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Guide and Walkthrough by DMay

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/09/2002

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An unofficial walkthrough and strategy guide for the expansion to Command & 
This Document Copyright  July 22 2002 Duncan May (Mintmaster2001@yahoo.com)
Version 1.0 - Original formatting 7.22
Version 1.1 - Formatting updates, Authorized website list 8.8
Command and Conquer and Command and Conquer: The Covert Operations are 
trademarks of Westwood studios. Any Trademarks not mentioned are still  
This document is free for the private person to read and download, but may 
not be reproduced without my permission.

Authorized Websites:

Table of contents:

1 Introduction

2 Contact info

3 Thanks and Acknowledgements

4 GDI Units

5 Nod Units

6 Dinosaur Units

7 GDI-Only Structures

8 Nod-Only Structures

9 GDI/NOD Structures

Level Walkthroughs
Global Defense Initiative       
10.1 GDI: Blackout
10.2 GDI: Hell's Fury
10.3 GDI: Infiltrated
10.4 GDI: Elemental Imperative
10.5 GDI: Ground Zero
10.6 GDI: Twist of Fate
10.7 GDI: Blindsided

The Brotherhood of Nod
11.1 Nod: Bad neighborhood
11.2 Nod: Deceit
11.3 Nod: Eviction Notice
11.4 Nod: Tiberium Strain
11.5 Nod: Cloak and Dagger
11.6 Nod: Hostile Takeover
11.7 Nod: Under Siege: C&C
11.8 Nod: Death Squad

Secret Dinosaur Missions
12.1: Introduction
12.2: GDI/NOD
12.3: GDI/NOD
12.4: GDI/NOD
12.5: GDI/NOD
12.6: Dinosaur


1. Introduction
This is my first FAQ, And I am writing it because I wanted an FAQ for this 
expansion pack, but there was not one. So I did my damndest to beat all 
these levels, and I did. Then, I went on GameFAQs.com and looked in Command 
and Conquer. There I found an FAQ that had some info on Covert Ops 
missions. Oops. But that walkthrough was mainly for Command and Conquer DOS 
or 95. In my Walkthrough, I am going to go in depth for ONLY Command and 
Conquer: The Covert Operations.

2. Contact Stuff
If you have any questions, Comments or Corrections, feel free to e-mail me 
at Mintmaster2001@yahoo.com. Make sure to put the subject header something 
with my name (Duncan) or Command and Conquer or I will delete it.

3. Thanks and Acknowledgements
I would like to thank my family, friends, God, and Jeff, who introduced me 
to this great game.

I have used the following as sources to make this guide as complete as 

Roger Wong's Strategy Guide

I used this to get a second view on how to beat some of the levels in this 

Command & Conquer Instruction Manual, 1997 version

I used this to get an idea for the basic layout for my walk through.

Mission Briefings From the Game

Used for Mission briefings. 


Minigunner: Cheap and effective in masses. They are the most basic unit. 
Grenadier: Probably the best infantry in the game besides commandoes, 
grenadiers are effective against most enemy units and structures, excepting 
obelisks, and flame tanks.

Rocket Soldier: Very good against armor, and can attack airborne units. 
They work well in tandem with gun turrets, let enemy tanks attack your 
turrets than bring 5 or so rocket soldiers forward to finish of the tanks.

Commando: Very good against enemy infantry, and buildings, their main 
weakness is the minigunners who will shoot at him after he blows up 
buildings that they are in. Ineffective against vehicles. I find them 
helpful in Covert Ops missions for taking out the Temple of Nod, because 
the C-4 explosive destroys any building in one hit and Nod will not be able 
to launch their nuke. When you get commandoes, keep them alive.

Engineer: Can take over enemy buildings. No other weapon, but there are 
endless tactics you can use with these guys and APC's, and chinook 
helicopters. Send into enemy bases with commandoes to do some major damage.

Humm-vee: Fast and ideal for scouting out terrain. Good against infantry.

APC: Armed Personnel Carrier. Better armored than Humm-vees, and slower, 
but with the same weapon. Great for protecting engineers as it carries them 
into enemy territory. Use 5 or more against heavy defenses, with 1 engineer 
and four grenadiers or minigunners. At least one should reach it's 
objective, and all the rest will have a suprise inside when they are 
destroyed. This tactic can MESS UP enemies bases.

Medium Tank: The backbone of GDI's armor, they are effective against 
buildings and other vehicles, and can crush infantry but are slow in 
killing them with their main gun.

