Trouble with lock on mode on RDR2 PC?

  1. I'm having trouble in the settings on Red Dead Redemption 2 PC looking for loxk-on mode for enemies. I can't find it anywhere. There's Targeting and Weapons and it says Automatic Pin Switching. It says it's off right now. Do I need to turn it on or leave it alone? In Accessibility there's some options like Tap and Hold Speed Control (On-Foot), Tap and Hold Speed Control (Mount/Vehicle), Tap Assist, Tap to hold delay, and Aiming Mode.....
    These are confusing me. Please help me out. Thanks

    User Info: VictoriaKalb95

    VictoriaKalb95 - 1 week ago


  1. In settings, find "Key Mapping", which when selected, opens up a whole new menu with all the choices. It should be in there. Path is Settings/Controls/Keyboard & Mouse/Key Mapping/Combat Lock-On and Interact/Aim/Interact Lock-On. You also need to (under the same menu) set Dead Eye Tag Enemies for use to tag enemies when in Dead Eye mode. Also bear in mind that until your Dead Eye ability upgrades a bunch, you can't "Tag" enemies or at least you can't "tag" multiple enemies. Just be patient, there will come a point where you are told your Dead Eye ability has "improved" and you can tag multiple enemies in a single Dead Eye use. Hope this helped.

    User Info: Canuckmeister

    Canuckmeister - 2 days ago 0   0

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