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Guide and Walkthrough by Edwin.C

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 06/02/2001



Version 1.0- April 27 2001 The Beginning

Version 1.1- April 29 2001 Updated the Walkthough and Game Keys

Version 1.2- May 5 2001 Updated the Walkthrough and Side Quests.

Version 1.3- May 11 2001 Updated the Walkthrough and Summons List.

Version 1.4- June 2 2001 Completed Walkthrough.

Created on April 27, 2001 by Edwin "Shinji" Chow













First and foremost, I would like to get this off my chest. You CANNOT post
my walkthrough on any website unless you have my permission. You can't use
this walkthrough for commercial use, either. If you do, I'll prosecute
you in any way possible. I'll be writing this walkthrough in point form for
easy referencing. ENJOY! ^_^



Joseph -- The main character in the game. Born with the power to summon
forth beings from another dimension. He is and will always be the Jack-
of-all-trades regardless of what. You can built him up in a variet of ways.
His most unique power is the ability to summon monsters to assit him in
combat.  Be cautious though, as Joseph's total HP will go down when a summon
is called forth.  This greatly shortens his life. Joseph can gain it back
when you leave the combat place (ie. from random encounters) or banishing
the creatures. But beware, if the Summon dies in battle, Joseph will lose
HPs permanently.

TIPS: Joseph may be the Jack-of-all-trades, but I used him like a
healer most of the time. Equip him with a sword and watch him perform in
battle. Joseph can equip very powerful armors as well. He has lots of HP too
but that doesn't mean you can hack away and not get seriously wounded
yourself. His high HPs are meant for him to Summon.

Skills to level up:

- Summon (A MUST! Max it out!)
- Sword Weapons
- Heavy Arms (A MUST!)
- Dodge

Flece -- Hmmm.... What do we have here? A thief. Hiding, sneaking,
lock picking, you name she does it.  Being a thief, Flece's speed and
recovery rate is slightly higher than the rest.  She does not have very
many HPs so be cautious.  Her attacks are moderate too, so it's best to use
her as a support character. She also lacks magic, although she learns Dark
spells very late. However she has special skills that can be extremely
valuable at times.

TIPS: Equip her with a dagger to boost up her dodging speed. Try to max out
her Pick Lock and Appraise skills. This way, she will have more uses. At
the start you might want to upgrade her hide and sneak skills. Just in case.
When in combat, try not to rely on this skill too often as most of the time
you'll end up dead before you can even use it.

Skills to level up:

- Dodge (A MUST! Max it out!)
- Appraise (A MUST! Max it out!)
- Sneak (Get it to level 7.)
- Hide (Get it level 7.)
- Sword Weapons (A MUST!)
- Heavy Arms (A MUST!)
- Pick Lock (A MUST! Max it out!)

Rosalind -- Daughter of Yago and skilled with magical powers she is a
powerful yet EXTREMELY frail member of the party. Her spells surpasses that
of Joseph more than ten-fold. But it's just too bad that she cannot summon.
Well here are the bad points about her. She's so pathetically weak that it
takes only 2 hits to kill her. Worst still, there's not much range of
for her to equip. Also, the CPU AI does not seem to control her well and
screws up most of the time. However, her Assess skill will come in handy

TIPS: NEVER EVER try hand to hand combat! You'll waste her in a matter of
seconds if you do so. Always make sure that you have control over her at all
times. i.e You are the one controlling her. This will prevent the CPU AI
problems as stated above. Also, you can manage the magic spells yu want to
cast. Upgrade her Fire and Healing magic to the max. In my opinion, these
are the only magic you are constantly casting. You might want to equip her
with a bow for long-ranged combat. Just in case.

Skills to level up:

- Dodge (A MUST! Max it out!)
- Assess
- Magic Resist (A MUST! Max it out!)
- Fire (A MUST! Max it out!)
- Heal (A MUST! Max it out!)

Jekhar -- He's a barbarian if you ask me. Once a friend of Joseph,
now just a loser working for the King of Lenele. There's only one word to
describe him - POWER! Jekhar is an extremely strong warrior. Imagine him as
an armoured tank and you'll get the idea.

TIPS:  Jekhar can use ALL weapons in the game. He does not have much magic
so just keep his Sword Weapons and Heavy Arms skill up. He's the type of
character that uses his blade to do the talking.

Skills to level up:

- Sword Weapons (A MUST! Max it out!)
- Heavy Arms (A MUST! Max it out!)
- Dodge



Left Mouse Button           Activate option/Confirm/Select

Right Mouse Button          Activate Chain Attack']

Q                           Toggle Quest Menu

R                           Toggle Character Status Menu

I                           Toggle Character Inventory Menu

S                           Toggle Character Skills Menu

C                           Toggle Character Spells Menu

M                           Toggle On/Off Map

H                           Toggle On/Off Solo Mode

Space Bar                   Pausing/Unpausing the game

Tab Key                     Cycle Through available characters

Left Arrow Key              Rotate camera clockwise

Right Arrow Key             Rotate camera anti-clockwise

Up Arrow key                Zoom in

Down Arrow Key              Zoom out



Pt. 1 -  Masad under fire.
Quests gained: Aesik's Sword
               Find Yago

- Once you gain control of Joseph, feel free to explore the area. Just kill
those Orenian soldiers if they get into your way. I highly recommend that
you do so as the experience gain will boost your level up and prepare you
for the boss fight later.

- Upon walking a little further until you come across a man
named Aesik (he's crawling on the ground with his hands). He will give you
the "Aesik's Sword" quest.

- When you head east, you'll find a soldier harassing a villager. Kill the
soldier and don't bother talking to the villager. He doesn't seem to be too

- When you're done with exploring and leveling up, head south and then east
along the riverbank.  Talk to the three villagers there.  One of them will
give you the "Find Yago" quest.

- Once you're ready, feel free to cross the bridge and get ready for a boss

**BOSS: Barbarian Fighter**

- Your first boss fight is an easy one. If you managed to get your level
to 3 and above, there shouldn't be much of a problem. Just do some Chain
Attacks and he'll be a goner.

- After that, head to the boat and you'll find yourself on the world map.
Head for Lenele.

Pt. 2 - Lenele, the HUGE city of the Gods!

Quests gained: Durgan's Lucky Charm
               Seeds of Aahur
               Crazy Iven
               The Sword of Jarl
               Cerval's Game
               Shards of the Ghimaadi
               The Infestation
               The Salt Smuggler's
               The Merchant of Orenia
               The Beggar's Eyes
               The Rag Doll
               The Salamanka's Tongue
               Tancred's Assassin
               The Encyclopedia of Heresies
               Pomporo's Heirloom

- Read the title? Well, brace yourselves. Lenele is HUGE! it's made up of
many different areas with TONS of NPCs for you to interact with. Not to
mention the number of quests you gain here.

- Your aim is to get to the Temple Plaza.

- You can skip this part of the walkthrough if you do not want to do the
side quests available or if you already know the way to the Temple Plaza.

Pt 2a. Lenele Outskirts

- If you have some gold, you might want to do a little shopping.

- Head for the docks. There you'll fnd Durgan who'll give you the "Durgan's
Lucky Charm" quest.

- Upon walking southwest of the city towards the wall, you'll find Beelon
and Crazy Iven. Talk to them and you'll recieve the "The Seeds of Aahur"
quest and the "Crazy Iven" quest respectively.

- Beside the item shop which is near the exit, you'll find Great Ragneli
and he gives you the "Ragneli's Robber's" quest.

- Head to the exit and move on to the Lenele Marketplace.

Pt 2b. Lenele Marketplace

- You might want to do some shopping. (Again.)

- Head for the bridge at the southern part of the marketplace and you'll
encounter Jekhar. Talk to him.

- Cross the bridge and head to the right side of the street. There you'll
find Jarl the Smith gives you the "Sword of Jarl" quest.

- Head for the main street and turn right. You'll find Mercer the Tailor.
Talking to Mercer gives you the "Cerval's Game" quest.

- Continuing on, the main street eventually turns left.

- You'll find a 'L' shaped street and a bridge to the right. Take the
bridge and go to Lenele Old City.

Pt 2c. Lenele Old City

- This is the most confusing part of Lenele. You might want to refer to
the map every now and then.

- To your left from where you start is an Item shop.  On the
northeastern side of the Keep nearby you'll find Varyssa.  She gives
you the "Shards of the Ghimaadi" quest.

- Explore the area around the Keep a little and you'll eventually come
across a '[' shaped alley. You'll find Merden there who gives you
"The Infestation" quest.

- At the end of the street you'll find an Item shop. On the left side
of that building you'll see a thief named Pedrog who will give you "The
Salt Smugglers" quest.

- On the raised part of the Old City you'll find an Item shop near the
Keep.  There's a street west of the stairs. It leads to Tancred's
Haven. Remember this place well as you'll need to come back here
when you get Flece later.

- In the northern part of the Old City, right next to the middle
bridge to the Marketplace is an armorer.

- Head northwest and you'll see the burnt down ruins of two
houses.  In the ruins of the larger house you'll see two men talking.
Talk to the one named Aravind and you'll get "The Merchant of Orenia"
quest.  Just east of the south side of the smaller house is A Beggar
With No Eyes.  He'll give you "The Beggar's Eyes" quest.  A little south
of the beggar is a Weeping Butcher.  The Weeping Butcher will give you
"The Rag Doll" quest.

- If you talk to the Apothecary (his store is next to the southern
most bridge) after getting "The Beggar's Eyes" quest, he'll give you
"The Salamanka's Tongue" quest.

Pt 2d. Tancred's Haven

- Talk to Mahr upstairs and recieve the "Tancred's Assassin" quest.
There's nothing much to do here, so you might as well leave.

Pt 2e. The Lenele Crown District

- The Crown District happens to be the gateway to the Lenele Temple
Plaza. HURRAY! You've made it! But first, let us explore the area a little.

- Go straight and head right. There'll be a street to the right.  Not far
from that is a 'T' junction. On the left of the junction you'll find
Zefnat the Scholar who will give you "The Encyclopedia of Heresies" quest.

- Now, turn around and go straight. Continue on and you'll be off
the raised section of the Crown District.  Once again you have three
ways to go. Left leads you to Pomporo who gives you the
"Pomporo's Heirloom" quest.  Going straight and head south.

