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FAQ/Walkthrough by Sane Jake

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 11/29/04

                        Siege of Avalon

FAQ Version 1.2
Author:  Sane Jake

IGNORED.  AND MOCKED.  Additionally, please note that I haven't had the
game installed on my system for over a year.  So if you have a problem
not covered in the FAQ, chances are I won't be able to help much either.

Oh, and to enter combat mode, hit the space bar.  It's in the manual.
And I'm really sick of getting emails asking why you can't seem to use

Legal Disclaimer:
No part of this FAQ may be published in whole or in part without oral or 
written approval by the author.  This document copyrighted 2002-07-27, 

Siege of Avalon is copyright 1999-2001 by Digital Tome LP Texas USA.  
Wouldn't it be great if everyone was honest enough that we 
didn't need disclaimers like these?

1	Introduction
2	About this FAQ
3	General Advice
3.1.1      The Manual
3.1.2         Game Mechanics
3.1.3         Playing Advice
3.2        Combat Strategies
3.3        Stealth and Scouts
3.4        Mysticism
3.5        What is the Best Class?
3.6        NPC's
3.7        Stats
3.8        General Class Strategies
3.8.1         Squires - AKA "The Fighter"
3.8.2         Apprentices - AKA "The Mage"
3.8.3         Hunters - AKA "The Scout"
4	Customizing the Game - and Cheating
5	Spoiler-Free Chapter Help
5.1      Chapter One
5.1.1      General Tips
5.1.2      Key Characters and their Locations
5.1.3      Weapons and Armour of Note
5.1.4      Available Training
5.1.5      Spells of Note
5.1.6      Quest Check-List
5.2      Chapter Two
5.2.1      General Tips (How do I START Chapter 2??)
5.2.2      Key Characters and Locations
5.2.3      Weapons and Armour of Note
5.2.4      Available Training
5.2.5      Spells of Note
5.2.6      New NPC's
5.2.7      Quest Check List
5.3      Chapter Three
5.3.1      General Hints and Tips
5.3.2      Key Characters and Locations
5.3.3      Weapons and Armour of Note
5.3.4      Available Training
5.3.5      Spells of Note
5.3.6      New NPC's
5.3.7      Quest Check List
5.4      Chapter Four
5.4.1      General Hints and Tips
5.4.2      Key Characters and Locations
5.4.3      Weapons and Armour of Note
5.4.4      Available Training
5.4.5      Spells of Note
5.4.6      New NPC's
5.4.7      Quest Check List
5.5      Chapter Five
5.5.1      General Hints and Tips
5.5.2      Key Characters and Locations
5.5.3      Weapons and Armour of Note
5.5.4      Available Training
5.5.5      Spells of Note
5.5.6      New NPC's
5.5.7      Quest Check List
5.6      Chapter Six
5.6.1      General Hints and Tips
5.6.2      Key Characters and Locations
5.6.3      Weapons and Armour of Note
5.6.4      Available Training
5.6.5      Spells of Note
5.6.6      Final NPC
5.6.7      Quest Check List
6	Chapter Spoilers
6.1      Chapter One
6.1.1      Quick Q&A
6.1.2      Walkthrough
6.2      Chapter Two
6.2.1      Quick Q&A
6.2.2      Walkthrough
6.3      Chapter Three
6.3.1      Quick Q&A
6.3.2      Walkthrough
6.4      Chapter Four
6.4.1      Quick Q&A
6.4.2      Walkthrough
6.5      Chapter Five
6.5.1      Quick Q&A
6.5.2      Walkthrough
6.6      Chapter Six
6.6.1      Quick Q&A
6.6.2      Walkthrough
7       Fun Things to Try
8	Final Thoughts

1	Introduction
Siege of Avalon is a fair game for the price you pay - in my case, the
anthology cost me $20 Canadian.  (For you Americans - that's about $10) It
attempts to mix Diablo-style combat with some of the RPG elements of
Planescape:  Torment or Baulder's Gate.

The down-side is that it's plagued by poor controls, horrible NPC AI and a
badly organized manual.  The upside is that the game is really quite
customizable and on the whole, not too badly written - especially if you snoop
around the installed directories - and for the cost, it's a pretty decent

The graphics are adequate but the sound is rather lacking.  The designers have
potential, but to me they seem pretty inexperienced.  Enough with the review -
you came to have your questions answered, right?

2	About this FAQ

I've attempted to arrange this FAQ in a way to avoid spoilers without warning
whenever possible.  To do this, I've arranged the chapters so it gives
general advice, hints and tips for each chapter, and then a spoiler-filled
walkthrough with blatant answers to various problems.

By "Weapons/Armour of Note", I mean weapons that you should either be on the
look-out for.  Some items are included because they have special advantages
you might not expect.

This FAQ provides walk-through as well as general strategies, but does NOT
give you the fullest, most rewarding route through the game.  There are a lot
of side-stories and conversations that you can experience provided you have
enough perception and charm, and if you really want to enjoy the game then
explore on your own, using the FAQ when required.

I'm also going to assume that you have all six chapters, and that you intend
to play all six chapters regardless of your character class.  You only have to
complete 4 of the 6 chapters - 1,2, and then your class chapter, and then
chapter 6.  However, it's a lot harder to survive chapter 6 unless you have
completed all the other chapters.  This FAQ will also assume that you will
perform all the quests during the walkthroughs - if you didn't do all the
quests and then you can't seem to do something in chapter 6, it's because you
skipped a chapter ormissed a previous quest.

By all means, if you find an error, would like to make a suggestion for a new
strategy, or even have game modification tricks you'd like to share, contact
me.  Flames will be ignored.

3	General Advice

3.1.1	The Manual

The manual is not well organized - some really important information is buried
deep within and can slow down your game.  Here are the tidbits that I dug out
of it:

   *  Don't worry about crowns - for the most part, you'll be finding, not
      buying, your gear.  You automatically get any cash a character was
      carrying when you kill them.
   *  It's not worth the effort lugging around extra armour to sell for just
      a handful of coins.  You will need to have about 1,000 crowns by
      chapter six, but this won't be a problem.  (Hint right from the manual)
   *  Loot, loot, loot.  Always check the corpse of an enemy, even if the
      enemy doesn't seem to normally carry gear.
   *  Don't spend any points when creating your character.  You can use your
      training points at ANY TIME, just by hitting 'C' and clicking on the
      adjustment arrows.  Wait until you know your needs first.
   *  Steal lots.  No one cares.
   *  To start Chapter Two, leave via the North-West exit in Outer Keep Level

3.1.2	Game Mechanics

   *  The class you choose at the beginning DOES make a difference; the final
      chapters have a few quests only available to characters of a specific
      class.  It is possible to cheat to remove this class-specific aspect,
      but then you're ruining the point of your initial class choice anyway!
   *  Black gear tends to have more advantages than any other colour.
   *  Each quest is important not only for the Training Points it provides,
      but because of the good it does which may help later on.  To get as
      many quests as possible within a chapter, make sure your Perception and
      Charm are high enough.  It's a good idea to carry "In-Town" gear with you
      for just such an occasion.
   *  Skills provide more value that attributes at the beginning of the game -
      once your skills start to get as expensive as your attributes, it's time
      to start building up your class-specific attributes.
   *  Just because YOU can see an enemy doesn't mean your character can.  If
      an enemy's Stealth skill is high enough, IT might get the drop on YOU.
      Watch out - enemies also get to make use of the Scout's Sniping Shot.
   *  One quarter way into Chapter 6 you will cease to get Training Points.
   *  NPC's silently get stronger as you do - you will receive not notification
      when their power increases.

3.1.3	Playing Advice

   *  You'll need to familiarize yourself with the locations of several key
      characters.  Basically, it's a good idea to note anyone who has more than
      a few lines to say, just in case.  Otherwise you'll have to waste a lot
      of time running around looking for them.
   *  Do not over specialize.  It's to your advantage to partake in all the
      optional chapters, and each chapter has a specific theme (fighting,
      scouting, magic).  You won't want to be just learning your trade you
      need when you enter a chapter.  That's not to say you shouldn't
      concentrate on your strengths, but Combat, Stealth and Mysticism will
      ALL come in very handy.
   *  Gear yourself appropriately for each situation.  Don't be afraid to run
      - enemies may be able to run at the same speed, but at least they
      CAN'T CATCH YOU.  Even very large groups are easy to evade - providing
      you either don't care about or don't have any NPC's (who tend to run
      around like idiots, getting trapped in corners no sane person would)
   *  Save your Training Points for instructors.  They will teach you special
      things at excellent costs and are always worth more than normal building.
   *  Carry only the best gear.  Don't get an item because it will fetch a
      good price unless it's small like a ring.  Get an item because you think
      you'll have need of it.  Just because a weapon has a unique name does not
      mean you should pick it up.
   *  Store your gear somewhere in the chests while you don't need it.  I highly
      recommend Outer Sanctum F2, because your starting room has lots of
      chests around it.

3.2	Combat Strategies

I've found two combat strategies:  Tank, and Hit-and-Run.

In order to Tank, you must have sufficient combat skill and the Aura of Iron
spell - and then just wear the heaviest armour you can.  It's a simple
strategy and it works on Chapter 3.  It IS fun to be a Fighter-Tank, wading
through hordes and simply ignoring their pathetic attempts to hurt you.

Hit-and-Run is a little trickier but far safer and works even on large groups
of enemies.  Everyone must STOP in order to attack - and that's when you
stand there, wait for them to get close, and then bolt - the enemy will have
to stop and take a swing, which you've already moved out of range from.  Then
you fire with your ranged magic or spell.  If you need to do this melee style,
use the stand-and-attack (Hit shift while clicking) and you should start
swinging as they guy gets close - hitting him as soon as he's in range, and
then running before he returns the favour.  If you don't hold shift while
you click, your character is more likely to blunder over to your opponent
rather than stop and shoot like he's supposed to.  Even if you shift-click
you're likely to just miss (because the controls are so awful it has problems
realizing that you wanted to attack the enemy character - despite the fact
that he's highlighted and your pointer was over him when you gave the
command) but at least you won't be charging over to get wacked in the head.

If your character gets stunned - you'll see him buckle from a blow - start
clicking.  When stunned you lose your target and you have to click again
to get the idiot to do anything.

Be sure to charge enemy archers!  They get "snipe" damage on you and are
fully capable of firing from off-screen.  Once you get close enough to
swing at them you're guaranteed that they can't snipe you anymore.

When facing magical opponents, know thy enemy.  Prepare by equipping the
right gear for the situation, or get the surprise.  Some enemies LOVE to
cast Hold spells, and an unfortunate thing about this game is regardless
of your mysticism skill, you will NEVER get any natural magical resistances.  
Hence, you must gear up appropriately.  

I've also found that the best way to deal with tracking spells is to run in a
direction parallel to which the spell was travelling, and then run TOWARDS
the caster.  In other words, if the spell is heading right for you, run left
or right initially, and as the spell arcs to chase you, then run towards the
direction it came from.  Most spells can't travel in such a tight arc.

Finally, be aware that no one is invulnerable to ranged attacks - they will
hit whatever gets in the way first, friend or foe.  I've had enemies shoot
each other down accidentally, and have hit my allies by accident as well.
Thankfully your allies know the different between friendly fire and a
personal assault and won't turn on you for a few accidental hits.

3.3	Stealth and Scouts

Do NOT underestimate Stealth.

In the game's documentation, it mentions that Stealth lets you move about
unseen and get the surprise.  What it does not mention is that attacking an
unsuspecting enemy does dire damage.  To be more specific:  Fire upon an
unsuspecting enemy and you will practically kill him instantly if your
Stealth is high enough.  This is MOST effective with ranged weapons, although
melee weapons will work too (well, for Stealth 100).  If your enemy does not
spot you, he will just stand there - even if you're right in his face and
hacking away.  They don't even take evasive action.  A high stealth skill
will let you merrily trot along slaughtering powerful enemies just because
they didn't see you coming.  In effect, you are a sniper.

Not ALL enemies can be snuck up on, unfortunately.  Some can spot you even if
you're not in view - very cheap considering you can't move the viewing plane
farther - but sometimes even these enemies, should you be lucky enough to
JUST bring them into view while sneaking, can be snuck up on and picked off
sniper style.  If you know you have a clear shot and that there is an enemy
ahead of you, you can also fire blindly (shift-click) and hope to hit them -
Sniping damage applies even on blind shots.  To do blind fire, simply hold
shift and move your pointer in the direction of the enemy and then click.  Do
this in several locations to spread your fire out, and you should eventually
hit something.

It's a lot of fun to wipe out an entire enemy camp and having them never know
what hit them.

Your character will ALWAYS be sneaking according to his adjusted skill - that
is, Sneak is always on.  When I say it's "Always On", I mean even if you run
up to a guy and kill him in melee combat - you're STILL sneaking and his two
buddies may STILL ignore you.  A good stealth target would be about 40 to 50;
when you activate the Shadow spell, you will become invisible to most enemies
around you.  That being said, you'll want enough mysticism to make the spell
last long enough to be useful.

As a side note, if you're going to be a scout, you will want to travel only
with other scouts if you're going to play the role of a scout.  Unless you
can find a really hard NPC who can act as a good distraction, you're better
off with scouts only.  Let the other scouts act as back up if you're spotted.  

This is a little technique I picked up near the end of writing this FAQ.
When you initially cast Shadow, there are a few moments of invisibility
that occur during which no one will be able to detect you, providing your
Stealth abilities are high enough.  During which time you will be allowed to
make "Sniper Shots" on an enemy that's already seen you.  You can use this
technique - if you're fast enough - to your advantage.  It works against the
game's "End Boss", and it is this trick that finally evens the score for the

3.4	Mysticism

This single skill has the greatest range of effect.

When you build your Mysticism, not only do you increase your Mana maximum,
but you also increase the recharge rate and power of your spells, and
decrease the power needed to cast them.  No other skill effects as many
attributes as Mysticism - naturally it's quite important.  When you Mysticism
is quite high (around 50) only the most powerful spells will drain it - weaker
spells like Fireball can be tossed off rapid-fire without a thought.

There's something just too satisfying tossing off attacks spells left, right,
and centre and never worrying about running out of Mana.  If you know there's
a horde of enemies up ahead, trying blindly firing off a barrage of spells
rapid-fire first in their general direction.  I've slaughtered enemies and
never been detected that way.  Rapid-fire is not advisable with friendlies

3.5	What is the Best Class?

The mage is the easiest class to clear the game with.

Scouts can kill things with one hit and without worry of retaliation.
Fighters are tanks on the battlefield.  Mages just blast everything in their
path.  It's VERY easy to become a jack of all trades - especially if you
complete all chapters.

However, as far as the Chapter orders are concerned, Chapter 3 is for the
Fighter, Chapter 4 is for a Scout, and Chapter 5 is for a Mage.  I've found
that there are times that you'll have to walk into things as a Fighter quite
often in Chapter 2, so plan on heavy armour at some point.

The Mage's biggest fear is MULTIPLE enemies.  The mage can kill just about
any single enemy, but being swarmed is very dangerous.  The Fighter, due to
his excellent combat skills and heavy armour, stands the best chance when
swamped by a crowd.  The scout, when things are good, doesn't have to worry
about crowds as he can kill any number of enemies so long as they don't find
him.  As some enemies will ALWAYS find you, and hence you need something to
fall back on -- and considering you won't have armour, magic is best.

As a side note, the character who has the easiest time at the beginning is
one who does not neglect magic.  Stealth pays off, but it doesn't REALLY help
until you're VERY good at it, and it needs the Shadow spell to be truly

3.6	NPC's

They're idiots.

Don't get me wrong - they can be very useful.  But the AI in this game is so
horrid that their usefulness is really restricted to either scouts who snipe
enemies who get too close, or support mages who run around wildly tossing
healing and defensive spells on the party.  Sometimes their sole purpose is
just to take the heat off you.

NPC's get stronger as you get stronger, and they don't have to be in the
party in order to power up.  

A few characters don't do too badly with their AI - Phellic's Apprentice is
one who does - Defensive Magic suits him just fine.  Your character's brother
Corvus is probably the only melee NPC I've ever encountered who really knew
how to take care of himself - only available in the final chapter.

However, don't count on NPC's to do the job during a fight.  The designers
showed very poor judgement when creating the game - enemy characters have
far-reaching vision at time, but your NPC's won't.  For example, you can
sneak up on an enemy (accompanied by an NPC scout) You shoot at the enemy.
Does your scout follow suit?  No.  He stands there.  He won't react until the
villain gets close - despite having "Ranged" AI.  If you want a team effort,
you have to switch between your character and your NPC's to manually make
them shoot - and considering that your character has NO AI, it means if say,
an enemy approaches your character, he will sit there like a lump whereas
even the idiot NPC's would at least fight back or run away.  It wouldn't be a
problem if you were able to issue commands while the game is paused, but you
can't.  If it weren't for the fact that the enemy characters aren't that
bright themselves, the game would be really very difficult.  The designers
have no excuse for these problems -- there are plenty of examples of better
RPG controls out there.

Like I said, NPC's are best used as back-up.  The best way to use them is as
a back-up plan - if someone nails you with a Hold spell, quickly swap to an
NPC and keep fighting!

Last but not least, remember that NPC's only act on their own if you're in
COMBAT MODE.  This can be easy to forget as a mage who maybe never enters
combat mode as he just shoots down everyone with spells.

The best NPC's are:
Wyatt (by a -- pardon the pun -- long shot for most of the chapters)
Phellic's Apprentice (he gets named in Chapter 5)
Kalevi (basically a Wyatt clone)
Amori (Has spells that you won't be able to get until near the end of
       Chapter 5)
Corvus (Maybe it was because I was so powerful by Chapter 6, but I think it's
        just that being a legendary unstoppable force runs in the family
        bloodline ;)

3.7	Stats
What exactly do your stats do?

This stat is used to raise melee damage and to meet weapon requirements.
Raising this stat is important to fighters as they will want to cause as
much damage as possible per swing.  If you're not interested in melee combat,
then for the most part you'll only want enough strength to use weapons

This stat effects Attack, Defence, and Attack Speed as well as meeting gear
requirements.  Every ten points or so will speed your attack up.  While it
shouldn't be ignored (weapon use), this stat still has the least effects for
what you pay for it.

