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Guide and Walkthrough by KChang

Updated: 01/17/2002
FAQ of the Month Winner: December 2001

                   Deep Space Nine: The Fallen
                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                  by Kasey Chang (ksc1@aol.com)
                    released January 17, 2002

0    Introduction


This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You won't learn how to play the game
with this document, and I'm NOT about to add it to ease the life
of software pirates.

This USG only covers the PC version since that's the only version
that I have. On the other hand, it SHOULD work for the Mac
version as well.

Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM and
XCOM2: TFTD FAQ's, among many others.


This document is copyrighted by Kuo-Sheng “Kasey” Chang (c) 2001-
2002, all rights reserved excepted as noted above in the
disclaimer section.

This document is available FREE of charge subjected to the
following conditions:

1) This notice and author's name must accompany all copies of
this document: " Deep Space Nine: The Fallen Unofficial Strategy
Guide and FAQ" is copyrighted (c) 2001-2002 by Kasey K.S. Chang,
all rights reserved except as noted in the disclaimer.”

2) This document must NOT be modified in any form or manner
without prior permission of the author with the following
exception: if you wish to convert this document to a different
file format or archive format, with no change to the content,
then no permission is needed.

2a) In case you can’t read, that means TXT only. No banners, no
HTML borders, no cutting up into multiple pages to get you more
banner hits, and esp. no adding your site name to the site list.

3) No charge other than "reasonable" compensation should charged
for its distribution.  (Free is preferred) Sale of this
information is expressly prohibited. If you see any one selling
this guide, drop me a line.

4) If you used material from this, PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE the source,
else it is plagiarism.

5) The author hereby grants all games-related web sites the right
to archive and link to this document to share among the game
fandom, provided that all above restrictions are followed.

Sidenote: The above conditions are known as a statutory contract.
If you meet them, then you are entitled to the rights I give you
in 5), i.e. archive and display this document on your website. If
you don’t follow them, you did not meet the statutory contract
conditions, you have no right to display this document. If you
still do so, then you are infringing upon my copyright. This
section was added for any websites who don’t seem to understand

For the gamers: You are under NO obligation to send me ANY
compensation.  However, I do ask for a VOLUNTARY contribution of
one (1) US Dollar if you live in the United States, and if you
believe this guide helped your game. If you choose to do so,
please make your US$1.00 check or $1.00 worth of stamp to "Kuo-
Sheng Chang", and send it to "2220 Turk Blvd. #6, San Francisco,
CA 94118 USA".

If you don't live in the US, please send me some local stamps. I
collect stamps too.


This USG should be available at Gamefaqs
(http://www.gamefaqs.com) and other major PC game websites (such
as gamesdomain.com, gamespot.com, etc.). Gamefaqs.com will get
the latest version. If you found it on any other site, they
copied it from gamefaqs.com.

To webmasters who wish to archive this FAQ on their website,
please read the terms of distribution in section 0.2. It is quite
clear. In case you can’t understand it, it says “no
modifications”. This means you may NOT modify any bits of it! It
says exactly what it says.

Some archive sites do not respect the author's rights. I've seen
my FAQ rewritten (so the archive site's name appears in this
section alongside gamefaqs.com and gamesdomain.com), cut into
multiple pages, each of them have banner ads on top, and so on.
If you spot my FAQ modified, let me know via contact info below.


There is no warranty for this unofficial strategy guide. After
all, it depends on YOU the player.  All I can do is offer some
advice. The walkthru information worked for me.

PLEASE let me know if there's a confusing or missing remark... If
you find a question about this game that is not covered in the
USG, e-mail it to me at ksc1@aol.com.  I'll try to answer it and
include it in the next update.


I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
ones I find don’t cover what I want to see.  Lots of people like
what I did, so I kept doing it.

Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
XCOM, XCOM2:TFTD, Wing Commander 3, Wing Commander 4, Fade to
Black, Spycraft, 688(I) Hunter/Killer. Mechwarrior 3, MW3
Expansion Pack, Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, Mechwarrior 4
and Black Knight Expansion Pack, and many other titles

Most of them should be on gamefaqs.com, the biggest FAQ site

If you need to write me, send e-mail to ksc1@aol.com. (Any spam
will be reported to respective authorities).


Deep Space Nine: The Fallen is created by The Collective, and
published by Simon and Schuster Interactive.

This USG is not endorsed or authorized by The Collective or Simon
and Schuster Interactive.

The Fallen BBS at


provided plenty of help in compiling this document, esp. "Dyre


27-DEC-2001    Initial Release
17-JAN-2002    Updated with more "bugs" and more FAQs. Move
               individual track FAQs to front. Updated some cheat


Q: Can you send me DS9: The Fallen (or portions thereof)?
A: No. It's in bargain bins now for about $10, so buy it!

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: No. If you bought it you should have it. If you don't, ask the
manufacturer for a replacement.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual.

Q: What are the key commands?
A: Read the manual, or the help file. Or look in controller setup
under options.

Q: How do I take a screenshot?
A: See the help file. Each shot is saved as a 1.4 meg BMP.

Q: What do you know about the Mac version of The Fallen?
A: Absolutely nothing, but it should be identical to the PC

Q: Why is your FAQ shorter than other similar FAQs?
A: I don’t repeat the stuff that’s already in the manual. You can
read that yourself.

Q: What’s the latest version?
A: The Collective had released two patches, a "retail" patch and
a "minor code" patch. Download them at http://www.ds9thefallen.com.

Q: Where are the cheat codes?
A: See last section

Q: How do I use an item in my inventory?
A: Please read page 18 of your jewelcase manual.

Q: What is that flashing Starfleet sign on the upper left hand
A: "You've got mail!" See jewelcase manual page 12 on how to use
the communicator.

Q: The level loaded and I see only purple or brown!
A: Your video card cannot handle distance fogging. Please go here
for a workaround:

Q: I have a GeForce 3 but the game won't start in Direct3D mode!
A: Delete the DS9.INI file in TheFallen install directory, then
restart the game and choose the renderer again.

Q: The game is too dark and the "gamma" slider in video doesn't
A: You are using OpenGL mode. The "gamma" slider only works in
Direct3D mode.

Q: I don't understand the directions you're giving in the
A: Look in the tricorder, 3D mode, rotate it to see a purple
arrow. That's north. Please see your manual on how to switch the
tricorder between 2D and 3D mode.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Please see specific sections in the guide: Weapons, Enemies,
Some General Tips, Sisko Track, Kira Track, Worf Track, Misc.

1    Game Information


Deep Space Nine: The Fallen is a third-person action-adventure
set in the universe of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. You take the
role of Sisko, or Kira, or Worf as you attempt to prevent the
three red orbs of the Pah-Wraiths from falling into the wrong
hands, like the Cardassians, the Dominion, or even the Pah-Wraith


The game is played in a third-person from-behind viewpoint
similar to Tomb Raider series. You will be armed with plenty of
weapons, from your standard phasers to grenade launchers,
gravitic mines, and more, as you chase down the different orbs.
You will visit several planets, fight many different enemies,
jump and run, solve some puzzles, find and deliver items, swim,
and hopefully prevent apocalypse.

Sisko, Kira, and Worf all fit into the same story, but in
different ways. They will encounter levels in different orders,
and have different objectives. You will get messages from the
other two at different intervals, as well as talk with the other
regular DS9 characters either on DS9 itself, or during the

Each of the 3 tracks has nine major missions. Each of the
missions can be divided up to 4 sublevels. Some missions require
brute force, others require sneak/ambush, yet others require
puzzle and jumping, and some even requires a bit of subterfuge.
The Fallen offers a wide variety of challenges.


Deep Space Nine: The Fallen requires

  *    233 MHz or faster CPU
  *    64 MB of RAM or more
  *    at least 150 MB HD space
  *    Windows operating system
  *    CD ROM Drive
  *    DirectX Video and Sound

You can download a demo from http://www.ds9thefallen.com

The game runs fine on a 400 MHz machine. Full install takes 550
megs of space. 3D accelerator is recommended and will be used if
present. Both Direct3D and OpenGL modes are supported.


There are two patches, a "full retail" and a "minor code" patch
that balances some issues and fixes some bugs. You can download
them from http://www.ds9thefallen.com. It is recommended that you
patch the game before starting a new game. After the patch, the
older savegames may not load properly.

Please apply the "full retail" patch first. The patch can only be
used on a FULL install.

There are still some bugs though, and some "dead-end" situations
that are not really bugs, but more like frustrating design

While on DS9 trying to intercept the Cardassians, do NOT run
through any doors opened by Cardassians. In most cases you need
to unlock the doors by using consoles. If you run through the
door without using the console, you can't come back in. The only
way is to restart the level (see your manual) or load an earlier
saved game. [Updated 17-JAN-02]

There is a "Phantom Menace" bug. :-)  If you're playing Kira, in
the first level fighting your way past the Kahl-taan, one of the
fanatics may be invincible. (Auto-aim won't target him, and
shooting him has no effect) You may have to run around to "lose"
them, or sneak past them. Thanks to Dyre Straits pointing this
out.  From his own words:

"You've encountered what I have dubbed the 'phantom menace'. Some
people encounter him and others do not. One tactic is to go all
the way up on Kira's first trip up to the tower and disable the
force field to the control room.  Then head back down and
activate the console using the command card. Once done, RUN, RUN,
RUN, all the way back to the top and past the menace.
Others have stated that they got him to chase them and were able
to lose him somewhere. It's your choice." -- Dyre Straits.

Additional information from "OneofFour": "If you have already
gotten past the Phantom Menace, congratulations! If not, then as
you top the stairs to the level where the fanatics lie in wait,
avoid taking out the sniper at the far side. From your point at
the top of the stairs, he is the one directly across from you.
You can take out any others, but just race past him once you get
around to where he is, he won't follow you. What happens is when
he is killed he spawns several other "fanatics", including the
'menace'. A programming error was made on the 'menaces' settings,
so he truly is invincible. Unreal editor will allow you to
correct this, but it's easier just to avoid killing the sniper

Those playing Kira may encounter an invalid level bug, where you
start a level in space. That should be fixed with the patches.

Those playing as Worf may have problem exiting the SR III land
area from the tunnel onto the ledge that will lead you to the
Ulysses. In that case, hit [Tab], then enter "skiplevel" to jump
to next level. (See last section for more cheat codes.)

Those playing as Worf may not be able to see the "cyan dot"
marking alpha objective on Hess'Terral surface, but the red
arrows in the tricorder 3D view works fine.

Some people have reported that the cutscene move by too fast. The
cause for this has not yet been determined.


The Fallen is also available for the Mac.

If you like "the Fallen" but prefer first-person and more
shooting, try Voyager: Elite Force from Activision. It's a more
traditional first-person shooter based on the Quake III engine,
but is it quite short.

Of course, there is always Tomb Raider, or even Max Payne if you
prefer gun fights.

There's also American McGee's Alice, which is a dark and twisted
version of the classic fairy tale.

2    Sisko Track Questions / Hints
Here are the common questions for the Sisko track

Bajoran Transport / Ke'el Tuul

Q: On the Bajoran transport, how do I kill the Grigari?
A: Dodge them first. You can run past them. Dax should give you a
hint later when you got into the "mid" corridor between the two
cargo bays. To be exact: use tricorder detail scan to get the
shield frequency, adjust your hand phaser modulation to fit (or
leave auto-modulate on), then shoot until it is dead. Wait for
phaser to recharge before continuing. Alternatively, you can
always do what Dax suggests... Just run away. If you do that,
they disappear after you lose them, unless they really chase you
around, but you can outrun them.

Q: How do I beam the survivors out?
A: Use the pattern enhancer on the person, then back up and watch
the transporter effect. If you don't know how to use an item in
your inventory, please see your manual.

Q: Where is the engineering card?
A: In the other shuttle/cargo bay. NOT the one you came in, but
through the corridor on the upper level, on the other side of the
ship. One of the guys you rescue has it.

Q: Where is the command card?
A: After you unlock the engineering console, the room to your
left opens, and the survivor inside has the command card.

Bajoran Transport 2

Q: Where is the utility card?
A: On the next level up, deck 3. Go through the command-locked
door and follow it in.

Jeraddo Mines

Q: How do I kill the anthropod?
A: Wait until it "unpacks", see the "enemies" section.

Q: Where is the utility card?
A: It's in that first unlocked door you see.

Q: Where is the inductor?
A: Take the elevator and search. When you find it, take it and
come back.

Jeraddo Mines 2

Q: How do I get past those Command-locked doors?
A: You don't need to. Your objective is move that cargo sled
blocking the bridge and access the engineering door at the end of
the bridge.

Q: I can't climb over that mountain of cargo blocking the bridge.
How do I move it?
A: Go through the utility door to your left... You'll find it.

Q: Can you be more specific?
A: Look for a ladder going up, and up.

Q: Where is the engineering key?
A: Inside the first utility lock. There's a few Kahl-Taan there
you need to kill.

Jeraddo Temple

Q: What do I do with the phaser drill?
A: Find a power source for it... Like that Nadion Port earlier.

Q: How do I solve the pushbutton puzzle?
A: Look above the sealed door. Read left to right, then mirror
each of the images. Push in the order.

Q: What do I do with the two obelisks in the courtyard?
A: First, you need to lower the "shroud" around each obelisk. You
lower each shroud with... an artifact.

Q: What do I do with the artifact?
A: Look for a place to put it in.

Q: Where is the other artifact?
A: Explore the entire level of the two "holy man" walls and
you'll see it.

Q: I scan and see the artifacts in the floor. Can I get them out?
A: No, you don't need them any more. [No, you're NOT getting a
commission from Quark.]

Q: What do I do now?
A: Did you go "upstairs" and push the button next to each statue?

Q: Now what?
A: Go back to the courtyard and check those two small obelisks

DS9 Betrayal

Q: Where do I go after I get through the forcefield? I can't
follow Terrel!
A: Go back to the ore control room (that first room you found
after exiting the turbolift).

Q: I'm back in the ore control room, now what?
A: There was a Cardassian on the far end... See that panel near
him? Use it...

Q: Where is the respirator?
A: In the room next to that forcefield. Look for a blinking


Q: What do I do in the plaza?
A: Look for a place to climb up to the right to the escape pod.
Climb up and follow the path.

Q: The ensign got hit by an asteroid and was beamed out. Now
A: Come back down the mountain and look to your right all the
way... See a tunnel?

Q: On SRIII, I don't see a way to get off this "hill" with this
big column in the sky!
A: Perhaps you need to "make" a bridge...

Q: On SRIII, I see this lake and no exit!
A: There is no overland exit. On the other hand, there is the

Q: On SRIII, I'm on the ship. How do I get into the ship?
A: Check your tricorder for red arrows, it is on the top, port-
side of the ship. Unlock the three latches, then climb onto the
ramp and into the hole to enter the ship.


Q: How do I open the door to astrophysics? The switch next to the
door doesn't work.
A: Restore power first, by fixing the auxiliary reactor.

Q: Where is the auxiliary reactor?
A: The entrance is opposite the door to astrophysics, on 
"level 3" of the cargo deck.

Q: How do I get to level 3?
A: Get to the other shuttle bay (across the entire cargo bay),
which opens into the level below, and look for a ladder up.

Q: Where is the exit from the auxiliary reactor room?
A: Under that fallen walkway. Use the flashlight to see it.

Q: Where is the command chip?
A: Take the exit where the Jem'hadar came in. Take a dive and see
where it leads you...

Q: More specific please!
A: After you emerge to water surface, there's a brown column to
your left, with a ladder.

Q: I got the chip programmed. How do I get back to the
astrophysics lab?
A: Jump across the broken walkway over water and enter the shaft.
Look to lower right...

Q: What do I do once I'm at the astrophysics lab?
A: Try the BLUE door.

Prison Camp

Q: At the beginning, the Vorta triggered the alarm and I'm toast!
A: Then you should kill him first, before he gets to the alarm!
Reload and try again.

Q: In the prison camp, how do I get across the two platforms in
the vent?
A: It can be jumped, really.

Q: Where is the level 2 access card?
A: Use the elevator. Look for a Vorta.

Prison Camp 2

Q: How do I get to that vent that opens? The ladder's blocked!
A: Well, I guess you'll just have to try the OTHER ladder...

Q: What do I do in that large room with the transporter and the
Vorta? I killed the Vorta.
A: Use the transporter, of course! (Scan for transporter console)

Prison Camp 3

Q: Where is the level 3 access card?
A: You killed the Vorta in that "upper level" room with the view
of the docking clamps, right? She has it.

Q: How do I deactivate the docking clamps?
A: You got to the room with the Defiant hologram, right? Go up,
kill Vorta and Jem'hadar, then use console (use tricorder to
check) to deactivate docking clamps. You'll see a cutscene of the
docking clamps disengaging, and when you come back down the
hologram will be off.

Q: Where do I go next?
A: Retrace your steps to the ladder. Climb down. In the "blue"
section, a door should have opened.

Taking Back Defiant

Q: Where do I go first?
A: Try to get into the shuttle bay.

Q: Shuttle bay door is locked!
A: Look for shuttle bay console near the shuttle bay door.

Q: What do I do in the shuttle bay?
A: Look for a control room with a Vorta inside. Use console to
open Jeffries tube.

Q: Where is the Engineering chip?
A: In Engineering, of course. (North of Impulse Engines)

Q: Where is the Engineering chip writer?
A: In impulse control room (inside Impulse room, the room with
the big window)

Taking back Defiant 2

Q: Where is the command chip writer?
A: Transporter room, that first room you encounter when you start
the level.

Q: Where is the command chip?
A: It's in the guidance system room, accessible only via a
Jeffries tube. Try the section which has the curved corridors.
It's NOT the one with a wounded guy inside. Try next one down...

Hass'Terrel Surface

Q: I keep getting killed by the mines!
A: Perhaps you should sweep them first!

Q: I can't avoid triggering the alarm!
A: Use long range sniper shots to kill the guards before they
spot you!

Q: Where is the level 1 card?
A: To the NORTHEAST of the sled, on top of the tower.

Hass'Terral, inside the Compound

Q: I was detected immediately!
A: Don't move until Kira says the cameras are off!

Q: Where do I go now?
A: You need to locate the internal vent first.

Q: The guard triggered the alarm!
A: Well, you're supposed to shoot him first! (Reload and try

Q: Okay, the vent is venting Thoronide. Now what?
A: Shut down the Thoronide processing plant, of course.

Q: Where is the Thoronide processing plant?
A: It's next to the two science doors. The plant itself has a
level 2 military lock.

Q: Where is the level 2 military pass?
A: In the barracks, which is that "raised" building with a switch-
controlled door on either side. (Beyond the switch forcefield and
the level 1 military forcefield)  Kill the guard inside to get

Q: How do I get a level 3 military pass or a science pass?
A: You don't need them.

Q: How do I stop the Thoronide reactor?
A: Ask Garak. See jewelcase manual page 12 on how to use the

Q: I'm inside the vent. How do I get through the twin
A: Scan carefully... See the TWO different generators? One of
them is mounted on the REVERSE side, but remember forcefield
REFLECTS phaser beam... So... Get the idea?

Q: I still don't get it! Just tell me!
A: Patience, patience! Configure your phaser to penetrate the
FIRST forcefield, and use the next forcefield as a reflector to
bounce the beam onto the first forcefield's generator. You'll
need to crouch, and aim for the right edge of the inside
forcefield. Keep trying a couple times. The inside forcefield can
be handled normally.

Hass'Terrel Lab

Q: Where was I supposed to go?
A: Well, Garak did say another CARGO room, right? Try to your

Q: On Hass'Terrel, I got to the surveillance center (big glass
windows), but there are red forcefields blocking the exits, and
infinite Cardassians!
A: You triggered the alarm. Load an earlier saved game and try

Q: What are those switches on those yellow panels near the glass
windows of the surveillance center?
A: Those are for Worf's demolition charges.

Q: Where is the computer core?
A: Look for Obsidian Order sign opposite a CLOSED door.

Q: I STILL can't find the computer core!
A: Southeast of surveillance center, PAST the first Obsidian
order sign on the wall.

Q: How do I disable the forcefields blocking my way to the core?
A: Look for two consoles... Use both to deactivate.

Q: Where is it?
A: Search south of the surveillance center.

Q: What is the little switch on the wall next to the computer
core for?
A: That's for Worf's demolition charge.

Q: Where is the lift Kira talked about?
A: There's a phaser cannon in the corner. If you got past that,
you see a brightly lighted steps leading up to two stations at
the end (both have an Obsidian Order agent inside), and open
turbolift. If you came by before, the turbolift is locked by a
level 3 science lock.

Q: I still can't find the lift!
A: Search southwest of surveillance center.

Q: I found the lift, then the alarm went off and infinite
Cardassians beamed in until I got to a place where they don't
chase me! Now what?
A: You triggered the alarm again... Better shoot those
technicians before they can raise the alarm. Reload an earlier
savegame and try again.

The Final Showdown

Q: On DS9, how do I beat Obanak in the final battle?
A: Just run inside and unload your weapons on him. And keep
moving to dodge. If you don't stay in one spot he can't hurt you
very much. Save EM Blaster ammo before then, use other weapons on
the Grigari (your hand phaser or plasma thrower is best).

3    Kira Track Questions / Hints
Here are some common answers for Kira track questions


Q: Where is the "artifact key"?
A: In the Chapel. When the Bajoran guide stops, you should see a
cutscene where a door opened behind you. That's the Chapel.

Q: I inserted the key and the two doors opened. Where are the
four statues I need to activate?
A: They're at "mezzanine" levels. You see the two sets of stairs
going down, right? Both of them has a turn in the middle that
heads back up again. That's where the statues are, two on each

Q: What do I do with the statues?
A: See that little brown button on the base of each statue? Push

Q: How do I unlock the holographic wall?
A: Scan for a switch nearby. It's probably hidden as decoration
under the lamp.

Q: Do I need to save any of the civilians in the temple?
A: No. The only one you can save for sure is Obanak, and that's a
scripted event.

Q: I got the engineering key. Now what?
A: Get back to your origination point. Look for the cleansing
pool, and next to it is a room with engineering console. Use key
on console to unlock the pool, then jump in and take a swim.

Q: I got to the other building. Where is the Command key?
A: As Obanak said, it's in a second floor room, hidden behind one
of the holowalls.

Q: I ran into a Kahl-taan that can't be killed!
A: As explained by Dyre Straits... "You've encountered what I
have dubbed the 'phantom menace'. Some people encounter him and
others do not. One tactic is to go all the way up on Kira's first
trip up to the tower and disable the force field to the control
room.  Then head back down and activate the console using the
command card. Once done, RUN, RUN, RUN, all the way back to the
top and past the menace. Others have stated that they got him to
chase them and were able to lose him somewhere. It's your

Additional information: according to Oneof4, the "menace" was
spawned by killing the "kneeled sniper" across the second floor
when you get the card. If you do not kill the sniper, the
"menace" will not be spawned.

Jeraddo Mines

Q: Where is the command card?
A: Look in the unlocked door... You'll find it...

Q: I can't find the Utility card!
A: You don't need it! Look for another way out!

Q: More specific please?
A: Go back to where you found the command card. See any new

Jeraddo Mines 2

Q: I'm in the next area and I still can't find the Utility card!
A: You STILL don't need it! Use your command card for more clues!

Q: I still don't get it. What now?
A: Find the switch to open the exterior gate. Open the command
door and see what's inside.

Q: What do I do with the phaser drill?
A: Find a power source for it... Ask O'Brien, then scan around...

Jeraddo Temple

Q: How do I solve the pushbutton puzzle?
A: Look above the sealed door. Read left to right.

Q: What do I do with the two obelisks in the courtyard?
A: First, you need to lower the "shroud" by going into each of
the empty rooms (to left and right), go upstairs, and push a
button to drop the shroud. Then you need to solve the pushbutton
puzzle in the courtyard.

