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On Our Way!
Complete 10 Stages!
We've Got a Ways to Go!
Complete 20 Stages!
Let's Go to the Beach!
Complete 30 Stages!
Marching On...
Complete 40 Stages!
Are We There Yet?
Complete 50 Stages!
The Halfway Mark!
Complete 60 Stages!
The Lighthouse Is in Sight!
Complete 70 Stages!
The Skyworld and Underworld!
Complete 80 Stages!
The Long and Dangerous Road
Complete 90 Stages!
The Lighthouse!
Complete all Stages!
Star Master
Get three stars on all Stages!
Ashes to Ashes...
Have a crop die...
Hay Bale Hero
Use one hay bale to feed 4 livestock!
Fish Fight
Hit the fishing button 30 times during a fight!
Huge Harvest
Harvest a 3 x 3 item!
Giant Harvest
Harvest a 5 x 5 item!
Massive Harvest
Harvest a 7 x 7 item!
Power Pro
Activate Power Mode 100 times!
Just Made It!
Activate Power Mode with one second left!
Power Player
Activate Power Mode 5 times on the same Stage!
A Dim Lighthouse
Get a Time Seed for the first time!
A Brighter Lighthouse
Get 4 Time Seeds!
A Gleaming Lighthouse!
Get all the Time Seeds!
Get hit by a wild boar, coconut, or magma 30 times.
Colossal Coconut Water
Harvest a 5 x 5 coconut water!
A Frozen Farm
Freeze the whole field...
Master Farmer
Harvest all types of items!

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