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by thelastgogeta

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Guide and Walkthrough by thelastgogeta

Version: Ver 0.7 | Updated: 12/31/2020


What's up with save points?

  • The game has many dedicated save points that are indicated by walking by an autosave point. These tend to be close to World Stones but are in other places as well.

Is there fall damage?

  • Yes, but you need to fall a considerable height to lose 200 health. You do land into a minor stun that delays you regardless of the height that you fall so be careful where you want.

How do I heal?

  • This is primarily done through levelling up as you get experience from every defeated enemy, but there are also Dragon Hearts (that recharge after death) that you can use.
    • On the note of how Dragon Hearts heal you, they continue to do so till you reach maximum HP even if you get hit in the middle of the start of doing the action. Take advantage of this if you know your opponent and don't have much room.
    • Later in the game, you can activate the Shadow Dragon Stone to heal based on the amount of damage you deal.

Is there somewhere to get easy EXP?

  • Yep. During the Labyrinth chapter, you can exploit the drummers for infinite enemies to beat down for experience points.

Can I switch on subtitles for the whole game?

  • As I understand it, you can only use them for the intro so unfortunately no.

Any weird quirks I should be aware of?

  • You can hold the block button to ready your guard as soon as possible in the game for the most part, but pausing will force you to need to press the button again as it clears the input.
  • The game has some buffer on attacks so you mind your button presses and avoid mashing to attack less. It doesn't hurt your stamina but is a risk nonetheless.
  • You are immune to damage while in the opening doors animation but not while interacting with puzzle elements where you can navigate inventory items.
  • Books usually have flavour text, but sometimes hold some helpful key information or items.

How do attribute points change my character?

  • Strength - When this is higher, you do more damage with weapons. There is a bonus for axes.
    • Tied to Defense, Block and Damage.
  • Agility - When this is higher, you do more damage with weapons. There is a bonus for swords.
    • Tied to Defense, Evade and Damage.
  • Arcane - This is easier to increase at a later age.
    • Tied to Defense, Arcane Defense and Arcane Damage
  • Vitality - This increases your health.

Can the controls be remapped?

  • On Switch, you can't do so within the game but you can use the system remapping functions to bypass this.
  • All unassigned inputs can be used for something else if you reassign your controls through the console settings or Steam settings. Assume that all inputs are a press unless it is the control stick (move by default).

Controls (based on Nintendo Switch version)


Minus Button

Left Analog (Press)

Inventory MenuPlus button
MoveLeft Analog
Lock-OnRight Analog (Press)

Change Lock-On Target

Move Camera

Right Analog
Block (can be held)
Shield ParryZL
Light AttackR

Heavy Attack

Charged Heavy Attack (when held)

Ignite WeaponUp D-Pad
Change Dragon Stone

Left D-Pad

Right D-Pad

Dragon Stone AbilityX
Consume Dragon HeartY
Dodge/Sprint (Hold)A

What Is The Labyrinth?

  • Go and find out yourself.

Something is missing or wrong in this guide... How can I tell you about this?

  • You can either use the feedback system or send a PM. I already have some plans to improve this guide, but appreciate anything you can throw my way.