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Mars is under attack! An unknown enemy is dropping bombs on the peaceful red planet. It is up to you to fight off the onslaught so the innocent can escape in this stylized shooter from Linclo Games. Run (umm...slide), jump and blast your way to freedom in the arcade-inspired goodness that is Martian Law. Save Mars!


Fast, simple, action-packed gameplay.
Use power-ups to fight off the escalating enemy assault.
Super fresh art style.
Game format allows you to squeeze in a quick session or play for hours.
Infinite replay value, beat your high score.


Shoot bombs and avoid explosions, allowing the innocent Martians to escape to their underground bunker.
Use power-ups to stay alive as long as you can.
Unlock levels as you save more innocents.
Responsive twin stick controls on gamepad (recommended) or use keyboard and mouse.

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