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Reviewed: 08/11/01 | Updated: 08/11/01

Another game with too much marketing and too little to say

Sierra is now one of the biggest companies in the world. Of course , that brings responsibility along with money and fame. Responsibility in front of the players who are to buy the games from Sierra. Because, not everyone has to give 50-60 $ for a game only because “it comes from Sierra”. Considering that fact, I’m writing this review to one of the most famous games from Sierra – Homeworld Cataclysm.

The story 8/10 – This is one of those “heart breaking stories” – you have your own race who is under ethnic cleansing from the Hiigari. The Hiigari are not too bad – they are separated on two fractions – The good guys (Republicans) , and The bad guys (Imperialists). Although Republicans want to solve the problem in a peaceful way, the Imperialists want war with your race (“your race” – the race from the first part, you know – the mothership…). In one of the battles between the Imperialists and your race , your mine ship Kuun Lao will be involved and will end up saving the universe from a deadly threat – alien virus that infects everything ( Borg in some way).You will have you 5 minutes of glory… But it seems that is all. The story is too simple , with no changing of sides , lies , conflicts… - there are only two sides, and the good are always too good , the bad – too bad. Also , the story reminds me on some movies and comic books , so I would question its originality. But, it is a good story after all , so … 8/10

Game play/Controls 4/10 – I simply don’t get it – how can you create a strategy in time, when every strategy is with the best “one click move” ,with so confusing and hard to learn controls? The controls in H.C. are unusually difficult to learn. You will be confused with the different tactics , shapes , orders to move , to stop , hyperspace … At the end you will miss your college exams because of this game. Also , they’ve put a option to alter time speed. Excuse me, but if you play a game , would you play it to “alter speed”? I don’t think so. If the programmers knew that there will be a problem with the game speed , they should of change that before the release and make a game with no need of “altering the speed”. I give 4 only because these are unique game controls and they exist only in H.C.. So – Game play/Controls 4/10

Audio/video 10/10 – Imagine this – you are starting the game , you look at a perfectly made starship , you can see the tiny windows and the lights blinking all over it, you are listening to music from William Orbit , and you say… I’m in heaven. This is the most perfect game I ever played in this section. Especially if you have some of GeForce 2 – 3 graphic cards, you will have a little holiday for your eyes. And the sounds… They are wonderful. The music is fantastic. I mean – everything in this section is. 10/10

Movies 5/10 – I can’t say they didn’t try – they really did , they even put the option to shrink the screen when the movies start – like in cinema , but that is not enough. In time when you have movies like in Diablo II these movies are almost funny to look at. And the movies between the stages are awful – they are pictures and the camera is only moving by them (I’m not kidding – this is real).

Total 5/10 – This game has too many things I don’t like. Audio/Video section cant change the other sections.

Recommendation : Buy only if you liked the premium part. If not, then rent and buy it afterwards.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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