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Game Script by YessMassterHG

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/08/06




by YessMassterHG
v 1.0


This FAQ is one big spoiler ;)

1 - Update History
2 - Introduction
3 - Script
	3a - Intro
	3b - Mission I Prelude - Kith Somtaaw Mining Vessel KUUN-LAN
	3c - Mission I – Hiigara
	3d - Cut-Scene I
	3e - Mission II – Outskirts of Hiigaran System
	3f - Cut-Scene II
	3g - Mission III – Coruc-tel System
	3h - Cut-Scene III
	3i - Mission IV Prelude – Tel Sector
	3j - Mission IV – Deep Space (Tel Sector)
	3k - Cut-Scene IV
	3l - Mission V – Aiowa System
	3m - Cut-Scene V
	3n - Mission VI Prelude – Kadiir Nebula (Zeta Gate)
	3o - Mission VI – Kadiir Nebula
	3p - Cut-Scene VI
	3q - Mission VII Prelude – Kadiir Nebula (Epsilon Gate)
	3r - Mission VII – Outskirts of Kadiir Nebula
	3s - Cut-Scene VII
	3t - Mission VIII – Deep Space (Koreth’s Rift Sector)
	3u - Cut-Scene VIII
	3v - Mission IX – Close Orbit, Gozan IV (Taiidan Research Planet)
	3w - Cut-Scene IX
	3x - Mission X Prelude – Koreth’s Rift Sector
	3y - Mission X – Debris Field (Koreth’s Rift Sector)
	3z - Cut-Scene X
	3aa - Mission XI – System AZ-23769
	3ab - Cut-Scene XI
	3ac - Mission XII Prelude – Kyori Sector
	3ad - Mission XII – Turanic Outpost (Kyori Sector)
	3ae - Cut-Scene XII
	3af - Mission XIII – Location Unknown
	3ag - Cut-Scene XIII
	3ah - Mission XIV Prelude – Galactic Rim
	3ai - Mission XIV – Galactic Rim (Gulf Sector)
	3aj - Cut-Scene XIV
	3ak - Mission XV Prelude – Gulf Sector
	3al - Mission XV - Deep Space (Gulf Sector)
	3am - Cut-Scene XV
	3an - Mission XVI Prelude – Dark Matter Cluster Faal-Te
	3ao - Mission XVI - Sojent-Ra System (Far Reaches Sector)
	3ap - Cut-Scene XVI
	3aq - Mission XVII Prelude – Far Reaches Sector
	3ar - Mission XVII – Republican Naval Base Alpha
	3as -Outro
4 - Thanks, Credits, Contact & Legal Warning

1 - Update History
12 August 2004 - v 0.1 - This FAQ was finished.

2 - Introduction
This is my second FAQ (first was Homewrold Script), but it was written at 
the same time ad the first one, so it may contain similar mistakes. 
Anyway send me an e-mail so i'll know if something's wrong.

This FAQ includes every line of spoken teext that is plot-important, it 
does not include any ship barks.

3 - Script

3a Intro

The war for Hiigara has left the galaxy in turmoil. The past fifteen years 
have seen the birth of new possibilities … and the festering of old grudges. 
The once dominant Taiidan Empire has fractured under the strain of civil war.
The new Taiidani Republic tries to hold the old territories together. Forces 
loyal to the old Emperor lurk in the new bandit kingdoms, waiting for their 
chance to strike back.

While the Taiidani struggle between past and future, the Kushan people have 
established themselves on Hiigara. Building new cities. Repairing the damage
done by the final battle for their homeworld.

Even a fragile peace has its politics. The Kiith council has been 
reestablished, and the future of Hiigara is now debated among the gathered 
Kiith-Sa. Even amongst equals, there are power struggles.

The Mothership still orbits high above Hiigara. Pressed into the role of 
shipyard, she now builds new carriers to the specifications of each 
individual Kiith. The need for new ships and the crews to man them is a 
desperate one. Military and economic pressure on the new Hiigarans is intense.

Resources and technology are at the command of the council. Kiith, with 
little or no political power, have been forced to purchase technology 
from the Bentusi and other races. Hiigaran ships of exotic design now 
seek their fortune amongst the stars.

The war for Homeworld is over now. But the galaxy still remains a dangerous 

3b Mission I Prelude - Kiith Somtaaw Mining Vessel KUUN-LAN

(VEER-RAK): This is Kiith Nabaal Carrier VEER-RAK, to any Hiigaran ships 
in range. Imperialist Taiidani forces are attacking. They are attempting 
to break through and raid Hiigara. We cannot hold them! Require immediate 

(Fleet Command): This is Somtaaw Fleet Command to all ships Prepare for 
emergency hyperspace. Set course for the Homeworld.

3c Mission I – Hiigara

(Tactical Officer): Tactical officer on-line. Full power to sensors. 
Analyzing combat data now. Command, we need to find out where we can do 
the most good.

(Fleet Command): Understood Tactical. Attention Carrier VEER-RAK. This 
is Kiith Somtaaw mining vessel KUUN-LAN. We have arrived in sector 112 
and request targeting data.

(VEER-RAK): Good to have you, KUUN-LAN. We’ve got a strike fleet needing 
cover in sector 109. Can you assist?

(Fleet Command): We’ll send everything we’ve got. But be advised we are 
a mining vessel. It would be best of we do not have to move directly into 
the main battle.

(VEER-RAK): A strike wing of Firelance frigates are under attack from the 
Taiidani Bombers at this position.

(Tactical Officer): Without fighter support the frigates will be destroyed 
and that flank will collapse. Send out a squad of Acolyte fighters ASAP to 
assist the frigates.

(Tactical Officer): We’ve picked up a flight of Taiidan fighters incoming 
from the main battle. They’re probably investigating our hyperspace signature.

(Tactical Officer): They are going after our Workers. Order some fighters 
to guard each worker.

(Tactical Officer): We should be careful to keep our ships out of the main 
battle as they will never survive with that kind of firepower being thrown 

(Tactical Officer): We’ve done it. By taking pressure off Kiith Nabaal’s 
flank force we’ve helped hold the line.

(VEER-RAK): Attention KUUN-LAN. The first imperialist attack wiped out our 
sensor grid. We need you to scout enemy positions with your Recon ships. 
We are planning a counterattack.

(Tactical Officer): We have picked up a convoy of enemy Resourcers with 
escorts in this area. They must be re-supplying the Imperialist attack 
fleet. Engage and destroy them.

(Tactical Officer): There is an enemy Carrier in the area, do not let 
your fighters chase the enemy Resourcers into the Carriers weapons range 
or they will be destroyed.

(Tactical Officer): Our engineers think there is a way to link our Acolytes 
together to form a corvette class vessel. They are ready to begin research 
on the project.

(Fleet Command): Attention Kiith Nabaal, this is Somtaaw Mining Vessel 
KUUN-LAN. The enemy Resourcers have been destroyed.

(Tactical Officer): Warning! The proximity sensor net is under attack in 
sector 110. If the net falls, the Taiidan force can run their entire 
fleet through the hole. We must defend the net immediately.

(VEER-RAK): Our forces have taken the upper hand. The imperials are pulling 
back. One of their damaged Cruisers is in this area.

(Tactical Officer): Track it down and make sure it never threatens Hiigara 

(Tactical Officer): The Taiidan cruiser has been eliminated.

3d Cut-Scene I

(Hiigaran Ship): Mayday! Mayday! Losing air … tumbling …

(Worker): We’ve got 3 unexploded warheads on this Tai cruiser. Suggest …

(Worker): Hang in there, Blade 9. We’ll have you locked down in a click.

(Worker): Careful! Careful! That reactor is unstable!

(Fleet Command): Good work with that Kaalel frigate, workers 5 and 7. I’m 
sure they’ll forget to thank us later!

(Worker): You got that right.

(Fleet Command): Worker 12. Did you track down those suit beacons we picked 
up in sector 43?

(Worker): Sorry Command. We found the suits, but the poor dogs didn’t have 
a chance to put their helmets on. We tagged ‘em for the burial ships.

(Nabaal Fleet): Attention Hiigaran Ships! We have thrown back the Imperial 
attack fleet. Hiigara should be safe once again. Kiith Nabaal would like 
to thank our brothers and sisters from Kiith Manaan, S’jet and Kaalel for 
their aid in battle. Hiigara is in their debt, as we are.