MRLS: Mobile Rocket Launch System. I like this to back up my defenses. It 
is devastating against infantry, but a light tank can kill it in about 4-5 
shots. Also good against air units and enemy bases if it is backed up by 

Mammoth Tank: Can take a lot or damage, and re-generate up to 50% health. 
Great against enemy armor. If it is being harassed by infantry, it's 
missiles will trigger when the turret turns 180 degrees. Can fire on air 

Orca: Fires anti-armor missiles. I like building 8; six will kill a 
harvester, and I like two to defend my base. Assign them numbers (Ctrl + #) 
and then you can vector them without having to send them all in a group or 
going back to your base. When a SAM pops up to shoot at one, use an Ion 
Cannon and the SAM will be destroyed in one hit.
Chinook: An aerial APC. Invisible to radar while in the air, it lacks 

MCV: Mobile Construction Vehicle. Use to build a base. Guard it carefully, 
it's slow and expensive.

Harvester: Gathers tiberium for money. Defend it well.

A-10: (Air strike) Drops napalm on enemy positions. You get Air strikes 
after you destroy SAM sites.

Ion Cannon: Use in tandem with aerial units to take out SAM sites. Can also 
take out gun turrets and obelisks in one hit.

5. Nod UNITS

Minigunner: The Basic Nod Infantry. IMHO these guys have a lot of bang for 
the buck.

Rocket Soldier: Effective against armor and air units. Spread a few through 
your base in case you lose power so you can defend against Orcas.

Flamethrower: Can kill most infantry in two shots. Spread them apart, when 
one dies he will take health from those right by him. Also arrange these 
guys so that they don't take damage from on another as they shoot.

Engineer: Can capture enemy buildings, In some levels, they can be used to 
capture empty chinook helicopters.

Chem-Warrior: Fires a Chemical spray and cannot be damaged while walking 
through Tiberium. They do 1.5x the damage of a flamethrower.

Commando: Can kill infantry from extreme range. The Commando is vulnerable 
against vehicles, Humm-vees and the like especially.

Recon-Bike: Fast but not well armored. Use to reconnoiter unrevealed 
terrain. They are good in packs, and can rip through armor as well as 
destroy aircraft.

Nod Buggy: Faster than GDI's Hummer, but not as well armored. They are 
effective for scouting and killing infantry. Use together with recon bikes 
in packs.

Light Tank: Faster than the Medium Tank, the light tank has a smaller gun. 
The Core of Nod Armor.

Mobile Artillery: Slow and un-armored, mobile artillery can decimate 
structures and infantry.

Flame Tank: Fast and deadly, the only dangers to this tank are orcas and 
medium tanks, as they can outrun mammoth tanks.

Stealth Tank: These are very useful to have. You can build invisible walls 
with them, park them in front of an enemy refineries so its harvester 
cannot unload, use in packs of 4/5 to perform hit and run attacks on enemy 
buildings, and kill orcas very effectively. They will fire on a orca on its 
helipad, then the orca will take of but the tanks will re-stealth. Then 
when the orca lands, fire another volley of shots of. These are also good 
for reconnaissance. Just remember, they are not well armored, and keep them 
at least one square away from infantry and guard structures.

SSM: Surface to Surface Missile launcher. You will not get this in single 
player, but as GDI you will be up against them constantly. They have very, 
very long reload time, but are great for weakening enemy defenses and 
killing large numbers of infantry. Don't bother shooting at fast units, 
they will be well clear before the missile hits.

Apache: Nod's attack helicopter. They are great for infantry killing, but 
take longer to reload than an orca and take a longer time to shoot all 
their ammunition.

Chinook: You cannot build these directly, but they will bring you 
reinforcements and you can capture them with an engineer. They are a troop 
transport helicopter and can land 5 infantry anywhere on the map.

MCV: Mobile Construction Vehicle. Deploy this to get a Construction yard, 
and you will be able to build a base.

Harvester: Collects tiberium. When full, harvesters have 700 credits of 

APC: Not available to build as Nod, these will show up in some covert ops 
missions. They are well armored, and they can carry 5 troops across the 
map. Use in large numbers for attacking enemy bases, with 1 engineer and 4 
flamethrowers or rocket soldiers inside.

Cargo Plane: The plan you see drop off units at your airfield. The farther 
right you airfield, the faster you get your units.