- Head towards the large open area. The white stone path leads to the
Lenele Temple Plaza to the west.

Pt 2f. Lenele Temple Plaza

- Just go left, cross the bridge and recruit Flece and continue on with
the game if you want to. If not head right to get to the Temple of Urath.

Pt 2g. Temple of Urath

- At the start head left to the second room.  To the left
of the top staircase, next to the double doors, is the Blue Glass
Shard.  Head up two more rooms and climb the stairs to find Jerve the
Elder.  He'll give you the "Elodach the Initiate" quest.

- You're now free to explore the area at your own will. Leave and
recruit Flece when you're ready. You'll then find yourself in the Lenele

Pt 2h. Lenele Sewer

- Head down the entrance tunnel and speak to the Brass Golem on the right.
Take note of what it says.

- Continue down the the tunnel and you'll run into an intersection. Left
is a dead end (remember this place), straight ahead is a Broken
Brass Golem (Kill it if you want to.), and right is the path you want
to go.

- Upon proceeding down the right path, you'll a Baby Bacite. Near it is yet
another intersection. You can see a Golem on the left.

- Further down the tunnel, you'll see a group of 4 Baby Bacites. Kill them.

- Go up the ramp on the left and kill the 2 Golems. Now head for the ramp
on the opposite side of the screen. Kill the two Brown Bacite. Proceed left.

- Two Green Bacites on are the left, you know the drill.  After that, go
down the right path from where you entered. Talk to the 2 Brass Golems.
Now go behind the Golems and kill the 2 Green Bacites.  Head further into
room talk to the 3 Brass Golems standing in front of some lever thingy.
Take note of what they say. Get all but the Golem on the left to open their
respectitve gates.

- Now leave this room and head left. Proceed on until you see 3 Baby
Bacites. Kill them and head straight. You'll find the Green Glass Shard
there. To the left are 2 Broken Brass Golems. There are two switches on the
wall.  Push the right one and the gate at the very beginning that I told you
to remember, will open up. Proceed to this place now.

- Take care of the two Green Bacites that guard the hole in the wall. Go
through the hole. Go all the way in, taking care of the Baby, Brown and
Shaman Bacites while you're at it. It's best to kill the Shamans first as
they can cast lightning. When you reach the Bacite camp, search the tents
for a Blinding Buckler and a Rag Doll. Leave this "hell-hole" after this.

- Now go through the tunnel that's directly across from the hole in the
wall.  Kill the 2 Bacites inside. Search the area for a Signet Ring. Now
backtrack to the tunnel that was blocked by 2 gates.

- Now here comes the tough part. You've to enter Solo Mode. Take control
of Flece/Joseph. (I chose Joseph.) Have him run back to the room with the
Golems. Talk to the left Golem and have him open Gate A1.

- Switch back to Flece again and proceed forward.  Kill the Broken Golem
move forward. You'll see 3 more Golems there.  Speak to the one in the
middle and get him to open Gates A1 and B1. Now exit Solo Mode and wait for
Flece to regroup.

- Talk to the other 2 Golems and have them open their respective gates. The
Golem at the back opens a gate behind you. Kill the two Golems there. Now
heal up and save your game. Prepare for a tough fight.

- Enter Solo Mode again. This time, control Flece. Have her run all the
way to the back. Now here's the deal. There are 3 thieves ahead. At this
point of the game, it's impossible to take all of them on at the same time.
So the main aim is to get Flece to lure them ONE AT A TIME to the place
where Joseph is standing and beat them up. It takes a few tries so be

- Upon killing all 3 of them, pick up the Chunk of Salt and the Sewer Grate
Key. Continue down the tunnel and kill the Broken Golem. Free experience,

- At the end of the path, near the Old City exit, is Cerval. Kill him and
grab the Silk Garments. Now you have a choice. You can either go back up to
Lenele and grab some equipment (There's a boss fight coming up.), or you can
proceed on with the game. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

- Head back to where the 3 Golems are standing and proceed to the exit.
You'll find yourself in the Palace Aqueduct. SAVE YOUR GAME. A boss fight
is about to start.

**BOSS: Iron Golem, Broken Brass Golem x2**

- After a cut-scene the fight will begin. Just smash the Golems and the
fight will end. Try to avoid the 4 blue serpents at all cost. Now before
you start the fight, stand and wait for the Iron Golem to "charge" at you.
The 2 other Golems will not attack you if you do so. Now hit the Iron Golem
with everything you've got and eventually it will fall. Proceed on and kill
the other 2 Golems. That's it! You've won!

- After the fight head west and pick up the Frozen Club. Now climb up the
steps and up to the Lenele Palace.

Pt 2i. Lenele Palace

Quests gained: The Amulet of Prince Yon
               Find the Ring of Light
               Find the Ring of Stone
               Find the Ring of Fire
               Defeat the Emperor Murod

- You basically have to sneak into the palace. You'll need Flece to do so.
(She's a thief, remember)

- Open the "secret" door straight ahead and proceed up the stairs.

- Take door on the left. (You don't have much choice.) Head up to the second

- OK. Here's the tough part. Beware of Guards patrolling the hallways. When
their backs are turned make your way down the hall (by hiding in the rooms
available on the right.) until you come across a guard that is standing

- Open the door on your left and head up. Now this part is tedious.
Just follow my instructions for an easy life. Leave the room and turn left.
At the corner of the room, take another left.Turn right when you get to the
corner. A cutscene will then be played.

- Pick up Yago's key and head south of the room. There's a series of doors
on both sides. In one of them, there's a man lamenting the lost of his
servant. Speak to him. Now head down to the first floor (or get caught,
ever is easier.) and you'll find that the guard at the right door is gone.
Enter the room (The kitchen, actually) he's guarding. Now talk to the woman
on the far right side.

- Equip EVERYTING she gives you and proceed to the third floor.

- Go all the way right and open the door to Yago's room. A cutscene will
play and you'll given some quests and your first ring. Yay!

- Now before you proceed to Iona, I recommend that you buy a pair of Silk
Breeches, and a Quilted Robe for Rosalind who's going to join you next.

- Now head out to the World Map and head for Iona at the Northeast.

*P.S You might want to go to the Lenele Sewers and boost up your levels a
little before proceeding. Remember to equip the Dark Ring to boost the
ring's power as well.*

Iona Island:

- Nothing much to do here except that you might want to buy something from
the shops.

- When you're ready, talk to the Lift Golem and proceed up to the Iona

Iona Monastery

Quests gained: Novice Sama
               Miala of the Iomani
               Qelah of the Muthavi
               Tome of Gahnis
               Tathal the Wanderer
               Wid the Terrified

- When the cutscene ends, go through the gate and talk to Brother Eamon.
You'll receive a quest.

- Move past the wood chopping kids and go up the stairs.  Head right and
go up another flight of stairs. Tak to Sister Miala and recieve another

- Turn around back to the bottom of the stairs and head right. A tower with
doublw doors can be seen. Now climb the stairs and head up the left side
of the tower and talk to the guy there. You'll recieve yet another quest.
Go back to the double doors and enter them.

- Talk to Abbot Laurent and Rosalind will join your party. Head out and talk
to Brother Ovaard in the upper courtyard.

- Now go through the narrow passageway to a pair of staircases.  Go up to
the top.Talk to Sister Bilan of Nahul who'll give you the "Tathal the
Wanderer" quest. Go through the next narrow corridor and you'll come to an
area with three staircases.  Head left and talk to Brother Wid, who gives
you the "Wid the Terrified" quest,  Novice Sama is also wandering around
up here. Go go through the set of double doors on the right and you'll be
in the minor library. Head down to the Iona Catacombs at the end of the

Iona Catacombs

- In this first room, have Flece use her Lockpick skill on the coffin in
the center of the room. (Level 3 or higher.) Go down and turn right, when
you reach the end of the tunnel, turn right yet again.

- Kill the bone warriors in your way until you see yet another bone tunnel
on the right. 3 tunnels can be seen from here, first take the left bone
tunnel activate the sphere at the end.

- Go back to the intersection and take the right tunnel. Do the same thing
which you did for the left tunnel. Go back and take the middle tunnel this

- Head all the way in and prepare for a boss fight.

**BOSS: Carados, Bone Mage x2**

- Just be careful of the two mages. You should let Joseph attack Carados
while the others concentrate on the mages. This way, the mages cannot assist

- When you're done, pick up the Ring of Light on the altar and leave the
Catacombs. Head to Lenele after this.

Deadly Encounter on the World Map

**BOSS: Ghost Rider and his summon allies**

- You'll encounter him on the world map. From what I know, there's no way
to escape it.

- When the cutscene ends, summon the Blackfire Elemental. After that, hit
him with everything you've got. (You don't have much of a choice, do you?)

- Try to ignore his summoned allies as he is the main target.

- Cheap way to kill him: Buy some Inferno/Meteor scrolls (about 7) and use
them on him. He will go down for the count in a matter of minutes.

City of Lenele

- You'll need to report back to Yago. But first let's get some more quests.

- After that, go to the Marketplace.  Beside the middle bridge leading to
the Crown District is Torva. He'll give you the "Torva's Magic Lute" quest.

- Head to the Crown District. In the park with the open theater you'll find
Torval.  He'll give you "The Lord Chamberlain's Men" quest.

- Now head to the palace and talk to Yago. Jekhar will join you.

- Now head to the Temple of Urath and speak to the Hierophant. He'll give
you the Blade of Tarun.

- Now head out to the world map and move southwest. Your aim is to get to
the huge, brown "volcano". An enounter will be iniciated. Talk to the people
there and hand them the Blade of Tarun.

City of the Khosani

- A cutscene will play. After that, enter the chamber that opens and talk to
Ulsadana. After that follow the guard to the entrance of the Labyrinth. Take
note of this place.

- Now head to the main entrance and head right. Eventually, you reach a
temple. Go left around the temple and you'll meet the Keeper of Lore. Talk
him and he'll give you the "The Fate of Rhukha" quest.

- Go forward a bit and go up a long flight of stairs. Turn right when you
get to the top.  Follow this path and go right when you come to a pair of
pillars. You'll find Ilaru the Priestess.  She will give you the "Secrets
of Dakhanim" quest.

- After this, head down to the Labyrinth.

Labyrinth of the Khosani

- You start off with a room with an emblem on the ground. Stepping on the
emblem will iniciate a fight with 4 iron golems. Leave this room.

