PC Noob- need help figuring out DOS and how to install?

  1. So basically I have a mid-range laptop that is obviously more than capable of supporting Daggerfall. Problem is I need that DOS emulator thing (Sorry, huge PC noob here) and I have no idea really where to download it and how to get Daggerfall to run on it. I know you can get DF for free on Bethesda's website. Again, huge PC noob here so if someone can walk me through it I'd be very appreciative ! I love Morrowind (most of all), Oblivion, and Skyrim so I'd love to get a chance to experience Daggerfall, anyone willing to lend a hand?

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    djfunkyjunk - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. First, go to dosbox.com then click the 0.74 in the upper right hand corner next to latest version. Click on the green button to get to the download site. Download it and allow for it to download a desktop icon as well (for convenience). Then, download the full game of Daggerfall from the Elders Scrolls site if you haven't yet. Move the dagger and dfcd folders to a folder in your local disc C: where you want to store it (I named mine "ms-dos"). This serves as a directory needed for DOSBox. Open DOSBox and open the readme or PDF in the game files (not sure what type of file it was) for instructions. Follow them closely, but ignore the memsize configuration, as I will explain later. I didn't have to extract the files I downloaded from the site, so you shouldn't have to either. Then once you have followed the rest of the instructions, close out everything. This is now what I type everytime when I open DOSBox and want to play Daggerfall, (you press Enter to submit commands), similar to what is in the instructions:



    mount c c:\ms-dos -freesize 1000

    mount d c:\ms-dos\ -t cdrom -label Daggerfall




    (Note: ms-dos is my folder name, you put in what name or the path to the folder you put the game folders in; the memsize thing is easier to set up everytime you open DOSBox rather than put it in the config file, it's what I do; cycles=max is recommended since 3000 cycles is really slow.)

    It seems complicated, but once you follow the instructions and get the hang of it, it becomes simple. I once was a PC Noob as well, so do not fear, with practice you'll get better at this kind of stuff. This game is awesome, kinda glitchy, but I like it.

    I suggest downloading Arena first to get acquainted with DOSBox commands. Tip: Alt+Enter toggles full screen, and when exiting full screen, your mouse exits the DOSBox window; this is useful!

    Hope this helps!

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