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Just Getting Started
Pay off your first loan
One Step Closer
Pay off the second loan
This Had Better Be It
Pay off the third loan
Yep, Still Poor
Have £10,000
Am I Rich Yet?
Have £1,000,000
Thicc Fists
Train an executive's Fisticuffs to 50
Splendorous Fists
Train an executive's Fisticuffs to 1,000
Thicc Stache
Train an executive's Moustache to 50
Resplendent Stache
Train an executive's Moustache to 1,000
Fearless Leader
Have 100 employees
Filling the Pool
Have 1,000 Gold
Secret Service
Have 10 Kingsmen
Beau Monde
Train 100 total Kingsmen
Make Way
Defeat 6 Rival companies
Cleaning House
Defeat 100 total rival companies
Start 3 Companies
Start 8 Companies
Start a company in 12 different industries
Hire 3 executives
Board Meeting
Have 4 executives on your board
Team Stacking
Have 5 Executives on one building
Full House
Have 12 Executives in one Company
Second Class Ticket
Travel 10 times
First Class Ticket
Travel 50 times
Around the World
Purchase all travel destinations
First Impressions
Go on your first date
Getting Around
Have a level 2 relationship with 3 Executives
The Full Monty
Reach maximum relationship with an executive
Max out 12 Executive relationships
Powered Up!
Have 10 Assets at once
Defeat your Rival
Defeat your Rival 3 times
The Sanctus Lapis Fortunae
Reclaim your family's honor
Oh God, Another?
Pay off your fourth loan
Building Rapport
Pay off your fifth loan
Unlock a Friendship for every Executive
Just Dandy
Upgrade 30 assets
Higher Taxes
Pay 420k in taxes
Under The Table
Bring your taxes to zero
Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good
Banish 69 spirits
Dismissed Fists
Drain an executive's fisticuffs to zero
Loan Ranger
Pay off 10 loans in one run
Come At Me, Chum
Defeat a rival with every trait
Is It Over?
Witness the ending
It Is Over
Witness the true ending

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