- In the next 2 rooms, you'll have to depress certain blocks in the first
room in order to open the way. Here's the solution :

2nd room in Labyrinth of the Khosani

    next room
l    1     7     i       Depress in this order: 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11
e    2     8     g
f    3     9     h
t                t
     4     10
w    5     11    w
a    6     12    a
l                l
l                l


- After this two rooms, you are treated to YET another puzzle. Luckily this
one's easier. Basically, for every stone tile flipped in the previous room,
a stone platform with appear on the next allowing you to cross. Here's the

    next room

               r     Activate tiles in this order: 1, 6, 3, 4, 5
l    1     2   i
e              g
f    3     4   h
t              t
     5     6
w              w
a              a
l              l
l              l


- The next part is pretty straight forward. Just proceed on until you find a
wooden door. Prepare for a boss fight.

**BOSS: Giant Salamanka**

- This is a pretty easy battle. Just cast Protect and Bless and give him
everything you've got. He's weak against Ice attacks, so have Rosalind cast
Ice magics once and a while. Remember to heal if there's a need.

-The fight consists of 3 rounds so be prepared. Just remember to pick up the
items, it drops.

- Once you have defeated it, a gate will open nearby. Head back to the City
of the Khosani.

- Talk to the Guardian of the Stone Portal to your left. Now head back to
Lenele. On the World Map you'll encounter yet another Rider.

**BOSS: Phoenix Rider**

- I must admit I cannot remember much of this fight (I killed him in a
matter of minutes!), except that you just cast Protect, Bless and then give
him everything you have got. Sorry if I can't help you in this area.

- Now head back to Lenele.

Lenele City

-  Head to the palace and talk to the Queen.

- After that head to Tancred's Haven and talk to Mahri. Follow her
instructions to get the Ikaemos Swamp Map.

- Leave the city and head southeast to Ikaemos Swamp.

Ikaemos Swamp

- Your aim is to navigate around the maze and get to the north of the map,
where the palace is.

- You're now in a dark hall that's guarded by 3 Green and 1 Shaman Bacite.
Down the hall you'll find two rooms, one on each side. Head to the left room
to recieve the "The Ghost of Ikaemos" quest. Now head to the right room and
search the floor to recieve the Ikaemos Armory Key.

- Head back to left room. Exit this room and go left into the next room.
There's a door that requires Flece's Lockpick skill. Descend the stairs
to enter the Lower Chambers.

-  Directly across from where you start is a staircase.  Run across the
hall and up the stairs. In the back of the room is a set of stairs and leads
to a room full of Gargoyles and Stone Golems.  The Cupric Dagger is guarded
by one of the Golems.  Once you're done there, go back down to the hall.

- Once you're back in the hall, go right. Pick up the Argent Dagger, turn
around, and go straight. Go down the flight of stairs and you'll be in a
large chamber. Go right.

- When you've gone to the right you'll see a ramp that leads down to
some water. Walk down the ramp. Head up to the opposite ramp to the next

- In the ruin to the right of the ramp you can find the Auric Dagger. Head
up to the main entrance.

- Head up to the large statue and examine it. Prepare for a boss fight.

**BOSS: Ikaemos Priest-King**

- He's immune to all attacks except blunt ones. So equip Joseph and Jekhar
with Hammers and Maces. Summon the Red Minotaur and cast Protect. There
shouldn't be much of a problem.

- Now leave this stinky place and head back to Lenele. You'll encounter yet
another Rider on the way.

**BOSS: Serpent Rider**

- The only difference between him and the rest of the Riders is that he can
cast status effects. So be careful.

- Cast Protect and summon your most powerful creature. Beware though, he can
Silence your characters.

- Give him everything you have got, after you've made the nessesscary
in-battle preparations.

- After you have killed him, head back to Lenele.

Lenele City

Quests gained: The Lord of Logaros
               Adeslani's Brother

- Murod has taken over Lenele! When you enter the city, you'll meet Pedrog.
He'll tell you to go to Tancred's Haven. You'll need to sneak in from the

- When you're in the sewers, move forward until you find a 4 way
intersection. From there go left and you'll be in Tancred's Haven.

- When you reach the haven, talk to Yago and then Tancred. Joseph and Flece
must go to the Temple of Urath. Head back into the sewers and use the only
path available to you. You'll reach the Marketplace.

- Remember your aim: Temple of Urath. Near the entrance to the Outskirts is
the Lord of Logaros. He gives you "The Lord of Logaros" quest. Make your way
to the Crown District.

- In the Crown District, in between the middle two bridge is Adeslani.
She'll give you the "Adeslani's Brother" quest. After this, head for the

**BOSS: Tiger Rider**

- There's nothing much you can do here but equip Joseph and Flece with the
best weapons/armor you can find.

- Just give him everything you have got and heal when there's a need.

- After you have defeated him, a cutscene will play.

Tower of Eleh

- From where you start, go right. Remember  this: Try not to get "spotted"
by guards. The conseqences are...Well...um..not that good.

- Enter the tower. Your aim now is to down the corridor. Remember, you can
always hide behind the doors on your left or right.

- When you reach the end of the corridor, you'll see a Lift Golem. Go up.

- Kill the Samurai who's blocking you. Now go down another corridor. There's
a door on the right. In it, is the Slave Foreman. Talk to him. Proceed down
the corridor again.

- When you reach an Outdoor area, go left, then straight. You'll find a
Slave Driver. Kill him and pick up the Slave Pit Key. On head to the small
hut on the right side on a riased section. In it you'll find the Tomb Key.
Now head to the lower level.

- Head through the north corridor and then through the door on the right.

- In the next corridor, head left. Unlock the last door on the right and
go inside. Talk to Joseph and he'll give you the  "Heal Joseph's Hand"
quest. Head back to the upper level.

- Now head all the way straight and fight your way through. Heal when

- Head down the stairs and eventually you'll find a little corridor. Open
the door at the end and talk to Yiyin. Give him the Slave Pit Key. Go into
the slave pit and talk to Xueli.  Xueli will give you a Green Dragon Scale
and "The Emperor's Dragon Scales" quest. Also in the slave pit is Chengdai
who's part of the "Durgan's Lucky Charm" quest.

- Now continue your way down and leave this place.

- On the World Map, head to Wolong which is south along the coast.


Quests gained: Find the Ring of Water
               Find the Ring of Jade
               Find the Ring of Four Winds
               Find the Ring of the Forest

- The town is infested with enemies so beware.

- Head southwest to find Rosalind hiding among some trees. Talk to her. Talk
to Sizhe next. You'll now need to find the following items :: an Onyx Carp,
a Widow's Knife, a Traitor's Rice Bowl, and a Stick of Charcoal.

- Firstly, go south and pick up Anzhi's Box which is at the edge of the

- After that head back to the north part of town near the harbor. Go right,
past three house. Talk to Minhe and ask for his rice bowl.

- From Minhe, go forward and into the town square. Go southwest and find
Gulan the Mourner. Ask Gulan for her knife. Left you'll see Zhimin. Remember
where he is standing.

- Now turn around and head to the stairs that lead to the town square.
Go left and talk to Peizhi at the edge of town. Take his Mangosteen back to

- Head to the east end of the town and retrieve the charcoal from Anzhi.

- Now head back to Sizhe.

- The next part is rather difficult. I would advise you NOT to use the
invisiblity potion. (You can use it if you really want to.) I would rather
you fight your way up to gain some exp. Just cast Bless and Faith. It
shouldn't be much of a problem.

- Right on top of the structure, you'll find the caverns of Wolong.

Caverns of Wolong

- I'm sorry but I can't provide much help here as I myself do not know this
area very well. I do hope that someone can help me in this area.


Quests gained: Defeat General Pijian
               The Heir of King Bellias
               The Family Tradition
               The Statue of Gaodi II
               Nandi the Gatherer
               Longyue's Hat

- When you exit the carverns, a Jade Solider will approach you.

- Your aim now is to make your way back to the harbour. There you'll fight
General Pijian.

**BOSS: General Pijian**

- Another easy battle so long as you have Bless and Faith casted. Make sure
you take out the 3 soldiers first before attacking Pijian.

- After you have won this battle, you'll be taken to Aoqi.

- After that you'll need to find Jekhar in the Northwestern part of the 

- Now leave Wolong and travel east to Lingshan forest.

- You might want to go back to Wolong after to have left it as it transforms
into an actual town and you can buy equipments and get new quests.

Liangshan Forest

Quests gained: Child of the Spirits

- From where you start, kill the 4 Oni females ahead. Proceed to the Orenian
camp nearby. From there, find a Wounded Soldier standing in front of a
green fog. Take note of what he says.

- From the soldier, walk west until you reach a wall. I'm not sure but it's
rumored that you can "hug" the wall and avoid the poisonous mist. (In Solo
mode, that is.) Well, in case you get hit by the mist, there's nothing else
to do but to keep healing and pray hard that you don't die.

- Once you past the mist, head northeast and cross the river.

- Head south and kill everything that gets in your way. When
you get to the demolished village, go across the bridge.

- Once you've crossed the bridge, head south along the east
riverbank. Prepare for a boss fight.

**BOSS: Phoenix Rider and Serpent Rider**

- Just cast Bless and Faith before the fight and they'll go down within

- Have Flece cast her most powerful spells while the rest of the gang
attack with their weapons. Remember to heal when needed.

- After you have killed them, go right from the bridge. Then go north. 
see a shrine.

- Now you'll now have to defend the shrine from the Orenians.

- After the attack, get out of the forest, to the World Map. From the World
Map head west to the Jade Temple.

Jade Temple

Quests gained: Capture the Demon of Light
               Capture the Demon of Stone
               Capture the Demon of Fire
               Capture the Demon of Darkness

- Your aim is just to get to the building directly north of the entrance.
Beware though, you'll have to fight the last of the Four Riders halfway.

**BOSS: Ghost Rider, Tiger Rider**

- Cast Protect and Faith. Then hit them with everything you've got.

- Beware of the Ghost Rider though, as he can paralyze you.

- When you reach the building, go to the right side and pick up the map.

- When you're ready, enter the building and prepare to face Murod.

**BOSS: Murod/Murod Oni**

- The battle is relatively simple so long as you are in control of Rosalind.