This stat effects how many HP you have and how quickly you heal, and also
effects Mana maximum to a certain degree.  Important to anyone.

This stat is used in conversations to unlock extra conversation paths and
potentially extra TP.  It may or may not have an effect on how easily you can
spot enemy snipers.

This stat is also used in conversations as well as improving your barter.
It's not a very important stat, although you will need to maintain it as the
game progresses.  Some conversation paths are only available to those with
high charm.  More often than not, the extra paths just stroke your ego a bit.

This stat effects your Attack and Defend skills - very important for melee

Probably the single most potent stat in the game, this effects the power of
your spells, maximum Mana, and rate of recharge.

This stat allows you to move undetected.  Undetected attacks do snipe damage,
often enough to kill in a single blow.  If the stat (adjusted, usually) hits
around 80-100 you'll actually be able to walk right up to enemies and attack
them in melee combat without being detected.  It looks REALLY odd to see a
bunch of bozos stand around nonchalantly while some nutcase is swinging at

Attack Recovery
The lower this score is, the better as it means you can attack faster.
Coordination has an effect on this stat.

Hit Recovery
The lower this score is, the better as it means you don't get stunned as long
when hit.

The lower the better.  Take any training that lowers your Restriction as it
means you'll be able to equip heavy armour and still fight without penalty.

Healing Rate
You constantly recover from damage - the higher this score is, the faster you
regain your HP.

Recharge Rate
How quickly your Mana regenerates.

3.8	General Class Strategies

3.8.1   Squire - AKA "The Fighter"

Priority Stats:  Combat, Strength, Constitution
Least Important:  Stealth

Fighters should not ignore Mysticism stats or skills - they will most
certainly want to be able to heal themselves and use defensive spells.  Their
least important skill is Stealth - they will want to wake up enemies and
beat them hand-to-hand.  Scouts make EXCELLENT NPC's for fighters - their AI
actually kicks in at close quarters, but most of the enemies are more
concerned with killing the tank than going after the scouts.  Should they
decide to chase down a scout, chase THEM down and correct them with a few
savage blows to the head.  Always pick up any training that decreases your
restriction - a fighter's power comes through his weapon and gear, and the
lower your natural restriction, the better.  Around Chapter 3, start building
up your Stealth skill if you decide to do Chapter 4 - and during Chapter 4,
concentrate on magic.

3.8.2   Apprentice - AKA "The Mage"

Priority Stats:  Mysticism, Constitution
Least Important:  Strength

Mages have it easy; their one skill provides all the potency they need.
Don't completely ignore Combat - that way your defence stays up when you're
attacked, and Stealth is actually a good thing to work on a little as you can
support it with your Shadow spell.  Mages can handle ANY chapter their way,
with the exception of Chapter 4 (you'll need SOME Stealth) - and be sure to
build up your stats enough to use a hunting bow at least by Chapter 4.
This is probably the easiest class to play in the game. which just shows how
unbalanced magic is.

3.8.3   Hunter - AKA "The Scout"

Priority Stats:  Stealth, Combat, Mysticism
Least Important:  Strength

Scouts have a distinct advantage in some levels, and a decisive weakness in
others.  This is mostly due to poor game design and inconsistent detection of
characters.  Enemies can see you from various lengths away, but the PLAYER
can only see up to half a screen length away.  So it means that some enemies
will detect you only because you can't shift the screen far enough to get a
proper snipe shot off.  Most of the scout's problems don't arise due to the
character, but due to the lack of usability testing on the part of the

You can't move the screen.  You can't make your party stay put just in case
and scout ahead yourself.  Which makes the NPC scout characters incredibly
useful and the player scout a handicap.  Why?  You're allowed to send an NPC
out ahead alone.  But as a player, your party will mindless follow behind.
So the ideal combination of scout/fighter doesn't work properly like it would
if the player was the fighter.  To top it all off, some enemies seem to
spontaneously detect you.  I've had enemy scouts snipe me down from outside
the screen while other enemies in the area haven't clued in at all to my
presence.  That's right - closer enemies were unaware while enemies much
farther away were.  Despite all this, the scout is still pretty playable.
It's just frustrating to have the character's potential lowered by design
flaws.  As a scout, plan to defeat enemies by either surprise or by using
magic.  Trying to take down enemies later in the game in melee combat without
serious armour is just too risky.  Later in the game you should become a
ranger and get an item that will allow you to attack faster than anyone else,
which is a significant advantage.

4	Customizing the Game - and Cheating


They are just ASKING for you to mess with the game.

You can customize your looks, but look at the Resources directory - that's in
the ArtLib folder.  Audio, Conversations, Journal - you can mess with it ALL.
Sound like fun?  You bet it does!  This is also the easiest way to cheat.
All the .CNV files are text files - open them with a text editor and you can
change the dialogue.  With a little time and effort, you can prevent
premature death, give yourself free Training Points - even change your
attributes!  (Constitution of 1000 is pretty interesting)
I'm pretty sure that while you can't create Quests, you can change the entire
feel of the game.  You can even add additional conversation loops -
experiment a bit.  Don't do it until after you've beaten the game or you
will spoil it. I'm sure the hardcore gamers won't cheat.

Sent in by:  	"Steve Payne"
He says:
First of I have just retrieved the ring from the tower, then returned to the
South Gate lvl. 2 to see Elazar.  Found out he's in infirmary.  Then went
downstairs to start talking to people.  Generally, being a nosy blabbermouth. 
Anyway I stumbled on Grimbold in the main room off the hallway before Lucan.

This is the loop.
    1. Grimbold will hail you and congratulate you on the lich kill.
    2. Say, "It's all in the wrist you see..."
    3. Then he'll draw sword and motion for you to do the same do it.
After you complete the little acting skit it dosn't really matter what you say
but when you finish the conversation you will receive 4 TP every time you
complete the conversation.

5	Spoiler-Free Chapter Help

5.1	Chapter One

5.1.1	General Tips

All Types:
   *  Your Mysticism will be the single most useful skill for Chapter 1.
      While most normal enemies can be either slain in melee combat, or shot
      down with hit-and-run arrow tactics, enemies like archers and mages who
      who can attack at a distance will be difficult to overcome unless you
      have magic on your side.  A well-placed Hold spell can be the
      difference between life and death.
   *  Be sure to raise your Charm a little before you start selling off gear.
   *  Take this chapter slowly until you get a feel of the combat and your
      character's abilities.
   *  It is highly recommended that you kill each and every enemy character in
      all the Village areas.
   *  Don't spend every last Training Point; try to keep some in reserve until
      you've learned all you can from the three instructors in the Chapter.
      Save a little before embarking on Chapter 2 - you will be introduced to
      three more instructors and you will want what they can teach.
   *  Be sure to do SOMETHING about enemy archers first.  They have a Stealth
      skill - if they sneak up on you, they can do GRAVE damage.  Just
      because YOU can see them doesn't mean your character can.
   *  It'd be a very good idea to power up your Mysticism a bit so your HOLD
      spell will last.  You'll need it.
   *  If you know there's a really obnoxious enemy up ahead, and you know that
      if you could actually advance the screen to SEE the bugger you'd be able
      to shoot him down, fire blindly.  There are times when you can taken
      enemies down with lucky blind hits before they can retaliate.

   *  You will start out with all the attributes for the gear you'll get
      after you visit the Quartermaster.  
   *  If you really want to see the effects of your strength, switch to Combat
      mode and then hit 'C' to see your stats.
   *  The Warrior has the second hardest path through this chapter, especially
      against any ranged opponents, if you plan to go entirely melee.  It
      might be a good idea to find a bow and arrow at some time, or also use
      mage skills.

   *  Don't spend any Training Points until AFTER you've visited the
      Quartermaster.  You may have to raise your Strength and Coordination so
      you can use your bow without penalty.  
   *  As Scouts must tread quietly - and hence wear light armour -- they
      should not skimp on their magic skills.  They'll need the various spells
      to magically improve their defences when enemies can't be struck down
      with a single shot from a distance.
   *  It's a sad fact that the Scout has the hardest time starting out in this
      game - you simply can't raise your Stealth skill high enough to be
      effective in enough time.

Since the Shadow spell is taxing to cast at this point in the game and
doesn't last very long, you can forget about getting in too many death-blows.
You'll get to see Stealth's power in Chapter 2 at the earliest.

   *  As a scout, you'll have to strike a balance between Combat (so you can
      hit enemies), Stealth (so you can shoot at them without worrying about
      retaliation - which is vital when facing other archers) and Magic (so
      you can use the Shadow spell effectively).
   *  One variation of playing the scout could be to actually play him like
      more of a mage - concentrating on magic over stealth and using his
      archery abilities while waiting for Mana to recover.  Don't ignore your
      Stealth skill completely. but just focus on it less.

   *  Concentrate on your mage skills.  By building on your magical skills,
      you'll be able to fry enemies with ease.  You'll be mostly doing
      shoot-and-run tactics.  If you're outnumbered and low on Mana, retreat.  
   *  A single enemy can be dealt with just by letting him chase you until
      your Mana builds enough to blast him again.  You start with the
      poorest gear - look around for better armour.  
   *  There's an old, worn set of chain-mail in Outer Keep Level One near
      where the monks are - it's about as good as Leather Armour, although
      noisier.  Better than nothing - which is what you'll start with.  
   *  Be advised that if you see an enemy archer, your best bet is to cast
      Hold on him; archers tend to move around quite a bit and they're
      therefore harder to target with spells.  If you see an enemy archer
      combined with a foot soldier, run.  Let the foot soldier chase you -
      the archer is less likely to.  After the foot soldier is eliminated
      you can deal with the archer.  If you MUST fight them both as once, be
      sure to Hold the archer first.  
   *  Mages should focus on their Mysticism and Constitution scores first -
      once you're satisfied with them you might want to build up your Combat
      to minimize melee damage, or Stealth so you don't have to deal with
      melee damage.  Equip yourself appropriately - no point being trying to
      be sneaky while clanking about in heavy armour.

5.1.2	Key Characters and their Locations

Sir Roth (Chapter 1 Only) - Outer Keep L2, west most area
         (blocked off initially)
Mudam    - Outer Keep L2, farthest south eastern room.  Can train you.
           You MUST visit him, it's part of the fixed path.
Elarath  - Outer Keep L2, North-west most room.  Can train you.
           Highly advisable to meet and train with him.
Madden   - Outer Keep L2, in hallway.
Bonnie   - Outer Keep L1, near stairway.
Anora    - Outer Keep L1, Kitchen
Friar Masses - Outer Keep L1, north most area
Brother Mo   - Outer Keep L1, east most area
Pell(andrian) - Outer Bailey, east of north gate
Freeman  - Outer Bailey, north-eastern area
Ladren   - Outer Bailey (location changes)  Can train you.
Olon     - Outer Bailey, east side.
Penrith  - Outer Bailey, near training grounds
Lucan    - South Gate L1, south east side.
Elazar   - South Gate L2, north
Calum    - South Gate L2, centre

5.1.3	Weapons and Armour of Note

A brief note:  I don't believe stun damage does actual DAMAGE, but improves
the chances of actually making your opponent buckle and therefore slow him
down considerably.	Fur-Lined Boots
Piercing:  0-2%, Crushing:  0-3%, Cutting:  0-4%	Elven Leather Breeches
These pants are not meant for warriors who NEED their strength and
Coordination +2, Stealth + 1, Attack Recovery -1, Hit Recovery -1,
Perception +1, Strength -2, Constitution -2, Restriction +3
Piercing:  2-9%, Cutting:  2-9%, Magic:  2-6%	Black Boots of the Shadows
Excellent gear for ANY class, but especially Scouts.  
Coordination +1, Stealth +5, Attack Recovery -1, Hit Recovery -1, Defence +2,
Restriction -1
Piercing:  0-7%, Crushing:  0-6%, Cutting:  0-11%	Long Bow
Better range than the Hunting Bow, but otherwise the same weapon.
Sacrifice 1 Stealth while using it.	Common Long Sword (Fighter's starting weapon)
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 7, Coordination 10, Restriction 45
Attack Recovery:  14
Piercing 0-4, Crushing 1-6, Cutting 4-12
Total Potential:  5-22 damage.	Broad Sword
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 12, Coordination 10, Restriction 45
Attack Recovery:  16
Piercing 0-4, Crushing 1-6, Cutting 5-15
Total Potential:  6-25 damage	Axe of Confidence
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 13, Coordination 10, Restriction 45
Attack Recovery:  16
Stealth -3
Crushing 3-7, Cutting 6-13, Heat 3-7
Total Potential:  12-27	Officer's Sword
You get this weapon for retrieving the Fine Steel Bars for Freeman and
clearing out Village 3.  While it may not do as much damage as the heavier
arms, it is a very FAST weapon and well worth the trouble.
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 7, Coordination 10, Restriction 45
Attack Recovery:  7
Attack +5
Piercing 0-4, Crushing 1-4, Cutting 5-15
Total Potential:  6-23	Ogre's Club
Very, very slow weapon requiring massive strength.  While it can do a lot of 
damage, the fact that it's so slow doesn't make up for it in my opinion.
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 18, Coordination 10, Restriction 45
Attack Recovery:  23
Crushing 15-30, Stun 0-10
Total Potential:  15-30

5.1.4	Available Training
Mage Craft (+1 Perception, +2 Mysticism, +2 Recharge Rate): 5 TP
Basic Energy Management(+5 Mana): 3 TP
Minor Meditation(+1 Recharge Rate): 3 TP

Path Finding (+2 Coordination, -1 Restriction, +3 Stealth):  5 TP
Basic Camouflage (+2 Stealth, -1 Restriction, +1 Perception):  3 TP
Centre of Balance (+2 Defense, -2 Hit Recovery): 3 TP
Field First Aid (+2 Hit Points, +1 Healing Rate): 2 TP

Combat Breathing (+5 HP, +1 Heal Rate) - 3 TP.
Weapon Balance (+2 Coordination) - 3 TP
Armour Fitting (-2 Restriction) - 3 TP

5.1.5	Spells of Note

All the spells you can learn, you can learn from Elerath except for Shadow.

Heal - Enough said!  Get it!

Fireball:  Does heat and crushing damage - a pretty standard spell and can do
really heavy damage on lightly armoured enemies.

Frost:  While having an overall lower damage potential, it has a higher
minimum damage and does only cold damage - which makes it effective against
armoured foes.

Hold:  Should be cast against enemy mages and archers.

Shadow:  A fine spell for sneaky characters, and a must for Scouts - once
your Stealth hits 100, you can run in front of most enemies and they won't
notice you.  Some enemies, as you will later discover, will detect you
regardless, but casting Shadow when spotted may give you a few moments to

5.1.6	Quest Check-List
Have you...
  Killed the Cellar Bugs?
  Retrieved the Rose and Letter?
  Found the Fine Steel?
  Cleared Village 3 of enemies?
  Found the Saphire Ring?
  Found the Key Ring?
  Recovered the Chalice?
  Got all the scrolls with strange writing?
  Recovered the Amulet?
  Killed every single enemy creature?  (It's not a quest, just a good idea to

5.2	Chapter Two

5.2.1	General Tips (How do I START Chapter 2??)

The Inner Bailey and Inner Keep Levels 1,2, and basement are now all open to
you.  To start the chapter, go past the northern guards in the Outer Keep
Level 1.  You will be warped to the Inner Keep, and Sir Roth's chambers.
Sir Roth will move the battle room on Inner Keep L1 when this Chapter is
complete.  They mention how to start Chapter 2 very briefly in the manual,
and it's hard to find that rather vital bit of info.  Keep a look out for
secret areas - there are a number of them.

This chapter is pretty straightforward and the spoiler-free strategies are
the same for just about all the classes.  There is a lot of good gear in this
chapter.  Be sure to explore the Inner Bailey as well as the caves very
thoroughly.  Also be sure to report things to everyone - it's worth TP.

You'll want at least 15 Perception and Charm for this Chapter.  By Chapter 3,
you'll need about 20 Perception/Charm.  Don't forget that the adjusted stat
does the trick.  There are a fair number of extra conversation paths that
don't do anything but respond to your stats, but some will reveal traitors
which are good to kill for Training Points.

You'll encounter three new types of enemies.

Lurkers don't look too bright (they're not) and they don't seem that skilled
(they're not) nor do they have much stamina but they ARE fast and strong so
if they hit it will HURT.  Just keep this thought in mind - there will be
times when you're laughing at their lack of skill and then the next moment
you're near death because they got lucky and hit you twice.

Rock Golems are very sturdy creatures, but they're clumsy.  If you're going
to attack them, make the most out of your class - spells, snipe, or in melee,
swarm him with the help of NPC's.  Skeletons can basically be treated like
human opponents - except they play dead.  You can take advantage of this by
shooting them before they get up.

There are many NPC's available in this chapter - a sage's apprentice, an
experienced knight, a broke but skilled scout, and the soldier the scout owes
money to.  

You will want to take some NPC's with you - at this stage in the game you'll
need some help to keep everyone off your back.  The type of NPC's you take
depends on how you like to overcome your enemies.  I would most certainly
take Wyatt if no-one else strictly due to his Stealth ability - it means he
will dish out good damage while not being attacked.  If you're a fighter,
my recommendation is to take Phelic's Apprentice and Wyatt - the apprentice
will rejuvenate you and Wyatt takes pot shots at unguarded enemy backs while
you fight (and draw their attention AWAY from Wyatt so he can be at his most

If you're a mage, I would suggest recruiting a fighter to distract enemies
while you and Wyatt shoot them down.

Even a scout should take Wyatt along - but then you'll certainly want a melee
character to flush them out with.  You'd be surprised how effective it is
just to keep moving while a ranged character fires at your opponent - just
don't get too far away, or the enemy will attack the archer.  While you're
just out of arm's reach however, you're too tempting a target to pass up.  If
they DO go after the archer, a few good wacks usually gets their attention.