3e Mission II – Outskirts of Hiigaran System

(Fleet Command): We’ve been asked by Kiith Manaan to help them find one of 
their Destroyers. The last word the BUSHAN-RE sent was of a power-plant 
failure. There are reports of Turanic Raider ships operating in this region, 
so all pilots should stay on the look out for the pirate vessels.

(Tactical Officer): Our Workers aren’t currently fitted for salvage and 
repair duty. We need to build an Engineering Module in order to prepare our 
work crews. We will have to jettison the upper ore canister in order to make 

(Fleet Command): Ore transferred to aux storage bays. Jettisoning canister. 
Triggering canister destruct to keep it out of pirate hands.

(Tactical Officer): Research repair and salvage technology so our Workers 
can assist the BUSHAN-RE.

(Tactical Officer): Sensors are picking up fast moving meteor belts in this 
region. Fighters should have no problems maneuvering through them but if the 
Destroyer drifts into one of them it could be easily destroyed.

(Tactical Officer): We are picking up a faint comm. Echoes in this regions. 
The BUSHAN-RE may be close by one of this signal points.

(Tactical Officer): Confirmed Raider Presence. Go to full alert.

(Tactical Officer): We have found the BUSHAN-RE. She’s badly damaged. We 
need to send in a Worker to help them with repairs.

(Fleet Command): Picking up incoming hyperspace signatures. They appear to 
be Hiigaran Support Frigates and are indicating they wish to help with the 
repair of the BUSHAN-RE. Continue the repair work and be prepared to cover 
the frigates if the Raiders try to hit them.

(Fleet Command): Something’s wrong. They aren’t sending any Kiith recognition 
codes. We are attempting to check their markings.

(Tactical Officer): The frigates have changed shape! They are Raider 
corvettes using some kind of holographic technology to fool our sensors. 
Protect the Destroyer at all costs!

(Fleet Command): We’re picking up a dual signal on the emergency channel. 
Attention BUSHAN-RE! Did you send out any distress beacon?

(BUSHAN-RE): Negative, KUUN-LAN. We’ve been picking up that signal since 
we drifted into the region. It must be some kind of derelict.

(Tactical Officer): Source of anomalous signal located. It may be of some 
value. Recommend sending a Worker in to investigate and retrieve source 
of signal.

(Tactical Officer): Picking up Turanic Raider comm. Transmissions. They 
must be after the derelict as well. Engage and destroy.

(Fleet Command): Attention BUSHAN_RE. Was wandering if you might be able 
to help out?

(BUSHAN-RE): Sorry KUUN-LAN. We barely have Nav restored to the point 
that we can hyperspace. Besides, even a mining Kiith should be able to 
handle a few pirates. Thanks for the help. BUSHAN-RE out.

(Tactical Officer): After analyzing the pirate wreckage, our engineers 
believe they can replicate the mimicking technology. We can begin 
researching Holographic Projectors immediately.

(Tactical Officer): The Raiders are retreating.

(Fleet Command): We have retrieved the derelict and handed it over to the 
engineers for further investigation.

(Tactical Officer): The derelict is some sort of message pod, but the 
technology is like nothing we have ever seen before. We will analyze it 
further before returning to our mining mission.

3f Cut-Scene II

(Fleet Command): Honored Greetings. Somtaaw Kiith-Sa. Did you receive our 
data regarding the anomalous artifact?

(Kiith-Sa): We have. Our researchers agree the signal and design matches 
nothing currently used by known Galactic races. Where is the pod now?

(Fleet Command): We have brought it abroad now and are securing it in the 
main Hangar bay. What should we do with it? We’re just a mining vessel. We 
are not equipped to study anything alike this.

(Kiith-Sa): We are transmitting design specs so that your manufacturing unit
can construct a science module.

(Fleet Command): Excuse me Kiith-Sa, but it would not be easier to seek help 
from another Kiith? We are still within hailing range of the Nabaal Command 
Carrier. Surely they would have the staff to-

(Kiith-Sa): NO! A find like this could lead to alien technology that 
surpasses anything used by the other Kiith. Somtaaw needs this advantage.

(Kiith-Sa): We have a science vessel, the CLEE-SAN, studying stellar 
phenomena in the Coruc-tel system. They have been ordered to meet you at 
these coordinates and transfer over a research team with analysis equipment.
This matter must be kept within Kiith Somtaaw. Is this clear?

(Fleet Command):Yes Kiith-Sa. Very Clear. KUUN-LAN out.

3g Mission III – Coruc-tel System

(Tactical Officer): We have arrived at the rendezvous coordinates.

(Fleet Command): Picking up a signal from the CLEE-SAN, but something is 
wrong. They’re being jammed.

(CLEE-SAN): Thi-. . .-ee-San. We have be-. . .-aider for-. . .-inned 
down behi-. . .

(Tactical Officer): The CLEE-SAN is in some kind of danger. Find her 

(Tactical Officer): Warning! Strike wing near minefield!

(CLEE-SAN): Repeat. . .This is th-. . .-lee-san. We have been atta-. . .by 
raider for-. . –and pinned down behind. . .-all of mines. . .-ave code but 
canno-. . .

(Tactical Officer): The Raiders have pinned down the CLEE-SAN in a globe of 
mines. If the CLEE-SAN moves the mines will activate and destroy her.

(Tactical Officer): The CLEE-SAN is trying to transmit some code data but the 
jamming is too strong. We need to send a Mimic in past the mines and 
establish a direct tight beam link.

(CLEE-SAN): Thank the Maker you got through to us, KUUN-LAN. We’ve been able 
to use our advanced scanners to access the mine transponder codes. Now you’ll
be able to see all of them on your sensor manager.

(CLEE-SAN): If you’re going to break us out, it will have to be soon though. 
The Raider force is just pinning us until larger fleet can get here and 
board us.

(Tactical Officer): We have to free CLEE-SAN immediately. The Raider guard 
fleet must be engaged and destroyed as well.

(Tactical Officer): Engage the pirate patrols at one time. If we send ships 
all the way into the CLEE-SAN right away, the pirates will swarm us.

(Fleet Command): We’re a big target for those Raider Missile Corvettes. We 
need some firepower of our own. Have engineering pull up whatever they can 
find on missile technology and have them begin researching it now.

(Tactical Officer): Build a Weapons Module immediately.

(Tactical Officer): The CLEE-SAN is out of danger. Recommend we escape into 
hyperspace before the main Raider fleet can arrive.

3h Cut-Scene III

(Research Team): Somtaaw Research Team Log Report Mk. 1.2. My team is 
abroad the KUUN-LAN and are preparing for an in-depth analysis of the 
alien device, whish was found derelict in sector 112.

(Research Team): We have set up our analysis equipment in the Hangar bay 
and are attempting a full surface scan before opening the device, which 
appears to be some sort of beacon or transmitter.

(Research Team): The data transmission is in the form of short repeating 
tone, threaded with a strange data stream. Decoding it will take considerable
time and processor power.

(Research Team): In the meantime, we continue with our surface studies. 
Samples taken from the beacon’s hull indicate an age of roughly a million 
Hiigaran years. Part of the beacon appears to have had some sort of organic 
layering at some point, but this has not been confirmed. Analysis continues.

3i Mission IV Prelude – Tel Sector

(Fleet Command): Research module? This is the bridge. We’ve got power 
fluctuations in your area and the hangar bay. Are you running any tests?

(Research Team): Not that I know of, bridge. Let me che-

(Fleet Command): What was that? What’s going on down there?

(Research Team): Uhh don’t know … give me a second. We were examining surface
material from the alien probe and …

(Fleet Command): What is going on? Now we’ve got biohazard warnings going 
off across the lower decks!!! What have you done?

(Research Team): Something’s loose! It’s killing us!! You’ve got to save the 
rest of the ship. Jettison the lower decks!

(Fleet Command): Kharak forgive us! Bridge to all stations: Emergency 
jettison protocols engaged!

(Research Team): CUT US LOOSE!!!

3j Mission IV – Deep Space (Tel Sector)

(Fleet Command): The emergency jettison has left us crippled. We must gather 
resources quickly and rebuild our Hangar Module.

