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This is my sword, there are many like it but this one is mine. Swing it for the first time
Look Mum, No Hands!
First Magic Use
Existence Burdened By Steel
First Physical Upgrade
Oohh... Shiny
Collect Your First Mana Gem
Do I Really Have To Carry This?
Get Your First Ore Stone
Money, Money, Moneyy
Rustled Up Some Gold For Those Empty Pockets
Damned Money Grubbin' Codger
Buy Your First Potion
Woah... I Feel Funny
Upgrade Your Magical Ability By Reading... Yes, Reading...
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
That Wasn't So Bad...
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Oh. My. God-dess.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
But... Why?...
Treasure Hunter
Find A Treasure Chest
Climb In Back & We'll Be Off
Talk to the crimson guard for the first time
It's Dangerous To Go Alone!
Receive a final beneficial quest reward
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Are you a boy or a girl?
You Have Died of Dysentery
Congrats, you've died!
A Bag of Geologists
Er. I mean stones. Max out your Orestones
Your Password is 'Incorrect'
Congrats on completing the puzzle, you did good kid.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Flavah Town
The Codger's Coffers
The old man has taken your excess gold. As if you had anywhere else to spend it anyways.
Ice Ice Baby!
"Rice Rice Baby to gooo" Wait, wrong artist... Collect your first never melting ice sample
West Indian Lilac?
Only one way to be sure. I'd have to see the bat droppings... Collect your first bat guano sample
The Wolf of Castle Tyriae
Congrats, you've made (and probably spent) 100K gold nuggets!
Nine Thousand, Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Nuggets on the wall...
Take Ninety Nine Down spend 'em on potions. Nine Thousand, Nine Hundred Nuggets on the wall
Game of Stones
The title pretty much says it all... You've played this just to collect stones. 100K in fact. Well done big finger.
What is this, Bejeweled?
You must be a fan of match 3 gem games... You've collected 100K mana gems!
Garlen van Helsing
King of Necore turned bat slayer. Unfortunately, they aren't vampires and really aren't that dangerous... Slay 1000 bats
Nothin' Like Slappin' Slimes
You've slapped 1000, almost harmless slimes into a liquid state... With your sword...
Oh My God! You Killed Kenny!
You b****d! Die 100 times
Ain't no rest for the chosen
Eternal salvation doesn't grow on trees. Die 10 times
Magic Carpet Salesman
Have you considered taking up a job as a magic carpet salesman? You have maxed your gems out.
The Pope ain't got nothin on you
With the holy light of Abigail, cleanse the Fourth Floor (By spilling the blood of creatures)
Hey, you're getting good at this
Cleanse the Fifth Floor by slaying all the beasties
This was too easy...
Cleanse the Sixth Floor
Did you read the signs?
You've cleansed the Seventh Floor, but did you end up reading the signs?...
I told you it was too easy earlier
You did good Kid. Managed to get through Floor Eight and still cleanse it
Badass Cleaner Skills
You should consider joining a cleanup detail. Although... You have spilt a lot of ichor. Perhaps making a mess is more your style...

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