Get animal that has sunk in water (not legendary animal)?

  1. I killed a beaver swimming in the river just south of Butcher Creek near the beaver lodge where the river widens out at a bend with a dead snag tree standing in the water. The water is too deep to walk; forces swim. I swam to the beaver and tried pushing it while swimming which is basically a joke, because the fine tuning of turns while swimming is like negotiating a mall parking lot with a mining truck.

    After a few seconds, the beaver sunk. It was dark so i slept at camp for the night. Came back in morning and the carcass icon (pawprint) was on the radar just immediately south of the dead snag in the water. Went there in the river, was too deep for anything other than swimming. When I swam over the icon, I got the "North American Beaver" notice in the lower right, but the options "Pick Up" and "Skin" were grayed out and unavailable. I thought swimming fast over it might cause an artificial current and move the carcass to shallower water. Didn't work. Got my horse, cuz there's lots of confident posts about pushing sunken animals in water with horse (the posts all relate to the Legendary Bison up in the Grizzlies being sunk and pushing it to shore with the horse). The horse was swimming over it too, with no apparent effect). Then, I tried lassooing it from shore which was a joke cuz the lassoo just lands on top of the water and then comes reeling back immediately.

    What pisses me off is this was the only 3-star Beaver in the area. Like 4 other Beavers, all 1 or 2 stars.

    I tried and tried and now the pawprint has faded out, suggesting the carcass is rotten anyway.

    The water is brackish and you cannot see the carcass at the bottom, but I could swim over it triggering the recognition notice in the lower right of the screen.

    Is there a way to avoid this in the future? Or, is there way to solve this if it happens again? Or, is it the case that shooting anything in water too deep to walk in is basically a waste of the prey cuz it will sink before you can push it and it will then be forever lost?

    I suppose the same would apply when in a boat on the water, yes? If you shoot a beaver-sized animal while it is swimming in water too deep to walk in, even if you row up beside it, is the same thing going to happen? You just have to watch it sink and be lost?

    Lastly, if swimming into it before it sinks is an effective way to push it where you want, is there a "trick" to how to do the swimming so it doesn't just immediately work around you to the left or the right once you start pushing it, and then you are left trying to swim a whole circle to come back around for another push toward shore, only progressing like 5" of movement on the damn thing each time you push it, and then after 2 or 3 circles it sinks?

    Is the horse better at swim-pushing smaller prey like ducks and beavers than Morgan swimming.

    Please share your wisdom on this. Should I simply never shoot anything once it is a few feet from shore on deeper water bodies?

    Oh yeah, lastly, there is a bald eagle that intermittently spawns in the Elysium Pool north of Butcher Creek, out on a tall pointy rock out in the lake, and every time I have killed it, it falls and lands in the water with the same result as the Beaver. You got like 30 seconds to get it to shallower water or it will sink. I have now found good places for bald eagles elsewhere, but this it the first one I ever came across in the game (early when the map was still mostly dark), and so I was really excited for the feathers and finding a new grand species, and it really, really pissed me off that it was basically a waste of time that it existed (spawning more than once in that location).

    Is this all just a deficiency in the game?


    User Info: Canuckmeister

    Canuckmeister - 1 month ago

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