How to finish Catfish Jackson's Robbery?

  1. I have a save point just before conducting this robbery, and despite multiple attempts, I could not get the primary loot. So, I went online and read about "where is the stash" at Catfish Jackson's. To avoid spoilers, I know where it is in the house. However, I cannot inspect or search there whatsoever, and therefore cannot obtain it. I had the Robbery assigned to my Log previously by a random encounter. I stumbled across the location by chance. I would like to "complete" the robbery both to get the loot and to have it be completed and removed from my log.

    Here's the problem. The sites I visited all say that you will come across the father and son at the location. I only come across the son. There is no father, ever. Maybe I killed him earlier in the game, I think because there was a woman screaming on a passing horse not far from Catfish Jackson's riding by (near Bolger's Glade while I was on foot by the road there) so I shot the rider, lifted the woman off the horse and cut her free. She was black. The Jackson family is black. I suspect I murdered Mr. Catfish Jackson, which is why he is no longer at the homestead now that I am trying to rob it. The son, Nate, is there in his room. Every time I enter (restarting after the save point), he immediately go nuts and starts trying to slash me with a knife.

    I have tried everything to subdue him without killing him, but I can't. I even ran out of the house with him in hot pursuit and ran around the house until I got some space between us, then turned around and hogtied him with my lassoo. No option to do anything but loot him or cut him free. The moment I cut him free, he goes psycho again slashing at me. If I grapple with him and get him held, the only option is to choke him or beat him. Choking him kills him. Beating him eventually kills him. If I don't grab him, and just fist-fight him, eventually he dies, and if I don't fight back, I get cut up bad and die.

    The sites say to threaten him until he tells you where the loot is. I cannot threaten him because he goes straight-up Iwo Jima immediately, and there is no way to interact with him except fisticuffs until he drops dead.

    The location of the loot will NOT yield the loot or any option to "search" or "inspect" the location after Nate is dead. Never. So, clearly, it is necessary to "question" Nate under threat so that he says where the loot is before I can retrieve it at said location.

    This nasty "loop" exists because I innocently and unknowingly killed Mr. Jackson (rescuing Nate's screaming mom) earlier in the game.

    All the sites say there will be a joint encounter with the dad and Nate. Not in my game! The videos on Youtube all show the interaction with both father and son, but alas, there is no father at the homestead in my game.

    Can anyone tell me if they have had this same experience and how they resolved it? I searched Bolger's Glade many many gameplay hours ago (dozens), but never ventured far enough to "uncover" Catfish Jackson's homestead before leaving the area, and as said, apparently killed Mr. Jackson then. Also, I don't think the robbery was in my Log then either. I would basically have to start the game over from scratch to have it develop differently so that I don't inadvertently kill Mr. Jackson, so when I go to the homestead, he is there and things unfold "normally", so am stuck with the current situation. Yeah, it's only $50, but I want the damn mission out of my Log too, so I really need to solve this.

    User Info: Canuckmeister

    Canuckmeister - 3 months ago


  1. What does it say in the tasks list? Missions that are completed sometimes stay in the tasks list for a while, which is probably a glitch, but not the one you're suggesting. Make sure you open the robbery task; don't just look at the list.

    Try staying out of the area for 3 days (before killing Nate). Also maybe wait until the end of chapter 4 before attempting the robbery again. If Mr. Jackson still doesn't spawn, loot everything you can and see if it makes any difference. There's still some loot even if it isn't the main loot.

    User Info: Ralast

    Ralast - 3 months ago 0   0

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