ArtMatt Armstrong
ArtStephen Bahl
ArtJennifer Burris
ArtEli Luna
ArtDavid Mertz
Audio ProgrammingScott Velasquez
Business AdministrationStephen Bahl
Business AdministrationLandon Montgomery
Executive ProducerRandy Pitchford
Game ProgrammingShawn Green
Game ProgrammingSteve Jones
Game ProgrammingCharles Kostick
Game ProgrammingSean Rearden
Game ProgrammingJimmy Sieben
Game ProgrammingScott Velasquez
Graphics ProgrammingShawn Cavanaugh
Graphics ProgrammingShawn Green
Lead ArtStephen Bahl
Lead Level DesignDavid Mertz
Lead ProgrammingShawn Green
Level DesignMatt Armstrong
Level DesignStephen Bahl
Level DesignJennifer Burris
Level DesignEli Luna
Level DesignDavid Mertz
Level DesignMarc Tardif
Multiplayer Game DesignMatt Armstrong
Multiplayer Game DesignStephen Bahl
Multiplayer Game DesignDavid Mertz
Network Administration, Support and Source ControlCharles Kostick
Network Administration, Support and Source ControlDavid McGarry
Network Administration, Support and Source ControlStephen Palmer
Network ProgrammingSteve Jones
Network ProgrammingEvan Nguyen
Network ProgrammingSean Rearden
Network ProgrammingJimmy Sieben
ProducerMarc Tardif
Testing LeadDavid McGarry
User Interface and InputCharles Kostick
User Interface and InputJimmy Sieben


Data and credits for this game contributed by Vortex268, Renamon, BGoldTLE, oliist, and BartSmith.

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