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Rank I
Eliminate 10 enemies
Rank II
Eliminate 50 enemies
Rank III
Eliminate 100 enemies
Rank IV
Eliminate 150 enemies
Rank V
Eliminate 200 enemies
Build a Warehouse
Build a Sawmill
Resource Station
Build a Resource Station
Stone Crusher
Build a Stone Crusher
Build a Kitchen
Build a Bar
Coal Production Station
Build a Coal Production Station
Factory I
Build a Factory I
Factory II
Build a Factory II
Fort I
Build a Fort I
Fort II
Build a Fort II
Build a Barracks
Propaganda Center
Build a Propaganda Center
Science Center
Build a Science Center
Field Hospital
Build a Field Hospital
Build a Scaffold
Rank VI
Eliminate 250 enemies
Make a delicious meat stew! The doctor will be happy! Om nom nom

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