• Aliens Versus Predator 2 Single-player Codes

    While in game press ''Enter'' and type ''<cheat>'' (include the space after <cheat>), followed with the one of the codes from below and then press ''Enter'' to enable the code.

    3rd person mode on/off (HUD doesn't visible in this mode)mpicu
    Add weapons and ammompschuckit
    Beam player to level start with initial conditionsmpbeamme
    Change into indicated character type (mpmorph
    Edit (with keys) FOV valuempfov
    Edit (with keys) light amplificationmplightadd
    Edit (with keys) light scalemplightscale
    Edit (with keys) vertext tintmpvertextint
    Edit (with keys) weapon breachmpbreach
    Edit (with keys) weapon offset 1mpwmpos
    Edit (with keys) weapon offset 2mpwpos
    Full ammompkohler
    Full ammo (maybe with differences?)mpstockpile
    Full armormpsmithy
    God mode on/offmpcanthurtme
    Level select for all three speciesmpxfiles
    No clip on/offmpsixthsense
    Set health to indicated numbermpdoctordoctor
    Show position info on/offmpgps
    Show rotation info on/offmpgrs
    Show size info on/offmpsizeme
    Show speed info on/offmptachometer
    Teleport to level start with default conditionsmpbeamme
    Unlimited ammunitionmpbunker
    Warps character speechmpmillertime

    Contributed By: Ryouji Kaji, Majin Slu, and CronoLV99.

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  • Morph Options

    Hit the return (or enter) anytime during the game and enter ''mpmorph (species name)'' at the prompt. Replace ''species name'' with the choices below. Some may be bugged.

    be the selected characterpredator
    be the selected characterpulseriflegirl
    be the selected characterlaboror
    be the selected characterlightpredator
    be the selected charactermalelabsynth
    be the selected charactermalelabtech
    be the selected charactermarine
    be the selected charactermarine duke
    be the selected charactermccain
    be the selected charactermeanguard
    be the selected charactermerc1
    be the selected charactermerc2
    be the selected charactermerc3
    be the selected charactermerc4
    be the selected charactermhawkpredator
    be the selected characterminigunner
    be the selected characterobrian
    be the selected characterofficer
    be the selected characterpocguard
    be the selected characterpocofficer
    be the selected characterpraetorian
    be the selected characterpredalien
    be the selected characterpulserifleguy
    be the selected characterqueen
    be the selected characterrailgunner
    be the selected characterrunner
    be the selected characterrykov
    be the selected characterrykovjr
    be the selected charactersadargunner
    be the selected characterscientist
    be the selected characterscientist1
    be the selected characterscientist2
    be the selected characterscientist3
    be the selected characterscientistchief
    be the selected charactersmartgunner
    be the selected charactersmuggler
    be the selected charactertamiko
    Become selected speciesbloody_eisenberg
    Become selected speciesapesuit
    Become selected specieschestburster
    Become selected speciescombatsynth
    Become selected speciesconvict
    Become selected speciesconvict2
    Become selected speciescorporate
    Become selected speciesdrone
    Become selected speciesdroppilot
    Become selected speciesdrunkardtechmale
    Become selected speciesdunya_ai
    Become selected specieseisenberg
    Become selected speciesexosuit
    Become selected speciesfacehugger
    Become selected speciesfemalelabtech
    Become selected speciesgrenadier
    Become selected speciesguard
    Become selected speciesharrison
    Become selected specieshazmat
    Become selected speciesheavypredator

    Contributed By: CronoLV99 and ssj18vegeta.

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  • Rapid sniper fire.

    Fire the sniper rilfe then go into zoom mode then fire again.You can keep doing this till you run out of ammo.

    Contributed By: Maniac Matt.

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  • Running in a vent as a Praetorian.

    Praetorian can't usally run in a vent but if press and hold ctrl to charge your jump then press the space bar to jump,let go of ctrl before you reach the vent and go in.You should be standing up and be able to run at full speed.

    Contributed By: Maniac Matt.

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  • ChaseView (Third-person)

    Go to your Avp2 directory and open the autoexec.cfg file:
    go all the way down until you see alot of "rangebind"
    type this (with the other rangebinds)

    rangebind "##keyboard" "##36" 0.000000 0.000000 "ChaseView"

    And save. Now you will be able to toggle Third-Person by pressing J.

    Contributed By: Yami310.

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