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Reviewed: 06/03/03 | Updated: 06/03/03

Boldy going. But to be the new #1 Trek game or to the trashcan?

Dominion Wars, an excellent idea for a game based on one of the most gripping pieces of television to grace the TV screen during its run, The Deep Space Nine Dominion war storyline. Without giving anything away that’s too critical this game places you in the middle of the Dominion War. You start out with a small ship, as you complete missions you'll be granted larger and more powerful ships to fight with. I was looking forward to this for quite some time as it seemed to be in the vein of the very repetitive Star fleet command, which is fin enough for a while but as I said very repetitive. I was hoping this would serve as a replacement for it,
Unfortunately it can't live up to it.

It's based on an excellent storyline, and in game it shows, you get the grim mission reports that your on the losing side of the war as the Federation was in the TV show and the Captains you can pick for you ships and The missions all tie into the storyline, however it's only the license that's stopping it from being the rather overused ''dark day for humanity and your fleet stands between them and Earth'' type storyline, if it wasn't Trek, The Dominion and the Federation it would be nothing special.

The models are all very well done, quite sharp and it looks nice enough. The Interface is your standard Lcars type interface (the standard for Star Trek games really) and it looks alright. It's not stunning and you Wouldn’t be using a Dominion wars screenshot as your desktop background anytime soon but it's functional in the menus and alright in the game.

The sound is stuck in a similar way to the graphics, what they have is all well done, nice clean sound, the phase and photon torpedo sounds must of come right out of a Paramount sound lab, but there's room for so Much more. There are around 30 Captains in the game, granted that the run of Deep Space Nine was over by the time this was released, but surely some of them could have been hired for some voice over work, looking at IMDB I know quite of a few of them have gotten semi-regular jobs doing guest shots on various cartoons so apart from budget and laziness there will is little reason for the generic helmsman you have in their place. On the plus side the mission briefings apparently have their sound budget used as you are greeted by recognisable figures from the show, really this is the only thing that the sound has to offer. Sorry for sounding negative, but in light of Starfleet Command 3 having Patrick Stewart, Armada having Michael Dorn, Patrick Stewart and the guy who plays Martok, there really isn't a lot of excuse for the big name here being recurring Character Admiral Ross.

This is where it really cracks; I could forgive the potential in the sound field and put up with the functional graphics if the game was good to play. Unfortunately it isn't, for a while it does have a short term appeal, but Nagging bugs, and game play which more often that not simply becomes continuously tap the shield equalise button while waiting for the weapons to recharge before firing the next volley and repeat.

While the missions told in the game play section are very well narrated, but in game they simply come down to skate around the target area picking off the lighter ships before moving into the big guns. While it's not as
Repetitive as Starfleet command III in terms of missions it's a rather dull play because to go for the dramatic straight down the middle attack that would make for excellent television were this episode of the show Results in death, and it's not fun to pick off targets and then go in.

There are 2 sides to the war, however both sides’ missions are fraught with the same problems I listed above, and there are limited multiplayer options however it isn't easy to find a game, and should you it's more than Likely one of you will be hit with a bug and have to leave within a matter of minutes.

On paper this seemed an excellent game, a potential replacement for Starfleet command 3, however on the screen it is just not fun, repetitive as it is Starfleet Command 3 is fun in short burst, this is not and throughout The whole game you can never get over the feeling like this game was just finished up as soon as they got the Trek franchise just polishing what they had a little. I can literally picture Beavis and Butthead sat around a Table planning this game
''uhhh-huhuh, we got the licence Beavis, no need to work on the game anymore''
“Ok, Mr Butthead shoot the fruiton torpedo’s and like make us go that-a-way”

Overall 4/10: Quite a generous 4/10 at that, without the licence, if the ships weren't Enterprise shaped and Defiant shaped it would be lucky to score 3.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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