What is Twisted Essence of Suffering for?

  1. I just dont know what to do with it also keys of terror?
    I cant sell them or trade.. What are they for?

    User Info: kclaravall01

    kclaravall01 - 7 years ago

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  1. Essences and Keys only drop in Hell difficulty.

    There are 4 kinds of essences total. One is dropped by Andariel and Duriel, one by Mephisto, one by Diablo and one by Baal. Transmuting the 4 of them in the Horadric Cube creates a Token which when used allows you to reset your skills and stats.

    The keys are part of an event to get a Hellfire Torch large charm. There are 3 keys. One is dropped by the Countess, one by the Summoner and one by Nihlathak. Transmuting all 3 in the Horadric cube opens a portal to one of 3 locations where you can fight a boss who will drop an organ (Mephisto's Brain, Diablo's Horn or Baal's Eye). Transmuting these 3 organs in the cube opens a portal to Uber Tristram, where you'll fight much stronger versions of Mephisto, Diablo and Baal. Killing them all nets you a Hellfire Torch large charm.

    To kill the bosses dropping the organs and Uber Mephisto, Diablo and Baal alone will require a high level character and only a few builds can actually do it.

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  1. @Full metal mage: Mind if I jump in? When can I battle Baal?

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