Review by Bubbagump

Reviewed: 08/25/04

Great game but suffers from one flaw...


The Fallen is a pretty good game based on the popular Deep Space 9 TV show that uses the Unreal Tournament engine. It has three playable characters: Sisko, Kira and Worf. Each with their own different set of missions which adds to the variety of the game. What makes this game so great for the trekkies out there is the fact that you can run around Deep Space 9 all you want. You can stop by Quarks Bar, or check our Garak's shop or even head over to Odo's office. All of the character's voices, save for Sisko and O'Brien, are provided by the original actors themselves which just adds to the realism.


The graphics hold up very well for a four year old game. Everything looks polished and well done, with very nice explosion effects and environments to boot. The character's faces are also nice to look at since it actually looks like them.

SOUND: 9.0

The soundtrack has some really nice orchestral pieces to it, and the music really sets the mood. The ambiance in the game is also great. From hearing crowds in Quark's Bar to hearing a vicious alien chasing you down a narrow corrider in a starfleet vessel. It's all just skillfully done. As said before most of the actors provide their voices for the roles and sound just like their counterparts from the show.


Gameplay is fine and acceptable.......until you run out of missions. Which happens rather quickly. Sure there are three characters to play as, but once you get through one it's fairly simple to complete the other in less time. After you complete all the missions there's not really much reason to go back and do it over again so it has rather low replay value. The controls are fairly simple to master. "W" being to go forward, "S" to go back, "A" to go left and "D" to go right. Pretty standard stuff. You fire your weapon with the left mouse button and simple aim by moving the mouse around. It's all simple and anyone can pick it up. Too bad it ends all too quickly though...


To rent or buy? If your a trekkie, especially a DS9 fan then this is a must buy. The chance to run around the station interacting with the crew is fantastic, and you really feel as though your in the show as you try and escape from a Dominion prison camp, with alarms going off and Jem'Hadar and Vorta running all around. For the rest of you however, if you have no interest in the TV show or anything like this I would say skip it. It's a little too short to justify the purchase of it if your not a fan.

Rating: 8

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