(Tactical Officer): We need to know what happened to the lower decks. The 
CLEE-SAN is going to perform some close range scans, but with all Raider 
activity they’ll need a large escort force of Acolytes.

(Fleet Command): More Acolytes must accompany the CLEE-SAN.

(Tactical Officer): Acolytes wing reports that they have fallen in 
alongside and the CLEE-SAN is proceeding to the module coordinates.

(CLEE-SAN): This is CLEE-SAN. We are closing in to scan and download the 
module’s data recorders.

(CLEE-SAN): Sensors are picking up some sort of life sign. Some of the crew 
may still be alive.

(CLEE-SAN): Wait! The module’s gone active. I’m getting an energy spike!

(CLEE-SAN): We’ve been hit by some sort of particle beam. Losing system 
control. Logic systems being subverted. Stay clear, KUUN-LAN! Stay cle-


(The Beast): We live.

(Fleet Command): Warning! We have lost all contact with the CLEE-SAN and 
her escorts. Life signs are low or non-existent on our ships, but they 
are still incoming on attack vectors with weapons hot!

(Tactical Officer): Whatever happened to the Research Module must have 
spread to the other ships. We have no choice but to deal with them as 
hostiles. Get a research team studying the tapes and stay away from the 
Research Modula at all costs!

(Tactical Officer): Our ships were taken over by some sort of bio-mechanical 
virus, carried on that beam the Research Module fired. We can run a charge 
through the hull of our ships to reduce the rate of infection.

(Fleet Command): We have hyperspace signatures! Looks like the Turanic 
Raiders have tracked us down. And they have an Imperial Heavy Cruiser with 

(Turanic Raiders): The CLEE-SAN is our property now. Be gone or be destroyed!

(Fleet Command): You don’t understand. The CLEE-SAN and our module have 
been subverted by something and it’s spreading! Do not approach them. 
Repeat. Do not approach them.

(Turanic Raiders): A transparent ploy, even for a ship full of miners! We 
thought you Hiigarans were smarter than this. Now depart before we claim 
you as well!

(Turanic Raiders): Ahhh, a research module. That’ll make up for having to 
chase these Hiigarans halfway across the sector. All acquisition teams, 
prepare for boarding!

(Turanic Raiders): …

(Tactical Officer): The fools have made things much worse. All infected 
vessels are closing on us. We can’t survive an enemy we don’t understand. 
We must escape into hyperspace!

(Tactical Officer): Hyperspace module charged. Now go!

3k Cut-Scene IV

(Engineer): Ship Engineer’s Report 1.2- With the CLEE-SAN and their science 
team lost, my engineers are now analyzing the subversion entity we have 
codenamed The Beast.

(Engineer): The Beast seems to infect vessels with a kind of particle 
beam that layers the target with techno-organic robots.

(Engineer): Once these entities make contact with organic matter, they 
use the mass to form a neural control network that then takes control of 
the ship.

(Engineer): Each beast call functions like a bio-mechanical virus. It’s 
capable of using and subverting living cells in much the same way that 
is subverts and uses non-organic technology. More studies need to be done … 
but we are engineers, nor biologists.

Analysis of the infection attack indicates that the Beast particles ride 
the charged plasma beam and then coat the target. The charged nature of 
the beam allows it to jump from target to target. Infection per shot seems 
to be based on the mass of the target ships. Again, more qualified analysis 
is desperately needed if we are to find a counter to this beam.

3l Mission V – Aiowa System

(Tactical Officer): We have come to find a Bentusi trading ship to seek 
information on the Beast. If anyone has ever fought this thing before, 
they will know.

(Tactical Officer): Sensors are reading a Bentusi energy signature here. 
Intercept and open communications with them.

(Tactical Officer): Those are infected vessels out there!

(Tactical Officer): Alls ships engage and destroy the Beast fleet! We must 
aid the Bentusi any way we can.

(Fleet Command): Attention Bentusi Trading Station. You are not being 
attacked by normal pirate vessels. Don not let them get close.

(Bentusi): It does not matter what they are. Only the mad would attack the 
Unbound. Hostile ships will be regrettably destroyed.

(Tactical Officer): Looks like we’ve been noticed. Beast attack group on 
incoming vector.

(Fleet Command): We have a hyperspace signature. . .It’s one of ours!

(CAAL-SHTO): This is Kiith Manaan Carrier CAAL-SHTO to Bentusi vessel. We 
have answered your distress call.

(Fleet Command): CAAL-SHTO! Wait! Those are not, repeat, ARE NOT, Raider 
ships! Destroy them at maximum range!

(Tactical Officer): The CAAL-SHTO doesn’t understand the nature of the Beast.
Protect her at all cost.

(Bentusi): There is something wrong here. A presence. We sense its hunger. 
Not infant race. Not Unbound. Something other. Something older. Something 
from Outside!

(Bentusi): It tears at US! Rewriting Song. Devouring memory. Turning Our 
Body against us. . .Binding US!!! This cannot be. . . WE. . .WILL. . .
NOT. . .BE. . .BOUND!!!

(Tactical Officer):They vaporized themselves rather than become … that 
Thing. At least we can make sure they didn’t sacrifice themselves in vain. 
Wipe out the surviving infected vessels!

(Tactical Officer): We need to expand out fleet size and capabilities. Our 
engineers think they can expand our support capacity using modules. They 
are ready to start on the project now. They have also designed an Advanced 
Engineering Module that will allow them to research more advanced vessels.

(CAAL-SHTO): Attention Somtaaw fleet. The blast from the Bentusi 
self-destruct has damaged us badly. Weapons offline. Hyperdrive off-line. 
Life support  30%.

(Fleet Command): Acknowledged, CAAL-SHTO. We’ll assist you however we can. 
All Somtaaw ships report in.

3m Cut-Scene V

(Fleet Command): But we can’t leave the CAAL-SHTO here! The Beast could 
return at any time and we’re in no shape to hold them off alone.

(Tactical Officer): Agreed. The CAAL-SHTO still has her fusion drives, 
though. We should be able to hide her and ourselves in the nearly nebula. 
By the time we emerge from the other side, we will be beyond sensor range 
and the CAAL-SHTO’s hyperdrive should be repaired.

(Fleet Command): And then what? What do we do about this plague we’ve set 
loose? Do we have any idea of the Research Module’s location, or its 

(Tactical Officer): Unknown. The fact it sent a fleet to infect the most 
powerful ship in the sector means that it is not a simple viral creature. 
It understands our data banks and technology. Strategic projections are not 
looking good. It could spread over this portion of the galaxy in weeks!

3n Mission VI Prelude – Kadiir Nebula (Zeta Gate)

(Fleet Command): KUUN-LAN to fleet, all stop.

(Fleet Command): KUUN-LAN to CAAL-SHTO. We are projecting a nav beam through 
the nebula now. Lock on and follow it.

(CAAL-SHTO): Got that, KUUN-LAN. Keep running that beam. Our own nav system 
is a mess right now and we’d never make it through the nebula blind.

(Fleet Command): Understood. We’re counting on the nebula to keep you hidden 
until you can make your repairs. Once you’ve acquired the beam, move out at 
best speed. We’ll bring up the rear and keep an eye out for any surprises.

(CAAL-SHTO): Acknowledged, KUUN-LAN. Moving out now.

3o Mission VI – Kadiir Nebula

(Tactical Officer): We are picking up transmissions from a nearby base. 
It’s the Imperialist Taiidan.

(Tactical Officer): We need more info on the imperialist base and what kind 
of firepower they have on hand. Recon the origin point of the transmissions.

(Tactical Officer): Our ships need greater protection. We should build an 
Armor Research Module. We should be able to research a force-field projector 
that can be fitted to our Sentinels.

(Tactical Officer): We don’t have the time or resources for a major assault
right now. Protecting the CAAL-SHTO is our priority. The nebula should keep 
us hidden from their sensor sweeps. We cannot reveal ourselves to the 
Imperial Base.

 (Tactical Officer):The CAAL-SHTO requires our assistance to cross the 
nebula. These are our projected nav coordinates through the area.

(Tactical Officer): The nebula emissions blank all sensors except the 
Recon’s array. Send Recons to scout the nav points ahead of the CAAL-SHTO.