MRLS: Mobile Rocket Launch System. I like this to back up my defenses, and 
if it is protected by tanks, its is a good offensive weapon.

Nuclear Strike: It seems to me the nuclear strike does much more damage in 
Covert Ops than is does in the last mission of Command and Conquer. A 
nuclear strike can take out massive chunks of enemy 

6. Dinosaur UNITS

Stegasauros: Relatively slow, the Stegasauros can dish out a fair share of 
damage to infantry, vehicles, and structures.

Triceratops: As far as I know, the Triceratops and stegasauros are 
identical in every way except how they look.

Velociraptor: Fastest Dinosaur. It is great against light armor and 
infantry, but can hold it's own against defensive structures and tanks, 
too. It can get hit-points back from killing infantry.

T-Rex: Faster than the stegasauros or triceratops, the T-rex can absorb 
massive amounts of damage.


Infantry Barracks: Produces infantry. A prerequisite for base defenses.

Weapons Factory: Produces armored units.

Guard Tower: Equipped with a heavy machine gun, it rips through infantry. 
It is Vulnerable to rocket soldiers, and light tanks which can shoot at it 
out of it's range.

Advanced Guard Tower: Effective against aircraft and infantry, these can 
also destroy armor, especially if you have multiple emplacements. Use Orcas 
to soften up armor coming at them.

Advanced Communications Center: Establishes an Ion Cannon uplink and 
provides radar coverage.


Hand of Nod: Produces Infantry. 
Gun Turret: These, are by far, my favorite structure. I would much rather 
have 5 of these (As one gun battery, not spread apart) than two Obelisks of 
light, not very good against infantry, back them up with some artillery or 
flame tanks. These turrets actually have considerable range, it being the 
same as an MRLS.

SAM Site: These are only effective against air units. They are a lot more 
vulnerable when the launcher is exposed.

Airfield: You need this to produce vehicles. Try to build it so the plane 
does not fly over enemy bases, and have it to the right so you get your 
units faster.

Obelisk of Light: These require power to stay working. They can killed by 
one ion canon hit. Back these up with turret guns. You may have noticed 
that on some units take three hits, the third just is 1 health mark in the 
red. If turrets back these up you wont need another reload and can start to 
destroy a fresh tank.

Temple of Nod: Requires much power. Allows you to produce the MCV and 
prepares a nuclear strike.


Construction Yard: Use this to build other structures. Defend it wall. It 
is a deployed MCV

Power Plant: Produces 100 units of power for 300 credits. 

Advanced Power Plant: Produces 200 units of power for 700 credits. When you 
have a lot of base space, build many power plants instead of a couple 
advanced power plants. Also, If In Ion canon is shot at a APP, you lose 200 
units, but if it hits a normal PP you only lose 100.

Tiberium Refinery: Receives your harvester and can store up to 1,000 
credits of tiberium.

Tiberium Silo: Not very well armored, It can store 1,500 credits. If it is 
destroyed, you lose all the money in it.

Communications Center: Establishes radar and is needed to build more 
advanced structures and units.

Helipad: Re-arms Orcas and Apaches.

Repair Facility: Repairs damaged vehicles. You need one of these to build 
Mammoth tanks if you are playing as GDI.

Sandbags: Provide a defensive barrier. 1 hit destroys it

Chain Link Fence: Provides a slightly better barrier than sandbags.

Concrete Wall: Hard to destroy. The best barrier for defending your base.


10.1 GDI: Blackout
Briefing: We needed to establish a base in this area. Unfortunately, so 
does Nod. They have already put obelisks to guard the only way in. We need 
you to cut the power to the obelisks before our MCV arrives. With the MCV, 
set up a base and eliminate Nod forces.
Walkthrough: Head South. You will encounter some enemy rocket-soldiers. 
Kill them and you will get an air strike. Go North across the bridge and 
you will see a flame-tank, with only half its health. You can direct the 
air strike on it, of shoot and run with your commandoes, it only has half 
health. After the flame-tank is taken care of go into the base it was 
guarding. Destroy the power plants. (I save my air strike to get two of 
them) Moments later an MCV should arrive. Take it just north of where the 
power plants were, and build your base. Take out all the turret guns nearby 
so you can harvest in peace. Take out the outpost with the temple of nod 
first (northwest Corner) and use a commando on the temple so that it does 
not get to launch it's nuke. Then destroy the main base in the northeast. 
Or when you get your MCV, Ignore the turrets and head up to the North East 
corner and build your base, the computer starts building around when you 
start building your base. Take out the turret guns and the outpost in the 
northwest corner. The third option would be to air strike their 
construction yard before it starts (or finishes) building the Nod base. It 
is located in the North East corner.