- Have her cast Faith and Protect. Then switch everyone's command to Melee.
Watch your team members chase Murod around the room. (He can teleport.)

- Leave the attacking to the AI. It's easier this way.

- After you've defeated Murod, he'll turn into Murod Oni. When this happens,
hit them with evrything you have got. It shouldn't be much of a problem.

- After you've killed Murod, leave the place and look for Qifeng. She'll
give you the last 5 main quests. Save your game before you do what she says.

City of the Khosani

- There's nothing much to do here except for talking to Ulsadana.

- Leave this place now and proceed to Iona.

Iona Monastery

- Fight your way to the Great Library. There you'll see Yago. Talk to him.
Then leave this place for Lenele.


- You'll only have control of Jekhar and Rosalind. Make sure that you have
Protect and Faith casted at ALL times.

- Your aim now is to get to the palace. You'll have to pass through the
sewers yet again.

- When you've reached the City area, be prepared to fight. It's heavily
guarded. But don't despair, this is a great time to boost Rosalind's levels.

- When you've reached the palace, you'll have to navigate your way around
a little until you find Sornehan and Galienne.

**BOSS: Sornehan and Galienne**

- Sornehan uses physical attacks while Galienne uses magic ones.

- Sornehan is immune to physical attacks while Galienne is the opposite. Due
to to this, make sure that you have Faith and Protect cast at all times.

- Kill Sornehan first. He's a pain in the neck. Galienne shouldn't be much
of a problem once Jekhar joins the fight.

- Leave the Palace and you'll automatically be taken to the World Map.
Head for the City of the Khosani now.

City of the Khosani

- Talk to Ulsadana standing right in front of you. She'll instruct you to
go down to the Labyrinth and capture Pyrul.

- Buy some equipment and items if you need. When you're ready head to the

Labyrinth of the Khosani

- The Labyrinth is now free of puzzles, so exploring it will be a piece of
cake. You'll need to get to the part where you once fought the Fire
Salamanka. There you'll find Pyrul.

**BOSS: Pyrul**

- Other than casting Faith and Protect, there's nothing much you can do

- Have everyone attack Pyrul while Rosalind casts Ice based spells.

- After you have defeated him, head back to the City of the Khosani. Go to
the entrance and talk to the Guardian of the Stone Portal.  He'll give you
the Rings of Light and Stone. It's now time to capture the rest of the
demons. Head for the Iona Monastery.

Iona Monastery

- Head for the Major Library. There, you'll find Luminar.

**BOSS: Luminar**

- Luminar only has physical attacks so cast Protect to reduce the damage.

- Don't cast Lightning on him as it heals him.

- After you have killed him, leave for the World Map and head to the Ikaemos

Ikaemos Swamp

- A word of warning: The Stone Statues are only weak against blunt attacks.
So equip Joesph and Jekhar with blunt weapons.

- You'll need to head to the left side of the Palace. There's a hole in
the wall that leads to the Palace. Titus awaits you there.

**BOSS: Titus**

- The first thing you should do is cast Protect and Faith. Titus basically
has physical attacks and one "magic spike" attack. (He'll turn purple before
executing this move.) He loves to charge at your characters and knock them

- The solution: Control Rosalind. Have her make sure that Faith and Protect
are casted at all times. Equip Joesph and Jekhar with blunt weapons as Titus
is weak against them. You might want to summon the Jade Golem to aid you.
Oh! And I almost forgot. HEAL! HEAL! HEAL!

- After Titus goes down for the count, head back to the City of the Khosani.

City of the Khosani

Quests gained: Fulfill the Summoner's Destiny
               The Mystery of Luleva
               Curse of the Crone of Savheo

- Upon entering the city, you'll begin talking to the Guardian of
the Stone Portal. Speak to Ulsadana next. Return to the Guardian
and he'll give you the Ring of Darkness.

- Head to Lenele next.


- Save your game and prepare for the final battle which will take place in
the Temple of Urath. I'll leave this last battle to you as I do not want to
ruin the fun.

- After you've beaten the final boss you have a choice to make.  You
can fulfill your destiny or walk away from it.  To fulfill your destiny
approach the altar, to run from it leave the Temple.

- After making this choice, you've beaten Summoner. Congratuations!



1. Aesik's Sword: Aesik, a villager of Masad, has asked you to give his
                  ancestor's sword to his nephew Earis.  The nephew
                  lives somewhere in Lenele.
Solution: Earis can be found in the Lenele Marketplace.  He's the
          soldier just to the right of the bridge leading to the
          southern part of the Marketplace.
Reward(s): 100 XP & Bastard Sword

2. Durgan's Lucky Charm: Durgan the sailor needs his lucky charm, an
                         earring from a spirit of the sea of Khadim.  He
                         lost it in a game of chance with a gambler
                         named Ivas.  Find the earring and bring it to
                         Durgan near the docks of Lenele.
Solution:  Southwest from the Keep in the Old City you'll find Ivas the
           Gambler.  Ivas will tell you that he sold the earring to
           Gebbin the Pawnbroker.  Head northeast to the Keep to find
           Gebbin hobbling in circles around the Keep.  Gebbin sold the
           earring to a merchant named Agilo in Lenele Marketplace.
           Agilo can be found next to a blue booth near the main street.
           Once again, he doesn't have the earring.  He gave it to his
           mistress Dama.  Goodwife Dama can be found in the southern
           part of the Marketplace near the horse trader.  Dama gave
           the earring to Torras, a jeweler in the Crown District.
           Torras can be found in the northern part of the Crown
           District, next to the park.  As usual, he doesn't have the
           earring.  In fact, he never got it.  The girl Dama sent
           to Torras with the earring was trampled by a horse.  Torras
           says that he saw a rat run away from her corpse with a
           "shiny object" in its mouth.  He tells you to go see Humbus
           the Rat Catcher.  Humbus is straight across from the south
           side of stables.  Once again, Humbus doesn't have the
           earring.  He gave it to his friend Chengdai who's halfway
           to Orenia.  Chengdai is in the Tower of Eleh.  Refer to
           section 12 for directions.  Surprise, surprise, Chengdai
           doesn't have it either.  He gave it to his brother Likai
           who's in Wolong.  Likai only appears when you return to
           Wolong after it's been liberated.  Likai is standing next
           to the entrance to the town square.  You're not gonna
           believe this, Likai HAS THE RING!  Unfortunately, you're
           going to have to lie to him and say that it's needed to
           fulfill the prophecy.  When you're able to go back to
           Lenele, give the earring to Durgan.
Reward(s): 100 XP (Ivas), 200 XP (Gebbin), 200 XP (Agilo), 300 XP
           (Dama), 400 XP (Torras), 500 XP (Humbus), 1,000 XP
           (Chengdai), 4,000 XP (Likai), 100,000 XP (Durgan),
            Breaching Claymore

3. The Seeds of Aahur: In the harbor district Lenele, Beelon has hired
                       you to bring the Seeds of Aahur to a Khosani
                       merchant named Elarh, who will pay you 2,000
                       gold for the delivery.
Solution: Elarh is in the City of the Khosani.  From the entrance, go
          down the main walkway and you'll see a house on your right.
          This is where Elarh is.  Do not ask for more than 1,000 GP
          for the seeds.  If you do he'll only pay you 500 GP.
Reward(s): 1,000 GP, 400 XP

4. Crazy Iven: Near the Lenele docks, you meet Crazy Iven, who speaks
               only in gibberish.
Solution: Iven's gibberish is actually a cryptic message.  The phrases
          "Big delicious" & "Treasure" are clues.  To the left of Iven
          is a platform with a huge fish hanging on it.  Examine the
          fish and you'll receive your reward.
Reward(s): Fiery Falchion

5. Ragneli's Robbers: Near the Lenele docks, The Great Ragneli hired
                      you to get rid of a band of robbers that have
                      his caravans.  He requires the leader's bow as
                      proof that you have completed the task.  Zane
                      can be found in the grasslands near Lenele.
Solution: You'll meet Zane in an Encounter in the area surrounding
          Lenele.  When you talk to Zane, tell him you'll leave them
          alone if he gives you his bow.  You could fight them but it's
          a tough fight.  With Zane's Bow in hand, return to Ragneli in
          the Lenele Outskirts.
Reward(s): 500 XP, 10 GP

6. The Sword of Jarl: Lord Korel, a Medevan nobleman, has absconded with
                      a sword he has commissioned from Jarl the Smith.
                      Find Lord Korel and extract from him either the
                      sword or the gold to pay for it.  Korel often
                      hunts in the grasslands near Lenele.
Solution: Lord Korel can be found on the grasslands (just like Jarl
          said).  You'll find him during an Encounter and he'll be the
          only enemy there.  Korel won't give you the money for the
          sword.  He will however give you the sword, over his dead
          body.  Kick his cheap arse and take the sword back to Jarl.
Reward(s): 500 XP, Medevan Hatchet

7. Cerval's Game: A thief named Cerval used counterfeit coins to buy
                  silk garments from Mercer the Tailor.  These garments
                  are very expensive, and Mercer will be ruined if he
                  doesn't get them back.  Find the thief and return
                  the silk garments to Mercer.
Solution: Cerval is in the Lenele Sewers next to the exit to the Old
          City.  Talk to him and tell him you're there to return the
          stolen goods.  Eventually Cerval will grow angry and attack
          you.  Kill the thief and take the Silk Garments back to
          Mercer in the Marketplace.
Reward(s): 500 XP & Silk Breeches

8. Shards of the Ghimaadi: Find three shards from the ancient Sudani
                           cities of glass: red, green, and blue.
                           Bring these shards to Varyssa in the Old
                           City, and she will give you a treasure only
                           the Ghimaadi know how to make.
Solution: The Blue Glass Shard can be found in the Temple of Urath.
          Refer to sub-section 2g for directions.  The Green Glass Shard
          is in the Lenele Sewers.  Refer to sub-section 2h for
          directions.  The Red Glass Shard is in the Iona Catacombs.
          Refer to sub-section 3a for directions.  Once you have all
          3 pieces, return to Varyssa in the Old City.
Reward(s): Shard Sword

9. The Infestation: In the Old City of Lenele, a sewer cleaner named
                    Merden is offering a bounty for Bacites killed in
                    the sewers.  Merden will pay you 50 gold for each
                    Bacite slain, but you must give him the Bacite's
                    tail as proof.
Solution: There isn't a way to finish this quest, but you cannot claim
          your reward anymore after you get the Ring of Stone.
Reward(s): 50 GP per Bacite Tail.

