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Kill 20 players with the bomb blast.
Swinging Death
Kill 40 players with the club.
Spicing up the battle
Kill 50 players with the pepper.
Kill 60 players with the Shot Dog.
The First of Many
Play 1 match.
Well-balanced Breakfast
Play 10 rounds.
Cooking Lunch
Play 20 rounds.
Dinner is Ready!
Play 50 rounds.
Food God
Play 100 rounds.
Saw Survivor
Survive 40 seconds in Chop Chop mode.
Treadmill Ninja
Survive 40 seconds in Organic Disposal mode.
Puddle Master
Survive 40 seconds in Hot Puddles mode.
Ketchup King
Survive 40 seconds in Ketchin’ Up mode.
Fork Samurai
Survive 40 seconds in What the Fork mode.

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