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Complete a full playthrough of the campaign without dying.
Ignored the Call
Ignore the call for help, and return to your normal life.
Witch Hunter Hunter
Defeat a Terminer in combat.
Travel to Chapter 2: The Summer.
All Hallows' Eve
Travel to Chapter 3: The Fall.
Winter Solstice
Travel to Chapter 4: The Winter.
In Contempt
Defeat the Lord of the Terminer, magistrate of the Court.
Return home after completing your quest.
Clear all corruption vines and nests on a single island.
Weed Whacker
Clear all corruption vines and nests in an entire biome.
Discover every island in a biome.
Weepy Eekins
Send Weepy Eekins to cry in the dirt.
Lore Hobbiest
Find 10 notes.
Lore Librarian
Find 20 notes.
Lore Doctor
Find all notes.
Trade 500 Shiny Objects with Magpie.
City Planner
Build 100 Improvements.
Advanced Civilization
Attain Camp Level 10.
During Winter, have 0 Improvements in a non-functional state due to cold.
Titan of Industry
Exceed 40 production a day in Entertainment, Food, and Water.
Green Thumb
Heal a wounded Drake.
Find and rescue 100 Drakes.
Retirement Age
Advance a Drake to retirement.
Collect 'em All
Rescue one Drake of every type.
Skyway Architect
Build 100 Waypoints.
Railgrind for 50 km.
Ghostride the Light
Railgrind continuously for 10 km as a ghost.
Supply Chain
Connect one of each type of supply truck to camp.
Send over 1,000 materials to camp.
Batter Up
Using only the Aluminum Slugger, defeat an ambush on a baseball diamond.
Artful Dodger
Defeat all enemies in an ambush while taking no damage.
Defeat a raid at camp level 7 or higher without any Improvements taking damage.
Automagical Defense
Defeat a raid using only defensive Improvements.
Kill an enemy with a defensive Improvement.
Kill a Fang with its own projectile.
Kill an enemy using only your fists.
Kill an enemy over 100 meters away using an arrow.
Hit 5 enemies with a Proximity Mine.
Ground Pounder
Hit 5 enemies with a single ground pound attack.
Light 100 enemies on fire.
Hit 5 enemies with a single electric melee attack.
Not The Bees!
Scare 100 enemies with Bees.
Curio Shop
Craft one of each type of Curio.
Man in Motion
Clear 10 corruption vines with a single use of St. Elmo's Fire.
Use Raid Bait to draw out 100 enemies.
Fool 50 enemies with Decoys.
Team Player
Protect 3 other players with a single Aether Ward.
Ride the Lightning
Hit an enemy with an electrified Electric Guitar.
I'm Flying!
Fall continuously for 3 seconds.
Revive a fellow player.

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