10.2 GDI: Hell's Fury
Briefing: Nod is attempting to rebuild their temple with its nuclear 
missile. Establish a base and wait for contact with Agent Delphi. He will 
show you the best way into their base. Use everything at your disposal to 
stop The Brotherhood.
Walkthrough: Take your men and attack the Nod base to your east. You should 
have no trouble except for flame throwers which will come out of the Hand 
of Nod. When you have control of the base some reinforcements will arrive. 
Take your Humm-vee and scout out the area. Build up your base. Barricade 
the entrance until you have sufficient defenses, Nod will send down 3 
recon-bikes about every 30 seconds...really. Before this a helo should 
arrive. Load it up with men and go to the flare. Do this several times if 
you can. Hurry, Nod will build some SAMS. Go East. Take out the gun turrets 
and the wall. Blow up the power plants and destroy anymore that are built. 
Go south and take out the temple. Now you should attack the Nod base on the 
northwest side. Their Obelisks will not have any power. Then go for the 
base in the middle. Kill Everything. If your helo gets shot down, attack 
the Northeast base and then follow the northern path. Continue from where 
you would if you inserted men by Helo.

10.3 GDI: Infiltrated
Briefing: Infiltration! Nod has breached our base in Eastern Sudan and had 
begun taking it over. Re-capture the base and reestablish our military 
dominance in the area.
Walkthrough: The start is a major challenge. Build a new barracks. Capture 
all your buildings back. If Nod has your refinery for long enough they will 
build a turret in the middle of you base. Build some advanced guard towers, 
I built four. When the Noddies come, THEY COME. Build another refinery, and 
some orcas to help fend off incoming attacks. By now you should have 
scouted out the area. Their base in in the northwest corner. Kill off their 
harvesters with your orcas, six should do the job. Use orcas in tandem with 
the ion canon to destroy the SAM sites. Then take a bunch of tanks and 
"Eliminate enemy presence."

10.4 GDI: Elemental Imperative
Briefing: Nod has stolen some of key components to our tiberium research. 
Retrieve them. A local civilian is willing to help clear the way and take 
us to the site if we free his wife and return her to safety.
Walkthrough: You should start in the southwest. You can do several things. 
Head northeast, fight or not. Just make sure one unit makes it to the 
northeast corner to pick up the crates. Chase down the running rocket 
soldiers with a Humm-vee. Then go north with all your forces. Use your 
medium tanks to engage any flame tanks you see. There is a flame tank on 
the west side of the village you will pass by and also a flame tank on 
patrol with two recon bikes. Stay on the west side of the map and continue 
north. Use the commando to engage any infantry that you see. Continue north 
with your forces. You will encounter a light tank and a stealth tank, and 
some more infantry. In the northwest corner you will find some sandbags 
blocking a village. Destroy them and continue. A helicopter will appear at 
the mission's beginning. Bring it up to the village and put the woman in 
purple into the helicopter. It will leave and the man by where you started 
will go and set off a flare where the crates are. Go back until you reach 
the village. Head east. You will encounter some infantry, SSMs and tanks. 
Use you commando for the infantry and your tanks for theirs, with you other 
units supporting. Go north, cross the bridge, and recover the crates. Or, 
when you get the helicopter, put the commando in, fly to the edge of the 
shroud, let him out, and repeat this maneuver until you are in the 
northeast corner and pick up the crates.	 