10. The Salt Smugglers: Smugglers are sneaking salt into Lenele and
                        hiding their supply somewhere in the city.  A
                        man named Pedrog is looking for their hiding
                        place.  Pedrog wants the location of the hiding
                        place and evidence of their smuggling
Solution:  The salt smuggler's are the 3 Medevan Thieves you come across
           in the Lenele Sewers near the exit to the Old City.  Once
           you've grabbed the Chunk of Salt, return to the Old City and
           talk to Pedrog.
Reward(s): 375 XP & 900 GP

11. The Merchant of Orenia: In the Old City of Lenele, a man named
                            Aravind has asked you to find out what
                            happened to his friend Jinyan an Orenian
                            merchant whose house was torched by an
                            angry mob.
Solution: Go to the Keep and talk to Gorbus the Guard.  He'll tell you
          that Jinyan is in the prison but can't be released until he
          gets a release order.  There's no way you can get an actual
          release order so you need to get some forged ones.  You now
          need to go talk to Dagis the Forger.  Dagis is in the
          southeastern part of town on the way to Tancred's Haven.  Pay
          the 25 GP and you'll get the Forged Document.  Return to the
          Keep and give the Document to Gorbus.  When Gorbus asks where
          you got it just give him 20 GP.  Return to Aravind and don't
          tell him that you used forged documents.
Reward(s): 100 XP (Gorbus), 75 GP & 150 XP (Aravind)

12. The Beggar's Eyes: In the Old City of Lenele, a blind beggar wants
                       his eyes back.  The eyes were stolen by an
                       Apothecary who needs tem to make an elixir.
Solution: The Apothecary is at the Item shop next to the southern most
          exit to the Lenele Marketplace.  Unfortunately, the
          Apothecary will not part with the eyes for free.  He will
          give them to you only if you bring him the tongue of a Fire
          Salamanka.  The Fire Salamanka can be found somewhere west of
          Lenele, but only during the day.  Once you find the Salamanka
          and take its tongue, return to the Apothecary.  Trade for the
          Bottle With Eyes, and return them to the beggar.
Reward(s): 200 XP (Beggar), Blessed Surcoat

13. The Rag Doll: Near a well in the Old City, a butcher laments the
                  loss of his daughter's rag doll.  Without the doll,
                  his daughter will become sick and die.  The doll fell
                  down a well, and the butcher does not know how to
                  retrieve it.
Solution: The Rag Doll can be found in the Lenele Sewers.  Refer to
          sub-section 2h for directions on how to get it.  Once you've
          retrieved the Rag Doll, return to the Weeping Butcher in the
          Old City.
Reward(s): 400 XP, High Quality Knife

14. The Salamanka's Tongue: In the Old City, the Apothecary has agreed
                            to give you the beggar's eyes in exchange
                            for the tongue of a Fire Salamanka that can
                            be found in the hills to the west.
Solution: The Fire Salamanka is in an Encounter in the hills west of
          Lenele.  Kill the Salamanka and bring its tongue to the
Reward(s): 50 XP & Bottle With Eyes

15. The Encyclopedia of Heresies: In the Crown District, a priest named
                                  Zefnat is missing two volumes from his
                                  Encyclopedia of Heresies.  He gave you
                                  250 gold to purchase Volume 28 from a
                                  book dealer named Bibrus.  Zefnat will
                                  reward you once his encyclopedia is
Solution: Bibrus can be found in the southern section of Lenele
          Marketplace.  Ask for the book and when he asks if you were
          sent by Zefnat say no obviously.  Take the book for 200 and
          bring it to Zefnat.  When you give Vol. 28 to Zefnat, he
          tells you that Vol. 67 is at the Iona Monastery.  Vol. 67 can
          be found in a bookcase in the Minor Library.
Reward(s): 300 XP (Bibrus), 500 XP (Zefnat), Garnet, 750 XP (Zefnat)

16. Pomporo's Heirloom: In the Crown District, the merchant Pomporo has
                        hired you to find his ancestor's signet ring,
                        which was stolen from his chambers.  He suggests
                        you begin by speaking to his wife Cordelia and
                        the chambermaid.
Solution: You don't need to speak to his wife or the chambermaid.  His
          Signet Ring is in the Lenele Sewers.  Refer to sub-section 2h
          for directions.  Once you've found the Signet Ring return it
          to Pomporo in the Crown District.
Reward(s): 600 XP, Berserker Sword

17. Elodach the Initiate: Elodach the Initiate has vanished from the
                          Temple of Urath.  If you learn anything about
                          his disappearance, tell Jerve the Elder at
Solution: Next to the building south of the middle bridge to the Crown
          District in the Marketplace is Madog the Beggar.  Give Madog
          5 GP and he'll mention that he's seen Elodach.  Go back to the
          Temple of Urath and tell Jerve.  The priest gets mad at you
          for your accusations and sends you away.  Return to Madog and
          give him 10 GP.  Go back to Jerve and tell him of the
          information you've just learned.  Jerve tells you that in
          fact a feather from Urath was just stolen.  When you tell him
          what you've heard about Elodach but he doesn't believe you
          again.  Go back to Madog and you'll learn that Elodach has
          fled to Iona.  Now you have to go to Iona.  The Urath Feather
          can be found in the park to the left of the Great Library.
          The feather is placed all the way in the back.  Return the
          feather to Jerve.
Reward(s): 700 XP, Ring of Talent

18. The Amulet of Prince Yon: A man named Drego has hired Flece to steal
                              an amulet that once belonged to the late
                              Prince Yon.  Find the amulet in the royal
                              palace and bring it to Drego in the harbor
Solution: Yon's amulet is in the locked room on the third floor of
          Lenele Palace.  Take the amulet to Drego, he's in the
          southeast corner of Lenele Outskirts.
Reward(s): 200 XP, 2,000 GP

19. Novice Sama: Brother Eamon is searching for a novice named Sama.
                 She is late for her lesson with the Master of Keys.
                 Find Sama and inform Eamon of her whereabouts.
Solution: Sama can be found in the small garden to the left of the Great
          Library.  When you talk to Sama promise to keep her secret and
          help her.  She'll give you Sama's Book and asks you to return
          it to the Great library.  What it basically comes down to now
          is whether you want XP or GP.  If you give the book to Brother
          Morhan at the Great Library you get XP.  If you give it to
          Brother Eamon you get GP.  If you choose to give it to Morhan
          he'll ask you where you got the book.  It doesn't matter what
          you tell him so do what you want.
Reward(s): 200 XP (Morhan) or 200 GP (Eamon)

20. Miala of the Iomani: On Iona, Sister Miala asked you to find her
                         long-lost brother, Amas.  As children, Miala
                         and Amas were kidnaped by pirates and
                         separated on their journey.
Solution: Amas is a priest in the Temple of Urath.  You can find him in
          the outer circle (the rooms that go around the church, not the
          room with the stained-glass windows).  Talk to Amas and he'll
          give you the Iomani Necklace to take to Miala.  Return to Iona
          and give her the necklace.
Reward(s): 150 XP (Amas), 800 XP (Miala), Garnet

21. Qelah of the Muthavi: Sister Qelah wishes to return to Muthavi, an
                          an island in the Galadian Archipelago.  If
                          you happen to meet a Muthavi trader, tell him
                          the daughter of Tirasa waits for him on Iona.
Solution: You can find a Muthavi Captain in the Lenele Outskirts.  The
          Captain is on the docks in the eastern part of the Outskirts.
          Talk to the Captain and he'll set sail for Iona.  Return to
          Iona and talk to Sister Llio.  Llio is on the battlements
          behind the tower where you find Abbot Laurent.
Reward(s): 250 XP (Muthavi Captain), 900 XP (Llio), Ring of Proficiency

22. The Tome of Gahnis: On the island of Iona, a monk has given you the
                        Tome of Gahnis.  He explains that one day you
                        will meet a man searching for it.  He will come
                        to Iona, and you must be the one to give it to
                        him.  He will speak its name.
Solution:  You can end this quest only after you get the Khosani
           Scrolls.  Go to the Iona Monastery.  In the ruined garden to
           the left of the Great Library is a man named Iodir the
           Heretic.  Give him the Tome and you're done.
Reward(s): 10,000 XP, Thermal Medallion

23. Tathal the Wanderer: The daughter of an Orenian holy man, Sister
                         Bilan has given you a scroll of her father's
                         teachings.  Give the scroll to Tathal the
                         Wanderer, a Medevan vagabond who had been his
                         disciple.  Bilan doesn't know where to find
Solution: Tathal can be found during an Encounter in the desert areas of
Reward(s): 6,000 XP, Blue Dragon Scale

24. Wid the Terrified: Find the Axe of Ikus for Brother Wid the
                       Terrified, a monk who needs the weapon to
                       confront the phantoms that haunt him.  The blade
                       lies hidden in the Catacombs below the Crypt of
Solution: The Axe of Ikus is in the Iona Catacombs.  Refer to sub-
          section 3a for direction.  When you've retrieved the axe give
          it to Brother Wid.
Reward(s): 700 XP, Ring of Health

25. Torva's Magic Lute: Attacked by monsters while picking flowers for
                        his amour, Torva the Bard has lost his lute.
                        The monsters made off with the instrument,
                        without which Torva has no hope of wooing Lady
                        Isele.  Find the lute and return it to its
                        rightful owner.
Solution: I've found Torva's Lute in the hilly area just west of
          Lenele.  The only time you can get it though is at night and
          in an Encounter in a forest.  From where you start at the
          Encounter, the lute is to your right, next to a Bone Servant.
          When you've found the lute return it to Torva in the Lenele
Reward(s): 500 XP, 125,000 GP

