Review by DagothUrReturns

Reviewed: 10/25/19

Do you like numbers that go up?

The genre that (mostly) began with Cookie Clicker reaches its logical conclusion.

What makes Borderlands and World of Warcraft and all of those other looty grindy games appealing? The dopamine hit that your brain releases when you see those numbers on your stats go up! Why bother with AAA developers, lootboxes, season passes, fancy graphics and contrived plotlines when you can cut out the middleman and simply watch NUMBERS GO UP?

NGU IDLE is an amazing timesink. The game revolves around a small-ish number of stats and resources, but quickly increases the way all of these numbers interact with each other. While the main goal of increasing numbers remains the same, the player will quickly have to learn the best way to manage. At first glance the new player may be overwhelmed, but those who have a predilection for numbers and how they interact will have a ton of fun figuring it all out.

There are two main areas of progression: Fight Boss and Adventure mode. The "Fight Boss" menu contains the main storyline of the game and introduces a cast of steadily stronger characters. As you progress through this menu, you'll unlock more zones to fight in Adventure mode as well as the Titans. In Adventure mode, you'll idle your character in a particular zone to collect new hear and special items. These items will boost your stats both inside of Adventure mode as well as in the rest of the game menus, allowing your character's stats to snowball.

As the game goes on, you'll uncover the main storyline (if you're into that kind of thing) and progress from zone to zone finding better and better gear. You'll unlock the ability to enhance your stats through advanced training and augmentation before you take on your first TITAN, one of the true bosses of the game. Defeating these titans unlocks even more ways your numbers can interact with each other. These are best left discovered by the player, but rest assured you won't be disappointed as you watch your numbers climb into the stratosphere.

With a very active developer and community, you'll find help is easy to come by when you have a question about how a mechanic works or what to emphasize next.

NGU IDLE is truly the best thing to leave running on your computer and actually end up paying at least $10/mo for on your electric bill. 10/10 would waste earth's precious natural resources again

Rating: 10

Product Release: NGU IDLE (US, 10/01/19)

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