Q: I scan and see the artifacts in the floor. Can I get them out?
A: No, you don't need them.

DS9 Computer Core

Q: How do I reset the EPS conduits?
A: Go south, to use the console, then make it into the room, jump
to other side, use the console, Repeat to the north.

Q: I ran past the core like O'Brien said but the door is locked!
A: See those covers on the wall?

Q: I got to the big room. Now what?
A: Take one rod from each, go back to the core and insert them at
the right place.

Q: I fixed the core. Now what?
A: Go back to that door that wouldn't open before.

Defiant Defense at SRIII

Q: Where is tactical / warhead room?
A: Deck 2, in the section with the curved corridors, at the very

Q: Where is the master chip?
A: In the "galley", in the curved corridor section, deck 1 (yes,
TOP floor)

Q: Where is the command chip?
A: Around the transporter room, Deck 2 (bottom floor).

Q: Where is impulse control?
A: Deck 2. Look for a series of three maroon extra-wide doors
with blue "branches".

Q: Where is the blank engineering chip?
A: Tricorder scan all around the impulse room... You'll find it.
It's in one of those small rooms in the corridors.

Q: Where is the respirator?
A: Same advice. :-)

Q: Where is engineering?
A: Deck 2, look for the sign "engineering" next to the door.
It's north(?) of impulse control.

Dominion Prison at Arduria

Q: What do I do in the prison cell?
A: Try taking your anger out on the blinking light fixture.

Q: What do I do with the "component"?
A: See somewhere that may take a component? Try to your right...

Q: I can't survive the turret in the pipe-jumping sequence!
A: You can climb under it without being detected. The rest is up
to you. Maybe you can whack the turret?

Q: I reached the bottom, killed the Vorta. Used the console. Now
A: The cutscene should show an opening above to and to your
right. The only way to get to it is via the ladder, then
tightrope, then jump down...

Q: I got into the room, but the doors are locked.
A: See those barrels? Try blowing them up...

Q: I crouched and moved though. Now what?
A: Try to reach that vent HIGH on top... Yes, it can be jumped.

Q: What do I do in the room with a roof turret and some voles
running around?
A: access the center console, which unlocks the two doors above
you, then make your way up there and get your stuff back.

Q: I got all my stuff. Now what?
A: Whack the cargo boxes. You'll find another crawlway hidden
behind them in one of the rooms.

Arduria Caves

Q: How do I get up to the vent at the beginnng?
A: Use the ladder to climb up to the pipes, then do pipe jumping.

Q: Where is the level 2 pass I need to get into the reactor?
A: Near the reactor, there's a deep downslope. At the bottom is a
security station with a Vorta. He has the level 2 pass. Beware
the cameras (see below).

Q: I can't get the level 2 pass without infinite Jem'hadar come
after me!
A: Look for 2 cameras you need to take out before you can get the
pass... From Dyre Straits: "There are TWO cameras that she needs
to disable in order to make a surprise attack on that lower area
where the Level 2 card is. One of the cameras is to the right of
the Level 2 gate and up near the ceiling. The 2nd camera is above
that lower level." The 2nd camera is on the far wall, way up
high, to be exact.

Q: Where IS the exit after I access the reactor console?
A: Walk around on the reactor console level, and you'll see a
hole in the floor.

Q: I can't dodge those huge turrets with purple guidance beam!
A: Turn left immediately when the turret looks away and dive into
the sewage line. Follow it...

Hass'Terral Surface

Q: How do I avoid detection?
A: Quick kills, make sure no one sees your beam, no weapon or
tricorder in hand (esp. when surveillance is still on).

Q: How do I get a military pass, any level?
A: You don't need it.

Q: Where is the surveillance center?
A: Go through the science building, and take the THIRD exit (on
the short side of the building). Look for a building that has
three sections... Single-height, double-height, single-height,
just like the photo in PADD mission objective.

Q: How do I stop the surveillance?
A: First, you need to kill the guard inside when he has his back
turned, preferably near the door so the other guy inside the
forcefield can't see you do it. Then scan the forcefield and set
your phaser to penetrate the forcefield. When the guy inside the
forcefield has his back turned, shoot him in the back. The rest I
leave up to you.

Q: Where is the level 1 Science pass?
A: See any other science personnel around on the base? As Garak
said, "If you ask nicely, perhaps they will let you have it."

Q: More specific please!
A: Second floor, science building. Make sure you do the
surveillance center first. Take out the guard before you get the

Q: I can't get the pass without infinite Cardassians coming after
A: Did you disable the surveillance center first?

Q: Where is the entrance to Terrel's lab?
A: The entrance is that other guarded building beyond the
surveillance center.

Hass'Terral Interior

Q: Where is the woman I need to locate to get level 2 science
A: Look for an Obsidian order sign, opposite a purple corridor,
which leads to a circular corridor.

Q: More specific please!
A: Southeast of the surveillance center

Q: I follow that woman around but she won't give me the pass!
A: As Garak said, "If you ask nicely, perhaps they will let you
have it."

Q: I can't get the pass from her without the guards killing me!
A: Do her AWAY from cameras, and FAR away from guards. Hide your
phaser immediately.

Q: Where is the admin section so I can get the level 3 science
A: Look for an upslope opposite an Obsidian Order sign. There's a
guy at the desk on the top.

Q: More specific please!
A: Northeast of the surveillance center.

Q: What do I do inside the admin section?
A: As Garak already said many times, "If you ask nicely, perhaps
they will let you have it."

Q: Where is the exit?
A: Look for a brightly lighted staircase, two stations at the end
(both have Obsidian Order agents inside), and a turbolift with
science level 3 lock.

Q: I still can't find it!
A: Southwest of surveillance center.

Battle for DS9

Q: How do I open security? It's blocked off by those corona
A: Go to end of corridor, Maglev control, and access the panel to
turn off the power.

Q: Where do I go after opening up security?
A: Security opens the ore control room (directly across
security's window). Go into ore control room, and open the vent
tube in the room and make your way up.

Q: What do I do after Obanak retreated?
A: Come back down through the vents and re-enter the ore control
room where you got in. You should see another door open. Go in
there to finish.

4    Worf Track Questions / Hints
Common Worf Questions answered here...


Q: How do I kill the Grigari as Worf? I don't have the hand
A: Use your Bat'leth. Run around him (circle-strafe at point-
blank range) and swing constantly. Alternatively, you can use
mines. One mine should kill a Grigari with no problems. You'll
need to look for the mines, of course. Try EAST of Engineering.

Q: Where is impulse control?
A: Deck 2. Look for a series of three maroon extra wide doors
with blue "branches".

Q: Where is the engineering chip?
A: In the impulse control room, the room with windows next to
impulse engines

Q: Where is tactical / warhead room?
A: Deck 2, in the section with the curved corridors.

Q: Where is the "command" chip?
A: Search the curved section, it's in the "galley".

Q: Where is engineering?
A: Deck 2, look for the sign "engineering" next to the door.

Jeraddo Mines

Q: The bridge is busted. How do I get across?
A: Look to your left... See a platform you can jump to?

Q: Where can I find a command card?
A: You don't need it.

Jeraddo Temple

Q: How do I solve the pushbutton puzzle?
A: Look above the sealed door. Read left to right, then mirror
each of the images. Push in the order observed.

Q: I scan and see the artifacts in the floor. Can I get them out?
A: No, you don't need them.

Q: What do I do with the two obelisks in the courtyard?
A: First, you need to lower the "shroud" by going into each of
the empty rooms (to left and right), upstairs, and push a button
to drop the shroud. Then you need to solve the pushbutton puzzle
in the courtyard.

DS9 Betrayal

Q: I got to a door that's locked!
A: There should be a conduit cover next to it. What's behind it,
I wonder?

Q: What do I do after I lock away the docking ring?
A: Reverse course to the turbolift.

Q: What do I do after I clear away the two storage rooms with two
levels, high and low, with the "green rails" inside? The central
door is still closed!
A: Access the panel in the room to move the cart, exposing a
conduit cover. Whack the cover to move inside...

Q: There's a forcefield to my left! How do I go through?
A: Go right instead and circle around.

Q: I got the ring working, I got on the service elevator, but I
still don't see the bomb!
A: Walk onto the ring. Let the ring take you up, and there's the
bomb panel on the wall.

SR III Surface

Q: How do I survive that long, dark cave?
A: Flashlight, of course. Be ready to kill flyer(s).

Q: I don't have enough ammo to take on the enemies!
A: Perhaps you skipped over one of those "sidetrips"... One is
through that dark cave and through the water. Another is through
the mountain pass to a series of sloped islands.

Q: I jumped across this chasm and I am stuck inside this dark
A: Use your flashlight! The exit is quite narrow. Follow the left

Q: I tried but I still can't get out! (Or I ran and ran and the
level doesn't end!)
A: Use the "skiplevel" cheatcode, see end of FAQ 11.4.2

SR III Ulysses

Q: I don't see a way down from that ledge! Where do I go?
A: Into the water, of course. Climb back onto land for supplies.
You should see a tunnel heading out.

Q: Where is the entrance to Ulysses?
A: As Sisko said, shuttle bay, which is on the top of the ship,
port-side. (Port side is to your right if you're on the ship,
facing the bow of the ship). You have to swim ALL THE WAY around
the ship, dodging/shooting gators.

Inside Ulysses

Q: I can't find an entrance to auxiliary reactor!
A: You need to get up to level 3 of the cargo/shuttle bay, and
you'll find a way to enter through there.

Q: How do I get up to level 3?
A: Go across cargo bay, drop down through crack to level below,
find ladder, climb up.

Q: Where is the exit from the auxiliary reactor?
A: It's under that fallen walkway. Use the flashlight to see it.

Q: Got that. Where else do I go?
A: Look for a door with a switch to left front, second level as
you exit auxiliary reactor. Follow it through...

Q: Where is target beta?
A: As the picture in the PADD suggested, it is underwater.

Q: More specific please?
A: Look to your LEFT as you exit the red lighted underwater
corridor. Look for the red cross in the 3D view to locate it.

Q: Even more specific?
A: Dive low and follow the tricorder. It's deeply submerged.

Q: Got beta. How do I get back to astrophysics?
A: Climb up ladder. Jump across broken walkway, stop at end of
corridor, which is that flooded turboshaft. Look to your lower
right... Go there.

Q: Where is target gamma?
A: Follow the blue door out of astrophysics. You'll see it.

Prison Camp / Arduria

Q: How do I get the level 1 card?
A: Sneak out to left, kill Vortas, climb up. Kill guards. Go
across. Climb down. Get card when you find the right Vorta. Try
to avoid triggering the alarm.

Arduria 2

Q: There's a forcefield in the twin-thumper room and I can't get
A: You triggered the alarm. Get across, take the level 2 card,
jump back, use card to deactivate alarm (and forcefield) then
jump across again.

Q: How do I cross that green "river"? The walkway's broken and
it's too far to jump!
A: You cross it from "above", NOT by jumping.

Q: How do I detect subspace mines?
A: Subspace mine shows up as a VERY faint green dot. If you point
the tricorder cursor straight at it (and autoaim is on), you can
force the mine to reveal itself. Then sweep it with any energy
weapon (shock blade works fine).

Q: Must I grab the orb?
A: Of course! It's the whole reason you're here!

Q: I pushed out this vent and the bottom has no exit!
A: Then perhaps you should look UP, instead of down... Yes, it's

Q: Where is the level 3 pass?
A: Fight your way through the prison to find it. Just stay
clockwise as you fight through the prison. Find the right Vorta.
Then come back.

Hass'Terral Surface

Q: I keep triggering the alarm!
A: Sniper the guard in the distance first.

Q: Where do I go exactly?
A: Follow the outside of the base, you go in via the external
Thoronide exhaust port.

Inside Hass'Terral Compound

Q: I kept triggering the alarm!
A: Kill the guards first!

Q: Where is the level 3 military pass?
A: Near the level 2 military lock is the guard that has the pass.

Q: Where is the Alpha Objective? I don't see it!
A: It's that "raised" module that has a rifle and ammo inside.
Plant the explosive UNDER the module. In some versions the cyan
dot doesn't show up in the scans but the red "cross" does.

Q: Where is the Beta Objective?
A: When you make your way through the first military level 3
forcefield, there's that other level 3 forcefield next to it.

Q: I don't see a level 2 or level 1 military pass!
A: Your level 3 military pass will work on level 2 or level 1
military locks.

Q: How do I get a science pass?
A: You don't, nor do you need it.

Q: Where is the Gamma Objective?
A: Make your way past the level 2 and level 1 military locks,
then the plain forcefield lock...

Hass'Terral Lab

Q: Where is objective alpha, the computer core?
A: Look for Obsidian Order sign on one side, and a closed door to
the other.

Q: More specific please!
A: From the room you started, go right. Hug right wall and you'll
see it.

Q: Where are objectives beta and gamma?
A: East and west of the surveillance center (those huge glass

Q: I got to the objective (Alpha, Beta, or Gamma). Where DO I
plant the bomb?
A: Use the switch on the wall to open a tiny compartment, drop
the explosive inside, and use the switch again to close the
compartment and hide your handiwork.

Q: Where is the exit?
A: So little patience? Look for open turbolift with two
"stations" on either side. You have to kill a wall-mounted phaser
cannon to reach it.

Q: Just tell me!
A: Southwest of the surveillance center.

Battle for DS9

Q: I don't have enough ammo to fight Obanak!
A: Perhaps you need to go through the door on the level first and
find some more ammo before you do the final fight...

5    Your Weapons
Please refer to page 14 of your jewelcase manual for detailed
information on the weapons.

In general, you should use that race's weapons against that race.


Please see the manual on how to use the melee combat mode.

The knockout punch can be useful in situations when you don't
want to alarm the guards. Sneak up behind the guard, then do the
knockout punch. You may need several punches to put them down
though. Not recommended if you have other weapons.

Effective against everyone except Grigari.


Hand Phaser and Phaser Pistol are identical except one is
Starfleet (for Sisko) and one is Bajoran (for Kira). They
recharge automatically, so you should use this for MOST of your
fights, but you may need to let them recharge.

They are also your primary weapons against the Grigari (along
with your tricorder), until you discover better weapons.

Another interesting feature with hand phaser is you can use it to
"pin" an enemy. If the enemy's hit by the beam and your beam
remains on target, the enemy is pinned until it expires, or your
beam runs out. This makes it very useful to take out single
enemies. Beware that some enemies cannot be pinned like this. The
ungulate (see 3.2.4) cannot be pinned, for example

You can use less than the whole phaser on a specific enemy. You
don't have to hold the trigger down until the beam goes
elsewhere. You can stop a little before that and the enemy will
still go down. Consider using short bursts on multiple enemies.

Effective against everything except Grigari. For Grigari, you
need to use the modulation feature.

Max charge is 99. Must have at least 10 units to fire. Small
creatures can be killed with as little as 10 units. 30-50 should
kill most early-level enemies.

5.3   BAT'LETH

Bat'leth is Worf's personal melee weapon

It is a very decent physical attack weapon, similar to the shock
blade (see later) but it is not a good weapon against the
Grigari. It works, but the phaser is much easier.

To kill Grigari with Bat'leth, circle around it. If you keep
circling, you'll confuse the Grigari while you get several blows
in. Charge, swing, and retreat doesn't work as well. Only use on
unarmed Grigari. Armed Grigari will just shoot you.

Effective against everything. Of course, charging to point-blank
range is not good when fighting enemies with powerful attacks or
long-range weapons... Don't do this against Jem'hadar with
polaron rifle, for example.


Powerful attack, but no beam modulation, so they're worthless
against the Grigari. Against any one else they are quite deadly.

Remember to use the sniper zoom alternate mode for long-range

When doing sniper attack, go for the head. If you get a headshot
in sniper mode, you get a single-shot kill on targets that
require two to four shots each. Most enemies wear body armor, but
the head is not armored.

Sniper mode works underwater. In fact, gator/fish require two
regular shots to kill but only one in sniper mode.

Sniper mode saves you ammo, so use it as much as possible.

Effective against everyone except Grigari.

Max capacity is 300 units, typical reload is 150 units each.
Normal shot is 10 units, sniper mode uses 15 units.


Excellent explosive mine, they can cause quite a bit of damage.
Drop one around the corner, then tease the enemy to approach.
Great for taking out anthropods or Grigari.

The alternate mode is for demolition, and therefore not useful. I
guess you can use a mine to sweep a mine if you want to... Or
stick it on a Grigari...  Mines can be attached to walls or

One mine can kill most objects. A solid mine hit can kill a

Max capacity: 9, usually found in packs of 3.

To "sweep" a mine, just shoot it with a phaser. Disruptor rifles
can't sweep mines. They are easily spotted by tricorder. It's
easy to spot the mines on a plain floor, though some may be
attached to walls. Snowy ground like Hass'Terall may conceal the
mines though to a simple black spot. Use sniper zoom. If the part
looks raised, shoot it.

After the patch, autoaim no longer pinpoints mines (which is


Grenade launcher is a difficult weapon to master, but it can be
powerful. The range is extremely limited in direct fire mode. You
need to let the grenade BOUNCE a bit to get the range. Consider
save the game before you fire a grenade and see how well your
shot went.

If you are on up high and behind cover, grenade launcher can be
used as "artillery". You can try lobbing grenades OVER a rock to
hit concealed enemies. You can try bouncing grenades around
corners, or the far wall to take out enemies.

Alt-fire mode let you burst up to six grenades, but I haven't
found much use for it.

Effective against just about anybody, but the "bounce" is hard to
arrange. .

Max capacity: 12, each clip holds 6 shots.


The Cardassian disruptor rifle has two modes: repeater, and
shotgun. In repeater mode, it fires shots like a machine gun
until you let go of the trigger. In shotgun mode, you fire a
whole burst of them in one huge shot. Both modes are quite

Cardassian soldiers can be killed efficiently in regular mode by
spending as little as 16 units (8 shots).

Use shotgun mode against large groups. It also knocks down the
target even if you don't get a kill.

Note: Disruptor rifle cannot sweep gravitic mines. You can shoot
it, but nothing will happen to the mine.

Effective against just about everybody (?)

Max capacity: 300, each clip holds 150. Single fire mode 2 units
each, hold button down for chain fire. Alt fire: ???


In regular fire mode, the polaron pulse rifle is like a gun
firing a huge explosive shell, causing secondary damage around
the hit, so definitely use this against a cluster of enemies. Can
take out a Jem'hadar in a single hit (not always).

The alt-fire mode poisons the target, which isn't that useful.

Quite effective against the Jem'hadar, and everybody else.

Max capacity: 200?, each bolt is 15. Alt fire ???


Primary attack is short range (10 m?), but powerful. Can only
engage one enemy at a time, and "pins" that enemy. Use in short
bursts like the disruptor rifle.

The alt/secondary attack is hand-to-hand melee combat, and it's
pretty deadly as well. Best of all: no energy usage.

Shock blade is also excellent for minesweeping. Its range is just
long enough to get out of mine's range, and you can use VERY
little ammo to sweep.

Max capacity: 200, typical clip 100


The primary firing mode is extremely short-range, and therefore
worthless, unless you're at point-blank range. "It's good enough
for a hot shower", as Dyre Straits puts it. However, it does
"freeze" them. Go up close, shoot it at two Grigari at once.

The alternate firing mode shoots a plasma bolt, and that's much
deadlier and useful. However, the range is still short. Think of
it as a "plasma bomb". A direct hit will take out a Grigari.

Effective against the Grigari in up-close-and-personal mode, or
in the bolt mode.

As you can only hold 100 units at a time, do NOT pick up any new
ones when you still have one with ammo. Use it up, THEN go back
for it.

Max capacity: 100, typical clip 100. Alt-fire is 25 units.


EM Pulse Cannon is one of the late stage weapons, and it's QUITE
powerful. It kills Grigari easily even with just the regular fire
mode. You'll need four to five shots.

If you use alt-fire, you can probably kill one with one or two

Very effective against Grigari and effective against everything

Max capacity: 200, typical clip 100. Regular shot is 5 units per
shot. 25 units for alt-fire.

6    Your Enemies
In general, you should use that race's weapons against that race.


See your tactical data about the Grigari.

6.1.1      Grigari drone
These are the brown hover drones. They are not shielded, so you
can kill those easily with any weapon. They are armed with phaser
cannons, so kill them quickly. One to two solid shots with a
phaser or phaser rifle should do it.

If you shot one down, stay back while it twitches. If you get
close it can still give you an electric shock. When it stops
moving, it's really dead. If you scan it it'll say "corpse".

6.1.2     Grigari trooper
The Grigari trooper is humanoid with reverse (chicken) legs. When
it sees you, it shoots a red "laser" like a Borg drone and look
for you. You can lose it if you get out of range of that beam.

They are shielded, so you either have to penetrate the shield
using phaser modulation, use a weapon that bypasses the shields
(plasma thrower or EM Blaster), or use physical attacks like
grenades, mines, or even the trusty bat'leth.

Grigari troopers use physical attack only. If you scan them,
readings will say "armament: none". They run up to you and either
swing at you with a roundhouse punch, or use a double-fisted
overhead smash. You can outrun them, but they just keep coming,
even through doors, unless you get out of range, or change
vertical levels like climb up a ladder.

Grigari can't climb ladders, so if you can get to a different
level (either by jumping or climbing) you can shoot them with
impunity. They CAN walk up stairs though, and they will jump off
a platform to come after you.

If you have phasers, use phaser modulation to penetrate their
shield. Keep backing up to gain time to recharge. They move quite
slowly and you can run past them. When hit with regular phaser
that penetrates their shielding, the Grigari freezes and does
this "jerking" pinned action. You can kill them singly with this.
If there are more than one, take out one at a time.

If you don't have a phaser (like Worf), your Bat'leth will hurt
them, circle around it and keep circling and swinging.

If you have mines, drop one in front of it. A solid hit with a
mine will kill a Grigari.

If you have a grenade launcher, it takes 2-3 grenade hits to kill
a Grigari.

6.1.3     Grigari Commander
Grigari Commander looks identical to Grigari trooper, but they
carry Plasma Throwers and EM Pulse Cannons.

Commanders only appear in the final level: battle for DS9. You
can kill them the same way you did the Grigari troopers.


6.2.1     Avian Reptile (Flyer)
Small bat-like flyers, they buzz your position and attack with
poison claws. If you got hit, you have a chance of being
poisoned, and you must use an anti-toxin hypo to stop the loss of
hit points. One hit from phaser should kill one.

6.2.2     Anthropod
Anthropod is a critter that can shield itself by withdrawing into
a ball, in which state it is not vulnerable to weapons. When it
"unfolds" into a four-legged beetle-like creature, it can be

If you see one at long range, use sniper zoom. One to two shots
while it's in beetle-form will kill it.

It either shoots short-range acid, or charges you with its
"horn". It moves extremely fast in a straight line.

You'll need two to five phaser rifles hits to kill one unless you
use sniper mode. A good mine hit will kill it too. Climb onto
something to avoid its charge.

6.2.3     Kahl-taan Soldiers
These are masked Bajorans attacking anything that has to do with

They are armed with Bajoran phaser rifles, but they also pack a
suicide charge. They will run at you, detonating their explosives
when they get close trying to take you out. You'll hear this
increasing scale of beeps when they do. However, they can only go
in a straight line during the countdown. If you kill them before
then, or dodge their death charge and stay away from "ground
zero" you won't take any damage.

Some Kahl-taan soldiers may throw grenades, esp. on Bajor when
playing as Kira.

When you see Kahl-taan, you may also see gravitic mines used
against you.

Need two to three hits from a phaser rifle.

