh ProgrammerJohn Mikros
Macintosh ProgrammerJohn Stiles
Macintosh ProgrammerTony Tribelli
Managing DirectorMarian Turner
Music ConductorKirk Trevor
Music DirectorEmil Niznansky
ProducerMatt Householder
ProducerKen Williams
ProgrammerTed Bisson
ProgrammerPeter Hu
ProgrammerDoug McCreary
ProgrammerDivo Palinkas
ProgrammerMichael Scandizzo
ProgrammerSteven Woo
Project LeadTyler Thompson
Recording EngineerHubert Geschwandter
Sound Effects nad Mix MasterScott Petersen
Sound Lead and Music ComposerMatt Uelmen
Story and DialogEvan Carroll
Story and DialogMatt Householder
Story and DialogChris Metzen
Story and DialogJoe Morrissey
Voice Acting: AmazonJessica Straus
Voice Acting: AnyaRebecca Lowman
Voice Acting: AssassinCarrie Gordon
Voice Acting: BaalRichard Barnes
Voice Acting: BarbarianDavid Jean Thomas
Voice Acting: CainMichael Gough
Voice Acting: Druid, NihlathakMichael Bell
Voice Acting: LarzukKai Vilhelmsen
Voice Acting: Malah, AncientsLani Minella
Voice Acting: NecromancerMichael McConnohie
Voice Acting: PaladinLarry B. Scott
Voice Acting: Qual-Kehk, AncientsJon Stark
Voice Acting: Qual-Khek's MenPaul Hagerty
Voice Acting: SorceressLiana Young
Voice Acting: Tyrael, AncientsEd Trotta
Voice CastingTami Donner
Voice CastingJason Hayes
Voice CastingMatt Householder
Voice CastingJoe Morrissey
Voice CastingMicky Nielson
Voice CastingScott Petersen
Voice DirectionJason Hayes
Voice DirectionMicky Neilson
Voice EditingTami Donner
Voice EditingJason Hayes
Voice EditingScott Petersen
Voice Production CoordinatorTami Donner
Voice Recording EngineerRich Seitz


Data and credits for this game contributed by sturmtiger, Super Nova, Ubersuntzu, Kigsz, Blk_Mage_Ctype, oliist, and LTPofficial.

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