26. The Lord Chamberlain's Men: Torvel, leader of the troupe of actors
                                on Lenele's Crown District, has asked
                                for your help.  The Master of Revels
                      banned the company from performing in the Palace,
                      but Torvel thinks you might be able to change his
Solution: The Master of Revels is in Lenele Palace.  You can find him to
          the right of the right flight of stairs next to the entrance.
          He'll tell you that the only way for Torvel's troupe to make
          up with him would to find 6 Stonefire Lanterns.  Krys the
          Lantern Maker, in the Marketplace, is the only one who can
          make them.  When you talk to Krys, he'll tell you that the
          only way he can make the lanterns is with Gargoyle blood.
          Gargoyles can be found in the Ruins of Ikaemos.  When you've
          acquired 6 Gargoyles Blood, return to Lenele and give them to
          Krys.  Krys will make the Stonefire Lanterns for you.  Take
          the lanterns to the Master of Revels now.  Go talk to Torvel
          again and you'll complete the quest.
Reward(s): 2,000 XP (Krys), 500 XP (Master of Revels), 2,000 XP
           (Torvel), 5,000 GP

27. The Fate of Rhukha: The Khosani never learned the fate of their
                        hero, Rhukha, who captured the Demons in the
                        rings of summoning to end the Chaos of Ten
                        Thousand Years.  If you learn what happened to
                        Rhukha, tell the Keeper of Lore.
Solution: The first part of this quest is in the Caverns of Wolong.
          There are two things to do in here.  The first thing you need
          to do is find the Khosani Sword.  Refer to sub-section 13a for
          directions.  Second thing you need to do is when you reach
          Balis the Demilich.  Go left from him and you'll see two white
          caves.  Go in the one on the left and then take the first left
          path.  This takes you to a pool of water with a Lich named
          Tiansi standing next to it.  Talk to him and you're done in
          the Caverns.  The next part of this quest is in Liangshan
          Forest.  After you've retrieved the Khosani Scrolls from
          Sornehan, return to the Keeper of Lore.  Ask him about the
          quest of Rhukha.  You'll be given the option to tell him what
          you learned from Tiandi and you'll get 15,000 XP and the
          Articus Mantellum.  Give him the helmet and you'll get another
          15,000 XP and the Farslayer Bow.  When you give him the sword
          you'll get 15,000 XP again and a Singed Robe.
Reward(s): 2,000 XP (Tiandi), 15,000 XP (Keeper of Lore), Articus
           Mantellum, 15,000 XP, Farslayer Bow, 15,000 XP (Keeper of
           Lore), Singed Robe

28. Secrets of Dakhanim: The Khosani Priestess Ilaru desires the secret
                         of Nutengov's potion.  The mage belonged to a
                         secret society known as the Dakhanim, Masters
                         of Invisible Script.  Any page that contained
                         Nutengov's writing would appear to be blank.
Solution:  The first step in completing this quest is in Liangshan
           Forest.  Here you can find the Blank Parchment.  Refer to
           section 14 for directions.  You can't do anything else for
           this quest until you get the Ring of Darkness toward the end
           of the game.  At this point Ilaru will appear at the altar
           again and you can talk to her.  She'll tell you that she
           needs the Mirror of the Dakhanim.  Head over to the Iona
           Monastery now.  You can find the Mirror in the first tower
           on the floor in the corner.  Head back to the City of the
           Khosani and talk to Ilaru.  She'll tell you that she needs
           three things to make the potion: the skull of the Lord of
           Winter, the heart of Udakar the Bull-Man, and the
           gallbladder of a Blue Bacite (ewww).  These three items can
           all be found on the World Map.  The gallbladder is in an Ice
           Night Encounter and is guarded by a Blue Bacite next to the
           exit at the top of the mountain.  Udakar's Heart and Huk
           Kinar's Skull are in seperate Ice Day Encounters in the same
           spot as the gallbladder.  When you've managed to recover all
           three items go back to Ilaru to complete the quest.
Reward(s): 10,000 XP (Ilaru), 25,000 XP (Ilaru), 100,000 XP (Ilaru),
           Summoner Platemail

29. The Ghost of Ikaemos: The ghost of Munorus, counselor of the Priest-
                          King Apaset, haunts the ruins of Ikaemos.  To
                          put his soul at rest, you must find and bring
                          to him the necklace of Queen Vaesura.
Solution: Vaesura's Necklace can be found in Ikaemos Swamp.  It's on the
          left side of the huge ruin where you can gain access to the
          Ikaemos Palace Upper Level.  Give the necklace to Munorus to
          complete the quest.
Reward(s): 1,000 XP

30. The Lord of Logaros: Avenge the Lord of Logaros, disgraced by Sir
                         Horum of Roak, a supporter of Prince Sornehan.
                         Sir Horum guard's the Devil's Bridge across the
                         Royal Canal.
Solution: Sir Horum can be found next to the middle bridge to the Old
          City.  Slay the knight and tell the Lord of Logaros.
Reward(s): 2,000 XP, Logaros Longsword

31. Adeslani's Brother: Help Adeslani find her brother Hargolus.  She
                        believes he is hiding at the house of a friend
                        in the Crown District.  Adeslani will lead the
                        way, but she needs you help getting past the
                        sentries and patrols.
Solution: Just follow Adeslani and wipe out any enemies you encounter.
Reward(s): 4,000 XP

32. The Emperor's Dragon Scales: Find the four Dragon Scales of the
                                 Emperors of Orenia.  In the Tower of
                                 Eleh, a slave named Xueli gave you the
                                 Green Dragon Scale.  The others lie
                                 hidden throughout Orenia.
Solution: Xueli, who gives you the quest, gives you the Green Dragon
          Scale.  The Red Dragon Scale is located in the Wolong Caverns.
          Refer to sub-section 13a for location.  The Blue Dragon Scale
          is held by Tathal the Wanderer.  You can find Tathal in an
          Encounter in the desert region of Orenia.  The Gray Dragon
          Scale is in the Liangshan Forest.  Refer to section 14 for
          directions.  You can give the dragon scales to a man named
          Gongji.  He's at the Jade Temple after you defeat Murod.
Reward(s): Dreadblade

33. The Family Tradition: In Wolong, the widow Fangyin has given you an
                          old coin and a locket.  They belonged to her
                          dead sons, and they must be brought to the
                          cemetery in Liangshan, in accordance with the
                          traditions of her family.
Solution: Go to Liangshan Forest and head toward the cemetery.  Talk to
          the Oni next to the riverbank and leave the coin and the
          locket.  Return to Wolong and speak to Fagnyin.
Reward(s): 4,000 XP (Oni), 7,000 XP (Fangyin), Parrying Dagger

34. The Statue of Gaodi II: In Wolong, a sculptor named Caishi laments
                            that his statue of Gaodi II has been
                            dismembered by General Pijian's soldiers.
                            He has found the torso but is missing the
                            head, arms, and legs.  Help Caishi
                            reassemble the statue.
Solution:  The head is in Wolong.  It's next to the cliff on the eastern
           side of the town.  You'll find it next to the southern most
           lamp.  The both legs are in the Caverns of Wolong.  You'll
           have to make your way down to the collapsed buildings to get
           the right leg.  It's in the building on the left side of the
           bridge.  The second leg is deeper in the caverns near Azha.
           From Azha you'll need to take the first path to the right and
           then go right again.  The leg is right next to the riverbank.
           The left and right arms are in Liangshan Forest.  Refer to
           section 14 for directions to get those two pieces.  When
           you've given all five pieces to Caishi you get 3,000 XP and
           an Anti-Magus Torque.
Reward(s): 1,000 XP for the head, 2,000 XP for each arm/leg, 3,000 XP,
           Anti-Magus Torque

35. Nandi the Gatherer: In Wolong, Nandi the Gatherer has offered to
                        make a potion for you that only she can concoct.
                        The only condition is that you must find the
                        ingredients.  The first thing Nandi requires are
                        the leaves of a plant called "Sparrow's Egg."
Solution: The Sparrow's Egg is in an Orenia-Night Encounter with a bunch
          of Rokhuls.  Give the plant to Nandi and she'll tell you to
          find a Ghimaadi's Cloak.  This is in an Orenia-Day Encounter
          with a bunch of Oni.  After you give this to Nandi she'll tell
          you to find some Bane's Kiss which is in Liangshan Forest.
          Refer to section 14 for directions.  When you get the Bane's
          Kiss go back to Wolong and give it to Nandi.
Reward(s): Nandi's Potion

36. Longyue's Hat: In Wolong a villager named Longyue has asked that you
                   find his hat in the forest of Liangshan.  To help him
                   and his friends escape Pijian's soldiers, Longyue
                   gave his hat to forest spirits.  If he fails to
                   retrieve the hat he will die.
Solution:  Refer to section 14 for the directions to the hat.  When
           you've retrieved the hat go back to Wolong and give it to
Reward(s): 5,000 XP (Longyue), Well-Honed Katana

37. Pursued by Death: Ahlang is fleeing Death, who appears in the guise
                      of a cat.  Ahlang has eluded Death by telling him
                      jokes and riddles, then feeing as the cat laughs
                      at or ponders the tale.  Find a fisherman named
                      Ruidi in Wolong and ask him for more material.
Solution: This quest can be found in an Orenia-Day Encounter.  Go to
          Wolong and from the entrance head left.  Ruidi is at the
          next dock.  He'll tell you to go to Liangshan Forest and ask
          the Guardian there for some tree bark.  Make your way to the
          forest and ask the guardian for the tree bark.  He'll give you
          two pieces, one for Ahlang and the other for Death.  Go back
          to Wolong now and talk to Ruidi.  Leave Wolong and find Ahlang
          and Death.
Reward(s): 1,000 XP (Ruidi), 2,000 XP (Death), 2,000 XP (Ahlang),

38. Child of the Spirits: A forest Oni named Piaobo has given you a
                          wooden box containing her immortal spirit.  To
                          help her reclaim her human form, throw the box
                          into the sacrificial pit of the Wolong
                          Caverns.  You must not open the box.
Solution: Go to the Wolong Caverns and approach the pit.  Talk to the
          Jade Temple Ghost on the bridge and choose to "throw the box."
          Leave the Caverns and go down to the town.  Behind one of the
          large buildings in the western part of town, you'll find
          Piaobo.  Talking to her will end the quest.
Reward(s): 1,000 XP (Jade Temple Ghost), 5,000 XP (Piaobo), Ring of