10.5 GDI: Ground Zero
Briefing: Nod has launched a missile which is aimed at the global peace 
conference. Get the delegates from the conference to the Evac. point as 
quickly as possible. Time is critical - Good luck.
Walkthrough: You will see some Nod soldiers attacking houses, west and 
south of where you are. Kill the soldiers to your west, the get the 
flamethrowers to your south. You will encounter other Nod infantry on your 
way to kill them. You should get some infantry and than a medium tank as 
reinforcements. Head north, back past where you started. You will encounter 
some more infantry. Kill them. Stay as far east as you can while heading 
north, and you will be going the right way. You will have to head west 
soon. Have your medium tank in lead because soon you will see a flame tank. 
Head north, if you go west you will be stuck in a dead end. You should have 
to go through a large tiberium patch, guarded by a Nod buggy. after you 
have dealt with the buggy, keep your men north so they have to walk through 
as little tiberium as possible. On the other side you should see a village. 
In the village there will be a lab and by it a fence with diplomats trapped 
in it. Blow up the fence and take the diplomats, heading south. Soon the 
place will get nuked and you will be able to pick up some survivors. You 
will encounter some more infantry. If you kill them, you may get a Humm-vee 
and 3 rocket soldiers as reinforcements, where the mission started. Nod 
should have two flame tanks show up in the village, too. Kill these with 
you medium tank and rocket soldiers. Go south and west, eventually you will 
see a flare. You will encounter some infantry, a light tank, and a flame 
tank. If your medium tank is dead by now then send the humm-vee in first, 
and the flame tank will chase it. Since it is so fast, direct the humm-vee 
to where you started and you will never have to worry about the flame tank 
again as it is slower then the humm-vee. Now continue. You may encounter 
some more Nod forces, but you should be able to make short work of them. 
Get at least one diplomat to where the flare is/was and a helo will come. 
Put the diplomat in, and, mission accomplished.

10.6 GDI: Twist of Fate
Briefing: We have set up a small recon post in Nod territory, but they 
captured and reinforced it. Getting that post back would be a major coup. 
An MCV and armed convoy are on their way to aid you in establishing a new 
base. Once established, eliminate all Nod forces in the area.
Walkthrough: A lot depends on the beginning. Try to take out the enemy 
units that are armored or have anti-air capability. Use your orcas to 
finish off what ever Noddy units are left. If you don't kill enough units, 
your MCV will be killed as it drives down. It will, however almost always 
take some damage. Bring the MCV to the flare and set up your base. Build 
some advanced guard towers and use your ACP as bait to bring the enemy 
apaches into range of your AGT. Take the enemy base in the middle of the 
map first, and then the small outpost in the northwest. Build a refinery or 
two as there is a huge deposit of tiberium up there. You can try a frontal 
assault on the base in the southwest corner but I beat this level by 
sandbagging a lot of AGTs into their base after I kept blowing up their 
harvesters so that they were broke. I also sent minigunners way up north so 
air strikes would be diverted against them.

10.7 GDI: Blindsided
Briefing: Use your commando to establish control on our side of the river. 
We will send some help when all SAM sites are taken out. Than send your 
forces across the river and attack from the Nod from the rear. Destroy them 
all, they wont be surprised for long, so act quickly.
Walkthrough: There may be a better was to do this, but I dont know it, so, 
here goes. Kill the infantry coming at you. Go west. Take out the Turret 
gun, all the surrounding infantry, and then the SAM sites. A Helo with 5 
engineers will arrive. Capture 1 power plant, the hand of nod, the comms 
center and the airstrip. Make sure you have 1 engineer remaining. Build 
minigunners until you're broke, you should have about 20 or so. Blow up the 
two other power plants than kill the incoming infantry with your commando. 
Now go East and into the enemy base, use all your minigunners to take out 
the obelisk, turret guns, and SAM sites. Make sure not to touch the 
harvester or have your men run over by it. Bring you remaining engineer 
over and capture the refinery while the harvester is dumping tiberium. Now 
start pumping engineers out of your hand of nod and capture the rest of the 
base. If you want to, take out the enemy construction yards, with an air 
strike. They are in the northeast and west corners, I have heard they don't 
start building tanks until you cross the river, so weaken their bases while 
you can.  Keep your commando at your base in the south, a helo of enemy 
flamethrowers and commandos will come. So will a chinook on your side. Take 
your engineers across and capture the base where the flare is. Watch out 
for the vehicles waiting by the water. Build sufficient defenses (I built 
10 turret guns, all in one gun battery) and attack the enemy bases. The one 
in the northeast is weaker, so deal with it first.


11.1 Nod: Bad Neighborhood
Briefing: We need to remove all GDI forces from this area. Sadly, the 
civilians in this area are GDI friendly. You must remain undetected until 
your case is ready. If either GDI or the civilians discover you, GDI will 
Walkthrough: This mission is straightforward. Build your base, avoid 
detection, attack. There is a massive tiberium field north or your base. If 
you can position a nuke in the right place you can take out all 4 power 
plants, a silo, a tiberium refinery, AGT, and war factory. Use stealth 
tanks to sneak up and take out the construction yard.

