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The Wild Case is a 2D first-person point and click adventure.

This is a story-based adventure by genre, so you'll meet characters, encounter various events that will require you to solve some puzzles. Our hero is a man who seeks the essence of unusual events. The detective investigating interesting cases. One day he receives a letter asking for help. Strange animals terrorize a village that is lost in a very distant wilderness of forests. Animals aren't that simple. Their eyes are shining mystically. Hunters can't catch them.

The adventure begins upon arrival - literally. You will have to delve into the very life of the inhabitants of the village, before going deep into the forests. The classic rules for the provision of services do not work here. You'll have to negotiate for most of them. Who saw what? Why the supernatural forces are suspected? Will everyone support your investigation? Who will be an ally and who will be an enemy? You will find many interesting tasks, dialogues and the atmosphere of a forgotten village.

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