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DarkSpace takes place in a universe splintered by intergalactic war. Humanity has split into two hostile factions, while a new and fearsome alien race advances into human space. In the midst of this turmoil and civil unrest, you begin your mission as an Ensign, piloting smaller craft and eventually advancing to Fleet Admiral, where you take control of a massive capital ship and plot strategic maneuvers in one of three initial factions.
The DarkSpace universe is alive with many new, different, and exciting subplots. While humans are the dominant species of each beginning scenario, more advanced scenarios feature diverse alien races and advanced technologies. In the thriving galaxy of this massively multiplayer action strategy game, players focus on their own agendas and you must wisely deal with the circumstances this creates.
- Play online with thousands of other players, each, like you, controlling their own star ship in the massive MetaVerse, or play on a scenario server against hundreds of other players.
- Team based game play means you are never alone or without help, all players in your faction are your allies.
- 3D accelerated graphics using PaleStar's proprietary MEDUSA engine keep the action exciting and alive.
- Subscribe to and participate in a massively multiplayer world, shattering campaigns and receiving dynamic content updates of new ship types, races, technology, and strategies that make the game re-playable virtually indefinitely.

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