If you're having trouble against the boss (Uh. do NOT attack the Lich - you
have been warned) then I recommend building your mysticism skill a bit
(around 20-25) and getting Wyatt.  Cast Shadow on him and he can take down
the boss in a matter of moments, as it does NOT have the "super detection
ability" that the Shaman did.  I do not suggest trying to fight the boss
hand-to-hand unless you are a complete tank.

If you really want to whip this level, get Wyatt and improve your Mysticism
to the point where Shadow is effective.  Let Wyatt sneak up and snipe-shot
enemies for you.  Except for the Lich, it works on everyone in this chapter.

A final note (and this is mentioned in the manual) - you will not be able to
help the Lurkers until Chapter 5.  Quests often can't be completed once you
pass the chapter they were assigned in, but this is the exception to the rule.

5.2.2	Key Characters and Locations

Sir Caerleon - a new trainer, warrior tactics.  Found in the North-East
               side of Inner Keep Level 2 near the L-shaped junction with
               the stairwell.
Sir Olsa     - North West side of Inner Keep Level 2, west of Sage Phelic.
Sage Phelic  - North-West most side of Inner Keep Level 2.
King and Queen - Large room on the south side of Inner Keep Level 2.
Ambassadar Lucius - next to King, east of his chambers. Inner Keep Level 2.
Sir Dinadon  - Southern bar of Inner Keep Level 2.  NPC.
Brother Larry - South-East area of Inner Keep Level 2.  The door will be
                locked - after hitting the locked door, speak to Sir Roth for
                the key.
Fester the Alchemist - East area in large room of Inner Keep Level 2.
Sir Ither - North-West of King's room, Inner Keep Level 2.
Simek - Inner Keep, Main Hall
Maris - North East rooms, Inner Keep Level 1.  Have at least 15 Perception
        before talking to him.
Library - South West Side.  Marcus is there.
Wyatt, the scout - NPC.  North East side of Inner Keep Level 1.
Vasek, the soldier - NPC.  North East side of Inner Keep Level 1.
                     Joins if Wyatt is in the party.
Esmond - East side of Inner Keep Level 1. 
Tracy - Far East side of Inner Keep Level 1.
Neese - East of Main Hall, Inner Keep Level 1.
Merchant Rayous - Inner Bailey, West side. 
Tristan - Inner Baily, North-East corner.
Felious, the Necromancer - Basement of Inner Keep.
Bones - Basement of Inner Keep, behind a hidden door.
        Talk to the necromancer first.

5.2.3	Weapons and Armour of Note

There's some really fantastic gear in this chapter.	Splint Haubrek
Stealth -3, Defence -1, Restriction +5
Piercing:  0-4%, Crushing:  0-5%, Cutting:  0-6%	Mace of Frozen Barbs
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 15, Coordination 13, Restriction 45
Attack Recovery:  15
Piercing:  2-4, Crushing:  6-13, Cold:  2-4, Stun:  6-13
Total Potential:  10-21 plus Stunning	Eleven Fine Long Bow
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 16, Coordination 12, Restriction 30
Attack Recovery:  17
Coordination +2, Stealth +2, Perception +2	Bracers of Defence
Worn as gauntlets.
Defence + 5	Mystic Claw
Mainly used to bolster your magic as it's an otherwise unimpressive weapon.
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 1, Coordination 8, Restriction 45
Attack Recovery:  8
Mana:  +30, Restriction -1
Piercing:  1-2, Cold:  0-2
Total Potential:  1-4	Fine Long Sword
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 7, Coordination 10, Restriction 45
Attack Recovery:  14
Piercing:  1-4, Crushing 1-7, Cutting:  5-13
Total Potential:  7-24	Black Pants of the Shadows
Fantastic gear, especially for scouts and mages.
Coordination +4, Constitution +2, Mysticism +3, Perception +1, Mana +10,
Restriction +1
Piercing:  0-5%, Crushing:  0-7%, Cutting:  0-8%	Ahoul Leather Plate Kilt
Good armour for an NPC, worn on either Leg 2 or Belt
Hit Recovery -1, Stealth -5, Defence -3, Restriction +5
Piercing:  1-5%, Crushing 1-6%, Cutting 1-7%, Stun 1-4%	Fine Great Helm
Hit Recovery -3, Stealth -3, Defence -2, Restriction +2
Piercing:  1-6%, Crushing 1-8%, Cutting 1-8%, Stun 1-5%	Fine Long Bow
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 16, Coordination 12, Restriction 30
Attack Recovery:  19
Stealth -1	Ruby Red Boots
Reduces your restriction slightly.
Restriction -2
Piercing 0-1%, Crushing 0-2%, Cutting 0-2%	Black Leather Gloves
They give stat bonuses because they look cooler, I suppose.
Coordination +2, Restriction +1
Piercing 0-3%, Crushing 0-4%, Cutting 0-4%	Sword of Ezra
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 7, Coordination 10, Restriction 45
Attack Recovery:  14
Attack +5
Piercing:  0-4, Crushing:  1-6, Cutting:  4-12
Total Potential:  5-22	Iron First of Oriam
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 15, Coordination 13, Restriction 45
Attack Recovery:  15
Stealth -3
Crushing:  6-13, Stun:  6-13
Total Potential:  6-13, plus stunning.	Ahoul Metal Pauldrons
Worn on Chest 3, good for an NPC.
Hit Recovery -1, Stealth -2, Defence -3, Restriction +6
Piercing:  1-6%, Crushing:  1-7%, Cutting:  1-8%, Stun 1-4%	Wizard's Braces
Stealth -1, Hit Recovery -1, Defence -1, Restriction +1
Piercing:  0-2%, Crushing:  0-2%, Cutting:  2-4%, Heat:  2-6%, Cold:  2-6%,
Electricity:  2-6%, Stun:  0-2%	Hands of Truth
Tricky to find, worth the effort.
Strength +1, Coordination +2, Constitution +1, Hit Points +5, Mana +15,
Attack +1, Defence +1, Restriction +1
Piercing:  1-2%, Crushing 1-2%, Cutting 1-2%, Stun 2-4%	Open Black Cloak
Notice that black items tend to have more bonuses.  In this case, a small
Stealth bonus.
Worn on the Outer area.
Stealth +1, Restriction +2
Piercing 0-2%, Crushing 0-4%, Cutting 0-5%	Fine Steel Greaves
Worn on Legs.
Stealth -5, Hit Recovery -1, Defence -3, Restriction +7
Piercing 1-6%, Cutting 0-8%, Crushing 1-8%, Stun 1-4%	Bauldazor's Razor
_Quick_ and deadly.
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 7, Coordination 10, Restriction 45
Attack Recovery:  7
Attack +3, Coordination +5
Piercing 0-4, Crushing 1-6, Cutting 6-12
Total Potential:  7-22	Shield of Fortitude
A great shield if you're a mage or fighter.
Strength +4, Constitution +4, Stealth -4, Hit Recovery 1, Defence +1,
Restriction +8
Piercing 1-6%, Crushing 1-6%, Cutting 1-6%, Stun 2-6%	Wounding Bit
A damaging but unimpressive special weapon due to its slow speed.
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 12, Coordination 12, Restriction 40
Attack Recovery:  16
Stealth -3
Crushing:  4-12, Cutting 5-15, Stun 4-8
Total Potential:  9-27 plus Stun	Sacrificial Dagger
Keeps you healthy, but don't equip it in town due to Charm penalty.
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 1, Coordination 8, Restriction 45
Attack Recovery:  6
Charm -5, Healing Rate +3, Hit Points +20	Heart Guardian
The armour's impressive bonuses and only a minor Stealth penalty makes this
ideal gear for any class - I kept it almost the entire game.
Constitution +2, Stealth -2, Hit Recovery 2, Charm +2, Healing Rate +2,
Hit Points +5, Defence +1, Restriction +4
Piercing 2-5%, Crushing 2-7%, Cutting 2-9%, Stun 2-8%	Ring of Protection
Protects against everything to a small degree.
Defence +1
Piercing, Crushing, Cutting, Heat, Cold, Electricity, Magic, Stun:  0-2%.	Ring of Protection from Electricity
Electricity 3-25%	Ring of Health
+10 HP	Combat Boots
If your mother wears them then ask her if you can borrow them.
Not recommended for magic types.
Strength +4, Combat +4, Stealth +4, Attack Recovery 1, Defence +1, Mana -5,
Mysticism -4, Recharge Rate -5 (that hurts), Restriction +2	Fine Ancient Sword
Not bad, but there are much better weapons available by this point.
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 7, Coordination 10, Restriction 45
Attack Recovery:  14
Piercing:  0-4, Crushing 1-6, Cutting 4-12
Total Potential:  5-22	Mother-Of-Pearl
Charm +2, Perception +2	Bone Club
Powerful but very slow.
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 14, Coordination 10, Restriction 45
Attack Recovery:  20
Charm -15, Restriction +5
Crushing:  8-16, Magic 3-6, Stun 1-7
Total Potential:  11-22, plus stunning.	Fedora of the Deceiver
Wear this in town, but swap it once you head towards battle.
Coordination +4, Stealth +4, Perception +4, Charm +4, Restriction -4,
Healing Rate -5 (ow), Recharge Rate -5 (ow, again), Hit Points -5, Mana -5	Troll Girdle
A belt which makes you heal faster and grants extra HP.
Healing Rate +2, +25 HP.	Rotting Black Robe
The Mana bonus is worth it once you leave town.
Charm -3, Mana +25, Restriction +5
Piercing 0-1%, Crushing 0-2%, Cutting 0-3%

5.2.4	Available Training

Sir Caerleon
Weapon Skill (+3 Coordination, +5 Combat):  15 TP
Pain Tolerance (+15 HP, +2 Healing Rate):  10 TP
Endurance (-5 Restriction):  10 TP

Silent Movement (+3 Coordination, +5 Stealth):  20 TP
Body Control (+4 Defend, -4 Hit Recovery, +2 Attack):  20 TP
Advanced Camouflage (+3 Stealth, -5 Resistance, +2 Perception):  10 TP

Wizard Craft (+2 Perception, +2 Coordination, +3 Mysticism, 
	+1 Recharge Rate):  15 TP
Lesser Meditation (+2 Recharge Rate, -1 Restriction):  10 TP
Energy Management (+25 Mana):  10 TP

5.2.5	Spells of Note
All spells learned from Bones.

Aura of Iron:  This handy spell will protect you against physical damage by
improving your resistance for all physical attacks by 50%.  Costs 20 TP to

Protection From (Lightning/Cold/Fire) - get ALL of these spells.  You'll need
them later.  Resist damage by 50%.  Each 15 TP.

5.2.6	New NPC's

Wyatt is an excellent NPC due to his high Stealth skill - IF you know how to
use it.  Cast "Shadow" on Wyatt and let him run ahead killing enemies for you.
Wyatt is a good companion for anyone.  He is vital to a smooth operation in
Chapter 2, once you learn how to use him.


Vasek is a rather run-of-the-mill NPC, and he only joins if Wyatt's in the
party because he doesn't want Wyatt to get killed while he still owes him
money.  He is a defensive fighter - he starts out with an exceptional shield.

Phelic's Apprentice

Phelic's Apprentice is a rather weak NPC in the beginning - he has pathetic
skill all around.  So  why is he a recommended party member?  For the simple
reason is that he's the only mage NPC you're going to see until Chapter 4.
"Defensive Magic" AI suits him perfectly.  While you're fighting, he'll run
around tossing healing spells to keep you alive.  It's a good idea to dump
him in heavy armour ignoring restriction - he's not going to be doing any
fighting anyway.  Just keep the little Mana-burner alive so he can keep YOU

Sir Dinadon

Sir Dinadon is an aggressive fighter who joins you once you free up his task
list, so to speak.  He starts out with an exceptional weapon and armour - in
fact, his restriction is so high due to his armour that you really can't add
any more to it without encumbering him.

5.2.7	Quest Check List
Have you...
  Cured the King's Poisoning?
  Found out 2 additional traitors?
  Make Neese more of a man?  (Get your head out of the gutter!)
  Report the courier's status to Sir Roth?
  Tell the guard about his lack of relief?
  Reveal the fate of Tristan's friend?
  Help out Esmond?
  Report everything to Sir Roth?

5.3     Chapter Three

5.3.1	General Hints and Tips

This is the Fighter's Chapter.  You will deal with grunts - and lots of them.
Of course, the trick for this chapter is that Scouts and Mages can play it
like any other Chapter because there's no real trick involved with fighting
grunts, with the exception of their numbers.

Scouts don't CARE about numbers, Scouts kill everyone before they know what's
hit them.

Mages may find it a little harder if they get swarmed... but then there's
plan B:  Blast the hell out of them.

The Fighter has the simplest time - tank up, and beat the snot out of
everyone.  The main point of this Chapter for Fighters is the special
training you can receive - and it's HARD.  Unless your Combat and Strength
are up to par, you're going to be in trouble if you try to go it through
melee combat alone.  This is your first taste of special training - not only
do you have to pay a lot of TP for it, but you don't even GET the bonuses
until AFTER you survive!  At least the bonuses are worth it.  Despite all the
wandering you have to do, this is a pretty fun chapter.  This is also the
chapter where the Squire becomes a Knight.

I still recommend bringing Wyatt along for the ride.  His sniper shots will
help you make quick work of your enemies.

You will encounter new enemies:  Lizard Men, who aren't healthy but do a lot
of damage, and a number of special creatures whom you'll only meet in this

With an NPC scout, your #1 priority is to kill any enemy who approaches the
scout - keep them away from your sniper!  You'll find combat is easiest with
all the idiots trying to kill you while your scout merrily picks them off as
you crush them.  (You DID cast Aura of Iron on yourself first, right?  Good!
Okay, go to it)

Phellic's Apprentice is also a good choice for this chapter, if only for his
supportive magic.  Besides, NPC's do get stronger as you do, and you really
can't do the next chapter with them in tow.

If you plan to take on Chapter Three, start putting points into your Stealth
BEFORE you finish the Chapter.  Shoot for at least 30 base Stealth before
leaving this Chapter.

Basically, for this chapter you need to thoroughly explore each and every
part of every bit of the forest.  Kill every single enemy you find.  Pay
special attention to Forest 8, but also search Forest 1, 2 and 3 for Ahoul.
Once clear you'll be able to get some training.  As a fighter, you'll want
to reserve 70 TP for the training available.

The final challenge of this Chapter is not a single enemy.  Still, all the
tactics you've learned in the previous chapters are fully applicable in this
one.  None of the enemies that you'll be fighting are very special, but the
combination you'll be dealing with is dangerous.
If you're wondering, there are three items in this chapter useful to fighters
ONLY - and when I say fighters, I mean if you chose fighter training at the
beginning.  They're useless to all the other classes - but other classes are
only taking this chapter for the extra TP anyway. 

Finally, although this is a "fighter" chapter, don't neglect your spells!
There are times when the only thing between you and death is the power of the
Aura of Iron spell, or by stopping very dangerous enemies as quickly as
possible with Hold.  If you are outnumbered, don't forget that the melee
characters will chase you but the mages and archers usually don't.  Draw them
away - remember what I said about archers in Chapter One.

One last note - the final challenge of the chapter is triggered by talking to
page Entrowe whom poke with you at the beginning of the chapter.

Other Classes:
This is a great chance to improve extra abilities, as the training offered
here while useful isn't vital for you to take.  With over two hundred TP
available via combat, you can't afford NOT to do this Chapter!

5.3.2	Key Characters and Locations

Sir Roth is now in the War Room - Inner Keep, Level 1.  
Page Entrowe - wanders to the East of the War Room in Inner Keep Level 1.
Captain Nicophorus - Inner Keep Level 1 War Room.
Sir Mabon    - Inner Keep Level 1 War Room.
Ambassador Lucius - Inner Keep Level 2.
Captain Calvaric  - Inner Bailey, the Tavern
Sir Kyner, Sir Engres - NPC's, Inner Bailey Tavern
Lord Harold  - Outer Keep, Level 2
Penrith      - Outer Bailey, around the training grounds
Ezarath      - South Gate Level 2
Callum       - South Gate Level 2
Holden - Forest 5
Kalevi - Forest 5
Oskari - Forest 5

5.3.3	Weapons and Armour of Note

King Tortain's armour isn't as great as one would expect.	Leviathan's Scale Shield
This is a great, all-purpose shield, especially if you have to deal with
enemy magic users.
Stealth +2, Hit Recovery -1, Attack +7, Restriction +7
Piercing:  2-6%, Cutting:  2-6%, Heat:  2-6%, Cold:  2-6%	Black Leather Hood
It just looks really, really cool when you put it on.  It is also better
than the regular leather hood.	Helmet of Reason
This helmet has some nice attribute bonuses in exchange for less physical
Coordination +3, Stealth -1, Hit Recovery -1, Perception +4, Restriction +2
Piercing:  1-6%, Crushing:  1-6%, Cutting:  1-6%, Heat:  0-1%, Cold:  0-1%,
Electricity:  0-1%, Magic:  0-1%, Stun:  1-6%	Greaves of Fever Guard
If you have to deal with spell-casters or fire, this is the armour to go with.
Strength +2, Stealth -3, Attack Recovery -1, Hit Recovery -1, Defence -1,
Attack -1, Restriction +4
Piercing:  1-4%, Crushing:  1-4%, Cutting:  1-4%, Heat:  6-13%, Magic:  2-6%	White Great Helm
Looks cool, with great protection too.
Stealth -5, Hit Recovery -4, Defence -3, Restriction +3
Piercing:  2-8%, Crushing:  2-11%, Cutting:  2-11%, Stun:  1-8%	Fine Steel Arm Plates
Exceptional protection against physical attacks.
Stealth -4, Hit Recovery -3, Defence -5, Restriction +9
Piercing:  2-9%, Crushing:  2-10%, Cutting:  2-11%, Stun:  2-7%	Shadow Cuffs
Worn on the hands, not the arms.  Appropriate gear for the next chapter.
Coordination +4, Stealth +4, Perception +2, Restriction +1
Piercing/Cutting/Crushing:  0-1%	Gauntlets of Grounding
Restriction +1
Crushing:  1-2%, Electricity:  2-8%, Stun:  1-2%

5.3.4	Available Training

Oskari - available after killing all Ahoul in Forest 1, 2, 8 and possibly 9

Weapon Mastery (+3 Coordination, +10 Combat):  30 TP
Pain Control (+30 HP, +3 Healing Rate):  20 TP
Fortitude (-10 Restriction):  20 TP

5.3.5	Spells of Note
There are no new spells in this chapter - it's the fighter's chapter, after
all.  I would suggest getting the Aura of Iron spell from Bones before
embarking however.