(Tactical Officer): Emergency Alert!! The Imperials have laid down a minefield.

The CAAL-SHTO needs to follow our projected nav beam. We cannot deviate 
from this course.

(Tactical Officer): We need to produce more combat vessels. Our engineers 
think they can adapt the Heavy Tug’s drives over to power military frigate 
hulls. Frigate Drive research now available.

(Tactical Officer): Nav point is clear.

(Fleet Command): Engage engines. Begin escort CAAL-SHTO.

(Tactical Officer): The Taiidan scouts have caught sight of the CAAL-SHTO. 
Destroy them before they alert the base of our presence.

(Recon): This is Recon fighter Two-One-four to Fleet Command. I’m picking 
up an Imperial Taiidan Heavy Cruiser out here at the mouth of the Nebula. 
It’s blocking our path!

(Tactical Officer): We have to destroy the Cruiser somehow. It has enough 
firepower to wipe us out all by itself but Engineering thing they can 
design a microship called the Leech to slip in and destroy the Cruiser. 
A project to develop long-range drone technology is ready to begin on 
your command.

(Fleet Command): We’ve brought down the Cruiser! All ships! Flank speed 
out of this nebula.

(CAAL-SHTO): KUUN-LAN, this is the CAAL-SHTO. Sensors are reading a 
slipgate up ahead. It should lead out of this nebula. We are going to 
make break for it at best possible speed. Hyperspace when you can and 
join us on the other side. CAAL-SHTO out.

(Fleet Command): All ships prepare to breach nebula boundary on my mark. 
We’ve made it through! The CAAL-SHTO is safe.

3p Cut-Scene VI

(Engineer): We have finally been able to translate the data we downloaded 
from the alien pod. It was launched from some kind of alien exploration 
vessel called the NAGGAROK. Telemetry data indicates the NAGGAROK came from 
the outside the galaxy nearly a million years ago. It was using an 
experimental hyperspace drive of immense power.

(Engineer): We are not clear on this next section, but the visual data seems 
to be showing that the alien ship picked up some sort life-form in 
Hyperspace. The organism we know as The Beast.

(Engineer):The alien explorers realized almost immediately the nature of 
the creature and its potential for destruction is it was let loose. They 
tried to trap it abroad their own ship by destroying the engines and 
communications equipment. For all we know, the original Beast is still out 
there somewhere. Trapped in the NAGGAROK.

(Engineer): Unfortunately for us, the sacrifice of the alien explorers was 
undetermined by their own skill at ship design. As the drives were scuttled, 
the ship activated a distress call routine that automatically ejected a 
beacon pod. A pod that contained a tiny portion of the Beast …

3q Mission VII Prelude – Kadiir Nebula (Epsilon Gate)

(CAAL-SHTO): Thanks for the escort, KUUN-LAN. Our drives are back on-line 
and we have all of your data regarding this Beast. Find yourself someplace 
safe to ride this one out, and we’ll back with the warrior Kiith to hunt 
this infestation down. CAAL-SHTO out.

3r Mission VII – Outskirts of Kadiir Nebula

(Fleet Command): We are picking a distress call. It’s Republican Taiidan 
code. They’re friendlies! Translating now!

(Tactical Officer): Long range sensors indicate the signal is coming from 
a large group of ships in this area.

(Republican Convoy): This is Republican convoy DX-307. We are under attack 
by unknown missiles. We have lost our escort and are unarmed. Please assist. 
We are carrying thousands of colonists. Someone, please, help us!

(Tactical Officer): We can’t afford to ignore this. Send a recon flight to 

(Republican Convoy): Picking up incoming missiles!

(Tactical Officer): Those missiles have a Beast energy signature. It must 
be trying to seize the convoy for its biomass. We can’t let it reduce all 
those colonists to spare parts! Engage and destroy those missiles.

(Fleet Command): Missiles on intercept vector with convoy.

(Tactical Officer): We must find a way to destroy these missiles. The 
engineers think they can partially overload the ACV engines to produce 
an Electro-Magnetic Pulse that will cripple enemy ships for a few seconds. 
Research this technology ASAP.

(Tactical Officer): Picking up another wave of incoming missiles.

(Tactical Officer): Sensors indicate Beast attack vessels are escorting 
this wave. Possible mixed group of strike craft and frigates.

(Republican Convoy): We have hull breaches across all decks. Something’s 
come abroad!! Help us! Help us!

(Tactical Officer): The Beast is launching another wave of missiles from 
that captured transport. It must be converting the refugees into 
bio-warheads. Destroy it.

(Tactical Officer): That’s the last of them. All ships stand down. We’ve 
pushed the Beast back for now.

3s Cut-Scene VII

(Republican Convoy): Thank you for saving us, KUUN-LAN. We are the last 
relief fleet to escape from the Fornax system before its star went nova. 
300.000 refugees owe you their lives.

(Fleet Command): Glad we could help. What happened to your escort?

(Republican Convoy): Unknown. We received a distress call from one of our 
Heavy Cruisers that had been missing for days. Our escorts went to their 
aid and radioed that they had the cruiser in visual range. That was the 
last we heard from them.

(Republican Convoy): We assume they fell victim to the same Imperialist 
bio-weapons you saved us from.

(Fleet Command): Imperial? Not as far as we know. Those missiles were the 
product of a new threat. A life form that can subvert both technological 
and biological systems.

(Republican Convoy): Are you sure? Our escort was going to meet up with 
one of our spies who was bringing word of a new Imperial bio-weapon program. 
It is supposed to have the same abilities as this lifeform you described.

(Fleet Command): Perhaps we should rendezvous with you spy while you get 
your people to safety.

3t Mission VIII – Deep Space (Koreth’s Rift Sector)

(Tactical Officer): While we wait for the Republican spy, we should take 
the time to harvest resources and build up our fleet.

(Fleet Command): We are picking up some kind of crystalline asteroids is 
this region. They are radiating massive amounts of energy.

(Tactical Officer): These crystals could be very useful to harvest. We 
should put a research team on this right away.

(Fleet Command): Receiving transmission on the wavelength given us by the 
convoy fleet. Sending coded recognition signal.

(Spy): Greetings, Hiigaran vessels. You aren’t who I was expecting, but I’ll 
take any help I can get. I’ve got an Imperial pursuit fleet on my tail.

(Fleet Command): He’s right. We are picking up incoming ships. Imperialist 
signatures on multiple attack vectors.

(Tactical Officer): Keep those ships away from the spy!

(Spy): Nice work. Sorry I dragged them along, but when I saw what the 
Imperials were experimenting with I stole the first ship I could find and 
got out.

(Fleet Command): What’s important is that you got the information. The 
Beast is far too dangerous to let fall into anyone’s hands. Can we destroy 
the research base?

(Spy): Sending you all my information now. No offence, but the defense fleet 
could take you all out pretty easily.

(Tactical Officer): Perhaps we could slip in a strike team to the surface 
to destroy the project.

(Spy): There are numerous proximity sensors and patrol ships. Even one 
of your Mimics should be picked up and destroyed. Hmmmm … there is an 
Imperial Resourcer fleet sue in this region soon. If you captured some 
of them, and their recognition codes, you might have a chance.

(Spy): I have to keep moving. Good luck KUUN-LAN.

(Fleet Command): We’ve got signals on the far side of the sector. It has 
to be the Resourcers from the research base.

(Tactical Officer): Prepare our Workers to capture as many Resourcers as 
we can. We will have to capture a frigate as well, to get the latest 
recognition codes. Everything else must be destroyed. If any ship escapes 
to warn the base, our plan will be ruined.

(Fleet Command): The Imperial ships will be able to recharge their hyperdrives
and escape in just over 15 minutes. We don’t have much time.

(Tactical Officer): We’ve captured an enemy Resource Collector.

(Tactical Officer): We’ve captured an enemy Ion Frigate. Our scientist 
believe they can adapt the technology to a new frigate class ship. Research 
Ion Weapons immediately.

(Tactical Officer): We’ve captured an enemy standard frigate. Our scientists 
believe they can adapt their energy canons to our own ships. Research 
Energy Weapons immediately.

