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Custom Edition Guide by scizor20

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 12/20/04


The Halo: Custom Edition FAQ

By Fred Lowe AKA scizor20
email: Caeadas@gmail.com.com

version 1.01


The Halo: Custom Edition FAQ
Table of Contents:
1) Intro
2) Differences
3) How to get
4) Where to find maps
5) How to install maps
6) The console
 6.1) devmode
 6.2) cheat command list
 6.3) the Debug Camera 
7) Version history
8) Credits
9) Legal Jargon


1) Introduction

Halo: Custom Edition (CE) is a downloadable version of Halo PC multiplayer 
released with the Halo Editing Kit (HEK). It was designed to play the maps that
HEK users make and distribute on the internet. 


2) Differences from halo PC

The main difference is that in CE, there is NO single player campaign mode. 
That is included with Halo PC. There IS the ability to import user created 
multiplayer maps in halo CE though. There are some technical changes too. Halo 
CE uses new technology designed to make the game run better. There is a new 
screen at the start of every game that shows all the rules, and during the game
you can press a button to show the names of every player on your team. There is
a icon that shows the position of your own flag in CTF, and shows if a player 
is holding the flag while in a vehicle. 


3) How to get Halo CE

Halo CE is freely distributed on the internet. You can find a list of websites 
that have Halo CE and the HEK here:


(if all those fail, good ol' www.google.com should do the trick)

UPDATE: Download.com has Halo CE here:


In order to install Halo CE, you MUST have a legal copy of halo PC, and you 
must have the CD-KEY for halo PC. CE will not overwrite Halo PC, it is a 
standalone program that functions like halo PC. Installation is just like Halo
PC, and is pretty straitfoward.


4) Where to get the maps

There are many sites that host custom designed maps. here are just some:



Here is a really good one:



5) What to do to your downloaded maps

Now that you have halo CE installed and your downloaded maps handy, it's very
simple to run the maps in Halo CE. First, decompress the file that you 
downloaded if its in .rar or .zip format. If you don’t have the program to open
that file, go to www.google.com and look for winrar or winzip, depending on 
what the file is. Use that program to open the file. Now inside the compressed
file, there is a file in .map format usually named after the name of the custom
map. Go figure... Now unless you moved it for some odd reason, there is a 
folder in the halo CE directory named MAPS. Here would be a good place to look:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps"

Now here's the difficult part. Put the .map file into the MAPS folder of the 
halo CE directory. Ooooh hard.

Update: 7-Zip does everything that winzip and winrar does, but better. Go to


and try it now.

6) The console

Now that we have the hard part out of the way lets get down to the fun part: 
playing against other people. Since CE plays almost identical to it's retail 
counterpart, All halo PC console commands will work in halo CE. To activate the

- Open the properties window of the halo CE shortcut
- On the "target" line, add " -console" to the end of the filename so that it 
looks like this:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps" -console

Note the space before - must be included. While playing halo, press the ~ key 
(the one directly above tab) to open the console. GameFAQS.com has another FAQ
that explains how to use the console and all of it's functions and commands.
We're interested in something else thats exclusive to CE...

 6.1) devmode
The designers of halo had a nice little toy to play with while designing halo. 
It's called developer mode. It is included with halo CE and can be accessed by
doing the following:

- open the properties window of the halo CE shortcut
- on the "target" line, add " -devmode -console" to the end of the filename so
that it looks like this:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps" -devmode -console

Note the spaces before the -'s. Now when you open halo CE using this shortcut, 
it will be in devmode. The main difference is that you CAN NOT access any 
internet multiplayer games. It is completely disabled until you open halo CE 
normally without devmode. The reason for this is because devmode is used by
those people that are designing levels and need to manipulate the levels under
construction in a way that makes multiplayer unfair. The good thing is, devmode
contains many cheats and commands to make exploring the levels easy.

Note that there are actually hundreds of console commands for devmode. To see 
them, press tab. To see a certain section type a letter and press tab. For 
example, "B" tab will show all the commands starting with B, or at least what 
the screen will hold. Most of these commands are useless to anybody who is not 
a game designer. Here is a list of the most useful commands:

6.2) Devmode Cheat Command List

NOTE: Any command that is followed with <#> (excluding game_speed) means that 
you follow it with either with a 0 or 1, representing true and false. This 
enables and disables the cheats. Also, always include a _ where shown in the 
command, not a blank space

game_speed <#>- Change this from 1-20 to make the game run faster. Change it 
to 0 to make the game pause 

cls- Clears the console screen 

cheat_active_camo- Makes your player have a permanant active camo

cheat_bottomless_clip- <#> Human weapons and the needler never have to reload, 
and the plasma weapons can not overheat 

cheat_infinite_ammo- <#> This gives you infinite ammunition for every weapon 

cheat_super_jump- <#> This lets you jump very high. (should be used with 
deathless player cheat, otherwise you may die while falling) 

cheat_deathless_player- <#> This makes you absolutely invincible, even from 

cheat_all_powerups- This spawns one of each powerup around the player 

cheat_all_vehicles- This spawns one of each vehicle around the player 

cheat_all_weapons- This spawns one of each weapon around the player, including
the flag and oddball skull 

cheat_spawn_warthog- This will spawn one regular warthog next to the player 

show_hud <#>- Turn this off to remove the HUD from the screen

6.3) debug_camera

this interesting little tidbit was revealed to me just a few days before the 
creation of this FAQ, and is one of the reasons why it was written. I looked 
for days to find out how to take a screenshot from really high, and went from 
modding the jump height to turning secret banshees invisible. But thats another

To separate the camera from the master cheif's head, input these two commands 
into the console in this order:


Now the camera has escaped from behind the shiny yellow visor. The chief is 
still fully controllable, though. To control the camera, hold down the scroll 
button on your mouse. Now the cheifs movement commands move the camera around.
Here is the default controls:

W- forward
S- back
A- strafe left
D- strafe right
R- move up (gain altitude/ascend)
F- move down (lose altitude/descend)
mouse- look/turn
scroll wheel up/down- change camera movement speed

Now you can look around the level or get really cool angles of the Master 
Chief in all his majesty. To return the camera to the Master Chief's 
perspective, type the following command: 

camera_control 0

The camera will immediately snap back to the first person view. To make the 
chief teleport to the camera's location use this command


and the chief will magically appear where your camera is. now you can put the 
chief in a really cool spot and take a really cool shot of it. 


7) version history

1.01- Added a couple of websites
      Added info about 7-zip
      fixed some punctuation errors
      updated email address

1.00- original faq


8) thanks

to gamefaqs.com for hosting my horrible faq, to renamon for helping me figure 
out how to do most of the stuff here, to apocalypse, just because I’m copying 
his faq style, and to all the idiots of the halo PC board for asking how to do
this stuff a million times and driving us all nuts... 

also thanks to the people of 7-zip for making a great file compression program


9) legal jargon

Copyright 2004 Frederick Lowe

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright. 

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