5.3.6	New NPC's

Sir Kyner
A defensive melee character, he has Healing and Protect from Fire spells in
exchange for weaker combative ability.  Weaker?  Both Sir Kyner and Sir Engres
are Ahoul fodder without protective spells and heavy armour!  He starts with
poor gear - beef him up with some of your good gear before taking him out,
IF you think you'll need someone to take the pressure off.

Sir Engres
A more combat-oriented charcter who has a healing spell.  Like Sir Kyner,
he'll need some of that fine gear you've collected to stand a chance, and
like Sir Kyner, he's a moron.

The elf will probably join you prematurely due to a bug:  he tells you he
doesn't like you, and then he joins you anyway.  If you want to do it
"properly", talk to him, remove him from the party, then prevent Mikki the
unicorn from being killed.  Then go back and talk to him, and he will behave
normally.  Kalevi is an excellent NPC as his Stealth skill is great, but as
you can't equip him with anything he can't take much damage.  Still, if you
like Wyatt then you'll like Kalevi.  He has no spells.

5.3.7	Quest Check List
Have you...
  Killed every single enemy?  (You have to anyway.)
  Recovered King Tortain's signet ring?
  Recovered King Tortain's crown and armour?
  Saved Mikki?
  Become a Knight?  (fighters - AKA SQUIRES only)

5.4	Chapter Four

5.4.1	General Hints and Tips

This is the Scout's chapter.  Unlike the Fighter's chapter, you MUST have a
good Stealth skill if you want to live through it - there are many invincible
enemies and a number of areas that spit out infinite enemies who aren't worth
any TP.

Unequip any noisy armour, and get yourself a bow and quiver - it's the only
way to go for this one.

This is another fun Chapter providing you don't get caught.  LOTS of easy TP -
just be sure you never let the Shadow spell wear off and kill any magic-users
as SOON as you spot them - they can detect you fairly easily, but one sniper
shot will usually drop them.  This is THE chapter for all those who've ever
wanted to wipe out entire towns in RPG's, as most of the enemies think
you're one of their own.  Just a bit of advice:  Don't kill the Scout Master
like I did my first time through.  That's this chapter's ONLY trainer.
I found out later he was a trainer long after he was dead.  Doh!  If you
really want to benefit from this Chapter, systematically scout out the entire
area, killing all red-highlighted enemies (duh) and any enemy without a
unique name.  You might still want to speak to anyone who's not hostile
before killing them.  The dialogue will reveal some important information
eventually... but killing them is often still worth TP.

I highly recommend this Chapter for all classes provided they either have a
sufficient Stealth skill, or enough Mysticism to allow for frequent use of
the Shadow spell... preferably BOTH!  I've noticed that certain enemies will
always notice you unless you have the Shadow spell activated (like wolves)
However, the amount of easy TP to be gained just by snipe shots is too good
to pass up, especially since a lot of enemies won't even be hostile.

That's right - you're killing non-hostile characters for fun and profit.  And
you're the "hero".

Just make sure you only kill those with a generic name such as "Ahoul Scout",
"Ahoul Warrior", etc.  If you have enough Stealth and Mysticism to make good
use of the Shadow spell, then this is probably the easiest Chapter in the
entire game.

If you do get detected, leave the area - this will reset your pursuer's to
"non-chase" mode.  Also keep in mind your "Shadow" spell wears off when you
leave an area.

If you're wondering how to target non-hostile
characters, hold "Shift" while left-clicking on the enemy.  This makes your
character attack while standing, but it also forces and attack.  (Right from
the manual)

This is also the chapter where the Scout will become a Ranger.

Be sure to kill all Shamans and Casters for their gear.  You can not kill
Elite Guard or tribal chiefs - the designers simply made them invincible,
although you can certainly stand around bouncing arrows off their heads.

General Ovoron is also invincible until the final part of the Chapter.  

You will want to have about 16 Strength and Coordination (adjusted, in quiet
armour) for this Chapter just to use the good bows.  (This should be an
issue only for mages who don't care about Strength/Coordination)

The final challenge of this Chapter is rather... well. boring?  What's one
more snipe shot after you've been gleefully decimating an enemy camp?  This
Chapter really demonstrates how powerful Scout characters can be under the
right circumstances - although you're probably already been on the receiving
end of the power of Stealth during the last fight of Chapter 3.

5.4.2	Key Characters and Locations

Johfrit - Inner Keep Level 1, near entrance.
Elazar  - South Gate, Level 2
Olon    - Outer Bailey
Pell    - Outer Bailey
Nester  - Inner Keep Level 2
Old Ben - Village 3, covered building
Captain Calvaric - Inner Bailey Tavern
Siilazin - Village 9 (Ahoul)
Breetag  - Village 9 (Ahoul)
Kaldden  - Village 9 (Ahoul)
Darg     - Village 11 (Ahoul)
Sha' Ahoul Scoutmaster - Village 4, near tent
Ahoul Blacksmith       - Village 10
Edgard (Village 15)

5.4.3	Weapons and Armour of Note
----------------------------------	Draugdur's Bow
An excellent combat bow - it's fast and deadly.
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 16, Coordination 12, Restriction 30
Coordination +5, Attack +5
Attack Recovery 9	Assassin's Knife
While it doesn't do very much piercing or cutting damage, it will always do
at least 4-6 points due to the "Special" category.  In addition, it does
relatively heavy piercing damage - and less armour offers protection against
piercing damage.
Not recommended against a heavily armoured opponent all the same.
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 1, Coordination 8, Restriction 45
Stealth +10
Attack Recovery 6
Piercing:  1-7, Cutting:  1-4, Special:  4-6	Flamberge Broad Sword
This sword is slow and not magical, but it is capable of massive damage.
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 12, Coordination 10, Restriction 45
Attack Recovery:  16
Piercing:  1-4, Crushing:  1-7, Cutting:  6-17
Potential:  8-28	Greaves of Extinguishing
Heavy fire protection - you'll need this gear for the next chapter.
Stealth -7, Hit Recovery -3, Defence -4, Restriction +9
Piercing:  2-9%, Crushing:  2-11%, Cutting:  0-11%, Heat:  2-25%, Stun:  1-7%	Scimitar of Winds
A VERY quick weapon.
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 7, Coordination 10, Restriction 45
Coordination +2
Attack Recovery:  5
Piercing:  1-4, Crushing:  1-7, Cutting:  4-12
Potential:  6-23	Mana Bow
Despite the bonuses, I don't consider this bow to be terribly useful.
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 15, Coordination 15, Restriction 40
Mysticism +3, Stealth -2, Mana +3
Attack Recovery:  16	Mail of Midnight
Special scout-style chain mail.
Stealth +10, Restriction +5
Piercing:  0-3%, Crushing:  0-5%, Cutting:  0-7%	Voreworm Skin Shoes
There are better boots.
Coordination -2, Stealth -2, Attack Recovery 1, Hit Recovery -1, Defence +1,
Restriction +2
Piercing:  1-8%, Crushing:  1-8%, Cutting:  1-8%, Stun:  3-8%	Cloak of Storms
Not that useful considering that lightning-using enemies are pretty rare.
Restriction +2
Electric:  0-25%	Helm of Alertness
Good gear for a fighter who needs to be alert.
Stealth -3, Hit Recovery -4, Perception +10, Defence -2, Restriction +2
Piercing:  1-6%, Crushing:  1-9%, Cutting:  1-9%, Stun:  1-5%	Ring of Shadows
Stealth +10, Charm +1, Restriction -5	Ring of Greater Protection from Magic
Perception +2, Charm +2
Magic:  8-40%	Ring of Greater Protection from Fire/Cold/Electricity
There's an error that calls the ring of greater protection from electricity
just "Ring of Greater Protection".
(Element):  8-35%	Boots of Evasion
Not very useful over all.
Defence +1, Restriction +1
Piercing:  0-3%, Crushing:  0-4%, Cutting 0-4%	Tunic of Warmth
You'll want to use this in Chapter 5 if the weather looks chilly.
Coordination -1, Attack Recovery 1, Hit Recovery 1, Healing Rate +1,
Attack -1, Defence +1, Restriction +2
Piercing:  0-8%, Crushing:  0-8%, Cutting:  0-8%, Cold:  5-12%	Ring of Shadows
Stealth +10, Charm +1, Restriction -5	Ring of Greater Health
HP + 25	Dreamwalker's Wand
You are probably better off not ticking off Olon, so give this to him.
Mysticism +3, Mana +30

5.4.4	Available Training

The Sha' Ahoul Scoutmaster is the only person who can train you for this
Chapter.  You will have to perform a quest for him first.  His training is
far easier than Oskari's.  Attack recovery bonuses are rare, and expensive to
earn via high Coordination!

Sha' Ahoul Camouflage (+4 Stealth, -15 Restriction, +2 Perception):  20 TP
Focus (+5 Defence, -5 Hit Recovery):  20 TP
Shadow-Walker (+3 Coordination, +5 Stealth, -3 Attack Recovery):  30 TP

5.4.5	Spells of Note
None, but the Shadow spell is vital.

5.4.6	New NPC's
None.  Do not take NPC's with on for this Chapter.  Not even the scouts -
they may be quiet but NPC's have a tendency to blunder into things as well
as not actually HELPING you while you're sniping.

5.4.7	Quest Check List
Did you...
  Save Johfrit's ward?
  Destroy the ram?  (There are three ways of doing so, but you should do this
                     the most "interesting" way)
  Swap the staff's?  (Scouts only)
  Learn from the Scoutmaster?
  Help Kaldden?  (not a quest, but worthwhile)
  Give Olon the Dreamwalker's Wand?

5.5	Chapter Five

5.5.1	General Hints and Tips

This is one of the more difficult chapters in the game, although it starts
out easy enough.  You simply MUST dress to neutralize as much enemy magic as
possible, or you will find yourself very dead very quickly.  Even the Stealth
skill won't help you later in the game - a horrible shock if you're been
happily sniping enemies to death through half the chapter and then suddenly
it just doesn't cut the mustard.  While anyone can partake in this chapter,
ONLY the character who was generated as a magic-user will be able to
personally help Felious.

Knights -- Be sure to have 30 TP left over when this chapter is finished.
Rangers -- You'll want to have about 45 TP left over from this chapter.

If you'd like to change Phelic's Apprentice's name, have him in the party and
talk to Phelic.  Of course, I first did this having left PA out of the party
for most of the game, so the conversation made no sense.  ;)  You'll find he's
far more powerful now and a worthy ally, if you rejected him previously.
Along with a name, he also grabs a few new spells including a much-improved
HEAL spell.

It's a good idea to have NPC's with you for this chapter as there are a lot of
spell-slinging enemies and they love their Hold spell.  You will need every
defensive spell from the previous chapter (well, you could probably get away
with skipping the anti-electric spell) as well as a few new ones that you'll
pick up.  You'll also encounter several spell scrolls which you can trade in
for the actual spell.  I haven't experimented too much with retaining the
scrolls, but I believe it's in case you want to have an NPC learn a spell
instead.  In addition, several spells will require an item equipped before
you can cast them.

In Frosthelm, make sure you equip yourself and your party with anti-cold items
and gear not only to stop the icy spells of the Doomfrosts, but also to
resist cold damage while walking about in a frozen world.  A scout in the
party will be particularly effective during the first half of Frosthelm.
Once in the ice caves, you may want to swap the scout with another mage.

In Infernous, make sure you equip yourself with anti-heat gear for the same
reasons as you did in Frosthelm.  While scouts are still useful here, a
second mage will be equally effective.  Watch out for Fire Elementals -- they
have itchy trigger fingers.

Notsuoh is the perfect place to employ a scout.

You'll encounter a few VERY dangerous enemies in this chapter - namely the
Wraiths.  You must deal with them in Elzarath's Tower and again in the ice
caves of Frost Helm.  They have one basic stragety:  Cast "Deflect" on
themselves, then hold and destroy the target.  Best handled by attacking in a
group as it will usually only try to cast ONE hold spell.  Melee attacks will
cause it to be less effective as it will use a few melee tactics itself, but
said melee attacks will do little damage to it.

Before facing off against your final challenge (you'll know it's coming as
you've cleared all the other worlds) make sure you have all the defensive
spells you have.  In addition, it doesn't hurt to just fire off a swarm of
spells from the outside.  After this battle, you just have a little walking
around to do to finish off this chapter.  It's interesting that there doesn't
appear to be any side quests for TP in this chapter, although you'll get
plenty from killing bad guys.

As a final note, leave nothing and nobody of value in the Astral areas -
because they will be sealed off in Chapter 6.

5.5.2	Key Characters and Locations

Elarath - Outer Keep Level 2
Elazar  - South Tower Level 2
Pell    - Outer Bailey (the red-head in the blue dress, remember?)
Lauren  - Outer Bailey, near Pell.
Phellic - Inner Keep Level 2
Khaele  - Inner Bailey, East side in a large tent.
Amori   - NPC, stands with Khaele.
Bones   - Inner Keep Basement

5.5.3	Weapons and Armour of Note
----------------------------------	Gauntlets of Coordination
Coordination +8, Restriction -2
Piercing:  0-3%, Crushing:  0-4%, Cutting:  0-4%	Ring of Magic
Mysticism +8, Perception +5	Hands of the Undying Revenant
Perfect for the fighter-mage.  The strength bonus will easily offset the
Strength +8, Coordination -2, Mysticism +2, Stealth +2, Perception -2,
Charm -5, Healing Rate -1, Mana +5, Restriction -1
Piercing:  0-3%, Crushing:  0-4%, Cutting:  0-4%, Cold:  0-4%, Magic:  0-2%,
Stun:  0-1%	Tomb of the Burning Pit
Improves your fireball spell.	Cloak of the Frozen Dawn
Worn on "Outer", gives you the Blizzard spell. a sort of ice-based blast
similar to buckshot.
Coordination +4, Stealth -2, Perception +3, Mana +15, Restriction +3
Cold:  3-12%	Robes of Ineffable Darkness
This gear is given to Phellic's Apprentice during his naming ceremony to
"Icharas", but you may "borrow" it from him.
Coordination +5, Constitution +2, Stealth -5, Attack Recovery 2,
Hit Recovery -1, Percpetion +7, Recharge Rate +3, Manag +30,
Attack -1, Defence +2, Restriction +5
Piercing/Crushing/Cutting/Stun:  0-1%	Black Boots of the Nether Realm
Stealth +5, Perception +1, Mana +10, Restriction +2
Electric:  0-10%, Magic:  0-3%	Limbs of the Crawling Dead
Worn on the legs and provides protection against cold as well as other
Coordination +2, Constitution +1, Stealth +8, Attack Recovery 1,
Hit Recovery 1, Perception +2, Charisma -3, Restriction +2
Piercing:  1-5%, Crushing:  1-7%, Cutting:  1-8%, Cold:  2-8%	Shadow Garment of the Wraith
Any chest area.
Mysticism +3, Stealth +5, Perception +5, Charisma -8, Healing Rate -3,
Recharge Rate +2, Mana +10, Restriction +4
Piercing:  1-4%, Crushing/Cutting:  2-6%, Cold:  2-8%, Magic:  1-6%	 Skeletal Sarong of the Spectre
Worn on the belt or leg2.
Mysticism +3, Stealth +6, Hit Recovery -2, Perception -3, Charm -5,
Recharge Rate -1, Mana +6, Restriction +3	 Sword of the Elements
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 7, Coordination 10, Restriction 45
Attack Recovery 14
Cutting:  2-4, Heat:  4-8, Cold:  4-8
Total Potential:  10-20	 Felious' Grimoire
Personally I don't feel the bonuses are worth the penalties except for
perhaps diehard mages.
Strength -10, Coordination +10, Constitution -5, Mysticism +15, Combat -50(!),
	Stealth +10, Perception +10, Charm -25(!), Mana +25
Magic:  0-15%	 Brimstone
A burning hammer, although not really any more impressive than the
Sword of Elements.  It's slower but has better stunning power.
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 15, Coordination 15, Restriction 50
Stealth -2
Attack Recovery 16
Crushing:  4-8, Heat:  4-8, Magic:  2-4, Stun:  3-8
Total Potential:  10-20, plus stun damage.	 Ring of Blades
Be careful - that's a NEGATIVE absorption score which means you will take
extra damage!
It allows you to cast the Shrapnel spell.
Piercing:  0-(-15%), Cutting:  0-(-15%)	 Eye of the Mercswog
A pretty and useful little goodie.
Coordination +3, Mysticism +3. Stealth -3, Perception +3, Recharge Rate +3,
Mana +3,
Attack -1, Defence -1, Restriction +1	 Blistering Book of the Volcano
Allows you to cast Flamestrike.  Basically a flame-thrower like spell.	 Ring of Meditation
Really improves your recharge rate!
Recharge +5, Restriction -5	 Scarlet Robe of the Sorcerer
Part of Amori's gear, but it's removable.
Coordination +3, Mysticism +10, Stealth +1, Hit Recovery -5, Perception +5,
Mana +25, Restriction +1
Cutting:  0-1%	 Scarlet Gloves of the Sorcerer
Part of Amori's gear, and again, removable.
Coordination -1, Mysticism +5, Stealth -10, Perception +6, Charisma +5,
Recharge Rate +2, Mana +7, Defence -1, Restriction +1
Piercing:  0-1%, Crushing/Cutting:  0-2%, Magic:  0-3%, Stun:  0-1%	 Mages Only:  The Staff of the Magi
This weapon will hurt enemies with powerful physical armour do to the magic
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 20, Coordination 20, Restriction 40
Stealth -10, Perception +20, Charm +15, Defence +15
Attack Recovery:  15
Crushing:  1-4, Magic:  4-12, Stun:  4-8
Total Potential:  5-16. plus stunning.