6.2.4     Ungulate (bull-like with horns)
Bull-like creature with horns, can be quite vicious, but not
poisonous. Unlike most creatures, it does NOT freeze when hit
with hand phaser. So use phaser rifle or gravitic mines. Only
appear on Jeraddo.

6.2.5     Gravitic Mines
Kahl-taan often use gravitic mines to protect important areas.
They are easily spotted though and easily blown up with phasers.
Expect to see them on Bajor itself, and in the Jeraddo temple.


6.3.1     Obsidian Order Soldier
Obsidian Order soldiers are almost as good as Jem'hadar. They are
armed with either Cardassian phaser rifles or the disruptor

On Hass'Terral surface or interior, they can trigger alarms, so
be careful!

Takes two to three hits to kill one, try to snipe them in the
head instead.

6.3.2     Obsidian Order Technician
The Technicians aren't armed, but they can trigger alarms. Either
avoid them or kill them outright.

One shot from phaser rifle should kill one.

6.3.3     Vole
Vole is a huge Cardassian rat (size of a cat) with six legs and
crawls in ventilation shafts and other yucky places. Easily
killed, but extremely fast, and bites.

6.3.4     Gravitic Mine
Cardassians are quite fond of gravitic mines as well, esp. when
they attack DS9, and on the Hass'Terral surface. Sweep them with
whatever weapons available.

6.3.5     Phaser Turrets
The wall-mounted phaser turrets shoot small phaser shots. They
are used to guard certain important corridors. You'll see them on
DS9 and inside Hass'Terral. They can be destroyed with enough

The TOP of the weapon fire at you, but you can hit the weapon in
the bottom without exposing yourself to its shots.

6.3.6     Large Phaser Turrets
The large phaser turrets are seen on Hass'Terral surface. They
are shielded and you can't destroy them. However, they have
stupid fixed scan patterns, and their spotlights tell you which
way they are pointing. Don't give them a target and you can walk
around them easily. Use buildings to shield yourself from view.
Stay out of sight and they'll go back to their regular scan


6.4.1     SRIII "dog"
On SRIII, there's this ugly canine-like thing that will attack
you, but not poisonous. Dax will have warned you about some of
the Ulysses crewmen were mauled to death... May show up in packs.
Sniper them to take them out.

6.4.2     SRIII "flyer" (avian reptile)
SRIII also has flyers that are poisonous. They will buzz you, but
otherwise they seem to be identical to the Bajoran flyers except
they seem to be a little larger.

Worf seems to be VERY susceptible to flyer poisoning, so locate
lots of antitoxin and keep them on hand.

6.4.3     SRIII "gator" (amphibian reptile)
In some lakes, you may see some gator-like creatures of SRIII.
Easily killed with phasers. Sniper them if you can. They may
appear on land occasionally.

6.4.4     SRIII "fish"
If you take a swim, (and you have to on SRIII), beware of those
huge "fish" that looks like a huge goldfish that can take a big
bite out of you. Shoot them (yes, phasers work underwater). In
fact, sniper them.

6.4.5     SR III "leech" (mini-anthropod)
In some watery areas, you can find some small "leeches" that move
around in the water. Easily killed.

6.4.6     Jem'hadar soldiers
On SRIII, you will also encounter plenty of Jem'hadar. See next
section for more details.


6.5.1     Jem'hadar Soldiers
The Jem'hadar soldiers are excellent fighters, highly skilled,
and armed with shock blades or polaron rifles.

They are pretty tough, needing two to three hits from a phaser
rifle. They also have a personal "shroud", which cloak them from
observation for short periods, often only to appear next to you.

They are armed usually with polaron rifle on SR III (though some
use shock blades). In Arduria you'll see more shock blades than
polaron rifles.

A phaser rifle shot to the head always works. Else back up and
keep shooting and hopefully you catch them before they "shroud".

If you have polaron rifle, use it, as its proximity damage will
take out nearby enemies as well.

6.5.2     Vorta
Vorta, who controls Jem'hadar for the Founders, have a special
"orb" attack, in which they release an orb of energy, which then
zaps you. Kill them from a distance. It should take only one hit
from a phaser rifle, or a few units from a shock blade.

They often carry pass cards and such. Kill them quickly before
they can raise alarms.

If you scan them, it'll show what they're carrying, such as

6.5.3     "Spiders"
You may see some 3-legged spider-looking bugs crawling around the
vents. They are easily killed though. They take a bite out of you
when they can. Not poisonous (?).

6.5.4     "Rodents"
If you crawl around the vents, you may run into some unknown
rodent specie that infests Dominion crawlspaces. Not poisonous,
but they do bite.

6.5.5     Subspace Mine
A subspace mine is a NASTY mine that gives almost no hint that
they're there until you run into it, then it goes BOOM! On the
tricorder, it initially shows as a VERY faint green dot. If you
point the tricorder directly at it, then the mine will appear and
you get a solid contact (complete with the decloaking sound).
Then it can be swept like gravitic mines.

Subspace mines are usually deployed in groups. You should scan
carefully and periodically in Dominion territory to find hints of
the mines.

6.5.6     Dominion Turret
Automated turrets protect some passageways in Dominion territory
like Arduria. They can be destroyed with sufficient firepower.
One or two barrels blown under it will destroy a turret, or
direct firepower, or physical attack. They also cannot track
targets directly under them. Some can be turned off with the
right console.

6.5.7     Large Dominion Turret
These are seen in the cargo yards on Arduria. They shoot two huge
blue bolts and have purple "laser beams" for guidance. They
cannot be destroyed, only shut off, and it's one of Kira's
objectives to turn them off.


6.6.1     Obanak
The "end-game" boss... he floats in mid-air and shoots these
yellow energy bolts at any one too close. Use your best weapon on
him, keep dodging his bolts.

7    Tactics
PLEASE play the tutorial before you try the main mission. There
are many skills you need to master and the tutorial will help you
do that.

Use the tricorder! The tricorder highlights nearly ALL items of
interest (except certain switches and consoles). So you should
use it to figure things out.

In general, the game gives you hints on what to do next, usually
with more enemies, blinking / flashing lights, a fire on the
ground, and things like that.

When in doubt, approach in the direction with more enemies, or
have things flashing, or a lighted doorway, and so on.

If you don't know where to go, study the mission objective(s) in
your PADD (hit ESC). The objective always has a picture and a
description. You can use that to ID the location.

You should finish the objectives in sequence as listed. In
general that is the easiest way.

If you get on an elevator that has no switch on the elevator
itself, stand in the MIDDLE of the platform. You may get "stuck"
if you stand near the edges and the elevator can't move with you
in the way.

Most doors either open automatically, or open via a "switch" next
to it. If the door has neither, it's a "fake" door of no
importance (yet). You may run into some doors that will open
after you access a certain console, or open after certain tasks
have been achieved.

Conserving ammo is key in winning The Fallen. Ammo is hard to
come by, so be careful with your shots. In fact, don't waste
ammo. Only pick up ammo if 1) you're near end of level or 2) your
weapon can load the entire clip.

For example, if your Federation phaser rifle has 250 units of
energy remaining. If you pickup a reload for it, which contains
150 units, your rifle's max is only 300, so the reload will be
gone, and you're left with a rifle with 300. That's 100 units
completely wasted! Instead, use the rifle until it is down to 150
before going back for the reload.

The only exception to this rule is when you are near the end of a
level. As you can't go back for it, grab and fill the weapons
before end of the level is a good idea.

See specific weapon notes on how to save ammo.

Barrels explode when hit. If you are GOOD, use the barrels to
help you take out enemies and save ammo. There is a reason why
there are barrels in the corridors and such.

The tricorder DOES indicate a compass direction. In the 3D view,
there's this PURPLE arrow, presumably that means north. I'll call
that NORTH.

Tricorder does NOT always reveal all enemies. Its range is also
extremely short (maybe 20 meters, judging from the game's scale),
so be very careful.

There is no time limit in any of the levels, despite what the
storyline may imply. Take your time to approach each and every
door. The game will wait. The only things that won't wait are 1)
air supply in your respirator and 2) the amount of charge in the
flashlight. Those will expire.

When the communicator flashes, you should access the communicator
for important hints on what to do next. The icon will come on
when you reach certain specific areas. However, don't wait for
the conversation to finish.

On the Defiant, the important areas are all marked either by a
lighted door, or by the white lines on the floor. Take a scan
before heading in. Sometimes those can be traps.  Bridge is on
deck 1.  Engineering (warp core), tactical (warhead room), and
impulse bay are all on deck 2.

In The Fallen, the transparent windows are opaque to the AI
units. In other words, the guards can't see you through the
transparent windows, but you can see them just fine.

8    Sisko Track Walkthrough
This is an EXACT walkthru, including EVERY single enemy, every
turn, every up and down. Don't read this unless you need VERY
specific help!


When you finish watching the cinematics, you'll be inside the
shuttlebay, I'll call this room 1. Your objectives are to rescue
the 7 survivors in this level and make your way to deck 2.

There is one guy above you, but you can't reach him yet. The only
elevator on your side of the door is out of order (try it).

Before you go through that door via the console, look carefully
through the transparent door... There's this unknown hoverdrone.
Try to get a scan with your tricorder. That's your first Grigari
drone. Arm phaser and kill it when the door opens.

Now you're on the other side, this is room 2, take a look at the
pod (complete with electrical arcs). Use the elevator to get up
to second level, then through the door, back to room 1, and slap
the enhancer on the first guy (if you don't know how to use item,
PLEASE read your manual!)  Six to go.  Scavenge the cargo bay for
supplies now.

Continue on the path all the way around the bend, through the
other door on the same level. Now you are back in room 2.
Continue to the door on the far end. Scan with tricorder and
you'll see another drone. Phaser ready... Get through the door
and nail it. The corridor makes a right turn.

As you continue, you'll see a cinematic of a Grigari kill a
crewman. Five to go. Use tricorder to analyze, phaser to
modulate, kill it. If you don't want to, just retreat. It'll
disappear when you get out of range and stay out for a while.

You come to a branch in the corridor. One is a door to left, the
other is a short corridor (to right) to another door. This is
your first intersection.

Open the door (to left), and you'll see the Engineering Console
with card reader at a T intersection. You will need to locate the
engineering card. When facing the console, there's a survivor to
your right, and a corridor to your left that cannot be passed
(yet). Let's call this "Engineering Room".

The survivor tells you to modulate phaser to match frequency, but
she's blocked by electrical discharges. The only way to get to
her is via good jumping. Beam her out. Four to go.

When you jump back through, you'll have to kill another Grigari
trooper. Scan, modulate, kill.

Two drones will be waiting when you get back to the main
corridor. Open the door and shoot.

Continue straight into the other corridor. Now it gets
complicated. There's this cross, with road leading left and
right, and another door straight ahead, which leads to a long

If you go left, you see this Command Card Reader and Console, and
beyond that, another Grigari trooper.  If you go right, you see
another Command Card Reader and console, and this guy trapped
inside that door.  Let's call this "Command Room" so we can come
back later.

If you continue down that long corridor, you'll come to a door.
Beyond which is one Grigari. Scan him before you open the door,
and nail him when the door opens. Wait for phaser to recharge.
When that's done, scan left, and you'll see another Grigari. Move
into the room and nail him.

You'll see that this is actually an intersection, with two small
rooms to left and right, another door in front. If you continue
through that door, you'll see a command console. That's actually
your exit, but you can't use it yet without the command card.
Let's call this exit room.

Back up to that first intersection.  Don't step on those floor
vents. They can pop off and bake you in steam.  Now, continue
down the corridor, and it'll make a RIGHT turn, and you're in the
other two cargo bays.

As soon as you open, you'll see another drone. Nail it. Approach
the door, and you'll see it open half way, then electrical arcs
all over. You'll need to find another way in. Fortunately, the
elevators do work here. Arm your phaser rifle now.

As you approach that big pod opening in the middle of the floor,
three drones float out. Start dodging and give them one zap each
with your phaser rifle. Room 3 is clear.

Access the console and move through the door. You're now in room
4. There is a survivor next to the cargo boxes to your front, but
there's a Grigari right behind him. Tag him, then back up, scan,
and kill. Three to go. Go back and get the engineering card from
that guy.

Take the elevator to level 2, and you can see another Grigari
through the door. Scan, set, and nail him. Now you need to get
back to level 1 to get back to room 3, and then up to level 2
again to get to the Engineering room. Scavenge the cargo bay for
supplies now.

Once you get back to the engineering room, use the engineering
card on the console, and that room to your left opens up. Get in
there, but turn 180 immediately. A drone followed you in. Take
the drone out, then tag the guy. He leaves behind the command
card. Take it. Two to go.

Get back to the command room. You can use either one. The first
one will malfunction. The second one though will allow you to
open the door and beam the guy out. One to go.

Now head for the exit room. Once you open it, you'll open two
corridors leading left and right. Take either one, it doesn't
matter as it's all connected. I took the left one. Arm phaser, as
you'll be killing drones. You'll pass this glass area, where you
can see the survivor. Stop before the door, as scan shows a drone
behind it. Head inside and zap it. Now arm phaser rifle.

Tag the last survivor on this level, and three drones will
attack. Kill them.

Move into the final corridor. To the right is the turbolift, to
the left is a pod breach. Kill the first drone, then the second.
Enter the turbolift to the next level.

8.2   KE'EL-TUUL 2

Get inside the turbolift, and access the console to get it
moving. Arm phaser rifle.

When turbo lift stops, exit immediately, out the door, and shoot
the two drones to the left. If you don't, the guy in front will
die. However, that doesn't affect your objective.

When you took care of the drones, tag the guy if he's still
alive. Eight to go.

You're now in a crossroad. Let's call this crossroad 1. To the
south, some closed off corridors, and more branches to left
right. To east is the turbolift you came in. To west is the other
turbolift to deck 3. There's also a door to the north. Inside is
a drone, and a hypo plus phaser rifle ammo.

To open the corridor, you'll need to access a nearby console.
East side has nothing. West side has an engineering console. Be
ready with your weapon though. As soon as you access the console
a drone will attack. Kill the drone, and move down the corridor.
Near the end, you'll see three doors, south, east, and west. Scan
the eastern door and you'll see a Grigari trooper approaching.
Scan, modulate, and terminate. Move in, all the way in, and
you'll find a survivor, but a drone will follow you in. Take out
the drone, then tag the survivor. Seven to go.

The southern door is locked with a Utilities Card reader. You
don't have the card yet. Go to the western door, but there's
nothing there except some phaser rifle ammo. So head back to the
crossroad 1, and get in the opposite turbolift, and get up to
deck 3.

When you exit, to the north is a door locked by command card.
That's the bridge, one guy's inside. Get inside with your card
and tag him. Six to go.

To south there is a door, then a passage way to east. West is
blocked by pod breach. Go south through door and you'll see 2
drones and a Grigari. Take them. There's another Grigari in the
sunken area. Take him out. Move on to the southern door, and
you'll see east/west corridor. Let's call this crossing 2.

To the left are right are two doors locked by utilities card.
However, if you turn right (west) and continue you'll come to a
command locked door. Watch for two drones attacking.  Scan behind
the door and you'll see a Grigari and two drones. Get his
frequency, then open door with your command card, and nail all of

Get inside, move through the corridors, and you'll find one more
survivor, who will give you the utilities card. Beam him out.
Another Grigari will attack. Take him out. Five to go.

Make your way back to one of the two utility locked doors in the
corridor. However, your tricorder is not picking up drones. As
soon as you open, a drone will attack. Fire back. You'll find one
Bajoran inside, and as soon as you get close, two more drones
will attack. Take them out and beam her out. Four to go. Scan
again, get the Grigari just around the corner.

The corridor around the corner is not passable due to electrical
discharges, so back up to the door you came in, then try the
other utility lock door. Again, another drone inside. Beam that
guy out. Three to go.

This section is done, so backup past the sunken area to crossing
2. There's a command locked door to the east. You need to shoot a
drone or two and dodge some electrical discharges, but it should
be easy to get that one more guy on this level. Beam him out. The
engine is losing containment, better get moving. Two left.

Move back down the deck 2 via the turbolift and back to crossing
1. Use the utilities card to access the door to the south, be
ready to kill a few drones hiding in corners. Nail them, beam out
the two guys in the room, and you've rescued all the survivors.

Now you need to make your way back to the turbolift... If you
want to run, just run really fast past the drones and Grigari
into the turbolift. If not, you need to kill 3 drones, then two
Grigari troopers. Then it's just a matter of getting back into
the eastern turbolift and watch the cinematics...


You're back in your DS9 office... Kira comes in and talks about
Obanak, a Pah-Wraith worshipper. His temple was attacked by Kahl-
Taan. Feel free to go outside and solicit everybody's opinion. In
fact, go down to Promenade and check everybody. When you're
ready, head into the airlock.


[Cinematics: You head to Jeraddo with Kira and Worf as you
attempt to make it into the temple.]

When you beam down, you're in this abandoned mine warehouse.
We'll call this area 1. Turn left, and you'll come to a door,
which leads to a staircase. Under the staircase are two phaser
rifle cells. Grab them if you need them. Head up the stairs. The
last section is collapsed, so do a jump climb. A flyer will
attack. Shoot it out of the sky. Continue forward and you see
another flyer. Kill it also. In front is one door (east), to left
is another (north). Scan shows an anthropod in the left door.
Make sure it's un-packed, shoot it a few time to kill it. If it's
packed in, wait until it unpacks. You can also use a gravitic
mine on it.

Head inside, and grab the utility card to one side, and inspect
the "nadion port" in the auxiliary generator. Now you need to
find an inductor.

Continue to the eastern door, remember this level though as
you'll need to be back. Go through the door, call the elevator,
which takes you up to another area.

Once you exit the door, you're facing WEST. This is area 2.
There's a utility locked door to west, and corridor to north and
south. The south corridor leads to a staircase that is blocked by
debris. (Try it, and watch the collapse) The northern corridor
leads to a door that won't open without power. That leaves the
utility locked door, but luckily, you found that utility card
back in area 1.

Unlock the door, and inside is the inductor. Take it, and scan
the area for supplies. As soon as you head out the door, an
anthropod drops. Back into the room, then arm a mine. When it's
inactive, hit the door, chuck it outside, back up. When it
reactivates, boom! Dead bug. Now head back to the elevator and
get back to area 1.

As soon as you head out the elevator door, two Kahl-Taan soldiers
beam in. Kill them. There's a third one inside the generator
room, kill him also. Remember, they will do the suicide charge,
so don't be backed into a corner.

Now use the inductor on the nadion port, then go to the console
next to it to use it, and you got power back. As you exit,
there's another anthropod. You can kill it with a mine if you
like. Head back upstairs to area 2.

Upon reaching area 2, be VERY careful. There will be THREE Kahl-
Taan soldiers outside, and remember, they're suicidal. The best
way to handle them would be arm a mine, use the door, toss the
mine at the door and backup, arm phaser rifle, start shooting.
They come in, trigger the mine, and hopefully they ALL die. If
not, use phasers.

How make your way to the northern staircase, which turns west,
then north, and you come to a door. Another Kahl-Taan soldier is
inside. Kill him, and take the elevator. (Stay in the MIDDLE of
the elevator!) Get off to enter next level.


You just got off the elevator and you're in a pretty long
corridor. As you open the door, ungulate will charge you. Kill it
QUICKLY with a mine or phaser rifle hits. It can really hurt you.

Move out slowly. You are on a bridge. You'll see command locked
doors to your right and utility locked doors to your left. Cargo
sled block your access to the bridge, and you can't climb over it
or around it. There's an anthropod under the bridge to left. Kill
it. Ignore the command doors to right.

Scan the utility door to left. Scan shows a Kahl-Taan soldier
right behind the utility locked door. Open it and kill him.
Beyond him are two more. Move in slowly and take them out, and
you should find the engineering key. Turn around and move back
out. Two more Kahl-Taan will attack, take them out. Continue past
the two doors, and you should find a ladder going up. Climb up.

You should then find a console and a crate. Shoot the crate to
get the ammo (and to move the chair out of the way. Access the
console, and the cargo on the bridge will be moved. Arm weapons
(preferably your regular phaser). Two flyers will "drop in". Take
them out, and make your way back down.

You can explore the other utility door, but it's not necessary.
There are two Kahl-Taan soldiers beyond, plus an anthropod. They
are protecting just two hyposprays.

When you make it outside, you'll encounter two more soldiers. One
is on a balcony, the other at lower level. Take both out quickly,
or one will call in reinforcements of two more. They will charge
you, so stay away. Ignore the command locked doors. You want that
door at the end of the bridge. Save your ammo or mines, as you
will need them when you fight two more of these fanatics beyond
the engineering locked door.

When you kill them, get into the elevator to get to next level.


When you get out of the elevator, there's a crate, open it. Open
the three other crates outside as well. Take what you need. Open
the door, and you'll see a phaser drill. A door is beyond it.
Access the panel to open the gate and grab the inductor. Use the
inductor on the drill, then use the drill (move to the back and
use) and watch it get to work. When it's done, move into the new
tunnel... You'll need to duck.

When you almost reach the end, two flyers will attack. Take them
out, then jump down one step, then climb down the ladder, follow
the tunnel, and you'll get to the temple.

Jump onto the ramp and move into the temple. Just move straight
ahead, ignore the left and right branches, as there are nothing
there. You'll come to the first obelisk puzzle. Talk to Obanak on
some clues, but during that conversation two fanatics will
attack. Remove them. There's some ammo on the second floor. Solve
the puzzle (the solution is right over the door) and move into
the door. Use a mine on the anthropod. Continue and there's a
small opening to your right. Two flyers will attack. Take them
out. Tricorder should show artifact behind the wall. Push the
symbol on the small obelisk and the door opens. Grab the

Move back into the corridor. Move downstairs, then into a room.
There's a staircase to your left. As you move to the staircase,
two fanatics will beam in. Take them out. Then move to top of
stairs. There's a crate with hypo, and an anthropod. Use mine to
get rid of it.

Continue out and you'll reach a balcony. Beware of fanatic
patrolling outside to right. Kill him, and you're at the
downslope. At end of downslope, turn back and continue on flat
area, and you'll see another fanatic. Take him out, and you'll
get to two crates with ammo and hypo. Turn back and go up the
slopes (NOT the way you came), and you'll get to a staircase to
your right, and another fanatic. Take him out.

When you climb up, you're at the "two holy men" area. If you go
forward, you get into a little courtyard with two obelisks, but
they're "covered", and the doorway's closed. Talk to Obanak for
some clues. You can also go left or right.

If you go right, you'll see the place to place one of your
artifacts. If you keep going right, you'll see two anthropods,
and a fanatic. Take them out. You can find some ammo and hypo at
the end.

Come back to the holy man. Insert the artifact into the recess,
and watch the wall open. Go inside, and there's a stair on your
left. Go up, kill a flyer. Go around the statue and kill another
flyer. Push the button, and it'll lower the cover of one of the
obelisks in the little courtyard.

Come back out, head left, and keep going past the second recess.
You'll see a small temple in the distance to your right. One
flyer will attack, and there's an anthropod inside the corner.
Use a mine and tease it out, or jump onto one of those coffins.
When you head into the temple, two fanatics and two flyers will
attack. Take them out, and you get the other artifact.

If you use your tricorder here, you can find a shield belt here
on the top of that central column. Use one of the "coffins" to
jump to mid-level, then climb up to top to grab the belt.

Take the artifact to the other recess, put it in, go upstairs (to
your right this time), and push the button. That reveals the
other obelisk as well as the true door.

Go back to the "courtyard", and solve the obelisk puzzle.

Head inside, and go upstairs, and admire the mural with Kira and
Worf, and that's the end of this level.


You're back in your DS9 office again... Cardassians sent Provost
Dejar of the Carnellian Circle to reclaim the bodies, but
everyone tells you that's unusual for two lowly soldiers. Wonder
what else is up? Talk with everybody, then head to airlocks for
next mission.