(Tactical Officer): All Imperialist vessels destroyed. Retrofitting the 
captured vessels to carry our combat teams. Prepare to hyperspace to target 

3u Cut-Scene VIII

(Tactical Officer): Situation Report 8.2: From the data given to us by the 
Republican spy, we can assume the Turanic raiders gathered samples of the 
Beast from our initial battle site.

(Tactical Officer): The samples were transferred to this hidden station. 
We can only hope they have found a way to keep the Beast material isolated. 
Otherwise we will be facing a far deadlier enemy.

(Tactical Officer): Currently our plan is to engage the outer sentries of 
guard fleet while our strike team approaches from the other side of the 
system in the captures resourcers. Of course, if the Beast has already 
subverted the base and guard fleet, we will have no choice but to flee.

3v Mission IX – Close Orbit, Gozan IV (Taiidan Research Planet)

(Tactical Officer): Move the transports into the position on the far side 
of the sector. They must stay out of sensor range of the base until our 
diversionary attack is ready.

(Tactical Officer): The transports are in position. Signaling pilots to 
take them in.

(Tactical Officer): Begin diversionary attack on the proximity sensors.

(Tactical Officer): The Imperials are vectoring more ships into the battle. 
It’s now or never.

(Imperial Destroyer): This is patrol vessel VIGILANCE to incoming Resource 
Collectors. Transmit today’s recognition codes and state your business.

(Somtaaw Alpha Team): Yes sir! Transmitting now. Resourcers Charlie, Tango 
and X-ray bringing materials down to the surface.

(Imperial Destroyer): Confirmed … On you way.

(Tactical Officer): Continue diversionary attack. We must pull as many enemy 
ships out of position as we can.

(Somtaaw Alpha Team): This is Strike Team Alpha. We have destroyed the lab 
and recovered the important data. Repeat, we have recovered important data. 
Our cover is blown! Enemy ships in pursuit and more on intercept course. 
Please help. Repeat, we are under fire and will be unable to make rendezvous 
without help.

(Tactical Officer): The Imperial fleet is moving to intercept the transports.
We must protect them. Hyperspace the moment we get those transports abroad.

(Tactical Officer): Retiring the Resource Collectors now.

(Fleet Command): The transports are in! Downloading and decoding captured 
intelligence and technology files from the research base. Shunting full 
power to hyperspace engines now!

3w Cut-Scene IX

(Tactical Officer): Situation Report, 9.9-- Our fleet is hiding in a debris 
field approximately 3.8 light years from our last battle. We are hoping that 
the various pieces of wreckage in this field will allow us to escape detection.

(Tactical Officer): While we regroup, my team has been studying the data 
tapes we stole from the Imperial research base.

(Tactical Officer): The Imperial scientists were working in a way to take 
control of the Beast and turn it into living weapon system. Their 
experiments to control the Beast by partially grafting it onto living 
subjects were unsuccessful. The native intelligence of the Beast fragment 
ultimately defeats any control system.

(Tactical Officer): While their twisted experiments are useless to us, some 
of their methods of sterilizing failed experiments might be useful on a 
larger scale. I will pass along this data to engineering and to the CAAL-SHTO
when it returns with reinforcements.

3x Mission X Prelude – Koreth’s Rift Sector

(Recon 214): This is Recon Vessel Two One Four now entering derelict area.

(Recon 214): Active shock mines. Don’t scan as old as the rest of this battle
wreckage. Looks like someone doesn’t want intruders.

(Recon 214): Picking up something large on the sensors, moving in.

(Recon 214): Spotted a Siege Cannon derelict. Must have been part of whatever
attack fleet fought here. Looks a little rough, but no serious damage.

(Fleet Command): Relay its positional data and we will send in a salvage team.

(Recon 214): Picking up enemy ship signals!

(Fleet Command): Return to Mothership immediately Recon Two One Four.

(Recon 214): Returning on a vector ten-nine-six, full burn.

3y Mission X – Debris Field (Koreth’s Rift Sector)

(Fleet Command): That Siege Cannon might be adapted to our needs. Salvage it 

(Fleet Command): We have Raider ships closing with that Siege Cannon. They 
must want it as well.

(Tactical Officer): Salvage group under fire! The Raider corvettes are 
disguised as wreckage. Watch each others back out there!

(Tactical Officer): FULL ALERT!!!! Raider Ion Frigates have de-cloaked and 
are firing on us! All ships return fire! The pirates have cloaking technology
as well as mimic fields. They could be anywhere!

(Tactical Officer): Our scientists have some ideas for making better sensors 
that would allow us to detect cloaked and mimicked ships. They are 
requesting the go-ahead to research.

(Tactical Officer): Siege Cannon secured. Our engineers are ready to begin 
adapting it to our needs. We also need to start gathering resources in 
order to build a mount module for the cannon.

(Fleet Command): The Raiders have called in help. A large Imperialist 
fleet has hyperspace in. Prepare for a new wave of attackers.

(Fleet Command): The pirates have built up another attack wave. They are 
vectoring to join the assault. This could be very bad.

(Fleet Command): We have a hyperspace signature. . .It’s one of ours!

(CAAL-SHTO): Attention KUUN-LAN. This is the CAAL-SHTO. We have arrived 
with reinforcements from Hiigara. Come to us.

(Tactical Officer): Good to see you again CAAL-SHTO! We need your help, 
but that pirate attack wing has changed course to intercept you. Be careful.

(CAAL-SHTO): They come. Good.

(The Beast): Feed soon.

(Fleet Command): Martyrs of Kharak! Look at what that thing has done to 
our old lower deck section! It’s grown entire Mothership around it. What 
is that thing?!

(Tactical Officer): The Imperial fleet is breaking off to engage the 
Beast. Do not pursue! Regroup and prepare to fire the modified cannon 
on the Beast Mothership.

(The Beast): KUUN-LAN parts. . .We want beacon brain. Give us data, or 
we take data with your parts.

(Fleet Command): What?! How can it be talking to us?

(Tactical Officer): It’s gaining intelligence as it absorbs new data. 
It must want the information we removed from the beacon pod we found 
it on.

(Tactical Officer): Hold fire with the Siege Cannon until the Beast 
Mothership is within the 100% damage range.

(Fleet Command): Primary target in range. Open Fire!!

(Tactical Officer): ALERT! Cannon has failed to disrupt the target. Beast 
Mothership is still active and closing fast. All ships prepare for emergency 
hyperspace jump!

(The Beast): Parts! Do not flee. Come to us. We require knowledge of 

3z Cut-Scene X

(Tactical Officer): Situation Report 10.5- The Siege Cannon failed to harm 
the Beast. Analysis of combat recordings show that the beast cells were 
able to re-grow almost instantly after exposure to the beam. A second shot 
might have done more damage, but plasma conduits linking the gun to the 
ship’s reactors overheated and fused during the initial firing.

(Tactical Officer): It is the opinion of the Ship’s Engineer that the 
Beast’s cells have mutated and adapted since our samples were taken. 
He believes a sample of the original structure of the beast could be used 
to adjust the cannon to do maximum damage. Unfortunately, finding a sample 
of the original Beast means finding the NAGGAROK, and we have yet to decode 
the beacon pod’s navigational data.

(Tactical Officer): According to our records, our Somtaaw sistership, the 
FAAL-CORUM, is in the sector on a survey mission. Their advanced astrogation 
team should be able to help us determine the beacon’s launch point. Plotting 
a course to intercept the FAAL-CORUM now.

3aa Mission XI – System AZ-23769

(FAAL-CORUM): Get me an ID on that vessel now!. . .The KUUN-LAN? Here? 
Attention KUUN-LAN! Break off attack now or we will be forced to defend 

(Fleet Command): Sensors report the FAAL-CORUM is under attack by Beast 
ships. They must think those ships are ours!

(Tactical Officer): We must destroy that Beast fleet. Hopefully that will 
also prove to the FAAL-CORUM that we aren’t enemies.

(Tactical Officer): The FAAL-CORUM fleet is still confused about us. Do 
not, I say again, DO NOT return fire on their ships! Eliminate the Beast 

(Fleet Command): FAAL-CORUM. Tell the rest of your flee to stand down. 
The fleet that attacked you is destroyed. We are on your side.