5.5.4	Available Training
Bones can now teach you Aura of Steel and Summon Wolf.  As Aura of Steel
improves your resistance to physical attack by 75% as opposed to just 50%,
it's certainly worth learning.
Aura of Steel:  25 TP
Summon Wolf:  20 TP

Glaucus the mage is in Frosthelm, and will train you as well as teach you
some new spells.  It's highly recommended you take Mystic Arts training
BEFORE Advanced Energy Management as there's a bug that causes the latter
trial to continue even into the former.  It's not too serious, but it is

Mystic Arts (+3 Perception, +3 Coordination, +5 Mysticism, 
	+1 Recharge Rate):  30 TP
Advanced Energy Management (+45 Mana, -5 Restriction):  20 TP
Great Wolf Spell:  15 TP
Heal All Spell:  25 TP

5.5.5	Spells of Note

Mana Thief (learned from a scroll)
This spell improves your recharge rate by stealing Mana from the area around
you.  The catch is that you'll also steal it from your NPC's - which isn't
bad provided they can't cast spells.

Forget (learned from a scroll)
Never found this spell very useful.

Aura of Steel (learned from Bones) 
Excellent spell.  Improves your resistance to physical attack by 75%.

Summon Wolf (learned from Bones)
To the point:  Provides a distraction to take the heat off you.  They tend to 
die VERY quickly.

Mirror Image (learned from Khaele)
Excellent spell, but very draining to cast.  Creates mirror images of yourself
that not only fool the enemy but are capable of attacking as well.

Summon Great Wolf (learned from Glaucus)
Causes great physical damage, but is slow and expensive to cast.
Good vs. mages.

Heal All (learned from Glaucus)
Excellent spell that heals the entire party, although expensive to use.

A spell that causes piercing damage, but its effects are rather dispointing.

The best description is icy buckshot.  Good to spray an area with, especially
if your enemies are weak against cold attacks.

Deflect (learned from a scroll)
Essential defensive spell that bounces any projectile off of you.

Great Hand
This hits with heavy crushing damage and is exceptional against mages.

Flame-thrower like attack.  Limited range but significant damage.

Nice spell.  Heavy damage.

5.5.6	New NPC's

You can change Phellic's Apprentice into Icharus if you have him in your party
and speak with Phellic.  You can only do this during this Chapter.  Icharus
has improved spells and gear - he gets an advanced healing spell, Blizzard,
and Shrapnel.

Picked up by agreeing to Khaele's quest.  A powerful mage, he has outstanding
gear, most of which can be removed, and a number of powerful spells including
Deflect, Blizzard, Great Hand, and Shock.

5.5.7	Quest Check List
Have you...
  Performed Khaele's quest?
  Mages Only:  Defeated the Lich once and for all?

5.6	Chapter Six

5.6.1	General Hints and Tips

This is the Final Chapter - and it gets rough quickly.  What makes this
chapter nasty is that many enemies can detect even high-Stealth skill
characters pretty easily, they're healthy, and they're strong.  You KNOW your
enemies by now though.  Use what you've learned.

Do not spend any TP on stats, saving it for special training, until your
mission is to re-take the South Gate.

Chapter One and this chapter are the only chapters that I've broken into
class-specific strategies because it's the only other one that requires it.
(Chapter Two is straight-forward and the rest are class-specific anyway)
Do what quests you can BEFORE completing the cure for Ezarath - trust me on
this one.  You can complete them afterwards, but it will do you more good to
complete what you can before.

After you re-take South Gate, you will be facing off against Mirthrias in
one-on-one combat.  You are given no warning that your party will suddenly
vanish -- so I'm warning you now.  The final battle is triggered by wandering
off to the far West or South areas -- you don't have to kill the enemies
first.  You'll know when you're there because you'll be fighting along side
three female warriors.	Mages

The final chapter is a PUSHOVER for the ever-powerful mage.  Even without
completing the mage's quests, grabbing the Deflect and Mirror Image spells
from Chapter 5 will ensure your success.  The person you need to find is
called Anthamas, and he resides in the North-West most area of Inner Keep
Level 2.  He's irritating to speak to the first time, but be persistent.
Complete his quests - they'll net you a fine piece of gear, TP, and training.

After a certain, significant event occurs (not spoiling it, nope)...

To complete his final and most rewarding quest, you will have to compete in
a riddling contest (well, you'll just be answering them).  You'll notice that
the crypt's map has changed since you were last down there - go to the East
to enter a new area, and then go South-East, ignoring the big gates (useless
for your class).  You'll meet an individual named Krog.  Now you have two
options:  Save and deal with the poor design required to defeat Krog, or
open up Krog's conversation and alter it to suit your needs.

I said the design is poor because it breaks with the rest of the game style.
This is the only time you can die due to bad choices, but the stupid part is
that if you just attack him, he's a joke.  Lack of consistency = bad design.

Still, if you want to play it straight, here's some advice (POTENTIAL
1.	Save before attempting it.
2.	Water, and one of the Four Horsemen of the. 
3.	Be humble.
4.	Run like hell.

After completing this final quest, you will be able to get some seriously
fine gear.  Equip it.  The Chapter is straightforward from here on in - just
do what you are told.  I would suggest enlisting your brother Corvus as an
NPC - he's VERY tough and it literally takes an army to take him down.
Hot-key the "Aura of Steel" and "Deflect" spells and cast them on your party
every time you enter a new area.  This is because your idiot NPC's have a
tendency to blunder into your spells and get themselves killed - and Deflect
will help prevent that.  It's a straight-forward blast-fest.  If you've built
up your Mysticism skill nice and high (mine was around 90) then the
combination of your gear and training will make your final battle go
something like this:

Player casts "Deflect".
Player casts "Summon Great Wolf Spirit", "Great Hand" or any other
undeflectable spells.
Bad guy bends over and kisses butt good-bye.

In all seriousness, with your mystic skills high enough the entire chapter
is a joke.  Just make sure you have Aura of Steel on you at all times - and
Deflect on your party.	Knights

Knights have the shortest route through the chapter with the least running
around.  Xandar is the only person you need to really care about meeting.
Complete his training, and claim your reward.  I would also suggest searching
the caves after taking care of any undead threats for a person to replace
Icharus, if you promoted him.  He will reward you with a nifty bit of gear.

While General Roth's sword is nice, your weapon won't matter as much as your
natural abilities.

After bulldozing your way through the enemy hordes, you will come to face
your final opponent.  Cast "Deflect" - without this spell you're in for a
world of hurt - and charge him.  Do not let up!  He does have a limit to his
mana and the Deflect spell will mean you won't have to waste time healing
(although your natural healing rate will be so high that won't be much of an
issue anyway).  A few well-placed "Forget" spells might even do the trick
once he's very weakened.  This fight will be a pain - one time I had him down
to nothing, and all he did was repeatedly heal himself, not having enough mana
to do anything else.  I stood there hacking away for what seemed like forever
- but didn't try a "Forget" spell which might have done him in.  The
lopsidedness of difficulty compared to how easily a mage can defeat him really
bothered me.	Rangers

Rangers will probably have a fairly easy time in this chapter provided their
Stealth is high enough, and they make use of a new technique you are surely
ready for by now.  If you are spotted in a battle, quickly cast Shadow, and
provided you are far enough away at the time, your enemies will all pause.
At this time, you may make a Snipe Shot.  If it doesn't work, cast Shadow
again and run until you get some distance between you and them, and try it

Another good move is to cast Hold, and then Shadow and shoot the held enemy
for an instant kill.

There is some nice gear and a LOT of training - if you don't have enough TP
leftover from the previous chapter then you won't be able to afford it all.  

Your training will come from Mudam indirectly, Fenton, and Chad.  Be sure to
speak with Opias and complete his quest.  

To get some special, end-game gear you better have taken chapter 5 - or be
prepared to just BARELY survive to claim it.  (You'll need Deflect)  If you're
having trouble with a certain stream of fire, be aware that it can't keep out
that stream constantly - keep making it shoot and it will eventually slow down
to firing volleys of fire-balls instead of a continual stream.

If you have Deflect, just use that instead.

You will be better off travelling without NPC's for this chapter.  They'll
just slow you down.

The special Shadow-Snipe tactic I mentioned will work on everyone - including
the last fight.

5.6.2	Key Characters and Locations

Sir Roth - Inner Keep Level 1
Mudam    - Outer Keep Level 2
Elarath  - Outer Keep Level 2
Opias    - Inner Keep Level 1, Library
Anthamas - Inner Keep Level 2, North-West most area.
Fenton   - Inner Keep Level 1, Library
Gentza   - Inner Bailey, tavern
Jora     - Inner Bailey, near tavern, wears white
George   - Inner Bailey, East-most side (around Khaele)
Alain    - Outer Keep, Level 1, South-middle area
Corvus   - NPC, Outer Keep Level 3 (after an event)
Bonnie   - After a certain event, Village 2, North-West most house with a
           roof, if you're wondering.
Xandar   - Hidden caves (East of the crypt entryway)
Arion    - Caves 1, far West side (Skeletons non-hostile)

5.6.3	Weapons and Armour of Note
----------------------------------	Fiery Shroud of the Inferno (Mages Only)
Powers up Fireball to the next level - you will fire two sets of fireballs
that do incredible damage.
Strength -5, Coordination +5, Constitution -3, Mysticism +20(!), Combat -15,
Stealth -20, Charm +10, Heal Rate +5, Mana +50(!), Restriction +6
Piercing:  2-6%, Crushing:  2-8%, Cutting:  4-10%, Heat:  6-18%, Magic:  1-6%	Ancient Cuirass (Knights Only)
Strength +5, Constitution +5, Combat +15, Stealth -15, Hit Recovery -4,
Charm +15, Healing Rate +4, Mana -15, Defence -4, Restriction +10
Piercing:  6-15%, Crushing:  4-14%, Cutting:  2-15%, Magic:  10-15%,
Stun:  4-10%	Ancient Upper Arm Guards (Knights Only)
Strength +3, Coordination -1, Constitution +3, Stealth -6, Charm +1,
Defence -1, Restriction +7
Piercing:  2-8%, Crushing:  3-10%, Cutting:  2-9%, Magic:  0-1%	Ancient Steel Pauldrons (Knights Only)
Strength +5, Coordination -4, Constitution +4, Combat +7, Stealth -5,
Hit Recovery -1, Charm +5, Healing Rate +1, Defence -3, Restriction +7
Piercing:  3-8%, Crushing:  3-8%, Cutting:  3-10%, Magic:  3-6%, Stun:  2-5%	Ancient Lower Arm Guards (Knights Only)
Strength +10, Constitution +5, Coordination +5, Stealth -10, Charm +2,
Healing Rate +1, Mana -10, Restriction +4
Piercing:  1-6%, Crushing:  3-10%, Cutting:  2-8%, Magic:  5-10%, Stun:  3-8%	Ancient Boots (Knights Only)
Coordination +5, Constitution +2, Combat +2, Stealth -5, Charm +3, Mana -3,
Defence +4, Restriction +2
Piercing:  4-10%, Crushing:  4-12%, Cutting:  5-15%, Magic:  3-9%, Stun:  3-10%	Ancient Plate Greaves (Knights Only)
Strength +1, Coordination +5, Constitution +2, Combat +10, Stealth -10,
Hit Recovery -3, Charm +5, Heal +1, Mana -10, Defence -4, Restriction +8
Piercing:  4-12%, Crushing:  4-14%, Cutting:  2-15%, Magic:  2-10%,
Stun:  3-10%	General Roth's Sword
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 7, Coordination 10, Restriction 45
Strength +5, Coordination +3, Attack +6
Attack Recovery:  9
Cutting:  8-16, Heat:  4-8, Cold:  4-8
Total Potential:  16-32	Magic Amulet
A good investment considering the final battle
Piercing/Crushing/Cutting:  5-0%
Heat/Cold/Electric/Magic:  0-20%	 Bone Bow (Rangers Only)
Minimum Requirements:  Strength 20, Coordination 35, Restriction 20
Strength -5, Coordination +15, Mysticism +5, Stealth +25(!)
Attack Recovery:  5
Cold:  0-4%, Magic:  0-3%, Stun:  0-2%	 Quiver of Bone (Rangers Only)
Strength +5, Coordination +5, Mysticism +5, Stealth +5, Restriction +2
Resistances:  Piercing, 1-4%
Piercing:  6-12, Cutting:  0-4, Heat:  1-8, Cold:  3-6
Total Potential:  10-20, the most damaging arrows in the game.

5.6.4	Available Training
--------------------------	Mages

Mind Control -- Learned from Opias after completing the Fire Gullet quest.
Recharge +5, Restriction -15:  45 TP

Energy Control - Learned from Anthamas after getting the vial for him.
Mana +125(!):  35 TP

Master of Mystic Arts - Learned from Opias after returning the mystic tomb
Perception +5, Coordination +5, Mysticism +15(!):  55 TP	Knights

Pain Manipulation (+50 HP, +5 Healing Rate):  15 TP
Free Action (-20 Restriction):  15 TP
Combat Mastery (+5 Coordination, +5 Perception, +15 Combat):  30 TP	Rangers

Transcendent Will - Learned from Chad after completing the Fire Gullet quest.
Defence +10, Hit Recovery -7:  40 TP

Master of Shadows - Learned from Fenton after speaking with Mudam.
Stealth +6, Restriction -25(!), Perception +4:  45 TP

Phantom Movements - Learned from Fenton after completing a quest for him.
Coordination +3, Stealth +5, Attack Recovery -3, Shadow
I believe "Shadow" means that the special properties of the Shadow spell that
makes you invisible even to dogs is now permanently on... but I didn't find
it that helpful in this chapter.

5.6.5	Spells of Note

Improved Fireball
Only activated while wearing the Fiery Shroud of the Inferno.  Fires two
fireballs at the same time.

5.6.6	Final NPC

Your brother, Corvus.
Yes.  And he is as powerful as he should be.  Corvus is one tough NPC -
you can actually see how you're related by this point in the game.  Just
don't let him get too carried away either by being swarmed, or by trying to
do too much.  Corvus is a complete TANK, but this is a rough chapter.

5.6.7	Quest Check List
------------------------	Mages
Did you...
  Mix up Fire Gullet?
  Return the Vial of Silent Spirits?
  Return the Mystic Tomb?	Knights
Did you...
  Meet Xandar and get the gear?	Rangers
Did you...
  Talk with Mudam?
  Mix up Fire Gullet?
  Give Chad a taste of Fire Gullet?
  Get the Vial of Silent Spirits and Elixir of Shade for Fenton?
  Get the special Ranger Gear? (Try moving the candle in the underground
  chruch -- it only appears if Mudam's bracelet is in your possession)	All
Did you...
  Find a new apprentice for Phellic? (talk to the new apprentice
                                      for your reward)

6	Chapter Spoilers

6.1	Chapter One

6.1.1	Quick Q&A

Q:  What do I need to give Ladren to give to Pell?
A:  A sapphire ring.  You'll find one in Village 2 on one of the enemy
    bodies, north-west side.

Q:  Where is my brother?
A:  Village 3, down the stairwell of the ruins of the south-most building.
    It won't open until after you've completed most of your other quests,
    and you might as well do it last because your success will end the

Q:  Where is the Chalice of Life?
A:  In the church - which you can enter in Village 2.  Inside the church,
    click on the candle-holder near the north wall.

Q:  Where is the chest Olon talks about?
A:  Village 3 - it's the house that still has half a roof on it.

Q:  That enemy Shaman is a real pain in the neck.  How do I kill him?
A:  Well, either cast Hold on him and finish him off real quick, or run
    around so he wastes some Mana and can't cast hold on you.  This is the
    toughest fight in the chapter.  Your Constitution and armour won't help
    you - the Shaman just does too much damage with his attack spells.
    (Well, unless you're cheating) An alternative method is to fire arrows
    blindly in his general direction.  You can do this by holding down shift
    as you click on a spot.  If you're sneaky enough you will manage to hit
    and kill him with only a couple of lucky shots.

    The Shaman has a real sort of sixth sense and he can detect you VERY
    easily.  This is the fault of the designers - you are not allowed to
    scroll the screen forwards in order to get a good shot or clearer view of
    what's ahead, but enemies can see YOU as if they could do just that
    (sometimes they will fire at you from off-screen).  
    I'd advise equipping the elfin breeches before this fight, if only for
    the magic defence (vs. hold spell)

Q:  How do I kill the ogre?
A:  Hit and run.  If you must, use shift and click so you start swinging
    ahead of time.  Archers and mages just shoot and run.  A good mage can
    kill the ogre with two frost spells.  This is a much harder fight for the
    melee Warrior type, but the ogre is still pretty slow.

6.1.2 Walkthrough

The first thing you have to do is get equipped - visit the quartermaster as
instructed.  He's easy to find, just follow the directions you were given.
Once you get your gear, open up one of the chests in your brother's room -
put on one of the vests.  At this point, every little bit helps.  You should
then visit the mage Elarath and at least learn the Heal spell.  Muddam, the
Scout Master, can also give you some valuable training.  Both trainers will
give you Training Points; the wizard also gives you a Spell Book.

Raid each and every chest - the only real items of note are the rose and
personal love letter.  Talk to Madden and then give them to him for 1
training point.  (The rose and letter are on the chest on the east side)
More importantly, you get the dried rose which substantially raises your

Visit Bonnie, who is just outside the stairs when you enter the Outer Keep's
first level.  To complete the quest, you'll have to head to the kitchen and
talk with Anora, and then head down into the basement.  The bugs are weak,
but so are you and you should be careful.  So long as you fight them
one-on-one you should be fine.  Use hit and run tactics when possible.