[Cinematics: Well, well... Turns out that Dejar, whose real name
was Terrel, is an Obsidian Order scientist, and her soldiers got
the station locked down pat, as they stole the Red Orb from right
under your nose. You need to stop them any way you can... Can you
stop them in time?]

You got off the turbolift heading EAST, beyond which is one more
corridor. Scan before you open the door... Auto phaser cannons
are active.

Keep going east, and you get into this "ore control room". Let's
call this room 1 since you'll be back to this room. There's a
Cardassian at the consoles next to the glass partition. You may
be able to get him by shooting one of the barrels near him. Use
the console there and open the door beyond.

There's a Cardassian in front of you, behind the glass. Ignore
him, as he can't see through the glass. You'll come to a north-
south corridor. South is to a door, but it's locked. To the north
are two Cardies. Take them out. Continue north, and you'll find
branch to the east. That's the security office.

Move inside, sneak if you want to, and take out the Cardie
inside. Use the panel to open that previous locked door to the
south, then head there.

If you go inside, you'll find this is the "ore" room. A cart
blocks the passage. Talk to O'Brien, and you'll learn that you
need to reenergize the mag-lev system to move the cart. However,
this also made more Obsidian order soldiers appear. The console
is opposite the security office, which means it's on that north-
south corridor, to the north, beyond the security office.

Go there, and the passage turns west, then south. There's a
phaser cannon there, but four phaser rifle shots should kill it.
Go up that little staircase and access the panel to reactivate
the mag-lev. Now you need to head back to the "ore" room... And
beware of more Cardassians. One more in the corridor, and one
more in the ore room. Use the mini-elevator to get to lower
level, and go through that small door.

The small door in front of you is locked off, the only way out is
to your right, which leads to a room, but protecting it are two
phaser cannons. Take them out by shooting the barrels below one
of them, then shoot the other.

Beyond that, there's a containment field and behind it, a
Cardassian. Now you need to talk to O'Brien to figure out how to
go past the field. Again, like the Grigari, scan, modulate, and
terminate the forcefield, or take out the Cardassian THROUGH the
field first. Go through and take the isolinear rod from the
console on the wall.

Come back out into previous room. Searching the consoles along
the wall (one is blinking) should open a shelf revealing a
Cardassian Disruptor Rifle and a Respirator. Take them.

When you move back, you'll encounter more Cardassian soldiers.
Take out two in the small room (use the barrels!), some mines in
the ore room, another soldier, then four more in the corridor
(again, use the barrels!). Then head back into "ore control
room". You'll need to take out two more Cardassians here. Go to
where the second Cardassian is. There's a console next to him.
Use it and a door will open. Talk to O'Brien and he'll tell you
that you need a respirator, but you should already have it. If
not, go back and get it. Also make sure you got the isolinear

Now equip the respirator, and it's time to do some sneaking and
climbing. The correct way... Go into tunnel, to the end. Climb
down ladder. Go into tunnel. Climb up. Go around, and do a jump
climb onto the ladder. Go to top. Go through tunnel. Go up slope,
insert data rod into panel, which opens the door behind you.
Watch a cutscene of Terrell getting away. Run inside, shoot
Cardassians and maybe a mine or two. Turn right, then left, then
left, then right (kill a few more Cardies) and you got to the
upper pylon docking controls.

[Cinematics: unfortunately, the tractor beam has not been
repaired, and Terrell gets away.]


The mural of three orbs is about Ascension, and that doesn't
sound good at all. The only Orb Starfleet may have is the one on
SRIII... Talk to everybody if you feel like it. It's time to go.

Take a look inside sickbay. There are casualties. :-)


When you beam down, to your north is the escape pod. Whip out
your phaser, as you'll need to zap a few critters. Some are in
the water, and two poison fliers in the air. Use your regular
phaser to take them out. Remember to grab the respirator in the
escape pod.

Climb up to the ledge next to the pod, then follow the road up,
and watch an asteroid hit Ensign Coleman.

Move back down, and you'll see a tunnel about half way between
the asteroid hit and the escape pod to your right. Kill the "dog"
that charges you. Continue up the tunnel, which turns west, then
north again, and a little lake. You'll see this "gator" creature
in the lake. Kill it with your phaser before you jump in.

Swim to the "island" to grab phaser ammo, then move to the first
beacon, take the medikit, and turn the beacon off. Defiant is
under attack. You're on your own.

Continue and you'll see this branch leading into the middle of
the canyon. Don't fall off! Save now, climb onto it, stop near
the tip. You need to jump over to your LEFT. Once you make it,
you get to this platform with this big obelisk pointing into the
sky, propped by a rock. There's a phaser power cell and a hypo
just off the edge if you want it, but don't fall off!

The get off the platform, shoot the rock that props the obelisk
up, and it's a bridge. Climb on and walk over to the other side
of the canyon. Climb up, walk in, but rocks block your way. Shoot
the rocks to open, walk through, and you've finished this level.


You start same as you end previous level... At a downslope. Move
down, and you'll see some lighted plants, and some anthropod
leeches in the water. Use regular phasers on them. Nothing beyond
there though. You can scan a shield belt, but you can't reach it
(yet). Instead, continue down that little downslope next to it
into a shallow pond. Beware when you see the next beacon. Three
Jem'hadar will beam in as soon as you get close. When you get to
the beacon, two more will beam in behind you. Take them all out.

Look around and you'll see a upslope ramp. Take it, take out a
Jem'hadar that beams in up the slope. When you almost reach the
top, two flyers will attack. Take them out, and you're at the
escape pod. You'll find a grenade launcher with clips, and phaser
rifle reload in the escape pod.

Look beyond the pod, and you'll see a few steps going down, take
them slowly (don't fall and lose points). Hit the bottom, and
you'll see a tunnel leading southwest turning south. Take out a
few Jem'hadar patrolling. Also grab the medikit and reload in a
recess in the tunnel. After that, the tunnel opens up. You now
can go right (west) or left (east). Go west, make a few jumps,
and you can get that shield belt you scanned earlier. Jump back.
Now go east, make a few jumps, follow the path, kill two more
Jem'hadar, and a few (3?) of "dogs" (use sniper mode and zoom

Continue through the tunnel, and you'll have to dive into a lake.
There are three of those fish so swim quickly to the beacon and
get out of the water onto the island. Zap the 3 fish with your
regular phaser. Then take a dive (with your respirator on) and
salvage the ammo inside the escape pod.

Let the respirator recharge, while you explore the lake from the
surface. You should see a hole in the lake... Arm respirator,
dive in, and follow the tunnel. At the branch, take the LEFT one,
and continue... And you're onto the next level.


Swim to the surface, and you should see the moon. Look around to
find a place to climb out, make your way around, use the deadwood
to cross over, and you should see the ship in the distance.

Look for places to climb down as low as you can. There's a beacon
nearby that need to be turned off, and some supplies nearby. Take
as many as you need. When you're ready, it's time to get on the
ship. Scan so you don't get bitten by one of those big gators.
Then jump off, swim to the saucer, and climb on. You should see 2
Jem'hadar in a distance. Use sniper mode to take them out.

Follow the spine of the ship counterclockwise. You should see
three Jem'hadar in a distance. Snipe them. Two of them may come
after you, take them out. More may beam in, take them out too.
Take the supplies you see if you need them.

Follow the spine to the other side of the ship. Snipe another
three Jem'hadar. Take supplies. Scan with tricorder all around,
and you'll see the red arrows pointing to that "hump" on the back
of the ship. Go to each one and Sisko will unlock the three
latches. Then after the conversation with Worf, jump into the
black abyss... Next level.


Right at start, you're facing this hole. Drop down onto the
fallen beam, climb down, jump onto the cargo boxes, and use the
edges to drop down slowly or jump onto the lower box, then reach
the floor.

Once you're down, expect to see two dogs and several flyers.
Fortunately, no Jem'hadar yet. Move west slowly, zap more flyers.
Grab supplies.

You may scan a polaron rifle with ammo and such, on the level
above, but they're locked. You can climb up there via the cargo
boxes, but the door won't open. You'll need to turn on auxiliary
power first.

You'll come across to the other broken shuttle bay, but the bay
door to lower deck is cracked, so use it to get to the lower
level, but don't get to the floor yet. There's a "dog" down
there. Zap those parasites in the water also.

You should see a ladder in the corner that allows you access to
second level. Get up there, and grab the polaron rifle and ammo
and such on that level. Then access that ladder inside the
alcove, and climb it ALL THE WAY to the very top. Access the
locker you pass on the way and grab supplies. Follow the walkway,
walk under the fallen beam, and you'll come to a cross walkway,
but it's broken. It's still passable though, just do a "tight-
rope" act. Once you get across, go through the open door, past
the empty turboshaft, and you're in the auxiliary power room.
Find a way to climb down to ground floor (look to your right).

Explore the ground level. To east is a chip rack, and to west are
some consoles. The consoles don't work since the chip rack is not
initialized, but the broken engineering chip is right on the
floor. So put the engineering chip into the chip rack, then come
back and try the console again, and voila, auxiliary power.
Access the locker under the fallen walkway for more supplies if
you need them.

Now it's time to make it to deck 14, astrophysics. You may have
came across the door if you try them before. You need to get out
of the room though. There's an exit under the fallen walkway. Go
out and you'll see some Jem'hadar.  Kill one, then another. Go
slightly left, and use the cargo box to climb up. Jump over.
You'll have to take out another Jem'hadar. Get to the door with
the access panel, be ready for a big fight inside. Multiple (3?)
Jem'hadar will attack. You'll come to a reverse Y branch. You're
at one tip. Make a right, then right, take out one more
Jem'hadar, and you can get the supplies you scanned before,
polaron rifle and hypospray.

Continue down the corridor, and jump into the hole to finish this


You've jumped down the hole... and you move out... There's a hole
in the floor, and the door beyond doesn't open. Guess the hole it

Dive into the floor, and take a swim to the only doorway (to your
back)... Then up to turboshaft. Beware the huge fish. Climb up to
the open doorway. There's a sloped ramp up, and a Jem'hadar.
Another will beam in behind you. Take them out.

Continue forward, you'll see a red hole in the ground. Shoot it a
few times or jump on it and it should collapse. You should fall
to the floor below. Grab any ammo you need behind you and hypo,
then continue forward.

Kill 3 Jem'hadar guards at the entrance to the astrophysics
lab... You try to open the vault, but you can't find a command
chip. You need to locate a command chip, write it, then bring it
back here, the astrophysics lab. (There may be lockers on the

There's another entrance you haven't tried before, directly right
to the door you came in at. Take that exit. Nothing much at the
end of that, but there's a corridor to your right. Take that, and
take out the 2 Jem'hadars at the end. It's an empty turboshaft...
Flooded. There's a red-flashing doorway down there...  So it's
time to take a dive. Arm respirator...

Now take a dive, straight down, and aim for the red flashing
doorway, then swim through. Beware of 2 of those huge fish. Zoom
in if you need to and snipe them. Swim to surface to your
slightly left and up. You should be at a brown column. Explore
around the column and you should see a recessed ladder. Climb up,
but not all the way. You should see several Jem'hadar on the top.
Kill them all. If you need to, jump back into water and snipe
them from below. There are two of these huge columns and you can
climb on either one.

There's also a walkway leading to a turboshaft... The one you
dived into, in fact, but one level higher. Once you've cleared
the top of Jem'hadar, you should see a chip writer. Explore
around the other column's top and you should see a room with a
blank command chip and some supplies. Take the chip back to the
chip writer and get it written. The walkway back to turboshaft
collapses. Jump across the broken walkway. Stop at the end of
turboshaft. It's actually a slightly different angle, but you can
fall onto the walkway you came from. Don't jump, just run and
you'll fall in.

Run back into astrophysics lab, use the chip on the console, then
use the console again to open the containment room. Continue
inside, head for console on opposite wall, use it and the
containment field drops. Then grab the orb, and you need to
locate a new way out. There is that blue door though... So open
it up by accessing the panel next to it, then walk down that
corridor... To the next level.


Continue down the corridor, and take a turn onto the "engine
room". Kill Jem'hadar, one to left, one to right. Pick up ammo
and hypospray if you need it. Kill another two Jem'hadar. You'll
find a room off to your right. Enter, kill Jem'hadar inside.
You'll see floor as a ramp. Use jump to kill the guard on top
floor. Climb on and kill two more Jem'hadar running in.

As you exit, you are at the southwest corner of a "figure 8".
Cross to the opposite corner (northeast), open door and shoot two
Jem'hadar guard at the end of corridor, zoom in if you need to.
You've found the lifeboat bays.

Move left, and you'll see one lifeboat door that's partially
open. Push it and it should open completely. It leads to an
opening. Jump over to the ramp, climb on the stairs to end the

[Looks like the Jem'hadar was waiting for you... And Vorta.
Defiant had fallen, and you are all now prisoners of the


[Two Vortas were interrogating you when there was a power
drain... And you got free.]

Go left, climb up the short stairs and take the shock blade from
the shelf. Zap the Vorta now. Jump off, climb up, zap the other
Vorta. Do NOT use physical attack on them or they'll use the
"orb" attack on you. After you take out the two Vortas, try all
the panels to unlock the door, but don't go through yet. Now is a
good time to save the game before you open the door.

Outside the door, you will see two Jem'hadar and a Vorta. You
MUST zap the Vorta immediately, then take out the Jem'hadar
soldiers. You should have enough ammo to do it. If you don't stop
the Vorta, additional Jem'hadar reinforcements (10-12 more) beam
in and will likely kill you. If the alarm was triggered, you
should reload.

You will get a level 1 card from the expired Vorta, collect it
when you're done. The alarm should be off. If the Vorta got to
the alarm and you're still alive after all that Jem'hadar, use
the level 1 card to turn the alarm off.

There are two rooms you can access. If you turn back and face the
door you came in from, there's a room to left and room to right
(transparent partition you can see through). The right one has
nothing. Go into the left one, jump onto the bed, and jump onto
the vent shaft, climb in. (If alarm is still on, a forcefield
will block you) Follow the only way you can go.

You'll come to a vent room, with a ladder going up to a platform,
and the only way to go is jump across to the other platform. It
is doable.

Continue, and you'll come to a branch left. Take it, drop down to
the beam, then drop onto the floor and take out the Jem'hadar
guard. The only door out is locked with level 2 access, so the
key is elsewhere... Access the console to bring up the elevator,
but whack some of the boxes to get a power cell for the shock

Get on the elevator in the middle. (If you get on the other ones
you'll be spotted by the Jem'hadar on the floor below) Sneak up
on the Jem'hadar that has the polaron rifle and take him out
fast. Then wipe out the Vorta and the other Jem'hadar with shock
blade. You can find a hypo in a box, and a level 2 card on the
dead Vorta. Go back to the upper level with the elevator, and try
the key on the lock. Voila.

Go through one door, then another, and you should see a Vorta and
a Jem'hadar. Sneak up behind him until you're in shock blade
range, then zap him. The Vorta may have gone behind a door. Go
past the door and zap him too. There's a blue forcefield there
you need to deactivate, but that's later.

Go up the ladder you see. Zap one more Vorta on top. He should
have a power cell. Whack the crate on the ground to get a hypo.
Use the level 2 card to open the shelf and get your tricorder

Climb down, get to other side of the room, and you spot another
ladder going up. Use the level 2 card again and to open the shelf
and get your phaser pistol back. Climb back down to the blue
forcefield. Scan for correct modulation and shoot the generator.

Get through, use the wall switch, and you get the elevator. Use
it to get down. Get off SLOWLY and whack the crate to get polaron
rifle cell. Now arm phaser.

There's a Jem'hadar guard beyond the corridor. Use the phaser and
take him out. There is another guard on the second level though.
If you can't hit him, you'll have to climb up and take him out.
Whack the crate to get more power cells. Climb up and access the
console to open the door below. Climb back down.

Get down, continue to the door... You see a corridor with a
forklift. Then the other door beyond the forklift opens and two
Jem'hadar walk in. Take them out.

Go to the door they used, climb up to top, use the console, and
the little grav forklift moves the cargo away, revealing another
elevator. Take the elevator to next level.


As soon as you exit, you'll have to zap a Vorta. You come to two
rooms similar to your initial interrogation. Two Jem'hadar
soldiers are working with their back to you. Go in behind each
one and zap them. Access panel on each one. One opens a vent
above you, but the ladder's blocked. The other room contains a
polaron rifle. Get up to second level, then crouch to move out
that little vent. Move along the ledge, onto the pipe, climb up
and over, jump down to other ledge, move into the vent and you
get to the other second level... Into the vent pipe you go.

Continue into the pipe, follow it in the only way it can go. You
may have to zap some rats in the tunnel, continue until you see a
ladder to your left. Climb up to top. Continue in the vent. You
may have to kill a Jem'hadar in the vent (exterminator?) and
several spiders. Continue until you find an exit vent... Push the
grate out... Zap the Jem'hadar to the left that talks too much.
Sneak around to the right... There's another Jem'hadar there.
Kill him. Then summon the elevator, then get on. Arm polaron

As soon as the elevator stops, zap the two Jem'hadar that
approach. Explore the room for reloads and hypospray. Continue to
the other side to summon the large elevator. Get on when ready.

As soon as the elevator stops, kill the Vorta at the console.
Then grab the reload, access the transporter console, and you'll
be beamed into the next area...


You start in a storage room. Exit, go right, up the stairs, and
take out the Vorta (with regular phaser, save your polaron rifle
ammo). You'll get a hypo off of him. Come back down, climb down
the ladder, go across into a blue section. Whack the crate to get
another hypo. Continue through the door, and up the ladder,
confirm area is clear. Get to the "upper" section again, where
you got the Vorta, and you'll see the path leads to a left turn.
A Jem'hadar is just behind the door. Get him.

Continue on down the corridor, and you'll get to the docking
clamp controls soon, but move in slowly. You should see a
hologram of the Defiant before the stairs. There's a Vorta and a
Jem'hadar to the left, upper level. Crouch and move up the
stairs, then take them out. Unlock the docking clamps using the
console (use tricorder if you're not sure), which also opens the
door to the docking arm in that "blue section" you've been to
before. Make sure to grab the level 3 card from the dead Vorta.
Come back down, make sure hologram is off. If not, you haven't
deactivated the docking clamps yet.

Make your way down to blue section, and arm regular phasers. Once
ready, get into doorway and zap the guard in the distance. Wait
until recharged. Continue to next door, and zap the next guard.
Switch to long-range heavy weapons. As you approach, two guards
will beam in ahead of you. Take them out. There's one more guard
to the left, take him out, get to the elevator controls, go down,
use the level 3 card to open the door... Approach to enter the
next level...


Head straight in, and to your slight left is a corridor, heading
south. Continue straight in. The corridors are closed off by
forcefields, except the two doors at the end. The one to left
(east) has a hypospray. The one on the right has a Jeffries tube.
Climb in, and move down the only way you can go. Keep going. When
there's no room left, stand up, turn around, and you'll see a
ledge to climb onto, another Jeffries tube. Climb out into the
room. On the other side of cargo is a Jem'hadar. Get down slowly,
then when the Jem'hadar's back is turned, move out and nail him.
Climb on top of boxes to get to second level, and take a phaser

Come back down, and follow the left-turn curving corridor, which
leads to an east-west walkway (you're facing south). You'll see
one or two Jem'hadar walk past the east-west corridor. Take them
out. You're now next to the cargo bay, but the doors are locked.

There's nothing to right (west). To the east, there is a branch
to south, which is the shuttlebay, but it's locked. Instead,
continue east, and you'll see "shuttlebay console" (use tricorder
to see it). Use it to unlock shuttlebay, and move inside the

You'll have to take out two Jem'hadar inside the shuttle bay.
Move onto the second bay (through the door), climb up the ladder,
and find the "control room" off to the side. Take out the Vorta
inside, and use the console to open the Jeffries tube in the
lower level. However, don't go there yet. Climb into the Jeffries
tube in the control room to reach the cargo bay.

When you reach the cargo bay, jump onto the vent to get into the
lower level. Grab the grenade launcher and check the lockers to
grab any supplies. You'll see a Jem'hadar outside, but he's just
running around. Climb back up and make your way back to shuttle

When you re-enter shuttle bay, you'll need to kill two more
Jem'hadar, then make your way into the Jeffries tube that opened
up. Get inside, and climb up, then down a little into a new
corridor. You're now near engineering and impulse engines.

Explore a bit, and pay attention to the wall diagram (Engineering
is to the NORTH of impulse). Locate impulse engines (it's those
three maroon/blue extra-wide doors). Get into impulse engine
room, and you'll find that it's offline, and you need an
engineering chip. That's in... Engineering, of course. Exit,
explore to North to find Engineering. Remember where it is.

Inside Engineering you'll find the warp core (powered down), and
a blank engineering chip on the ground. Take it. Go back to
impulse engines, go into the room with the chip writer to get it
programmed, then go down and insert the chip into the chip rack.
Power is restored. You need to get back to engineering.

When you get back into engineering, two Jem'hadar will beam in.
Take them out. Once you do that, use the console to get the
engine up and running, then climb one of the ladders behind you.
It's time to take the bridge. Get into the corridor on the upper
level, turn left, and get to next level...


When you move forward (west), there's a door to your right.
Inside is a command chip writer. Transporter is offline. Go
forward through door to a north/south corridor.

There's nothing to the south, so head north. Continue, and you're
in the "bridge corridor". However, you can't open the bridge
yet... You need the command chip, and you know where to write it
already (transporter room). Directly opposite the bridge door is
another door, but that just leads to a passage that turns back
into bridge corridor. Be careful of Jem'hadar here, they appear
almost without warning. There's a room beyond the bridge door
that has some reloads.

Go past the door, and the passage way curves right. In the first
lighted door, there's a Vorta inside, but there are two Jem'hadar
just around the bend. Take them out, then wipe out the Vorta. You
can get a hypo from the dead Vorta. Take the second lighted door,
and you come to the another curved corridor left or right. To the
right, you see a recess, then a Jeffries tube. Crouch in, and
keep going. You'll see the guidance system, and keep going around
the corner is a command chip. (There's a wounded guy in the
Jeffries tube to the left, and some grenade reloads, but you
can't do anything for him... yet.)

As you come back out, two Jem'hadar is blocking your way in the
short corridor. Take them out. Another Jem'hadar blocks your way
as you make your way back to the command chip writer. Then
another Jem'hadar in the next corridor. When you made it back to
the transporter room, get the chip written.

Make your way back to the bridge. Two to three Jem'hadar will
block your way. Take them out, enter the bridge door, use the
command chip, and watch yourself getting the Defiant back...

[All the bad guys beamed out, all the good guys beamed in... And
you're out of there!]


Kira is going undercover to infiltrate Hass'Terral... You will
try to get the data, and Worf will plant Thorium charges to
prevent the stuff from falling into Dominion hands. Talk to
everybody and see what else is up, then continue on your


You start facing west. To the south is an auto defense turret,
and two mines, no need to go there. Instead, turn and head north.
However, the path you need to go is blocked by three MORE mines.
Beware of gravitic mines. You can spot them by a black dot in the
snow. However, if you stop and sweep them, you get hit in the
back by the turret. I suggest dash behind the boulder to your
front, use that as cover from the turret to shoot a mine from
that angle, then run at a diagonal, shoot mines in your way to
clear. Stop when you get out of the turret's angle.

Use zoom mode on the rifle or the tricorder if you're not sure
the target is a mine or not. When in doubt, phaser it.

As you go on, you'll get a message about getting close to
external exhaust port. A guard will walk out in front of you.
Kill him. You can see a platform with a ship to your left
(north), and the compound to your right (east). Zoom in on the
ship, and you'll see a guard there (walk closer if you don't see
him). Snipe him out of existence. There's the cargo sled.
However, you have to go east to get to it.