(FAAL-CORUM): KUUN-LAN, this is the 	FAAL-CORUM. Sorry for jumping you, 
but we were attacked by Hiigaran ships out of nowhere and then we started 
losing contact with ships in our fleet! When you hyperspaces fight on top 
of us without warning we thought the attack fleet was yours and you had 
gone rogue.

(Fleet Command): Understood, FAAL-CROUM. We’ve had a few shock of our own. 
We are transferring to you all of our data regarding the Beast so you will 
be able to more easily ID infected vessels in the future. We will be gathering 
resources and will assist in your repair.

(Tactical Officer): We still need larger vessels to fight the Beast. 
Engineering wants to start adapting the ore processor drives to power a 
full destroyer-sized combat vessel. There is also another project available 
to create a Repair Drone micro-ship that will automatically repair our 
capital ships.

(Tactical Officer): Incoming Beast fleet. Looks like it’s comprised mainly 
of Raider and Imperialist ships. Engage and keep them away from the FAAL-CORUM.

(Fleet Command): Beast fleet has been destroyed. The FAAL-CORUM is sending 
over their astrogation team.

(Fleet Command): Astrogation team abroad, FAAL-CORUM.

(FAAL-CORUM): They are good personnel, KUUN-LAN. You should have that beacon 
nav data cracked at no time. We arte going to head back to Hiigara, making 
maximum range jumps. Maybe that way we can avoid being subverted like the 

(Fleet Command): Understood, FAAL-CORUM. May the Martyrs of Kharak protect 

(FAAL-CORUM): And you, KUUN-LAN. And you. FAAL-CORUM out.

3ab Cut-Scene XI

(Tactical Officer): The Astrogation Team from the FAAL-CORUM has decoded 
the beacon’s navigation data. It originated in this area of space.

(Fleet Command): That’s a very big area of search. Can they narrow it down?

(Tactical Officer): It’s been a million years since the beacon was launched. 
Galactic drift has made it impossible to determine an exact location. 
We would need far more accurate starcharts to take into account all 
gravitational factors.

(Fleet Command): There is a Turanic Raider base in this sector. They would 
have they necessary data.

(Tactical Officer): And do we simply ask them for the information?

(Fleet Command): We may have on other choice.

3ac Mission XII Prelude – Kyori Sector

(Mimic 663): 	Control, this is Mimic Six-Six-Three.
		I have a visual confirmation on Raider base.
		I’m sending its location now.

(Fleet Command): 	Acknowledged. Coordinates received.
			Excellent work, Six-Six-Three.

(Fleet Command):	Pull out and return to command rendezvous.
			Take all precautions. We don’t want to put them on 

(Mimic 663): Yes Command, heading back.

3ad Mission XII – Turanic Outpost (Kyori Sector)

(Fleet Command): Attention Turanic Base. We come in peace. Repeat, we come 
in peace. The subversion entity we call the Beast have ravaged both our 
forces. In order to destroy it, we need access to your starcharts.

(Fleet Command): Turanic Base, we say again, we come in peace. We need 
access to your starcharts in order to stop the creature that is a danger 
to both our forces. Please respond.

(Tactical Officer): I don’t think this is going to work. Raider turrets 
are now tracking our ships. Picking up energy spikes! Hyperspace damping 
field is enveloping us. They’re going to attack!!

(Tactical Officer): The Turanic base is emitting the damper field. Hammer 
away at them until they surrender or their defense shut down.

(Tactical Officer): Close with the pirate base. If they won’t co-operate 
we will have to board here and take prisoners to find the stellar data we 

(Tactical Officer): Imperialist fleet has arrived The Raiders must have 
called for reinforcements.

(Tactical Officer): I don’t believe it!. The Imperials are retreating!

(Turanic Raiders): Attention Hiigaran Fleet. We surrender.

(Fleet Command): Then stand down and cease fire.

(Turanic Raiders): Understood. Standing down.

(Fleet Command): Prepare to be boarded and to surrender any data and 
personnel we require.

(Turanic Raiders): Agreed.

3ae Cut-Scene XII

(Tactical Officer): Situation Report 13.1- With the Raider nav personnel on 
board we have been able to project the drift of the alien exploration vessel.

(Tactical Officer): Location data has been locked in and we will be 
correcting course. We should have little trouble since the Beast forces 
we have been fighting could not have this data yet.

(Tactical Officer): With the raider abroad I have doubled internal security.

3af Mission XIII – Location Unknown

(Fleet Command): We have fires across decks J through R! Deck M is venting 
to space! No word from Engineering! Have we bin hit!?

(Tactical Officer): Negative on weapon strike. Negative! Ship’s telemetry 
indicates internal explosion centered in Engineering.

(Fleet Command): Confirm that. Hyperdrive off-line. What happened?! 
Engineering Module destroyed. Support Module breaking up. Rerouting 
stabilizer control.

(Tactical Officer): Running analysis of blast effect now… Some sort of 
massive EM pulse blew plasma lines connecting to drive unit. We brought 
a saboteur abroad!

(Fleet Command): ALERT! ALERT! We’ve got tracks inbound. Multiple!

(Tactical Officer): They’re enemy signatures … This is a trap!

(Tactical Officer): Ambush fleet closing in. We only have access to our 
capital ships. All smaller vessels are trapped in the hangar deck and our 
construction facilities are off-line. We must buy the repair crews time. 
Blunt that attack at any cost.

(Tactical Officer): Incoming capital ships! The Command Ship cannot 
withstand an assault from those Destroyers.

(Tactical Officer): Use Ramming Frigates to try to physically push them back 
form the Command Ship and buy the repair crew more time.

(Fleet Command): Picking up a signal being transmitted from inside the 
KUUN-LAN. The saboteur is beaming our navigation data on the NAGGAROK to 
the Imperial fleet!

(Tactical Officer): Saboteur has been found and terminated.

(Fleet Command): Launch bays have regained power.

(FAAL-CORUM): Attention KUUN-LAN! This is the FAAL-CORUM and we brought 

(Fleet Command): You have the Gods’ own timing, FAAL-CORUM! Could 
you give us a hand here?

(FAAL-CORUM): On our way at maximum burn! We would have been here sooner 
but you are hard fleet to find. We barely received your distress call.

(Fleet Command): The FAAL-CORUM is transferring command of her support 
fleet over to us.

(Tactical Officer): Assist the FAAL-CORUM with whatever we have, but 
protect out most damaged ships.

(Fleet Command): Construction facilities on-line.

(Tactical Officer):	We’ve located enemy Carriers at this location. 
If we take them out they won’t be able to reinforce their ships.

(Tactical Officer): Enemy fleet has been defeated.

(Fleet Command): Thanks for the help, FAAL-CORUM! That trap would have 
butchered us without you.

(Tactical Officer): Hyperspace module repaired. Prepare to engage. The 
Imperial Taiidani must still think they can twist the Beast to their own 
ends. We must reach the NAGGAROK before the Imperials can do anything 

3ag Cut-Scene XIII

(FAAL-CORUM): The situation in this quadrant of the Galaxy is grim. The 
Beast infection is spreading practically unchecked through the reaches of 
the old Taiidani Empire.

(FAAL-CORUM): The Republican fleet is barely holding the line and our brothers
and sisters from other Kiith are spread thin. For every fleet that defeats a 
Beast incursion, another is never heard from again and adds to threat.

(FAAL-CORUM): The Kiith Council is aware of all that you have done out here 
to halt this infection. The FAAL-CROUM and the ships with us are all that 
could be spared from the fighting to aid you. They are under your command. 
The Republican Taiidani are promising some sort of super-weapon to aid in 
the battle, but until then we desperately need to find a way to stop this 

3ah Mission XIV Prelude – Galactic Rim

(Tactical Officer): Evasive pattern Alpha.

(Acolyte): Roger Command

(Recon 214): Aye, Command.

(Recon 214): This is Recon Two-One-Four to Command. I have target in visual 
range. Kiith’s blood, it’s massive!

(Recon 214): The Imperials are all over it. What are they doing? I don’t 
believe it, they’re repairing the drives!

(Tactical Officer): Understood Recon Two-One-Four. Return to command ship 

(Recon 214): Roger that.

3ai Mission XIV – Galactic Rim (Gulf Sector)

(Fleet Command): Come in Taiidan Flagship! What are you doing?! You can’t 
release that ship on the Galaxy!! Do you know what you are about to do?!!