Don't be afraid to retreat and get healed.  After all the bugs are dead, you
report back to Bonnie and Anora, and then finally tell the two goof-offs to
fix the hole and report back to Anora for 4 Training Points.  Just as well -
the bugs themselves aren't worth any points.

Brother Mo will give you the Healing Herb Quest.  There's nothing you can do
about it NOW, but it's good to have on your agenda.  Then go southeast to the
Outer Bailey.  Chat with Penrith, and then report to the training grounds.
Do a bit of sparing, and then get dismissed.  Penrith will then approach you -
don't try to talk to him, just let him approach.  He'll advance the storyline.
Do what he says.  Go back up to Outer Keep L2, and talk with Sir Roth.  In the
chest in this room you'll find a couple of helpful items but nothing that
major.  Finally report to Mudam.  If you haven't trained with him yet, you
will do so now.

Back out the Outer Baily.  Talk with Olon, get the Pell(andrian) quest.
Might be advisable to Quick-Save now just in case you mess up.  You'll have
to run back and forth between Pell and Ladren for a little while - don't
offer to show Ladren magic as he hates it - and eventually you will realize
that you'll need to get a gift somewhere in the village.  Talk to Olon again -
he should advise you to visit Father Massus in Outer Keep L1 (the only monk
with a hat) and Elarath on Outer Keep L2.  You don't have to do so right away,
but you will want to eventually.  After you mention the gift, be sure to talk
to Pell to get the Shadow spell.

Finally, head out to South Gate if you haven't already.  Lucan, who is in the
SE corner, can give you valuable training as well.  Then head out into the

The herbs you need are in Village 1 - killing all the Merscwogs is worth 2 TP,
as is giving Brother Mo the herbs.  After Village 1 is secured (everyone dead)
then go south to the Village 3.  

Elven Leather Breeches are under house in NW part of Village 3.

Fine Steel Bar is under north house, guarded by 4 giant spiders.  Return to
Freeman, who will then tell you to talk to Penrith.  If you've cleared
Village 3, head right back to Freeman and get your sword.  This is a fine
weapon due to its speed and damage.  Having this quest completed will MATTER
in the last chapter.  Key Ring is on enemy body in Village 3.  The chest is
in the same area.  Returning the key ring to Olon after you've opened the
chest will be worth 2 Training Points.

Your brother is trapped under the house in the south-eastern part of Village
3, but you can't save him until you've had Ladren translate all the letters
for you.

Village 2, which is East of Village 1, has the Church.  You'll find the
Sapphire Ring in Village 2 near the north-west side, as well as the Axe of
Confidence and a scroll.  Give the Sapphire Ring (Pell's favourite colour,
blue) to Ladren for 2 Training Points.
Inside the Church you'll find someone with an amulet.  Click the candle-holder
in the NE part of the Church (where the pews are) to access the secret
underground passage.  You'll have to fight the enemy shaman - this is the
most dangerous fight in the chapter.  The shaman can cast Hold on you and it
lasts for 6-7 seconds - if he hits you with a Frost spell you'll be in for
a world of serious hurt.

Either cast HOLD on him and quickly finish him off, or if your spell doesn't
last long enough, either alert him to your presence by running in quickly and
then running out (Frost is slow and hopefully you'll be free before it hits
you if he casts Hold).  He doesn't have the Mana to cast Hold too often.
It's a sad fact of the game that enemy magic users are very dangerous and
very annoying - they cast spells rapid fire and always seem to have obscene
amounts of Mana.

Killing him will net you two scrolls AND the Chalice of Life.  Keep moving
north and kill the remaining enemies then return to Avalon.  If you plan to
do Chapter 5, and you're not a mage by trade, be sure to complete this quest.

Ladren should translate the scrolls for you.  Report to Mudam.  

Show the amulet to Elarath, who will then direct you to Elzear, who will then
send you back to Elarath.  That nonsense will give you 5 Training Points.
Returning the Chalice of Life to Friar Masses gives you 10 Training Points.

The basement of South gate will be open now - go down and slaughter the
traitors.  Search Naul's body for some keen gear (Giant's Pauldrons) and kill
everyone else, reporting back to Mudam.  Now the path to save your brother
should be open.

Head to Village 3, SE house and go down.  The way will be open; you will
fight the Ogre.  This battle is a snap compared to dealing with the Shaman
because you can use hit-and-run tactics without worrying about being held,
and the Ogre is VERY slow to swing.  You'll reach your brother - you should
have an herb to give him having completed the herb quest previously.  Head
out back for Avalon (they'll warp you) and you'll have completed Chapter 1.

Finding your brother is worth a few points - returning with him alive is
worth 10 points, and you'll have a very powerful NPC to help you in the
final chapter.

6.2	Chapter Two

6.2.1	Quick Q&A

Q:  How do I start Chapter Two?
A:  Go through the North-West exit of the Outer Bailey.

Q:  How do I cure the King?
A:  Visit Fester, then Marcus in the library, Rayous in the Inner Bailey,
    and finally Page Simek in the Inner Keep L1 main hall.  The page will
    attack - kill him, and return the poison to Brother Larry.  You won't get
    TP, but you will get the spell Protection From All, worth the trouble -
    you'll know that in Chapters 5 and 6.

Q:  Who are the traitors?
A:  The courier (talk to the West-most guard near the gate in the Caves to
    trigger it), Maris, and Sir Ither, and Page Simek.

Q:  How do I do the Sir Olon quest?
A:  Talk to Sir Ither, then Sir Olon, Sir Ither again, then Sir Olon, read 
		the	note, take the note to the king.  Do NOT attack Sir Olon.

Q:  How do I defeat Lydia's corpse?
A:  If you're really have trouble, cast Shadow on Wyatt and have him snipe
    her.  If you've already "woken" her up, leave and come back again.
    This will reset Wyatt's "Stealth" check.  Alternatively if you're tough
    enough, engage Lydia in melee-combat while Wyatt snipes her to ensure she
    won't notice him.  I'd suggest having Phelic's Apprentice along to keep
    your HP up.  Mages can just blast the hell out of her.  "Blast the hell
    out of it" is the standard solution for mages.

Q:  How do I kill the Lich?
A:  You have to take Felious into your party, down into the tomb.  He will
    then leave the party and move to the Lich Stone.  The Lich will appear,
    cast a defensive spell on itself, and then start sending BIG HURT spells
    your way.  KEEP THE SPELLS AWAY FROM FELIOUS!  They're slow moving, so
    keep walking and distracting the Lich.  Last enough time and Felious
    will die - taking the Lich with him.  An alternative method is to
    actually "wake up" the Lich by approaching the stone, and then leading
    the Lich away BEFORE having Felious join the party, or before he enters
    the Lich Stone area (when he initially leaves the party).  The Lich will
    be in the same position as you left it - meaning that you won't have to
    deal with it at all if you're lucky.  You'll have to search the Lich's
    body for the Earthstone - take the cloak, too.

Q:  Where's some of the keen gear?
A:  Here we go.
    The Wizard's Bracers are in the South-West side of the Inner Keep
    The Heart Guardian is in the Inner Baily, in the building where Chad and
    Tristan are.  Check the North-East most rooms.  
    The Shield of Fortitude is in the Temple with the docile Cave Lurkers
    and a "copy" of the Lich with Balzedear's Ghost.  
    The Hands of Truth are hidden in a chest in the far East part of Caves 2.  
    The Fine Elven Longbow, and Mace of Frozen Barbs are in a hidden room
    just East of Phelic's room - visible on the map.  
    The Fedora of the Deceiver is in a hidden room in the North Eastern area
    of Tomb 1 - visible on your map.  The Troll Girdle is on the body of one
    of the Ahoul just outside the Village 4 entrance to Caves 2.
    Always carefully search all bodies.

6.2.2	Walkthrough

First off, you'll need to go to the Inner Bailey (North-West exit from the
Outer Bailey) and you'll be warped to Sir Roth's chambers.  He'll give you
your quest, and instruct you to find a couple of NPC's to bring with you.

The only really useful ones are Wyatt, and Phelic's Apprentice.

You can whip the entire level just by casting Shadow on Wyatt, and let him
eliminate your enemies by sniping them.  Sir Caerleon, just South-West of
Sir Roth, will train you in warrior skills.

The first thing you should do is go to the South-West side of Inner Keep
Level 2.  You'll find a locked door - go back and talk to Sir Roth, who will
give you a key.  This key also lets you open the locked chest in the hidden
room just East of Phelic's room - you can see it on your map.  Just walk
through the tapestry.  Inside the locked box, you'll find the Fine Elfin Long
Bow - excellent for Scouts.  You'll also be able to open the door to speak
with Brother Larry.  He'll give you the Poison Quest.  On your way back,
speak to Sir Ither.

Go to the far North-East side and talk to Fester, the alchemist.  Find out
about the book and Night Faerie's Breath.  Go downstairs to Inner Keep Level
1.  Humour the blowhard Cynric and he'll teach you Scouting skills.  The
South-West end has the library where Marcus can tell you about who borrowed
the book.  There's a secret room on the North-East side - again, visible on
your map.  Might as well visit it while you're down here.  The chests have
good gear.  Also on the North-East side is Wyatt, Vasek, and Maris - a
traitor.  You'll need 15 Perception to realize he's a traitor, after which
he'll attack you.  Kill him for 5 TP.

Also in this area is Esmond, who will ask you to give Tracy his ring back.
Do so for an easy 6 TP.  Bug Neese for a couple of TP (be abusive).  With
Wyatt in tow, go outside (South East exit) to the Inner Bailey.  Go East and
visit Tristan, who will give you a Quest if your Perception is 15.  Enter
the North room for the Heart Guard - excellent armour.  Head South-West to
visit Rayous the merchant and ask about the Night Faerie's Breath, and then
back to the Inner Keep Level 1 to speak with Page Simek.  Dispatch him, and
take the poison to Brother Larry (Inner Keep Level 2) who will cure the King.

Then go chat with Sir Olsa, then back to Sir Ither, and then talk to Sir Olsa
again to find out the truth - read the letter and take it to the King.  This
running around nets you 12 TP!  Finally, you're ready to clear the caves.

Speak with Wican by the North-West exit down to the Inner Keep Basement for a
quickie Quest.  Visit Felious the Necromancer - be kind and he'll have Bones
teach you a few great tricks.  Bones is behind the door through an illusionary
wall.  Search around the basement for the Wizard's Bracers and some armour,
then out into the caves.

Eliminate each enemy you'll find.  In Caves 1, these are Lurkers and Rock
Golems.  Both are clumsy but strong.  At the far West end you'll find the
guard to complete Wican's Quest, but also find out the courier never passed.

Go back a short bit East up into a small dead-end and speak with the courier,
revealing that he is a traitor.  Dispatch him.  Reporting this to Sir Roth is
worth some TP, but you're not quite done in the caves yet.  Grab the fox-
headed gold ring off the fallen Knight's body (surrounded by Ahoul corpses)

If you take the far West entrance to Caves 2, you won't have to face any
Ahoul immediately - like you will for either of the other two entrances.

Kill ALL the Ahoul - watch out for a few casters.  While not as bloody
dangerous as the shaman they're still plenty irritating... hence why not just
let a Shadowed Wyatt pick them off.  Clear out Caves 2, going out the 
West exit to enter the Temple.  Find out about the Lurker's plight from the
friendly ones, and then enter the insect-shaped temple.  Kill off the two
skeleton casters, but DO NOT fight the Lich - the developers made him
invincible.  Kill off the ghost though, raid his body, and also check the
chest behind him for more keen gear - although the Shield of Fortitude takes
up a LOT of space.  Go back to Caves 2, and check the far East side for some
very special gloves.  Finally, you can either exit up out through the
basement to Village 4, or go North into the Tomb.  Accept Lydia's quest.
Tomb 1 has the Fedora of the Deceiver through a hidden North wall (again,
totally visible on the map) as well as some cash-in rings.

Kill all the skeletons until you hit Tomb 3, and then BE CAREFUL.  Lydia's
corpse is POWERFUL - she does terrible damage and is a decent fighter.
Mages can HOLD her and then blast her, but anyone else is better off just
casting Shadow on Wyatt and letting him snipe her.  If Wyatt is lost, and
your mage skills are lacking... well, I would suggest bringing help and be
prepared to lose an NPC.  The only tactic you have left would be to stand
outside the visible plane of view and fire arrows blind, because you're in for
a world of hurt fighting Lydia hand-to-hand.  Non-sniped arrows just don't
do enough damage.  Lydia is NOT worth TP - what a rip-off, eh?

Do not enter the area - or at least, don't go near the Lich stone.

Talk to Lydia's ghost and find out about the Seer Waynar.  Go topside
through the basement, kill all the Ahoul - grabbing the Troll Girdle off
one of their bodies.  You'll rescue Waynar, and find out about the Lich.

Head North (Waynar will vanish behind a wall) and back into Avalon.  Inform
Sir Roth of the Lich for 6 TP, visit the Inner Bailey to let Tristan know of
his friend's death (for 8 TP) and then down into the basement to pick up

You may need to remove a party member here.  Take Felious to Tomb 3.  When he
leaves the party and tells you to follow him, one tactic is to run ahead,
approach the stone, and make the Lich chase you outside the area.  Run around
the outside and rejoin Felious who will drop dead after completing the spell -
also killing the Lich.  Search the Lich's body (you may have to hunt) for the
Earthstone and take his robe too - it grants +25 Mana.  The other method
would be to just let the Lich chase you around, but DON'T cut across Felious
or he'll get hit by the spells, die, and you'll be screwed.  Finally return
to Sir Roth (Bloody lot of walking!!) and get 15 TP for Chapter complete.

6.3	Chapter Three

6.3.1	Quick Q&A

Q:  Where are all the enemies?
A:  One pocket around the middle Forest 1.
    One pocket in the South-West end of Forest 3 and a camp in the South-East
    There is a caster and an archer in Forest 2.
    Five archers, and an enemy camp in Forest 8.  Be sure to nail the two
    front guards and the two guards on the Northern road as they may not
    wake up for the fight in the main camp.

Q:  Where is the outpost?
A:  Forest 5 - you can't miss it.

Q:  Where is the Lizard Man camp?
A:  North-West most part of the forest.  (Forest 7)

Q:  Where is Mikki?
A:  East-most part of the forest.  (Forest 9)  She won't appear unless you've
    spoken to the elf in Forest 2 (by two bridges)

Q:  How do I save Mikki?
A:  Well, for one thing make sure you're not trying to do special warrior
    training at the same time or you'll be at a distinct disadvantage.  Also
    be aware that spells might tip the balance in your favour - you can cast
    healing on Mikki.  Bring help - they'll at least distract the enemies.

Q:  Is it vital to save Mikki?
A:  Saving Mikki will mean the elf will join the party.  Keep talking to him
    and eventually he will.  Essentially just a sneakier version of Wyatt -
    which is a good thing.

Q:  What are the Shadow Bracelets for?
A:  If you're a Squire (fighter) then you take them to Ambassador Lucius.  You
    must speak with Captain Nicolious first.  You will get Knighted.

Q:  Where is the enemy with the King's armour?
A:  Village 3.  You'll have to go through the Caves.

Q:  Where is the special armour you mentioned?
A:  Leviathan is on an enemy in Village 3, the Greaves are on an enemy in
    Forest 3 camp, and the Shadow Gauntlet is on a lizard man guarding a
    northern bridge in Forest 7.  The Helm of Reason is hidden in the tower
    in the lake - see the Shadow Amulet question.

Q:  Where are the Shadow Amulets?
A:  There's one in the tower in the lake - the entrance is a near-by building
    on the south shore.  To navigate the illusionary maze, take the far south
    door, and then try to go down the dead-ends.  The monolith is immune to
    spells but not to sniping attacks and guards the Helm of Reason.  To the
    south is a Shadow Amulet, guarded by a Shadow Scout.  The next Amulet is
    hidden in the South-East part of the Forest in the cemetery - enter the
    crypt and defeat the Shadow Mage.  The final Shadow Amulet is deep within
    the Lizard Man's camp; you'll see a slew of corpses you weren't
    responsible for.  Eliminate the Shadow Knight for it.
Q:  How do I succeed at Fortitude?
A:  It's the ogre - fight it accordingly.  Your NPC's can help you. 

A:  How do I succeed at Pain Control?
A:  This one is difficult.  You pretty much well HAVE to tank-up in order to
    survive because the swords strike so quickly.  Cast "Aura of Iron",
    don't be afraid to use spells like HOLD, and just keep at it.  This is
    the most difficult training in this Chapter.

Q:  I did all the tasks.  Now what?
A:  Speak to Page Entrowe.  Blonde.  Wanders around the main hall in Inner
    Keep Level 1.

Q:  Where are the enemies prowling around the fort?
A:  In the middle of Forest 8.  

Q:  How do I kill the enemies threatening the fort?
A:  Nasty fight, huh?  The abundance of enemy archers and casters will make
    life difficult for you - but there are two ways to tackle them.  One is
    to cast Shadow on one of your scouts, and then control the scout and pick
    off as many enemies as you can - kill the archers and casters first.
    Another method is to just draw them out a few at a time - archers never
    give chase.  It's just about impossible to save the Baron's men... but
    the Baron himself is nigh invulnerable so don't worry too much about him.
    Be CAREFUL - the enemies in this area are capable of cheating when it
    comes to detection - and more than likely due to a flaw in the engine as
    it's not consistent.  One snipe hit from any of the four or five enemy
    archers can kill you in one blow.  If you're going to send a scout out,
    be prepared that you might lose him.  Don't forget about your spells -
    HOLDING any archers or casters is a good idea.  If it weren't for the
    cheating, a single scout could take this chapter without difficulty.

6.3.2	Walkthrough

First talk to Sir Mabon for a Quest.  Then Sir Harold - he'll finally stop
telling you to bug off and ask for help.  Accept his quest and get the report
from him while you're at it.  Go visit Ezarath (getting the report from
Penrith and Callum along the way) and he'll tell you where the enemies are.
Head to the caves, up into Village 4 and then West to Village 3.  Kill all
the enemies - if you're having difficulties then don't be afraid to use spells,
or even just send a Shadowed Wyatt to pick them off for you.