As you go east, you'll see two guards in a distance guarding the
main entrance. Snipe them. There are also three mines in your
way. Use regular phasers to take them out, and you're at the down

Run down the ramp and examine the sled, you'll see that you need
a level 1 card. Talk to Garak or Dax, they'll tell you to look
for an observation tower. Fortunately, you spotted one to the
northeast. So up the ramp again and turn left. Approach slowly.

At the base of the tower, there is a guard. Another guard is to
the northeast beyond him, and two mines. Take them out. Climb the
tower, and take out the technician inside. Get a hypo and a level
1 card from him. If you didn't take out the second guard, he's
down there waiting to take a shot at you now.

Climb down, and get down the ramp again, get on the cargo sled,
take the two items on the sled (disruptor rifle cell and a hypo).
You may see more Cardassians in a distance, ignore them unless
you brought extra ammo.  Use the level 1 card on the console, and
watch as you sneak into the base for the next level...


You start on the sled. Crouch immediately, and do NOT move, until
you get the message from Kira that the cameras are off, and you
can see it's not moving. Back out of the sled, then move to that
doorway to your right... But crouch. A guard will look inside
periodically. Nail him when he's not looking or you'll be dealing
with his buddy outside. Take another hypo from second floor.

Now you need to get out of the room. There's that door the guard
came in, or the big garage door. Based on the tricorder scan, the
outside guard may be looking at the small door, so your best bet
is use the big door to distract him, then walk out the small door
and shoot him before he comes back to investigate.

Be very careful around that door. There's a phaser turret on the
roof in front of you, and you can't destroy it. You have to dodge
it. Fortunately, it has very regular scan patterns, and you can
see which way it's pointing by the spotlight mounted on it. As
long as you don't give it a target, it'll resume scan in a few
seconds. In this case, it's easier to go NORTH around the
building, using the building as a shield, and follow the wall
west, then southwest. Slow when you come to the corner. There's a
door to left front with a Cardassian guard. Take him out. Be
careful though... The doorway is covered by the turret, and you
need time to operate the switch to drop the forcefield. So wait
until the turret is pointing the other way, then run for it, use
switch, get through, hide in corner where the turret can't hit

Now you're in section 2. There may be a guard on second level you
need to take out immediately. If not, wait until he walks back.
Stay there. There's another guard that patrols the buildings,
take him out too. If he sees you, he'll sound the alarm. If alarm
was triggered, just use your level 1 card to stop the alarm at
the security console next to the Thoronide plant (the one locked
by level 2 access). Ignore the 2 doors locked by science passes.
Be careful though... The turret from the previous area covers the
plant. Use the buildings for cover, or hug the wall.

You need to locate the doorway guarded by disruptor shields (the
red lines), which is just beyond the security console. It's
locked by level 1 access. However, do not go blindly through. You
can see there's a turret just beyond, with almost no place to
hide except the doorway. Wait until the turret turns back before
accessing the door. As you go through the door, go LEFT, put the
building between you and the turret.

Now you're in area 3, hopefully where no turret can get to you.
If the turret saw you, hide in the doorway until it loses
interest, then put the building between you and the turret. Now
is a good time to save the game.

Continue along the building until you see the "raised" building
to your right-front. The turret covers the building's doorway,
and there's a Cardassian guard beyond him. There's another guard
inside, and that's the critical one. When the turret isn't
watching, run up to the doorway, which will cover you from the
turret. Turn to access the switch, and nail the Cardassian
inside. You should get a level 2 military pass. If you don't,
reload and try again.

If you explore area 3, you can find the vent, but you need to
shut down the Thoronide plant first. That's where the pass comes
in... You need to get back to the Thoronide plant. You can just
go out the way you came in... Then run behind the building for
cover. When the turret's not looking, use the pass and get in
there! Kill the one guard inside. Garak should give you a good
hint... Use tricorder to learn the frequency, then set phaser to
penetrate, and phaser the three red things to kill the plant.

Now  you need to get back into area 3. Dodge the first turret,
the turret covering the door, and several guards. There is at
least one guard still in area 3. You may be able to shoot him
from UNDER the raised building by crouching. Use the building and
building supports to dodge the turrets while you take out the
last guard next to the vent itself. Shoot the crates for extra

Now climb onto the vent and look around. There is a ladder
leading down. Climb down, turn around, and walk across the ramp.
Access the switch to open the gate. You see this vent with two
switches. One is red and useless. The other opens a metal gate,
but behind it are TWO forcefields, and TWO forcefield generators.
Remember that forcefield reflects the beam? The generator for the
closer forcefield is mounted on the inside, but a reflected shot
can reach it. So set phasers to penetrate the first but reflect
off the second, crouch, and try the reflection shot until you
nail the generator. Walk inside, scan again, nail the other
generator, then drop into the hole at the end for the next


You start in the vent. Drop down onto a cargo box. There's a vole
there, kill it. Claim a disruptor rifle. You should have plenty
of ammo for it. Be stingy though. There's another hypo in the
room. You'll need to use level 2 pass to get out. Listen to
Garak... You'll need to find the vent to the surveillance center.
You're told to check out the other cargo bays for a vent leading

That's exactly what we'll do. Exit the door when no one is
looking, and turn right. Go forward, you may have to kill a
guard. Keep going down the corridor until you see a cargo bay
(level 2 lock) to your right. Get inside. Shoot the crate for
another hypo. Climb on and check the vent in the corner. Jump
once to force it open. Jump onto it and hoist yourself up. Turn
on the beacon to see better. If you see a dead-end, you're in the
wrong room. Try the next room down.

Now move slowly through the vents in crouch mode. When you get to
a corner or an intersection, wait until the "puff" of yellow gas
dissipates, or you'll take damage. You may have to zap a vole in
the vent. Keep following the vent, and you'll get to the
surveillance center. Save the game now, since the game doesn't
give second chances here.

Use tricorder to scan for guards on patrol. When there are no
patrols nearby, drop down and access the panel behind you to
deactivate the cameras. Kill the guard that intervenes. You may
hear the alarm going off and the panel flashing red. That's
supposed to happen. Use the level 2 pass to enter the
surveillance office, then kill the other patrolling guard.

Look out the transparent partition. If you see a red forcefield,
you've triggered the alarm. You've failed and you should reload.

Now you need to approach the central door, but slowly. There's a
guard to your LEFT you need to shoot first.

Wait for recharge, then slowly move into the downward slope
(heading south), crouching. Shoot the technician in the back,
then the guard that comes to investigate. Move down, and access
both consoles. You've dropped the disruptor fields guarding the
computer core. You can find reload for the disruptor rifle and a
hypo in the room.

Now you need to locate the computer core, then the way to the lab
itself. Get back upslope, moving very slowly. As you go upslope,
you're facing NORTH.

Go right (east), then right again (south). Go past the first
intersection (branch to left) and the first Obsidian order sign.
Follow the corridor right, then left, until you come to a closed
door facing an Obsidian Order sign. That's computer core inside.
Get in there and take out everybody (2 guards, one in front and
one to left on the platform) and another guard next to the core.
Get the rod. If you see disruptor field in your way, you haven't
disabled the two forcefields yet with the two consoles south of
surveillance center. Grab any reloads and hypo as needed. Kira
informs you that the door to the lab is now open. Make your way
back to surveillance center.

At the upslope exit, pointing north, go west (left), then at the
first intersection, turn left again (south). You'll come to a
phaser cannon. If you move just right on the left side you can
hit it with your weapons but its shots will be blocked by the
ceiling. Just shoot it out. The path takes a right turn and you
see a set of "white light" stairs. Save now, as it's easy to mess
up the next part. Go up slowly, hug the right wall. When you
think you can hit the Cardassian agent to the left, stand up and
nail him. Then move to opposite wall, and nail the other one,
without either triggering the alarm.

The door should be open, just run in, and watch the cinematics...
(If you made it here without getting the rod, the door is locked
by a level 3 science card.)

[Terell want to destroy the orb, but Obanak and Grigari arrived
first and took the orb. They are now attacking DS9 to secure the
final Orb... And Ascension is near... ]


You start in a turbolift, except this doesn't reach all the way
down. An injured crewman is in front. Arm phasers and ready to
hit 3 drones to the left. Go left, then right, then right into a
cargo room... Then a Grigari breaks down the door... Scan it and
kill it. It's armed with a plasma thrower and it packs a punch.
After you kill it, you get the plasma thrower. Continue through

You go down a corridor, then you come to this red room with
energy discharges all over. The trick is... There are two drones
down there. If you can see it, aim for the two barrels on both
left and right and cook them, which should destroy at least one
of the drones. Take out the other, then climb up the other
ladder. You may be zapped once.

When you climb up, walk down the corridor, and you see a wounded
ensign. You approach, but the grating breaks under you, and
you're dumped into the sewers. So follow the sewers until you see
a ramp going up, then do a jump climb. Scan carefully, two
Grigari will approach, so kill them. You should claim more plasma
thrower here. Turn the corner and you'll see another two Grigari,
take them out as well. Then approach the wounded ensign. He has
mines, but watch for the drone hiding in the corridor. When
you've collected all you need, continue back to where you took
out all the Grigari. Follow the corridor, and you'll come to a
branch where you can continue ahead or turn right. The room ahead
has some reloads and hypo, but 3 drones will attack behind you.

So follow the dark corridor (right), and jump across that yellow
pit. Arm best weapon, as when you open that door, 2-3 drones will
attack, and tricorder only shows one! Any way, when you take them
all out, there's a red door in front of you. Use the switch to
open, it's a turbolift. Jump in to finish the level.


You start in the turbolift, and you exit into a small room. Scans
are empty. Open the door, and stop. You'll see two drones at a
lower level. Take them out with your phaser from long range.
Climb down the ladder.

Go through the door, and you'll be in this wrecked room with a
wounded guy. Go to the other door. Two Grigari would be inside,
kill them as you see fit. Mines can kill Grigari, really. Go
through into cargo room. Take their plasma throwers. There's a
grenade clip on the top, but no grenade launcher yet.

Open the door and there are two Grigari beyond, one armed, one
not. Take them both out. In this room there are two barrels and
crates. You can get the crate contents, but beware of 2 drones
attacking as soon as you approach the contents.

Open the next door, approach VERY slowly. You'll see a cutscene
where you see this next Grigari... He has an EM Blaster. Dodge
left a little until you get a scan, then blast him! When your
phaser runs out, run forward and around the area, dodge him until
you got enough charge to finish him. Take the blaster.

Open next door, and a Grigari will approach from around the
corner (plasma armed). Take him out, and take the hypo.

In the next room, you'll see FOUR Grigari, 2 with EMP and 2 with
nothing. One is on the upper level. Take them out with phaser or
plasma, save the EMP ammo for the final fight. You will also find
a Cardassian disruptor rifle in the upper level storage shelf.

Come back down, and you'll see a door to the side of the room
(from where you came in, it's to your right). That leads to
Obanak, and the final fight.

There are three ways to fight Obanak. 1) Stay in your room, but
open the door, then snipe him. This will take a LONG time and
waste a LOT of ammo because he moves VERY quickly. Best used with
just the phaser pistol. 2) Get in the corridor, but no closer.
This gives you more opportunity to shoot, but he can shoot back
as well.  His yellow energy balls are pretty hard hitting, and it
has "splash" damage as well. If you're inside the corridor, you
don't have room to dodge. 3) Run inside and do a running battle.
Basically, get inside, circle-strafe the whole place, land shots
when you can. Use any weapon you got.

When you have landed enough shots (even with your good old hand
phaser), you can watch the next cutscene...

[With Kira and Worf's help, Obanak-Wraith is knocked back into
the proto-wormhole... Which then collapses, and you win!]

9    Kira Track Walkthrough


[You were visiting Prylar Obanak at the Pah-wraith temple when
the Kahl-taan followers attacked...]

You start at the balcony, armed with hand phaser and tricorder.
Turn 180 and follow the Bajoran standing at the stairs, follow
him downstairs, turn another 180, then a left, and go to the
console. Use it, which will open the big Chapel door behind you.

Go through Chapel door, push the buttons below both statues, and
you'll open the two hidden alcoves, one has two hypos, other has
the artifact "key". Take them, and Obanak will tell you to head
for the library, which is on the other side of the courtyard.

Go straight out the chapel, which leads you to the stairs you
came down on. Do the 180, and there's an attacker on top. Take
him out. When you go up the stairs, you should be heading SOUTH.
Get up to top of stairs, which leads left (east). When you get to
the top, two attackers will run by. Take them out. You're in the
"lobby", leading north/south, but north is a deadend. Go south,
and you'll see two entrances to courtyard, then east and west
each has a door to sleeping quarters. There's an attacker to the
left, watch out. Go south to courtyard. Engage two attackers in
the courtyard, and the path takes a left turn (east). Engage one
more attacker, and you'll see the area to insert the artifact
key. However, watch for two MORE attackers to your left. When you
take them out, insert the key to unlock the two doors to the

Take the left one down. The staircase takes a 180 turn and
continues down. Wait before you open the door, make sure phaser
is fully charged. As soon as you open, there's an attacker down
there, followed by THREE MORE. Your phaser can only take out two,
so you have to keep backing up the stairs to buy time for your
phaser to recharge. Take them all out, continue down the stairs.
Stop at the mezzanine level. As you come off the stairs, you're
heading west. There's a stairs to north that goes up/west, and a
stairs to south that goes down/west. You need to push the four
statues to unlock the engineering key and the phaser rifle. Go
up/west, there's one guy at the top. However, as soon as you hit
him, another will appear behind you. Take them both out, then
push the button on each of the two statues.

[Remember to look for other hidden items with your tricorder...
There are holographic walls all throughout the temple you can get
items from if you deactivate them with the correct switch.
Switches are often hidden as part of the lamp.]

Go back downstairs, all the way to the bottom level, make a
right, and make your way up to the other mezzanine level, and
take out the single attacker on top (who's busy executing the pah-
wraith followers, so you can shoot him in the back). Push button
on both statues, then you'll see a cutscene where the two
partitions drop, revealing the engineering key and a phaser
rifle. Head down to bottom level and pick up both.

Now, pick a staircase to go up. You will take out one attacker
immediately. Wait for hand phaser to recharge before continuing.
Another will follow. As you go up, another will attack. When you
make it to courtyard level, three attackers will be waiting, two
on the ground, and one on top of the temple entrance as a sniper.
Take them out.

Turn back into the main building, take the door on the right, and
turn into the room on your right. You'll see an attacker on the
room facing you. Shoot him from long distance. Another attacker
will charge in. Take him out as well. Use the engineering card on
the console in the room, then head out the two doors into the
pool, take out one MORE attacker. Dive in, then swim forward into
the passage to end this level.

9.2   BAJOR 2

You start in the water. Swim ahead and up into the pump pool.
Climb up out of water. There is a console to your left. Access it
with engineering card to restore emergency lights. Turn right to
next console, access it to activate security panel, then turn
right onto the third panel to open the exit, which is now to your
right. Claim a hypo and a phaser rifle cell before exiting.

[Slight bug here, one of the consoles have an "activation zone"
about 3 meters away from the console itself.]

As you exit, you need to turn left, and take out an attacker.
Wait for recharge. Move out, and you're at a "balcony". There's
one guy right below you. Move to end of balcony, you'll see a
ladder down. Use the opening in the ladder to take him out from
your level, but duck immediately back behind the column. Two
attackers will beam in on the lower level, opposite side. Use the
column as shield, and zip out to nail them in a quick shot,
repeat until they are taken care of. Climb down to lower level
and use the console with engineering card, which opens one of the
gates below.

Now scan below, and you'll see two more attackers. Take them out
from up here (they won't suspect a thing). Then get to the ladder
(where those two guys on your level were) and climb to "ground"
floor. Open the other gate by pushing the switch, and walk into
the passageway to end this level.

9.3   BAJOR 3

You start in the passageway. Turn right to a door. Don't shoot
that guy. Instead, step around him and shoot the ground. He
doesn't trigger the gravitic mine, but you will unless you shoot
it first. There's another one on the bridge ahead of you. He'll
guide you up to mid point. An attacker will charge, take him out.

Then it's just a matter of running really fast into the doorway,
ignoring all damage. Make a left turn, then a right, and you're
at a forcefield. Use tricorder to analyze and destroy the
emitter. Do the same to the next forcefield around the corner to
the right. You're now in knee-deep water. Keep walking, and
access the console to your right, which opens another underwater
gate. Turn 180 and climb up the ladder, which gets you to the big

Dive in, go through the open passage, swim straight, which turns
left, and go up into the second tower. There is only one exit.
Obanak should tell you that you need to use the console on the
first floor, but you need a command key on the second floor.
We'll go up to the THIRD floor as well to take out the forcefield
so we don't have to run around.

So at the exit, turn left, take out the attacker. Turn left
again, and you've found the staircase going up. Take out the
attacker on the top. Be careful though, this one tosses a
grenade. Run up after him to avoid the grenade bouncing down. The
stair turns right.

Climb to the top, and you're at second floor. One attacker may
charge immediately. Take him out. Move slowly and follow the
corridor clockwise. Some rooms have gravitic mines. The command
card is in second room to your left, but don't take it yet.

[Remember to look for other hidden items with your tricorder...
There are holographic walls all throughout the temple you can get
items from if you deactivate them with the correct switch.
Switches are often hidden as part of the lamp.]

In the fourth room, there's a switch that reveals more phaser
rifle ammo and hypo. You can take that. Go all the way around to
the stairs to third floor, scan the forcefield generator, and
kill the forcefield. There's no enemy here yet, so don't worry.
Just take out the forcefield now. Access switch to open the door
behind you. Come back down the second floor, and go inside the
room with the command card. Arm phaser rifle, because a heavy
fight is about to start.

Get the command card, IGNORE the attackers (yes, I said IGNORE),
run downstairs. Get back to staircase down to level 1. Two
attackers will be at the bottom. Take them out. Shoot anyone that
chased you downstairs.

You'll head past that "fountain" entrance you used earlier. Stop
at the corner and turn right. Face that corridor. Back into the
room and two attackers will appear. They will fire phasers and
toss grenades. Take them out. One of the rooms contains a medikit
behind a holowall. The other room has the console you need, take
out the mine in front of it.

Insert the card into the console, and you'll be asked to
rendevous at level 3, where you had deactivated that forcefield.
Now you know where to go, but exit carefully. As you exit and
turn right, two attackers will exit from their rooms (but you had
just swept them!). Take them out. Head for the stairs up.

Move up slowly. When you reach the second floor, you will
encounter three attackers, then another sniper standing on the
stairs, then two more around the staircase going up. Do NOT shoot
anyone, just run past them. "Phantom menace", guy that can't be
targeted or killed, may appear here as well if you took out the
sniper earlier. Try to take out as many of the regular guys as
you can while dodging the menace (if he appears). Do NOT shoot
the guy who knelt down. Then you'll see two attackers on top of
the stairs (they may only appear when you get there). When you
enter the room, insert the command card into the console in the
new room to end the level.


You're back on DS9 and Sisko is having nightmares about the pah-
wraith temple. It's time to pay the place a visit. Defiant is out
of action any way due to the Grigari, and there's no information
on the two dead Cardassians IN the bulkhead.


[You will be visiting Jeraddo with Sisko and Worf in search of
the Pah-Wraith temple...]

You start in a storage room with electrical discharges, facing
west. Go forward, turn left, use switch and go through door.
You're now in a stairwell. Take supplies under stairwell. Climb
up to the top. You're now facing south.

There's a door to your right-front, which is operations control,
but it's command-locked. Take out the anthropod inside.

Path to east leads to a utility door and a north/south corridor.
That corridor has nothing to south. To the north is another
anthropod in the corridor downstairs. After that is the door
going east, anthropod is inside. Clear it and get the command

When you exit the operations room, 4 attackers will beam in and
it'll be a tough fight.

Take the command card to ops room and unlock the consoles. You'll
have to take out two attackers in the corridor and one more
inside the ops room. The card then will release the grates...
Behind the utility door. However, that's not the way in.

Go back to where you got the command card (kill one more
attacker) and you'll find open grate inside. Climb in, kill 3
flyers (poisonous!). When you reach the room, kill two attackers.
Take all the supplies (2 phaser rifle reloads, 1 hypo), jump into
the other vent shaft. Kill two flyers (one from front, one from
behind). When you reach the elevator room, you may have to shoot
another attacker. Then get on the elevator and ride it down to
next level...

9.6   JERADDO 2

You're still in the mineshafts... In front is a door. Outside are
an inductor and three flyers. As you exit, you realize you're on
a bridge, and the impulse fighter just took out the door. You
have to find another way in.

To your left are utility locked doors, and to your right are
command locked doors.

Take the command door that doesn't have the three flyers. Inside
is an attacker. Take him out. He won't come out, so you have to
go in and get him. Climb up three ladders (take out 2 flyers) and
access the panel to open exterior gate. Climb back down to ground
floor and take out another attacker. Exit back to the bridge

You should see the exterior gate opposite the bridge, now open.
Take out that ungulate (bull thing). You see a phaser drill, but
you don't have an inductor to run it, but you know where to get
one... Open the other command-locked door. Kill the two or three
flyers inside, and take the inductor from the reactor.

As you approach the phaser drill, two attackers will beam in.
Take them out.

Put the inductor into the hole on the left side of phaser drill.
Move to the back of drill and use it. It'll dig a tunnel for you.
Walk on through, and see anthropod to the right. Kill it. There's
a room behind it with 3 hypos and a phaser rifle reload. Another
anthropod is behind the "cage". Kill it. Open the door to the
elevator, and ride it down to next level...


You start in the elevator room.  Exit to staircase going down. At
bottom of staircase is a rifle reload. and a door, behind which
is an anthropod. Kill it.  Follow corridor to the right, you come
to an upslope, and another anthropod. Kill it. You see a door in
front and a "cage" to right. A crate there is rifle reload. Go
inside cage, then the door beyond it to get hypo and mines. Open
the "front door" for your entrance to the temple. As you exit,
two flyers will attack. After that, jump off onto the "plaza",
and look at the entrance...

Walk on in. As you do, one attacker will beam in behind you. As
you reach the corner turning right, another will appear in front
of you. Take them out. Follow the stairs up to the "ledge" with
lava below. You'll be attacked by 2 flyers. You need to jump down
to the beam, then jump up to the other ledge. Now jump across the
missing floor, and take out an anthropod to your right. There's
an attacker on top of the stairs. Follow the stairs up. You're at
the pushbutton puzzle. Solve it, and go on. The door will drop
again in 3 seconds.

You're now in a room with a small obelisk in the middle. Stairs
going up, and another exit. There's really nothing at the exit
except a hypo, and you have to kill 2 flyers and an attacker to
get it. The artifact is already taken (by Sisko).

Go upstairs, be ready to kill another attacker. Sweep the area of
several mines. You'll be at the balcony. To the right is an
attacker at long range. Use sniper mode to take him out. Head
down the stairs to your right. Do a 180 and head down the flat
area to get reload and hypo around the corner. Return to the
upslope (may have to kill a flyer), stop at the top. Be ready to
kill three attackers (one of who appear behind you). Continue to
the other "balcony" instead of heading upstairs. You can find
more gravitic mines. Now you're ready to head upstairs.

Nothing upstairs yet. You're in the "courtyard". Turn left, and
get into the first "holy man" area, which is just a room. There
are two gravitic mines to your right, so hug the left wall. Shoot
the mines, then the attacker that comes to investigate. Wait for
recharge. Approach where the attacker came from, and you'll see
anthropod upstairs. Jump on the bannister and take it out. A
gravitic mine protects mines and hypo. Now go to the staircase
that was protected by mines. Go up, and push the button, which
drops the cover on one of the obelisks in the "courtyard". As you
head downstairs, beware of an attacker beaming in.