11.2 Nod: Deceit
Briefing: GDI has attacked and cut off one of our bases. Find a way into 
the base. One of our agents will assist you by placing a flare at the right 
time. Once you are in, rebuild the base and destroy the GDI forces in the 
Walkthrough: You will see GDI soldiers attacking a village to the south. 
Ignore them. Kill enemy infantry. Head northwest. If you see any enemy 
comms centers blow them up with your commando. Cross the bridge, kill any 
infantry you see. Get the crate of money and wait, a helicopter will land. 
Capture it with the engineer. Put your commandos in and head west and a 
little south. You want to end up along the western edge, in about the 
middle. You can let your commandos out to reconnoiter. you should be in 
your base. An old, damaged nod base, that is cut off by guard towers is 
there. use your apache to attack units holding you under siege. Put a 
commando in the helo and fly him to the southern village. Get the crate 
that was in the church in the village it has more money. Build a refinery, 
and hand of nod. Build some rocket soldiers and attack the guard towers 
from out of their range. Let the harvester harvest north of your base and 
build some turrets. Once your base is ready take out the towers to the 
southern part of your base and build defenses. Use stealth tanks and your 
apache to destroy the normal guard towers that are scattered all over the 
level. When you are good and ready get a whole lot of tanks and go in 

11.3 Nod: Eviction Notice
Briefing: GDI influence in this area in running rampant. Establish a well 
positioned strike base, and clear the area out. A nearby town may provide a 
suitable location for your base, if the occupants were "persuaded" to move.
Walkthrough: Head for the village. You will need to take out a mammoth tank 
and will lose some of your flame tanks. Destroy the village. You will get 
funds from the buildings you blow up. There are many tanks parked around 
the level. Once you have your base up and running, send out patrols to kill 
them. Reconnoiter with stealth tanks, and you will find the enemy advanced 
communication center can be shot at safely. blow it up, the enemy will have 
to spend 2800 rebuilding it and wont be able to ion canon your base 
defenses. If they rebuild it, destroy it again. There are many large 
tiberium patches north of your base.

11.4 Nod: Tiberium Strain
Briefing: A nearby GDI base is conducting further ion research. In doing 
so, they use a lot of chemicals, located in their bio centers. Destroy all 
the bio centers, and "Contaminate" all units and civilians. Leave all other 
structures intact so that it looks like an accident.
Walkthrough: Get you flame tank to kill nearby infantry. Head south, into 
the village, where there are many civilians, some infantry, and a medium 
tank. Use your flame tanks against the medium tank, and when you destroy it 
another flame tank will arrive. Double back north but don't cross the 
bridge you crossed on the way down. Instead head east and cross the other 
bridge. Follow the road. On another bridge you will find another medium 
tank. When you destroy it yet another flame tank will arrive. Continue 
along. You will see a comms center but ignore it, you are only to destroy 
certain buildings. You will come across another squad. Head north through 
the large tiberium patch. You infantry are immune to the effects of 
tiberium. There is a back entrance to the base. Kill all the enemy units 
that will come out of it. (If you are low on units make enemy infantry 
chase you through the tiberium, they will eventually die) Then go into the 
base and destroy the three bio facilities, but nothing else.

11.5 Nod: Cloak and Dagger
Briefing: GDI has intercepted and captured one of our MCV's. We were 
counting on that vehicle to establish a foothold in that area.  Recover the 
MCV and remove every trace that GDI has ever been there.
Walkthrough: Drive around, to get a feel for the map, than go to the enemy 
base where you can see your MCV. The northern entrance is the easiest for a 
stealth tank to enter. Get to your MCV and blow up all the chain link fence 
surrounding it. Deploy your MCV as northwest as possible inside the GDI 
base. Build a power plant just south, it will be fired on by an advanced 
guard towers. Immediately build a hand of nod, and place it as far from 
advanced guard towers as possible. (I do believe there is one position when 
it will not be fired on. By now your power plant should be destroyed but 
don't worry you are about to capture many a power plant. Use your power 
plant and hand of nod as diversions and keep building engineers and 
capturing power plants. Now build gun turrets and attack the tanks and what 
not surrounding the base. Don't worry about money, just keep building 
engineers. Capture every building you can sell for a profit. Sell what you 
need to get 2000 credits (1 of your construction yards) and build a 
refinery. Finish taking the base from the inside out. Eventually all the 
enemy vehicles and units will come charging into your base. Fend them off, 
than go destroy the outpost in the center of the map.