Collect the Leviathan Shield from one slain regular foe, and the signet ring
from the armoured enemy - along with the rest of the armour if you can carry
it.  Report back to Lord Harold - the easiest way is to just go through the
village to the main gates - and give him the crown and ring.

The ring will get you 5 TP, the crown just gives you permission to use the
armour... like you'd care.  Dump most of the armour - only a few pieces
should prove interesting.  Head back to the caves and exit through the west
gate.  Now, explore all of each part of the Forest.  You'll have to kill
every enemy you meet, so you might as well be in Combat Mode almost all the
time.  There's no real help I can offer other than just thoroughly explore
each part of the forest.

In Forest 9, be aware that you'll have to save Mikki. but other than that,
you might as well just move along stinking up the forest with corpses.
Feel free to use up TP as you see fit; you'll only need about 60 for your
upcoming training.

Once everyone is dead, report to Holden, give the message to Byron (for 10 TP)
and get your report.  If you saved Mikki, talk to the elf and he'll join.
You'll also be able to get advanced training - accept it.  Fortitude
will permanently lower your restriction and this is a positive boon - the
stones he mentions are actually in the same area, don't wander off like I did.
Yep, same strategy as killing the Ogre.  Pain Resistance is difficult - the
swords in the tower attack furiously and will often making getting a single
swing in difficult.  Advice:  Don't be afraid to use spells.  ESPECIALLY
Aura of Iron and Hold.  Weapon Skill is a snap - and yes, you are allowed to
use NPC's.  It takes the drama out of it, though.

Report to Holden, investigate Forest 8 and meet the Baron.  Then head back to
report to Holden and Sir Roth.  After giving the reports to Sir Mabon for a
measly 5 TP, get knighted if you haven't already by talking to the Captain
and then the ambassador.  (If you've got all the amulets, just talk to him
twice)  This is worth 7 TP plus bonuses.  Finally, speak to Page Entrowe (the
blonde who spoke to you at the beginning) and then after a brief chat with
Holden, head up to Forest 8.  In the middle of the forest you'll find the
Baron and his men fighting a large group of dangerous enemies.  There are
about three casters, a shaman, and four archers along with regular foot
soldiers.  The archers are the worst of the lot due to sniper fire.  If your
scouts are with you (both Wyatt and Kalevi count) then cast Shadow on one of
them and have him run up and pick off enemy mages and archers - this is the
easiest way, but I've had the game cheat by having off-screen enemies spot my
scouts and pick them off with sniper fire while closer enemies aren't aware.

If he gets into trouble, just run back to the group and finish off any
stragglers.  Alternatively, lead off small groups to be picked off, blast
away with magic at a distance, or wade in with protective spells activated.
Speak with the Baron and this ends the Chapter.

6.4	Chapter Four

6.4.1	Quick Q&A

Q:  Should I really kill anyone without a unique name?
A:  Highly recommended.  Just make sure to do it real quiet-like using a bow
and the Shadow spell.  Don't kill enemies who aren't worth TP, but you will
want to have cleared a path through the Village in order to rescue Johfrit's
ward Edgard.  It also means that should you get spotted, you'll have less
people chasing you.

Q:  How do I destroy the ram?
A:  There are three ways.  One is with a weapon that does fire damage.
    Another is with a spell.  (Technically, that's the same method as the
    engine just looks for fire damage - therefore a spell is the same as a
    weapon).  The best way is to go talk to Fester and get the special oil -
    this item will also be useful just to add fire damage to any weapon.  You
    must have spoken to Elzarath first.

Q:  Where is Edgard, Johfrit's ward?
A:  He's in Village 15, South end.  Be sure to eliminate as many enemies as
    you can before trying to lead him out.

Q:  Can I kill everyone?
A:  You can't - some are invincible, and others just continually pour out of
    the surrounding tents.  If you don't get TP for a guy in an area, don't
    bother killing anyone else around him.
Q:  Where is Ovoron?
A:  Village 15, East side.  You can't kill him until after you complete Sir
    Roth and Mudam's quests.

Q:  Where is the Sha' Ahoul Scout Master?
A:  Village 4, South side.

Q:  What is the "Kaldden" Quest?
A:  Talk to Kaldden, and then tell Darg that there's someone who'd be
    interested in visiting the supply camps.  Hey, they may be "The Enemy"
    but if you've bothered to talk to them at all, you'll find out that
    they're still "human".  It's worth TP, anyways.

Q:  If I don't like a named enemy, is there any harm in killing him after
    I've spoken with him? 
A:  Not really.  Some are worth TP.  It's just a good idea to talk to them

Q:  Should I kill the "Training" Ahoul?
A:  It doesn't get you any TP, but I usually do anyways just to be a jerk.
    ;)  Plus, if I make a wrong turn leading Edgard out, I won't have to
    deal with them.

Q:  Where is Mirthias?
A:  Village 16, South-East side.  Invincible, of course.

Q:  Where is the Dreamwalker Staff? 
A:  Village 13 - in the same tent as the Boots of Evasion, Ring of Shadows,
    etc.  Look for a second chest to the South of the immediate one.

Q:  Where are the Greaves of Extinguishing and the Scimitar of Winds?
A:  Village 15, in a South-West tent.

Q:  Where is the Tunic of Warmth? 
A:  On the corpse of an Ahoul (well, it WILL be a corpse soon, right?) in
    Village 4 - he guards an empty tent.

Q:  Where is Draugdur's Bow?
A:  On the body of a human scout in Village 9.  He lies near the West end in
    a small building with a door.  This is also where the map is.

Q:  Where are the Lizard Men?
A:  Not exploring much, are you?  The Lizard Men are in Village 12.

Q:  Where do I have to explore for Mudam?
A:  Village 7 for the training grounds, Village 10 for the ram, Village 4 for
    the Snake Men.  To make a better report, talk to everyone before killing

Q:  How do I steal Ovoron's satchel?
A:  His tent is obvious.  He's in Village 15, East side.  Just sneak in - 
		shouldn't be a problem if you have 30 Stealth and then activate the 
		Shadow spell.

Q:  Help!  I don't have enough Stealth and I keep getting found trying to
    enter Mirthia's tent!!
A:  Sheesh - the Shadow spell gives you 50 Stealth!!  Try entering through
    the stables near his tent.  If your Stealth is high enough (due to
    the Shadow spell) you can even walk RIGHT PAST THE FRONT GUARDS.  Next
    time, build your Stealth to at least 30.  And you call yourself a Scout?!
    (You'll only want to enter the tent if you are one)

6.4.2	Walkthrough

The best way to handle this Chapter for maximum TP is to thoroughly explore
each area systematically.  You don't need to go downstairs, although the
spiders have respawned if you want to pick up a few extra TP.  

Starting from Village 1, explore each screen and kill any Ahoul without a
unique name - talking to them first if you want a taste of your enemy's
mindsets.  Past one screen south, keep talking to the warriors until they
mention when the attack will come - your Adventure log will update when they
do.  Then go East to the next screen and repeat the process until you can't
go East anymore - the go South and start moving West.  It's not the most
efficient way but it will certainly mean you will eliminate everyone you can
for TP.  Keep your Shadow spell on at all times.  

Village 3 -- Old Ben (Scouts Only)
His quest, in return for which you'll get the Ranger title
(+5 Stealth/Coordination) and the ever-so-valuable Ring of Speed.  The ring
will allow you to attack and recover from hits very quickly.  To do this,
you must take the fake staff and switch it for the real one in Mithria's tent
in Village 16.  The staves are VERY large - you'll need all but one vertical
inventory slots and two across to carry it.  The best way to enter Mirthria's
tent is through the stables - kill a few hostile guards along the way.  Be
careful that you HAVE the fake staff when Old Ben gives it to you and when
you switch staves - if you didn't have enough room you will drop it with
little notice.

Village 4 - Sha' Ahoul Scoutmaster
In the west end of this area you'll find a warlord (highlighted as enemy)
guarding a tent.  Kill him for the Tunic of Warmth - you'll need it for
Chapter 5.  Go to the North-East side to see the Naga - this completes 1/3 of
your quest for Mudam.  Then finally, go to the South-East side to visit the
Scoutmaster - talk to him and accept his quests as his training will be useful
- anything that reduces your Hit/Attack Recovery stats is useful regardless
of class.

The Houndsman's Tunic is in Village 10 - wear it and the dogs will no longer
have a red highlight.  Like that stopped me from shooting 'em anyway.  ;)

The Lizardmen are in Village 12 - one screen North of Mithiria's camp
(Village 16).  They will have yellow highlights - shift-click to kill them

The map is on the body of a Scout in Village 9 - along with the powerful
Draugdur's Bow.

Village 7 - Training Grounds
This is part 2/3 of your Quest for Mudam.  You need only witness the training.  
Slaughtering everyone is optional.  If you shoot the Trainer before the
Trainees, then the Trainees will all stop training.  Shoot all the Trainees,
and the Trainer will still go through the motions.  Go figure.

Village 9
Look in the tent behind Breeteg's Tent for the Assassin's Knife.
Talk to Kaldden, and listen to his story.  Helping him will be worth 2 TP -
talk to Darg in Village 11.

Village 10 - The Ram.
Part 3/3 of Mudam's quest.  Do not destroy it.  (You can with fire arrows or
a fireball spell, but it may cheat you out in Chapter 6)  

Village 11 
Darg is near the corner of the ruined wall - tell him about Kaldden for 2 TP.  

Village 13
There's some excellent gear tucked away in the tents as well as the
Dreamwalker's Staff.

Village 14
A shaman guards the entrance to a tent with a few goodies in it.

Village 15
Edgard and Ovoron are both in Village 15, as are a few excellent pieces of
gear in the South-West tent.  As a matter of fact, you will really want that
gear for the upcoming chapter due to the protection it helps provide.

Getting the Satchel is easy provided you have enough Stealth and the Shadow

Leading Edgard out shouldn't be too difficult either as you've already killed
most of the Ahoul anyway.  Cast Shadow on Edgard while escorting him out all
the same.  In Village 1, you'll find the last stretch is blocked by 4 Ahoul.
You can lead Edgard right through them if the Shadow spell has been activated
on him, or just keep running.

After you've visited every Village screen - there are 16 - and talked to any
named Ahoul, return to Mudam and make your report.  Get the Oil from Fester
(visit Elazar first if you haven't done so already) and give Sir Roth
Ovoron's satchel.  Return and destroy the Ram - just equip the Oil in your
Misc. Items section and attack it with any weapon.  Then return to Sir Roth
for your final mission - assassinate Ovoron.  This is a joke, really - with
Shadow cast on you, you can either A) Kill him with one shot or B) Walk up to
him and hack him to bits.  Take his sword - it's large - and return to
complete the Chapter.

Finally, report to Sir Roth for your final quest to assassinate Ovoron.
As you've noticed - Stealth is POTENT and it will only take a single shot to
kill Ovoron.  It's highly recommended that you improve your stats to use a
better bow than the Hunting Bow, as the better the bow the higher the chance
of a one-shot kill.

6.5	Chapter Five

6.5.1	Quick Q&A

Q:  How do I get the Mirror Image spell? 
A:  Khaele will teach it to you for doing a bit of foot-work for him.  Speak
to Lauren, then report back to him.  Amori will also become available as an

Q:  How do I get into the Tower?
A:  There's a small branch poking out of the ground just next to the entrance.
    Make sure you're not in combat mode, and you'll find it - highlighted in

Q:  Where is Juel's Helm of Focusing?
A:  On the body of a Doomfrost, North-West most area of the caves.  Perfect
    head-gear for a scout.

Q:  Where are the scrolls?
A:  You'll find two in the bookshelves of Elazarth's tower - one in the
    basement and one in the 2nd floor.  These have Mana Thief and Forget.
    The last scroll is in the Naga's camp in Notsuoh.  It's in the South-East
    area of the camp, near a wall in a small, dark grey chest.  It has the
    Deflect spell and is rather essential to pick up.

Q:  Where is the Ring of Magic?
A:  In the Tower basement.

Q:  Where are the "Hands of the Undying Revenant"?
A:  In the Tower basement, in a small chest.

Q:  Where is the "Tomb of the Burning Pit"?
A:  Tower, 2nd floor, bookshelf.

Q:  Where is the "Cloak of the Frozen Dawn"?
A:  Tower, 3rd floor, in a wardrobe.

Q:  How do I get "Icharas"?
A:  With Phellic's Apprentice in the party in Chapter 5, speak to Phellic.

Q:  Where's the necromatic gear?
A:  In the chest behind Bones.  You'll have to speak with Fellious first.

Q:  Who has the "Sword of Elements", or that magic blade I'm supposed to need? 
A:  Lucan.  South Tower, first floor, far East side.

Q:  Where's the Brimstone hammer and living crab enemies?
A:  Go South when you first enter Infernous and keep going South until you
    can exit.

Q:  Where is the Ring of Blades?
A:  With the scroll that will allow you to cast Deflect after speaking with
    Elarath.  In a small, dark grey chest in the Naga camp in Notsuoh,
    South-East area.

Q:  Where is the Blistering Book of the Volcano?
A:  On the corpse of one of the Dreamwalkers in their camp.

Q:  Where is the Heart Container?
A:  On a corpse of one of the Dreamwalkers in their camp.  You'll have to
    make the guy a corpse yourself, of course. ;)

Q:  Where is the Ring of Meditation?
A:  Dreamwalker corpse.  See Book of Volcano, Heart Container.

Q:  How do I learn the "Great Hand" spell? 
A:  The first restored Lurker that you meet will teach it to you after
    returning from the Dreamwalker Camp.

6.5.2	Walkthrough

First thing you'll want to do is equip yourself to resist magic and
elemental attacks, and get the right NPC's for the job to accompany you.
Like I said before - don't expect them to behave intelligently, but you'll
want to have someone on hand as a back-up in case an enemy lands a Hold
spell on you.  My suggestion is to grab a scout and deposit him in Elarath's
room for easy access.  Then go to the Inner Bailey and speak with Khaele and
perform his quest - this will get you both Amori as an NPC and earn you the
spell of Mirror Image.  (His quest would be to go talk to Lauren and then
report to him) I'd also suggest turning Phellic's Apprentice into Icharus.  

The Tower
Grab a scout and a mage - your choice - and head into the Caves and then up
out the exit into Village 4.  This will land you in the same area as the
Tower.  Cast Shadow on a scout (although depending on how you built yourself,
the scout might not even need it) and move the scout forward, eliminating
any enemies you find.  On the body of one of the mages attacking the tower,
you will find the Gauntlets of Coordination, although their use is limited by
now.  The branch is right next to the entryway - make sure you're not in
combat mode and you'll find it poking out of the ground.   Enter.  If you
don't have any scouts then cast as many defensive spells as possible before
entering combat, including Aura of Steel/Iron as some spells inflict
physical damage.

Once inside, use your Scout (with Shadow spell on) to eliminate all the
enemies in the tower.  Head to the basement - but have the Hold spell ready.
You'll be attacked, but quick use of the Hold spell will make it short lived.
Again, cast Shadow on your scout and have him kill the guardians for you.
Yes, I know they weren't supposed to be activated.  So what - it's TP. 

Search around the bookcases and all the chests - including small, dark grey
ones - for some nice gear.  Head back up, and to the second floor.  You'll be
set upon as soon as you enter again, but they should take a few moments to
realize you're there so quickly cast Hold on them.  Once they're neutralized,
cast Shadow on the scout and then take control of him and let him do his
thing.  If you'd rather do things personally then Hold works well.  Search
the bookshelves and speak to the book, referring to passages 491 and 673 as
instructed (I'm not sure why they even bothered - the other conversation
paths will point you in the right direction eventually).  Have it translate
the spells for you.  Then head up to the 3rd floor - but be ready as you will
be set upon by spectral knights and a wraith as soon as you enter.  Get the
cloak from the wardrobe and the ring from the chest.  Return to Avalon - you
may take the village route if you'd like a few extra TP eliminated the Ahoul

The Astral Realm
Reporting to Elzarath will be pointless - he's not there now.  Speak to
Elarath instead, give him the ring, and then speak to Pell (back to the Outer
Bailey), and then back to Elarath.  I suggest letting the scout do your
dirty work - I've noticed that mage allies tend to get a little trigger
happy in combat.  Kill every Naga in the area to make life easier for you now.
Collect only one "Brood" charm.  (The rest would be redundant)  Talk to
Fellious after taking a quick visit to the centre temple and then return to
Avalon and give Bones a visit to get both the item needed to enter Frosthelm
and also some really decent gear (behind him in the dark grey chest)  You can
take care of Bone's request at any time to get fresh orders and net you
Fellious' Grimoire, but I never found it that useful.  Then it's off to...

You'll certainly want to equip anti-cold gear - Fellious' gear works nicely
as does the Tunic of Warmth you might have from Chapter 4.  You will take
damage without protection so make sure you have spells ready.  A scout works
well to eliminate many of the enemies outside the caves of this icy world -
scouts work equally well in the cave.  Still, you might prefer to swap a
scout with a second mage.  Visit the old wizard and learn all you can before
entering the caves - the Great Wolf spell works wonders against Doomfrosts
once they cast "Deflect".  Enter the caves, but take it slowly.  Enemies
blend in easily here and Doomfrosts can kill characters in record time so
make sure you have Protect Vs. Cold and Vs. All spells activated at all times.
If possible, have "Deflect" active as well (have Amori cast it).  Slaughter
all the enemies you can - be sure to visit the North-West most Doomfrost and
kill him for Juel's Helm of Focusing.

Talk to the giant tree called the Muir.  It will give you the item needed to
enter Infernous.  Return to the Astral realm.