39. The King of Talas: The King of Talas searches for his crown and
                       scepter.  A trickster spirit stole them many
                       years ago.
Solution: You can get this quest in an Encounter on the World Map.  Once
          have it and have gotten the Khosani Scrolls, talk to Uligo the
          Artisan in the City of the Khosani.  He can be found on the
          building to you left from the entrance.  Uligo will tell you
          that the Khosani are responsible for the loss of the king's
          scepter and crown.  Go back to the World Map and find the king
          again.  Tell him what Uligo told you and he'll say that he'll
          follow your advice.  After you captured three of the Demons,
          go back to the City of the Khosani.  The King of Talas is
          beside the building where Uligo is (you can see him from the
Reward(s): 40,000 XP (Uligo), 5,000 XP (King of Talas), 20,000 XP (King
           of Talas), Hero's Platemail

40. The Seeds of Aahur, Part 2: According to the Khosani merchant Elarh,
                                the Seeds of Aahur are not growing as
                                Beelon had promised.  Find Beelon in the
                                ruins of Lenele and ask him why the
                                seeds won't grow.
Solution: Go to Lenele to find Beelon.  Once you reach Lenele, go
          forward from the entrance.  You'll see a man named Pyrtin
          sitting on the ground.  He'll tell you that Beelon is dead,
          but he knows where the Dust of Aahur is.  He dropped it in
          Iona while he was fleeing.  Travel to Iona now.  The Dust of
          Aahur can be found in the tower where you met Abbot Laurent.
          You can find the Dust up the stairs.  Return to the City of
          the Khosani and give the Dust to Elarh.  Elarh will give you
          50,000 GP, but you agreed on 100,000 GP.  Tell him that "We
          agreed on 10,000" (10,000 is a typo, it's supposed to say
Reward(s): 16,000 XP (Elarh), 100,000 GP

41. The Ohmedilosi: In Orenia you found an Ohmedilosi, an ancient map of
                    Khosani cities.  To complete the artifact, find the
                    carvings of three cities marked on the tablet:
                    Umakil, Dehilos, and Muhul.
Solution: The Umakil Carving is in the Lenele Sewers.  The Dehilos
          Carving lies in the Lenele Palace.  Refer to section 18 for
          directions for both of these.  The Muhul Carving is in the
          Ikaemos Swamp.  Refer to section 21 for directions.  After
          you get the three pieces return them to Kiva.
Reward(s): 60,000 XP (Kiva), Vengeful Katana

42. The Hunting Horn of Vadagar: Find the hunting horn of Vadagar and
                                 bring it to Saato the priestess in
                                 Saanavarh.  In the legends of the
                                 Khosani, Urath used the horn to seal
                                 the portal to Laharah's infernal realm.
Solution: In order to get the horn you're going to have to go back to
          Lenele Sewers.  The Hunting Horn can be found in on of the
          green tents in the sub-basement there.  Return the Hunting
          Horn to Saato.
Reward(s): 10,000 XP (Saato), Nobleman's Platemail

43. Haenul and the Gemstone of Eraekor: A Khosani warrior named Haenul
                                        leads a band of renegades in the
                                        mountains near Saanavarh.  They
                                        have stolen the Gemstone of
                                        Eraekor.  Defeat Haenul and
                                        return the gemstone to the
                                        Khosani priestess Athodi.
Solution: Haenul can be found in an Encounter not far from the City of
          the Khosani.  You'll know you've found the right one 'cause a
          Khosani Heretic will attack as soon as you get there.  Haenul
          can be found at the far end of the area (he's red).  Pick up
          the gemstone now and return to the City of the Khosani.  Give
          the jewel to Athodi to claim your reward.
Reward(s): 30,000 XP (Athodi), Parchment (Tome Page 5), Bone Jerkin

44. The Mystery of Luleva: At the command of a winged messenger, Lady
                           Athana of Sidaeh searches for a child named
                           Luleva.  If you find the girl, bring her back
                           to the Khosani stronghold.
Solution: Luleva can be found in Lenele.  She's all the way by the
          theater in the Crown District.  After her creepy conversation
          go back to the City of the Khosani and tell Athana.
Reward(s): 5,000 XP (Luleva), 15,000 XP (Athana)

45. Curse of the Crone of Savheo: The Crone of Savheo has turned several
                                  Khosani warriors into Fire Salamanka.
                                  Elioma the Priestess has asked you to
                                  find the Crone and persuade her to
                                  lift the curse.  The Crone lives in
                                  the forest.
Solution: The first thing you have to do for this quest is find the
          Crone.  She can be found in a Forest Day Encounter.  The Crone
          will ask for the Stone Rose of Ovaka before she will lift the
          curse.  Return to the City of the Khosani and talk to Elioma.
          She'll tell you about the history of the rose and that she
          doesn't know where it is (but I do;).  Head to the Ikaemos
          Swamp and go into the Palace.  The Stone Rose lies next to the
          altar with the pool of blood around it.  Grab the rose and
          head back to the City of the Khosani.  Talk to Elioma and show
          her the rose.  Leave the city and find the Crone again.  Give
          the rose to the Crone and go back to the City of the Khosani
          again.  Talk to Elioma to complete the quest.
Reward(s): 15,000 XP (Elioma), 35,000 XP (Elioma), 35,000 XP (Crone),
           65,000 XP (Elioma), Battle Torque

46. Tome of the Nhuvasarim: Although this is never in the Quest Journal
                            it's still a quest.  You start this when you
                            pick up the Tome (Nhuvasarim Tome) after you
                            defeat Murod.  Flece must have Appraise at
                            10 in order to complete this (or you can
                            have Appraise at 9 and equip the Thief
                            Gauntlets).  The goal is to collect the 8
                            pages that are ripped out of the tome.
Solution: Here's the location of the 8 pages:
          1- You get this after beating Sornehan.
          2- In the Minor Library when you go to Iona to defeat Luminar.
          3- In the Ikaemos Swamp on the right side of the palace.
          4- The room with the waterfall in the Lenele Sewers.
          5- Given to you after you complete "Hanuel and the Gemstone of
          6- In the southwest corner of the park in the Lenele Crown
          7- Buy from Gesualdo in a Forest-Day Encounter for 500,000 GP.
             This happens only when you have the first 6 pages.
             *Note: Doing this will enable the Encounter where you fight
             Mortankas.  This is the only Encouter that will happen
             until you beat him.*
          8- You get the last page after you kill Mortankas.  You can
             kill him by summoning the Jade Golem and casting Jade Beam
             several times.  You can also summon the Dragon of the Four
             Winds to kill him in one attack.
          After you have all 8 pages save, and I mean SAVE!  The next
          part is the hardest fight in the whole game and you only get
          one chance.  Find Gesualdo again and he'll ask for the 8
          pages, give them to him and proceed on.  You'll be taken to a
          room that looks exactly like the one you fought Murod in.
          However, Murod isn't the enemy here, it's the Four Riders.
          You've go to take on all Four at the same time, and they seem
          to be stronger than ever.  The first thing you must do is cast
          Protect.  After that I suggest you go after Serpent.  His
          status attacks make things really difficult.  When you've
          killed him you should go after Tiger, then Phoenix, then
          Ghost.  When you beat them you'll leave the Tome and Gesualdo
          will gibve you the Laharah Summon.
Reward(s): Laharah Summon



Name: Blackfire Elemental
Ring: Darkness
Ring Power: 0
AP: 10
Chain Attacks: Up- Blindness Stab
               Down- Leg Swipe
               Left- Burning Hands
               Right- Silence
Spells: Blind
        Fire Arrow
        Dark Wall

Name: Spirit of Laharah
Ring: Darkness
Ring Power: N/A
AP: 50
*Note - The only way you can get this is to complete the Tome of the
Nhuvasarim quest.*

Name: Mist Elemental
Ring: Light
Ring Power: 0
AP: 10
Chain Attacks: Up- Shocking Grasp
               Down- Prayer
               Left- Mend
               Right- Blindness Stab
Spells: Light

Name: Wraith
Ring: Light
Ring Power: 60,000
AP: 30
Chain Attacks: Up- Life Leech
               Down- Mind Drain
               Left- Silence
               Right- Icy Touch
Spells: Blind
        Life Drain

Name: Red Minotaur
Ring: Fire
Ring Power: 0
AP: 15
Chain Attacks: Up- Burning Hands
               Down- Trip
               Left- Added Blow
               Right- Axe Spin
Spells: N/A

Name: Blood Elemental
Ring: Fire
Ring Power: 60,000
AP: 30
Chain Attacks: Up- Life Leech
               Down- Mind Drain
               Left- Desperation
               Right- Sacrifice
Spells: Fireball
        Wall of Fire

Name: Golem
Ring: Stone
Ring Power: 0
AP: 15
Chain Attacks: Up- Overpower
               Down- Earth Shaker
               Left- Desperation
               Right- Added Blow
Spells: N/A

Name: Blade of Urath
Ring: Stone
Ring Power: 60,000
AP: 25
Chain Attacks: Up- Added Blow
               Down- Life Leech
               Left- Desperation
               Right- Sacrifice
Spells: N/A

Name: Blue Imp
Ring: Water
Ring Power: 0
AP: 15
Chain Attacks: Up- Mend
               Down- Mug
               Left- Icy Touch
               Right- Revitalize
Spells: Heal
        Ice Coffin
        Blue Imp Sleep

Name: Dragon of Water
Ring: Water
Ring Power: 60,000
AP: 50

Name: Celestial Samurai
Ring: Four Winds
Ring Power: 0
AP: 30
Chain Attacks: Up- Added Blow
               Down- Overpower
               Left- Bless
               Right- Revitalize
Spells: N/A

Name: Dragon of the Four Winds
Ring: Four Winds
Ring Power: 60,000
AP: 30

Name: Poison Elemental
Ring: Forest
Ring Power: 0
AP: 20
Chain Attacks: Up- Life Leech
               Down- Trip
               Left- Mind Drain
               Right- Desperation
Spells: Poison

Name: Dragon of the Forest
Ring: Forest
Ring Power: 60,000
AP: 30

Name: Jade Golem
Ring: Jade
Ring Power: 0
AP: 14
Chain Attacks: Up- Added Blow
               Down- Steelskin
               Left- Overpower
               Right- Prayer
Spells: Jade Beam

Name: Jade Dragon
Ring: Jade
Ring Power: 60,000
AP: 30



Here's a list of the available equipment in the game. Remember you'll need
to fulfill the requirements of the equipment before you can equip it. Also,
the selling price is about 70% of the original price.