11.6 Nod: Hostile Takeover
Briefing: The mission is simple. GDI has taken a region that belongs to us. 
Take it back.
Walkthrough: First make sure you can see the church across the water. Than 
take your rocket soldiers to the bridge and blow up the tank defending it. 
Head north and you will find an old, damaged Nod outpost. Sell the comm. 
Center to get 5 more infantry units than build an engineer from the hand of 
nod. Take your flame tank southwest and destroy the two guard towers. 
Double back with your flame tank and kill the enemy infantry that will be 
inserted by helicopter. Go back to where the guard towers were and blow a 
hole in the fence. Capture one of the chinooks and put several infantry 
units in it. Fly to the church and blow it up, than get the crate for 2000 
credits. Now shuttle the helicopter back and forth to the flare than send 
the chopper to that village as a mammoth is after it and your base wont be 
able to handle it. Head north with your infantry. Repair the building you 
have and build up you base. Fly the helo back, you can defend against a 
mammoth tank now. If it is lost, capture another down south. Build 4 light 
tanks to take out the guard towers looming over you tiberium patches. There 
is a field in the center of the map with a lot of tiberium. The easiest way 
into the GDI base is from the south, but you can only use infantry, so send 
some rocket soldiers along to take out the guard towers. Watch out for 
engineers. They do like coming into your base. Build a turret or SAM as 
your northern most building, and you will not have any problems.(Computer 
enemies will always go for your northern most building)

11.7 Nod: Under Siege: C&C
Briefing: GDI had pinned us inside our own base and funds have run out. 
Reports have it that GDI is ready to send in air strikes to finish us off. 
The situation looks hopeless...  
Walkthrough: This, this is my most favorite mission on the Covert Ops disk. 
Repair what vehicles need it, than take your stealth tank exploring. In the 
south there is a village, when you blow up the church you get a money 
crate, and when you blow up the other buildings, minigunners will come out 
and go after the GDI units holding your base under siege. Also, sell your 
silos and if you wish temple or SAM sites. (I keep my SAMS because although 
they don't always do too much against incoming air strikes but GDI units 
have a fixation for killing them, allowing your units to attack their units 
which are, in turn, attacking your SAM sites.) Use your stealth tank to 
harass the GDI harvester, when units come to investigate break off the 
attack, and then the investigating unit will come to you base where you can 
make short work of it. After all the northern units are gone the enemies 
holding you under siege will pour in fend them off, and then if you still 
have a temple nuke their base, and if you sold your temple, all you will 
need will be your stealth tank and ten or so minigunners to finish off 
their base. (With all the money from selling buildings and getting at the 
church, I built gun turrets and repaired damaged structures) I suppose you 
could build a refinery, but I never make much use of one when I play. 
Anyway, after you have repulsed the attack, build minigunners, even if you 
have to sell other buildings to do so. With your stealth tank, blow a hole 
in the wall at the southwestern part of their base. Take their power plants 
first, then the construction yard and then the barracks and war factory. 
Shoot at the guard towers with your stealth tank, just stay out of their 
range. Don't worry about the advanced guard towers, they have no power 
since you destroyed the power plants. Use your minigunners to destroy the 
rest of the base, and the stealth tank for the harvester.

11.8 Nod: Death Squad
Briefing: After our setback in Europe, our recovery effoers have been 
hindered by GDI's use of it's ion cannon. Now they have a relay in North 
Africa! We only have limited forces, but you must take out the advanced 
communications center or slowly Africa will begin to fall as well.
Walkthrough: Reconnoiter with your stealth tanks. Than take a stealth tank 
to the east side of the enemy base and blow a hole in the northern section 
of the wall. Take the rest of your units to the northern lake. Look over 
their base with your stealth tank. The advanced communication center is 
just north of the sandbag wall and mammoth tank. Use rocket soldiers and 
your light tank to kill the guard towers if you wish. Watch out for the 
enemy commando. Do your best to avoid enemy contact. Have your units go to 
the hole in the wall you made earlier. Fight your way north, Kill the 
mammoth tank and send your light tank past the sandbags first, as a 
diversion for the advanced guard tower, so you can use your commando to 
take out the Advanced Comm Center. If you make too much of a fuss, the 
whole GDI base will come after you.