Optional:  Battle with the Lich
If you took mage training at the beginning of the game, when you get Bones'
new orders, he will mention that he found a way to free Fellious' soul.
This quest will grant you 5 TP for defeating the Lich and another 4 or so for
killing his skeleton minions that he summons.  It also will make you a full
fledged Mage upon speaking with Elarath upon your success.  I would highly
recommend getting the Summon Great Wolf spell first - as this is a powerful
physical attack, it will be far more effective to use on the Lich as it will
cast Deflect on itself.  Amori will be able to harm him via Great Hand spell.
Don't forget to go into combat mode or your NPC's will stand there like
morons.  (It's easy to do when mages can destroy things regardless of mode)
This is a fairly easy fight, but all the same make sure you prepare
yourself first.

Swap your anti-ice gear for anti-heat.  You'll be attacked by a fire
elemental as soon as you enter - and a second one, if you're unlucky.
Eliminate them using cold spells.  Then carefully pick your way through - be
careful, fire elementals blend into the background easily, as do the golems.
If you want some extra TP, go South to kill a bunch of Lava Crabs - they're
pathetic.  It will also let you grab the Brimstone hammer, but I didn't think
it was very impressive.  Otherwise, go South-East and dispatch the two
Dreamwalkers.  A Scout can do this neatly, but it's not that difficult a
fight provided you have defensive spells activated first.  Return to the
Astral Realm. 

Head towards the Temple - but before entering, prepare yourself with
defensive spells.  Then enter the fray and help the Astral Guardian destroy
the Dreamwalkers.  You might want to save after speaking with her - you've
got more work to do.  Go North, and eliminate the last two Dreamwalkers and
witness the Queen's spirit being abducted.  Here you'll get your instructions
to get the Astral Guardian's necklace and the Earthstone.  Let's get the
Necklace first as it's more fun.  Head up far North-East to the Notsuoh
portal - this would be a good time to have a Scout in your party.  Let the
Scout do your dirty work yet again.  

In the Naga camp, far West side, there is a Naga with the necklace.  In the
middle South-East side is a chest with the Deflect spell scroll and the
Shrapnel ring.  In the East side chest with the eggs you can get the
Mercswog Eye.  After you're done here, return to the Astral realm.

Final Battle
Get the Earthstone from Phellic, and learn Deflect by taking the scroll (you
got from the Naga camp) to Elarath and then report to the Astral Guardian.
She will open the portal to the final battle of this chapter.  Take your
favourite NPC's, enter, and then prepare to fight by casting defensive spells
- Aura of Steel/Iron, Protect from All/Fire/Cold/Lightning/Magic, Deflect
and maybe even toss on Mirror Image.  Then charge right in - keeping in mind
that some bozo will almost immediately toss "Hold" on you - and kick some
butt.  (If you get held, switch to one of your NPC's)  Be sure to use
physical attack spells as they might also cast "Deflect".  You can take some
blind pot-shots at the enemies by firing randomly into the area first, before
they can raise their defensive spells.

Loot all the bodies for various goodies and especially the Heart Container,
and then return to the Astral Guardian.  Talk to the first Restored Lurker
you see for the Great Hand spell.  Then back to Avalon, speak with
Elarath, then Pell, the Elarath twice to complete the chapter.  As a
final note - don't leave anything or anyone of value in the Astral Realm
because you can't go back after this Chapter is completed.

6.6	Chapter Six

6.6.1	Quick Q&A

Q:  Where is the Fireweed?
A:  Talk to Jora - she wears white.

Q:  Where is Merchant George?
A:  Far East side, near Khaele.  You must have 1000 crowns to afford his
    stuff.  If you did Chapter 4, sell off some of your spare Rings of
    Protection you get from the shamen if you must.

Q:  Where is the Lich's Shrine?
A:  East side of the Crypt.

Q:  How do I challenge Krog?
A:  Mages only.  Tell Krog you want Krog stew, wait for his attack and then
    push him when he moves to attack.  Then challenge him.

Q:  How do I solve Krog's riddles?
A:  First answer is the Ocean, then War, the Apocalypse.  Do not gloat, grab
    the book, run and don't look back.

Q:  Can I kill Krog?
A:  No.  If you attack him, he will fight back but he's pathetic.  The fact
    that he's pathetic in combat just goes to show you how badly designed
    this whole part was.  If I figure out how to kill him via scripting -
    I'll let you know.  (I need to figure out his ID)

Q:  What are the answers to the Ghost Knight's riddles?
A:  Compassion, Pride, Self, Failure.

Q:  Can I get the Ghost Knight to join the party?
A:  Heh. No one would actually ASK this question, but it's something I've
    been able to do since his ID was exposed in the conversation files.
    Yes, you can make him join.  No, he's not a good NPC.  I had Corvus hit
    him and he died in one wack. pity that, if he kept his invulnerability he
    would have been interesting.

Q:  Where's the special Ranger gear?
A:  Go past the Ghost Knight to the back of the church and you will find a
    candlestick that you can manipulate.  Make sure you drop off your NPC's
    before entering or they will become eternally frozen - a bug, they're
    just supposed to die instantly I suppose.  You will notice that a stream
    of fireballs pours out - back off behind the wall.  Now you have two
    strategies - cast Deflect and waltz through, or if you don't have that,
    you'll have to fake the fireballs out.  After spitting out so many in a
    row, the fireballs will begin to slow down, allowing you to actually
    survive getting past.  Still, you've got a LOT more dodging ahead.

    The ghost guarding the chest actually uses two decoys - sneak up on the
    one that actually highlights and kill it.  The bow and arrow are yours.

Q:  Where are Callum's Keys?
A:  Can't miss 'em - obvious potted plant on the East side of South Gate
    Level 3.

A:  His weakness is a PHYSICAL attack.  The point of watching Sir Roth die is
    not for story - it's a preview of the spells he uses!  Prepare yourself
    by equipping gear that will repel those kinds of attacks.  You won't have
    much time to cast defensive spells before the fight begins.  

    You'll have to fight Mirthrias in single combat - no NPC's.  You'll
    engage him as soon as you go as far West as you can after going through
    the gate and returning they key to the head of the Blood Roses.

    First thing - cast Deflect, if you have it.  If not, run while casting
    as many defensive spells as possible.  Then make sure you keep up a
    physical attack - spells like Summon Great Wolf Spirit or Great Hand
    work wonders, especially Great Hand as it's faster.

    If you're a mage, and you have a high Mysticism stat, this will be a
    push-over fight.

    Knights will have the most difficult time - they simply MUST keep up an
    offensive with Deflect and Aura of Steel as defence, until Mirthrias
    runs out of Mana.  Then pour on an offensive and maybe toss on the
    Forget spell to keep him from healing himself in time.

    Scouts have a real trick they can use.  Cast Deflect first to survive
    the initial onslaught, and then toss on Shadow immediately afterwards to
    temporarily confuse Mirthrias, and run away a bit to put some space
    between the two of you.  Cast Shadow again, and advance until Mirthrias
    just comes into view - and cast Shadow again.  Fire at him immediately
    after casting the spell, and you SHOULD be able to get a Snipe Shot in,
    killing him instantly.

    Remember that the Shadow spell resets the detection counter so you have
    a few moments to get a critical first strike in.

6.6.2	Walkthrough
First off, go to Inner Keep Level 1.  Sir Roth's page will start up the plot.
Do not spend any TP in this Chapter on your attributes (saving it for
training) until you have been given the assignment to re-take the South Gate.	Mage Walkthrough Part One

Go visit Anthamas in Inner Keep Level 2 (North-West side).  Then visit Opias
and Fenton.  You can't help Fenton, but you can assist Opias.  Go speak with
Gentza to get the list of items you need, and the speak with Jora and
Merchant George, both in the Inner Bailey.  Then speak with Gentza again for
him to whip up the drink.  Give the drink to Anthamas, who will take a sample,
and then send you down to Opias.  Opias will offer you Mind Control training
for 45 TP.

Next up, get the Vial of Silent Spirits from Alain, and return it to Anthamas.
He will offer to train you in Energy Control for 35 TP.	Knight Walkthrough Part One

Visit Opias, and then go speak with Gentza.  Get the list of items you need,
then speak with Jora and Merchant George in the Inner Bailey.  Speak with
Gentza again and he'll whip up the drink, and you'll get a much-needed 30 TP.
Unlike the mage, you will NOT get enough TP in this chapter alone to afford
all your training, so be SURE to have saved 30 TP from Chapter 5.  Talk to
Tempest - and then visit Fester to get the oils he'll need.  Mind you, if
you didn't find the steel bars this won't be available.	Ranger Walkthrough Part One

Visit Mudam and get the bracelet plus 10 TP.  Then go speak with Fenton, who
can give you training for 45 TP.  Speak with Opias to get the Fire Gullet
quest, and then question Fenton about the guild of thieves and ask if you
can help.  You now have several quests, but you're not quite done yet.  Go
speak to Wacian in the far west side of Inner Keep Level One to get the
advice to speak with Phellic.  Do so.  Then head to Outer Keep Level 1, talk
with the Friar, Brother Crosby, Alain and Bonnie (if you'd like).

The Friar will start on the skeleton solution, Crosby will tell you to speak
with Elarath, and Alain will give you the vial.  Bonnie just acts pleasnt. ;)

Then speak with Elarath to get the list.  Go to the Inner Bailey and do
Gentza's quest, collecting one of the ingredients from Rayous while you're
at it.  This will net you 30 TP.  Then give the Fire Gullet to Chad, which
gives 10 TP, and Chad will train you for 40 TP.  Return to Fenton to get
Phantom Movements for 30 TP, and he'll train you for 40 TP.  You've now
finished all your training.  Follow the remainder of Generic Walkthrough.	Resume Generic Walkthrough

Visit Wacian in Inner Keep Level 1 (far West side) and he will tell you to
speak to the Friar.  Finally, it's time to save Ezarath.  Visit Brother
Crosby, then Elarath, and finally Olon and Rayous to get the ingredients.
Talk to Brother Crosby again and you will be taken away to the trial.
This wastes time until you find out that South Gate has fallen.

Speak with Captain Calvaric, and be given your new orders.  Do as your told -
go up to the Outer Keep Level 3 and here you will lose your NPC's temporarily.
Go East and speak with the female warrior - tell her that you will defend the
gate.  Kill all your attackers - this is a TIMED fight, so killing them
quickly will just mean killing more of them quickly.  Then the back-up will
arrive and you will be able to report back to what's his face and get your
NPC's back. PLUS Corvus is now available!  Get him into your party - the guy
is a TANK.

The Scout player might not want him, as scouts basically ignore enemies for
the most part since no one sees them, and the extra NPC's just slow them down.
Still, the enemies in South Gate that you'll have to eliminate are pretty
tough - you just might want someone with you for back-up.  It's up to you.

Report back to Calvaric at the Outer Bailey.  He will then instruct you to
secure an escape route.  Talk to Friar Massus and he will give you the
Chalice and holy water.  Then down into the caves.  You might just want to
run past all the skeletons instead of fighting them -- in which case you
might as well dump your NPC's for the moment.

After using the Holy Water on the Lich's shrine (the round thing to
the East in the crypt) and speaking with Bones, you can then take the East
exit into a new area.	Mage Walkthrough Part Two

Ignore the large gates and go past them to the East and visit Krog, who's
got that book you're after.  Tell him that you want to see what's in the
water, then say you want Krog stew, say you're a smart mage and finally wait
for his attack and push him.  Then challenge him to a game of riddles - your
answers are Ocean, War, and Apocalypse.  Then grab the book and run, and
keep running.  Do not talk to Krog again.  Return the book to Anthamas who
will tell you to visit Opias for your final training.  Do so, and then go
back to Anthamas who will give you the Fiery Shroud of the Inferno.

This is all you need, you are now ready for the final show-down.	Knight Walkthrough Part Two

Go through the large gates and visit Xandar, the Holy Knight's ghost.  Answer
his riddles with "Compassion", "Pride", "Self" and "Failure".  Then take his
training to get some heavy gear - it will pump up your Strength and
Constitution by 24 if you wear it all!  The first trial is an easy fight
against skeletons, while the second pits you against a magic user who LOVES
his "Hold" spell.  Your final test is an utter joke.  That's all you need to
do here.  Head back and report.	Ranger Walkthrough Part Two

Go into the church, past Xandar the Ghost Knight, and then leave your NPC's
behind.  Use the candlestick.  Cast Deflect (You DO have it, right??) and
walk through the fireballs until you reach the chest, guarded by a ghost.
There's only one target - the rest are illusions.  Kill him, get the
contents.  Leave.  

I am aware of the secret passageway in this flaming area, but I thought the
contents were a joke.  Can anyone prove otherwise??	Resume Generic Walkthrough
Go to the far West side of the caves and speak to a very curious person
named Arion.  Having pointed him in the direction of Sage Phellic, you
should then speak to the sage and his new apprentice, who will give you a
potent magic charm.

Report to Calvaric, watch Roth die, and then talk to him about the final
ditch effort to reclaim South Gate.  

Knights:  You can now get General Roth's sword from Tempest, provided you
got the oils from Fester before the trial.

Go through the caves and out into the Village.  My suggestion is to make sure
you cast Aura of Steel on your party, and the Deflect and then use that new
Fireball spell you've got thanks to the shroud.  (The Deflect spell keeps
your allies safe from stray shots.)  If you're playing a scout, then you're
better off leaving your NPC's behind - you can make it through much faster
and safer alone with your Stealth skill.

In Village 2, you can rescue Bonnie if you want - it gives you a nice journal
entry.  Far North-West side, roofed house.  She's not guarded, although there
are plenty of enemies in the area.

Finally, you will enter the South Gate.  Slaughter everything and then head
up to level 2 to drop the gates by attacking the winch.  Up to Level 3, again
killing everyone except Callum, who will tell you where his keys are.
(East side, in the bright potted plant.)  Head out into the catwalk and
you'll meet up with the Blood Roses.  Give Cirrico the keys, and then go
down the first flight of stairs and out through the south gate.
Ignore the enemies - go West until your party members suddenly vanish and
face Mirthrias alone in a final show-down.	Mage Strategy

Yeah right - what strategy?  Throw on Deflect and Aura of Steel - that covers
you against ALL the spells you need to worry about.  Cast Mirror Image too,
if you'd like.  Then hit him repeatedly with Great Hand or Summon Great Wolf
Spirit.  Bye-bye big boss!  Watch the ending.	 Knight Strategy

This fight will annoy you, trust me.  The problem is not beating the snot out
of Mirthrias, the problem is KILLING him.  It's very easy to toss on
Deflect spells and then charge him - but he can hit you with "Shock",
the "Magic Push" and there are enough bugs in the engine that you might get
hit by his spells when you shouldn't have.  When you turn the pressure on and
he's all out of Mana (when he does "Mirror Image" your "Deflect" spell will
bounce his duplicates' shots back at them and kill them.  Casting "Mirror
Image"  drains his Mana greatly) he'll just desperately heal himself.
Repeatedly.  I haven't tried this, but the only solution I can think of is
to cast "Forget" on him just as he's getting weak, and then quickly finish
him off.  The last time I beat him, he glitched and or something because he
froze for a moment - and that's all I needed to kill him.  Perhaps I got too
many good hits in after he cast "Mirror Image".  

Trying to beat him with the Deflect spell is very difficult at best -
compensate by gearing up with as much anti-elemental gear as possible and
using all the defensive spells you can utilize.  Good luck!	 Scout Strategy

You've got one really good trick up your sleeve.

Cast Deflect first thing, but then cast Shadow, run off a bit and then cast
Shadow again.  This will cause Mirthrias to lose sight of you just long
enough for you to snipe-shot him.  End of fight.  Yep, one-hit-kill on the
final boss.  You HAVE to cast Shadow though - casting Shadow causes enemies
to briefly lose sight of you unless they're very, very close.  As Mirthrias
is a magic user and therefore NEVER wants to get in melee combat (he's not
armed anyway) he stays far away enough from you by himself to let you get a
snipe-shot in.  If you're having problems losing him, move until he's off
screen, cast Shadow, and then creep in.  As soon as you see him, cast Shadow
again and then snipe-shoot him.

7	Fun Things to Try

*** DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!                                ***

There's only one fun thing to try in the game after you've beaten it - and
that's re-writing it by mucking with the dialogue files!  You'll notice that
certain dialogues will give you more to work with than others.  I've made it
so certain characters who you're just supposed to talk to actually join the
party (because they had code to turn them into enemies, disappear, or what
have you)

This isn't advisable if you want a good party member - these make-shift guys
really suck.

I've also re-written Krog's code so he's as powerless in text as he is in
game - a pathetic combatant who doesn't stand a chance against you.

I've increased my constitution to 999 and above, and watches enemies drop
with a single blow from 1000 Strength.  Just examine the conversation files
in "Siege Of Avalon\ArtLib\Resources\Conversations" (replacing "Siege of
Avalon" with whatever directory you installed it to) and it should be pretty
obvious how to alter it.

You can also change the sounds, and Journal entries!

8	Final Thoughts

Well, I must thank CJayC for keeping the whole "GameFaqs" site going.
It's simply the best site there is for finding out all the best tips and
tricks there are for games.  If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have written
this FAQ.  Hey, how could I resist the bounty??

As for the game...

Well, there are bugs, slowdown, terrible controls and some really bad
design... but really, it's a nice game considering the low price and the
team who created it definitely show some talent... if a lack of good sense
at times.  The inability to re-map as many keys as you need is the most
glaring, but the fact that the path-finding, click detection and AI is a joke
stands out pretty clearly too.

The game itself though is pretty nicely written and a LOT of thought went
into the villains of the game.  You're missing a great deal of the game if
you don't do Chapter 4 and talk to your enemies.

Please excuse the amount of griping I do in this FAQ, but I am a VERY
demanding player.

This document, again, is copyright 2002-07-28 by "SaneJake", and no part may
be reproduced in any form without expressed consent of said person.
I can be reached at jreyal@hotmail.com.

Comments, criticism and suggestions are welcome, flames will be ignored.

Oh yes - thank-you for reading this FAQ, and I'll close by explaining my
alias:  "Sane Jake" as opposed to "Mad Max".

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