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Kick Into Overdrive or Just Drive Over It!

Strap yourself back into the driver's seat for more driving madness, but this time, in TWO action packed cities! Tear through the streets of San Francisco in an uphill (and downhill) battle to beat the clock! Or hop the pond to merry old England and watch the bobby-cops go bloody balmy as you throttle through downtown London.

Laugh as angry pedestrians shout at you. Feel your Adrenaline surge as you defy physics by doing power slides and driving on two wheels. With 20 hip urban roadsters - including the hot new Audi TT, Freightliner Fire Truck, NEW MINI COOPER, Six racing types, over 60 races, Crash Course Career Mode and incredible multiplayer gaming - Midtown Madness 2 has all the fun of madcap and unrestrained racing!

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