Jo = Joseph	F = Flece	R = Rosalind	Jk = Jekhar


Name			Price	Def	Who	 Attributes
Battle Boots		7500	15	Jo	 Double Attack + 2
Boots of Stleath	50000	10	F	 Sneak + 2
Dragon Boots		500	7	R	 Magic Resist + 1
Felinus Feet		20	5	F
Heavy Boots		200	7	Jo, Jk,
Hero's Sabaton		50000	15	Jk	 HP + 15
High Leather Boots	50	5	All
Leather Boots		20	3	Jo, F,
Magus Boots		10000	10	R	 Magic Resist + 2
Mellifluous Scoh	20	7	R	 Magic Resist + 2
Nobleman's Sabaton	25000	15	Jo	 AP + 10
Reinforced Boots	500	10	Jo, F,
Sabaton			1000	13	Jo, Jk
Servant's Boots		5	1	F
Springsteel Boots	5000	15	Jo, F,
Steel Heeled Boots	20	7	F
Studded Boots		300	10	Jo, F,
Summoner Sabaton	50000	15	Jo	AP + 15
Tough Boots		20	7	Jk
Warrior's Boots		25000	15	Jk	HP + 10


Name			Price	Def	Who	Attributes
Blue Pants		20	6	Jo
Chainmail Legs		5000	10	Jo,F,Jk
Cloth Pants		20	7	Jk
Felinus Pantaloons	5000	3	F	Sneak + 1
Hero's Leggings		10000	20	Jk	Axe + 1
Leather Breeches	100	8	All
Magus Leggings		10000	10	R	Magic Resist + 1
Prowler Leggings	10000	5	F	Sneak + 2
Silk Breeches		100	3	F, R
Studded Leggings	20	5	F
Studded Pants		500	10	All
Summoner Legs		10000	15	J	Summon + 1


Name			Price	Def	Who		Attributes

Bough-Kote		10000	15	Jo, F, Jk	Piercing + 1
Chainmail Gaunt		10000	15	Jo, F, Jk
Cloth Gloves		100	5	Jo, F, Jk
Dragon Gauntlets	5000	15	Jo		Ap + 10
Gloves of Pilfer	50000	12	F		Pick Lock + 2
Hero's Gauntlets	50000	25	Jk		HP + 15
Horseman's Gaunt	25000	25	Jk		HP + 5
Iron Gauntlets		5000	10	Jo, F, Jk
Leather Armguards	20	9	F
Leather Gauntlets	500	9	Jo, F, Jk
Leather Gloves		250	7	All
Magus Gauntlets		5000	9	R		Heal + 1
Mellifluous Mite	500	8	R
Midnight Gaunt		25000	10	F		Pick Lock + 1
Nobleman's Gaunt	25000	15	Jo		Summon + 1
Plate Gauntlets		25000	20	Jo, Jk
Reaver Gauntlets	5000	15	Jk 		Counter + 1
Servant's Gaunt		5	1	F
Shadow Gauntlets	10000	8	F		Pick Lock + 1
Silk Gloves		50	3	All		Magic Resist + 1
Springsteel Gloves	3000	13	Jo, F, Jk
Steel Gauntlets		20000	17	Jo, F, Jk
Summoner Gaunt		50000	20	Jo		Summon + 2
The Black Hand		50000	10	F		Backstab + 1
The Drangon's Want	10000	10	R		Staff + 2
Thief's Gauntlets	5000	10	F		Appraise + 1
Warrior's Gaunt		25000	20	Jk		HP + 10


Name			Price	Def	Who		Attributes

Adamant Bogu-Dou	50000	40	Jk
Arcticus Mantel		100000	35	R
Blessed Suncoat		250	16	Jo, F, Jk	Magic Resist + 1
Boiled Leather		5000	30	Jo, F, Jk
Bone Jerkin		600000	35	R		Holy + 2
Bougu-Dou		10000	35	Jo, F, Jk
Breastplate		100000	45	Jo, F, Jk
Brigandine Chest	50000	40	Jo, Jk
Burnt Robe		500000	35	R		Fire + 4
Chainmail Tunic		10000	40	Jo, F, Jk
Cloth Shirt		20	5	F
Draco Robe		500000	40	R
Haramaki		10000	35	Jo, F, Jk
Hero's Chainmail	50000	40	Jk		Ap + 10
Hero's Platemail	800000	65	Jk
Horseman's Plate	800000	55	Jk
Leather Armor		20	9	Jk
Leather Jerkin		500	20	Jo, F, Jk
Mellifluous Wrap	600000	45	R
Midnight Plate		800000	50	F		Sneak + 1
Nobleman's Plate	600000	55	Jo
Padded Surcoat		1000	15	Jo, F, Jk
Platemail		500000	50	Jo, Jk
Quilted Holy Robe	200	6	R		Holy + 1
Quilted Robe		20	5	R
Robe of Restore		600000	20	R		Heal + 2
Servant's Blouse	5	1	F
Shadow Haramaki		50000	40	F		Hide + 1
Shadow Platemail	600000	40	F		Sneak + 1
Singed Robe		100000	30	R		Fire + 3
Springsteel Leath	10000	30	F
Steelcore Bougu		50000	40	Jo
Studded Leather		1000	25	Jo, F, Jk
Summoner Chain		300000	40	Jo		Summon + 2
Summoner Plate		800000	60	Jo
Tunic			20	7	Jo
Warrior's Plate		600000	60	Jk


Name			Price		Def	Who	Attributes

Blinding Buckler	100		10	All	Blind Charge (10)
Buckler			100		10	All
Decaying Bulwark	800		14	All
Defender Heater		5000		18	All	Dodge + 1
Defender Kite		50000		200	All	Dodge + 3
Defender Scutum		10000		20	All	Dodge + 2
Guardian Heater		5000		18	All	Parry + 1
Guardian Kite		50000		200	All	Parry + 3
Guardian Scutum		10000		20	All	Parry + 2
Heater Shield		1000		18	All
Kite Shield		10000		200	All
Round Shield		500		15	All
Scutum Shield		5000		20	All


Name			Price		Attributes
Anit-Magic		20000		Resist Magic + 5
Archer's		1000		Bow + 1
Berserker		5000		Axe + 1, Blunt + 1
Frigidis		5000		Resist Ice + 5
Haste			20000		Speed + 2 AP + 15
Luminous		500		Illuminates the area around the wearer
Onslaught		100000		Counter + 2, Critical Hit + 2, Empower
Pyros			5000		Resist Fire + 5
of Aggression		10000		Counter Attack + 1, Critical Hit + 1
of Blessings		2500		Holy + 2
of Control		50000		Push + 2, Kick + 2, Trip + 2
of Dexterity		2500		Dodge + 2
of Electrus		2500		Energy + 2
of Expertise		20000		AP + 25
of Flames		2500		Fire + 1
of Grounding		5000		Resist Energy + 5
of Health		5000		HP + 30
of Ice			2500		Ice + 1
of Invisibility		50000		Invisibility
of Mastery		100000		AP + 40
of Might		50000		HP + 30, AP + 10
of Power		300000		AP + 40
of Preservation		50000		Dodge + 1, Parry + 1, HP + 20
of Proficiency		5000		AP + 10
of Protection		2500		Parry + 2
of Puissance		100000		HP + 50, AP + 25
of Recovery		20000		HP + 50
of Repulsion		50000		Parry + 3, Counter Attack + 3
of Shadows		10000		Hide + 1, Sneak + 1
of Skill		100000		Sword + 1, Axe + 1, Blunt + 1, Heavy + 1
of Slaying		5000		Backstab + 3
of Speed		5000		Speed + 2
of Storms		10000		Energy + 4
of Swiftness		20000		Speed + 4
of the Gods		500000		Speed + 5, HP + 40, AP + 20
of the Night		2500		Dark + 2
of Thieves		2500		Pick Lock + 3
of Warding		25000		Dodge +2, Parry + 2
Swordsman's Ring	1000		Sword + 1

Ring of Darkness			Dark + 3
Ring of Fire				Fire +2, Resist Fire + 3
Ring of Forest				Dodge + 1, Parry + 2
Ring of Four Winds			AP + 30
Ring of Jade				Magic Resist + 3
Ring of Light				Energy + 2, Resist Energy + 3
Ring of Stone				HP + 40
Ring of Water				Ice + 1, Heal + 1, Resist Ice + 3


Name			Price		Attributes
Aeros Medallion		100000		Ice + 3, Energy + 3
Anti-Magic Torque	80000		Magic Resist + 3
Archer's Medallion	10000		Bow + 3
Bacite Medallion	7500		Holy + 1, Fire + 1
Barbarian's Torque	7500		Axe + 2
Battle Torque		300000		Hp + 60, AP + 30
Berserker's Torque	100000		Sword + 3, Heavy + 3
Blessed Necklace	2000		Speed + 1
Collar of Dexterity	7500		Dodge + 1, Parry + 1
Collar of Health	50000		HP + 30
Collar of Precision	10000		Critical + 2, Aimed Attack + 2
Elemental Necklace	2500		Fire + 1, Ice + 1
Farseeing Necklace	7500		Bow + 2
Fighter's Torque	7500		Sword + 2
Hellfire Necklace	100000		Dark + 3, Fire + 3
Medallion of Night	2500		Dark + 1, Energy + 1
Medallion of Power	10000		Push + 4
Medallion of Vigor	80000		HP + 60
Medallion of Anshu	500000		Regenerate
Necklace of Defense	7500		Dodge + 1, Parry + 1
Necklace of Stealth	25000		Sneak + 2
Shadow Medallion	100000		Sneak + 3 , Hide + 3
Summoner's Torque	50000		Summon + 3
Swordsman's Torque	10000		Sword + 3
Thermal Medallion	100000		Fire + 3
Thief's Torque		7500		Sneak + 2
Torque of Celerity	7500		Speed + 2
Torque of Bashing	7500		Blunt + 2
Torque of Haste		10000		Speed + 3
Torque of Time		25000		Speed + 2, Double Attack + 2
Warding Necklace	7500		Magic Resistance + 2



- GameFAQs <<www.gameFAQs.com>> OF COURSE!
- Vgstrategies <<http://vgstrategies.about.com>>
- Zeorhymer. I took the equipment list from your FAQ. Hope you don't mind!
- Nathaniel Macher. I took the list of side quests and summons from your
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