(The Beast): Yes, they know.

(The Beast): For a million years we have been trapped in this ship, 
listening to the electromagnetic chatter of your tiny self/worlds. We 
know you better than you know yourselves. Your enemies came to use us 
and instead we shall use each other.

(The Beast): In return for their help, the ones known as Imperials will 
be given half the galaxy. An ample return for repairing this ship’s systems 
and leading my children back to me.

(Fleet Command): That’s madness! What happened when you finish devouring 
your half of the galaxy?

(The Beast): Irrelevant. How many thousands of your flickering lifespans 
will that take? Join us or be destroyed.

(Fleet Command): We will stop this!!]

(The Beast): Then be destroyed and join us anyway. Taiidani, honor our 
bargain and eradicate these Hiigarans.

(Tactical Officer): Gather our fleet into a defensive formation. We need 
a sample of the original Beast. Hold off the Imperialist fleet and slip 
a Mimic in to dock with the NAGGAROK.

(Tactical Officer): We need an edge in these large fleet battle. Our 
engineers are ready to design a Dreadnought class battleship.

(Tactical Officer): The Beast Mothership has hyperspaced  into the sector 
and is on an intercept vector. The Imperials must have called them in.

(Mimic): Target acquired, Command. Returning.

(The Beast): We move again! It is time, my allies, to lead us to this 
weapon you spoke of. Then we will feed and the carving of the empires can 

(Tactical Officer): The Beast and most of the Imperialist ships have gone 
into hyperspace. We have to fight our way out of this and capture a 
Taiidan ship. Someone on-board will be able to tell us what weapon the 
Beast was talking about.

3aj Cut-Scene XIV

(Tactical Officer): Situation Report 14.7-Imterrogation of the prisoner 
has revealed a possible destination of the joint Beast/Imperialist fleet.

(Tactical Officer): The Imperialist had information on a large Republican 
Naval shipyard at the edge of this sector. They think this shipyard is 
secretly constructing a new prototype defense station under the codename: 
Nomad Moon. This must be the super-weapon system the Republican were 
promising. There is a high possibility the Beast will try to seize this 
new station and turn it against us.

(Tactical Officer): After analyzing the sample of the Beast material we 
EFFECT ON THE Beast cell structure. In theory it should cause a massive 
energy feedback in any Beast material. Unfortunately, we have yet to find 
a way around our own energy overload problems, and are unable to fire the 
gun more than once.

(Tactical Officer): Our engineers have found many systems in the gun are 
derived from basic Bentusi technology. We need to home in on one of their 
trade ship signals and ask for help with the cannon’s power system. Without 
this Cannon fully operational, it’s only a matter of time before the Beast 
reaches Hiigara.

3ak Mission XV Prelude – Gulf Sector

(Fleet Command): ATTENTION Bentusi fleet, this is Hiigaran Mining Vessel 
KUUN-LAN. We are in desperate need of your aid. … Bentusi trade ships! 
Please come in!

(Bentusi): We will not be bound!
3al Mission XV - Deep Space (Gulf Sector)

(Tactical Officer): The energy readings on that hyperspace gate are off 
the scale. They must be jumping to another galaxy! They’re immune to EMP 
effects, and we don’t want to fire on them so the only way to stop them 
from leaving is to destroy that gate!

(Bentusi): Do not attempt to stop our translocation! Cease your attacks or 
be destroyed. Do you not understand what has happened? WE WILL NO BE BOUND!

(Tactical Officer): Strike craft launching from the Bentusi trade stations. 
They’re similar to Acolyte class fighters…but their configuration… it’s like 
nothing we’ve ever seen before!

(Fleet Command): Fleet! Full speed ahead! We have to block the entrance to 
the gate! We can’t let them through.

(Bentusi): You are mad! It will take irrecoverable time to repair the 
slipgate. The Devourer will find us by then! Each of us that is consumed 
takes the story of a thousand bound worlds with them. The creature will 
devour all our songs. All knowledge will serve to its Hunger.

(Fleet Command): Listen to us! We need your help. We are not here to harm 
you, but if you leave, the Beast will win. You helped us to win our 
Homeworld. You cannot run away now!

(Bentusi): We aided the S’jet persona who was newly Unbound. You are not 
S’jet. Your bound bodies and flicker-lives make you blind. And now we will 
all pay for your blindness.

(Tactical Officer): Kiith’s blood!!! More stations coming out of hyperspace. 
They’re powering up main weapons. We don’t have a chance! Prepare to 
engage hyperspace module!

(Fleet Command): Negative! Without that cannon working, we’re as good as dead.
Better to be blown to atoms now than wait for the Beast to hunt us down.

(Fleet Command): You are killing us!! You and your precious stories! Who 
will remember the crew of that ship? Or are flicker-lives not worth 

(Bentusi): You seek to trap us in a diseased Galaxy. This cannot be. 
This cannot be. Desist and we will allow you to leave. We . . . regret 
the loss of your memories.

(Fleet Command): REGRET?! We regret the loss of the whole sand-cursed 
Galaxy!!! Stop murdering us and help us kill the Beast!

(Tactical Officer): They’ve stopped firing. Keep it up. You’re getting 
through to them.

(Bentusi): The Devourer cannot be stopped. We must flee or even memory will 
die. We will not be Bound.

(Fleet Command): Yes, yes! You will not be bound--whatever that means! Well, 
guess what: we won’t let you go. It doesn’t matter how we die. One ancient 
monster is as good as another.

(Bentusi): We. . .are. . .not. . .monsters.

(Fleet Command): Aren’t you? Look around. Look what have you done to our 
fleet. All because we dared to get in your way! Look at yourselves--the Aloof
and Mighty Bentusi! Slaughtering the people who asked for your help. You’re 
worse than the Beast. At least the Beast doesn’t pretend to be righteous.

(Bentusi): We fear. For the first time in the countless orbits. . .We fear.

(Fleet Command): Join the Kiith! We’re not blind, just scared. As scared as 
you. Now are you going to help us, or are we going to have to ram this 
mining ship down the throat of the first station that approaches?

(Bentusi): That will not be necessary. We see our own madness reflected in 
yours. We will do what we can to help.

3am Cut-Scene XV

(Bentusi): To understand our fear, you must know our nature. We are one with 
our vessels, as was your S’jet persona. We are Unbound. The solar winds blow 
across our skin. Hyperspace sings in our ears. The Universe unfolds around 
our thoughts.

(Bentusi): The Devourer does not kill us when it tries to take our ships. 
It leaves us in place, but corrupts our being. We die, but we are not dead. 
We would be trapped, slaves within our own bodies, eternally.

(Bentusi): We have analyzed your weapon and it shows great promise. You are 
most clever for Bound persons. We are transferring the data you will need 
to construct reinforced superconductor heat sinks. These should allow you 
to fire your cannon repeatedly.

(Bentusi): The Devourer has many selves spreading infection through this 
sector now. You would do well to test your weapon on one of these lesser 

3an Mission XVI Prelude – Dark Matter Cluster Faal-Te

(Fleet Command): Attention Kiith Manaan Fleet. This is Somtaaw mining 
vessel KUUN-LAN. Please come in.

(Manaan Fleet): Good to see you still alive, KUUN-LAN. Word out here 
says situation is grim. It’s only a matter of time before the beast overruns 
a populated world.

(Fleet Command): The Bentusi have helped us devise a weapon that may just 
shift the sands in our favor. We are on our way to deploy it now. We were 
wondering though whether you have any data on a former Somtaaw science 
vessel carrying the CLEE-SAN ID?

(Manaan Fleet): The CLEE-SAN? A frigate class vessel?

(Fleet Command): Yes. Have you seen her?

(Manaan Fleet): The thing led the attack on a scout base. Used her sensor 
rig to deactivate the sentinel web. We are on our way to track down and 
destroy the subverted ships before they infect the sector. Transmitting 
all our telemetry on her position now. Why do you want her in particular?

(Fleet Command): The CLEE-SAN was the first ship infected by the Beast 
Mothership. It should have the most direct communication line to its parent. 
If we can capture the CLEE-SAN we can lay a trap for the Mothership.

(Manaan Fleet): You Somtaaw have guts, that’s all I can say. Good Luck, 
KUUN-LAN. We will spread the word about what you’re trying to do. Manaan 
Fleet Command out.