Now head back to the courtyard, and go RIGHT instead. This one is
less protected... There are just one gravitic mine in the
staircase, and one attacker under the inside stairs. There are
reloads and mines on top of the inside stairs. Take them, and
push the button to reveal the inner door.

As you approach the courtyard, two to three more attackers will
beam in. Take them out, solve the pushbutton puzzle, walk inside,
up the stairs, and watch the cutscene...

[You got here just after Sisko, and Worf right behind you. You
wonder what this mural may mean about the red orbs and all
that... Then there's the Cardassian issue...]


Take to everyone, who tell you that the Cardassians are up to no
good, but can't really deny them their "rights" either.
Translation of the mural isn't ready yet.


[As you can see, Sisko got ambushed... Dejar is really Prefect
Terrel of the Obsidian Order, and they're retrieving a red orb
hidden on the station. Kira volunteered to go after the computer
core to stop the counterinsurgency program...]

You start in turbolift. When you exit, you come to crossing
facing east, with left and right corridor (north/south), console
with Bajoran worker in front.  Approach the center console and
you'll find the core won't open. You need to reset the EPS

Go south (right). Take hypo, access console to open door behind
you. Run back into the corridor and take out the Cardassian from
across the hallway. A Cardassian will come through that open door
in a few seconds, be ready to take him out. Turn into the first
EPS conduit room. You'll need to take out a Cardie across the
room, then another on lower level. Climb down and, up the other
side, use console to reinitialize the conduit. Climb back out and
return to center.

Go north this time, go around the corner to the console (another
militia on the ground). Use it, and a little window opens into
the EPS room. Shoot the two Cardassians from the window. Then go
down there, climb up the other side, use the console to
reinitialize the other EPS tap. The center console is now active,
but there's another Cardassian now.

Make your way back to the center, taking out the extra
Cardassian. Don't approach the console until your phaser
recharged. As soon as the door opens, nail the Cardassian inside.

Run AROUND the core into the door on the other side. The door is
locked, but there are two conduits. Phaser it or punch it open.
Take the lighted conduit, crouch and move in. Dax tells you that
the turrets are active. Climb up to top. You can shoot one turret
from inside the conduit (blow the cover first), aim just a little
below it. The other one you can blow up by hitting the barrels
below it.

Take ammo. Climb down the ladder. Open door and take out three
turrets. Use console to open the rod bank. Cardassian will
attack, kill him. Take the rod.

Climb up to room. Go through door. Kill one Cardassian inside.
Take out 2 Cardassians in room. Climb down. Take out two more in
the rod room. Take the other rod. Exit and climb up. Move back to
center console.

Use the center console to deploy the walkways. Then go back to
room you came in and reenter the conduit. When you re-enter the
conduit Dax will warn you about gravitic mines. You will spot
some as you make your way back to the corridor. Sweep them with
regular phaser pistol. Move back to the core.

Call the mini lift with the SIDE switches. Get up there, and
insert one rod on each side, and the computer core is fixed.

Now you're informed that they're building another trilithium
bomb... You need to head it off. Head to that door you couldn't
open before next to the conduits. Take out the Cardie inside,
take the lift down.

Lift opens to a short downward stairs. Take disruptor ammo. Take
out the four Cardies inside, take out the gravitic mine on the
lower level, and jump down to the reactor panel, use it, and
you're done!


Starfleet is not happy, and a special mission has been mounted to
land on SR-III in attempt to retrieve the only other red orb
Starfleet was aware of... But SR-III is in Cardassian space...


[While Sisko and Worf is on the planet surface, Kira has the
conn, then you find out you had a changeling onboard... who
sabotaged the onboard systems... O'Brien is down, and it's your
job to hunt down the changeling...]

Your first job is follow where the forcefields are NOT and get
into the turbolift. As soon as you get out of the turbolift room
into the corridor, two Jem'hadar will beam in to your left, take
them out. You need to restore tactical system.

Go where the Jem'hadar was (north) through the door, and you're
past the bridge. Go straight, and you're at the right-curve
corridor. Take the first lighted door left, you'll need to take
out two to three Jem'hadar here. You'll see a wounded guy, and
take his programmed master chip. Jem'hadar enter behind you. Take
him out. Take turbolift to other floor.

You'll be in a hall firefight. Dodge the shots, locate the other
transporter room, and take the "command chip" from the wounded.
Use the command chip on the torpedo room (in the tip of the
curved corridor section) to open, insert the master chip in the
chip rack, then use the console on the other side of the rack to
reinitialize torpedo systems. By this time, the all the security
guys outside are down, and 3 Jem'hadar are outside knocking. Take
them out, and then you need to fix the impulse engine systems.

Explore a bit, follow the enemy, and you'll find two people
wounded, and they talk about changeling headed into Jeffries
tube. Follow it into tube, and you exit into the corridor. Take
turbolift down. Look for a bit and you'll find Impulse Control.
It's a RED door with blue "spines". You need to locate a blank
engineering chip, write the chip, locate a respirator, and then
finally put the chip into the chip rack. The respirator and the
chip are all nearby, just explore the nearby rooms with your
tricorder. Write the chip, then jump into the bottom level of
impulse engines, arm respirator, and insert the chip. You'll be
chased by like 5-6 different Jem'hadar and they keep coming
(though they'll stay at the upper level). Just jump down there
and slip the chip in.

Now you need to head to main engineering where O'Brien claims to
have captured the changeling. As you probably suspected, it's a
trap. However, it doesn't matter any way. Climb out. Just go out
the far end door (the door further from the control room),
straight out, and to your left several doors down should be

[As you suspected, it is a trap. A changeling sent that last
message as O'Brien. You're surrounded by Jem'hadar. Defiant has
been captured. ]


You start in your cell. Punch the blinking light fixture to get a
component. Use the component on that open conduit to your right
to get it to open a crawlway. Crouch and go inside, follow the
passage way, past several energy discharges, jump climb several
levels, tightrope walk on narrow ledges, push a grate out of the
way into a vent room... Covered by an automated turret. The
turret has a set scan pattern, so you'll have to exploit it.

Past that comes the fun part... Jump and hang onto that bar.
You'll need to do a running start. Back all the way to the wall,
run, then jump. You should JUST catch the bar. Then shimmy over
to the vent and drop. Climb up, down, through the other grate.

Turn right, but don't move! This part is so frustrating, you may
need to enable the cheat code and give you at least 500 units of
health. It's VERY easy to die here. You'll need to jump to that
other pipe, but there is a catch. There's a turret on the other
side, and it WILL hit you, MANY MANY times, unless you somehow
timed it so you jumped when the turret is facing away. There's an
edge that you can use to hide temporarily while you get on the
bar, but you need to be quick. Then jump up and grab the bar.
When the turret is facing the other way, shimmy left, drop, and
stop right beneath the turret, or even a little over.

You may be able to destroy the turret when you're right
underneath it.

When the turret swings away, run forward, jump onto bar, shimmy
right over, run forward, onto the ledge, right into the grate,
and drop onto the short platform. If you can do that with just
100 pts of life, you must play Super Mario very well.

Now you need to drop from bar to bar, level by level, dodging the
electrical discharges. Until you reach all the way to the bottom,
and you'll be just above the ceiling of a storage room. You'll
see a Vorta beneath the vents. When he's accessing the console,
jump down behind him and take him out with punches and kicks.
Take his level 1 access. You'll find shock blade in a shelf
around the corner, and a hypo.

The door doesn't work, but the barrels... Use the shockblade in a
quick tap to blow up the barrels... Which leads you into the next
room over. Go where the flashing lights are. Beware of those
small 3-leg spiders that come after you. Climb up that ledge,
then the next higher. Use it to do a flying leap to the next
highest ledge, climb through, and push the grate in. You should
just hear the announcement that the prisoners have escaped.

Get in there and take out the Vorta, THEN the Jem'hadar. The
Vorta can raise the alarm. Salvage the level. Use the elevator to
go up to next level. Again, take out the Vorta first, THEN the
Jem'hadar. The Jem'hadar may summon elevator to come attack you
directly. If the elevator moved without you summoning it, go to
it and wait for the Jem'hadar to come down. Go across to the
other elevator to reach third floor.

Now it gets tricky. There's a roof turret, and you'll need to zap
a vole that's running around. The turret will zap another one.
You need to run to the console to your right (wait until the
turret is away), which will open the two vaults on the next level
up. Now turn around to your back is to the console. There's
elevator to your right. Take that one when the turret is away,
hide behind the "bump" in the wall until the turret loses
interest. Get into the room and reclaim your phaser rifle. Sneak
over to the next vault and reclaim your phaser pistol and
tricorder. Whack the cargo box to the corner and push the vent to
reveal the next passage.

You'll need to make a vertical drop. Turn 180, then leap onto the
passage way. Dodge the electrical discharges and follow the
passage way to the pump level, ABOVE the prison. Follow the
passage way. When the passage ends, turn left, and you'll see a
place to jump across. Jump, turn right, then another right. As
you approach, ceiling vent drops and 5 spiders came out. Take
them with your regular phaser.

You'll see a long ladder going down at the end. Climb down. Use
sniper mode to take out two Jem'hadar on the level below. Go to
the middle of the walkway. You should see another Jem'hadar
below. Take him out. Go onto that round platform to your left.
You should see a Vorta below. Take him out. Use the small bar to
continue forward, until you see some horizontal bars levels
below. Fall onto that, and keep falling level by level until you
reach ground floor.

When you're at ground, back to the wall, turn RIGHT, and you
should see where the Vorta had fallen. Take hypo, and use the
console to open the security manifold. See the ladder to your
right? Climb up all the way. On the small platform, walk the
tightrope (if you fall off, just shimmy across). Your objective
is to drop in just above those electrical coronas. Drop inside
and crouch into the vent. Push in to go to next level.


You start in the manifold room. Go through the door. Climb ladder
to your right, get off the right side, and fall on top of the
pipes. Jump, shimmy, whatever. Keep moving from pipe to pipe,
until you reach the last pipe on the right hand wall. Save now.
Back up all the way to the edge. Do a running jump for the bar.
Shimmy across to left, push the grate in and drop down. You're
now in the caves area. Climb down the ladder.

Look forward, and you'll see a Jem'hadar in the distance and his
back is to you. Your regular phaser can reach him, or you can use
sniper zoom. There's phaser rifle reload to your right.

There are two cameras mounted up high near the reactor and they
will raise the alarm if they see you. One camera is to the right
of the reactor gate (if you're facing the gate), and the other is
above the sunken area. They sweep back and forth so if you are
exposed they will see you. You will need to take out both or
you'll get infinite Jem'hadar coming after you, even without the
Vorta raising the alarm.

If you hear the Jem'hadar say fugitive located, you've blown your
escape (probably seen by the camera) and you should start over.

Walk the tightrope across to first crossover. You can spot a
Jem'hadar WAY ahead in the distance, to the LEFT of the reactor.
Snipe him. If you don't see him, continue to next crossover. He
moves a lot so you have to be VERY good to take him out with one

Turn right at the second crossover, and start looking at the gate
every few steps. You are looking for a camera sweeping back and
forth near the ceiling, beyond the gate, as well as a Jem'hadar
standing next to the gate. Snipe both. Continue down the
tightrope. As you get close to the barrels in front, there should
be another Jem'hadar to your left, with his back to you. Take him
out with a sniper shot.

Jump down and get the shock blade ammo. Scan and you should see
the camera over your head. Fortunately, it's scanning ahead of
you. Move in UNDER it, then move in slowly until you can barely
see it, and take it out from underneath.

Move toward the green gate. Move BEHIND it. The Vorta you need is
at the sunken section, beyond the reactor. He has the level 2
card you need to get inside the reactor control. There are FOUR
Jem'hadar down there. You can take one out from the top behind
the gate. One you take that one out, back up, hide behind the
column, then move to FRONT of the gate and try to take them out
as quietly as possible without letting the Vorta see you. Take
out the Vorta quietly, and take his level 2 card.

Go to the green gate, use the level 2 card, and take elevator up.
Go around to the left until you locate the open panel, allowing
you inside. Use the panel to release the vent door. That will be
your escape path. Walk around inside until you notice the hole in
the floor. Look at the discharge pattern very carefully. They
discharge in counterclockwise sequence. Save now.

As soon as the one under your foot fires, drop, crawl through
small vent, run past section, crawl through tube, run under the
conductor to "dodge" the bolt. If that bolt hit you, you're
FRIED. Save now. Wait until next bolt passes overhead before
continuing. When you get to next conductor, save again. Do this
one more to get out of the tube.

Take out a Vorta in the room at the end to your right. Take
elevator up. Take a polaron rifle from the shelf. Use switch to
open door.

Exit the door, you're in a cargo yard surrounded by huge turrets
with purple guidance beams. You have to deactivate them before
you can continue.

Dodge the turrets and take a left immediately into a drainage
hole. Climb down and follow the sewer pipe slowly, shoot rodents,
until you drop into sight of another turret. Duck left behind the
rock. When turret looks away, get into the middle pipe, then into
the other pipe facing you as you move through the middle pipe.
Shoot a couple more rodents. Stop at the grate.

Push a grate out into a room, and shoot the Jem'hadar in the
back. You're in a multi-level room. There's a door but it's
closed and locked. There are two more Jem'hadar on the upper
floor. Use the elevator and remove them, or snipe them from the
level below. Use the elevator (hit switch, run to it) to get up
there. Climb a ladder, and you're in the control room. Shoot
Vorta in the back. Switch to good weapons.

Access the panel to deactivate the turrets, and two Jem'hadar
will beam in behind you. Take them out, climb down the ladder
again. A door has opened below. Another Jem'hadar beamed in as
you come down. Take him out too.

Use elevator to get down, go through the now open door, and
you're done!

[Watch yourself cover Worf's escape and both of you were beamed
out just in the nick of time...]


You have been cosmetically modified to look Cardassian to join
the project on Hass'Terral... You will infiltrate Terell's
project and see if you can get the orb back... Or help Sisko and
Worf do it.


[You arrived via transport to Hass'Terral... As a Cardassian. Can
you infiltrate the base and get Worf and Sisko inside?]

(The rules are simple. You were seen with a weapon: alarm. You
were seen with a tricorder: alarm. Turrets don't count. They
shoot at you, but they stop as soon as you holster the weapon.
The guard may mumble about "not authorized" or whatever. Ignore
them and keep walking. )

You start inside the compound. So, head past the guard to the far
wall. Turn left, follow wall and hide behind cargo. See that big
turret on the rooftop? Wait until it turns away, shoot the guard
at the door. Holster the weapon. Use switch on the door to turn
off forcefield and walk through.

You are now in area 2. Turn left and you face a building. Turn
left again, and cut right at the first corner. You're facing the
Thorium plant. Turn left a little and you see the two science
doors. Go through the SECOND one. You can talk with the woman on
the top floor. Come back down. There's another door in front of
you, in addition to the two on your left. Go through the one in
front, and you're in area 3.

Make right turn, then another right. Left, then right. Stop at
corner. To your LEFT you see two buildings tightly together, with
a guard whose back is to you. You need to enter the building at
his back. Just use the door to get in. Save now. There's a guard
inside. When his back is turned at the lower level, kill him, and
holster the weapon. Crouch, and use tricorder to locate the
generator frequency. Set phaser now, but holster it. Walk past
the "hump" to the other section, stop before the forcefield. When
the inside guy's back is turned, shoot through the forcefield and
kill him. Holster weapon immediately. Move ALL THE WAY RIGHT,
right against the wall. Crouch, turn so you can see the
forcefield generator. Shoot generator to drop forcefield. Holster
weapon, walk inside, and use the console to cut off surveillance.
Objective achieved. You need to now locate a level 1 pass. There
may be a guy that runs up. Shoot him. Holster weapon.

With surveillance dead, the best place to get a pass is back in
area 2, in the science building. Whatever you do, do NOT use the
tricorder in the science building. It triggers the alarm somehow.
Get back there. Shoot the guard first. The liaison woman will
give you the level 1 key. Kill her or knock her out any way.
Holster weapon.

With the card in hand, walk back to surveillance center's door.
Beyond it is the research lab entrance. Ignore the guard. Insert
your level 1 science pass in the card reader, and enter the room.
Jump on the large elevator, use the switch to go to next level...


You start coming off the elevator. There's this guy to your
right. Move up behind him, then knock him cold (use your knockout
punch should be sufficient). Keep weapon holstered. Use switch to

You are now in a corner, with exit to right and front. Right is a
curved staircase (phaser cannon?) and in front is a staircase
going up.

Go straight ahead, then turn right at the transparent window.
That's the internal surveillance center. Note this location as
I'll use this as a reference point.

Go past the reference point, make a right, stop at the Obsidian
Order sign (guard there). Turn left, and follow the right-curve
corridor. A woman will come out and greet you, and ask you to
follow her to the computer core. She has the level 2 pass, so
you'll need to take hers, but you need to do it quietly. She
walks all over the place and if you don't find a good place to do
her you won't finish the game.

One way is immediately stand right in front of her, which will
cause her to stop. Make sure she is OUT of the view of the camera
in the room, backup a little if needed. Save the game now. Switch
to phaser, but don't select it yet. Have a finger on the holster
command. Now shoot her, and quickly holster the weapon. The guard
should NOT be alerted. If a guard comes shooting at you, you did
it wrong and you will need to reload. If you succeed, you got the
level 2 science card. You'll need it to get a level 3 card.

Now reverse course so you're at reference point again facing
north (toward the glass partitions). Turn right, then left, and
you see an Obsidian Order sign opposite an upslope door, and a
guy sitting at the desk on the top. That leads into admin
section, requiring level 2 science card. Use the card on the slot
and enter the door behind him.

Inside, you'll find two civilians, and one guard. Here's the
trick: stand in FRONT of the security console, blocking it. If
anyone gets to it, you're toast (infinite Cardassians). So, arm
phaser. Shoot the guy closest to you (he's the only one likely to
get to the alarm), THEN the guard. Then move over and shoot the
other tech in the lower level. There is your level 3 card. If
alarm was triggered, you should reload. Holster your weapon and
get the level 3 card.

Head out the door as if nothing happened. Turn right at end of
downslope, and you should see the glass partition again. Orient
yourself northward again (facing the glass). Then do left,
continue, then another left, and you should be at the right curve
that takes you to the turbolift down to Terrel's lab. There would
be two guys talking there if you don't have the pass. Use the
level 3 card to open the lift, and head into the elevator, and
watch the cinematics...

[Then Obanak beamed in with Grigari troopers and ruined the
party... ]


You are in the turbolift in EVA suit. You have grenade launcher,
phaser, and phaser rifle.

Head out the door, and you're in a long corridor. There's a guy
to the left in lower level. He has several mines you can get. Two
drones attack from the front. The next room exits to the right
(north). Take out a Grigari that patrols the room beyond (exit to
east). You can use the barrels if you can shoot that well. Don't
fall into the pit though... Look carefully. There are two Grigari
in the next room. Scan and aim carefully, tease one out, kill it,
then the next one. You now have access to the "ore processing
room". The room is clear. Go to the left, climb up to ledge, and
jump onto minilift, then climb onto platform and exit door.

As you move out, you'll see an ensign backing into the corridor,
and a Grigari in pursuit. This Grigari has a plasma thrower. Scan
and terminate, remember to back up to avoid the plasma bomb. Door
to your left is locked, you need to access security to open it,
but security itself is blocked by the electrical coronas.
Continue to end of the hall. Turn left into maglev control. Run
through the discharge (you'll be zapped at least once), then left
and up to the console. Use console to turn off discharge blocking
security. See the corona zap a Grigari that chased you into the
room. Move now to the now unblocked security office. Access
console in security to unlock door (look through the glass). A
drone will attack, kill it. Another Grigari may come out of the
unlocked door. Scan and terminate. Get plasma thrower if you want

Enter the new door unlocked, and you're in ore control room.
You'll see another Grigari inside. Terminate it. Use console on
farside (to left of useless door) to open the vent hole. Climb
inside. The hole to the left will be blocked. Climb down, shoot a
drone. Move through. Climb up. Turn around. Back yourself to the
wall. Do a jump climb onto the ladder. Climb up. You should have
the next Grigari already scanned and phaser set. Exit and

Follow passage way up. In the midpoint is the "exit". Scan
outside and you should see a Grigari trying to get in, but it
can't open the door, and it doesn't know how to shoot THROUGH the
door. You are under no such restriction, so scan him and shoot
him THROUGH the door. Get the EM Blaster. Another Grigari is
around the corner. Shoot at/near him to tease him out, then shoot
him through the door also. Take his blaster as well.  Exit
slowly, don't run into the electrical discharge.

You're now at the "left" side of an H junction. Obanak can be
found on the "upper right" corner door. If you want a disruptor
rifle, you can use the debris in the corridor to get up to second
level. There's a Cardassian corpse up there with a rifle. Now...
Shoot Obanak. Best way is rush in, open the door, take a few
shots (3?) and back out. Repeat as needed with all weapons until
you've forced him to retreat. Worf will take credit for it

Now get back into the tubes and climb back to the ore control
room. You will find 2 Grigari with EM blaster when you exit the
vent hold. Crouch, stay in the hole. They usually are too stupid
and won't shoot you. If they shoot, the shot will be blocked by
the low ledge. Take them out. You can try grenades (it works fine
against them). You will see that the door that was closed shut
before in the room (next to the vent hole) is now open. Run
inside, and watch the finale...

10   Worf Track Walkthrough


[You're with Sisko on the Defiant investigating the Ke'el Tuul
when the Defiant was attacked by the Grigari. You must restore

You start in the corridor outside the bridge, facing south. Your
objective is make it to deck 2, then restore impulse, then
restore tactical, then finally restore warp power.

First, you need to make your way to the turbolift. There's
nothing behind you, so go south. As you approach the south door,
power fails. Ready phaser rifle. Keep going south. As you go
through the door, a breach pod punches through in front of you,
and 2 drones fly in. Take them out. Follow the white lines on the
ground until you see it branch left (east). Take it, go through
door, and you're at the turbolift. Get in the open door and use
the switch in lift to get to deck 2.

When you exit the turbolift room, you'll see a cutscene where the
Grigari enters. Ignore that. He won't attack unless you get close
to him or shoot at him. You are in the corridor facing south
again, to your left (east) is the turbolift, but we won't need it
again. Stand there, watch the Grigari walk off and turn right.
Make a note that the first door to your right (west) is
engineering (warp core). Continue following the white lines until
it branches left (east). Go inside that door, make a left turn
through the door, and you found a deadend corridor with a hypo
and phaser rifle cell. Return to the previous corridor, stop
before the corner. In front of you is the maroon/purple door with
blue branches, which is impulse room. If you look around the
corner, you'll see that Grigari patrolling the door, and behind
him is a drone. Taking on this Grigari will be difficult with
only your trusty Bat'leth, so don't. You need better weapons.

Reverse course and enter engineering. If you want to talk to
O'Brien, he'll tell you to fix impulse engines and tactical
systems first. Climb up the ladder to get another hypo, then out
to the corridor through the OTHER door.

You're now almost at second north/south corridor. If you scan,
you'll find some gravitic mines in the distance, and some phaser
rifle ammo around the corner. Arm phaser rifle and be prepared to
shoot drones. One will attack as soon as you enter to corridor.
Follow it, and you'll see it's another breach pod. To your right
is a forcefield. Reverse course. Follow the line to another right
turn. The corridor is blocked further ahead.

Go through the door. Beware of a Grigari attacking. Run past him.
When you reach the other door, exit and turn RIGHT, past the
fire. There's wounded guy there with 3 gravitic mines. Take the
mines. Drop a mine on the Grigari chasing you and back up. If you
can't get to the mines, fight the Grigari hand-to-hand.

