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Easy Task
Unlock 50 achievements.
Unlock 100 achievements.
The Completionist
Unlock 150 achievements.
Achieve The Impossible
Unlock 200 achievements.
And Beyond
Ascend for the first time.
Sonic The Hedgehog
Use the boost 100 times.
Gotta Go Fast
Use the boost 250 times.
Idle Slayer & KNUCKLES
Use the boost 500 times.
Super Sonic
Use the boost 1,000 times.
Faster Than 88 MPH
Use the boost 2,500 times.
Light Speed
Use the boost 5,000 times.
Use the boost 10,000 times.
One Stick
Get 1M coins.
1 Trillion
Get 1T coins.
1 Quintillion
Get 1Qi coins.
1 Septillion
Get 1Sp coins.
1 Nonillion
Get 1No coins.
1 Undecillion
Get 1Ud coins.
1 Tredecillion
Get 1Td coins.
1 Quindecillion
Get 1Qd coins.
Welcome Back!
Play the game for 2 consecutive days.
Not Idling
Play the game for 7 consecutive days.
The Importance of Being Idle
Play the game for 14 consecutive days.
Idle Lover
Play the game for 30 consecutive days.
A Loan
Get 10K coins per second.
A Public Work
Get 100M coins per second.
A Continent Income
Get 1Qa coins per second.
A Galactic Income
Get 1Sx coins per second.
A Hypercumulus Income
Get 1Oc coins per second.
Surreal Income
Get 1De coins per second.
Divine Income
Get 10De coins per second.
Negative Income
Get 100Ud coins per second.
Too Much Income
Get 100Td coins per second.
100 Slayed
Slay 100 enemies.
500 Slayed
Slay 500 enemies.
1,000 Slayed
Slay 1,000 enemies.
5,000 Slayed
Slay 5,000 enemies.
10,000 Slayed
Slay 10,000 enemies.
25,000 Slayed
Slay 25,000 enemies.
50,000 Slayed
Slay 50,000 enemies.
Bow Novice
Slay 100 enemies with the bow.
Bow Pro
Slay 10,000 enemies with the bow.
Boosted Boost
Use the boost while using the boost.
Nice Jump
Jump high.
One Arrow Eight Kills
Kill 8 enemies with one single arrow.
I'll Take Everything
Buy 25 upgrades all at once.
Ten Coins
Pick up 10 coins.
Hundred Coins
Pick up 100 coins.
Thousand Coins
Pick up 1,000 coins.
5K Coins
Pick up 5,000 coins.
10K Coins
Pick up 10,000 coins.
50K Coins
Pick up 50,000 coins.
Coin Master
Pick up 100,000 coins.
10 Thousands
Get 10K coins.
Indidle Jones
Pick up 150 rubies.
Scarlet Master
Pick up 1,000 rubies.
Where Am I?
Go through a portal for the first time.
Go through a portal 100 times.
Random But Not Random
Trigger 500 Random Boxes.
Quests Slayer I
Claim 4 quests.
Quests Slayer II
Claim 8 quests.
Quests Slayer III
Claim 15 quests.
100 Slayer Points
Get a lifetime total of 100 Slayer Points.
2500 Slayer Points
Get a lifetime total of 2,500 Slayer Points.
Upgrades III
Have a total of 50 upgrades in one ascension.
Upgrades VIII
Have a total of 200 upgrades in one ascension.

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