3ao Mission XVI - Sojent-Ra System (Far Reaches Sector)

(Tactical Officer): The CLEE-SAN’s last reported position is in this area. 
Send out a flight of Recon fighters to track her down.

(Tactical Officer): We were not counting on the CLEE-SAN having such a large 
fleet. We have to destroy her escorts while maneuvering in close enough to 
fire the Cannon on the CLEE-SAN. Remember to only take one shot when the 
target is in the 50% range band. We need the CLEE-SAN intact.

(Fleet Command): We’ve done it! The Cannon works and it is still fully 
operational! The CLEE-SAN no longer has a Beast energy signature.

(Tactical Officer): The blast has badly damaged the CLEE-SAN. Her reactor 
core is going critical. Use a Worker to get a boarding team over there right 

(Worker): KUUN-LAN! Come in! You would not believe what the inside of the 
CLEE-SAN looks like! The surviving bio-circuitry alone could revolutionize 
our ship tech!

(Fleet Command): Try to remember, that bio-circuitry was your own Kiith 
brothers and sisters, not so long ago.

(Worker): Yes, of course. We have managed to isolate something that resembles
the old com array. Preparing to send a pulse burst now.

(Fleet Command): Excellent. Transmit an then gat abroad the Worker 
immediately! The CLEE-SAN is going to blow!

(Tactical Officer): Ready all forces. Harvest whatever resources are 
in the region. If that signal worked, the Beast fleet will be hyperspacing 
in at any moment.

(Tactical Officer): Picking up multiple hyperspace signatures! It’s the 
Beast Mothership. Ready the Siege Cannon. Engage and destroy the Beast fleet.
Do not let any escape to give a warning.

(Fleet Command): Burn, You Monstrosity!! BURN!

(Tactical Officer): We did it. We’re ready to track down the NAGGAROK and cut
the head off this Beast once and for all. Coordinates for Republican shipyard
locked in. Maximum power shunted to hyperspace module. Jump when ready.

3ap Cut-Scene XVI

(Tactical Officer): Our prisoner was telling the truth. We are picking up a 
distress calls from the Republican naval base. It’s under attack from the 
NAGGAROK and a huge beast fleet. We will try and get there in time to help, 
but even if we can’t save  them, we must engage. This must end now. Whatever 
the cost.

3aq Mission XVII Prelude – Far Reaches Sector

(Republican Fleet): I’ve lost contact with the moon.

(Republican Fleet): VICTORY to Nomad Control! Come in, Control!

3ar Mission XVII – Republican Naval Base Alpha

(Republican Carrier): Thank the Gods! Reinforcements! These things are all 
over us. We’ve lost contact with the Nomad Moon! You have to help us!

(Fleet Command): Try to hold on. Republican Fleet. This is the Kiith Somtaaw 
Warship KUUN-LAN. Will try to send help while you regroup. We need you to 
transmit all the information you have on this Nomad Moon.

(Republican Carrier): Understood KUUN-LAN. Prepare for rec-

(Republican Fleet): Sir! Multiple missile impacts. Losing controls of decks 
4, 9 and 17!

(Republican Carrier): KUUN-LAN! They’ve gotten through. We won’t be turned 
against our own people. The Moon! You have to get past the prox Sensors! … 
minimal scanner wid … -small shi … won’t trigger repulsor field.

(The Beast): So the miners are now warriors? You have come for, little 
Kiith Somtaaw. You can still join us and be rewarded, as the Imperialists 
will be. We can make your Kiith supreme upon Hiigara. Is this not what you 
wanted, when you awakened my children?

(Fleet Command): Not this way! We make on bargains with you. Not now, not 
never, Monster. We may not be a true warrior kiith, but we were good enough 
to burn your first two children to ashes.

(The Beast): Our children are not ourselves. We have been and always will 
be. With this vessel around us fully functional we will never be contained 

(Tactical Officer): That defense station is protecting the NAGGAROK. 
Destroy the Nomad Moon first and then the Beast.

(Fleet Command): What in Kharak’s name has that?!

(Tactical Officer): It was some kind of massive energy shockwave. Analyzing 
sensor readings now. It was a high power repulsor field, and it came from 
those small emitters below the moon. We have to get something past those 
proximity sensors and destroy those Emitters fast!

(Tactical Officer): Our engineers think they might be able to adapt the 
Nomad Moon’s repulsor field to our own Dreadnought.

(Tactical Officer): The Moon’s shockwave has been disabled. Take that 
station out!

(Tactical Officer): Imperialist ships on attack vector. They are moving 
at half speed. Either they want to see if the Beast can destroy us 
itself, or they are waiting for something.

(VENGEANCE): Attention Hiigaran Fleet. This is the Imperial Flagship 
VENGEANCE. You cannot win. Break off this attack. If you do, we will 
allow you to return to your stolen world and await the end with your mates 
and children.

(Fleet Command): How con you be helping this thing?!

(VENGEANCE): What choice do we have, Hiigaran? Your mad request shattered 
our Imperials Sphere. You took the life of our Immortal Emperor! Whatever 
we have been driven to now is you fault. You …

(Tactical Officer): Sorry Command. I had to cut that comm channel. They 
are just trying to distract us from this. Picking up multiple hyperspace 
signatures in this region. Send out a recon flight and see if this is 
the other half of a pincer movement.

(Tactical Officer): It’s a Beast strike fleet. This is a trap. We can’t 
fight a battle on 3 fronts! We have to find a way to break out to one 
side or the other before we are surrounded.

(Tactical Officer): The defense station is down! We can finish this if 
we can just pin down the NAGGAROK long enough to target the Siege cannon 
on it.

(Tactical Officer): Wait! Picking up a hyperspace signature! It’s right 
on top of us!

(Bentusi): We cannot stay here! Already the Devourer claws at our minds, 
twists our thoughts. Open your data banks, Kiith Somtaaw, and receive 
our aid.

(Fleet Command): YES!! The Bentusi have give us the design plans for 
their Ion Fighter! Reconfiguring construction bays now.

(Tactical Officer): The NAGGAROK is using an inertialess drive. We 
need to analyze it immediately and try and figure out how to shut it 
down. Otherwise we will never be able to get close enough to use the 
siege cannon on it.

(Somtaaw Capital Ship): …

(Tactical Officer): The NAGGAROK is using some kind of sustained 
hyperspace filed to slide through normal space without acceleration 
on inertia. Our engineers think the field can be overloaded with EMP 

(Tactical Officer): The alien ship’s inertial field is down! Move in 
fast and bring the main gun to bear.

(The Beast): Think again, Kiith Somtaaw. We can reconstitute your friends 
and lovers. All who have become us can be yours again. We will make you 
gods amongst your kind!!

(VENGEANCE): This Imperial  Flagship VENEGEANCE to all Imperial ships, 
break off attack and fall back to rendezvous point.

(The Beast): Wait. What are you doing ally? Continue to attack and destroy 
the Hiigarans!

(VENGEANCE): You lied to us creature. First about giving us the Nomad Moon 
and then about the Bentusi being neutralized. The Taiidani are no one’s fools.

(The Beast): You are what all life is to us. Food!

(The Beast): Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!

3as Outro

The price was heavy. Kiith Somtaaw burned out the heart and mind of the Beast,
but the bodies of their loved ones could never be recovered. All that 
remained of them was a glittering infinity of wire, mysteries and 

For years to come, isolated pockets of the cancer would flare up to threaten 
the quadrant. But the new technologies born from Somtaaw’s bitter campaign 
soon rendered Hiigaran ships immune to the infection. In time, the last 
remnants of the monster were crushed. The Beast never rose again.

The Miners of Kiith Somtaaw sacrificed much, and risked all. For their efforts
they were brought into the innermost circle of Hiigaran power. Nabaal, S’jet
and Sobani bower before them. And from that day to this, Somtaaw’s children 
have been known to one and all as Beastslayers.


4 - Thanks, Credits, Contact & Legal Warning

Thanks to: 
Sierra and Barking Dog for making this great game.
the Gathering, Nightwish and Lacuna Coil for making music that made hours of 
typing pass faster.
MYSELF (always wanted to be in thanks section =))

This FAQ was written only by YessMassterHG

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