12.1 Dinosaur levels Introduction
As an easter egg mocking Jurassic Park, the developers of The Covert 
Operations put in some dinosaur missions. You can play as either GDI or 
Nod, and will still get the same missions, and maps, just the units you 
have access to will vary a little. (On the last level you have command of 
an army of dinosaurs) and (I always play on GDI because their helicopters 
are better suited to killing the dinos) To get to play these missions, 
simply go into DOS, and type the directory that Command and Conquer is in. 
If you run your game on DOS, after you type the directory name put in c&c 
EX.  D:\Games\Westwood\Ccdawn\c&c funpark
If you run on Windows 95, than do the same, but type in c&c95 funpark EX.  
D:\Games\Westwood\Ccdawn\c&c95 funpark
The names you have on your directories may be different from the ones I 
have on mine, so give DOS your commands accordingly.

12.2: Dino Mission 1
Briefing: There have been reports of strange animals in this area. Take 
your units to investigate, than report back your findings.
Walkthrough: Take your men and head east. You should get two more recon 
bikes as reinforcements. Take your troops north. You should encounter a 
triceratops. Continue, going northwest, and cross the bridge. Kill the T-
rex in the village. After that, go east, and kill the stegasauros. Mission 

12.3 Dino Mission 2
Briefing: We've lost contact with our base in this region. Find the base, 
and secure the area. Eliminate any threats that you find.
Walkthrough: Put your men in the helo and go west across the river. Kill 
the dinosaur from across the rocks, he only has a little life left. Now put 
you men back in the helo, and fly south. You should find you base. Build 
four tanks, and clear what you can on your side of the river. Now, send 1 
commando across the North/South river and use him as a forward air 
controller for your helicopters, which you should send in to finish the 

12.4 Dino Mission 3
Briefing: We've lost a lot of men in these woods. You must clear the path 
for the safety of future troops passing through this area. Our scientists 
indicate that these dinosaurs are not as dumb as previous theories 
Walkthrough: Get your units in a good defensive layout. Flame throwers 
scattered around the perimeter, grenadiers behind them. Have your vehicles 
all in a row, and keep your rocket soldiers behind them. Well, that's how I 
do it. Now, take a Nod-buggy and investigate the woods to the north. As 
soon as you see a dinosaur, run the buggy back to protection. The Dino(S) 
will chase, and you can make short work of them. After you are finished 
doing this with the north woods, you will get reinforcements. Do the same 
to the southeastern woods, to get more reinforcements. Lastly, Kill the T-
rex hiding out in the northeastern corner.

12.5 Dino Mission 4
Briefing: You must establish a base in this region. Reports indicate that 
the area is directly in the migratory path of the local, hostile, animal 
life, so prepare to defend against any attack. 
Walkthrough: Build your base and instead of guard towers or turrets, build 
tanks for defenses as individual dinosaurs are not terribly great against 
them (Still a threat, believe me). Use your Humm-vees as a forward air 
controllers, and pound away on the dinos with helicopters.

12.6 Dino Mission 5
Briefing: The NOD base in this area is threatening to make your species 
extinct! Take any action you deem necessary for your survival.
Walkthrough: This time, you are the dinosaurs. Scout out the area with 
velociraptors. Kill any troops you see and watch out for stealth tanks. 
When you are good and ready, attack their base. The best place is the 
northeastern corner of it, as it is right by the power plants and you can 
send in a second group from the bridge without having to worry about the 
obelisks. Don't worry too much about losing your critters, you get 
reinforcements in a pretty steady stream after you start attacking the 


Start a dinosaur game, than abort and load previously saved missions from 
normal Command and Conquer. (GDI or Nod) You will have to change CD's, but 
by doing this, you will be able to build things ordinarily you could not 
(Ex. Commandos and Ion Cannon strikes on the second or third GDI mission, 
or say, Nuclear strikes and stealth tanks on the second Nod mission.) Now 
that you have loaded your mission, and you have a base and don't want to 
restart, look. Nothing may seem different. Now, sell a building, say your 
barracks, or repair bay, or helipad, Now rebuild what you sold. You should 
be able to build some more units or structures now, what ever your new 
building is a prerequisite of. I had a refinery, hand of nod, power plant 
and construction yard in my base; It was exactly the same as it was when I 
saved it. I sold my hand of nod and rebuild another one. There were several 
higher tech level things I could have built after I did that. (Airfield and 
gun turret; I was on the second Nod mission) If you don't mind about your 
base or progress, restart the mission you are on. You should be able to 
build any unit or structure from the side you are on if you have the right 


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