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My life for Auir
You did it! You've given your life to the adventure 500 times. Adventurers like you keep Dragonia afloat!
Welcome to Esia
Welcome to the greatest city in Dragonia! Here you can find the best warriors and have many more adventures.
Ten Thousand Monsters
Monsters fear you, and the word out on the streets is that no evil survives your path.
One Hundred Thousand Monsters
You rule Dragonia! Reptilians and other adventurers can't stop talking about the legend who has defeated over 100k monsters!
Welcome to Goldum Forest
You've reached the Goldum Forest! Be careful. Be aware of the new powerful enemies, and get ready for the next chapter of your adventure!
Get to know the Cemetery
Spooky! Esia's cemetery is where the greatest warriors are buried. It may seem like a regular cemetery, but it holds many secrets and hidden treasures.
Player Killer
You demonstrated other adventurers that your strength is superior and won't hesitate to fight any challenger.
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Unlock the Lich Cape
Reach the Rokkun Tavern
You've gone past the Bears and reached the Rokkun tavern. Many minerals can only be found here!
Gumby Killer
What have they done to you!? It seems like you really hate Gumbys and have killed 100k of them!
Create a new character
One life is not enough for a great warrior like you. Create a new Character and let the adventure continue!
One more quest!
You love the adventure, and no quest is too small for you. The people of Dragonia thank you for always helping them.
Become Premium
That's shiny! You've purchased your first premium item, and your character now looks like no one else's.
Enhance an Item
You couldn't keep the same old item around. Adventurers of your level are always trying to improve their equipment!
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Complete the Halloween Tower
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Celebrate the DarkStory Anniversary!
Terion City
Welcome to the golden city, Terion. Beware of the blue forest
My First Mount
Congratulations! You learned how to mount. Take care of your new fluffy friend
Beat the World Boss
Defeat Lucas the world boss and his wolf pack
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Celebrate the BraveWolf's Anniversary!

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