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Climb into the cockpit of the world's toughest, ugliest and most brutal airborne assault vehicle: the A-10 Warthog. Plow through skies saturated with MiGs as you hammer away at the guerrilla forces that have stormed Guantanamo Bay. Swoop down for the kill and rip tanks in half with your GAU-8/A cannon. Because underneath the armored skin of every Warthog lurks the bloodlust of a tank killer.

Ultra Realistic Flight Dynamics
Featuring an advanced physics model that simulates true aerodynamics: a "live" cockpit with customizable controls, over 20 weapons systems and multiple aerial views and HUD modes.

Hellish Combat Missions
Brave four rigorous training missions and twelve full-scale airborne assault missions over 15,000 square miles of unpredictable Cuban territory - including unyielding canyons, rivers and mountains.

Sophisticated A.I.
Advanced Artificial Intelligence does not follow preset flight paths! Enemy and friendly forces respond to specific combat maneuvers creating awesome mission replayability!

Network and Modern Piloting
Pilot your A-10 Warthog into four ever-changing eight-player LAN or modem-to-modem combat scenarios.

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