Walk back to the door you came through, you should be facing a
left-turn corner. Approach very slowly, and shoot that drone in
the back around the corner. You're almost at the impulse room.
Run into the corridor (left turn), and that patrolling Grigari
should be walking back. Run up, drop a mine, back up, watch
Grigari get fried. There's a door to your left with health hypo
and more phaser rifle reloads. Now take care of impulse engines.

Move up slowly, and you'll see an open door, with the doors bent
inward. A Grigari may walk out. If so, use a mine on him. If not,
you'll have to run in there and take care of him. A drone will
also attack. Take it out.

Turn into impulse bay, then take the first door to your right
(that room with a big window). That's the impulse control room.
Walk inside, pick up the blank engineering chip from the guy on
the ground, and use it on the chip writer in the room. Go
outside, and you're at the impulse engines. Look for the ladder
going down to your right. Climb down or jump down. Walk about
midway, and you'll see the chip rack to your left. Use the chip
on the chip rack and impulse is fixed. Look on the far end to
find phaser rifle reload and another hypo.

Now you need to fix the tactical system. You will need a command
chip. Exit impulse bay, but stop at the door. You'll see a drone
on the far end to the left. Kill it. Approach that end. Scan will
show another drone to your left in that lighted corridor. Take it
out too. There's a Grigari in the distance, ignore him for now.
Follow the white line on the floor in the lighted corridor, stay
on the LEFT side of the corridor. Do NOT open the door at the
first white branch to right. If you open that door you'll get
pounded as that's where that Grigari is. Ignore that Grigari for
now, just run down that corridor. If you stay on the left side,
even that electrical corona won't get you. You'll walk past
engineering again. Past that, the white line branches right, but
that's the turbo lift room. We're back where we started, but keep
following that line through another door. A Grigari will take out
a crewman there. Take out the Grigari with whatever you got.

You're now in the section where the corridor curves to the left.
First white line branch to right is a deadend. Second white line
branch is a cross corridor, but it's blocked by electrical
discharge. [Note alternate solution later] Continue and follow
the corridor left slowly. Another Grigari will attack as you
approach. Bypass him or take him out. Take the first door to your
right (white line branch) and be careful here. A drone will come
out, then a Grigari. Then another drone. There's another drone
hiding in the corridor. Take them out. Go to where the drone was
hiding, and you're midway in an intersection. Let's call this
intersection A, easily recognized due to a fire in the corner. In
front is tactical (the red light in the distance). However, you
should locate the gravitic mine reloads to your left first. You
still need that command chip to get in.

Facing tactical, turn left, then right at next corner, take out
two drones, and grab the mines to your right. Return to corridor
(180, left). Turn right, follow the corridor, past the deadends.
You should come to a lighted door to your right, and a Grigari
inside. Take out the Grigari with the newly acquired mines. Take
the command chip from the guy on the ground. Exit and turn left,
go back to intersection A, then down to tactical. Insert chip,
use console, and you got tactical online. There is a phaser rifle
reload and a hypo in the room.

Now you need to find your way back to engineering. Exit tactical.
Go straight all the way to the door, ready mines. Turn left, go
through next door, turn right, follow the corridor. When you come
to the door, run through, a Grigari should be attacking. Back up
and drop a mine in his lap. Boom! Continue forward, and there's
the electrical discharge right in front of engineering. Hug the
right side wall, enter engineering, use the center console, and
you're done!

[UNTESTED alternate solution: At the cross corridor, run across
past the discharge, arm phaser rifle, and turn right. You need to
grab the 3 mines first to use on the Grigari. Follow corridor,
should be the THIRD branch to the left. Run in there and take out
the two drones, and take the mines. Take out the patrolling
Grigari with the mine. Go back to the galley and take out the
Grigari there. Take command chip. Follow corridor until you get
to the fire, turn left should be tactical. Fix tactical, then the
rest should be same as fix engineering.]


The attack on the Bajoran temple by Kahl-taan is disturbing...
Obanak want the temple on Jeraddo investigated, Sisko is going,
and you volunteered to help...


[You volunteered to follow Sisko and Kira to explore the temple
ruins on Jeraddo]

Note: as Kahl-taan is too hard to type, I'll just call the Kahl-
taan guys "attackers".

You start outside the mining complex. Arm phaser rifle. There is
a ladder in front of you. Climb to top. A flyer will attack. Kill
it. Follow the path straight, then left. Kill another flyer.
Continue to a right turn. The Kahl-taan will beam in. One will
attack, but if you shoot he'll probably fall off. As you make the
next right, another appears on your right. Kill him. Make your
way to the room. Inside the room is a ladder down, and a Kahl-
taan at the bottom. Shoot him from the top. Climb down. Move
across the little bridge, and you'll see an anthropod. Take it
out. Move slowly into tunnel. There may be an anthropod in the
distance. Shoot it from here if you can. Climb down. Shoot
attacker in the distance. Zoom in to see another anthropod.
Sniper it , and you see the exterior gates of the mining complex.

As you approach, Dax tell you that to reach the aux shaft, you
need to go THROUGH the base. However, the bridge is broken and
it's too far to jump. Climb onto the left shoulder, and you'll
see a platform you can drop onto. Be ready to shoot a flyer.
You'll see a ladder going up from there. Shoot another flyer
(don't fall off when you try to back up!)

Climb to top of ladder, then do a jump / right to get off, shoot
an attacker. There are two crates here with ammo and hypo. An
attacker will beam in on platform above behind you. Shoot him and
climb up. Then climb second ladder up as well. Now you're at the
top level, and you see this bridge going across. A guy will beam
to your left. As you get on the bridge, two more guys appear in
front. Take them out. Cross the bridge. There's a ladder going
down next to one of the barrels.

Climb down and go through the room. The console is not working,
but there's a door to the right. It's utility locked though. If
you look at the front gate from there, you'll see something
flashing in the distance. Climb down via the ladder next to the
door. Don't approach it yet... There's an anthropod behind the
hill. Kill the anthropod, then grab the card, and head back up
the ladder. Use the card to get in. Right inside, you'll see a
command-locked door. Ignore it. There's a pipe venting steam.
Walk one or two steps toward it and stop. Turn 180 facing the
doors. Drop a mine right there, and back away, arm phaser rifle.
As soon as you pass the steam, three attackers come in the door
you came in and hopefully be killed by the mine. Phaser the rest.

Continue to other side of the room, and you'll see another
utility-lock door and command-lock door. Ignore the command
doors, open utility door. Climb up the ladder, and you'll see two
crates with hypo and 3 mines, and another ladder. Climb down and
you'll drop into a broken room, shoot a flyer. The guy down in
next level patrols. Wait until he turns away before climbing
down, then phaser him. Explore the room for grenade clip and
another hypo.

You should note the two utility-locked doors. Behind one door is
an anthropod, and nothing else, so don't go there. Behind the
other door, there are a guard patrolling outside, and a sniper on
the roof. Easiest way is to drop a mine just outside the door,
and wait for that patrol to blow himself up. Or just open the
door once, then drop a mine at the door, and back up behind the
cargo boxes. When the patrol comes, boom!

Now you need to take care of the sniper on the roof. Crouch to
get on the bridge, then stand up under the guy. Back up slowly
and zoom in. When you see enough of him to shoot (the reticule
turns red and blinks), shoot him. Now go across the bridge,
ignore the command-locked doors. Hide behind the wall for a
second. If you scan, you'll see an ungulate and corpse of one. Go
to the other wall, and you can sneak a shot at it. Take it out,
or tease it to a mine.

Continue out the path, and you'll see another ungulate to your
right, in that little "pocket". Approach just close enough to
chuck a mine at it. Boom! Dead ungulate. Now you come to a door
and a gate (see through). Go to the door and grab a phaser rifle
reload. Now it gets tricky. As soon as you hit the switch for the
gate, two attackers beam in behind the gate. So arm mines, hit
the switch, drop mine, and back up. Repeat for the second guy,
and you'll be at the elevator room. Get in, ride the elevator
down, and exit to reach the next level.


You start in the elevator room. Exit, head downstairs. There is a
phaser reload at the bottom of stairs, but don't take it yet. Go
through the door, and turn right. You'll see crack at the wall.
Do NOT move yet. Arm mines. Head forward, drop one, watch the
wall collapse... And one anthropod charges you. Hopefully it
blows up with the mine. Sniper the next one. NOW get the reload.
There's a hall way beyond that "green tank". Climb over the boxes
or walk the edge of  the tank to get there. Follow path as it
makes a left turn into a gate/door area, kill a flyer, get a
hypo. Go through the gate, then through the door behind it to get
mines and phaser rifle reload. Come back out, go through the
door, and you're at the temple.

A guy will be exiting the door. Shoot him from your ledge. Then
jump down there, and go through the door he came out of. Follow
the path and stop at the corner. Look around the corner for the
patrol. Kill him. Go up the path and shoot another patrol in the

You should now be at a room where you see lava below, and the
only way across is to drop down to the crossbeam. Look for places
for intermediate drops. Walk across the beam, climb onto the
other ledge. Approach the door carefully. You'll see one of the
floorboards fall off into the lava below. You'll need to make a
running leap... However, before that, zoom in and see if you can
shoot that attacker on the far side stairs.

Now make a running leap (back up to the edge to get more speed).
You should make it with no problems. Shoot the attacker if you
haven't done so. Go up his stairs, and you'll see your pushbutton
puzzle. Solve the puzzle, and the door will open, but it'll close
in 5 seconds, so get out immediately. Now you're at the
"miniplaza". There's an exit to your LEFT, and a staircase going
up. The left exit leads to a room to the left. Kill an attacker
inside, and take a hypo, return to miniplaza. You can forget this
room if you don't need the hypo.

Go upstairs. There's an anthropod on top of the stairs. Chuck a
mine at it to kill it. Go out the door and you're at the
"balcony", which exits to the right. Shoot a guard in that
direction. Get to the bottom.

If you need more reloads, turn left 180 and continue down the
flat section. You'll see two crates (hypo and phaser rifle
reload). An attacker will appear. Take him out. Take supplies.
Turn right and stop at bottom.

Head upslope. When you reach the staircase to the right going up,
climb up, then immediately back down, and kill two attackers.

This is the main staircase and in front is the courtyard with two
obelisks. I'll use this place as a reference point as you climb
up. Go right after climb, and you come to the first room. Kill
attacker inside, then go upstairs to push first switch. If you
need supplies, there's some inside the room, protected by
gravitic mines and another attacker. Expend minimum shots needed
to get them, as you're not here to sweep mines. If you need MORE,
go all the way right, watch an attacker take out an anthropod,
then make your way past the gravitic mines. There are two crates
at the end. However, put your back against the wall before
opening them. As soon as you do, two attackers will appear. Take
them out, then take the supplies (reload and hypo).

Now do the LEFT side (as you go up the stairs, your left) of the
plaza. There are three attackers inside the room, for just one
hypo. Push the switch, come back down.

If you like hunting anthropods, keep going left of staircase,
past the room, to the mini temple area. Climb on top of the
coffin and you'll see an anthropod. As you're on higher level it
can't shoot you or reach you, and it's fast. Drop a mine in its
path and it'll blow itself up. Continue to the temple. Scan for
gravitic mines. There is one path you can take safely. Go in and
grab 3 more mines. As you exit, dodge the mines again. There is
another anthropod parked at the temple exit. Climb onto the
little ledge of the temple, and throw a mine for it to fetch.
Boom! Exit and climb onto first coffin, and you'll see another
anthropod. Drop another mine for it to fetch and watch it go

Return to the staircase. And enter the "main courtyard" for your
final pushbutton puzzle. Run inside to look at the puzzle. As you
do, two "snipers" beam in, one each at both of the window
overlooking the two obelisks (where you pushed the buttons). Take
them out, and solve the puzzle. Then run inside and up the stairs
to end the level.


Carnellian Circle is in town... But everyone is suspicious...


[You are heading to docking port 5 to stop Terrel and her
Obsidian Order cohorts.]

You start in turbolift. Exit and find a wounded guy. Continue

You're on a high ledge. One Cardassian below, take him out. Climb
down ladder. Stop at the next door. There's a Cardassian to your
right. Kill him. Use the panel next to him to open a conduit in
front of you. The door is locked. Whack the conduit. You'll need
to take out 4 voles inside (they bite, really). Follow the
conduit, dodge the green gas puffs. Kill another vole in the next
intersection. You'll come to end of corridor.

Scan outside, you see two Cardies. Enter room, take cover behind
boxes, take them out, and take hypo and disruptor rifle.

There are three Cardies behind the door to the EAST. They may
patrol, take them out. Get a hypo. Climb up to second level and
access panel to open door to the ore core.

Now go west and open the door you unlocked. Don't stay in front
of the fan or you may get blown into the core. You hear that
turrets are now active. Three Cardassians will enter the door
across, take them out. Continue through next door. Take disruptor

Beyond next door are two turrets. Shoot the facing one, or wait a
bit until they take out a vole or two for you so you don't waste
ammo on them. There are three voles there and two turrets. Once
you took out the far turret, climb on the ladder on your side,
then go up, go a little past the walkway, and take out the
turret. Now get the hypo and the grenade clip.  Use the switch to
open turbolift, take it down the next floor.

Exit turbolift, you see a wounded guy. Open wall shelf to get
disruptor ammo. Go through the docking ring to other side, turn
right. Tricorder shows four guys on the other side. Be careful
with ammo. Open door, shoot one guy at console. Another will
patrol. Open door and shoot again. Two down. Then go through,
shoot around corner to get one more, then finally shoot last guy
in the room. Use the console at where you shot the first guy, and
first mission is accomplished.

Of course, next mission is going back up to upper ore shaft and
take care of Cardies there with their bomb. The room is full of
ammo, take all of them. Reverse course, go back into the
turbolift to end the level.


When you start, you're inside the turbolift. Exit turbolift, turn
left, take out one guy, then another. Note the door to left.
Continue, turn left and take out Cardie at the console. Approach
slowly and take out that last one around the corner. Use the
console to open the two doors (one of them you just passed).

Head back slowly, kill two voles. You can avoid the phaser
cannons by running in UNDER them, then use the ladder to climb,
hide behind cargo box, then jump in there to use the console.
Move against the wall to get disruptor ammo and mines. Turn back
and exit same way. You can also just kill the phaser cannons. Use
the console on the higher level to move the cart and expose the
conduit. Open conduit and get in. Follow it to the right to
another cover.

[If you want to do the other side: The Cardassian probably killed
the voles already. In any case, use the barrels to take out the
Cardassian sniper on the upper level. Climb onto the box, then
run/jump to leap onto it. Turn toward door and backup. Two
Cardassians will attack. Take them out, turn around and take
disruptor ammo. Use the panel to move the cart from blocking the
entrance. Jump down, shoot the entrance, and the vole inside.
Move into conduit, shoot 2 more voles. Follow conduit make left

Shoot cover, then the Cardassian in corridor. Get into corridor.
Go east, open door. You're on this little platform with a long
drop. Explosive is on top of shaft, so you'll need to unlock the
rings and use the elevator. Climb down and you'll see the
elevator control to your left. Go past it and climb up the other
ladder. Shoot the Cardie and the mine as door opens. Approach

[You can't go left, as your way will be blocked by a forcefield]

Go right, shoot Cardies, make your way around counterclockwise
until you come to the room with the poison stuff in a pool (and a
warning from Dax). Save now. This is a jumping puzzle. Jump onto
the first box, then back up a little then do a run/jump onto the
bar. Drop onto box, then just run forward into the room (don't
jump or you'll hang on to the door ledge, and there's nothing to
drop to!) Use the blinking console (first one) to unlock the
ring. Continue out the door, keep going counter-clockwise and
back into the shaft room. Climb down, go to console to your
right. Use the console. Back into the elevator. When elevator
reaches top, walk forward onto the ring. As ring rises, you
should see the explosive panel in front of you. Use it, and you
win the level!


Starfleet is not happy about losing the orb, so a covert mission
is organized to go to S-R III in attempt to retrieve another red


[You're off to see if you can find the red orb at SRIII... And to
demolish the Ulysses.]

You start on a stone ledge. Arm phaser. When the other Starfleet
says "we have company", start shooting at the flyer. Another one
will fly up, nail it too or you may get poisoned. Head downslope,
and you'll see an antitoxin below you. Use it if you got
poisoned. Keep going downslope until you see a bridge to your
left. Start dropping carefully, grab phaser rifle reload.
Continue on bridge, jump across, continue into the cave. Shoot
another 2 flyers. Continue into tunnel and get out the other
side, do NOT shoot the guy that appears in the distance! When you
exit, you're at the waterfall area.

Grab respirator and another hypo. Arm respirator and jump into
the lake. You'll see an escape pod, and a big fish. Shoot the
fish. Swim inside and grab grenade launcher, grenade clip, and
another phaser rifle reload. When you climb out of water, 2
Jem'hadar beam in. Take them out.

Continue back through tunnel, take out two more Jem'hadar. When
you exit the tunnel, two more Jem'hadar appear on the opposite
side. Take them out. Now do a running leap and get on the other
side. Climb up, but not all the way to the top. Take out
Jem'hadar to left and right with sniper mode.  Now climb up, turn
left, and continue to the first glowing plant.

There's a tunnel to your right, extremely dark. Go in, use your
flashlight and navigate the tricky tightrope, shoot the flyer.
Continue through the tunnel and you'll come to a ledge. Watch for
the gator in the water. Use islands to dodge them. Swim around
corner to the transponder, turn it off, and take reloads and
antitoxin if you need it, and the shield belt. Now make your way
back out to the glowing plant by going through the dark tunnel
again. You may want to let your flashlight recharge first.

When you exit the tunnel, continue down the mountain to your
right. Two Jem'hadar will attack, then two more, use grenade
launcher here may be a good idea.

You'll see 2 more Jem'hadar in the distance as you continue down
the mountain. Snipe them. As you follow the road, you'll see
another Jem'hadar ahead. Snipe him also. Take the reload from the
2 that you sniped over on the bridge. Continue downslope.
Deactivate another transponder, take more hypo and reloads.
Continue down the mountain, shoot 4 Jem'hadar and reach valley

There's a little mountain pass straight ahead. Go inside, jump to
next island, then scan for more of those "gators". Shoot them or
dodge them. Make your way past those sloped islands, and find the
escape pod. There's nothing inside the pod, all things are on the
island. Find medikit and some reloads. Make your way back out.

Follow the bottom of the valley. Shoot 4 Jem'hadar. Continue.
Shoot 4 "dogs", then a flyer. Continue and shoot a "gator" on the
ground. Continue to the "bridge". As you cross Jem'hadar appears.
Take him out. Cross bridge into tunnel. When Sisko tell you he's
at Ulysses, stop. There's Jem'hadar around the right-turn corner.
Take him out. Continue down, take out another Jem'hadar. See the
grenade reloads both on the road and off to the left, but don't
grab them yet. Continue down the road. Stop at the S-turn.

There are 2 (1?) Jem'hadar down the road, and 2 more on the ledge
in the distance. Use grenade launcher and lob grenades OVER the
rock to get the closer ones. They don't see you so they won't
know what to do. Use sniper zoom and take out the other two on
those ledges. Go back for grenade reloads if you need them.

Continue forward, take out one more Jem'hadar to the left, then a
couple flyers (watch out for poison!). Follow far right of canyon
wall to get reloads and more hypo. Go back out to the first
"platform" (the round column) you can stand on.

Now you need to do the jumping sequence. Do a running jump to the
one in front. Climb up the higher one. See two Jem'hadar in the
distance? Sniper them. Do this quickly because flyers will be
buzzing you and you can easily get poisoned here MANY times. Jump
onto the column on the RIGHT. The one on the left is a bit too
far. You'll just barely make it to the one on the right with a
running jump. Climb up, then up. Make sure those Jem'hadar are
gone. Turn left and run/jump onto the next one. Climb up, then
down, shoot Jem'hadar if still there.

Continue on the path, and climb into tunnel. Use flashlight to
navigate, turn right, and keep running into next level...

10.10      AT THE ULYSSES

[Objective is to enter the ship.]

You start in a cave. Stop at the end and you're at a ledge with a
DEEP drop. Below is a transponder and some more supplies. Jump
into the water as far away from the cliff as possible (use run
and jump) so you have more room to drop deep. Swim up and take
supplies, which are a shield belt, 1 hypo, and two phaser rifle
reloads. Turn off transponder. See the cave in front? Time to
swim some more. Arm respirator...

Jump in and shoot fish. When you exit the cave, turn left, and
keep following the contour. You'll be UNDER the saucer of the
ship, but the only way into the ship is on top, like Sisko did.
Shoot fish or gator that come close to you. There's another
transponder under the saucer, with more shield belt and ammo for
your phaser rifle, and a medikit.

You need to get to the top of the ship, and that means swim ALL
THE WAY around the ship clockwise. You need to shoot several more
fish. To save ammo, use sniper mode. One sniper shot will kill a
fish, while it takes two regular shots to kill one. Continue
until you reach the saucer's top. Emerge slowly, sniper two
Jem'hadar in the distance. Get reloads from a transponder on the
cliff. You can't turn off the transponder, don't worry, that's
for Sisko for turn off. Now head to the top of the ship by
getting back on the saucer, then following it COUNTER clockwise,
take out 4 Jem'hadar as you approach the raised bridge with
sniper mode. One may see you any way, take him out.

Continue counterclockwise. You'll see two supply cache at the
black lower portion of the top hull. When you approach the first
one, two Jem'hadar will attack. Take them out. Find reload in the
second cache. Climb back up to the raised section next to the
"spine". A flyer will fly up, take it out. As you reach the
"corner", look left and take out a Jem'hadar. Approach corner
slowly. Sniper two more Jem'hadar. Go after that last cache in
the corner. As you do, two more Jem'hadar beam in. Take them out,
take all supplies that you need, then head up the "stairs" on the
other side of that "bump", jump into the hole to next level...


[Objective is to plant explosives in strategic spots to demolish
the ship.]

You start in the deck above the cargo/shuttle bay. Below you is a
broken beam leading down. Jump onto it, then move slowly down.
There are at least two Jem'hadar below you. Look for cargo
containers you can jump onto. Do that, and shoot the two
Jem'hadar in the distance. You may be able to sniper a third one,
maybe not. Look for a single container to jump onto, then jump to
ground floor. Scan around and take supplies.

Study your mission objectives. First is plant demolition charges
on the auxiliary reactor. If you move north a bit, right up
against the containers, you should see several Jem'hadar there in
front of the reactor. Lob some grenades over the container to get
them. Take out 4 more Jem'hadar as you make your way to the other
side of the shuttle/cargo bay.

Notice the cracked deck? Jump down, then all the way down to the
deck below. Take polaron rifle. There is a ladder in the corner.
Take it up, then take the ladder next to it all the way to the
top. You're now at the walkway. To your right should be a locker
with hypo and reloads. Keep going on the walkway (left turn),
crouch to go under the fallen beam, keep going until you come to
a broken walkway to your left. Doesn't matter... You can walk
across on the remaining beam. Use switch to open door. Walk into
the door. Walk past the empty turboshaft, and you're at auxiliary
reactor room. Turn right and jump down, then take the ramp down
to floor level. Stand in front of the reactor control, scan to
confirm target, use one of your explosives. One down, two to go.

Next target is the computer core. Based on the picture, it's
underwater. The exit is under the fallen walkway. There's a
locker there, open it to get more hypos, phaser rifle reload, and
polaron rifle reload. Exit and take out a Jem'hadar to your
right. Continue straight. See a door with blinking lights to
slight left, on second level? Climb onto containers and jump to
door. Use switch on wall and take out two Jem'hadar inside. You
will come to a corner turning right. You're now at Y
intersection, upper right corner. In the other branch of Y is a
Jem'hadar with extra polaron rifle. In the "stem" of Y are two
Jem'hadars. Take them all out, grab any reloads if needed. Head
straight down the "stem" corridor, then jump in that hole to your
right to end the level.


