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Welcome to Cyber world
Finish the prologue
Unlock Sakura
Unlock Rosamund
Unlock Simone7
Unlock Lupe
Unlock Himeko
First Date
Successfully finish the first date with any girl
Successfully finish 10 date
Confident Man
Successfully finish 25 date
High time
Finish a final night date
Moves Expert
Successfully complete a date with at least 16 Moves remaining
Police's Love
Finish final night date with Sakura
Nurse's Love
Finish final night date with Rosamund
Robot's Love
Finish final night date with Simone7
Gangster's Love
Finish final night date with Lupe
Shop Owner's Love
Finish final night date with Himeko
Rich man
Give gifts to any girls 100 times
Ripperdoc Master
Earn 1500 or more Affection in a single move while on date
Busy man
Finish final night date with every girls within 4 hearts
Underground Boss
Earn 200000 Ehters
Night City Explorer
Visit every locations
Night hunter
Finish final nightdate with every girl in hard mode
Cyber Expert
Use cyber-tools 50 times
Crafting Master
Craft every cyber-tools
Let loose have fun
Get girl drunk and date with her
Joyful date
Accumulate 40 Joy in one date
Unlock every girls' collection
Read every story
Lucky man
Get a super token with 3 token matched
High skill
Create a super token by 7 token matched
Create a 7 token matched without creating super token
Information machine
Unlock every girl's preferences and details
Flirtation expert
Reach 5 hearts with every girl
Trait master
Max all traits
Get every girl drunk at least one time
Successfully finish 10 challenge date
Famous Ripper Doc
Take 30 Commission Orders

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