Game keeps crashing on the initial loading screen, how do I fix it?

  1. So I just got this game off of steam, and on my first play through I experienced no issues. However when I went to run the game a second time, the game keeps crashing on the initial loading screen. I'm not sure if anyone else has this issue, but it's frustrating nonetheless.

    User Info: Vauxrell

    Vauxrell - 2 weeks ago
  2. I haven't been crashing, but I have been experiencing some lag issues (When the opening plays usually and when I start the game). I've made sure my I met the requirements as well. Wondering if you and anyone else has been experiencing this.

    User Info: DrSuperWafflez

    DrSuperWafflez - 2 weeks ago
  3. I tried plugging my Switch Pro Controler in my PC and it caused the game to crash after a few minutes. I'm not really fond of mouse and keyboard combo for playing and had hopes to use one of the best controlers to play this. Next is plugging the WiiU/Switch GC controler hub and try it.

    User Info: SenseiSoriel

    SenseiSoriel - 2 weeks ago

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  1. Sadly, it just seems like an unstable release that's going to need patched because there are currently a lot of different causes and most are caused by certain in-game settings and external software running in the background which can only be fixed by turning them off.

    For example, setting the game to Widowed/Borderless causes it to crash, but fortunately this one can be fixed by simply setting it to Full Screen.
    Maxing out Resolution Scaling and Resolution causes the game to crash, but lowering one or both should fix it.

    Attempting to adjust your resolution in-game may also cause the game to crash for some, so you have to do it in the steam folders.

    In addition, running certain external software while you play like MSI Afterburner, RTSS, Rivatuner, etc will cause the game to crash, and only turning them off will fix it. Some say it doesn't like certain Steam Settings like having the FPS Counter enabled either.

    It also reportedly doesn't play nice with certain Anti-Virus Software.

    So yeah, the best you can do is turn off any external software you may be running in the background, completely disable the Steam Overlay as well as any other overlays you may have enabled such as AMD/NVIDIA overlays, don't run the game in Windowed Mode, don't adjust your resolution in-game, add the .exe to your Anti-Virus Software's exceptions, etc.

    Sorry I can't be of much better help, but apparently the game's just sort of a mess right now, so you'll either have to take the steps listed above or wait until the game gets patched.

    User Info: Blk_Mage_Ctype

    Blk_Mage_Ctype (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 7   1

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