You start off in a deadend corridor. Continue forward, kill a
Jem'hadar. Arm respirator, and drop through that hole in the
floor. Turn around and head back out the open doorway, you're in
a turboshaft. Shoot a fish that comes biting. Climb onto the only
passage way lighted. Climb up the ramp. Go forward, drop through
the hole. Go back to grab respirator and hypo. Continue forward,
kill 3 Jem'hadar, and you're as Astrophysics lab, and Sisko has
already gotten the package.

Take all the reloads and ammo in the room (don't forget the TWO
lockers). Now go where the three Jem'hadar came from. Make
another right, and you're at another flooded turboshaft. Make
sure your respirator is ready, it's time to make another dive.

Dive into the shaft, and aim at the red lighted corridor below
you. Swim through, and swim up to the open space to your left.
Recharge respirator, shoot any fish that comes by.

Now, your tricorder should show a red-arrow. As expected, your
objective IS underwater. When your air recharge is complete, move
over to the big column into your sky to your left/front. See a
ladder climbing up? Don't take it yet. Keep going east (left)
until you see this big round column. Dive below it and watch your
tricorder, you should see your objective past the center of the
big column. Swim into the room, plant the explosive, grab any
supplies, reverse course, and come back out. One to go.

Now it's time to climb up the ladder. Climb up, take out 4-5
Jem'hadar. Grab any supplies near by (feel free to explore a
little). When ready, jump across that broken walkway. If you fall
into the water, just climb up and try again.

Approach the corridor straight ahead. When you reach the end, two
Jem'hadar beam in ahead of you. Take them out. Look below to your
right, you see a blue lighted flashing door. Just run toward it,
don't jump, and fall into the door. Run inside, make a left, and
you're back in astrophysics. Take any supplies you haven't
grabbed before from the lockers. Go to the blue door and access
the raised switch on the wall, and exit through the new corridor
to next level.


You're in the corridor leading to another blue door. Open the
blue door with the console on the right wall. Take out two
Jem'hadar in the room. Plant the last explosive on the deuterium
tank in the corner. Exit is at the opposite wall, take out a
Jem'hadar on the level to the left when you get there. There's a
ramp up, a Jem'hadar on top. Take him out, climb up. As you
approach the exit, 3 more Jem'hadar approaches. Take them out.

Go to the opposite wall and access the switch to open the door.
Continue forward and you're almost at the lifeboat bay. There's a
Jem'hadar to right, take him out. Go left instead, and there's an
open door. Jump onto the ramp, and climb up ladder to end the

[You see that Sisko is surrounded, and you were attempting a
rescue when more Jem'hadar appeared behind you... No escape...]


[Objective is to escape... You were left for nearly dead by two
Jem'hadar who fought you... But they underestimated Klingon

You start in the ring. Continue forward to the exit those two
Jem'hadar took. The room has a shelf at the end, take shock
blade, blade cell, and tricorder. Arm shock blade. Scan outside.
There should be two Jem'hadars patrolling. When the second guy
turns his back, run out and turn LEFT into the door, don't attack
the two Jem'hadars as they will trigger the alarm. If they do,
more Jem'hadar will beam in.

Take out a Vorta in the next room. Get a hypo. Climb up ladder on
far end.

You should see two Jem'hadar through the window, they patrol a
bit. Wait until one heads the other way. Open door and zap the
closer one. When the other guy comes, zap the other one.

Cross over to the other end, zap the Vorta, and you got level 1
access. Open the "shelf" to get phaser rifle, phaser rifle
reload, and shock blade reload. Ignore the level 2 console.

When you head back to the window, you see that two Jem'hadar
waiting on the other end, two more act as snipers on the floor
below. More Jem'hadar mill around on the floor below. Open door,
and take out the two at your level, then one more. Then use
sniper zoom to the head to remove the two on the crosswalks
below. Head directly across to the door you come in from. Climb
down. Use level 1 card to unlock door, which leads to the level
with 1 more Jem'hadar, provided you took out the 2 snipers

Go to where the snipers were, go through, get more supplies
(phaser rifle reload), then use level 1 card to open door. Shoot
the Vorta, then three Jem'hadar. You're back in exercise ring.
Explore next door over to get one more phaser rifle reload. See
the door you went out from? Go through the one next to it. Stop
before exit. Scan carefully... You need to make it into the room
to your right. You may be able to do it without shooting any one
if you move fast and the guards were looking the wrong way. Shoot
guard before they trigger alarm. If they do, you need to fight
quite a few of them. If alarm was triggered, turn it off after
you kill all attackers. Go into room, use level 1 card to open
next door.

Inside is an autoturret. Right under it is a shelf with your
Bat'leth and some reloads, hypo, etc. Run there and grab it. The
turret can't shoot right under it, but you can't destroy it
either. Run behind the column for cover. Then when the turret
turns away, run to the switch/elevator, which takes you below.
Run onto that white platform, which is an elevator taking you
down to the next level...


You start in a big cargo room. There are some supplies in here,
but also Jem'hadar. One is at upper level, but he hasn't seen you
yet. There are two more. Take them all out. Take the polaron
rifle and hypo from storage shelf next to elevator. Get on
elevator and get up, shoot Jem'hadar coming through corridor.

Go through corridor. Shoot Jem'hadar below you first, as he is
next to an alarm. One possibility is as he patrols, blow the
barrel next to him. THEN shoot Vorta on the far end when she gets
to the barrels.

After that, jump across, dodging the two "thumpers" (is this a
cliche or what?). If you did trigger the alarm, you have to go
get level 2 pass from the dead Vorta, come back to deactivate the
alarm to turn off the forcefield, THEN jump across AGAIN.

Approach corridor, blow the barrels in front to take out two
Jem'hadar. There's a turret to your left. Shoot barrel to take
out the turret.

Continue and get on elevator, but immediately come back up again.
Jem'hadar will trigger the subspace mine and blow himself up with
the barrel. Scan carefully if he didn't and disarm the subspace
mine. Take ammo. Continue out door, turn and shoot two guards
next to green river. If alarm was raised, drop it with level 2
card and console in the previous room.

There is no way you can jump the broken walkway, so instead, use
the cargo box to climb overhead, then walk the pipes until you
make it to the other side. Shoot three guards next to barrels as
possible. Take out a subspace mine. Then run up to the bridge,
stop at the edge. When the Jem'hadar comes, blow the barrels and
the Jem'hadar. Take shockblade and/or reloads and hypo from
shelf. The bridge now has a hole in it, so jump across. Access
the door with level 2 pass, continue to next level.


As you approach the door, Jem'hadar will approach, but he can't
hit you if you stay to the side of the corridor. Approach, and
zap him when he gets into range. To your right is a turret. When
the turret turns away, run in, zap a barrel, and watch the
barrels chain react and toast the turret. Climb up ladder.

Watch the tricorder for a subspace mine (very faint green dot).
Zap it. Crouch and stealth approach the Vorta. Take her out, get
hypo. Use level 2 card on console to open the cover. Climb down
ladder, and you come to the next jump puzzle. Basically, jump on
to one paddle, move forward, jump onto bar, shimmy across, drop
down onto other paddle, turn around, jump onto platform. Take out
one Jem'hadar in the room, then the other Jem'hadar. If one
Jem'hadar comes after you, he may fall off. Take ammo from shelf.

Go through corridor, continue to the console. One Jem'hadar will
approach from below. Blow barrels to take him out. Climb down.
Kill another Jem'hadar ahead, then another. Use barrel to kill
turret. Shoot Vorta in distance. Continue to corridor. Use
console next to orb to deactivate forcefields. Grab orb.

When you exit, you'll need to kill three Jem'hadar, two on your
level in front, one on the high platform to your right. Go to the
platform, look up, and you'll see another Jem'hadar. Climb back
down, use shock blade to take him out (it has the range to reach
up). Climb up again. See the other ladder, climb up. Use
tricorder here to find subspace mines. Walk tightrope across to
other side, sweep mines when you get close. Use shock blade to
sweep as you'll need distance weapons later. Locate ladder and
climb up.

When you reach top, two Jem'hadar setup on the other side. Shoot
them. Then turn to your right, sweep the mines to your left. You
should see a small door that will open. Inside is another ladder.
Climb to top. Make your way across first the spinner, then the
two moving platforms. Move slowly to window, you should see Vorta
and Jem'hadar. Get inside door and take them out. Take ammo and

Climb up ladder, pause periodically to avoid steam. When you
reach the top, take out two charging Jem'hadar. Go around corner,
see ladder. Climb up, drop down to other side to end level.


[Yep, one more before you get out. Must acquire level 3 pass. ]

You can go below, but there's nothing there. Instead, climb onto
that lower ledge, then do a flying leap to the higher ledge. You
can reach the other vent from here. Climb in, push in, and you're
in a cargo room. Take shock blade ammo.

Go up elevator, get 2 hypos. The Jem'hadar on level 3 may come
after you. Take him out. Go up the other elevator to get to level

When the turret is not watching, run to the center console to
turn off the turret. Use elevator to get to level 4. Check both
rooms for more ammo. When you check second room, two Jem'hadar
will enter. Take them out. Exit through the left red-flashing

You're now back in the prison level, and you need to kill a LOT
of Jem'hadar to find the level 3 pass. Make your way through the
door you can open, grab ammo, and you're in the prison control
room. Exit out to block level, shoot three Jem'hadar. Go in first
door with flashing lights above to your right, grab reload and
hypo. Exit, kill three more. Go to next door down and grab more
ammo and hypo, kill 3 MORE. Go through door to right and you're
in next control room. Go through control room (3 MORE Jem'hadar).
If you need more hypo, climb the ladder and look above, but
expect more Jem'hadar. Go through the other end to another block
level. Kill three MORE Jem'hadar (grab reloads as needed to the
doors to your right). At the end of next block, you'll find a
Vorta with level 3 pass. Kill her. Now turn back (counter-
clockwise). Fight your way back to the starting point.

The other door at starting point should now be active. Go
through, kill two Jem'hadar in first cargo room. Jump on
elevator, ride it down. Kill two Jem'hadar in front, then three
more to the right. Continue out, use level 3 pass, on console,
and you are out of the prison!

[Watch cutscene as Kira try to cover your escape and you two were
beamed out just in time...]

10.18      INTERLUDE

You're back in ops. Talk to all the people to see what your next
mission is, and what kind of presence do you suspect...

10.19      HASS'TERRAL

[Your job is to plant Thorium explosives in Terrel's lab to make
sure she goes nowhere.]

You start with 6 gravitic mines in front of you, use tricorder to
see them. You can also spot them as black spots on the snow.
Autoaim won't work on them. Aim manually.

There is a Cardassian guard in front patrolling near the barrels.
Snipe him before he can raise the alarm. Try to catch him next to
the barrels if you want to blow him up with barrels..

I recommend you sweep the RIGHT side mines since the left side is
in view of the barrels, thus auto-aim may disrupt your aim. Then
pick up a disruptor rifle and two reloads at the cargo boxes in
front. You'll need to climb on top of boxes.

Look for the big rock in the middle of the "road". Save now. Move
to the wall to the right of that. Turn toward the ship in the
distance. A Cardassian guard should be patrolling. Snipe him
(hopefully one shot to the head) or he'll raise the alarm. If he
sees you, you're too close. Reload then move further back, then
turn. Don't follow the compound wall due to more mines, and your
phaser ammo isn't in abundant supply (and disruptor rifle doesn't
sweep mines).

Hug the right wall and continue slowly toward the main entrance.
You should see another guard beyond the door, snipe him also. If
you need more hypo or ammo, try down at the ship, but there
shouldn't be much there.

Move slowly to the door area, where the area widens out to the
right. Back against the wall, move right until you see the
exhaust port spewing red plume into the sky. There is another
guard there, snipe him also. You're now almost out of phaser
ammo. Continue toward the exhaust port, go under those supports
as the path is mined. Stop before the end. There is one more
guard to your left, snipe him or shoot him. Sisko turned off the
exhaust port. Find the ladder and climb down.

Turn around, use the switch to open the gate, then it's "dodge
the gas" time. Continue until you reach the next switch. Use it
to open gate, walk out onto platform. Use the high bars to shimmy
across. Drop down to next platform, turn 180, climb onto next
bar, repeat until you're across. Use switch to open gate, more
"dodge the gas puff", use a switch to exit the gate into the
other exhaust port to end the level.

10.20      HASS'TERRAL 2

You start in the exhaust port. Climb up the ladder and you're
inside the compound. Go through the only door you see, go out the
second door in the room (use switch) and you're inside area 1.

Save now. Move slowly left and stay behind the boxes. There's a
Cardassian that walks up and down that slope, near the security
station to the front. Surprise him and get his level 3 military
pass. Take disruptor rifle reloads and hypo on the crates around
you. If he raises alarm, expect to fight plenty more guards, so
don't let him. If you failed, reload and try again.

Look around the corner, and you'll see a phaser cannon on the
room beyond the forcefield. When it's not looking, use the pass,
run through, hide behind the cargo boxes, and shoot a Cardassian
to the southeast. See that level 3 military door? Shoot a
Cardassian THROUGH it when he comes patrolling. When the turret's
not looking, run in there, and plant the explosive on target
beta. Two to go.

Look through the forcefield again to make sure the turret is not
pointing at you, then go through, and immediately kill a Cardie
patrolling. Note that you're near internal exhaust port. Remember
this as you'll need to come back later. Follow the right wall and
go counterclockwise, and kill a Cardie in the next building over.
Dodge the turret, then see that door at the raise building? When
the turret's not tracking, run inside. Take hypo and disruptor

Exit out the other door, but stay in the doorway. When turret is
not looking, walk off the edge, crouch, and move UNDER the
barracks. Yes, UNDER. There is your objective alpha (though it
may not show on scans, just the red "arrow") Drop explosive to
finish alpha. Turn around so you're now the same orientation as
you where when you exit the door above.

When turret is not looking, run forward, follow wall to another
forcefield (level 2 military lock), beware of turret on the other
side and behind you. When turrets are not tracking, run through
and hide in doorway. A Cardassian will walk by, ambush him, do
NOT let him trigger the alarm.

You're now near the science building (two entrances). The next
building over is the thoronide processor. There is another
Cardassian on the far building, upper level. Crouch and go to the
far wall, then slowly work your way around/under the building and
take him out. You find one more forcefield, but this one only use
a switch. It is also covered by a turret on the other side. When
the turret is not watching, run through, hide in doorway.

You're almost at the cargo bay. Cargo bay is that one extra-big
building that doesn't look like all the other "modular"
buildings. You should be able to see a guard in the distance,
keep opening and closing the door as he patrols inside and
outside. Use buildings for cover and take him out before he
triggers the alarm. Go inside, climb up ladder to second level,
and drop the explosive below the camera. All three explosives
have been planted on the surface. You had SIX explosives, so that
means you need to drop three MORE inside the lab.

Now make your way back to the exhaust port. Exit cargo bay, turn
right, go straight until wall. Turn left, follow wall on right to
forcefield. Go through forcefield when turret not looking, turn
left, follow left wall ahead to level 2 military forcefield. When
turret not looking, use key and run through to left, follow left
wall, shoot Cardie at exhaust port, jump onto exhaust port, climb
down ladder, use switch to open gate, use another switch to open
the other gate, crouch and move through, drop down to next

10.21      INSIDE THE LAB

You are inside the vent. Forward is a vent going down. Move on
top and it'll retract, dropping you into a cargo room. Take
disruptor rifle and hypo if needed.

Now check your mission objectives. You need to plant the alpha
explosive on the computer core, then two explosives on the two
distribution nodes. While the two distribution nodes are simple
enough, the computer core will be rather more difficult. The main
problem is getting lost, since the lab is quite complicated
underground. However, you get full directions here.

Your first objective is to move into the corridors without being
seen. If you scan the door, you'll see Cardassian guard patrol
outside the door, an agent punching a console, and a vole running
about. When the guard walks off, exit and turn right, then follow
right wall until you come to an Obsidian Order sign to your left,
and corridor with closed door to your right. That's the computer
core. Take out a patrol in front. Go in and kill a guard to left.
Then take out one more guard inside the room. Use that little
switch at the end of the room to open a tiny compartment in the
floor. Drop explosive in there, then use switch to close door.
Objective alpha achieved.

Exit the corridor, and turn right. Follow the path slowly. You
can see the EPS conduit in the distance. Kill a patrolling guard.
Ignore any other threat you scan to your right, as they can't see
you. Approach the EPS conduit slowly, look to your left down the
corridor and kill another guard. Use switch to open the conduit,
drop bomb inside, then use switch again to conceal. Gamma is

Follow the wall with the glass. Beware of the guy inside. When he
has his back turned, crouch and move down the corridor. He can't
see you through the glass. Wait at midpoint, ignore the door to
your right. Wait until the inside guard turns back before
continuing. As you approach, shoot another guard to your right
front. There's the other conduit, so open the conduit, plant the
last explosive, close conduit. Now you need to find the elevator
to the lab.

Head back across the corridor again, dodging the inside guard
again. He can't see you through the glass, don't worry. He can
only see you through the two doors, and only if you're there!
When you get to the end, make a LEFT. Take out a phaser cannon on
the opposite wall. If you need ammo, move back to where you
started (make a RIGHT instead of left), past the security station
and the computer core and get inside one of the store rooms for
reloads and hypo, kill patrol or vole if they're in your way.

Any way, take out the phaser cannon. There's one guard around the
corner. Take him out, run into the turbolift, and watch it go
down to end the level.

[Obanak and Grigari came to crash the party... He had the third
orb all along, and he got the one on DS9, and now he just got the
third one. You better stop him or else...]


[Your job is to clean out the Grigari around the computer core...
Then force Obanak to retreat. ]

You start in turbolift. Exit and shoot two drones to your right.

Turn right. An unarmed Grigari is on the end of that side, take
him out with your Bat'leth. Get hypo, use console, open window.
You see two Grigari on the level below. If you approach the door,
you'll see another on your level. All three have plasma thrower.
Take all three out (you may want to use grenade launcher and
bounce grenades off the far wall) Climb to other side and use
console to re-enable the center console.

If you want to do the other side, go down corridor. Door to your
left is locked. Turn right and use the console at the end and
backup immediately. It opens the window to your left, and two
drones are on the other side. Shoot them. There's a Grigari in
the room as well, arm phaser rifle. Go in door and turn right. A
drone will burst out of the floor. Take out the drone. Use
grenade launcher on the Grigari, take the other plasma thrower if
you need it. Climb down and jump onto the opposite platform to
get a hypo. Get back up to your side.

Go back to center console, use it and the core door will open,
revealing another Grigari. Go in there and take it out. Continue
through to the core. Run past the core to the other door, which
is locked. Remember this spot. The conduit to right is blocked,
so hack the cover to left, go in. Climb up to top. Go through
conduit and stop at cover. Two Grigari to right. Your chance is
to blow up the barrels and take them out, or use plasma thrower
on them. Get disruptor rifle ammo. Pick up ONLY enough of the EM
blasters so your ammo is 200. Do NOT pick one up if you're
already at 200!

Do not climb down that hole yet. That's where Obanak is. Instead,
head out through the door, kill Grigari in the room (leave the EM
blaster!)  If you have more than 100 rounds of EM Blaster, do NOT
pick up those dropped guns, because they will be wasted! Take out
two more Grigari in the next room. Get hypo. Climb down ladder
through hole.

You're at the other control room. Go in there and kill two more
Grigari in the room. Pick up a disruptor rifle on the far end of
the room. Do NOT pick up any guns if it'll waste ammo. Climb back
up, past the center console, back to the first room, climb down
hole. Now is your big fight.

My strategy... Stay outside the room itself. When you hear the
fireballs are on the way (that ripping sound) stay back. When
there's no sound, charge in and door opens, take a few shots,
back out. If you need reloads, climb up the ladder and grab those
reloads you left before. Come back and repeat the performance
until you "forced it to withdraw".

Climb back into the tube and climb down the ladder, then go into
the main corridor... and you win! (You MAY need to take out one
MORE Grigari in the turbolift in some versions...)

[Watch the endgame cutscene...]

11   Other Information


On the Promenade, try feeding the fish in that little aquarium.
Also, see that EVA doll inside?

On the Promenade, try go into Quark's, then climb up to second
level and admire the view.


If you manage to kill a guy in the middle of his speech, often
s/he will finish saying it even if he's vaporized. This seems to
be fixed by the patch.

Before the patch, autoaim will aim at mines (kind of defeat the
purpose of having mines!) while barrels are ignored.

After the patch, autoaim will ignore the mines, but consider
barrels valid targets.

In the cutscene where Obanak and Grigari beam into Terell's lab,
they beam in with "gold" transporter effects, but they beam out
with "white/blue" transporter effects.


Sometimes, in certain cutscenes, one of the characters can
disappear. For example, when playing as Worf and just finished
Jeraddo temple, Sisko didn't show up in the cutscene at all.
Subtitle shows him, just not his spacesuit.

Playing as Kira, in the Arduria escape part II, sometimes the
major became completely invisible. Only the weapon was visible.
However, enemy weapons targeted her properly.


There are two types of cheat codes in "The Fallen". 

Some codes here have been submitted by "BountyHunter".

11.4.1    Normal Cheat Codes
Hit [TAB] or [~] (tilde), then enter PANACEA to enable cheat
mode. Then, hit [TAB] or [~] again to enter any of these codes to
enable the cheat

  *    GOD            God mode
  *    FLY            Fly mode
  *    GHOST          Walk through walls / no clip mode
  *    WALK           Cancel FLY or GHOST modes
  *    ALLAMMO        Get all ammo for all current weapons
  *    KILLPAWNS      Kill all enemies
  *    SKIPLEVEL      Skip current level
  *    OPEN <levelname>    Choose specific level
  <levelname> corresponds to M(xx)_(name)L(y)(z).dsm
  xx is level number, from 01 to 11.
  name is Sisko, Kira, or Worf
  y is 1, 2, or 3
  z is nothing, a, b, or c
For example, some valid combinations are M01_KIRAL1A.DSM,
M04_SISKOL1.DSM, and M07_WORFL2B.DSM. For a full list, see your
The Fallen / maps subdirectory. The DSM files that start with CM
are the "cutscenes". All others are playable levels.

You can also SUMMON items by entering


Known ITEMCODEs are:

DS9_PHASER (Works for Worf too!)

11.4.2    Alternate Cheat Codes
Press [TAB] or [~] to enter these debug codes. Please note that
spelling must be EXACT. There is a PERIOD between PLYR and DS9.
There is an UNDERSCORE between DS9 and the character name.

SET PLYR.DS9_@@@@@ $$$$ ####

Where @@@@@ is Sisko, Kira, Worf, SiskoEva, KiraEva, WorfEva, and

EVA is obviously EVA suit. Card is Kira in Cardassian disguise.

$$$$ is the quantity to set, known values are HEALTH (hit
points), JUMPZ (vertical jump), WATERSPEED (swim speed), and
GROUNDSPEED (run speed). Other values are possible but have not
been determined.

#### is the quantity you wish to set to.

For example, if you want to set Sisko in EVA form's health to
9999, you would enter


To get more ammo and such, enter this code


Where $$$$ is the ammo type to set. Known values are

For example, if you want to get 300 rounds of your phaser rifle
ammo, you would enter


The quantity entered bypass any existing limits of the weapon.
You can easily enter 1000 shots for your phaser rifle, for
example. Maximum value allowed is 9999.

If you know of more ammo codes let me know. See previous section
for possible related codes

Other special console commands include

EXIT      quit game immediately
SAVEGAME  save the current game
SKIPLEVEL skip to next level
SUICIDE   kill yourself, obviously


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