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Blindman's Bluff
Risk It For A Biscuit
Go all-in and win a hand
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Hit your needed cards on the turn and the river to make your hand, and go on to win
Win your first hand
Deadly Assassin
Win a pot when 3 or more people are all-in
Cold Caller
Call two or more bets on your turn
Complete an inside straight
A Bit On The Side
Win a side pot
Poker Joker
Complete all targets in any Poker Tour event
Dress To Impress
Spend 20,000 chips on apparel
How I Roll
Win a career total of a million chips
Give Your Regards To Broadway
Hit a 10 through ace straight
Perform a chip trick
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Quack Quack
Have pocket twos in the hole
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Never Give Up
Rebuy into a game
Bring It On
Create a public custom tournament
Check Yourself
Check 100 times
Before You Wreck Yourself
Fold 100 hands
Keep Your Heads Up
Go head-to-head with any opponent 100 times
Three Way
Win with three of a kind
Go For It
Raise 100 times
Rank Amateur
Reach level 5
In The Gang
Join or create a Poker Club
Holding Your Own
Reach level 20
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Bluffing Eh?
Muck one or both cards face up
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Pro Creation
Create a poker pro
Rock & High Roller
Win a career total of ten million chips
Reach level 50
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Bet Bet Bet
Make a 3-bet and win
Contribute 50 million chips to a club
Dog Eat Dog
Win a tournament
Top Dog
Win 15 tournaments
Total Knock Out
Knock out 5 players in a cash game
The Bigger They Are
Beat a star player
Choke A Dozen Donkeys
Win a career total of 100 million chips
Poker Showdown
Win the PCC Showdown Finale
Pro Player
Reach level 100
Club Legend
Own or be a member of a level 25 club
Poker Ace
Complete all targets in Poker Tour
Get dealt a 7-2
Play in a club tournament wearing club clobber
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Win a hand with 5 and 4 offsuit as your hole cards
Bounty Hunter
Collect 50 bounties
Regular Punter
Collect your Daily Bonus 7 times
On The Button
Win a hand in Win The Button

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